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July 11, 1998: Sandstone - Kansas City, KS

from Shelly Z.
We just got back from the show and the first thing we did was log on to the Nicks Fix to catch up. We decided we'd try to be the first report on the Kansas City show: The songs chosen for the set were perfect. Right at the beginning of Rhiannon (while the crowd was on their feet) the moon was visible through the clouds and it was a lovely shade of red. It couldn't have been planned any better. When the band left the stage (before the encore) the moon ducked back into the clouds, as the lights and music came back up the moon came back out! She was far too pretty for words. Suffice it to say it was a great show. She was very gracious and polite in every way and repeatedly thanked us all for attending. She's just a beautiful person in every aspect of the word. Simply enchanting. Thank you, Stevie, for a wonderful evening.
from Ruby Daffodil
The line up was pretty much the same as the list on the page. Stevie was gorgeous!!! The concert was AWESOME!!!! The music sounded even better than the albums... What else to say except it was the best concert I've ever been to!
from Rachel (aka LittleStevie & Bella Donna)
I will not forget this night...dare my Wild Heart!! The night was finally here- I was going to see Stevie Nicks, my angel!! My dad & I arrived at Sandstone at 6:00, and when we were witing in line, we met a girl named Rhiannon & her mom. I was dressed in full Stevie gear, and I got many compliments. One man even cried, "Honey look! That's Stevie Nicks! Look, the boots!" But it was only me :-) Anyway, when we got inside and I bought my "Blue Lamp" t-shirt & the tourbook, I heard Rhiannon's mom calling for me. I came over to her, and I had won the Ultimate Stevie Lookalike Fan Contest or something!!! My seats (which were 37th row) were upgraded to 5th!!!! I broke down in tears, I was so happy! (See my pic on www.kcfx.com) We went to our seats and I was ecstaitic~ Boz Scaggs was GREAT, but I was there for Stevie.

Her brother Chris read the definition of "enchanted" and I knew the time was here. My angel walked out on stage and I went ballistic! I was screaming and waving my white roses in the air. I danced & sung to every song (I'm sure you all know the setlist by now...but no "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around", hmm...), and my dad & I were the only ones standing through the acoustic set! For "Rose Garden", (which she called "You Never Promised Me A Rose Garden"), I was waving my rose and she SAW them!!! I just about had a heart attack. Then for "Stand Back", I knew this was my chance...I HAD to get up to the stage!! I dragged my dad up to a bouncer who actually ESCORTED us up there!!!!! I was in shock~ I was standing directly in front of her mic, maybe 5 feet away from my Gypsy!!!!! I was crying and I gave her my letters and roses & Beanie Baby. She saw me crying and smiled at me a few times, as did Sharon Celani, one of her awesome back-up singers. She changed outfits maybe 5 times, and she kept the red boots on. She looked PERFECT throughout the whole show and I didn't even need my binoculars, I was that close! She saw me singing everything and I think she was very proud.

When she & Frank did "Landslide", the whole crowd sang and she was amazed...we wouldn't stop cheering and she held up her hands as to say, "Well are you going to let me finish or not?" It was so cute!!! Another big crowd sing-along was "Rhiannon", during which Stevie closed her eyes and was completely entranced, as I was. During "Edge Of 17" when she was shaking hands, I was too little to reach her hand and she saw that, so she swayed the end of her gray velvet jacket over my way and I held onto it for about 2 seconds. I was sooooo happy that I was crying so much & I had to remember to breathe! "I Need To Know" and "Whole Lotta Trouble" absolutely ROCKED, as did "Gold & Braid", when she playfully held up her hair. The last song was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", which I tried to sing, but I was crying WAY too hard. Stevie & Sharon once again saw this, and they smiled sweetly. Stevie is without a doubt my angel and I love her more than anything. Stevie, thank you for giving us all such a memorable night...you're my poetess, my priestess of everything, my legend...Thank You for letting me love you. ~Hi Lauren, Rhiannon, Rhi's Mom, J.R. & Kathy...THANK YOU ALL for everything~

