[The Nicks Fix]

August 14, 1998: "A Day at the Garden," Woodstock '98,
New York

from Tim
Just finished watching Stevie on the live feed. She was fantastic as usual. Talked even more to crowd then when I saw her in Virginia. She is just so beautiful and eloquent. Her song set remained the same. She finished up with Has Anyone Ever Written..... which she could hardly finish. She broke down into tears as she was singing "So if not for me, than do it for your self." There was a shot of the crowd and people were mesmerized, several crying. The emotion intense and the live feed did not diminish it. Although she announced that this was her last show of this tour, please God let there be more, you could tell this is a truly personal song. I was in tears myself because my wife and I used the lyrics for our wedding vows and everytime I see her do the song the meaning is stronger for me. After the song she put her head down and held her face in her hands for a while trying to compose herself. She ended by saying something like "When all is said and done I want you to know that I spent some time with you. And that I tried to make you or give you happiness. I wish the best for you. I really do. I wish you all your dreams. And if we could do this again it would be great for me." I am paraphrasing some parts here because I can't recall the exact words. She also pulled a woman (from NJ) up on the stage and dedicated Landslide to her. They had a short interview with her after the show. She said Stevie held her hand during the song. The woman said she was a big fan. Stevie was beautiful and I only regret I did not make an attempt to go. I cannot wait for the next tour. See you all there.
from Madelene
Just finished watching the live woodstock show. As we have all grown accustomed to, Stevie was truely amazing. I think this show really meant alot to her as her amazing enchanted tour has now come to a close. It was a great opportunity for all her devoted fans to see her in this very personal tour. Just as Stevie's intense emotions overtook her, I myself sensed some sadness as this incredible journey we call the "Enchanted Tour" has now come to a close. For all of us who had the honor to attend this story that is Stevie's life, this incredible event will never be forgotten and will always hold a place in our hearts.

This tour seemed to really hold a special place in Stevie's heart. She has made all her fans feel as though she was speaking to each of us individually and walked us through the chapters of her life explaining her feelings during the time she wrote these incredible lyrics that have come to mean to much to us all. I just want to express to Stevie how much she has come to mean to me. All of her songs and the meaningful lyrics have a very special place in my heart just as Stevie herself has inspired me. We love you Stevie and keep Rockin' On Gold Dust Woman! We will all be eagerly awaiting more magical songs and enchanting tours!!

from Erin
Oh my god. To think, I was lucky enough to travel to Pittsburgh and see Stevie in the 9th row...but to go to the site of Woodstock and see her once more, at her LAST concert of her tour...I thought I died and went to heaven. It was amazing. I ended up getting so close, that only about 4 people were ahead of me, and then the gate was there. I was also as close to the center as you could get. It was perfect. Anyway, Stevie was incredible...of course! She talked to us so much, and was so into her show. More then ever, I think. Maybe it was because it was her last one. She was really a great sport about the rain. It totally poured and she got really wet, as did the stage. She joked around about it, and when they brought out this huge gaudy umbrella, she said "we'll only use that if it gets REALLY bad. Mary Poppins I am not!" She was adorable. The woman is like, perfection. Lol... so she started getting really sentimental, when she was introducing her band, and when she introduced Sharon and Carlos, she was like, looking about to cry. It was really sweet. And then, during "Has Anyone", she got really choked up and couldn't say "and when they asked her about the men in her life.." and she was like, trying to hold back the tears as she sang. It was so touching. And then she said, "I tried to spend some time with each of you, I hope that I helped you" or something like that...It was so beautiful and emotional, I can hardly remember what she said. All I know is that it was from her heart and Stevie Nicks is the most beautiful person inside and out in the world.
from Mary Liz
I just got back from seeing Stevie at the Day in the Garden concert at Woodstock. Her performance was great!!! I'm really tired, so forgive me if this doesn't make much sense...I just wanted to write it all down before I started to forget things. Oh yeah, I'm sorry that this turned out to be so long...I just couldn't stop typing! :-)

Well, we got a bit lost getting to the site this morning so I didn't get there as early as I had wanted...we were still able to put our chairs down in a good spot though, so I guess it doesn't really matter. After sitting down for a few minutes I saw the great banner that Welsh Witch had made, so I went over and said a quick "hello" to Janel, Welsh Witch, and Laura TN (loved your hat, btw.) It was nice to meet up with some other "Ledgies," and actually have faces to put with the names. Then I returned to my seat to count the hours until Stevie took the stage. ;-)

Actually, Francis Dunnery, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, and Ten Years After (particularly Ten Years After) were all quite good...but I was very impatient to get to Don Henley, and then, of course, STEVIE! Well, as I said before, I ended up getting pretty good seats, but once the concert got going (like by Ziggy Marley's second song) people had moved down the hill and were standing...and I could no longer see a thing. When Ten Years After finished the area started to clear out a little again, so I decided to leave my chair and just stand (as close as I could) for the rest of the concert. I ended up having a great spot as I was able to get myself up next to the security deviders (like, the seating areas were divided in half, with this section for security in the center.) So, I ended up about 8 people back for Don Henley's show, and moved up a couple more places for Stevie's. But, being on the side like I was, I was able to just lean over the divider a little and have a clear view of Don's (and later Stevie's) mic. It was great! Far better than I had expected to be able to see.

