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July 28, 1998: Coors Amphitheatre - San Diego, CA

from lanz2000
I could not contain myself all day knowing I would be in the presence of Stevie Nicks! She was at the Coors Amphitheatre here in San Diego. I have seen her many times. Last night, like always, she gave with her heart. She opened with "Outside the Rain". Immediately everyone was on their feet. My favorites for the night were, Landside, Garbo, and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Every song was beautiful. Another highlight for me was the electric version of "Twisted" She had so much to say and share with her fans. She gave insight into each song. She took about 5 minutes(atleast) to walk to the front of the stage and shake hands with every possible fan. A body gaurd was literally pulling hands off of her. She did not appear to mind that they did not want to let go. Shortly after, a large man made it up on the stage and headed towards here. Fortunately a guard quickly brought him to the ground and appeared to get him far away from her, maybe even the parking lot!! What can I say, Stevie was Beautiful, Stunning, and remains the unquestioned Queen of Rock and Roll!!! I doubt anyone has a voice this morning. Hoarseness is a reminder of the power.
from Joe Bennett - wcsbbs@home.com
Hi all,
Just returned from the concert at Coors Amphitheatre and it was fantastic! It has been awhile since my last Stevie Nicks concert, (Seland arena in Fresno, dec. 10th of 1987 to be exact!!)

As is my habit, my wife Barbara and I arrived quite early for the concert, about 5:30 or so for an 8:00 start time. Found a great parking spot at the new Coors Amphitheatre, right near the KGB radio station location. Visited with one of their top DJ's, Coe Lewis, for awhile (even got her autograph too). Then, finally got in line to await the opening of the gates. Talked to several of the fans in line with us, and all were anxiously awaiting the show. One fellow told me that it was his first concert ever, and that he had walked the last two miles to the amphitheatre from the last bus stop. I am sure he found it worth the walk too. The new Coors Amphitheatre is a great venue for concerts, and I was really looking forward to seeing Stevie in this new location.

A.J. Croce was the opening act, and while I had never seen him live, he put on a great show. His piano playing and singing were great, and really set the stage for Stevie to follow.

I choose not to follow in the pattern of all the other reviews, and spell out each song and review them one by one. Suffice it to say that Stevie came out to a standing ovation that lasted through her first two songs, and which was repeated several times during the show. At times the lack of view of the stage made me wonder why I had acquired front row seats, oh yeah, cause I LOVE Stevie! All her songs where as perfect as you would expect of such a talent. Gold Dust Woman, with its thundering percussion and driving bass line combined with Stevies fantastic voice to drive the fans wild in their seats. Of course, Edge of 17 brought hundreds of fans to the stage, and I noticed a trend that I hope will not continue. Many fans (seems like several dozen to me) would grab Stevies hands and squeeze them to the point of pain on her face. She had a tough time on several occasions just extracting her hands from the fans grasp. People, please, treat Stevie with the respect she has earned of us over these many years. There was, of course also the expected stage jumper who was quickly apprehended and taken away without further incident. How can such a wonderful person as Stevie attract so many nuts! There was also one person caught video taping the show, and he was relieved of his camera and ejected from the show. Overall it was an "Enchanting" evening for my wife and I, and I hope that Stevie will grace us with another visit in the future, now that she knows where we are..........

"She came to entertain us,
her beauty and talent so true.
With her golden spirit a treasure so delightful,
she spreads wealth in our hearts anew."
A short ode to Stevie by J.E. Bennett

from Michele - Kitty3120@aol.com
I am still in awe from my two nights of Enchantment. I took my mom to the show last night, we were in the pit, 5th row on the right side. It was incredible. The show opened w/ A.J. Croce( Jim Croce's son), who was phenomenal. I am definatly buying that guys' album. He played piano with one bass player and a drummer, and he completly kicked but.

Stevie started up at about 9:15 apprx. She came out with a bouquet of flowers, which she handed to someone in the first row, who had handed her a long stem rose. She looked really happy and sang her heart out for us. I won't get into too much detail about the songs, but, I do want to point out one or two things I noticed. First off, Stevie did do the Mick part in Outside The Rain at both shows. At the Universal show, during Twister, she changed the line "You'd like to save her" to "You'd like to save ME". Lastly, during Gold and Braid( at both shows), she ommited the last line " That I'd always love you"( why does that say soooo much to me about her feelings for LB).

