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June 23, 1998: GTE - Virginia Beach, VA

from Johdak
The Virginia Beach show was all I expected and more. Stevie was fantastic. Took the stage at approx. 9:00 and sang her heart out in extremly hot and humid night. Other than making one small comment " it sure does get hot here " it didn't seem to bother her. She didn't miss a beat. The concert came to a close at 11. White Winged Dove was the highlight of the evening !!! What a job she did with that song. I'm so glad i got to see her finally. Well worth the wait !!! The fans in Manassas are in for a treat on Wed.
from Kelly
Stevie Nicks put on a wonderful show. She sang with such heart and sincerity that she was mesmerizing. I loved her acoustic set in the middle of the show. Gold Dust Woman with the gold shaw and her dancing was amazing. It truely was an Enchanted evening.
from Dave Daniels
Stevie Rocked last night. I went to the show with my brother and we were in the right place at the right time. We had seats in row 205 but were offered tickets from Stevies staff to go way up front. Treated like a VIP in 11th row, front and center, Stevie had to see us . Toward the end of the show the crowd rushed up to the stage and were allowed to stay there and Stevie started at stage right going down the line shaking hands. I made my way over to the stage just in time to shake hands with Stevie. A very tearful Stevie was incredibly kind. She made so many dreams come true for some lucky Virginians last night. Rock on Stevie! You were great!!
from Eric
So what else is there to say that hasn't been said in this forum already? Stevie was absolutely stunning last night in Virginia Beach. It was hotter than the hinges of hell, and I kept imagining how Stevie must have felt, drapped in that long black velvet dress! At one point, she wiped sweat from her brow (SHE SWEATS!!!), and said, "Boy, it sure does get hot down here!" But even though she didn't move around too much (only one good twirl during GDW), her voice was in fine form. My personal favorite moment was the acoustic trilogy. The crowd was large, but seemed a bit lethargic too, and I think it was because of the heat and humididty. Stevie also talked more than I have ever heard her, and she seemed more connected to her audience that I've ever experienced the six times I've seen her.

On another note, I have smuggled cameras into concerts since I was 15, and last night was no different. I snapped away about 24 GREAT shots, and was working my way down the front row just in time for Edge of 17 for some extreme closeups when suddenly four VERY rude bouncers cornered me, escorted me off to the side, and pulled the film out of my camera! DAMN! Plus, I missed the "stroll" along the edge of the stage! By the way, for those of you wanting to rush the stage, your cue is when Stevie leaves the stage and the bongo solo begins. That's just prior to Edge of 17. And, finally, I thought Boz was just awesome. I've always loved his music, and last night proved that he is great musician. All in all, a fantastic show!

from Anna Gibson - Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
June 23rd 1998 will be forever etched in the minds of myself and my friends. That was the night we saw Stevie Nicks at the GTE Amphitheater in Virginia Beach Va. She was OUTRAGEOUS! Having seen her before, I expected very much the same great show however, I was to be surprised. For almost two hours she was in great humor, voice and character. She looked and sounded , if possible, better than she did in October (in Maryland), when I had seen her with FWM. Her intro onto the stage was magical as I and the others hailed and cheered uncontrollably. She put all of her energy, and with that new svelte body she had plenty, into pleasing us. She did not disappoint! All of the songs, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Enchanted, Edge Of Seventeen........etc......ROCKED the house. Even some of the lesser known material, heard for the first time on the new 3 Disc Set, were sung in smooth Golden Honey voice. Stevie Nicks has one of the most unique voices of modern rock and she was in fine form both physically and vocally. I cannot wait until the next concert tour and can only hope that Stevie feels the same way. If Stevie is still ROCKING at 80 I'll be in line for those tickets! My friends and I talked and partied to the new collection and relived the concert until the early morning hours, boy that wine hangover takes its toll as we get older but sooooooo worth it when you are happy! Rock On my Queen, forever etched in our hearts, there is no other that can compare!
from Tracey
Well let me just start off by saying that everything that I have read on the NixFix from her previous shows is ALL TRUE!!! STEVIE ROCKS THE HOUSE!!! Me, my husband, my favorite Aunt (who has rocked with Stevie & FM for years) and my Uncle were fortunate enough to sit in the Orchestra section, 2nd Row!!! It was for me.... a dream come true. Words just cannot describe how I felt on this night.

