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July 3, 1998: The Ice Palace - Tampa, FL

from Lori Velez
I just got back from the Ice Palace in Tampa where Stevie was incredible...she looked so beautiful and she sang her heart out...the crowd went wild for many of the songs and I wish I could have been down by the stage, because during "The Edge of Seventeen", she walked along the edge of the stage and shook fans hands as they gave her flowers, gifts, cards, etc...she was smiling the whole time and talking to lots of them...she talked alot during the performance, which I really liked because I got a sense of knowing her better. I was there in November for Fleetwood Mac and I think her voice was much better for this concert. I think it's wonderful that Best Buy gives out those vouchers, so that we as fans can order the Box Set for FREE! We love you Stevie and hope you don't wait too long to do it again!
from Gary Moore
I am a 41 year old follower of Stevie Nicks and since I missed the Fleetwood Mac concert in November at Tampa, I was bound and determined to attend this one. My wife and I got excellent seats, on the floor 10th row center section, so we had an excellent view of the perfomance. Boz Scaggs really surprised me with his music and he turned out to be a great warm up group for the event. He played a few songs that I must admit, I really didn't know he released but he did a good job warming up the crowd for Stevie. Well, when the stage cleared and everything was now in place for Stevie's entrance, you could feel the electricity running through everybody's veins. Stevie made an entrance in only a manner in which she could do - sort of like royalty entering a ballroom. She looked magnificant, and she looked as though she was really happy and ready to do another outstanding performance. I had my camera with me and I took pictures from the 10th row (24 in all) and she sang "Gold Dust Women" right off the bat which gave everyone a good jolt! Her voice was simply stated - immeasurable! So crisp and so clear and of course it was that noted voice that could only be defined as a Stevie Nicks voice. When she broke for the acoustic event, I hurriedly ran to the bathrooms and there was a gentleman in there who asked me how she got that voice. He said, "didn't she get that voice from smoking too many cigarettes?" I had to laugh, and I simply said, "My friend, that voice is a god given talent that was given to her at birth." When I returned, she had kicked off the acoustic event and I was quite pleased with it but the best was yet to come. I started to notice that people were beginning to mill around and head towards the stage and I was not going to be left out. My wife and I made a first attempt to the stage and was basically unsuccessfull, then my wife left her purse of all things back at the seat, but I doubt anybody would have noticed as all eyes in the building were fixed on Stevie. My wife went back to get her purse and while she was gone, I saw an opening to the stage and I knew she would forgive me. I took the opening and wham, there I was smashed up against a very unforgiving secutiry guard who was putting his hand up in front of my camera. What was that all about???? I was not using a flash and I was told before hand that I could take a camera into the event as long as I had no flash! Well, I knew I had to get away from him, or I was not going to get any good shots so I moved to the left and there was a very nice girl security guard who I worked out a deal with. I told her I would help keep the girls off of her if she would let me shoot, and she nodded okay. BTW, I owe her a BIG THANK YOU. I got some really nice shots and then came the highlight of the event! Stevie did her walk along the edge of the stage and was shaking hands and receiving gifts and all. She came along by my section and I was close enough that I reached up and shook her hand and said Hi to her. She smiled, and said hello back and then she had to move on. Now it's not everyday you get to meet someone like her and I told my wife that touching her was like touching John Lennon, or someone as great as the president. She is the queen of rock and roll and I was able to touch her hand - now that's an accomplishment. I paid a big price for it though. Some guy stole my film with pictures of Stevie on the roll, however I don't know how those would turn out anyway. I do still have a complete roll of pictures of her and am going right now to get them exposed. To the fan who stole my film, I hope you enjoy those pictures man, you did what you had to do I guess, but if you could get in contact with me and send me a copy of what you stole from me I would appreciate it! I offered to give you copies of the film if you had given it back to me! I don't know how you got my film, if it fell out of my case or if you got in there and took it, but you kow it is mine and if you read this I would hope you would be man enough to return to me what is rightfully mine! Please contact me at gsm@citrus.infi.net - I hope to hear from you. Well, today I stand a man who was lucky enough to have seen and touch one of my musical idols and even though I cannot hear out of my left ear still and someone stole my film, I had the best time of my life! Thank you Stevie Nicks for the evening (and Boz), I am getting older too and these small pleasures just seem to balance out our lives. Again - THANK YOU.
from Jon
from Charlotte Morgan
Last night in Tampa on July 3rd I watched a very different Stevie in concert. I saw a woman who has aged with so much grace that I found a new respect for her and her music. Her sound was softer and much more mellow. I don't look up to too many people and even fewer celeberties, Stevie Nicks carries herself with so much grace thats its very hard not to be a Stevie Nicks fan. The last time that I saw her in concert was in 1987 and I must admit I was a little suprised when she fell of the stage at the Sundome. Stevie has cleaned herself up and it shows in her preformances. They said there were mixed reviews on the radio about her preformance, but I had no mixed feelings. She was exciting and entertaining she is one of the few who care about her fans and what they think. She takes the time out to try and touch each hand that is reaching out to her at the end of the stage. Through the years many have critizied her believeing she is a witch and that she promotes black magic. After seeing her in concert and hearing all her causes she stands up for this fan believes nothing could be futher from the truth. I think Stevie has given much to the world of music and in the process has given up much for the world of music. In closing I'd like to say to those who don't know her sound your missing out on a lady of beauty and music that will touch your heart if you'll only let it.
from Teresa
hi,my name is teresa.and i had went to stevie's concert at the ice palace in tampa,fla.and it was great!she had a great voice,sound affect,and she dressed beautiful! her voice was great,better then ever before.i really enjoyed her concert.i have been listing to her since 1980. yes,i would go to her concert again,again! she said alot about herself this time which help me to know a little bit about her.she talked more this time then ever before,which is good.i just couldn't wait to go to the concert and it paid off to wait,i really loved this show. i hope that she keeps up the great work!
from David Moore
I just had the best week - I was lucky enough to attend the Stevie shows in Orlando on Wed. night and the Tampa show on Fri. The set was pretty much as it has been stated here. Stop dragging my heart around - has been cut from the show. I think Stevie has never been better! Her voice was strong and as clear as a bell. Her costume changes were brief and didn't affect the momentem of the show as they have in the past. It was great to hear songs that she has never performed live before. She really seemed to be enjoying herself so much. I hope that she can follow her heart when it comes to her music and not listen to some pinhead manager who knows nothing about her or her fans. Stevie has never been a better performer and the joy in her heart came thru very clearly on stage.I saw several nixfix enchanted buttons at the Tampa show- this is a great way to keep up with Stevie and her fans. It took some funky moves but I did get to make it down front and shake her hand at the end of " the edge of seventeen " My only regret was that we didn't go to see the West Palm Beach show on Saturday night ! Long live Stevie and the nixfix!
from HanleyDan
I am happy to say that this was my 6th Stevie Nicks Concert and it was great.

Once again Stevie sang all the favorites and her voice has not changed. Her stage drop was fantastic; it always is. I loved the part where she sang 3 songs that were the story of her life.

Talk about Security though, and this was the first time ever I had stage floor tickets. Stevie sings from her heart.

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