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July 13, 1998: Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, MI

from Corie LaPorte
I went to the Grand Rapids show and only one word could describe it ............Enchanting!!
from Bob Kern
I have worshipped the Goddess of Love for a very long time, but had never had a chance to see her live. One time I was in a hospital, having surgery on a broken foot with good tickets, (a made a run for it in a wheel chair, but the nurse cops pulled me over). I was worried that she would not tour again, and then came the FM tour last year. I was first in line and got row 6, on the side. And was teary eyed a couple of times at seeing her. Then came the Enchanted tour and I was first in line for Pine Knob tickets and got row Y on the side. (There was some grumbling at the concert about most of the really good seats being reserved for VIPs, Best Buy people and promotions, while the really devoted fans who follow her from show to show, have to settle for seats off to the side and back. Then some of the people with free seats don't even use them).

Then came Grand Rapids and I was first in line again. Due to what I am sure was someone's mistake, there were two seats in the center section of the first row. The kid running the terminal had lightening fingers and I got them. A real dream come true. In-spite of my car breaking down the day before and parking people telling us that they had overbooked the good seats, when we got there, everything was fine. The security people were very friendly and let the crowd to the stage several songs early. I talked to some people that were given, on their way in, second row center seats by a Best Buy kid, handing out the CD coupons. If you are going to one of the next stops, it might pay to check with the Best Buy people.

Boz Scaggs was really great, (maybe it was the front row seats) and got things going. The Stevie came out and did another knockout performance. I hung on every word, every jester and every move. During one of the songs in the acoustic set, she was off to the side, swaying with the music and then suddenly realized that she had to sing the next line. She did a wonderful shuffle over to the microphone and made it in time. After the acoustic set, things seem to blur. So much happiness in the crowd and from Stevie and her band. She did the famous high-kick during Stand Back and she did some nice changes to Rhiannon and The Edge of Seventeen. She sang some of the parts, almost in harmony and "talked" some verses, which added emphasis to them. And then the joy of touching her tiny hand. This was a dream come true. Thank You Stevie.

from Richard M.
It's been 24 hours since I saw Stevie in G.R. and with each each passing hour, my thoughts regarding the concert, only get better. I was able to bribe (only cost me a beer and a pizza) a friend to trade my $50.00 side stage seats (ok seats) for his $50.00 floor seats (7th row center!). This ended up being one of the better bargains of the century!

After Bozz did his usual clean and crisp warm up set. It was time for Stevie to make her entrance, the crowd and myself could hardly wait. As she came out she handed some floors to one of the gals in the front row and from then on out the evening rocked! Stevie looked and sounded great and seemed to be enjoying herself (this was nice to see) . Can't remember the exact order of songs, but this has been documented in several prior reviews. All I know is that she sang each song with only the beauty and grace that Stevie can. I did not hear any mistakes and the band was tight and sounded great.

At the begining of the drum lead in for edge of seventeen the "near the front floor crowd" (which had been standing and dancing most of the night) was allowed to move up to the front of the stage and await Stevie's traditional greeting of her fans. I was lucky enough to be able to make my way to the front of the stage and await her arrival. She started at the left side of the stage and worked her way toward me, (I could hardly contain myself) the next thing I knew, she was in front of me holding my hand and making eye contact (WOW!). This was the second time in a month this had happened to me (saw her & held her hand in Indy) and there is no way to discribe the joy and happiness Stevie brings to her fans! Thanx for a great evening! If you have not seen this concert I highly recommend you purchase a ticket ASAP!

