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August 7, 1998: The Gorge - George, WA

from Terwamos
After waiting all summer, it was finally our turn at the Gorge last night! It was a beautiful night, with a full moon rising over the canyons of Eastern Washington State. Stevie complimented us on having such a stunning place for concerts and asked the crowd. "do you guys just get to hang out here all the time?" I had 18th row center seats and sitting right in front of me was a really nice guy, who said Deanna1221 was his wife and had managed to score third row tickets 3 days previously. So hi Deanna, I told him when I posted I would send greetings. I hope it was rocking up there! Your husband shared his opera glasses with me, which I really enjoyed, thank him again for me. Last year, I flew to Massachusetts in September to catch the second night of "The Dance" tour because I feared with Fleetwood Mac, by the time they got to Tacoma in October, would do a lesser-energy show (which turned out to be true, Lindsey had bronchitis). I wish I had done the same for the Enchanted Tour. After months of reading these posts and eagerly anticipating this show...well, maybe I overanticipated, because I got the feeling all evening that Stevie was pacing herself to get through the show. The highlights I had heard so much about; the "Stand Back" kick and her dancing during some of the rocking numbers...not much there. One of the things I was most amazed by was the crowd. The hits were eagerly greeted, but really rocking tunes "Gold & Braid" "Whole Lotta Trouble", the sweet "Sleeping Angel" and the nifty version of "Twisted" were just politely received, from where I was sitting. Like others on this post, I was pleased by "Garbo", a song that I had not been impressed by before, but really got the full flavor of when she sang it last night in the middle of the "acoustic set" which was generously received by the crowd, but only, I thought, because Stevie explained it to them! So, possibly the flow of energy Stevie received last night was more from the moon than the audience, and that, like the tides, can have it's effects!

I thought Stevie looked beautiful, and her clothes were flattering and wonderful. Her voice was full and clear but some of the real bravura notes, in "Gold Dust Woman" and "Edge Of Seventeen", were an effort. Still, don't get me wrong, Stevie is a powerful presence and an icon to me. I will go eagerly to wherever she performs and shares her power and vitality with all of us. We need women like Stevie Nicks in the world!! But throughout the eighties, I saw great early tour shows and then a show in '89, that I left and said "never again". When she sings "Reconsider Me" it speaks to me. This is a woman, a survivor, who had to learn very painfully how to take care of herself to be able to keep her miraculous gifts alive. So I am cautious that she not overdo it, and lessen the quality of her performances.

And after having said all this, I say thank you, Stevie, it was an honor to have been at the show last night. Have a good rest, write us a killer new record and come back next summer and turn us on again!

from Deborah Pate - Newhalem, WA
I have been waiting to see Stevie Nicks for years and I was not disappointed......

Stevie, The Gorge amphitheater, The full moon, and great weather.

Need I say more????

from Erin Graham
Stevie and her Enchanted tour finally made it to the Gorge Amphitheatre last Friday night and it was definately worth the wait.

My friend and I arrived early for the show simply because we were to anxious to do anything else that day. The gates opened at about 6:30 and the excitement was building. The show started almost on time with Boz beginning his set in the presence of an encredible full moon. Being fairly unfamiliar with Boz Scaggs I was pleasantly surprised by his music, I thought he was great. He commented early on "Wow, Stevie Nicks on a full moon!" The crowd was pleased by his comment. Despite the fact that Boz was a great opening act I was definately ready for Stevie. When the rest of the band came out on stage Stevie was no where in sight, then her brother came out with the enchanted dictionary definition and the music for "Outside the Rain" started. Stevie casually walked out from backstage and began. Her voice seemed a little flat at the beginning but by the end of the song she was warmed up and I knew it would be a great show. The entire show was a highlight but here are some that stood out to me. I've never been a big fan of "Enchanted" but after seeing it live I loved it. The trilogy was great, I especially enjoyed "You never promised me a rose garden." Plus, Stevie talking and explaining to the audience was a huge bonus! Of the Mac classics performed I thought Gold Dust Woman was the best - she really rocked. Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen were absolutely awsome, along with I Need to know. The version of Twisted was SO much better than either of the two versions I'd heard before and when she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" it brought a tear to my eye. Stevie was awsome live and I love how she ad-libs, it adds so much to the performance. This was my first Stevie show, and I thought she was so encredible! A wonderful evening.

from Dorothy K.
The Gorge in George, Washington may be and is a beautifully scenic venue with its mountains and water. But for this fan who came all the way from Boston it was a most unwelcoming place. The vast number of rules and regulations and the overly aggressive security created an uptight atmosphere. That said, nothing could dampen Stevie’s enthusiasm for her music, the loving way she delivered it or my enjoyment of it. This was my fourth concert on this tour and sadly the energy generated at the stage was not as intense as I had previously experienced. Perhaps it was because there was a barrier set up in front of the stage. Unfortunately, Stevie could only wave as she was unable to shake anyone’s hand due to the physical lay out. Yes, there was a full moon which Stevie made mention of, “Look at that moon. It’s going to be a dangerous night.” After performing “Rhiannon”, Stevie proclaimed, “That was a good song for tonight.”Random Thoughts - Stevie was fabulous, highly committed to the songs in her set and performing them with tireless passion. - There was a six year old boy next to me at the stage holding a sign which said Hi Stevie I’m Zachary. Stevie’s wardrobe lady noticed him and during a costume change pointed him out to Stevie who went out of her way to very sweetly wave to the little boy who just beamed.- For the dedication of “Landslide” Stevie had said she didn’t know anyone there. But at the encore Stevie said, “I do know someone who lives here, my uncle Ed. I love you and I love all of you.” - I left the concert thrilled that I would be going to Stevie’s last concert in Portland the next night.
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