Anyway, now that I've bored you with the thrilling details of my finding a place to watch the show (I was just so excited with the view I got that I had to share) I just want to take a second to mention how much I enjoyed Don's show. He sounded (and looked!) very good. Mindy Stein sang back-up with him, and Frank Simes (looking very good too, btw! ;-) was one of his guitarists. Don sang "Heart of the Matter," which, just like, made my day (well, made my day up until Stevie's show. :-) He also did "Hotel California" and "Desperado" as encores, which made me a very happy girl.

Ok, now for Stevie! I actually think she was better here than when I saw her in Camden, if that's possible (because I thought she was near perfect in Camden!) I did miss a few things from Camden, though, namely: Chris Nicks introducing her by reading the definition of Enchanted, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," the gorgeous stage set-up she had on her tour, and the lighting from her tour (I missed them on "Twisted" especially.)

I won't go through song by song since you all know the set list by now (and I have a feeling this is going to be too long anyway.) I was very happy that she did perform the entire set, though. I had heard a few people saying that she wouldn't be, so I was a bit worried. I just can't get over how happy she seemed on this tour. She was all smiles, sounded great, looked fabulous, and just so friendly and talkative with the audience.

One of the things Stevie kept mentioning was the rain. It had been overcast all day, but when Stevie took the stage it started to rain...it stopped raining before the end of her set, but by that time everyone was thoroughly drenched. Anyway, durning "Dreams" after singing "Thunder only happens when it's raining," she sang "but not today," (no thunder!) and smiled. It was really cute. After "Dreams" when she welcomed us all to the show she said how she usually wished for rain, "but then on the one day I wanted sun..." She said that if we'd stay and listen in the rain that she'd stay and sing in it. Later on in the show she again thanked up for staying in the rain. That she personally liked rain better than sun anyway, but had been worried that when it started to rain we'd all leave and she be left standing there like "Come back." (The way she held out her arms and said this was really too cute.) Also, these guys kept coming out to dry off the stage, and one of those times she marched over near one of the guys, put her hands on her hips and said "Scrub that floor!" and laughed. It was so nice to see how relaxed and joking she was with the audience. Ok, enough about Stevie and the rain (she did keep looking up at the rain, then turn to one of her band members, shrug her shoulders, and laugh, it was funny)...ok, I'll move on.

She again mentioned how this tour had been special, that she got to do the songs she wanted to do, etc, etc. She told the same basic stories for the acoustic set, just varied the wording a little...like when intro-ing "Garbo" she said something about getting in a bit of trouble for being unhappy with the photo shoot, "Grow up...you're being childish...it's art..." I think it's cute how people cheer when she mentions the Buckingham Nicks album. Also, I think it was during the acoustic part of the set that she talked about her talking...you know how she's never talked this much before, and that this may be the last time (since it's her last concert for "Enchanted") that she'll talk this much. As an aside, I really hope she talks like this on her next tour...I don't care what about...she could stand there talking about what she had for lunch that day and I'd probably listen with rapt attention. I think her talking to the audience really adds to her show. It just strengthens the connection she has with the audience, in my opinion. I mean, I like Don Henley a lot. The songs he performed sounded excellent, but that little extra something was missing. He just doesn't connect with the audience like Stevie does. I mean, watching him you knew you were seeing him performing at a concert. Watching Stevie there are times where it seems that you're sitting around with a bunch of friends in her living room. That probably didn't make sense, but it's late so what do you expect? :-) All I'm trying to say is that Stevie is really an incredible performer.

She seemed to take longer than usual with the band intros tonight, probably because this was the last show. (I know that she told the last show that they were the last show, but she said the same thing to us. :-) It was very sweet when she introduced Sharon Celani. She mentioned how she met her way back in '78 or something, and how she lived in a treehouse. A very nice treehouse, but it was a treehouse none the less. And that Sharon "gave all that up to come sing with me." She said she loved her very much, and then went over and hugged her (she was hugging just about all the band members as she introduced them...it was sweet.) She introduced Carlos Rios last, saying something like he was someone who has stuck with her "through good and bad, thin and fat, and popular and unpopular," then she smiled and hugged him too. :-)

Stevie didn't do a lot of dancing tonight, probably because of the stage being slippery (there were a few times where she jokingly made arm motions like she was falling. :-) She did twirl around a couple time in the middle of GDW, which, of course, made the crowd go crazy. She also gave a big kick during one of the songs (I can't remember which..."Stand Back," maybe?) I've gotta say that I'm truly impressed by the fact that she can lift one of those huge boots up that high! :-) And she did do that little dance, like she does for "Angel" in the Tusk Documentary, during one of the songs, too. (She played air drums and air keyboards once in awhile as well.)

She sounded great, I just can't say enough about how much I loved "Enchanted," "Gold and Braid," "After the Glitter Fades," "Gold Dust Woman," and "Twisted," on this tour. (I loved all the other songs too, of course!)

