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June 6, 1998: Deer Creek - Indianapolis, IN

from Anonymous
A review from the two black robed Rhiannons in Indy...

Stevie sounded and looked great, reminiscent of the old days. It was a pleasure to hear some of the never-before-done-live songs such as Garbo & Sleeping Angel. The stage was magnificent - with a giant translucent Oriental fan backdrop with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours. The band showcased Stevie's music fabulously.

Stevie looked like she was having a great time. She was very talkative and animated. She twirled and spun around just like the Stevie of yesteryear. The crowd went wild. Stevie, you said Let's do this again. Let's do! Don't forget Indy.

We had 3rd row seats but were able to move to the front to take Stevie's hand during Edge of 17. The security guards were cool - as were our limo drivers, Marlon & Jeff. Thanks guys!

For anyone with doubts about attending a show, we urge you, GO TO THE CONCERT. YOU WILL NOT FORGET THIS NIGHT.

Stevie, thanks for coming to Indy. You remain ageless. We love you. It was great to meet friends old & new, such as Bob from Bloomington, Michael from Mishawaka, and Jennifer. Hi, David! Thanks so much. You are our Lindsey. - Christine, Rene, and our Mick, Skippy!

from Sky
We arrived early enough to see Boz's show and it was a good set. It set the mood for Stevie's entrance. People got up and jammed on Boz's last song "Lido Shuffle" and within 20 minutes the lights went down and it was time for Stevie to take her place. Her band emerged, then, to the strains of "Outside The Rain", she entered. Stevie does not look fifty nor seem as if she has lost any energy. If anything she has found energy. The songs were right on the mark as well as Stevie and the band. Everything was in it's own space and the audience was receiving the passion and energy from Stevie and her powerful songs and words. This is the second time I have saw Stevie solo and also the second for this tour. I felt that at this show the crowd was definatley into it more. Stevie talked, smiled, laughed, danced. Some personal favorites from the tour are "Gold and Braid" , "Sleeping Angel", and "Stand Back". When Stevie sang "Rhiannon" I couldn't help but think how many people are touched by it and how that song transcends time and space. Stevie commented on how it was an unseasonably cool evening, and said something to the effect of it seeming wintery. During "Edge of Seventeen" she and Sharon sang harmony at the front mic, and it was beautiful. When Stevie went to shake hands and receive the things people had to give to her during the end of "Seventeen" she spent quite a few minutes down front. I could she the happiness on her face and she seemed so pleased that we were all enjoying ourselves at the show. Stevie said to make sure we give the love back in our lives so we can all come back and do this again. She is beautiful, but more than that, sincere. I wasn't down front and didn't get to look her in the eye or shake her hand but she made me feel like I had gotten to. She has so much love for her fans and it shows. When she closed the show with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" the lyrics were appropriate-Has anyone ever written anything for you/ in all you're darkest hours, have you ever heard me sing? Well yes, Stevie you have, and you have helped more people than you'll ever know by writing those songs that will remain forever. Stevie said that she had hoped that her words and music could touch people and help them no matter where they were in their lives. They do and this show was a testament to Stevie's love for her fans and the fans love right back. This wasn't a concert but an experience. Please, if you get a chance GO to her show. You will be glad you did. Rock on!
from VG
Stevie was at her best last night in Indy! I've never seen her so happy and energetic. She really enjoyed talking to the audience. If that's "50", I can't wait.... She dedicated Landslide to her brother because "he's always so sad" and she wants him to cheer up! My favorite song (they are all great, of course) was Twisted. I just love that song! Edge of 17 is always exciting....the flowers, gifts & handshaking part was really fun to watch. She got a lot of jewelry & a really neat doll. It was sad when it was all over, I wanted her to keep singing! To all of you that are still on the "list" ....... enjoy the show. =)
from Amanda Cummins "sara a."
Let me just start off by saying that I'm still on a totally other level. I just got back from tonights show at Deer Creek, Indiana....and wow!!!!! I saw Stevie Friday night also at Polaris in Columbus and tonight she sounded ten times better. Well when I first got to Columbus yesterday I couldn't say that I really knew much of Boz Scaggs, but let me tell ya if you haven't gone yet....they ROCK!! Friday nights crowd was just like polite with him since he was the warm up band...but tonights crowd at Deer Creek loved him....he recieved three stand ovations and the crowd was on their feet and dancing with him. He totally seemed to love our enthusasim(sp) as we did theirs.

