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August 1, 1998: Shoreline - Mountain View, CA

from Tracy
Hello everyone!!!!!
I just got home from my first of two Stevie concerts! I am still in shock. She was absolutely wonderful. She is a perfect angel. I never thought my respect and admiration for her could ever go any deeper...boy was I wrong...it is now 10 times stronger! The moment she walked on stage I felt myself getting lightheaded!!! I almost had to sit down, it was so much for me. Her voice was perfect all the way through and she seemed so happy. I loved how she talked with all of us. It was a little extra special for us, too, because the San Jose and SF area are special to her. It is where "it all started!" When she first introduced the acoustic-electric trilogy she said something like, "I've said this all over the country, but when I say it to you guys it's special because you guys understand it better than anyone else!" And she said that if she were a stand-up comedian or something she could go into all sorts of stories about San Jose but she "won't do that because we already know!" It was such a nice feeling to know the audience was special to her! I won't really go into any of the songs too much, but "Stand Back" and "Edge Of Seventeen" ROCKED!!! I actually found myself dancing...and I DON'T dance!!! I tried my hardest to get up to the stage for "Edge"...people started rushing down at "Whole Lotta Trouble". Some stupid secirity guard almost pushed me over trying to stop me...I had to hold on to a chair to keep from falling down!!! It was amazing to watch her greet all the other fans, though. She is so special. "Rhiannon" was magical. I'm so glad I got to hear it...just listening to it made me lightheaded again! And I found myself crying by the end of "Has Anyone Ever...". It is such a wonderful, beautiful song. I couldn't believe how soon it was over! I never wanted it to end...but there's always tomorrow night at Concord! NOTHING will stop me from getting to the stage then!!! I met some people from the list, too...Laurie, thank you for the NicksFix button! Jeff...I'm still jealous of your seats! Did you get to the stage? Stephanie...you're outfit was beautiful! And Kerry...it's so nice to finally put a face to the name!!! I'm so glad I got to meet you and Paul...can't wait for Acro Monday! Not too many people were dressed like Stevie, but I had my cape and it was beautiful! THANK YOU BEAR!!!! There were a lot of people with FM shirts, though. If there is anyone out there who doesn't have a ticket to an upcoming show, RUN to get one! It's worth every penny and then some...you will go away with a night never, ever to forget. Thank you for listening evryone, and thank you to Stevie...the poet in MY heart...
from Cindy D.
I believe it was 1976 Oakland Ca, Day on the Green when I first saw a young women dressed in black with a black top hat, dancing her heart out on stage. I was ENCHANTED then, and I am still ENCHANTED some twenty-two years later! So much has been said already about this tour and I have enjoyed reading all the fan reviews while I was waiting for my turn, thank you nicksfix for so much info! I have been to many a show with Stevie and I have to say that her personal touch with us last night was the greatest! I have no one favorite song, as they are all my favorites! The stage design was beautiful and the band was great! I was happy to see people of all age groups there! Stevie did dedicate landslide to Bill Graham and to all of us, and she rocked the house last night like only Stevie can! Thank you Stevie for your music, your poetry and your love! You bring me to a place in my life where I need to be and you truly connect me with my soul! You are my "Sister of the Moon" P.S. Too those two religious nuts last night who greeted us at the main entrance by telling us all we are going to hell.......you just don't get it!
from Kurt S., San Mateo
I saw Stevie last night at Shoreline. Before I get into my review I have something to say. People....DRINK RESPONSIBALY!!! MY friends and I had awesome seats, 3rd row, just left of stage. I got to touch Stevie. The only thing that put a damper on the evening were the IDIOTS sitting next to us. These three guys were totally wasted (you know who you are) and one of their friends, who was passed out through most of the concert, threw up TWICE! Once on my friends shoe. Some even got on my tour book. Remember, "if not for me then, do it for yourself. If not for me, then do it for the world"!!! Try to not be a burden to those around you, please.

