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July 10, 1998: Starwood - Nashville, TN

from George and Marlene
ENCHANTED................Yes, that is the word we would use to describe how Stevie made us feel last night. It seemed as if she cast her spell over all of us under the beautiful full moon with her grace and elegance.

From the moment Stevie stepped on stage singing and twirling, we were in awe. We were fortunate to have second row seats, but during the middle of the concert, we were allowed to stand at the front of the stage where Stevie came out to us and shook our hands. That was the hightlight of the night!!! As she sang Landslide, the crowd sang along with her. The energy in the air was breath taking as this rock and roll queen took us all into her heart even if it was for a brief moment in time. She sounded great, in perfect voice and as always, looked beautiful in her lace and boots. A night we will not soon forget, and yes Stevie, we will always remember you!!!

If anyone out there is considering going to see her, GO!!! Be prepared to fall in love with a legend that compares to Garbo, Marlene and yes even Marilyn. We love you Stevie.................

from David C. - Florence, AL
Even with some little rain showers before the show, spirits were not dampened for the concert. Boz Scaggs began the performance that brought a resounding cheer from the audience. After his set that last lasted for 1 hour and a return to the stage, the set was cleared for the main show off the night.

Chris Nicks made his way on the stage to begin. "I read from the dictionary, Enchanted : to influence by or as if by charms and incantation : BEWITCH to attract and move deeply rouse to ecstatic admiration, her to the point of tears .. Ladies and Gentlemen Miss Stevie Nicks...... a sound of rush was heard all through the amphitheatre as Stevie Nicks made her way on the stage.

Completing the introduction song of the night, ever one heard one of the famous lines of Stevies.. "Welcome Everybody". Performing up to the selection of her triology that reflects on her life, Stevie mentions that her Grand dad would be proud of her 2nd return to Nashville, TN. As Stevie begins to open with her first song, she looks back the turns and tells the audience that she is so nervous, so please bear with me. It is important to listen to Stevie during this set of songs that she has selected. Stevie has made comments that she is more relaxed and open then she has ever been and that these selections of songs are things that have happened in her life. The first selection "After the Glitter Fades, Stevie makes reference to days before the time that her and Lindsey joined Fleetwood Mac. They were living in hard times and unsure of where they future would take them. In her 2nd selection, "Garbo" Stevie goes back to the Buckingham & Nicks photo cover that brought much controversy of them posing nude. Stevie had much difficulity about this picture and after returning home that evening, seat down and wrote this. Then in the final selection, "A Bed of Roses", Stevie says that she wrote this song when she was a little girl and knew that her life would not be a simple one. Returning to other selections of the night, the crowd was entertained with the pleasant sounds of a wonderful singer.

As the night came to a end in Nashville, Enchantment was in the air.

from Bill A. - St. Louis, MO
Well for those who can't take a hint......if you don't have your tickets and you're not sure you want to see Stevie....here's the clue bus...JUST DO IT.....

Stevie put on what I thought was the best solo performance that I've seen...(#5 for me - since The Wild Heart).

Concert going tip #1....after Boz Scaggs performs, you have less than 10 minutes before Stevie appears...I couldn't believe how quickly they had his set torn down and hauled off.

Stevie exhibited an abundance of warmth and enthusiasm..and yes, she said more in the first 15 minutes of the show than I have ever heard her say at any previous solo or Fleetwood Mac show.

The song set is the same....however, Stop Dragging My Heart Around was deleted. Song highlights: hearing Gold & Braid and Sleeping Angel. You should also know that Whole Lotta Trouble packed a whole lotta attitude - it was great to hear this song played and sung with so much 'attitude'. And what everyone has said about this version of Twisted is true......it's fantastic!

Concert going tip #2 - have cameras ready at the end of Stand Back...Stevie delivers a great 'kick' at the end...a picture I wouldn't mind having (hint hint).