P.S. Does anybody know if the lighting was good? I was too close to see the effects... also, was the PA sound good? I was forced to listen to Stevie's monitors :-) Rock on, My Ancient Queen

from Angie
The show was said to be in Kansas City, Missouri, but The Sandstone Ampitheatre was actually in Kansas City, Kansas, which was a little farther away. My parents got lost on the way there and where in the bad part of town by old factories and stuff, and when they stopped at a Coastal to ask for directions the cops where there because it had been robbed and someone had also gotten shot earlier too. So they finally got there, had to pay six dollars to park, and they were'nt even going to see the show. After they parked they went to see if they could buy some stuff, which you couldn't even get to any of the merchandise without having a ticket, so when my Mom went to go stand at the box office to buy a ticket (they were 14 dollars for a lawn seat) she was talking to these girls who were standing there to get their free tickets, and since they already had some, they gave the 2 tickets to my mom and brother for free!! She couldn't believe her luck. So she went to go buy the stuff. Tour books were $20 each, the Teddy Bear $20, but i wouldn't say it was worth it, T-Shirts were $27 each, Buttons$2, Key Chains $7-$8, and Post Cards were $6 dollars each, one had a picture from the Boxed Set of Stevie when she was wearing the goldish-brown thing over her head. The T-Shirt I got had a picture of one of the Blue Lamp photos and on the back it says Stevie Nicks Enchanted and it has all the dates. The T-Shirt itself is blue. The button is purple and looks like the Disc One picture from the Boxed Set and it says Enchanted, Stevie Nicks. Also one thing about the Best Buy CD hand outs. The guy that was originally supposed to hand out the sheets for the mail in CDs was sick so another guy had to take over. But that guy wasn't doing anything and wasn't handing out any sheets, so we are going to get a hold of Best Buy and make them send us the sheets or at least do something since we got the tickets and proof that we went. I didn't actually get to go. My mom was unable to stay also, but she did see a little bit of Boz Scaggs opening act, nothing of Stevie unfortunately. A couple of other things to mention. One girl got busted for bringing in Pringles. They took them away from her and threw them in the garbage. And also anyone who brought a lawn chair had to stack it up outside the place before they were allowed to come in, and but they had lawn chairs to rent. They just want more money, that's all. And I guess that's all for my review also. When and if Stevie tours next time, I will have to make sure I go next time!!!
from Rhino007
Let me start by saying the woman is truly amazing! The stage was incredible, the flowing curtains and the lighting were magic. The set list was the same , minus Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. And the crowd was wild , I was in the first section in front of the stage and people were singing , dancing, crying and having a blast! There were lots of lyric changes , one that stood out in my mind was at the beggining of Sleeping Angel "take me sleeping angel . but never hold me down". There were lots of costume changes, she has to show off that fabulous wardrobe! I tried to get in front of the stage when Edge of 17 started but security wouldn't let me , the guy said there were too many up there already. So I stood in front of an empty seat in the second row! Towards the end of the song she made her way to the front of the left side of the stage and greeted the fans one on one, she moved rather quickly across the stage and didn't go all the way across. She made apologies to the people on the right side of the stage saying that her back was hurting and she needed to stand up. At one point during I Need to Know , she was looking right at me and singing and I sang right along with her! During Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You, I stood silently , spellbound by her incredible voice and beauty. Then she thanked us all for coming and told us to take care so we could all do this again real soon. It was truly an Enchanted evening!
from Jeff Schafer
It's been about 24 hours since Stevie left the stage and I think I'm over the initial awe of the show. I've been a devoted Stevie fan since 'Rhiannon' first hit the airwaves and I'm so glad I was able to experience this wonderful woman sing in person one more time.