Anyway...Stevie was spectacular, just as all of the reviews have said. I loved that she spent so much time interacting with us. I am sure she has been saying the same basic things at each concert, but she made it sound so impromptu, and down to earth, not like a script. It was wonderful. As others have said, she looked so happy and like she was having fun, it certainly made all of the difference for me. She sounded great, looked great, and her band was great. The set was great. My only wish is that she would have done "Sara", that would have sent me over the top. Hopefully next time?

I must complement the Shoreline staff. They were friendly and courteous. Even security up front...once that first person started for the stage and the flood gates opened...they kept people off the stage but other than that they left us alone to enjoy Stevie. The perfect Stevie night!

from Bill Gutierrez - Livermore, CA
This is not really going to be a review because it would be so biased anyway because I absolutely adore Stevie! But, this is really just going to be a quick note to share my "enchanting" experience.

Stevie was absolutely wonderful tonight, her playing before her home town really seemed to make Stevie happy tonight and it sure showed in her banter with the crowd.

The band played really well especially Lenny Castro and Land Richards on percussion and drums. I was a little surprized that Stevie's band leader on guitar played a bit choppy and rough on edge of seventeen. He sure didn't have the riff down like Waddy used to that was for sure. Sharon and Mindy sounded beautiful and really complimented Stevie well.

Now, on to the really big highlight of my night. Security seemed really tense tonight. I had heard through word of mouth that some wacko had been making death threats against Stevie (who would want to hurt such a lovely person as herself?) So getting down the pit was almost an impossibility! I was really let down because I was so close to the stage but they wouldn't let us get near it. It was like holding a piece of cheese in front of a mouse and not letting him get it. But being the persistant person I am I just kept waiting very calmly until Stevie made her rounds from one end of the stage to the other. When she really started getting close I moved in slowly inching my way in, security kept trying to get a handful of us from getting there, but I put up my hands and calmly told them "look i'm not her to hurt her or go crazy, with that I walked up and with nobody around me, Stevie came up to me and put out both of her hands and held mine. She looked me right in the eye and smiled (by this time I was in la la land) not wanting to look like a maniac I just calmly said that "I loved her" and "thank you Stevie" she mouthed something back at me like "thank you" I guess and she smiled, and then she went to greet my friend I met at the show "Joanie" but before she did so, she looked my way again and smiled and with a cute expression said something else to me but I don't know what she really said. But, that kind of took me by surprize. What was really cool was that I was standing on a step about a foot and a half below the stage, so me being 6'5" and Stevie being her cute 5' something we looked at each other at eye level...really special.

Words cannot express the emotions that ran through me last night and all through the night afterward. Stevie and only Stevie has an emotional connection with her fans that no other performer can ever do. It's her true self and it's her appreciation for her fans that make it such a magical moment and connection. I only wish all her true fans could experience what I felt last night....it's something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

For my good friends who were there last night with me. Hortensia, Stevie rocked the house down!!! And to Danielle my "Stevie nut" friend and my "amazing hairstylist" was that a show or what!!! Thanks to all the people who do such a great job at nicksfix!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!

And to Stevie your grace, beauty and kindness, will always remain deep in my heart. Thank you!!

from Debbie - Tracy, CA
I don't know If I can put into words the effect Stevie had on me . THis the first time I was able to see her . 1n 89 I had tickets to see her in Ny and she canceled and I haven't had a chance since. The concert was fantastic Stevie touchs your heart and soul with songs we've all heard hundreds of times. But theres nothing so impressive as seeing Stevie live. I took my Daughter this was her first concert shae wanted so badly to go down front and really see STevie but barred from going down but she was so impressed. I think I goood go to see her a hundred times and I would still be touched by her timeless beauty and her stage prescence ,she talked to the people as if she was talking to each individual and knew everyone. Like she wasn't a star just a everyday person. someday I would love to meet her in person. Her music was rocking at times then quiet and mellow she would bring you up to your feet rocking with her then sing a mellow song and have you quietly sitting watching listening. you could just feel the audience almost in tune with the mood of every song . Hoping the night and the music would last. Thank you STEVIE you touch me and you touch your whole audience last night. leaving everyone that attended with a lasting impression of the true meaning of vbeing a STAR. Thank you
from Daniel Matsumoto, sorcerer@sirius.com - San Francisco, CA
What an amazing show! Stevie's voice was very strong and hit all the right notes. The audience was going nuts all throughout the night...the energy level was simply amazing. I've never seen this much activity from a Shoreline crowd, which is typically reserved. But this evening was totally different as fans rushed the stage in drodes after the band introductions. Security could not stop them. It was a pretty animated scene and I couldn't help but smile knowing that others were sharing my incredible vibe (though I chose not to rush the stage w/ everyone else). My spectacular view from the second row was just fine :) I think I only sat down once the whole night, which was during the acoustic session, and even then I was swaying in my seat, absorbing the wonderful melodies. I haven't had this good a time a Stevie concert in years...the electrifying vibe was so overwhelming that I could have easily stayed there all night.