Although I couldn't make it down to the stage during Edge of Seventeen I had my binoculars trained on Stevie as she bent down and shook hands with the crowd....I got the idea that Stevie "really didn't realize" how much she is loved and how much she means to alot of us. She reminded us several times throughout the evening how overwhelmed she has been by the response.

At the risk of beating an already dead horse...this is a concert not to be missed!

from Debbie - Mississippi
It was an unforgettable evening. Driving from Mississippi was a bit long but well worth it. I was so excited to finally see Stevie again in concert since the Fleetwood Mac show in Nashville earlier this year. We had seating in the under the pavilion, so we did not get the sprinkles of rain. The stage was awsome, pink curtains outlined the stage, then towards the back it looked like a huge piece of stained glass. Beautiful "Stevie" all the way! Were back section,okay seating. Well I bought one of those $6 disposable cameras, just in case. Well after listening to Boz who by the way was WONDERFUL, I was ready to see STEVIE. I took a couple of shots with my camera, then security came and took it away from me, he said no photos! I was so mad!!! So, Stevie started out it was wonderful, then came "Dreams"the second song, then "Enchanted". Then the trilogy of "After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, Rose Garden "(which she said she wrote at the age of just 17). She gave a little story about each, she said she never really talks much about her life, so she gave us an incredable story. She seemed so very happy, and she said she was a little nervous. You could tell she was hot on stage, she kept wiping her forhead.

Well the security guy came back a few songs later after he took my camera and gave it back to me, he said they decided to let folks take them, he was nice about it this time, I think he felt bad about it. Well I was TOTALLY enjoying the concert, and here he comes again, I thought oh no, what now. He asked us if we wanted to go to the stage area, I said "heck yea!", so he escorted us down to about 4 feet from the stage area, which was rockin & rolling up there, it was the BEST I could have hoped for. So I took more photos, then I ran out of film...she got real close to us shaking hands, which I tried to get up there but only being 5' 2", it was hard, got push around a little. Tried to get to shake hands, but didn't make it, but got a close view, and I will never forget it as long as I live. She really looked great, slim and trim. Even did a kick during "Stand Back" She sang "Edge of 17" and it rocked!! Her band was really great! During "Landslide" everyone was singing with her, "and I'm getting older too....She said her thanks and left the stage. Then we yelled for her to come back and she did. Singing Gold and Braid, then finally "Has anyone ever written anything for you.", it was great. I was mad when security took my camera, but if it had not been for that, I probably would of never got to go up to the stage area. Thanks Security Guy! We love you Stevie!!! A truly Enchanted evening....wonderful....unforgettable ......everyone should see this show. Also, pick up a tourbook, its great.

from Kim
This has been my 4th Stevie concert this summer and as usual she was wonderful! If you have not seen her yet you are in for the night of your life. She was very nervous, but happy, energetic and beautiful. She is better than ever!!!
from Eric Duerr
Okay, I'm 16....therefore, I take what I can get from my parents- that's how I got stuck with LAWN seats. Anyway, I arrived with my good friend Allison (16) still pissed about not having a chance of making eye contact with my idol- I bought a T-Shirt and a Button then went searching for a good spot in the wet grass. Well, later in the show, I would learn what an awful spot I had chosen...but that's later. I was happy with the crowd size and was totally psyched about the show...so we took a seat on our blankets.

First, Boz Sgaggs came on and warmed up the crowd with a set- which I thought- was a bit too lengthy. He wasn't bad but I wanted to ROCK and Boz just wasn't doing it- at all. When he finished I had already made up my mind that I was jumping to my feet the minute our godess approached the stage and would sit when the TRILOGY started...I was wrongm but that's later. Finally, Christopher NIcks read the definition of "Enchanted" and I was so dazzled by how much that word described Stevie...WOW! Then "Outside the Rain" began and my body was covered in goosebumps- it was great! Stevie was sounding AWESOME and I was totally into it until some jerk came up and asked me to sit down...I couldn't believe it- this audience was LAZY, UNINSPIRED, and just plain BORING (I'm referring to the majority of the half of the lawn we were on)- so I sat but I was destined to to LOVE this show. Every song, every note, every word caught me at the right moment! Stevie seemed to be enjoying Nashville but said she was a little nervous. Well, the music was great...I was kinda bummed that "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" was cut...but I got over it.

