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• Tell me a little about your history, like where you grew up, how you got into performing / singing.
[ W ]hen I was just a little kid, my father had a band called "Lefty and the Corvettes." I was always around when they'd practice, so being musical just felt like something that was in my blood, from the beginning.

[ Stevie & Liza ]
In the early days

I was born and partly raised in San Luis Obispo, California. I started singing for anybody that would listen when I was five years old. My first professional gig was at the world famous Madonna Inn where I sang "Kumbaya" and made everybody cry. They even wrote about it in the local newspaper!! Looking back now, it makes me laugh.

I attended Cal Poly for a couple of years, playing my guitar and singing folk music concerts in the gymnasium. I joined a band there and got my first recording contract with Dot Records, a subsidiary of Paramount. The band was called "The Yankee Dollar" and you can still buy it on the internet. In Italy they sell the disk for $250.00 That also makes me laugh!

In 1968, I moved to LotusLand, also known as L.A., to find my fame and fortune. I studied for three years at the Lee Strasberg Institute specializing in "Acting for the Singer".

Because a girl's gotta eat and pay the rent, I worked for several years at a very famous clothing store called Maxfield. Some of my customers were Bernadette Peters, Barbra Streisand, Don Henley and Joel Silver (producer of the Lethal Weapon movies.

• How did you first meet Stevie?

[ I ]t was at Maxfield that I met Stevie Nicks. The store got a call that clothes were needed for a Stevie photo session so I ended up going. I took a bunch of clothes and when Stevie got there, we just started yakking and never even looked at the stuff I brought. Something happened to her make-up artist and since I had gone to beauty school, I volunteered to do her make-up.

I was the makeup artist for her first solo album “Bella Donna”, and that's how my relationship with Stevie Nicks began.

• Confirm what tour(s) and recording(s) with Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac you were on.
[ I ] worked with Stevie on the “Whole Lotta Trouble” tour and believe me, it was!!! I worked on the Fleetwood Mac “Behind the Mask” tour and sang back-up vocals for Stevie on the “Street Angel” tour. At the end of that tour, Stevie came off stage and looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Well, that just sounded like the Stevie Nicks -Wynona Judd show!" So country is, and always will be in my bones and in my voice. And that's allright with me.

In addition to my work with Stevie, I have toured with Linda Ronstadt for five years as back-up vocalist, including the Nelson Riddle years. I have also toured with Clint Back and even moved to Nashville for three years, signed to Warner-Reprise as a country artist.

• What song do you like performing with Stevie the most and why?
[ M ]y favorite song to sing with Stevie was “Gold Dust Woman”. I love the haunting melody and witchy words; it's kinda scary and yet mesmerizing. Also I got to play the jawbone on that one, so it was alot of fun!

[ Stevie & Liza ]
A more recent photo with Stevie

I was one of Stevie's roommates for several years and I can tell you she is a great friend. Living with Stevie is like being in a rock-n-roll circus merry-go-round and it was a great time in my life (I wrote the best songs of my career at this time).

In 1998, I reunited with my college sweetheart and we got married and currently live in Redondo Beach. I have my own country CD available on my web site, and I'm writing abook called "The Diary of a Redhead." I've done some musical theater in the South Bay area and my dream is to play Patsy Cline in the musical "Always, Patsy". Until then I am putting together a musical tribute to the legendary artist called "The Patsy Clone Revue".

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