I had brought a bouquet of white roses to hand to her during the Landslide dedication, but this idea fizzled as soon as a million other fans beat me to it :/ Instead, I decided just to throw them high in the air onto the stage during Edge of Seventeen...I hope *someone* got them :) She dedicated Landslide to the late concert promoter Bill Graham, who had always been kind and supportive of her and Lindsey when they were just breaking out in the early 70's in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was very touching when she said, "I feel his presence here tonight."

Stevie's performance was very solid this evening. She sang most songs as close to the original versions as possible which was really cool, particularly on "Sleeping Angel" where she actually sang the first lines as "take me if you need me..." instead of "take me sleeping angel" on previous nights. The rest of the acoustic section was flawless.

While the crowd was up and dancing or seemingly every song, "Stand Back" and "Rhiannon" received the greatest audience response. At that point, even the "bench warmers" were inspired to shake it down a bit--which was really cool to see. Stevie was at her finest during "Gold Dust Woman," where she exercised some great vocal inflections on "do you know how to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!" She was incredibly animated during this song, swirling quite a bit and waving her arms so expressively. The crowd went wild.

An especially flattering moment for us San Francisco Bay fans came when Stevie mentioned that she felt a special connection to this area, "the place where it all begin." She went on to say how she had spent time earlier that day in San Francisco, which "brought back all the memories," pretending to swoon as she put her hand over her eyes--a really cute picture :) At the moment, I thinking, "please sing Gypsy!"--but to no avail. She talked about going to high school here, attending a few years at San Jose State University (10 miles south of the venue), and having a crush on the "handsomest guy in high school," who was seated front row center, to whom she gave her bouquet of flowers when she first came onto the stage. Stevie talked up a storm tonight, and looked very comfortable and at ease, smiling and cracking jokes here and there. She even said it would be fine to take pictures that night!

I'm still reeling from the experience. Definitely the best Stevie show I've ever attended.

from Brian Pacula - bpacula@value.net
For my first time seeing Stevie perform solo, I had the pleasure of accompanying CLMoon to the Shoreline Amphitheater. It was a great show.

One little pre-show highlight was seeing the silver and black tour bus passing us on the way to Mountain View. When we arrived, some guy was standing outside the main gates, wielding a large, professionally printed "repent, the end is near" kind of sign, which he waved around while yelling at people nearby. Security didn't seem to care, which seemed strange given some of the things he was saying, but he got a lot of derisive laughter and jeers from concergoers, and one girl in line to enter mooned him.

Once inside, we ended up missing most of Michael McDonald's set while we were buying merchandise, and CL met with a couple members of the Enchanted mailing list.

When Stevie took the stage, she really looked happy to be there and happy to be performing. She was full of energy and took a lot of time in between songs to talk and joke around (her best line of the night, re: Rose Garden, went something like: "this song is about becoming wealthy and successful in some kind of job...like, a drug dealer...").

The rush to the stage started early, right at the beginning of Whole Lotta Trouble. One large security guard in our aisle wouldn't let anyone down, even as the crowd in front of him swelled larger and larger with flower and gift bearing hordes of fans, and he seemed to be getting angry, so we cut through to the other side and made it up front, where we stayed through the rest of the show. During one song, possibly Twisted, some ribbons that were tied to her mike stand started blowing towards her, and she made a little show of backing away and swatting at them, which was cute. Edge of Seventeen came on, and we did manage to shake Stevie's hand, despite being two or three bodies deep in the crowd.