I watched her every move and clung to every lyrical phrase- I wanted so much to tell her how much her words mean to me!!! Highlights that stick in my mind are "Stand Back"- which brought down the house (but kept our section in their seats), "Whole Lotta Trouble", in which Stevie was intent on telling the audience "When I want something, I get it" (if you saw the show you know what I'm tlaking about). The TRILOGY followed by "Sleeping ANgel" stole me...I sat, listening...I was AWESTRUCK by her prescence on stage and the songs power. THe opening of "TWISTED" was just great and the song was better than the DEMO and much better than the "Twister" version. "Rhiannon" was a HUGE hit with Nashville- it was different from any version I've heard and it held its own! "Landslide' was heart-breakingly beautiful. Obviously, Stevie was hot under all those lights but she gave the greatest show I've ever seen and one I will document in my heart forever.

"I NEed To Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" were the encores and there was NO way I could stay seated...so I got up and moved to another group who were ENJOYING the show immensly... Stevie closed with her trademark "Sometimes they ask her about the men in her life"- and I was spell bound and SO close to tears!!! I blew her a kiss and we were off to reflect- I couldn't have asked for a better show!!!

from availscott@aol.com
hey my wildest dream came true at the nashville show i got to touch stevie and made eye contact and even gave her a blue folder of alot of my stevie art that i had scaned stage was toooo cool and she was ever more than ever before LOVE YOU STEVIE AND HOPE YOU LIKE THE BLUE(LAMP) FOLDER
from ~LauraTN~
The night was hot and muggy. A light drizzle had started to fall on the gathering crowd of gypsy worshipers! People of all ages 50's 40's 30's 20's teens and babies were all starting to gather for what was to be a very "Enchanted" evening. Ladies dressed in black chiffon and gypsy skirts were peppered thru out the crowd. Old timers (I say this affectionately) and teenie boppers and babies were all out in great numbers. I my self with my mom of 48 my good friend Holly 30 "something hee hee" and me 21 were all dressed in our own personal version of Stevie adornments. I had put my self thur trials and tribulations to find a top hat of just the right shade of black with just the right scarf to hang elegantly down my back. All these people had gathered in Nashville for one purpose and that was to see the GREAT GYPSY ENCANTRESS, QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL AND MAKER OF HAPPY HEARTS STEVIE NICKS!!! We were all gathered for a concert but what we got was a piece of heaven!! I dont think we mortals could even hope to imagine what was in store for us!!

From the time her brother Chris steped on the stage and read the defintion of Enchanted until the time she held my hand and smiled at me and right up until the end of her last song and last graceful bow I was lost in a sea of love!! Or should I say "I was drowing in a sea of love" where everyone from all over the south had come to drown. Now let me tell you now I came willingly and I didnt fight it because it was the most sinfully sweet pleasure to the ear that one could ever hope to hear!! Stevie shared with us her heart and we shared with her our pleasure!! Her songs were beautiful, sweet, sad and fun! They were mystical, fairy like and beautiful. Steive sang with a passion I havent seen since I watched my bootleg tape of Mirage sent to me by my friend Janel *snicker*. Never has there been an entertainer who put so much soul and love into her music and never has there been one like Stevie who does it all for her fans!

