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July 18, 1998: Woodlands - Houston, Texas

from Joanne
It's 1 am and I just returned from seeing Stevie at the Woodlands. We had wonderful seats (2nd row) and they actually had air conditioning down there! The Pavillion was very crowded which i was happy to see. Boz came out and did his set which was quite good but of course we wanted Stevie. And we were in for an Enchanted evening. Stevie is just beautiful and everything you have read about the concerts is true. She is phenomenal. This was my first time seeing her in concert so every song was special but I loved Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back(Rocked!), the trilogy as Stevie called it, & Twisted is awesome. AND YES we did get to shake her hand which is an experience all in itself. Sort of like being Touched By An Angel. One thing that was cute was when she sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You at the end she had finished and then she said I forgot something and went back and said the famous " and they do ask her about the men in her life" and then finished the song again. It was really cute. Security really didn't know what was going on as far as going down to the stage during Edge of Seventeen so we had to straighten them out. They were trying to collect all the gifts before the show started! I just said no we'll hang on to ours. We didn't hand her our gifts because we wanted to make sure we shook her hand, so we threw them on stage. (hope she got them) It was a wonderful night. Thank you Stevie!
from Craig W.
Here it is almost 20 hours after Stevie's concert and I'm still under her magical spell. I had these tickets for 2 months and I can't believe the time finally came. I've seen Stevie every time she's come to town, solo and with Fleetwood Mac, since the late 70's. It was a great evening. It's been HOT here but it was actually about 5 degrees cooler than normal but still hot. We need all the rain we can get, it rained Friday night and as I write this on Sunday it's raining again but we had no rain for Stevie. The place had to be close to sold out. I was in the 13th row and looking back up the hill, all you could see was people. Even though I was the FIRST person in line at my location, when the tickets went on sale, that was the best I got. And it was the first two seats on the far left. Ticketmaster is rigged, I don't care what they say, but that's another subject. Boz was great, I was really impressed. He hit the stage right at 8:00 for a solid hour and then a quick 15 minutes later, Stevie was on. The songs were all pretty much the same as mentioned, so I won't go over that. I went with a friend who hadn't seen Stevie in almost 6 years and as soon as she saw her she commented on how good she looked. This queen of rock and roll is 50 and she looks fantastic. I would have loved to have been able to get to the front but there's no way anyone that isn't in the first 6 rows, the pit, can get close enough to the stage to touch her. She had one security guy follow right next to her as she greeted the crowd. Most of the gifts did get tossed behind her, and I'm sure she gets them all backstage, but I think Stevie wants to have her hands free so she can touch as many of her fans as possible. It seemed like such a short time after it started it all came to an end, too soon. At one point, I considered going up to Dallas for Friday nights show and following that up with Saturday's show here in Houston. I wish I would have. I could have gotten a double dose. I wonder how much a plane ticket to Denver cost? Seeing her on stage gives me chills, she leaves such a profound impression on her fans. The place was ROCKING!!!
from Chris
We just drove in from the Houston show. Wow!!! I took my 5 year old daughter & we both enjoyed it!!! She is a truly amazing woman, entertainer, singer.... She stated at the end of the show that she would like to tour again..in fact she said it twice!! I can't wait!!! It was worth every dime of the ticket. In fact there were a couple of people in front of us who had 2nd row pit seats..& I was tempted to ask them to purchase for triple the face value. In retrospect... I'm sorry I didn't. It would have been worth it.. If you haven't gotten your ticket to her remaining dates..you'll be sorry!! Truly an awesome evening.
from Cline H.
I just got back to Louisiana from the Houston concert at The Woodlands Pavillion. Myself, a good friend and her daughter went to The Woodlands with only 2 tickets. We went straight to the box office to see if there was 1 ticket around the other 2. The ticket lady said she did not have any around that area, but had one down front , would we be interested. DUH!!! We both yelled yes! Being the more fanatic fan I got the ticket down front. When Boz was starting up, my friend and her daughter sat in their seats that were really good seats. I went down front to row C and enjoyed Boz's set. I've read about his back up singer and they were right, she's great! During the stage set up for Stevie, my friend came down to see how my seat was. There were two seats next to me that had not been taken and Stevie was coming up in 5 mins. I told her to motion to her daughter and come sit in these seats. No one ever came and they got to stay and see Stevie with me. This was her daughter's first concert and I told her she was in for a treat. Stevie came out and was as beautiful as she had been when I saw her in 1986. We still cannot believe she is 50! She rocked on my favorite Gold and Braid and Stand Back she did her high kick that everyone screamed for more. On the last song Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, I looked over at my friend who was crying. Her daughter loved the concert and had a lot of questions about Stevie afterwards. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
from Lisa A.
I have seen Stevie in concert everytime she's been to Houston, and let me tell you, this show was one of her best. Not only did she look better than she has in years, but her costumes were fabulous and her voice was top notch. There was a lot of variety in her set list, most notably "After The Glitter Fades" and "Sleeping Angel." I held out hope that maybe, just maybe, by some wild whim she would sing "Sara" or "Gypsy" (two of my favorites) but she didn't. Maybe next tour....I'll keep my fingers crossed!