She closed, of course, with Has Anyone Ever Written etc. which would have sounded much better if someone hadn't been screaming "DESERT ANGEL!!" during every single vocal pause. For the final send-off, someone brought her little dog out from backstage, and Stevie made her wave to the audience.

Hope Concord is just as great!

from Jim
What a great show! First I have to say that I have some amazing friends who paid big dollars (as did I) to a "ticket broker" to see Stevie from row DD. They both love Stevie but would not have been so willing on their own--it required wanting to watch (and be amused by) someone wholly enchanted and obsessive in my love for Stevie and her music.

The Shoreline amphitheatre was packed as I looked up and saw so many people in the lawn sections. Only the back wing seats of the pavillion were not taken as those reserved seats cost $25 and offered no better seating than the lawn.

Unfortunately, we missed too much of Michael McDonald's (Boz couldn't reschedule his prior commitments during Stevie's San Francisco Bay Area tour dates) show. However, in no time the stage was cleared for Stevie's arrival. Her band came and began playing some edgy guitar on OTR. Immediately, Stevie entered from the side of the stage (heading directly at me--the heart, it skips a beat), holding beautiful white flowers, and walked along its edge until she came to the center spot where "her most-handsome-guy-in-high-school" former boyfriend was standing. They would have made beautiful kids since this guy was probably 51 (a year ahead of Stevie) and neither looks her/his age. Oh--my-god, I have gone off the deep end as I find myself speculating on Stevie's offspring!

Having seen Stevie solo four times and with Fleetwood Mac seven times, I was so glad to hear her sing some less well-known songs. Enchanted was so much fun with people dancing everywhere. Same with Gold & Braid. My friend, Demie, loves that tambourine dance she does in the White Wing Dove concert video (which Stevie only did a little of). The sound of that song, tho, was so good with Stevie's animated phrasing and vocal power.

The "acoustic-electric" set (just one spacey & endearing Stevie-ism among the many we heard) was great. Her notes were very clear and the relative volume on her vocals was turned way up. It is no wonder that she only does a couple takes in the studio as any one of those songs could have been digitally recorded and sold as "studio" recordings.

Let me just say something to the lame people sitting behind me. "Stand Up Or Shut Up." You don't have 6th row seats in a concert to sit through so much of it. To their credit, they did stand during Rhiannon and Stand Back (how could they not? because people were dancing and jumping up and down so hard that the vibration alone would have budged them off their ample buttocks). The truly enthusiastic fans sitting in front of me couldn't believe the people behind us either.

Now for the best part, luckily we were able to leave those people behind as there was movement toward the stage earlier than had been previously reported in fan reviews. It caught me off guard, but my friend noticed and said "let's go." Off we went but a security guard tried to stop me. I'm 6'2 and she was probably Stevie's height. She took my arm and said I was not in the section that got to go down. So I say, "huh!?" I point to the people streaming toward the stage (TIME IS WASTING) and say to her something like "I just have to go down there." I didn't want to freak her out and run down there so I just kept gradually pulling her down with me until she finally let go. Because guess what? A Whole Lotta People were getting down there while she was facing me. Somehow, I get to the very center and am only one person back from the stage. My friend finally is able to slip down and I pull her in front of me (she's also only Stevie's height). From there, we watch a Whole Lotta Songs and are entranced as Stevie smiles down at us through song after song.

Now for the best part of the night. It is not every night that you are standing among Stevie's most faithful only four feet from the Queen of Rock & Roll. It was very warm that night and the crush of people at the stage was making things very sweaty. If my friends back in their seats were a little amused by me, I was also amazed at some of my fellow MTV FANatic wannabes. First there was this sweet gay boy who was holding up a heart-shaped crystal with (I think he said) some kind of gem or colored stone in the middle. When Stevie came around, he gave it to her and Stevie asked her bodyguard to put it in his coat for safe-keeping. She then took both of the fan's hands and gave him a very appreciate gaze into his eyes thanking him and holding him very warmly. It was so touching. This guy was then so sweet that he altruistically let several other strangers get in front of him to spend time on the edge of the stage for Stevie's encore. Just before this, my friend go to shake Stevie's hand and just after this, Stevie took my hand.