The first thing we set out to find after making our way through the gates were the Best Buy coupons which were nowhere to be found. After asking several stadium reps and getting a confused look in return along with the response "I don't know…", we gave up on that quest and proceeded back to the woman in front of the gate who gladly took my $20 for a program. Then it was on to the T-shirt booth where I dished out another $27. From there we made it down to check out our seats. There were two huge Best Buy posters proudly mounted on each side of the stage advertising the Best Buy CD. Thirty minutes later they were taking them down….

Boz Scaggs came out on time and played for about 45 minutes and was less than impressive in my opinion. I never understood why they decided to use Boz to open for Stevie and still don't. Although I do enjoy his music, his set was filled with slow blues and was pretty much putting the crowd to sleep through the first half of his set. The crowd sang along to 'Look What You've Done To Me' and started getting into 'Lowdown'. He did however save his best for last by playing 'Lido Shuffle' as his encore, which left the crowd hungry, and in a positive mood for Stevie.

The crowd started up as Stevie's band came out. When they hit the opening chords to 'Outside the Rain', Stevie walked on stage and the crowd went wild welcoming her on their feet and stayed there through the first three songs. Stevie's voice was strong as she tested it on several occasions throughout the night. She was a bit reserved and not as wild as the Stevie of earlier years, but still rocked and proved she still holds her title as the queen of rock and roll.

One would think with this show being in the middle of the tour that the band would be in synch by now, but I thought that they seemed a bit choppy at times but did a good job all in all. One song they had down pat was 'Stand Back". It literally rocked the house as I noticed an empty plastic sandwich container pass by my feet bouncing its way down towards the stage.

Stevie said this would be the only tour where she would promote a box set and that a lot of songs may be unfamiliar. She said she was happy because it allowed her to talk more to the audience than she normally does.

The beginning of 'Sleeping Angel' blended nicely into the end of what Stevie called her trilogy with the songs 'After The Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden'. She changed up (or forgot) the opening words to Sleeping Angel by singing 'Take me - sleeping angel' instead of 'Take me - if you need me'. 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around' was dropped from this set as well.

When it came time for 'Landslide', Stevie said that they usually dedicate the song to someone in that town, but since they didn't know anyone in Kansas City they would have to pick someone. The guitar player knelt down and got a name from some fans in front of the stage.

Stevie began shaking hands and greeting her fans on the left hand side of the stage at the end of 'Edge of Seventeen' working her way to the right. She stopped three quarters of the way, waving at the rest and made her way to her mic. When the song ended she apologized for having to stop and explained that her back was beginning to give out.

She ended the show with 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You'. I looked around and I seemed to be the only one holding up my lighter at that point. She looked at me several times so if nothing else, at least she noticed me.

She thanked the crowd for allowing her to sing for them and then said, "Take care of yourselves so we can do this again".

Thank you Stevie. You've been a glistening light in such a darkened world. Thank you for returning and sharing your talent with us!

BTW - I took 25 shots of Stevie last night. If any of them come out I'll share them with John and the Nix Fix.

from Ken, Carol, and Phyllis
I hope anyone out there is just thinking of going to see Stevie, make the call for tickets today. The show was great!!!! I saw Stevie last live in 1974 with Fleetwood Mac in Royals Statium. She was great then and even better now. I was going to buy tickets, but won 2 lawn seating tickets on the radio. We had a third person going with us, when we went to buy another lawn ticket, we checked for a better ticket cause how many times does a chance like this come. The clerk found 3 seats together on the the third row. I could not believe it two days before the show. I bought them. Got there, the walk to the stage was better and better each step. We sat down, end of the row, we were just 15 feet from the stage, but off to the side. What a view we were going to have. Then a man came up and said we were in his seat. Sandstone had sold double tickets. They told us my party had to move. I said where, they said still in the third row. We agreed to move and they put us almost center stage. I could not believe the view.