When it came time to dedicate Landslide, she went to the side of the stage to pick someone. Since there was a lot of space between the stage and the audience, she tried getting one of the security guys to go over and get this lucky woman's name. Well, I guess the guy was a bit confused, and instead of just bringing Stevie the name, her brought her the girl! Stevie turned to Frank as they lifted the lucky fan over the divider thingy, like "that's not what I meant!" Then she laughed and went over to the side of the stage to meet the lucky woman (sorry, I don't remember her name!) She hugged Stevie (a few times!) and got to stand on stage while she sang Landslide. How incredible would that be? I'm happy (though jealous...although I probably would have fainted ;-) for whoever it was, she must be a big fan...she kept telling Stevie "Thank you" and "you have no idea how much this means to me." It was so sweet of Stevie to bring her up on stage like that.

At some point Stevie talked about how great she thought performing here was. She said something like "I want to tell you all something, even though the critics will probably get on my case and call it self indulgent...but it's the last show of my tour so I'm going to tell you anyway..." Then she said something about having seen the Woodstock movie years ago. She continued by telling us how she had been flown in by helicopter before her concert, so she had been able to see everyone from above...just how neat that site was, how she was glad we were all there, and that she could be a part of it.

The concert went by too fast, and before I knew it the bongo/drum solo before "Edge of Seventeen" was starting. (No rushing the stage, though. :-( ) This song was fabulous, as always, and had lots of people singing along. When it got to the part where she usually goes around shaking hands she walked along the edge of the stage waving. This was, like, the first time that I took my eyes off the stage during the show, and when I looked around it was truly impressive. There were TONS of people there, and all around the stage area, far off to either side, and many rows deep everyone was standing, cheering, and waving. It was a great site to see.

Then came the encores. No Leather and Lace...they must have already flown Don Henley out of there. At first I thought I might be dissappointed about the lack of Leather and Lace, but Stevie's concert was so good as it was, that I really didn't miss it. She closed with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," of course, and this was one of the most touching renditions of this song that I have heard. It was magic. I wanted to cry...Stevie DID cry. She had a hard time finishing the "poet...priest of nothing...legend..." part, and in fact, didn't do the "when they ask her about the men in her life..." part. I think she was too choked up to get it out. After the song ended the rest of her band came out, took a final bow, and then Stevie left the stage waving...and still crying. I guess she usually gets this emotional at the end of her tours...I know I'm sorry to see the tour end!

Well, I'll end this now, finally! (I'm truly impressed that you've read this far!) I just want to say that I'm so happy that I decided to go to this Day in the Garden thing. Stevie's show alone was worth the price of admission, the loss of my voice (I sang along and cheered wildly throughout...that was what was nice about this concert, no one was yelling at you to sit down and shut up) and they weight I'll probably gain from having to stop on the way home to get something to eat (probably had the munchies as a result of all the second hand pot smoke I inhaled! :-) At some point near the end of the show Stevie again told the audience that she loves spending this time with us, that she hopes she's brought us some happiness, and that we should keep ourselves healthy so that "we can do this again." I know I can't wait to see her on tour again! (Greedy, aren't I?) There really is no one else like her. Thank you Stevie.

from Amy
I attended A Day in the Garden/Woodstock yesterday and would like to share some of my impressions.

This took place on the original site for Woodstock on the same dates 29 years ago. I missed Francis Dunnery, we got there just a Ziggy Marley was taking the stage. We got a fantastic spot just off stage right with an un-obstructed view, that is until Don Henley and later, Stevie Nicks took the stage, then pretty much everyone stood up. It was kind of an afterthought for me to go to this, when I heard about it originally, I did not want to go, but as the tour wound down on the west coast and she was farther away, I was getting that yearning again and HAD to see her.

This was the first time I've gone to a music festival like this and I really loved it. You are sitting comfortable in a lawn chair or on a blanket, chilling out, eating, listening to great music, its wonderful, so comfortable. I actually took a cat nap during one of Dons songs, you cannot do that at a regular, 1 artist concert. Ziggy and his Melody Makers were great, "Rastafarian Man!!" (sp?) Ten Years after, did those long instrumental jams that you can only get live, that I love and they also did some 50's style music. I still cannot believe I saw Don Henley live, he did his great songs plus Desperado and Hotel California as encores, when he got to the part "we havent had that spirit here since 1969" of course everyone went crazy.