Another fan gave Stevie a book illustrated by one of Stevie's favorite artists, Sulamith (sp?), but it somehow did not get carried off by Stevie. The fan and her fellow front row people called to Sharon Celani after the group's bow at the end of the show and got her to notice the book (it was lying behind a speaker). Sharon nicely came over and picked up the book and waited for Stevie to pass by. Sharon pointed the gift bearer out to Stevie who waved to her and thanked her as she walked off the stage. This Sweet Girl was obviously very moved by her connection with Stevie. Then there was this muscular straight boy who kept saying "Stevie's my girl" and "that's the woman I love." He good-naturedly jabbed me in the side (as straight boys seem to do) and confided that he thought "Stevie was too beautiful for words and that he wanted her." I just had to laugh. Her diverse fans all have a personal view of her.

There was one price that the fans who rushed the stage had to pay. A lot of the sound was lost. Only on HAEWAFY where Stevie's vocal comes through very loud on her monitor were we really able to her sing. The sound was aimed above and behind us and I wanted so much to hear the concert version of Twister (although I love and am completely satisfied with the Lindsey/Stevie studio version).

Love and peace. Feel free to send me an email if you want to chat about your experience in front of the stage. I didn't get a chance to hang out and talk after the show. Best regards. Jim at jprevo@aol.com.

from Melissa
First thing I must say is that it felt so intimate, it really felt more like a club setting than an amphitheatre. She talked so much, she really looked good and happy - she was glowing. Her voice sounded better than ever. I saw her with Fleetwood Mac last year and she looked and sounded better on this tour. This is the first time I have seen her solo and I'm so glad I was able to attend. What really made it special for me was that she kept saying this is where it all started for her, her dreams, her career, and a lot of big bands started in the bay area. The only thing I didn't really care for or understand was why she had those damn things on her forehead, however, her clothes were beautiful. I really loved that long gold jacket she had on towards the end of the show. I have to say my favorite songs she played were Sleeping Angel and of course STANDBACK. I do have mention one more thing, I think Outside the Rain was almost over and my friend and I were of course standing up (I was in seats) dancing and this lady behind me asked me to sit down. I don't know about you but how could you not feel compelled to dance at a Stevie concert?!!
from Isabel, sandrich@pointcast.com
After reading the reviews on the Shoreline show I feel I need to put in my two cents. Everyone hit it on the head, Stevie was at her best that night. I love the her stories of her days in San Jose, which happens to be where I was raised and still live.

I have to laugh though, where I was sitting at was dead. I got stuck sitting with awhole bunch of 40-50 somethings (I'm 29) that were just sitting there like they were at the movies. Not me, I sang every song with Stevie word for word. I was in row O and by the end of the night I was in Row A.

I was so happy to hear Stevie sing Garbo. She explained that she wrote that song after her experience in making the Buckingham-Nicks album cover. Sleeping Angel was another goodie. Gold and Braid was nice to hear also. I got really emotional when she sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. At the end of the song when she says "And when they ask her about the men in her life......." Oh, I wanted to cry. My friend Elaine, who went with me, said that she felt how powerful Stevie was, that she felt the energy by all the people who were around us.

Stevie came, saw, kicked ass and left us all feeling good!