Ok, so after what seemed like forever Stevie comes out and begins the set. Since everyone already knows the set I'm not going to go song by song but just highlight the exciting things I noticed. Well at the Columbus show I was seated second row and when I turned around the entire, I mean entire venue was on it's feet dancing (even all the way out on the lawn). It gave me chills being a part of it...there was so much energy being projected at the stage that it was easy to forget how cold it was...we were all like in a totally different world. So everyone is singing along and dancing, and i'm screaming my lungs out with every note. Stevie sounded sooooooooo good and she looked really great. When it came time for her to do the accustic section Friday night she really didn't talk much in between shows but tonight..she just seemed to be so overwhelmed with the crowds responses to her that a couple times she turned away to gain her composure. I can't even remember exactly how every word went but I did my best at sneaking in a camera and tape recorder and have both shows recorded....so i'm sure once i come down from this cloud that I can fill anyone in since my review is really rather vage...but I'm so excited right now it isn't even funny.

I guess I'll just jump right ahead to the moments that just touched me so much in the show. When watching some of her older concerts I just always loved how much she loved and appreciated the crowds and her fans. Friday night was my first time at seeing her solo...and it was just so amazing!!!! During the Edge of Seventeen I had read the reviews how everyone moves forward towards the stage so when i heard the congo solo I moved in and was standing directly next to the stage in front of her. She comes out and she looks amazing and the crowd is just going nuts for her...and she looks up at all of us and her eyes start to swell up with tears...it was so sad but so sweet. So here i am in totally awe of her dancing and singing the best I can and then she comes down to the crowd and I'm thinking I'm directly in front of her I'll just reach up and try to like touch her shawl or something and the next thing i know she's coming towards me and reaches down and I touch her hand but then the next thing I know she takes both of my hands and starts squezzing them, then reaches down and gave me a hug (not like a big hug, but a little like squezee)and goes."your so beautiful, I love you too" Let me tell ya if my boyfriend hadn't of been behind me I would have hit the ground...it was so unbelieveable!!! But tonight at Deer Creek when she came out to perform all her words just seemed so sincere and so many times through the night she was moved to tears...esp. when she came out for edge of seventeen again. Some were trickling down her check...seeing her cry and the happiness in her face just made me feel so great to be a part of this and to be one of her fans. Well again I rushed the stage and being somewhat slim forced my way to the very front again. Now if I thought Friday nights encounter with her was something...then I was crazy cause she starts going across the stage again...and I'm thinking you know last night you were lucky maybe tonight you won't be..but I was wrong. She's coming by and again my hands are in the air and i'm screaming and then she reaches down and grabs my hand again and looks at me and says,"columbus, now deer creek, where to next" and I screamed West Palm Beach on the 4th and she smiled and goes "see ya there". I was so excited because it was like she had remembered me from the night before...and It just totally blew me away.

Oh, i forgot....Friday when we were heading to columbus I was joking around about how she was coming from Riverbend and no more did I say that but a tour bus comes into the lane next to me and we followed all the way into the back stage area, where we were asked to leave, but it was still exciting...then tonight after leaving deer creek my car got stopped to let a limo out and we were folling it down to the interstate and my boyfriend is swearing that stevie was in there cause he says he saw her...who knows...but if so then it's still really cool.

Well this was quite a long bit and I know i didn't really go into detail with the songs but it's like 3:42 in the morning and I'm still just sooooo excited. Well I wish the best concerts for those of you who haven't seen her yet....your going to have a great time. I'm counting on my fingers, counting on my toes, counting down the days till the palm beach show. :) YEAH!!!!ROCK ON!!!

from Daniel
Sure it was close to a three hour drive both ways and we did get lost on the way there, but Stevies voice made up for everything and anything else that could've gone wrong.