Not to bad for the price of a pizza and a beer!

from Anonymous
Just traveled 600 miles to see my music idol. I can tell you that it was worth every mile of the long and boring road trip. Since Stevie was not coming to Minneapolis (where I am from) my husband and I decided she could not be missed. Personally, I would travel anywhere to see Stevie, but Grand Rapids was close and we got pretty good seats. Boz Scaggs is not to be missed!! He is great and has an awesome band, especially the back up singer. Even though it was great hearing him play, my heart was anxiously pounding for the real reason I was there. Stevie has been a favorite of mine since I was 8 years old ( I am now 26) I have real cool parents who introduced me to Fleetwood Mac at a very young age. I have loved her ever since. When Stevie came out, tears came to my eyes. Tears of joy that is. I was so happy to see that she continues to rock and inspire many. The crowd was way into the concert. Which was great because I hate going to a concert with deadbeats sitting the entire show, acting like its an orchestra concert. Anyway, Stevie, of course, was fabulous. I wont go into the song line up since many already know it. The security at the concert was lenient. They let many people go up to the stage early. When I heard the bongo solo, I jetted up to the front. Unfortunately, I did not get up there fast enough because many people were already at the stage. I did not get to shake Stevie's hand but have never gotten up so close to her. I remained up front for the rest of the show. I could have sworn she looked at me and smiled. Stevie is a classy lady with true musical talent. She has inspired me to keep music in my heart and make it into a career (I work as a music therapist) Stevie knows how to touch everyone's heart-young and old. It was great to see all generations at the concert. When leaving the arena, we heard many people crank their radios to Stevie songs. If you have tickets to the show, you will love it!!! "I Can't Wait" for the Concord show!! (even better seats!)

P.S. Thanks to "NicksFix" for doing such a great job in keeping me informed of Stevie News!!

from Long Time Fan
I want to keep this brief. Stevie's performance was inspired!! She is not only a great music composer and poet, but also an incredible performer. The audience was drawn into her songs both spiritually and physically. I would not have missed it for the world.

Boz Scaggs was an excellent opening act and I encourage anyone with tickets to the concert not to miss his performance.

from Jenny
"I will not forget this night". This was my first concert I have ever been to, let alone a Stevie Nicks concert in my entire 15 years on this planet. On the eve of the concert date I had my own Stevie marathon. I watched all of my compilations, etc. Each video built up more and more excitement in me.

Monday, July 13...
The day is finally here. I live in WI, so we left at ten in the morning. All the way there my dad and I listened to her CD's and some bootlegs I have collected of her. At five o'clock we were finally in Grand Rapids. I walked into the arena and I was overwhelmed that I was actually in the same building as Ms. Nicks. I did the normal pre-concert routine - got t-shirts, tourbook, walked around. I saw a handful of Stevie lookalikes. One girl had on a wild heart tour t-shirt. I saw a Street Angel t-shirt and a couple Dance t-shirts. My seats were pretty good, too, but to far away to rush the stage in "Edge".

Boz was great, I especially like Lido Shuffle. The crowd was standing for him and was really into the music. It was getting closer and closer to the time I would see Stevie walk on stage. All of a sudden Chris Nicks came out and read the definition..."Ladies and Gentlemen Ms. Stevie Nicks"

When she walked out I just couldn't believe it was her. This was the same girl that lived with Lindsey, that knows lots of famous people, that is famous around the world right in front of me. Wow, breathtaking. I just can't describe it. After OTR/Dreams she welcomed everyone and said the box set/if you blinked thing and she said twice during the concert how great it really is to be indoors after all the outdoor venues. Enchanted was awesome as was Gold Dust Woman. Actually every song was tremendous and the crowd stood for the entire concert except for the trilogy. During Gold and Braid she held up her hair. She did a lot of dancing and hand gestures while she sang, too. Oh, the back drop was neat and very Stevie-oriented. No Stop Draggin' again. Rhiannon was great, but it seemed short to me. The trilogy was awesome. In After the glitter fades she had to run back to the mike to sing the next verse and when she sang the word glitter she shook her hand like she was sprinkling glitter - very cute. In Stand Back she did an awesome leg kick. After that song she said, "Thank you...Pretty good for an old lady". Her clothes were so neat - lots of changes. When she introduced the band she said this about the following people:

Don Boyette: "someone very special in my life right now"