When Stevie came on I could see the glitter makeup on her face. She is stunning. The music set was the same. We were so close even with the lights off we watched her escourted off stage to go back and change. We could also see her when she stepped to the side of the stage to change her shaw. Some lucky stage man got to escort her back and forth, what a job!!!!!!!!!!! The music was absolutly fantastic. Stevie put on a great show, taking time to talk between almost each song. This was a great show. I am so glad we went. At the end of the show Stevie came to the end of the stage and went the entire stage shaking hands. I could not get to the stage the people were to crowded to get to her so I just sat back and watched her the closer she got. She stopped about 10 feet short of the side of the stage shaking hands and went to finish the song. When she was done she apologize directly to the fans on the end of the stage for not finishing the hand shaking that her back was hurting so bad she had to stand up. You could see she was in some pain. We were allowed to take pictures but were warned that if we used a flash they would take our camera and escort us from the show. If any of the picture come out we will send them in.

Buy your tickets today and get them as close as you can, the view is great and the crowd is older and more laid back. It was a great seat down front for this one.


from Steve Lewis aka Whisper12
Hi my name is Whisper and i am 20 and this was my first but not my last Stevie Nicks concert!! What can i say but it totally rocked. First of all I went with my best friend (who really was not a fan of the "GODDESS OF ROCK AND ROLL", but who loved her just the same) and we got to sandstone and got there EARLY for having 2nd row seats that were like 15 seats away from center stage, needless to say out seats rocked!!! When Boz came on stage i had really no idea what he did, but after his first song i was enthralled, especially after he did SIERRA, and his lady who sang back up vocals was phenomenal!! SHE ROCKED!! And by the last song his bass player was playing SLAP and doing it like i have never heard in my entire life. My best friend and myself were in AWE!!! Then Boz left the stage and came back on a encore to do LIDO. Then left again and soon Stevie stage was reavealed, and i was once again transfixed by its elaborateness. It was GREAT. I had my camera with my thank god, so i handed my program which i bought for $20 to my friend and pleaded that he hold it so i oculd just concentrate on getting excellent pictures of my IDOL. For she is the "poet in my heart", i shape my own writings in her likeness. SHe is the bomb!!!

Then the first song started "outside the rain" and i was in HEAVEN. Well the song set has been said over and over again. so i will not repeat what does not need to be repeated...but when she got that golden shawl on for gold dust woman and came creeping up on the mike shivers ran up my spine and i was on my feet to get a picture!! I love that song!! It means a lot to me. Then she went on through out her songs, talking to us during her trilogy and smiling and laughing, She was sooo nice and at one with the audience. Just like i imagined her to be!! Well i will cut past what has been said over and over again, but when Stand back came on I jumped over the chairs infront of me and headed up with the two nice ladies that were sitting infront of my friend and myself to the CENTER STAGE right below where her mike was!!!! When she sang RHIANNON i was in total AWE, that is my favorite song in the whole world. She looked directly down at me during it and her eyes met mine!! I felt suddenly like she was singing for me and only me, the screaming of the crowd around me vanished and i was in NIRVANA once again. My camera went crazy!!! PIC after PIC. I cant wait to see them developed!!

Anyway then the fabled time for the solo of edge of 17 came and she started to go out to the crowd and i was pushed flat up to the stage and was straining my arm to the point of pain to try to get her to shake my hand and then she was there before me: my SISTER OF THE MOON, my rhiannon, my gyspy queen...stevie nicks---her hand came towards mine and i knew they were going to touch but then her body guard who was there to help her guiding her hand to the ahnd of another and she missed my hand!!!!! AHHHH!! NO!!!! I was horribly saddened!! But then the next song came on and soon unfortunently her encore came and then it was over but then i found my friend and i found out he had quite an adventure of his own as right before the encore Stevie went to the side stage with her guitarist and wiped her face with a towel then she had given it to him and he threw it out into the audience (well i noticed this happen but i was clear hell and gone from where it landed so i didnt give it much thought)..however my BEST FRIEND jumped up and had grabbed it, then had to fight off to rather RUDE MEN who one basically head butted him and the other punched him in his waist to get it from him (the latter one actually left a from what i hear to be a large bruise : ( ...not what i expect form fellow fans of stevie!!!!) Anway way when i got back to him, he showed it to me and GAVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!! WEll this really made my night!!! I was given a towel that she had touched and wiped her face on, kinda wierd ya probably, but it was some sort of suovenir to be gotten since i missed my chance to shake her hand!!! Well TTYL whisper Rock on GOLD DUST WOMAN