First of all I was suprised at the turnout, I'm 21, and I was a little tooken by how many other younger people that were there.

Her set was exactly the same as opening night. She was beautiful, she was looking really thin, her outfits were beautiful, I like the Cranberry one and the Ivory one, I love the black of course, it's just refreshing to see some other colors on her.

My only regrets. I wish I got better seats, I was in the lawn. I wish I didn't bring my binoculors, Yes I wish I *didn't*. I saw something really touching before the show started, I saw a blind man being led to a open spot in the lawn. This is what it is ultimately about isn't it? Yea we all want to see fabulous Stevie, what's she's wearing etc. But it's really the music and that beautifull torchored bruised *enchanting* 'What Can I Do When I'm Crazy For You' voice that we all probably in awe of most, right? I spent too much time keeping my binoculors steady, which was difficult because I was shaking, this *was* the first time I've seen Stevie Nicks live. I spent so much time worrying and fiddling with them. So if you go and are in the lawn, don't take the binoculors. Relax and enjoy the music! When you use binoculours, you are not listening to the music, you are watching Stevie and through binoculors it just isn't the same. The concert is going to go by really fast, so don't spend precious time concentrating on a ultimately distracting item.

SO go and listen to that voice. She sounded great. Deer Creek has a really good sound system, I thought. Stevie definately put it to the test. If you lived anywhere near that place, I'm sure that voice gave you goosebumps.

There shoud've been another encore though. After "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" the crowd was probably at it's loudest. I really wish she did just one more song. "I Can't Wait" was missed.

from Kim
I went to the Indy concert last night and it was even better than the Cleveland concert that I attended at the beginning of the week, if that is possible. Stevie was so happy to be there. She told us four or five times how happy she was to be doing this again and kept thanking us for being there.. She started crying in Landslide, Edge of 17 and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You because she was so overwhelmed with the crowds response. She even grabbed Sharon at one time and started shaking her telling us how happy she and Sharon were to be doing this again. I was sitting 10th row center so I had an incredible view. Stevie looked and sounded beautiful and was so energetic and happy that she had the crowd on their feet the whole time!!Just when I thought that my night could not get any better, we got to go to the edge of the stage for Edge of 17. Stevie was crying when she started shaking hands with everyone, people were going crazy just to touch her. When she got to me she bent over and took both of my hands and held them, she told me how happy she was to be there and how happy she was that I was there, she then squeezed my hands, said, Thank You sooo much, winked at me and moved on. This made my whole night. I was impressed with how sincere, open, and loving that this lady is with her fans. She is so grateful to all of them. It was worth every penny and the four hour drive that it took to get there. This lady still rocks better than ever!!!
from Teresa Henson
And an Enchanted time was had by all~

Greetings All~
Stevie Nicks is indeed a phenomenon. The impending storm clouds that had been threatening all afternoon cleared and by the time our Queen hit the stage the sky was starlit with an almost full moon that topped the magickal evening we were about to experience. A beautiful multi-colored stained glass spiderweb back drop was the centerpiece of an elegantly appointed stage that also included dusky rose, mauve and ivory draperies. And of course the obligatory chiffon tied to and streaming from Stevie's microphone finished the absolute perfection of decoration.

From the reading of the meaning of Enchanted to the last chords of "Has Anyone Ever Written...", Stevie wrapped us up in her life and asked us to find our own meanings and answers in the eloquent lyrics she has written over the years. Ever gracious and loving to her fans, she shared with us the more intimate meanings behind songs in the acoustic set. It was like listening to an old friend tell you of her personal past. And when it came to the rockers you ask? Well, let's just say the lady can still kick up her platforms! Her voice is in fine form~the best I've heard in years. She hits the high notes with confidence, and isn't afraid to get down and dirty at the the end of the classic "Edge of Seventeen" with her throaty growl-howl. Oh, and you will cry. She has the innate ability to invoke/evoke such deep emotion that you can't help not to.