The t-shirts were the nicest I've seen in years. Great photos of Stevie and one with her artwork on it. I would've loved to have seen more still shots of Stevie in the tour book.....I love all the pictures I've seen of her photographed by Herbert Worthington and I was hoping there would be more of those.

All in all, it was a great night. "Dreams" was gorgeous, "Stand Back" and "Edge of Seventeen" rocked the capacity crowd and the audience went wild for her. She sang "Landslide" with pure emotion. One thing is for sure...Stevie never dissapoints!

from Stacey
We got on the road for Houston around 12:30 Friday afternoon. It was very hot, but we still took the t-tops off Karen's Camaro. We took the back roads from Austin since the Woodlands is on the north side of Houston and we wanted to avoid Houston traffic. Plus, this way is a lot more scenic. I don't know how familiar you are with this part of Texas, but the older houses in these little towns are all Victorian, very "Stevie" and "Big Love" video looking stuff, lots of antique shops with Tiffany (blue) lamps in the windows. Also, this part of Texas isn't flat like west Texas, it's very hilly. We ate lunch in Giddings, at a little family-owned diner. We also went through Brenham, where they make Blue Bell ice cream.

We started listening to The Dance CD and it was at one point during Silver Springs that I decided to start taking notes of all the little Stevie things we noticed on the road. During Lindsey's solo on Silver Springs, I was gazing out upon the Texas hill country and I just had a moment...I was finally on my way to see Stevie!

Some of the things we noticed along the way: A huge, iron WHITE WINGED DOVE over the door of a little church; a billboard for DREAM Ranch; another billboard for MAC Haik Realty and the signs for LEGENDS Greenery and THOUSAND (days) Trails campsite. When we went through Brenham, it was, "Oooh, look at that Big Love house, Aaaah, look at THAT Big Love house..."

We got into town, checked into our hotel and since we were so close to the venue, we decided to cruise by it. Chicago and Hall & Oates played the night before Stevie. Oh, one thing you need to understand about the Woodlands Pavilion, it's back in a residential neighborhood, surrounded by trees. The entire little Woodlands community has every street lined with tall trees and everything is hidden back in the trees. The mall, the pavilion, banks, gas stations, everything.

One of the streets to get to the venue is Research FOREST (of the black roses) Drive. Other street names we noticed all around the venue were (running in the) SHADOWbend, CATS CRADLE (like the back of Enchanted pic), Bear (silver) SPRINGS Place, CRYSTAL Lake Lane, etc. We also saw a sign for a garage sale on ENCHANTED Drive!

If you drive to the back of the venue, you'll get to the GOLD (dust woman) VIP parking lot. Okay, we were stretching for some of these, but it does make a fun little road game to play.

We went to dinner Friday night at Landry's. It's located next to a little lake with a huge fountain in the middle. A thunderstorm came through and there was a great lightning show.

Okay, Saturday, the big day. We had lots to do. Bought champagne for pre and post-concert partying, bought film for the camera and another roll for Karen to keep in her purse in case mine got confiscated, took my RIANON license plate to a florist and had a bouquet made around it. I picked out a card with hearts on it and wrote, "Stevie, thank you for always being the poet in our wild hearts." Karen had a red and white carnation bouquet made also. Oh yeah, couldn't forget to do my nails, blue-green toenails flashing, which I made sure to point out to Tracey when I met her at the show. ;-)

While we were getting ready, I said to Karen, "I wonder if Stevie knows that fans like us get as nervous as I'm sure she does before a show." Have another glass of something French, champagne, okay, I'm better now...this was my 8th or 9th time seeing Stevie solo and I still get the jitters.