from DaytimeDad
This is for all my friends and the people on the Stevie Nicks mailing list and The Nix fix. My 'review' of The Enchanted tour concert Saturday night at Shoreline. It has taken me this long to get back to earth and write so sorry to all of you that I said I would get back to right away. I am not going to give you a play by play of each song but more the feelings I had during the show. RON Reflections By Ron Emery The time has come and gone once more. Stevie Nicks has played another concert that I was lucky enough to see. This was #19 in my Stevie live experience and it was the most unique by far. I can't wait... So much of the show was the Stevie I know, and so much was a new Stevie all together. This was a Stevie that was more self-assured and confident. This was a Stevie that was truly happy just to be there. I know she has always loved to sing, but the love in her eyes and joy she had to share her songs was like that I have never seen. When arriving at the show with my white rose in hand, (this being the way us mailing list people were going to ID one another) I was nervous and excited. The crowd had changed from the last tour I saw. The beautiful and the innocent and the oh so very young... There were still many of the fans dressed like Stevie and the 30 and 40 something's. The latter being the category that I fit into. But what was different was the amount of VERY young fans! It was so satisfying seeing all the new fans that she has. To all of those who wrote her off, you were so wrong! in the middle of the room, I did not here from you... I went straight to the bar where all the mailing list folks said we would meet. I was disappointed that I was unable to locate any of you. Laurie was the one person I really wanted to see the most for without her I don't think we would have tried to meet. Went out and got my Stevie goodies. I got the hat, and calendar and a refrigerator magnet. $50.00 later we were inside watching Michael McDonald. He was good but I find opening bands annoying when I go to see Stevie. Just want the show to go on. You live by the light of the moon, I live be the light of desire... It was a beautiful night, the moon lit sky and stars all around. The setting was perfect. When Outside the rain started I freaked out! The show had begun and there she was, more radiant then ever! The show seemed to move from one song to another a fast pace. I was not sure if it was just me wanting it to last or if it was really hurrying through the songs. Some of the longer endings were cut from the songs. There were some songs with verses cut to shorten the song. It was fine though kind of gave it a medley feel. Poets, priest of nothing. Stevie talked much more during the show then in any other performance that I have seen. This was a nice side of her to see. She was very happy she said, to be back to where it all began, back to the place she went to school and opened for all the great players. She said that this was where all her dreams finally came true. Made me feel even more special just knowing that the San Jose-San Francisco area met that much to her. What was it she wanted they said she had everything... The highlight of the show had to be Garbo for me. I have had the song for years from the Stand Back single. To hear her deliver this song with the strength that she did was the ultimate. Truly a great concert moment. The same for Sleeping Angel a rare treat. The thought crossed my mind that this was a concert for the fans that I had preyed for. This was not such a G-rated show. She really was giving us a gift by playing these gems! Now I'm going back, to the other side of the mirror... After the show was over I did not have the sense that the concert that I waited so long for was over, but more a feeling of excitement that a new album will be coming out and she will go on. I miss some of the old Stevie trademark moves and energy, but I think that she still has many years to keep us rocking. I look forward to being a fan forever. I want to say thanks to my wife for putting up with it all once more. To my friends that I have driven insane and to all you folks that I missed at the show. I really was disappointed and hope soon we can try again. Your Brother of the moon.
from Scott
Greetings to the Nicks Fix!!!

Hey Hey!!!

Well, this is my first chance at getting to the machine to send you a message and tell you about the Stevie Nicks concert.

We had a charmed (or rather Enchanted) evening. The amphitheatre is about 45 minutes south of where I live, which is near the SF airport. We drove at a leisurely pace even though we didn't get on the road until about 1 hour before showtime (we didn't really care about seeing Michael McDonald, who opened the show for Stevie). We made it there in excellent time and were whisked right into the parking lot with very little traffic, much to my surprise.

I didn't count too many Stevie "wannabe's" this time, but there were several. However, the one who looked best in her Stevie-inspired clothing was Tina! She wore an antique black lace dress and a rose coloured shawl and looked very very nice.

We were about 17 rows from the stage.

When the show started, Stevie came out on stage and did Outside The Rain followed by Dreams, but when she rocked into Enchanted, everyone stood and we remained on our feet throughout the entire show. She looked fabulous and made several comments to us that this was where it all began for her (meeting Lindsey and joining Fritz, etc.) and she always is certain to tell us how magical the SF Bay Area is for her, making the audience love her even more, if that's possible! My favourite part of the show was her "acoustic set" where she did After The Glitter Fades, Garbo and Rose Garden. The last song touched me almost to the point of tears, as she poured so much emotion into her performance, not to mention that song is the story of my life!

Overall, Stevie looked and sounded better than ever and I find myself astonished at her resilience, considering where she's been and how far she has come.

