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June 5, 1998: Polaris - Columbus, OH

from Anonymous
I just got home from the Polaris show in COlumbus and only 2 words come to mind Enchanted ;-) and Inspiring---- STevie was so AWESOME!!!!!! despite the cold snap we are currently having here in Ohio. GO STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Anonymous
Hello! I just got back from Stevie's show at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio!! It was a really good show!! The weather was unusually cold (low 50's) but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm. The set list was the same as the opening night and the sound was fantastic!! It wasn't a sold out show, however, as there were many empty seats in the pavillion area. Still, the crowd seemed to love every minute of it as Stevie tore through the set. I'm 28 years old and I've loved Stevie's music since the early 80's but this was my first chance to see her perform!! I can't believe how strong her voice was and how she can still "rock" at her age!! It's hard to pick a favorite song out of this show because they were all great!! I loved Gold and Braid, Stand Back, and Gold Dust Woman though. Boz Scaggs did a great opening set but many people were still arriving as he played. Right now I'm still a little dazed and confused from it all but I'm planning on going to Indy tomorrow!!!
from Anonymous
I have seen Stevie 10 times and i most say this was the best....she sang like there is no tomorrow...she thanked everyone for everything....but the biggest part of the night was at the end of edge of seventeen she shoke my hand...i cried....she did everything perfect..i am sorry if my typing is bad but i just got home...please go see the show...it will make you cry, scream, and have a ball...what can we say
from Mike Turner
from Anonymous
3:05 AM.....just got home from polaris ampitheater...drove 3 1/2 hours to finally see her.....stevie nicks rocks...i have waited over 15 years to see her... had tickets for buffalo in 1983, but show canceled...it was well worth the wait....the lady is awesome... the band was awesome...despite the cold weather, columbus saw a show that won't be forgotten for a long while.........the voice, the beauty, stevie nicks
from Anonymous
Cold, dreary and ugly in columbus? Who would have noticed at Polaris from 9pm on? I was amazed, entranced and completely enchanted the entire concert. I have followed Stevie since I was 12 years old and heard "Dreams" for the first time on the radio. Some folks think I'm crazy because of my enthusiasm, charm and adoration to someone I don't know. I think I know enough to say that I can FEEL so much when Stevie sings. So much of what she says is like a diary of my own life that it takes very little for me to be moved to tears by her music. She has so much energy and depth in her. As a person recovering from drug abuse, I couldn't be happier to see her sing sober. She sounds and looks better than ever and I'm so happy that she has not become a victim as so many other "legends" have. I have experienced some of my best and worst moments in life listening to her words. (and survived it!) Stevie, you're the best....when you rock a little......and when you rock alot! Love Ya!
from Christine
I just wanted to say that Stevie was awesome at Polaris here in Columbus Ohio. She looks great, sounds great, and really can put on a show that you'll remember for a long time. I've seen Stevie almost 10 times, and have taken a plane out of town to make sure I was abe to see her again in another town. That's how much I love seeing her perform. She really can touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes (happy tears), because what she sings about is so very true. She's been an idol of mine for a long time, and I wish I could meet her someday. That would be so cool. Stevie, "keep on rockin".
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