One drawback of the Woodlands, you have to walk awhile on the trail through the forest from the parking area. A bee was very attracted to Karen's bouquet and it was freaking me out 'cause I'm allergic to bee stings. Lots of people were making comments to us about the flowers.

Security doesn't find my camera when we go in, cool. Of course, we had to go check out our seats right away. We were on the aisle, middle section, Row 2, on the Carlos side (also keyboard player Kevin, more about him later). Yeah, baby! Tracey came over and found me (little did she know then that she'd be the lucky Landslide dedicatee, is that a word?) My friend from Waco was sitting right next to us, but they moved closer to the middle and I never saw him again after that. It did seem like there were some empty seats in the pit all night.

Now we're thirsty, time for a drink and check out the goods. We both brought plastic shopping bags to haul our crud (thanks to whoever it was on the Ledge for giving me that idea). I asked the T-shirt girl if she would let me pick out everything I wanted, and then I would come back and pay her as soon as the concert was over. She said "no." Whatever, I bought 2 T-shirts, 2 tourbooks (bought one for a friend who couldn't go), a keychain, both pins and the magnet.

I really had planned to watch Boz, but I ran into an old friend from San Antonio and had to talk with him for awhile. Then, this little boy comes running up to me out of nowhere, "Excuse me, is your name Stacey?" (not the first time that would happen tonight). I said, "Yes," he said, "from the internet?" It was Classic's son, he led me straight to her and her husband. Unfortunately, we didn't get much time to visit, I knew Stevie was going to start soon and I definitely wanted to be in my seat.

The pit security told us that we should put our flowers on the side of the stage for one of Stevie's security people to pick up, that Stevie wouldn't be taking anything herself. We decided to hang onto them anyway.

Okay, here comes Chris w/ the Enchanted introduction and you know the song list, here are my highlights:

Stevie gave her flowers to the girl in front of us and off to the right, who started crying immediately, it was cute.

Outside the Rain and Dreams - I'm still getting over the shock of our seats and how GOOD Stevie looked!

Enchanted - LOVED IT!! I noticed she sang, "It's just a light through the night" instead of "voice through the night."

Gold Dust Woman - Yes, I did the spider fingers, but Stevie didn't really do them, she did do the "shadow" fingers. The "go hooooooome" was awesome...

While setting up for the acoustic set, Brett was playing the intro to "Rooms on Fire." I don't remember anybody else mentioning this, so at first, Karen and both thought they were going to do it.

After the Glitter Fades was flawless - I noticed she hit a couple notes even higher than the studio version.

Garbo was excellent - gave me goosebumps.

Rose Garden - I had eye contact with Stevie on this one - she saw me twirling my finger with her on the "roses dangling down to the ground" line....

Sleeping Angel - I have always loved this song and if there was ever part of the concert where I almost lost it, this was it.

I think Stevie forgot she had to change because she stayed at the microphone as if waiting for some music and then realized, "Oh, I'm supposed to be changing now," and she ran off, it was funny.

Throughout the entire concert, we had MAJOR eye contact with Kevin Stoller, the keyboard player behind Carlos. It was so intense, that I even said to Karen, "I can't look at him anymore, every time I do, he's watching us, it's starting to freak me out." But, it was still fun.

Rhiannon - Stevie screwed up at the beginning, she started to repeat "Would you even try," when she should have gone into another verse. It threw everyone off for a second, but they recovered nicely. I think it was during this song where her microphone cut out for a second.

Gold and Braid - I couldn't help thinking about Hayley. It was great...

Whole Lotta Trouble - Okay, this is when things started getting crazy...the deadbeat couple who was sitting down the entire concert, left their 3rd row seats behind us. Toward the end of this song and before Landslide, a guy came up behind me and was talking on a cell phone. He had a laminated crew pass around his neck. I suddenly had a flashback to the Van Halen grid system and thought Kevin had sent a roadie down to give us passes. That wasn't the case, but I was close. The guy behind me kept talking on his phone and looking at me. Then, he says, "Excuse me, is your name Stacey?" I said, "Yeah, who wants to know?" He went back to the phone and told me to wait a second, then he hands me the phone!! Keep in mind, this is at the end of Whole Lotta Trouble and it's loud! It was my friend Lisa, calling from Austin. The guy with the phone works for the promoter and she met him at a recent concert in Houston. She wanted to come to Stevie, but changed her mind (she's not a diehard fan). Anyway, she said, "That's my friend, he's going to get you backstage." He had already given Karen a pass and sent someone back to get one for me. I told Lisa "Thank you, and I really need to go, because it's Stevie and I'm in heaven right now." Landslide had already started, so I missed Tracey's dedication. :-( I would have loved to have seen the look on her cute li'l face!