From the moment we arrived at GTE, you could feel that this was going to be a special night. The weather was very humid, but that did not stop a very large crowd from rockin' with Stevie. Boz performed very well and he got the show started but just as soon as Chris came out and read the definition of "Enchanted" the crowd went wild!!! Her song set was much the same as previous shows but I just cannot express how GREAT Stevie looked!! Her voice was perfect. In fact, she sounded just as good, if not better, than if you were listening to her on CD. Her voice was strong and she was grinning from ear to ear....you could tell she was lovin' it and having fun. And the crowd was responding to her right back!!! What a feeling!!! Her interaction with us meant so much..... What a wonderful Lady! From where I sat (actually stood) all night, I had the perfect view of her....... She was perfect.....Dreams, Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, Landslide (which she dedicated to a fan...Jodi in the front row....Stevie said that she didn't know anyone in this area), Riannon, Rose Garden, After the Glitter Fades (one of my favorities), Stand Back (she really rocked this one...even in the extreme heat & humidity).....what can I say.........a perfect enchanted evening......

The highlight of my evening was when she interacted with the audience during Edge of 17...and YES...I was fortunate enough to shake her hand........I will never, ever, ever forget this night.....it was for me Enchanted.....Wonderful.....Magical....

Stevie, Thank You for coming to Virginia Beach....Thank you for making my dream come true.........please come back again......soon.......

from Carter Raper
Enchanting. How else could anyone possibly describe the evening? Boz Skaggs was a great way to start the night. With an encore of "Lido", they brought the house down. The second Stevie came on stage, everyone went wild. She is amazing. I adored her self-describing trilogy. "After the Glitter Fades", "Garbo", and "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" were so moving I almost cried. My favorite number was "Stand Back". It started out with so much energy and the energy carried through the whole song. After an emotional good-bye, Stevie came back for an encore and ended the night with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?" I live in Richmond, and I drove two hours in tunnel traffic after work to get to the show on time. Then I had to drive back in tunnel traffic, arriving at 1:30 am and having to go to work at 7:00 am. It was so more than worth it and I would do it all again in a second.
from Jackie
I will close by saying a few things about my husband. First, not to denigrate the Kennedy assassination, my husband says that like people who remember where they were when they received the terrible news, he will always remember that he was on I-64 in Hampton, Virginia at 7:45 a.m. almost 20 years ago when he first heard "Sarah". The second thing is that he continually remarks that never has there been such a lady who could both write and sing as she does and whose music is such that the same song can be listened to either to relax or to get pumped up. Lastly, he has always dreamed of an off-shore fishing boat and when it came time at Rudee Inlet in Va. beach to name his 30' boat he gladly accepted my suggestion that in honor of Stevie, FWM and fisherman everywhere he name the boat "Tell Me Lies."

Rock On, Stevie! Please come back to Virginia Beach!!

from Clay
Stevie Nicks made my year! She was on TARGET! Stevie was GREAT! Always has been, I hope she will tour again, I would really love to meet her and talk for a few minutes, but until that happens I will savor the moment of just shaking her hands(which by the way are really soft) Keep up the Enchantment that only YOU do so well, Love ya, Clay
from Kathy Uhlenbrock
My fiance and I traveled all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to see our 3rd and final concert that we are able to attend. We had front row seats towards the right of the stage. We were right in front of Sharon and Mindy. Stevie looked gorgeous and sounded wonderful. This show was even better than the first 2 shows.

Landslide was dedicated to a lady named Jody who was sitting about 6 seats to my left. I talked with her after the show and she told me that she has been a friend of Franks (Stevie's guitar player) for 20 years.