Some people cleared out from the stage area after Don, people were basically standing there all day for the various performers, but it was a relaxed atmosphere, no pushing and shoving, lots of room, good views from everywhere. I decided to try for a spot up front, and was lucky to get right up against the barrier, near stage right. Stevie looked rested and happy, she was smiling and totally "on" when she first came out she was dancing and doing air drums and guitar. I took about 20 pictures with my zoom , but only during the first two songs, because I went back and joined my family. Stevie said that "I got to ride in a helicopter and it was so exciting seeing all of you People down there" She acknowledged this as her last show on this Enchanted tour . It was the same band, stage crew, and setlist (minus stop draggin...). It started misting as she came on stage and was raining pretty hard by Gold Dust Woman. She made a lot of comments about the weather, that she was hoping for sun, but was glad it was raining, it made it "special" and that we all looked more beautiful, like we were shining or glittering. The rain did stop by the end of the set, but we were all soaked already, including Stevie, but she said "its ok and if we were gonna stick around to watch, she would stay and sing", (like we're four hours from the parking lot, WHERE are we going?) The best part for me was , you could actually hear what she was saying, in the previous shows I saw, the audience pretty much drowned out her words, but I guess the sound is better filtered in the totally open air setting. During Landslide, she picked a gal from the audience, Andrea, and invited the girl onstage for the song (this might have been a miscommunication with security), but it was fun to watch, she walked all the way to the end of the stage to meet her and they hugged for the longest time (who would let go of Stevie?) two seperate times. Stevie asked her at the end of the song if she could do this (sing in front of all these people), Andrea shook her head no, Stevie said she thinks she could.

She could not shake hands during E of 17 , but did walk the entire length of the stage and waved to everyone, way out to the back of lawn. At the end she said that she was so thrilled to be at Woodstock and saw the movie in 1969 at a drive-in and said, "if I go there Im going in the helicopter, Im not walking or driving in Well this fan drove in and had to walk about a mile from the parking lot and it was all worth it. Wonderful show and end to this tour.

Thank you Stevie and you are very welcome..........

from Kathy U.
Stevie was incredible. She was more beautiful than ever. She was so radiant and happy. Stevie literally sang her heart out. The concert was so moving and emotional. The concert consisted of the Enchanted set list. She said that this was her last concert for the tour. She talked more than before. It started raining during GDW but she told us that we looked more beautiful in the rain and if we stayed so would she.

I was able to be right up front at the barrier. The barrier was about 10 feet from the stage, so during the Edge of 17 she was not able to shake hands but she did walk from one side of the stage to the other waving and making eye contact and just connecting to the crowd. I met many friends from the internet. I was able to meet up the the girls who made that great Stevie banner. In the picture of the banner I am the blurry blop at the far right hand side holding the right corner of the banner. She did a wonderful job doing that banner. Stevie acknowleded it at one point. She pointed with both of her fingers towards it. You could tell that she appreciated it. During Landslide she wanted to dedicate the song to someone in the audience and just wanted the girls name. But security misunderstood and lifted the girl over the barriers and brought her to the stage. Stevie took her up on stage, Her name was Andrea I believe and she stayed on stage while Stevie sang Landslide. Andrea was in shock she was so excited giving Stevie hugs and talking to her.

Stevie said at one point that she rather enjoys the rain over the sun. The crew had to continuously towel up the stage so noone would slip. I think the rain put her in more of the spirit of the event. She kept on telling us that she was so glad to be HERE. She said that when she saw the movie Woodstock at the drive-in, that if she ever played Woodstock she would want to be flown in by hellicoptor. And she was. She commented that she didn't care if the critics called her self-indulgent. She also commented that is was quite a site seeing the crowd from her view point from the hellicoptor.

By the end of the concert she was crying and sobbing so openly that she could hardly finish Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Her voice cracked and was shaky. She told us all that she wanted to do was to make us happy so that she could come back and do this again. She sure does wear her emotions on her sleeve. I was crying more times than not because of her emotional outpour to the crowd. She wanted to be there and with us.

Stevie's band with tight. They were all happy as well and having fun. When Stevie introduced Sharon, Stevie told her that she loved and and started crying then too. You can tell that Stevie has a great connection with her band and appreciates them. You can tell her band knows this because it shows.

It was worth the four hour drive to get there. It was worth STANDING at the barrier in front of the stage since 1PM until Stevie went on at approx. 5:40PM with no bathroom breaks or nothing to eat. Being pushed and shoved and not being able to move.

I think that this was interesting. Frank, Stevie's guitar player and Mindy, Stevie's back-up singer, also played and sang in Don Henley's band. Frank colored his hair more of a brown. I got his attention and tugged on my hair and mouthed to him that I liked his new hair color and he smiled and winked at me and said thanks. He is very happy and always smiling. Mindy did a great job as back-up. Don had 2 other girls with Mindy and they did sexy moves to the songs.

I am still such in a daze. It feels like it was a dream. I'm depressed because I'm back home and I want there to be more concerts. By the way Stevie was talking, there will be more tours in the future. I sure hope so.

from Sue
Let's face it everyone, Stevie is like no other, and more than likely there will never be another to compare to her. I leave her concerts with the same feelings, I'm sure you know what I am trying to say. She rocks everyone, and at the end of the Woodstock concert when she was very emotional, I started to cry too, as probably so many others that were there. She truly has a beautiful heart, and my hopes and dreams for her are that she can sing for many more years to come so that so many of us can still listen and see her beautiful music. We love ya, keep rockin Babe!