Stevie shared with us in and acoustic set some of her favorite most personal songs that she loves and holds dear to her heart. I along with most of her adoring fans felt so honored and greatfull just to get a peak inside of such a rare soul. The music ROCKED and it ROLLED it FLOWED and it DANCED it weaved in and out of the humid hot summer night like the "lightin bugs" that had also gathered for the "enchanting event". Stevie gave us so much with her songs but still she wasnt done. After all her wailing and singing and pouring out her musical soul she took the time to shake the hands of her adoring fans!! What a selfless and honorable thing for her to do!! She could have been Garbo or Marlana (sp?) or even Monroe, but world would never survive with out STEVIE! "She rang like a bell thru the night" and we loved her!!! Thank you Stevie you dont have to be anyone but yourself.

from Jenny M
I have seen many concerts but Stevie's Nashville show at the Starwood Ampitheater takes the cake. The light rain caused some fog which totally went along with the mood of Stevie's stage set. Right before the triology she unexpectedly announced to the audience that she would be talking about how each of the three songs related to different periods of her life. I felt like she was really trying to get on a personal level with her fans. And when people kept screaming when she was describing her ordeal with the album cover of Buckingham-Nicks she announced, "This is Serious."

I was worried my boyfriend who is a rap music enthusiast would be bored but I caught him humming "Whole Lotta Trouble" midway through the show. My seats were great but I was anxious to move closer to the stage. So when I saw that no security guards were watching the middle isle, I drug my boyfriend down there. After squeezing our way up to the front (which always makes a person tons of friends) I saw that Stevie was shaking peoples' hands. When Stevie came over on our side, my boyfriend whisked me on his shoulders. Stevie looked right at me and held out her hand. I couldn't stop smiling for about an hour after that. Stevie made the show worth it for her fans by doing that. She looked beautiful and handled the heat and humidity very gracefully. This concert is definately a MUST SEE for any fan who wants to see Stevie at her best.

from Shawn Williams
Wow! Three is definetly a charm!! This was my third time to see Stevie on her Enchanted tour and it was incredible. I've never heard her sing so well. Her voice was so powerfull and strong and the energy that was in the ampitheater was overwhelming. You could feel it crackling through the air. Not to mention the fact that she looked awesome. Her clothes are so cool! I bought tickets for the Nashville show several weeks ago and really didn't expect it to be that eventfull but I was pleasantly suprised. This is the last show I'll get to see since all the others are too far away for me to travel and I don't have any more vacation days left. I'm so glad I got to see her. All the songs were kickin! I'd never heard Stevie carry her voice so well. I liked all the songs she sang, the were all my favorite. I'm really glad she's singing Enchanted live. It's a great old song and it carries through into the 90's. Stevie's "Trinity of Songs" sounded much better at this show than the others. I think her and the girls have really been practicing with the band to get it right. I enjoyed hearing all the new additions but I guess my favorites were Stevie's traditional songs like GoldDust Woman, Rhiannon, Edge of 17, and Outside the Rain. I think my favorite new song is Twisted. I like the way she does that live with all the thunder and lightning. I was really excited to hear Stevie do here Wail during the Edge of 17. I just had to scream when she did that. The highlight of the evening was when Stevie came around and interacted with the audience. She came over to me and grabbed my hand and told me "Thank You I Love You Too." It was very touching for me to look into her eyes and feel so close to her. I felt a very strong spiritual bond with her at that moment. It's amazing that she actually comes around to us like that and physically reaches out to touch us. I don't know of any other performer that does that and it means so much, it makes you feel like she really cares about you. Thanks Stevie, you go girl!
from Chris Ramey - Henderson, TN
from Kristal - Auburn, AL
Hello again everyone! The Nashville concert was fabulous. Friday, after I got out of class, I drove nonstop for 3 hours to my hometown (Cullman AL). I met my friend Angela there and we ensued on our journey to Nashville. When we got to Nashville, we ate and went on to the amphitheater. When we arrived, I had planned on tailgaiting some but the parking attendants told us we had to go on in. Well that was a problem because I had two extra tickets because I had gotten some closer ones for my friend and I. So, I needed to sale those tickets to someone. Well I got in trouble a few times for scalping, when in all actuality I was willing to give them away to the right kind of fans (die hards like me of course). I did find this nice couple who paid me $50 for the seats. We had to go in the venue to make the transaction so we wouldn't get arrested. It was hilarious. But , in the end the couple got some excellent seats and the tickets were not wasted. During my attempt to find someone for the tickets, I got a little wet from the rain which my hair totally regretted. We went on in to our seats and "fan watched". I always love to see what the other die hards are wearing or what they have brought to give to Stevie. I did notice that a few were all decked out in Stevie attire which was just awesome. This one cool lady had on all the gear and she must have had some beautiful things to give Stevie as I noticed she was carrying a large gift bag. One man had on a Wild Heart tour shirt and many others had on their FM shirts.