Well, these crew guys offered to take us backstage right then and there to watch the rest of the concert from the wings. I said, "There's no way I'm leaving this spot until after Edge of 17."

Twisted was wicked cool and everything everyone has already said about it.

Toward the end of the song, I told the scrawny high-school security kid that it was time for us to be able to move up to the stage. Poor thing, he was so naive...he said we'd all have to get past him and 3 other security guards first. I said "Watch!", grabbed Karen, and got up there as soon as the bongo solo started. We put our flowers on the stage and beat our hands on the stage, inches away from Stevie's microphone. The rest of the pit joined us, the girls in the 4th row who were where I thought Phillip would be, ended up right next to me. Karen and I moved our flowers up against the monitor so they were out of the way. The girl next to me looked like she was about to cry. She told me her friend bought their tickets and had her believing they were on the lawn. She didn't know they had 4th row until they got there and she wanted to cry all night.

Stevie and Sharon finished their duet at the microphone and it was time. She started stage right, as usual, I'm getting more and more crushed by the people behind me, but it was cool, I wasn't getting hurt or anything. Karen was on my left, with both hands up, Stevie grabbed both her hands and squeezed, then she reached over Karen, I'm getting more crushed at this point. I put up both my hands and Stevie grabbed them both and squeezed! I told her I loved her. As she moved on to the others, I rubbed my hand across the top of her velvet boots and her dress brushed across the top of my hand. I noticed the 2 security guards following her left our flowers exactly where we put them. We pushed them further back so nobody else would take them.

While Stevie was still making her way down the stage, my friend from San Antonio was right behind us, he had made it down from the 11th row. We gave him our spot and let our crew friends lead us backstage. Through a maze of equipment, cables and wooden sidewalks, we end up stage right, standing amongst the equipment. Wow, what a different view from here. I saw Tracey, the 4th row crying girls, and my other friend up against the stage. I missed her introduction, did she say the Tom Petty thing? Anyway, I still hadn't taken any pictures all night, the only people I saw getting away with it were not using flash. Karen and I both decided I HAD to take a picture. When "Has Anyone...." started, I dug out my camera and went for it. As I said in my earlier preview post, one of Stevie's people got a little miffed about that, I told him I wouldn't take any more, but I had to get at least one or nobody would believe where I was. He laughed about it.

The first person we run into is Kevin. He asked us if we had a good time, I smiled and said, "Didn't it look like we were?" He laughed and said the girl in front of us looked like she was having MORE fun (she had a shawl and kept playing with it). Then he wanted to know if we were going to the "band party" at the hotel. Now, I don't want to imply anything or be misinterpreted, but isn't Kevin the one that handed some passes to a 13-year old girl earlier in the tour? Hmmm, I'm way too old for him!! They were staying downtown, a good 45 minutes away from the venue. Our crew friend asked if Stevie was going to do a meet & greet and Kevin said he wasn't sure, that she's been hanging out in her room a lot more, but you never know. Later, we found out that they had chartered a plane for her to fly straight to Denver after the concert.

On our way down the stairs to the VIP area, we ran into Don and Carlos. (Travis, you'll be happy to know that I did refer to him as "The Tree!!"). They actually said hello to us first, our crew friend said, "You two don't need any help from me, you seem like you know everybody already." We laughed and told him they recognized us from the audience.

Land, the drummer was sitting at a table with his father and a bunch of kids. I thought they might have been relatives too, but he was asking them their names. Lenny came over to meet Land's father, Christopher Nicks gave teddy bears to all the kids. Mindy Stein came over to that table also.

I didn't get pictures with anyone or ask for anyone's autograph. :-( It seemed like everyone was in a hurry to leave and there just wasn't a good opportunity. We went to the production office with our crew buddies and hung out in there for awhile. I got out my tourbook and was pleasantly surprised to see that Stevie has the same big, pink Wembley arena poster that I have. Also, the picture of Stevie and Herbie and Robin on her mantlepiece, see the blue sun and moon candle votives? I've got those too, there's a star that goes with the set also.