It was the best!!!! Stevie is a rockin woman. I also want to say hello the the girls I met behind the stage, there were a few of us that waited for quite some time for Stevie and the band to come down in the van to be dropped off behind the stage. although the vans went right in the gate we still got a look at her getting out of the van and a nice gentlemen helped her out and walked her up the stairs to the back of the stage. During the concert she told us that she rode right over all of us in the helicopter and she said "I saw you guys when I was coming in on the helicopter" and she also said "back in 1969 during the original Woodstock I was at the drive-in on that night, and I thought it was so cool how they brought the artists in by helicopter" Thanks Stevie for being a part of the 98 Woodstock, You go girl!!!!!

from Lauren
Hello everyone! I have so much to tell you about A Day in the Garden...I only went Friday, August 14. It was absolutely incredible! I wish all of you could have gone! This may be a little long...I'll take you thru the whole day...

We got up at 6:30 AM, but ended up leaving at 8:30 AM. It only took us an hour and a half to get there. We got there at about 10 AM, and still we were two of only a few hundred yet. We got really good seats, I would have liked to have gotten closer, but I'll explain what happened with this a little later...hehe!!

We sat down and watched Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers who were very good. They played all reggae music which I never really listened to, but it sounded great. They all looked very happy to be there, etc.

Neither my mother, nor I am a fan of Ten Years After, so we were thinking of where we wanted to go during their performance. We were sitting on the right side of the stage, if you're looking at it. All the way on the other side of the field, they had a memorial rock with a small garden area around it to remember the first Woodstock on that field in 1969. So, I was looking around and I saw a big commotion over by that rock with TV cameras, regular cameras, and a huge crowd. I told my mother, and I said, "Watch it's Stevie Nicks and we're all the way over here...I would die if that's her over there!" My mom had the binoculars so she looked over to see if she could figure out what was going on. After like a minute, my mom told me she thought Stevie Nicks was over there signing autographs! I literally almost passed out...I didn't see anyone that looked like her over there, but my mom insisted she saw her. We ran! I brought some pictures I have of her in the hopes of getting an autograph, but when we got there, we saw no one who looked like her. We looked around and saw this woman who could have been Stevie from the back, but her face looked nothing like her. My mom guessed that's who she saw...oh well! Ten Years after was on, and we didn't feel like sitting for them, so we hung out by where all the buses came in hoping to just be able to wave to Stevie. We met this girl who was there waiting for Don Henley to pull up, and her friends were there for Stevie. We started talking and I showed her my pictures, and she said her friends would die if they saw these. She was cool! Then we saw Richie Havens and Ziggy Marley just walking around, in with the crowd. We wanted to see Don Henley, so we went back to our seats.

Don was really good. He's one of those performers who just sounds exactly like he does on the radio, CDs. Some of the songs he did..."Dirty Laundry" (before he did this one, he said, "This one's for Bill...Dirty Laundry." LOL Go Don!), End of the Innocence, All She Wants To Do Is Dance, some others, and some song about burning cornfields...my mother and I were like what in the world is this?! Then for his encore...oh my God, I was so happy he did these songs...he played the drums, and sang, "Hotel California" and "Desperado." Those were just wonderful!

This is the good part --- b/c Stevie came on!! I wanted to get all the way up to the front. My mother was not up to worming our way thru the crowds, but I got her up! I got US UP THERE! I swear to God, we were like ten feet away from her, and maybe 5 feet away from the fence in the front! She was right there!! She performed every song that she did on her tour, except for "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." But I heard she stopped that song after she left the East Coast...I wonder why? (us lucky East Coasters, right Michelle?..hehe). Stevie Nicks is just one incredible person! I was about 10 ft. away, that is the closest I have ever been to her! This had to have been her best concert ever! So much emotion! She even bent back "like a willow" during "Stand Back!" And she even did one of her famous HIGH kicks! She didn't come out to her fans b/c of the stage set up...there was like a huge gap that really dropped down to where the fans stood! :( During one of her songs, I forget which one...Stand Back?... she was dancing out in front and to the side of her mic, and she turned to go back to the mic, lost it, and said to her singers something like, "Where is it? or Where'd it go?" It was so cute! Luckily, it didn't rain all day, but as soon as she began, it poured...and it poured up until she did "Rhiannon." She commented on the rain...she said, "It must be Rhiannon..." It's funny that she said that and it stopped after she sang "Rhiannon," maybe Rhiannon was communicating with her. From what I've heard, it has rained at every one of her outdoor shows...it rained for PNC and Radio City(even though this one was inside).

