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Night of 1000 Stevie's, 2000 - Fan Review

This year's Night of 1000 Stevies was the best one yet. I've attended many of them over the years and they just keep on getting better and better. The performers were terrific and the club goers were at there finest and it was an evening that was filled with lots of suprises. Since all the performers put in so much time and effort into their performance it would be unfair for me to single out just one. Each and everyone added something special and unique which adds to the total enjoyment of the evening.

At about 12:30 a.m, there was a "Stevie Auction", the tambourine that Stevie used in Fleetwood Mac's 1997 tour was put up for bid. The tambourine was brought to the event by her stylist Kim, who also attended the event. The audience was excited and it went for somewhere around $ 1500 or 2000 (if my memory is correct). But the suprises did not stop there........they announced to the club goers that the producer or director of the film Edge of 17, was in the club and that he was looking for xtra's for a new movie in the works called Gypsy 83. It will be a movie about the journey of two individuals and their trip to attend a fan event such as a Night of 1000 Stevies. Anyone who was interested in being considered was told how to sign up.

The music continued, the performers continued and the "Night" just rocked on, it was all Stevie, all the time!.

On sad note, on June 29th, 2000, Club Mother, which has been the home of the Night of 1000 Stevies for the past ten years will be closling it's doors at it's current location. Although their website doesn't have any specific info on a "Night" 11th year, just yet, they do state that they wish to continue with those type of events just at a new home. For those who were unable to attend a NYC "Night of 1000 Stevies" I believe that Club Mother played a significant role in making them as great as they have been. "Mother" has the most eclectic group of people from all walks of life that and when they come together at such an event they just blend together and have fun. There were no attitudes, no predjudices, just people having a whole lot fun..

I look foward to year "Night" year 11 and as always it being a fun evening.

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