The concert was divine and Stevie looked magnificent. She did get a little nervous before After the Glitter Fades but got through it like the pro that she is. She also left out a line in Edge of Seventeen (because of a timing mix-up), but she just used that time to get the crowd more involved and she ad libbed a little more at the end of the song. I made it down to the stage during Stand Back. I was just left of center by the security guard. I stood by a wonderful man who gave Stevie a bouquet of roses. I also saw the notebook that the fellow fan held up and gave to Stevie. And yesssssss! I got to shake Stevie's hand again for the second time this tour and I was totally awestruck. Again I told her thank you and she said thank you back! I won't forget this night!! It was the most beautiful experience of the 3 concerts I have attended this tour and the Nashville fans were fantastic. Thank God for my wonderful mother for helping me in all three of my quests for tickets. Thank you Stevie for doing all of this for us! We will not forget you!!!!

Thanks again to the Nicks Fix.

from Brett W. Golddustr3@aol.com
WOW!! What a night. It all started when a buddy and I left Thursday morning at 6:15am from Chicago, long drive but worth every 528.1miles. We arrived at our hotel at 4:00pm to the pleasant suprise of busses parked on the side of the hotel. While checking in I could not resist asking the hotel clerk who's busses they were and her answer was Stevie Nicks. After picking myself from off the ground and the goosebumps went away I had to ask for the connecting room. Well needless to say that was taken so she offered me the same floor. My door was propped open all day and all night jamming my stereo with Stevie playing loud in hope she would walk in and do a live personal performance. After a few beers I went to the lobby to charm the desk clerk into giving me the room number. WOW again, she was across the hall and 4 doors down. This got me even more pumped for the show the following night. I didn't get to meet her but I did get a glimpse as securtiy was standing at her door with it propped open. That was more then I could of ever expected.

Finally the moment we had been waiting for was here. Arrived in the parking lot of Starwood at 6:30 after the short 10 minute drive from the hotel. The weather at that time was rain but I was not going to let that dampen my night. We popped the trunk and pulled out our beers while jamming Stevie from the car stereo. The man directing the cars into the spots was dancing to the music and smiling while directing cars. We decided after a couple of drinks to head in and pay the big bucks for the beer. With a nice buzz going at this time I decided I had to have one of everything at the souvenir stand. The girl assured me that I would be able to bring it out to my car before the show so I wouldn't have to lug it with me. At the gate security told me if I left I couldn't get back in. What was I going to do? Well, I went back to the souvenir booth and told her she had lied. She then offered to keep the merchandise behind the counter till after the show (Thank you Meloney). We decided after checking out the crowd to head to our seats 5th row ( Thank you Vince and Melissa for the ticket stubs). Boz was good but couldn't wait to get him off the stage so we could see the Queen Gypsy herself. The moment was here. As her brother read the definition of Enchanted it was hard to hear from the roar of the crowd but we all know the real definition of Enchanted is "Stevie". At that time I figured it would be a good time to whip out the camera and get some shots. During Stand Back they allowed the crowd to rush the stage and of course I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way. This was the 13th time I have seen Stevie solo and the 10th time I have been lucky enough to get to the stage. This concert was for sure her best. I hope my wife will look this good at 50!! I wish she looked that good at 30 ( if your reading this honey, that is just a joke. You are my Queen). I can't even tell you how fast the time goes at a Stevie concert. I wish she would of done the whole box set twice but she had to be in Kansas City. I could go on about her beauty and the song set but you have read that a 1000 times.