I think there's a definite communication thing going on there. So does my mom! But maybe that's just b/c we're mystical...hmmm... She started explaining about her "trilogy" so of course she had to mention Lindsey, I think it was for Garbo, and I swear, I have never seen her face go so cold... it was the weirdest thing...as soon as she was done talking to him, she went back to her kind warm self... it was very strange, my mom and I talked about it for like half the way home...she noticed it too! I have never seen her like that! Everything about her and the show was just fabulous! For the encore, she did the fastest rendition of "I Need to Know" that I have ever heard...it was so awesome! Then, she could not even finish "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?" the has been doing on this tour because she was crying so much. She finished the song, turned to sidestage, put her face in her hands and just started crying...I couldn't take it. She got too emotional for me. Thru tears, she thanked us, and asked us to keep ourselves healthy so that she could do this again"because it would be so good for her..." Okay, I'm almost crying writing this for you. It was so sad to see her so upset, but it was so touching b/c it's not too often you find someone like her in this world, and someone who loves her fans so much...I am glad I shared tears with Stevie on her last show for Enchanted... She then proceeded to tell us, that she didn't care if the critics wrote in the papers that she was "self-indulgent," but she wanted to share this with us. I think it is so nice that she talks so much to her fans. She told us that way back in 1969 the video for Woodstock when she was still in CA, she told herself that if she ever played at Woodstock, she wanted to fly in by helicopter just like the others did in 1969...well, her dream came true...she flew by helicopter to get there...I am so happy one of her dreams has come true. She told us that she tried to make it better for us this time, tried to spend time, not sure if the talking helped, but she likes talking to her fans, she tried to do her best, and...oh God, I'm ready to cry thinking about her crying...

I had a beautiful white rose to give to her, and I could have if she came by her fans, but she didn't. I wrapped it in this really pretty white sheer material I found with little gold stars on it, I loved it and I knew she would too...I tied a piece of black velvet around it and left a note with moons on it...hence the quote, "I like moons, stars and black velvet..." After she left the stage, I pushed thru the migrating crowds and ran to a security guard and asked him if he could give it to Stevie. He looked at me like, "NO," but I guess he saw my sincerity because he said, "I will make sure this gets backstage to STEVIE NICKS for you..." I almost started crying again. He handed it to another security guard who turned to go backstage before I could finish thanking this guy! She could have my flower and note and everything right now!! I was so happy...I still am! The reason why I wanted it to get to her was because she usually gets all those flowers and God knows what else, and this night, she didn't...I hope she got it...I thought it would make her happy to know somone cares enough to track down a security guard to give her something from a dedicated fan...maybe it cheered her up a bit...she was crying so much it looked like they were going to have to calm her down before they left in the helicopter again....

Well, i think I've said enough for now...thanks for listening, and I wish you all could have been there! Everyone pray for a video AND a CD, ok? Talk to you later!

Love and Dreams to all,
(a Forever Enchanted Sister of the Moon)

from Dorothy K.
Hopefully you all got to see Stevie’s concert over the Internet. I was there in Bethel, NY and would very much like to try to convey some of that experience. As you know Stevie was the headliner, anticipation grew all day and when she took the stage the place exploded. As she walked out she was mouthing, "I don’t have any flowers." Stevie is so much loved by her audience. There is a feeling of transcendence with each person having that personal connection with Stevie through her music. A light rain was falling and Stevie jokingly looked up at the sky during "… thunder only happens when it’s raining." She would also say with regard to the rain, "Rhiannon came and did her thing." Stevie referred to how she had arrived in a helicopter and that we all looked so great from the air. Before Gold Dust Woman there was a real downpour and the stage had to be mopped. Stevie had her hands on her hips and was pointing and pretending to be directing the clean up. Well you knew Stevie wanted to dance so much more that she was safely able to. Don on more than one occasion told her to be careful. It was a relief that no one slipped on stage. Stevie was very concerned about the fans in the rain . At one point she said, "How are you doing out there." Stevie would later say how we all looked more beautiful in the rain and imagine how bummed she would have been if we had turned and left when it started to rain. No chance of that happening! Stevie was really cooking, very animated and clearly very excited to be performing at Woodstock. She was completely into Gold Dust Woman loving every minute of it - "Pick it up…pick it up" The acoustic part was set up further back in front of the drum kit. Stevie explained again how this was a tour behind a box set and that you may not know some of the songs, that maybe they came down in 1985 and got by you and maybe there’s a message. After the Glitter Fades - when she and Lindsey started out their love for singing is what got them through. Garbo - at the BN shoot people were not happy with me. They said I was paranoid, don’t be a child, this is art. Rose Garden - I was seventeen in high school in San Francisco with all this fabulous music happening around me and I knew what I wanted to do. Stand Back rocked as always - possibly the best I’ve seen. Stevie was unreal. But after her dance with Carlos she walked right by her microphone, looked around, momentarily ‘lost’. So when she turned back to the mic and started singing Stevie was poking the side of her head as if to say how did that happen - very endearing. You all know what a special moment Landslide provided for a fan named Andrea. She was in front of me a little to the right. When Stevie went to the edge of the stage to get the fan’s name, I had not seen her do that since Boston as that had become Frank’s job. Anyhow security failed to realize that Stevie only wanted a name and they lifted Andrea over the barrier. This ‘mistake’ was obviously meant to be. I remember thinking I hope she’s a really big fan and was glad that she was. Stevie met Andrea by the side of the stage and they hugged and I could see how excited and thrilled Andrea was to thank Stevie. The dedication of Landslide provided an awesome moment for one lucky fan. The band introductions were again heartfelt. Some highlights:

To Don - "… my favorite bass player…"

To Carlos -"…he was with me when I was thin and when I was fat, when I was popular and unpopular…"

To Sharon "…I met her in 1978. She lived in Hawaii in a tree house, a big, beautiful tree house but nevertheless a tree house. And she’s been singing with me ever since and Sharon, I love you." Stevie then went over and hugged Sharon a tender and well deserved moment for Sharon.

