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VH1 Fanclub
June 19, 2001

from VH1
VH1 has finished its fan search for the upcoming Stevie Nicks episode of FanClub. The FanClub staff would sincerely like to thank all of you Stevie Nicks fans for sending in your questionnaires and videos. Each one of you has an amazing story to tell and has shown that you are a true fan. We could not produce this show without you.

Although we would like to feature all of you, time and money do not permit us to do so. We are proud to announce that we have selected a group of people who we think illustrate the broad spectrum of Stevie’s fan base and who have a tremendous passion for the music she creates. In order to ensure the element of surprise, we cannot disclose the names of the featured fans. It will be much more fun for all of you to tune in and see a day in the life of your fellow fans. We anticipate that the show will debut on VH1 sometime in the fall. Please check VH1.com for local listings.

Thank you again for your participation in our show!



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