After the show we went back to the hotel to find a bunch of people waiting for her return. We grabbed our cooler and headed to the lobby. She did not return but I had a lot of fun talking about the show with everyone. At about 3:00am I decided to head back to the room. I wouldn't want Stevie to see me in that condition anyway. Well I think its time to make reservation for the Portland show. oh yeah, I received my pictures back and they are killer!!!!! Hope you people that hasn't seen her yet have a fun and safe time. Rock on Gold Dust Women!!!

from Van
I have read the other Nashville reviews, and they have captured the atmosphere and intensity of the show. For me it is actually hard to describe. My best description in short......beautiful and intimate. Over the past 20 years I have seen many great shows by most of the big names, but this "Enchanted Tour" is special. I must confess that I was never a die hard Nicks fan, although I always had a keen appreciation and admiration for "The Voice". I also had never been to the same tour show twice. Then comes Indianapolis June 6th. I was completely enamoured by the way Miss Nicks and crew exercised her craft! Then, I am not sure exactly what happened, but I was looking for another show in the area. Here comes Nashville July 10th. This show some how was better than Indianapolis. Maybe the familiarity of the set, but I truly believe it was the added beauty of the Nashville crowd that complemented this evening! I did not meet a stranger, everyone was friendly and courteous. Thanks Nashville for your hospitality!.....and to anyone who loves beautiful music, BE CAREFUL! one show may not be enough!! Also to Miss Nicks, I pray you remain healthy, for I am a very selfish and would like to see you again!!!


P.S. To those in section 202 the last row.......No I did not leave after LANDSLIDE, just found a better seat. 4th row front and center!!

from MM
I couldn't begin to completely describe just how incredible the Stevie Nicks concert was on July 10, 1998 at Starwood in Nashville TN was. It will remain etched in my brain as one of the most memorable nights of my life. I've waited ever since I heard "Edge Of Seventeen" for the first time back when I was in highschool(in the early 80's) to see Stevie in a solo show. What a Killer Show! The weather was perfect, the crowd, perfect of course Stevie was Perfect! She sounded great, looked great and tore that stage up! I had great seats to begin with and then made it to the stage to see her up close and YES, to shake her hand! What an honor, for someone who is that talented, gifted and beautiful, to take the time to get close to her fans. I just hope that she realizes just how much her music, words and voice have meant to me and her fans over the years. She can touch my soul like nobody else can. Thank you Stevie for a night I'll never forget and music and words that I will carry with me always. Thanks to Nicks Fix for keeping me close to Stevie If you haven't seen this show, You Must!
from Kasey
Okay, I have seen Stevie twice now, and I'm only fifteen years old!!!! First, I saw her at the Boston one, and she was ENCHANTING and fantasic. Then, I left my small town near Boston and went to Nashville to visit relatives. On the fourth of July, my uncle surprised me with Stevie tickets. That was exciting in itself. When we got to the show, I could feel the magic of Stevie in the air. I was prepared with binoculars this time. Boz Scaggs was really good, and was in a really upbeat kind of a mood. Then, the anticipation of Stevie filled the air. I put the binoculars up to my eyes, and began examining the wings of the stage. Nothing interesting happened for five minutes or so. Then, Stevie was in the left wing (your right). I was totally breathless and hopelessly enchanted. Then her brother read from the dictionary as always. Stevie came out with the roses for one lucky fan, and I was wishing I was the lucky one. The only song that she didn't do was "Atop Draggin' My Heart Around," and I am still curious as to why. Stevie could have sang "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and I would have been one happy Stevie fan! She was so sweet and so happy. She didn't cry the same way during "Landslide" in Nashville as she did in Boston. I loved both shows and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I love Stevie!!!!!!!! She's awesome, and she left this wild heart "hopelessly enchanted..."
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