Enchanted? Yes!!!! The entire evening was enchanting...I will gladly invest the bucks to be in the first 5 rows for every future Stevie and (hopefully) Fleetwood Mac concert. There is just nothing that compares to being surrounded by true fans (except for the deadbeats behind me who left early.) Looking around at the crowd and noticing the ones who knew all the words to Garbo and Sleeping Angel, the ones who can't take their eyes off of Stevie, the ones who know every hand gesture, the ones who cry tears of joy, the ones who sing at night...

Thank you, Stephanie Lynn Nicks, YOU are a legend and yes, you are a priestess of something...never change...never stop...

from Hannah Castellaw
I attended the Houston show with my older sister, Suzi, younger sister, Sherry, and my nieces, Hannah (8) and Mahala (4). That Stevie's performance was outstanding goes without saying. Overall, we had a great time. Mahala just danced and danced all night. She loved it. She just kept smiling and saying, "I like Stevie Necks" (that's how she pronounces it). The set and Stevie's wardrobe mesmerized little Hannah. My older sister, who is an artist, and doesn't give out compliments very generously, said that she loved the acoustic trilogy. She enjoyed Stevie's dialogue about each song. Sherry was very impressed by Stevie's warm regard for her audience. It is obvious to Sherry this is not just a job to her, but clearly her passion to send out a message to people and to touch them in some way.

The consensus is that we had witnessed not only a great concert, but also one that will go down in history as a unique rock and roll lovefest--unique, because Stevie was working with greater latitude, which seemed to spark her passion. And it was definitely a lovefest--between Stevie Nicks and her fans. When she walked out on stage, I looked back up the hill from my 20th row seat and the entire audience, all the way to the back of the lawn area stood screaming. I can't remember seeing another artist, including Eric Clapton's recent show, where fans displayed such affection. Though I have loved Stevie's music since I heard 'Rhiannon' at age 12, I have never seen her in concert solo (nor with Fleetwood Mac until last year). I have known she has fiercely loyal and adoring fans, but to experience the phenomenon first hand was flabbergasting. Her fans are absolutely mad for her. I almost believe she could stand on a bare stage in a gunnysack and recite her words and her fans would be happy with that (I know I would).

Three things about Stevie Nicks are delightfully apparent to me. First, she has tremendous vocal versatility, in the sense that she can wrap her vocals easily around rock, blues, folk and country, from grinding torch songs to tender ballads using just the right inflection to capture the nuances that make each genre unique. Second, she has the remarkable ability to move easily between genres in her songwriting. Third, she is honest--in lyrics and performance. This is the virtue, in my opinion, that engenders the relationship with her fans. This is the reason she has fans that span generations. One may not always understand exactly what her songs are about, but the emotion is always clearly expressed. We, as humans, are diverse. We all have our different struggles in life. There are many things that separate us, but the one thing we have in common is human emotion. We all experience pleasure and pain, love and anger, hope and despair, grief and joy, longing and fulfillment. By baring her soul in her poetry she threads the needle of our own emotion and ties us all together. Everyone I came in contact with at the concert was open, friendly, and helpful. Some drove hours to see her. We drove from San Antonio/Uvalde. One man came from deep in the Rio Grande valley. An entire family drove from New Orleans. These are Nicks fans and that speaks volumes.

I think the title "Queen of Rock and Roll" is apropos, but Stevie is more than just a rock star. If I had to choose one word to describe Stevie Nicks, it would be ARTIST. She is poet, musician, songwriter, painter, dancer. Rock stars come and go, but artists remain.