She is beautiful, ethereal and otherworldly. She is the Timeless Face. She will Enchant you.

It was also wonderful meeting Michael Stephens again from the Enchanted mailing list, and his friends and other list members that I missed at the Mac concert last year. Patricia, Missy, Craig, Gary and friends were a hoot to hang with before the show. Rock On guys! I hope you all had as profound an experience as I had. And to all of you who haven't seen Stevie yet~you are in for an experience of a lifetime!

Blessed Be:-)

from Duane Woeste - Cambridge, Minnesota
First of all, let me make one thing very clear, go and see this tour. I was able to go the the Chicago show which I thought was wonderful. That time I went with my sister and we got to shake Stevie's hand. (Read the Chicago review I wrote.) My wife and I went to the Deer Creek show, kind of a mini vacation, with no expectations of being able to top the experience I had at the Chicago show. But much to my surprise, it exceeded my wildest dreams.

I'll say it again. Stevie's fans are the greatest. We met so many great people that night. As I was standing in the beer line, my wife struck up a conversation with a keyboard technician for the show. We talked about what it was like touring, being away from home & family as well as what we thought of the previous shows. I told him that this is the best I have ever heard Stevie sing!! He did clear up the "stage right - stage left" terminology for me.

As the show started, we were pumped because we had great seats "stage left" about 14 rows back. This show sounded better than her Chicago show. Stevie was even more moved by the crowd this time. One time during the show while talking to us, she stepped away from the mike to refocus. The crowd went wild!!! She wasn't afraid to show her emotions or express her appreciation for the loyalty of her fans. She told some very interesting stories about how she came to writing a song or dealing with a certain period in her life. She is very inspiring to me as a fan.

The music, without going through the whole set, kicked butt!! Here are the highlights!!!! "Stand Back", WOW!! The band and Stevie rocked. Big sounds and a big finish. The transition from "Rose Garden" in to "Sleeping Angel" is riveting!!! Whole Lotta Trouble was awesome, and I'm really beginning to like this song more than some of her popular Top Forty songs.

After Landslide, my wife and I were able to make it down again in front of the stage (left that is). I couldn't believe this is happening!! The great thing is that my wife was there with me this time. When Stevie came out for Edge of Seventeen, she stood right in front of us and danced a bit looking confident, sexy, and totally in control. As she started singing, it was great watching all the people who helped put on the show stand in the wings to what her wrap up the show. We even saw the keyboard technician who we met before the show and waved to him. As Stevie made it down the line to shake hands, I felt so lucky to have this experience twice. When she took my hand and held it, this feeling of total comfort came over me. Then she looked right at me. I couldn't say anything!!! Then she shook my wife's hand and looked at her. This was too cool!!! When the song ended, I was handed back stage passes by the keyboard technician. This went way beyond what I was expecting.

As we went backstage, we were told that we wouldn't be meeting Stevie, but we were going to meet some of the band members. Frank Simes, the lead guitar player, came out and asked us how we were doing. My wife who is not afraid of anyone, get this, said, "Well actually, could I get a Diet Coke?" And Frank said sure!! She commented on how she liked his shirt and then asked if Michael the keyboard technician was around. We just wanted to say good bye and thanks for the passes. He was able to come out and we said thanks. We thanked Frank for a great show; he commented that this was one of the best shows so far. We then met Kevin Stoller and Brett Tuggle. Both very friendly and nice to talk to. We would have liked to stay longer, but these people are very busy.

As we left, we were on cloud nine!!! We weren't even disappointed that we didn't meet Stevie. For us it was hearing some real great music, meeting some very nice people, and making some wonderful memories!!! Go see this show!!

from George
I flew in from a weeks vacation in Orlando to Indianapolis. We left 100 degree temperatures and landed to be greeted by 52 degrees! The concert was probably the best one I have seen. I even attended the Dance concert at Noblesville in October of 1997. This was even a better show. The sound system was perfect for Stevie and was somewhat distorted on the Dance tour. The fact that she talked t on tour or with her buddies from Fleetwood Mac. Keep touring Stevie....we all think your awesome!!!!!
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