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Radio 2 - Rumours Broadcast

November 11th, 1998, 10PM
On November 11th, Radio 2 in the U.K (F.M. between 88-90) broadcast a radio show called Rumours. Here is a fan's review of that show.

by Gargy from AOL
The radio show was only about 30 minutes long. They played snippets from all tracks on Rumours mixed with interview clips and the announcer telling the story about all the couples breaking up while making a record. They seemed to have built the show around the interviews from the Classic Album TV show (on VH1). There were a few things I don't remember hearing on the TV show, but not many. They covered (briefly) Peter Greeen Fleetwood Mac and then Stevie & Lindsey joining. Then mentioned 1975's FMac album then went right into Rumours.

They told the stories of the emotional turmoil and such, but no mention of almost ruining the master tapes. Then they touched on how important is Rumours as an album. Then talked about the 1997 Reunion. Probably the most memorable moment was Mick Fleetwood saying that there is still creative juice left in the tank. Some of the interview segments may be unique to this broadcast.

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