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Violet and Blue
- written by Stevie Nicks
- appears on Against All Odds soundtrack (1984); The Enchanted Boxed Set (1998)


So where have you gone
Have you gone so far from the eyes that
Speak trouble and even when the warning is

Well it's hard to hide from
Eyes that are all over you
That only some
Make you lose your composure

"Well it's hard on my heart"
Said, "Well open your eyes"
"It gets harder every day"
Said, "I need to know now"

Soon you will be gone
Take your violet and blue mornings with you

So you hide out
Like you think that you never left
Tried to tell him that his heart is in his hands

Ten thousand times
I tried to tell you
When you close your eyes
Well I can't see inside you
With the touch of your hand
Well it starts again

Even though the warning is...

So we both play
It gets under your skin
And we both the love the road
But the roads are different

Take it with you
Make you lose your composure...
It's overwhelming

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