She displayed tremendous gratitude and humility, qualities that seem rare to folks in her industry. She said, "You are a great Texas audience." She showed concern for all concert-goers, asking each of us to take care of ourselves. While she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", all the demons, all the mistakes, all the heartbreaks, and the loss, all that she has endured publicly came to mind and the tears came--tears of joy that she persevered to bring me that moment of exquisite pleasure. Now, all that stuff in her life just adds a richness and texture to her work, giving it even more meaning and depth. At the end of the show she said, "I love you", and I believe she does love us all. And though I have never said, 'I love you' to someone I have never met, I must say that I am feeling a BIG love emotion in my heart for Stevie Nicks.

from Stephen Johnson
Well, this review is a couple days late, but I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't let everyone know how truly spectacular the concert was in Houston Saturday night. I have seen Stevie Nicks three times previously, all in Colorado. For those of you who have seen her at Red Rocks park, you know what a magical evening it becomes. The show in Houston was one of the best I've seen. The weather cooperated to make the show that much more enjoyable, with a nice breeze on a warm summer night in Texas. The mix of old and new music was a great compilation of who Stevie really is. The emotion and excitement she conveyed in every song and note, makes it clear that she is one of the few remaining artists doing the show for the benefit of her audience. Her beauty, both inside and out is still captivating. From the time I was fourteen, I knew that she was and and always would my hope in times of trouble. This tour is a must see for any Stevie Nicks fan, old, young, new, veteran.
from Carla/GIPSI4STVI
from Rhonda Flowers
Well I waited a few days to get my thoughts together about Stevie's concert. I didnt get to sit down in the front with the a/c... but it didnt matter a bit. Houston weather graced us with cool breezes on Saturday. Anyone that has been walking around in the Houston sauna the last few weeks can understand. The perfect spot laying on the soft grass on the hill was mine. Doing so, I had a perfect clear view of the whole stage, and the large tv monitors. I saw Stevie give out the flowers and waved early in the concert, and cheered happily when she did the Landslide dedication (I think the whole hilltop was singing with her too). But Im getting ahead of myself.

I waited almost holding my breath, for her show to start. I am soooo happy to see her - and see her beaming happily as her voiced warmed up in song #1. Her TRILOGY, and her introductions curled up the entire woodlands into a blanket. Yes, she made a few "changes" in her songs, and later her mic started going in and out a lil. But no one even cared.. I noticed how loving and quiet the whole place as she took us thru the steps of her life, her good times and bad. They gave her respect. Respect she is sooo due... telling us that we all make decisions and choices, some good some bad... and that we all work thru them. She wasnt talking all HOllywood and Hooplah, she spoke directly from her heart. I think she surprised herself, that the concert ideas she had, and that she actually talked more in this concert than before --- how well everyone accepted and loved this. Her smile radiated how happy she was. yes there were a few songs she didnt do (beauty and the beast one of my favorites) but she clearly made up for it, enchanting each one of us in her spell of muse, poetry, and crystal dreams. During the last song, I leaned back and looked up at the sky... seeing the stars above me, and feeling the gentle winds across my face... and decided that surely ... Stevie's whispy fingers of song and tenderness drifted on the Houston winds to touch each and everyone of us. You did a JAM UP great job!!

Thanks Stevie... from another long time fan sitting on the hill..... Rhonda Flowers

ps.. the only thing I didnt hear her do... was thank her opening band. But hey... I cant complain, I didnt get there in time to see the opening act anyway... and as humid as houston is.... I bet she was ready to get into some cooler clothes!

from Desie
My girlfriend, Miccy and I saved our money , left our husbands home, and made plans to go to Houston, to see my favorite singer of all, Stevie. We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for this was a fantasy for me of a dream come true. Maybe we put something out there with that kind of mind set, but I just couldn't believe after all of these years I was finally going , and my friend Miccy was there to share the enchantment. We arrived to the airport in New Orleans, to find out that our plane was delayed for 25 minutes, we asked no questions and patiently waited to get on that plane. The ride was smooth until we approached the Texas area, then the turbulance became a little rough. It was taken longer than the pilot told us to land, and passengers became ansy. Then the pilot came on the radio to tell us, that we had to stay in the air for a while, we couldn't land due to the herrendous weather that was in the Houston area. We sat patiently as the plane flew in circles, along with other planes that couldn't land. We then heard the second message that we were going to have to Corpus Christi to fuel up, everyone on the plane murmured. Some passengers were to meet other connections, some's love ones were waiting for them, and all I wanted to do was hope for the best, if I had to walk to Houston, I was not going to miss this dream. We stayed in the plane in Corpus while fueling, and was not allowed to get off the plane , I sat patienly with my eyes closed for the hours that passed wanting to believe the best for this delay.