I have got to tell all of you that after the whole scarf incident at Mon.'s show, I was a little disenchanted ( yet understanding ). Let me say that last night made up for that 100 fold. We got to go up to the front during Landslide and managed to stay there until the end. I was touching the stage, just right of the center. When Stevie started making the rounds, I was starting to get pushed by the people behind me, but I stood my ground. Then, before I knew it, our Angel Stevie, was standing directly above me. I was soooo short compared to those around me, so I felt like I was in a hole. Stevie shook a few people's hands around me, then looked down(seeing that I was stuck down in the hole, she took pity on me), she then looked directly in my eyes and smiled. I looked back at her and smiled( almost crying) and said thank you. She was ever so beautiful, but you could see that she was slightly weary(possibly because of her lingering throat infection, or maybe because of the seriously intoxicated and rude people up there, who were grabbing on to her and not letting go).One crazy guy did jump on the stage(not an easy task, we are talking a five foot high stage). He was immediatly taken away by security.

For that being the second concert to take place at the venue (very new and state of the art), I would say that they did a pretty good job of keeping everything smooth. One last thing I have to mention, is the band they had playing on the small stage in the vendor area. They played Rhiannon and Dreams(which the female singer butchered, IMO). Well that is about it for my review, if anyone wants to know more, you can email me at Kitty3120@aol.com

from Alfred H.
Wonderful,wonderful show,Stevie sounded,& looked super,the way she talked to the crowd was very sweet.Too many 'highlights'to list,lets just say the show was one big highlight.She dedicated the song,'Landslide',to a girl named Rebbeca,this girl was just picked from the crowd,as Stevie did not know anyone in the crowd.Nicks fans are a great bunch,this girl from Canada,give me her ticket stub,cuz I lost mine(I collect them,have for years)Their were ALOT of really pretty girls,dressed a bit like Stevie(alot sometimes!)It's great that stevie is reaching a whole new generation,as most of these girls,were not born,when rumors came out.Pretty neat,me thinks!Beautiful barefoot girls,great music,this show was a proper buzz!!!Cheers.
from LJ
What a magnificent lady!!! Her performance did just what the definition read of "enchanted" said it should: it mesmerized, transformed, and brought many of us to tears. She has an amazing capacity for initmacy with the audience, despite its size. For me, the surprise charm of the night was her trilogy of acoustic songs, where the gauze-and-garland adorned set became an attic full of treasured memories. And of course, we heard rock-a-lots "Gold Dust Woman", "Edge of Seventeen", etc. Her final gift to us was a profoundly sincere redering of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?". I cried. Then again, so did the burly man next to me, and many others in the audience.

Just about everyone who might read this is well aware of the fantastic range of Stevie's work, but SEE HER LIVE, IN CONCERT. Seeing her facial expression and the hearing her spoken ad libs (in Has Anyone Ever Written, a wistful, older-and-wiser smile "...and when they asked her about the men in her life, she said...........priests of nothing....legends....") was beautiful. The best way I can describe how my friends & I felt after seeing her was that we had gone to the Changeling Queen's court and been, well, enchanted! It's a healing experience.

If you're trying to decide whether or not to go to one of her few remaining concert dates on this tour....GO!!! Don't miss your chance.

