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April, 2001

VH1 Commercial for Stevie's album, Trouble in Shangri-La.

Rebecca Rankin: Stevie Nicks is releasing her first solo album since 1994's "Street Angel", it's called "Trouble In Shangri-La" and it proves that she's just as skilled singer/songwriter in 2001 as she was 20 years ago with her smash solo debut "Bella Donna". Still riding high off the hugely successful Fleetwood Mac reunion in 1997, Stevie Nicks is ready to show music fans why she is still one of the premiere women in music.

Elysa Gardner (USA Today): She's stronger and more relevant than ever.

(Trouble in Shangri~la plays)

Rankin: "Trouble In Shangri~La" is a mix of Stevie's private world of poetry and creative musical collaborations with other musicians.

Stevie: In my solo career I don't have a band, you know, I don't have an absolute five people band and that's way more lonely.

Rankin: That may be the reason why Stevie enlisted Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, Macy Gray and long time musical soulmate Lindsey Buckingham to join her on this effort.

Stevie: To be able to work with my friends or people that I don't know and become friends with, was the best thing about this record.

Gardner: Look at the range of women that Stevie Nicks is working with. That represents R&B, pop, folk, country, rock and roll. It really shows you how wide her influence has been.

Rankin: Although Stevie was a little nervous about going solo again, she stands proudly behind this record.

Stevie: I really believe that music is a really good way to help people. And with everything that's going on in the world, that hopefully these songs will make people feel better.

Rankin: Stevie Nicks says in her bio that she was a little insecure about her writing ability, so she called up her longtime friend Tom Petty to write some tunes with her. Tom convinced her that she was a top-notch songwriter and didn't need his help. "Trouble In Shangri~La" will hit record bins May 1st.

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