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Night of 1000 Stevie's

The 8th annual Night of 1000 Stevie's was on May 11th, 1999. Here are somereviews of it from fans who attended.

Last night I attended the 8th Night of A Thouand Stevies.

It was amazing! This was the first time I have been and I had an absolute blast! The lights were low, the tambourines and gauze were everywhere and of course, the music was incredible! There were many fabulous "Stevies" to behold, not to mention some great performances. One of the best was Nickie Six (I think that's how she spelled her name). Anyway, she did an amazing job. Every move she made was dead on, she completely embodied Stevie the entire performance.

The entire experiance was so wonderful. Just being amongst others who love Stevie as much as you and are there to celebrate everything wonderful about her is very special.

The event was a little crowded, but I still wouldn't miss it for the world!

I would like to thank my friend, Michael, for telling me about Night of a Thousand Stevies, months ago. And thanks to the NicksFix as well, for all the updates about Stevie events!

My Night of a Thousand Stevies
Posted by Jes jes50@hotmail.com on May 20

Sorry I havent posted earlier but just havent had the time at work much to type in my Night of A Thousand Stevies experience. I'll do my best in the short time I have...So here goes... This was the Ninth Annual Night of A Thousand Stevies- A Salute to the White Winged Dove..Stevie Nicks It was May 11th at a club called Mother in Manhatten (875 Washington Street) and Its basically a celebration of everything Stevie. I drove up that night from Washington DC and met my friends and got to the club around 10 PM (doors opened at 9:00)and the place was already filling up. The club was much smaller than I had expected with one room with a bar as you walk in...a main room with a stage and bar and then another smallish room with a bar downstairs. The DJ was playing Stevie in all the rooms and the songs were interspersed with some Stevie interviews that were great but sometimes hard to understand. But overall one of the highlights for me was to be in a club and have Stevie's songs BLARING out of the speakers. No Questions Asked, Imperial Hotel, Enchanted, I Dont Want To Know, Affairs of the Heart, Gypsy, I Cant Wait...alll rockin Stevie songs full blast!!!! It was such a great feeling!!! Oh forgot to mention...we had put our names on a reservation list and when we got there the door guy let us in for free! So we saved some bucks (it cost $10 each). Anyway the main room stage had two women dressed up sorta Stevieish and they just were kinda dancing around playing tambourines and not doing much else but every once in awhile they would start making out. I guess they were the pre-entertainment. The whole place was decorated with lots of photocopies of Stevie...picutes everywhere (why oh why didnt I take any!?) It was great to walk around and look at all the pictures...some I had never seen. The crowd was a very interesting mix of people...not as many people dressed up as Stevie as I would have expected. But it was a very cool crowd (and very cool to know that we were all there for the same reason) Gay guys, Straight Couples, Stevie wanna-bes, conservatively dressed people...all kinds. After 11:00 the performances started and let me tell you...they crossed the whole spectrum of Stevieness. Skinny Stevies, Fat Stevies, Pretty Stevies, Not so Pretty Stevies, Straight Hair Stevies, Frizzy Stevie and some that didnt look like Stevie at all!!! Unfortunately I didnt write them down or have a camera so I will try and go by memory. I think in all there were 16 different performances. The performers would go on in four different sets- one song each and then in between they would play Stevie music. It was all such a blast- SINGING, DANCING, LAUGHING with everyone. The performers ranged from drag queens, to women dressed up as Stevie, people not even dressed up as her...some lip-synching, some people perfoming live versions of her songs, some singing live with Stevie. It was an interesting mix but some were definitely better than others. Some of their names were Belladonna, Nickie Six, Nicole Nicks and they came from all over the country to perform. Some had never done this kind of thing before, some you could tell had done it for many years. but overall I have to say I was suprised that they werent better. We kept saying how we could do a better job (yeah right!!!)...but my hats off to all of them for doing it. But maybe next year I'll get the nerve to do it and perform. I think anyone can sign up and perform- this year they filled up though very early so if you are interested go for it now!! There was... -One really great drag queen (dq) that lip-synched "At Last" live version and the Storytellers live version of "Stand Back" (with the Prince story included). She looked gorgeous and was definitely the best and classiest of the night. -Another really good dq that lip-synched to a live version of "Outside the Rain/Dreams" and she/he had the moves down..it was great -One dq that did lip-synched "Seven Wonders" which I loved "If I live to see the..." -A very intense dq lip-synch performance of "Sisters of the Moon" live circa Mirage tour I think. really good -A suprising lip-synch of "God's Garden". thought of all of you that love that song. :-) -An interesting duet of "After the Glitter Fades" that was sung live by a two guys dressed up -A live performance of "Leather and Lace" a guy and girl -A lip-synch of acoustic-live "Rhiannon" -There was an MC for the night (who I forgot what song she performed) but she was really good. She kept the night moving and was really great. and she had a Barbie doll that was dressed up as Stevie (which they used in all their publicity flyers) -A live performance of "Gold Dust Woman" but this woman sang it more like the Hole version. -A guy who sang along to a live "Beauty and the Beast" -someone lip-synched to Garbo -one bald guy in a dress performed but I missed it. He was talking about how he had given up on Stevie but now he loves her again and she had renewed his faith and it seemed like some people were booing him. But overall... good or bad- the performers all got a lot of love and support from the audience. They were all really good in their own way. Some were campy- some were serious... that's all I can remember but at the end (4:30 in the morning) ALL the performers got on stage and did "Edge of Seventeen" And let me tell you THAT was one scary sight...a lot of drunken, tired looking, makeup running, Stevie drag queens performing at 4:30 in the morning. but it was hilarious!!! My friends and I have already made plans for next year and we are going to dress up and bring tambourines and have a great old time. I hope you all decide to make the trip and attend. but be warned...the place is waaaay too crowded and waaay too small (and the drinks are pretty pricey too) but after about 5 drinks I didnt care. I just had the best time- singing at the top of my lungs and dancing like crazy! It really was the best!!!!! Peace Jes

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