Security didn't let us go to the stage until the Edge of Seventeen started. I was right there and after all these years of shows and thousands of dollars on tickets, I finally got to shake her hand. She was right in front of me. She held both of my hands and looked directly into my eyes and I told her I loved her and she said thank you so much. I handed her my gold shawl and she draped it over her. What a thrill for me. After making her way back to the microphone she was very overwhelmed and crying. She said that greeting her audience is very hard for her because she wishes she could spend more time and talk with us but she just can't. The tears were rolling down her cheeks. You could see how emotional she felt. She wore my shawl until she left the stage. At this point because of the commotion my fiance was able to snap about 12 pictures of her wearing my shawl, until security told him to stop. We're lucky that they didn't take our film away. I'm trying to find someone with a scanner so I can share them with you. They turned out great. I also have about 50 pictures taken from the previous 2 concerts I attended.

She came back for I Need to Know and she commented that it took alot to pull her emotions back under control. She ended with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. I kept on telling her that "you have" and that "I love you". She looked at me twice and smiled. All to soon the show was over. My heart was still racing.

After the show we recognized Christopher Nicks and we spoke with him for about 15 minutes. We had talked with him on Stevie's last tour 4 years ago as well. He's a really nice sociable person. He talks about anything with you and answers whatever you ask him. I have a jean jacket with the face of Stevie airbrushed on it (the picture is from the inside jacket cover of Other Side of the Mirror Album). He commented that it was a great work of art and he wanted to know who did it and he might want her to do some work for him. Her name is Angel and she works at the Airbrush Place in Philadelphia. He said he thinks he knows who she is and he asked me for her number. I called Angel and told her she might get a call from Christopher. Angel was thrilled.

All to soon the evening came to an end. I'm having fun reading everyone's review, but I'm wishing that I was there. But all I can do is wait until the next time she tours and from what she says - she will!!

from Beth Somers - Crisfield, Maryland
Hello! My name is Beth Somers, and I'm reporting on the June 22nd concert I had the chance to see in Virginia Beach, VA. My friend and I traveled from Crisfield, Maryland (the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland) to Virginia Beach; approximately 3 hours driving time.

Ever since we had seen the Mac Reunion Tour back in November of 97, we were psyched about seeing Stevie when she toured. What a show!!!

The weather was very humid that week. But when Stevie graced us with her presence, her voice sent us the sweetest breeze. After her usual warm welcome, she opened her first set with Enchanted. Perfectly suited I thought, in long black draping lace. She continued to belt out our favorites throughout the night. A major highlight was being knocked out by her accompaniment of a killer guitar on faves such as Standback and Edge of Seventeen. We waited patiently to hear what could possibly be next. Lest we imagine our goddess of the night to serve us a helping of Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Melissa and I flipped out and stood on our chairs for most of the concert and thought that nothing else could top what we had heard so far. Stevie just kept on and on, and then - GOLD DUST WOMAN!

An amazing stage presence with such grace! She is still as vibrant and true to herself as I remember her through all my years of following her music.

So thoughtful, as the show ended and she followed up with a few encores, she accepted flowers and touched the hands of anyone she could reach. And then when you think you know how wonderful she is. She resumes to the mic in tears to apologize because she couldn't spend a lot of time with each person, or to the people she couldn't reach. Most would think at the end of such an upbeat and enthusiastic show that all she would care about was getting backstage and relaxing. She thought of her fans.

Without a doubt, seeing Stevie's Enchanted Tour was THE highlight of our summer, possibly my life since I had never yet had the chance to see her perform solo!

Much appreciation to you Stevie for making my entire summer! You have been with me for many years in spirit and soul.

from Jeannie
I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie @ the GTE ampitheater in Va. Beach and was lucky enough to get seats to the right behind the orchestra pit. What an awesome show. She captured my feelings exactly and she poured out her heart and soul to the audience. One of the nicest touches was her speaking directly to the crowd, it made me feel like she was 'talking' to me. At the end of her shaking hands (w/the lucky ones that made it to the stage), she returned to the microphone, her voice cracking and said "its times like this that I wish I could stay, but I can't, I just can't". She was so overwhelmed by the audience that she started crying. The band took a bow, walked off stage then Stevie came back and said "ok, I've composed myself now" and proceeded with her encore. That made me feel like she is more like us than just a 'celebrity' and isn't afraid to show her feelings.

Rock on and stay cool...

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