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Woodstock 98
August 14, 1998
The On-air comments immediately after the Stevie Nicks Woodstock performance.

Jimmy Buff: An extraordinarily heartfelt performance from Stevie Nicks on what she has told us was the last night of the tour and just an amazing connection with the crowd. Very vocal, very interactive with the crowd and crying-literally crying-on the last song. I'm just amazed at the emotion she put into the show tonight

Richie Havens: Yeah, she did well-she did well.

Jimmy: My goodness, she pulled someone up out of the stage-uh, out of the audience and dedicated a song to you live on stage and we actually have that person here. Your name is Andrea, right?

Andrea: Andrea, yes.

Jimmy: Just lucky, raised your hand and that was it, huh?

Andrea: You know I was watching the show and she had pointed to me and I was so nervous that I pointed to the girl next to me and said, "No, no, no!" and she said, "No, you." So, I really had no choice at that point. They pulled me over the gate and that was it. So, I got my opportunity of a lifetime and I'm really happy.

Richie: Wow, it was a great night.

Andrea: It was great. She's a great inspiration, really.

Jimmy: It was quite an experience to stand there while an artist, probably a favorite artist of yours...

Andrea: My favorite-my all-time favorite-yeah, for years and years and years.

Jimmy: Sings one of her most famous songs directly to you.

Andrea: Oh God, I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to say. And I just-I held her hand and she said, "Just bear with me," and she seemed really nice about everything and it worked out. It really did, so I'm happy.

Jimmy: Where are you from?

Andrea: I'm from Montvale, New Jersey.

Jimmy: Uh huh, you came up just for the show?

Andrea: Yeah, so, well, three hours. Yeah, I'll do anything for Stevie, that's for sure. Brought my mom along.

Dave Leonard: Hi Mom.

Jimmy: Hello, Mom.

Andrea: Got lost on the way. Everything happened but it worked out.

Dave: That's part of it.

Jimmy: Now you better be careful. You remember the old Bruce Springsteen video where he pulled a woman out of...

Andrea: I thought of that! And as I am thinking...

Dave: You'll have your own t.v. show.

Jimmy: And that actress was Courtney.

Andrea: This is like candid camera or something. I didn't know what was going on.

Jimmy: Be careful, that actress was Courtney Cox. You might end up on 'Friends' next week so be very, very careful.

Andrea: You never know, you never know.

Jimmy: Well I guess, uh, I guess this Day In The Garden has been quite an experience for you.

Andrea: Yes, I'll never forget it

Jimmy: About eight and a half hours after Frances Dunnery took the stage and we're wrapping up day one of A Day In The Garden. An extraordinary, extraordinary music performance today and just a real good feeling in the crowd and lots of good emotions around and I'm still just-still moved by Stevie Nicks' performance.

Dave: Well you said this is Stevie's last tour, last night on her entire tour.

Andrea: Yeah, this is her last time. Yeah, tour. This is her last concert so she got emotional and everything. There she goes now, let's take a look. Yeah, that's really sad, but I'm happy that it's over for her. She must be tired and she looks great for her age, let's put it that way.

All: Laughing

Jimmy: As do we all...

Thanks to Al Lovelace for transcribing and sending this to The Nicks Fix.
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