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June 21, 1998: Summer Sounds Festival, Charlotte, NC

from Richard
The show last night was excellent! A little late getting started but the wait was worth it. By now everyone knows the song set from reading the earlier reviews. My favorite part of the show was definetly the acoustic set. She seemed a little apprehensive about doing three slower songs in a row, but I think the audience loved it! She did a really great job on Rhiannon,longer than The Dance version. This was my 20th time to see her, either solo or with the MAC and without a doubt one of the best show's. She was so relaxed and really seemed to enjoy just talking to the crowd--she used to NEVER do that. I can't wait to see her Tues in Va. Beach and Friday in Raleigh!!! GO SEE THE SHOW!!!!
from Marybeth Whitmire - 2nd row!
Out of all the times i have seen Stevie i think that this was her best performance ever. There was a small delay at the start of the concert, due to another act on a nearby stage. After the opening of "Outside the rain" and "Dreams" she told the crowd that she appriciated them waiting on her and that she had only waited that long in order to give us the best.. that was really cool i thought. She seemed real happy and was very energetic on stage. She was playing around with the band members and doing a great deal of dancing. She did a acoustic set in which she played "After the glitter fades", "Garbo", and "Rosegarden" (my personal favorite) She explained what all the songs meant to her and was very personal with the audience. she rounded out the performance with "Edge of Seventeen" and then did and encore with "Has anyone ever written anything for you?". After the song she took a moment to talk to the audience to tell us all "to be well and happy with ourselves." And wished a safe and happy night. I took a few snapshot that i will be sending in. The security was pretty heavy with cameras and it was difficult to get a clear shot but i got a couple of shots to share with the fellow fans!!!

This particular concert was cut a little short due to it starting late and she didn't play the full set list, but the quality far exceeeded the quantity!!!

It was truly an "Enchanted" night!!!

from Art
I was very lucky to see & hear Stevie in Charlotte at Summer Sounds. It was an extra stop on the tour. It was the best day in my life! Charlotte stood still and took notice. You were smashed into a crowd which could not get close enough and that was OK. She did 3 extra songs dear to her she didn`t do on the reg. tour program. She postponed coming out (25 min.) to let the other perfoming group finish. Worth the wait! From 11:00 to 12:30 she made life worth living for us who were there. A day I`ll never forget and always cherish! Gypsy; Heart; and the Queen of Rock & Roll were proven that nite.
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