from Susan R.
Like everybody else, I was thrilled to see Stevie! She sounded great, was beautiful, and really interacted with the fans. I especially liked "Twisted" (with the cool thunder and rain intro) and "Edge of Seventeen" (Sharon was perfect on this). "Whole Lotta Trouble", which is not one of my favorites, sounded *fantastic* live. I was thrilled to see Stevie in concert again. After the last encore song, Carlos Rios carried little Sara Belladonna on stage. Everybody loved it. What a lucky dog to belong to Stevie!
from D.J. Stith
Wow what an amazing night!
We finally got to the parking lot at Sandstone about 10 minutes before the show started. They were selling all kinds of merchandise tour books, keychains, t-shirts etc, and I had bought 1 of each. When we got to our seats two old women behind us asked for a joint which freaked me out. Then Boz Scaggs' band started playing, and were actually very good. Nicks fans even gave him a standing ovation.

Then a man came out and read the definition of "Enchanted." We were all going haywire in anticipation of here appearance. She came out looking a lot thinner and blonder than on the Dance tour. The Music started:

"Outside the Rain"-Wow, her voice has seemed to really improved since the last tour.

"Dreams"-She did this one pretty much the same as on the Dance tour except with her backup singers which made it sound very elegant.

"Enchanted"-This song really rocked, and everyone was up and dancing through the entire show. She sings hire notes now than I remember, and you can tell that she really loves to dance (which is really hard to do in those boots.)

"Gold Dust Woman"- She did this one a little different than the Dance with a few added lyrics and yelling!

"Golden Braid"-This is one of my favorite songs of hers now and can really only be captured live.

She didn't do "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" maybe because her guitarist couldn't even begin to match previous duets.

"After the Glitter Fades"- You can tell she really loves this one because of the emotion she puts into it.

"Garbo"- This is a very lovely song that she had written when she was on the shoot for the infamous "Buckingham Nicks" cover, and she talks about feeling like Marilyn Monroe when she was coming to Hollywood.

"Twisted"- This was done like the demo version instead of the soundtrack version. It definitely has a better sound with the input of Lyndsey.

"Whole Lotta Trouble"- This totally rocked! I really had no interest in this song until I saw it live.

"Edge of Seventeen"- This was the song we were all waiting for. She always puts so much feeling into it, and interacts with the audience at the end.

Of course we weren't going to let her go yet, so she came back for two more songs.

"I Need to Know"- This really has a good beat to it but didn't last long.

"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"- This is one of the most poetic songs she has ever written and ends with something like, "And they ask about the men in her life, and she says they were poets, priests of nothing, legends. No one can compare to the emotional voice of Miss Stevie Nicks.

On our way back home we were just within seconds of getting hit by a train.

from Daniel Uhl
Miss Nicks sang like a Greek goddess and looked just as beautiful. The moonlight above was no match for her scintillating voice of magic. Her voice was cool on a warm summer night as she let go with "Gold Dust Woman," my favorite road song.

This messenger of info-rock music will challenge most people's minds with her unique musical messages as in "Garbo," "Edge of Seventeen," and "Rhiannon."

Stevie, thank you very much for the volcanic performance on my birthday!!!

It was great to see many fans in their 20's captured by the Enchanting Nicks' fix.

Stevie! Stevie! Stevie! She came back for three HOT encores, bless her heart.

Boz Skaggs did Stevie justice in kicking off the night. He is still a very talented man.

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