On a negative note: as we walked to the entrance gate before the show, there were these two religious fanatics outside holding large signs that had some religious words printed on them, something like "Repent. . ." and one of the guys who we came quite close to was yelling out, "Stevie Nicks is a witch, Stevie Nicks is a whore!!!" I was boiling mad at him and maintained my composure even though all I really wanted to do was rip his tongue right out of his mouth and then stuff it down his throat, but I have to remember how sad a person like that truly is, that they have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than to do something like that. Tina told me, "what did they think would happen? That Stevie's fans would throw out their tickets and not go in???" Good point. And I wasn't about to let that ruin the evening.

After the concert, we were in a Stevie afterglow but found it also to be somewhat anticlimactic - - - the show seemed to go very fast and then it was over. All the anticipation in the preceeding weeks made the night just fly right by, but it was well worth it.

By the way, Tina was able to smuggle in a camera and she took 36 shots. I haven't seen them yet, but she tells me that all but 7 came out and that for the most part, Stevie is quite small in the photos since we weren't close enough. . .but she says you can tell who it is, the guy who printed the photos when asked if hers were ready answered, "You mean the Stevie Nicks pictures?" So they must be pretty good shots if he recognized her. Thank goodness!!!

Overall a wonderful evening. . .I can't stop listening to Bella Donna and The Wild Heart, I keep flipping back and forth between the two of them!!!

So, that was our night with Stevie and it was well worth every penny that ticket cost. But every concert Stevie puts on is worth it!!! I hope that when we're all silver-grey that we can sit in our rocking chairs and continue to Rock a Little (a lot) with the true queen of Rock-n-Roll !!!

That's all for now. . .as Stevie said at the end of the show, Take care of yourself. . .

from Pat L.
Here I sit awestruck by the magic of last nights Stevie Concert... I'm still breathless from her performance..The lightning was just beautiful. Her outfits were breath taking. To see the background lighting shining through her blond hair. To see her smile at the her fans. To see her almost blush when the audience applauds and screams after her songs. To see her do her turns with her shawls was awesome. I was in the fourth row. So I was able to go up to the stage for the last part of the show. This was more fun then I could have imagined. I'm 59 and a new fan of Stevie's. A friend of mine DEE DEE turned me on to her. Thanks DEE DEE !!!

I am going to see her in Concord tonight so I will get another night of Stevie's magic. We have 2nd row seats tonight. So I'm hoping we can go up to the stage again..

Thank You For The Enchanted Evening Stevie, Pat Lowe San Jose California

from Faith Harding - Oakland, CA
"I swear I said I wasn't going to get emtional! But this is where it all began!" Stevie was extremely chatty with her audience and I was so glad to be there. She talked about going to High School at Menlo Park- Atherton High. She talked about going to San Jose State for 3 years. She even said that even though she has been playing around the country that we would "get it" better than anyone else. She was referring to her songs, music and her past. It all started for her right here in the Bay Area! She was frank and she has such a sweet disposition about herself. "I am overcome with memories, so many memories!" she said to us inbetween songs. She even talked about her old boyfriend in high school and said that part of "Rose Garden" was inspired by that time in high school. She went on to say that she didn't want to embarrass him as he was at the concert that evening. She made a comment about being 50, "I am 50 you know!" We all went crazy and clapped for her!!!

This had to be the best Stevie Nicks show I have ever seen. She urged us to take care of each other. "I am living proof that you can survive anything." She talked about Shoreline being hallowed ground and dedicated "Landslide" to the notorious Bill Graham. She also inspired us to create and be creative. "Write a song, paint a picture, but do something creative!" She looked fabulous and sounded the best she ever has.

I loved the acoustic/electric set and "Twisted" was the surpise of the night, I thought.

She received gifts but not in the usual way as in the past, it was like lying everything on stage, have a stage hand pick it up, she just wanted to shake hands with everyone.

The set was like a room in her "castle walls", I wanted those curtains and the "stain-glass window".

I was overtaken with the drum and percussion solos, damn they blew my mind.

She really has so much class and it is so good to see her happy as she deserves it all!

As always, I am a true fan going back when I was in Jr. High "Rumours" came out and I will be 34 this year. I hope that I too will have that much love of life as she will always have.

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