Sharon Celani: "I met her in Hawaii - Aloha - I call her my sharona, Miss Sharon Celani

Carlos Rios: "My honey (She giggled after she said this)

She greeted the fans during Edge, but I couldn't understand her lyrics at the end. She then said I know you know my favorite song writer is Tom Petty so I have to do a song by him tonight. Then came I Need To Know (I looooooove this song) She really sang it with lots of power. The last song was finally here. It seemed like the concert had just started. She sang "Has anyone..." so gracefully and with so much passion. She talked the part about the men in her life (she also talked a part of Edge where it goes the clouds never expect it...) She said I hope you stay well so we can do this again. She whisked away out of my sight just like cat in the dark. This night was trully amazing. Thank you Stevie. We all adore you and love you. I will remember you, Stephanie. Thank you for what you have done tonight and for the rest of my life, Jenny.

from Jamie
When I heard that Stevie was playing in my home town I just had to get tickets. I'm 26 and have loved Stevie since I was 3 or 4. My parents, aunts and uncles all love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie. So I grew up listening to this wonderful music. The show was great! Boz Skaggs rocked! He received a great response from the audience! Everyone enjoyed his songs. He mentioned that his sister was in the audience which was cool. The stage was really cool. It was decorated with pink curtains that were pulled back by a string of red roses. I thought it was really enchanting the way the curtains flowed around in the indoor breeze. It couldn't have been more mystical.

Stevie came out 15 minutes after Boz performed. Her brother came out and read the definition of "Enchant"and then introduced Stevie. Stevie came out and gave a fan in the front row a bouquet of flowers.Then started singing "Outside The Rain." She looked beautiful in her black dress and burgundy boots. I loved the way "Outside the Rain" goes into the song "Dreams." Then she sang "Enchanted" which rocked! After "Enchanted" she put on her gold shawl for "Gold Dust Woman." She danced and twirled around a lot during the songs. She looked and sounded beautiful! She mentioned that she was really glad to be performing indoors. She also mentioned that this tour is like no other because she gets to sing the songs that she loves to sing. She said that she probably won't be able to do this exact song set again. Before she sang the song "Garbo" which I really love, she talked about the infamous Buckingham/Nicks album cover photo shoot. She said that the picture was taken in a castle in California. She said that "Garbo" was about her experience and feelings about the photo shoot. She said she went back home and wrote this song.

"Gold and Braid" rocked! During "Stand Back" she wore her black shawl with different colored flowers on it. She did the high kick and danced a lot. "After The Glitter Fades" was great as was "Sleeping Angel." Before the song "Rose Garden" she said that she wrote it when she was 17. She said that she knew she was going to have a hard life. She dedicated the sond "Landslide" to a woman in the front row named Alicia, since she didn't know anyone in Grand Rapids. "Rhiannon" was great. She twirled around and it was very magical. While band played the music for the song "Edge Of Seventeen, Stevie went back stage and changed. She came back out wearing a beautiful off -white dress with intricate blue bead work of the bottom. It was gorgeous! I made it up to the front of the stage and shook Stevie's hand! It was so wonderful to be that close to her! It was such an honor to shake her hand! Me and a few others tried to hand her gifts she didn't take them, but instead had her bodyguard took them. I'm not sure why she didn't take them but I knew it wasn't because she didn't want them. You can really tell how much she loves her admirers! She then sang "I Need To Know" which really rocked! The band and Stevie all took a bow and left the stage. Everyone cheered for them. A few minutes later they came back out for the encore.Stevie was wearing this gorgeous white lace long coat and sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." It was done so beautifully! At the end of the song she says " And they ask her about the men in her life...she said, well in answer to your question....they are poets and they are priests of nothing, they were legends. It was so magical! The band and Stevie all stood together and bowed for the last time.This was a great concert! All the songs were done beautifully. If you haven't seen this tour please try to go! It's wonderful!!!!!!!Thank You Stevie for a very magical and enchanted evening.