One of my favorite moments was when Stevie said, "The critics can call me self-indulgent. I don’t really care. But in 1969 I went to see Woodstock at a drive-in in San Francisco. I knew that if I ever went there I would not ride in or walk in but I would go in in a helicopter." Stevie seemed to really be enjoying one of those moments when everything comes ‘full circle’. Clearly the emotional highlight came during Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Stevie was crying and at the end she just about whispered the poet, priest of nothing, legend part. Then she turned around put her hands over her eyes and really wept. In saying her thanks and her good-byes to the audience, Stevie said, "I wish you all your dreams. I really do." Those words just really touched me. Such a fitting way to end this most Enchanted Tour. Thank you, Stevie , for the joy that is you and your music.

from Louie
What can i say?Just being on Yasgurs Farm,original site of Woodstock in Bethel NY was an incredible thrill .You could feel the history sitting on the hill of the farm which is like a natural ampitheater ,bowl like huge grass area.It was awesome.There was a great feel in the air,it was full of Peace ,Love & Music even though it sounds corny,unless you were there you would not understand.

I arrived on Thursday night with my buddy since the 6th grade(we're 32 now),went to the site took pix by the Woodstock monument memorial & around town to the various locals stands &tents checking out what was going on.Special hello to those @"Larrys Doghouse" .On Friday we had a close great spot in the parking lot with easy acess to the site.With Classic Woodstock music,&Ten Years after tapes playing out my car wbegan emptying our cooler of the beers at a much earlier time than usual.As we settled in Stevie Nicks music dominated my stereo.Found maany Stevie fans by this time.Special hello to the 2 northern Conn. girls we hung out with,lost you guys during Stevie.Thanx for the dance during Ten Years After :) We arrived on the farm & set up camp on the hill by the(Hendrix/Janis/Jerry) Totem pole.Enjoyed the music of the day.Ziggy Marley was real good,my favs were when he did Jammin' & Get Up Stand Up.Thought Ten Years After kicked ASS....I'm Going Home @ Woodstock WOW!!!!!!Alvin Lee is way underrated in R&R history.Henley was pretty good too....when he sang "WE havent had that spirit here since 1969" the crowd went crazy & chills ran down my spine.

Now the part youve all been waiting for......After Henley i made my way down & got real close about 6 people back for my LOVE----STEVIE!!!!!!!! She appeared & sang the first words to "Outside the Rain"with that beautiful smile on her face,it was now Stevies Garden .She stole the show,she was incredible!Her voice sounding as beautful as ever & she looked like an Angel.The crowd up front got big,people were all around in my view at all angles ,smiling,singing & having the time of our lives.After all it was Stevie at Woodstock.I wish you could all have been there to expierence this.The rains began it seemed to me during Dreams & really picked up when she sang"Thunder only happens when its raining,(not today )"she said as she looked up. But the rain added to the mood it was great,especially knowing how much Stevie loves the rain.We got wet,&enjoyed every minute of it.At first she seemed upset saying something like whys it raining today,the one day i wanted sunshine,but it seemed she enjoyed it too after a while.She said she was afraid we'd all leave &she held out her arms & said she was afrais shed say "come back".Yea right no way Stevie we'd never leave you.They had to sweep the rain up after almost every song,i started the Woodstock rain chants but didnt get many to join in...LOL.Stevie was very personable with her fans as usual.more so than ever i think.Talking alot,telling us stories& joking around.She makes you feel like your her personal friend & has a special charm like no other performer ive seen(& ive seen alot) having such a communication with her audience.It was a very emotional show,being the last night of her tour.When she introduced the band,she reached out to them all,with strong emotion especially Carlos & Sharon.(Still looking good Sharon mmm).There was no gift gathering at this one,because the stage was far from the crowd,Stevie just walked around waving,smiling,blowing kisses,& shedding a few tears at us as we did the same back.Such emotion at this set.Andrea was picked out by Stevie &brought on stage & sung "Landslide" to personally,what a lucky lady you are.Everytime the line"I'm getting older too" came the crowd roared ,with a real sense of like yea we all are ,but its times like this that make it get better.I think tonight this was the best overall song.The set was the same as the rest of the tour except what happened to "Stop Draggin"?The final tune was of course "Has ANyone Ever..."and Stevie couldnt even finish it,with huge tears in her eyes she broke down & left crying & wavingg to us,telling us she loved us& we'll do this again....yes Stevie & i'll be there.I had tears of emotion in my eyes again as i did @ the Jones Beach NY show in June.