After heading back to Houston, we circled again for a while before landing. We could not wait to get off the plane, and had such relief knowing this part was over with. My friend Miccy went to get our rent a car, and I went to look through the mounds of luggage to find our two small bags, after about 45 minutes, the luggage was found, however, the rental car was obsolete. We took a taxi to our hotel, and 6 hours later finally flopped on the bed and ordered a pizza. Taxi $30.00, and pizza $11.00. The next morning we awoke and actively pursued wheels to get to the Woodlands, which at this point we had no idea where it was or how far. We finally found a car , and called down stairs to catch a shuttle to the car lot. We found out that it was $17.50 a person for the shuttle , so we called a Taxi, $5.00 is $5.00 at this point, and we were told that the Alamo was before the airport, so we figured it would be cheaper to call a Taxi. A black Lincoln Continental arrived, and hanging on the rear view mirror was a sign that I had asked for , for some answers with my crumbling marriage, that was not the answer I had hoped for, after all I asked Gabriel for assistance, and to top it off the taxi cab driver charged us $50.00 for that ride, and a black cross to boot. Geez I wanted to arrive to see Stevie in a white limo. The lady at the Alomo, was extremely nice and up-sized our car due to all of our problems. We got wheels and was lost past our hotel about an hour, and then turned around for directions to the Galleria to go to Nieman Marcus, just to say we did it. We laughed and bought $5.00 worth of chocolate to have a Nieman Marcus bag, at lunch drank margarita (only one) and before we knew it we were sitting in a Mexican Restauraunt in the Galleria, and was singing "Roxanne" into our fork.

We went to the motel, dressed up and off we went to the magickal Woodlands, I wanted so bad just to see Stevie Nicks and tried my best to get there, but I can say that I did not meet her face to face, however, I left with her more in my heart than ever before, I still can't come down from it. She enchanted every single one of us I am sure, if not what she did to me was magickal. I wanted her to sing Beauty and the Beast so bad, I screamed so loud, I lost my voice for a week. She was by far, as I had imagined in my dreams, the best concert I ave ever seen in my life, concert really doesn't do justice to what she did that night, she is the Queen, and needed so much in this world. She delivers pure -unconditional love, her aura is there, her magick is there, her voice is there, I was there! The glitter on the walk-ways back to the vehicles, was a beautiful touch, that only Stevie could give. I have accomplished in my life, two of the three things that I have always wanted, the first being to go to Montana, the second to see Stevie Nicks, the third well we will see. Thank you Stevie from more than the bottom of my heart, for the depths of my soul, you touched me.

from Traci
I just got back from Houston! I haven't had a chance to put all of my thoughts into a review - but here are some highlights!

We left New Orleans Friday at about 6:00 pm and drove to Lafayette, La. to spend the night at my friend Kerry's house. We had planned a Stevie Fest. We watched the Stevie parts of Tape #29 from the Trading Post, the Bella Donna Concert video and the Dance. Kerry wasn't supposed to go to Houston with us but Friday night we were able to talk her into it.

I had 2 front row tickets and needed another ticket for Kerry. We left Lafayette Saturday morning and drove to Houston (3 hours). We checked into the hotel, got ready and went to the Woodlands early to find a ticket. Michelle and Kerry went to park the car and I walked up to the Box Office. I asked the lady if she still had any seats under the covered area - she said that she did - I said well I only need one - how close can you get me - she said (and this is no lie) how about row 1 pit center! I said ABSOLUTELY!

Now all three of us were in the FRONT ROW! My other seats were just right of center which was perfect because we could see her coming in and out of her dressing room. We took turns in the center seat.

Here is the best part - STEVIE DEDICATED LANDSLIDE TO ME!!!!!!! Talk about excitement! When it was time for Landslide, she said that they needed to pick someone to dedicate it to and Frank, her guitar player, looked out over the audience and I was standing up hoping to be the one and he walked over and asked me my name. He walked back and told Stevie my name and she said "this is for Tracey". I couldn't believe it!

The whole show was AMAZING! She didn't do Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Some other highlights were "Stand Back, the acoustic set, I Need to Know and Edge of 17." It was all good! At the end of Edge of 17 she came to the edge of the stage to shake hands with everyone. I GOT TO SHAKE HER HAND!! Her hands are really soft and she's so pretty! She has flawless skin! She was so sweet because she didn't just touch your hand and move on. She made eye contact with you and smiled and just seemed really sweet - especially with people who had children with them.

It was a wonderful experience! I'll never forget it and now whenever I hear Landslide I'll remember how AWESOME it was!

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