from Craig Smith - Toronto
The highlight of my 1998 vacation was the planned visit to Grand Rapids and the July 13th concert of Stevie & Boz. Taking advice from a couple of other reviews I decided not to buy my ticket until the day of the concert and I was rewarded with 12th row dead center - an amazing seat! Boz gave us a mix of his blues roots and his "top 40" hits. I could have listened to him all night. Boz seem to be surprised at the crowds enthusiasm "for a Monday night" Everybody , of course was pumped and ready to go when Stevie hit the stage, seldom sitting down at all except for the Trilogy set. Other people have mentioned the high points of this night so I have just a couple of things to add .. I was really overwhelmed by the attention that she got when she spoke to the crowd, at times I thought you could hear A pin drop while she was speaking! She mentioned a couple of times that it was nice to be inside, away from the heat. I'm sure she didn't mean to knock the outdoor concerts , they just needed a change. I am constantly amazed that songs like "Rhiannon" and "Edge of Seventeen" (two of my Favorites) get better with time as Stevie rearranges and adds vocals and passages over the years. Thanks Stevie Boz and everybody for this was the highlight of my year so far and the best concert I've been to since .. The Fleetwood Mac, Behind the Mask tour-- Only one thing Stevie - Next time please come to Toronto!!!!
from Shawn Foreman
Well, I am now 24 hours past the greatest concert of my entire life. Although it was not my first Stevie Nicks concert it has by far been the best. My first Stevie Nicks show was on May 29 at Pine Knob. She sounded great. Much better than she sounded when she was with Fleetwood Mac last year. The whole show was great. I had waited all my life to see her. It was literally one of my life's dreams. I'm 18 now by the way. So, I guess you know how ecstatic I was to be seeing her again.

The show was set to start at 7:30. So, we arrived at around a quarter to seven just to be sure. Our seats were in row AA. We thought the seats were going to be worse than they ended up being. They were great seats. Boz Scaggs was absolutely great. Although his set was kind of boring at first once it got going it kicked. He is a really good singer and an even better guitar player. Then when he was done we waited. The lights went down. The band started loading onto the stage and then Chris Nicks came out and did the introduction. Soon Outside the Rain was rolling off the stage. I was in heaven, darting my eyes all over the stage just so I could see her from wherever she was coming out. Then she was out wearing one of her gorgeous black dresses and she looked great. "Outside the rain, and the heart skip a beat", and she sounds great too.

By the time she had finished Gold Dust Woman it was obvious that she was going for some vocal acrobatics that she had skipped when we saw her in May.

To make this as brief as can be( TOO LATE!!), it was great. The high kick at the end of Stand Back was absolutely fabulous. It was the best concert... I have ever been too.

Stevie Nicks is without a doubt the Queen of Hearts, of Rock, of Artists. To all of you who may doubt that, I dare you to go to one of her shows and see her magnificent performance and see the devotion that her fans unfailingly provide her through THICK and through thin.

"Sometimes it's a bitch... sometimes it's a breeze."

from Rick Novitsky - Grand Portage, Minnesota
This review is different from most others I have read on this website. I traveled from the Minnesota-Canadien border two weeks ago to see the Grand Rapids performance.

This is what I wrote in my journal after the show.
" . . . The crowd took to their feet as the crew worked to prepare the stage. Everyone was screaming. After about ten minutes, the Enchanted band came out. The mood turned electric.

I looked around the audience behind me as Stevie took the stage. I couldn't believe the look on peoples faces. It was as if all 7,000 of us, all at once, had just seen an old friend who had been absent for many years.

Men and women, young and old, were smiling in ways I cannot describe.

Everybody in that huge arena was connected to each other, in mind and spirit and heart, through that little blond lady with the smokey voice. It was an incredible sight. Stevie Nicks was on stage singing. I had come a long way to see her sing. But I couldn't stop looking into that sea of smiling faces that surrounded me.

Stevie Nicks . . . your music, mystery and magic are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your spirit.

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