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• Tell me a little about your history, like where you grew up, how you got into performing / singing.
[ I ] grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin. I actually cannot remember a time when I wasn't singing, dancing or performing piano or acting on some sort of stage, even if it was our family's garage for my parents or the neighbors! I started playing the piano by ear around age 3. When I was 4 yrs old, I sang in the Miss Wausau pageant. My father was a judge for the Wisconsin State pageants at the time and I was in awe of the women on stage. It's funny but, I can still remember the song I sang called "Everybody Can't Be a Winner."
[ Stevie & Mindy at rehearsal ]
Striking a friendly pose

I was always in Choirs and Bands while attending school. In Junior High, I became very involved with the Community Theater which led to a part in Godspell in 8th grade. They were only searching for college age people or older, but I was a determined young girl! It was then that I knew I wanted to be a performer. I had a duo throughout high school playing guitar and singing for various local events.  I attended the University of Miami studying Musical Theater, and then Studio Music and Jazz.

After college, I toured the country singing 6 nights a week with a Top 40, rock & originals band which really helped to build my voice.

Later I moved to Chicago where I sang with various bands and on jingles for commercials before moving to Los Angeles in 1991. I was a part of the 1st Chicago Chick Singer Night which now has grown to a national showcase for female artists. Please check out www.chicksingernight.com.

• How did you first meet Stevie?
[ I ] first met Stevie at a small gathering of friends at a bowling alley in the San Fernando Valley. Let's just say we bonded over our willingness to have fun & trying to bowl! Later that year in 1996, we met again when Stevie was doing a series of benefit shows with Don Henley. I had sung with Don since I first moved to LA in 1991. Stevie heard me sing with Don and when I came off stage one night, to my surprise, she asked me if I'd be interested in singing with her on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac, The Dance tour. Needless to say I was honored and gratefully accepted.

• Confirm what tour(s) and recording(s) with Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac you were on.
[ I ] sang on The Dance
CD & DVD 1997, and the Say You Will - Limited Edition” CD in 2003. I have had such a great time personally and musically on every tour I have done with Stevie. She surrounds herself with a wonderful group of people; friends, support staff and quality musicians. These include The Dance with Fleetwood Mac: 1997, Enchanted 1998, Trouble in Shangri-La 2001 and we are now on the Say You Will tour with Fleetwood Mac 2003. In 1998 I recorded the VH1 Storytellers show with Stevie which was an exceptional concert. Edge of Seventeen, from that show, became part of a VH1 Storytellers compilation album. I have also been privileged to sing on many television shows, award shows and benefit concerts with Stevie and Fleetwood Mac over the years.

• What song do you like performing with Stevie the most and why?
[ Mindy & Stevie ]
At the Fleetwood Mac "Say You Will" rehearsals

[ T ]his is a difficult question as there are many. It is a pleasure to sing with Stevie as she is such a generous, gracious performer and has the best fans in the world! I especially like singing the older Fleetwood Mac songs that I used to sing along with the records, long before I ever dreamed I would have the opportunity to actually sing with them.

So Rhiannon, Dreams& Gold Dust Woman can still give me chills. I have a special attachment to Silver Springs . It was great fun to sing the acoustic set on the Enchanted tour as it was really all about the 3 part harmony. I will always love the fire of Edge of Seventeen and a special highlight for me was singing the duet with her on Fall From Grace on the Trouble In Shangri-La tour.

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