from Kelly Lynn
This was my second night in a row seeing Stevies wonderful performance, I must say I had more fun this time. We were sitting in the 12th row, right orchestra, the end two seats towards the center and our view was GREAT. She was soo beautiful and enchanting. I think she saw our sign that said"I wear boots all summer long" Again, I really loved her triology, I loved everything. Anyways. We were let up to the front in the beggining of Landslide, and we got right up to the stage, a little to the right. I was standing on this sort of brick thingy and I could see her perfectly. I was all smiles, although there were some there who had had too much to drink. Anyways so when she came around shaking hands, I held both my hands up to her and for a second I thought I would be skipped. Then she took hold of both my hands and looked me in the eyes and smiled and gave my hands a little squeeze. She has the tiniest warm hands!! That completely made my night. I almost couldn't believe it. She's the greatest. I just felt so special to have her touch my hands. Then I was smiling at Mindy and she smiled directly at me and waved, then later Sharon did too. After that during different parts we got smiles and waves from just about everybody. I got a little more eye contact w/ Stevie, and smiles and waves from Lenny(who is THE coolest person to watch, besides Stevie, of course), Carlos, lots from Frank, Kevin, Don and Brett. I think really the only one I didn't remember looking directly at me and smiling or waving was Land. They all appreciate fans soo much. I think Mindy was especially grateful. Anyways, the night rocked. There was one guy who ran on stage, I really don't know how, and was tackled by security, right in front of me, I jumped back a little because I thought they were gonna fall on me. Of course we were sad to see the show come to an end, but I have been touched by the one and only Stevie Lynn Nicks, I feel forever enchanted.You can bet that next time she comes around I'll be there. ..and if It's all I ever do..this is your song.
from Jason Beyersdorff - Oceanside, CA
"Enchanted" is really the only word that can come close to honestly describing the magic of Stevie's music. The whole show was beyond anything I've ever experienced, and I'll never forget it. I had lower orchestra seat to the left of the stage about twelve rows back, but I still got to the stage during "Landslide". The magic that close to the stage is completely mesmerizing! I touched her hand when she came down and she took gifts and everything...it's the same things we all read in the reviews, but it just can't be understood unless you've experienced it. It means something different to everyone, but it does have some sort of universal meaning that we can all share, though you can't quite put your finger on what it is. Of course, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" really did bring me to tears, as said the definition of "enchanted". The gift of inspiration that she has given is defined in that song, and saying "thank you" to her doesn't say enough...but she understands...we all know what kind of gift she has given each of us, and that is all I need. She has given many people, including myself, more than can ever be imagined...she is, and always will be the poet in my heart!
from Marisa Lovecat723@aol.com - Burbank, Ca.
Living in Los ANgeles....in the little town of Burbank, my friend and I drove 150 miles to san diego to catch stevies show there at the Coors Amphitheatre. We drove down early tuesday morning and stayed with my aunt and uncle..we couln'd think of anyting to do since we were soooo incredibly excited about the show...as if seeing her in L.A. and Irvine wasn't enought for me!! =)..anyway....we decided to walk along the beach..and talk about what we were going to wear!!! we then napped for nearly 3 hours...and I jumped in to the shower...we left exactly on time...once I had put on the finishing touches...face glitter, my "boots" and my shawl.....we got off the freeway, and were looking aroiund for the street we had to turn on...once we noticed it, we realized we were in the wrong lane...so, when the light turned green, I stuck my hand out the window, and the guy to my left let me turn left in front of him...just as I had turned, there was a cop!!! He gave me a ticket....I haven't yet received it in the mail...what it will cost...I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very pissed off, yet excited =)....we proceeded...everyone was envious of our outfits as we paraded through to the gate where they checked our tickets. I could go on for hours about how MARVELOUS the show was...this is a BRABD NEW amphitheatre...it was so gorgeous!!! Naturally, it was sold-out!! 7,500 people!!! our seats were in the middle, about 10 rows back....GREAT SEATS!!!! she played all the songs as said on the reviews that have been submitted already to the nicks fix....it was ....simply...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! =) i wantd to cry..remembering the time I met her at a restaurant after her performance on the tonight show...her words...what i remember the most was her reaching out to hug me and signing a menu I had grabbed from the restaurant...that I now have...they actually let me keep it!! =)....In particular...she said" It was very nice and such a pleasure to have met you."....

My eyes were full of slight tears most of the night....however, when she sang "Stand Back" "Enchanted" "Rhiannon" and "Gold and Braid"...we were up dancing like crazy people!!! After the show...my friend and I waited for her out by where all the limos were waiting...we stood for neary 45 minutes.....We heard a crowd making tis way towards us...stevie...being so little=)...was ALMOST hidden within her band....BUT...since I am 6 feet with my boots on, I could see her!!! We rushed over..and waved to her incessantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She waved incessantly back...and yelled"i love you"....she then walked over and hugged us both at the same time...it was sooo bizarre...it was as if she knew EXACtly how we felt and vice versa....even though neither of us had the time to say everything or anything to her!!!! She said "OH, I LOVE your Boots!!! and your necklace.".........In a way...this show was better than the L.A. or Irvine shows...because of the beatiful atmosphere...the amphitheatre was very secluded....up in the hills...on a dirt road...in the middle of nowhere....however...the ocean was in the distance!!!!!

If there are any fans who would like to correspond with me, I would ADORE some penpals..pledo write me!!!! Also, I have 3 extra Best Buy coupons if anyone needs one..I am more than happy to mail it to you!!! =) Also, if ANYONE has this months Colmbia House mag. with stevie on it...i would love a copy of it...or an extra if you have one. I am also looking for the episode of Saved By The Bell that has stevie in it....i think it was 1989 or somewhere around there. I also need a copy of her on CNN a few months back...I missed it!! =(...I will send you a tape if you can make copies of these for me....I would also like to offer to anyone who does not have buckingham nicks...I will copy it onto a tape for you if you'd like!!! Let me know!!! Much love to all my fellow stevie fans...and god bless you all!! =) "Step into the velvet of the morning"...... =)

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