Its tuff to remember it all now,it was a long day,a great concert &Very emotional as only Stevie can do.The only regret i have was not bringing my camera down front with me,i had my binocs to catch Stevie real close up,but with the rain they got all foggy on me.Any way thanx for the great music, the beautiful person you are& filling my life with your heavenly voice Stevie.Thank you for another wonderful concert expierence &my memories of WOODSTOCK such a pleasure.As i shouted again throughout the show (which as usual leaves me with no voice at the end of the night)"I LOVE YOU STEVIE"....and i know i'm not alone because the two girls in front of me kept high fiving me everytime i yelled it out,& i'm positive many many others feel the same.ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN....

from Kim
I just got back from seeing Stevie at Woodstock. We got to be in the very front at stage left. Stevie was beautiful and happy. She did get rained on along with the rest of us, but did not seem to mind. We took many pictures and hope they turn out good. I could not help but to cry with Stevie at the end of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For you. She seemed so sad about this tour ending and so was I. At the end before she left she said "Can we do this again soon, this has been so good for me?" This made my night because this may mean that she plans to tour again in the future. With the turnout that was there to see her tonight, she has to know how much she is loved. She still is the Queen of Rock and Roll!!!
from Jennifer
I count myself lucky to have been able to witness the magnificence of Stevie Nicks in what I can only assume to be her prime. This was my first opportunity to see her, and I had been anticipating this day for months. I thought that this day would never come. During the grueling five hour car ride to Bethel, New York, I thought that we would never make it there. In our excitement, we posted a giant sign in the back of the truck that read, "Woodstock or bust" and "Honk if you dig it." We found many people who "dug it" on the ride there, to our great joy.

I sat through much of the day, having arrived at around one o'clock. I began to get antsy, so I headed up to the place where they were selling things. I walked around the long walkway three times in search of Stevie memorabilia...to no avail. It seems that her tourbooks, t-shirts, and key chains were not to be found on this day. I almost started to cry. You see, this was my first Stevie concert. I came prepared to spend large amounts of money, but I did not do that...

Don Henley had sung seven songs when I headed down toward the front. I began working my way through the thick crowd, searching for my friends and also avoiding some of the scary people who were up there. Let me tell you now, there were a LOT of scary people milling about on this day. I was about three rows back when they started preparing for Stevie to come on. The crowd had to wait for quite some time...I suppose they were experiencing technical difficulties, but it became very nerve-wracking. Finally, she came out. The crowd went mad, MAD I tell you. And I went mad with them.

It's hard to describe the amazing presence Ms. Nicks brings with her to the stage. It was hard to believe that this was the very same stage that Ziggy Marley had played on earlier. Everything had changed, somehow. There was an incredible amount of energy surrounding her that spilled out into the audience. Her fans were crying and singing along with her. Even through the rain, Stevie persisted.

I still cannot tell you most of the songs that she sang that night. I was so mesmerized by her beauty, her mysticism, her amazing voice...I stood in rapt attention throughout the entire performance, savoring every second. I can't be sure, but I think she made eye contact with me at one point. I could be just imagining it; but it comforts me, so I let myself be deluded.

I have been listening to Stevie Nicks for a long time. I have seen her perform on television programs and on several videos that I own. But seeing her live makes it all so much more real. I knew that she was a real person, of course; but it's hard to realize this seemingly simple fact until you actually see her.

I stood for well over two hours amid hundreds of other devoted fans. We witnessed several exquisite costume changes and also a bit of the more personal side of Stevie. She told us several stories between songs and also between cleanup sessions. Rain had been threatening all day, but it never actually came until Stevie was on. It downpoured, but we remained firmly planted in our spots, determined to watch this show. It was ironic that the one day Stevie hadn't "requested a storm," one came; but we were able to enjoy it nonetheless.

This was the greatest concert that I have ever had the good fortune to attend, and I was very sad to see it end. But all good things must come to an end, I suppose; and so this did, too. And at the end, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. Stevie finished her performance with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" and brought down the house. It may have been when she started crying that the crowd lost it, too. Or it might be that it was then that we noticed that we were crying. Stevie Nicks was absolutely fabulous on this night, and I will treasure the memory of her stellar performance always. I hope to be able to see her again in the future; but I think I will be all right if I don't, what with the memory I have of seeing her live at "Woodstock '98."

from Sara
I know this review comes a little bit late,so i am not going to repeat every little detail about the concert...but i have to say that for me it was an incredible experience,one i will be talking about for the rest of my life i am sure..i was right up next to the little black fence/barrier that they had..i stood there from about 2:30 on, but it was well worth it..i cannot beleive i was that close....it was great, except for the the huge pushfest during GDW..i missed half the song thanks to the rude people in back trying to squish me to death,like there was ANY chance i was gonna move..Other than that it was wonderful..Stevie was adorable,really funny,(i am sure you have all read the stories about her little Mary Poppins comment,etc.)and i was so happy she stuck it out in the rain...I was mesmerized the whole concert, being that close to her,i was just in total awe...Some of my favorites were Landslide(for some reason i burst into tears during this song, something i have never done before),the trilogy,and of course Rhiannon..it was kinda cool because in the beginning she said something about Rhiannon bringing the rain,and later when she sang the song the rain STOPPED...The second time i cried was at the end of Has Anyone Ever...because Stevie was crying and when i saw that,i started too.... This isn't a very detailed review,but it was just such an amzing experience, i can't even begin to describe the euphoria i am feeling from it...i will never,ever forget that night for the rest of my life....
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