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June 19, 1998: E Center - Camden, NJ

from Andrew
I just got back from the unbelievable Stevie Nicks concert in Camden, NJ! Stevie, to put it simply, did awesome! It was my first concert and what a way to start it off with her. She sang beautifully. Towards the end she sang Edge of Seventeen as she greeted the crowd in the front row. Seventeen had to be the best of the night. She thanked the crowd several times for supporting her and told us that she can't wait to do it again. I sure hope she does, because I'll be the first one there!
from Patty Boyle
Well, I just got home from what I have to say has been one of thee best concerts I''ve ever attended!!!!

Stevie was at her most perfected self. I was told this concert was Magic, and it truly was. She is one of the few artists that sound great live, as well as when they record, and if I may say so, I thought some of the songs were better live.

This concert is a must see event!!! I have seen Stevie before, but this time she has come into her own. She just beems while on stage.

I loved how she opened the show with "Outside the Rain", I have loved this song since I first listened to it, my next favorite was Enchanted, my best friend and I danced almost all night!!!! Everything is just beautiful about this show, the stage the lighting was excellent, and the sound well......alittle bit of heave here on earth.

At moment during the Enchated song, I swear that from where I was sitting the lighting came from behind Stevie and project a rainbow.....it was awesome!! We could not believe the effects.....this was a Magical show my friends.

Well, I could go on and on....I had a great time, Thanks Stevie & band :)

Sweet dreams to all

from BellaDonna
WOW!!!!!!!!!! I saw Stevie in Camden NJ tonight~she was INCREDIBLE!!! I''m 16 and i went with my dad (who got me into Stevie!) She looked absolutely gorgeous and she sang like an angel!! I thought the stage looked awesome as well!! She was so cute how she told her stories behind some of the songs~aw she's such a sweetie! All songs were wonderful~of course the crowd went crazy over "Gold Dust Woman" personally "Landslide" sent chills through my body because her stunning voice made the already great song sound so nice!! This was my first Stevie concert and i loved how people dressed like her~i even saw a girl (must've been 5 yeears old!) dressed like Stevie holding a little tambourine!!! In all Stevie did such a fabulous job and anyone that'll be seeing her soon is in for a great show!! Good night!!
from Sharon
Let me start by saying that I am 33 years old, and have waited to see Stevie Nicks in concert (solo) for many, many years. I was never able to purchase a decent ticket for one of her shows, with the exception of seeing her with Fleetwood Mac back in November.

We had seats in the 13th row, center stage...phenomenal. Boz Scaggs performed beautifully and the crowd was very responsive. It took probably no more than 10 minutes for the crew to change sets for Stevie to come on, and as soon as the lights dimmed, the crowed went wild, and basically remained wild throughout the entire concert. As a matter of fact, I am hoarse from screaming and singing!

Enchanted? You bet! Enchanting? No doubt in my mind. Being a fan of Stevie's through the years, I am still amazed at how she has come full circle. She is amazingly thin, and more beautiful now than she has been since the '70's. Her voice is so much more vibrant now than it has been in years.

The concert itself is hard to describe...mere words can explain the feeling of having been there. The highlight of the night was being able to get to the front of the stage and shake her hand. I am in awe.

She did make a statement as she closed the set with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything...that she wanted everyone to remember her, and that this may be the last time she would tour...I find that very hard to believe, given the fact that her popularity now seems to be at an all time high. Fans from all age groups (there were even "wannabe's" about 8-10 years old!!) simply adore her...and rightfully so.

If you haven't gotten tix for this tour, run as fast as you possibly can to get them. You do not want to miss it!

from ALex D. Falcone
It's a good thing we can type to relay our thought about the show, because I have no voice left. I screamed all night long. When Chris Nicks came out and read the dictionary definition of "Enchanted," I knew we would all be swept away. We were. Completely.

She arrived onstage dressend all in black. She was simply radiant. She smiled broadly and beamed outwardly from the attention she received. She was at home, loving every second. "Outside The Rain" pounded our ears at deafening pitch. She carried a bouquet of roses in her left hand which she handed to a little boy in the frint row (I later found out that the little boy was Lenny Castro's nephew. I spoke to the child's father at the end of the show, and he informed me that he was the percussionist's brother.) She trailed back to her microphone and belted out that song straight from the heart. There was no mistaking that this was love. Love of music. Love of the crowd. Love of the moment. We were frenzied; she was glorified.

From my third-row, center seat, I could see the expression on her face and the little jewel she had placed on her forehead. In looking closely, I could see the Stevie that was a 70's rock icon. She had glimpses of a twenty-five year old woman. My rapture was beyond words. There she was, right in front of me and the 15,000 others who screamed. We knew that she was Stevie. There would be no mistake. The little crouch into the microphone, the twinkle in her eyes, that sly grin. the raw and tangible energy - all were present. She had arrived, and she would take us now into her arms of gossamer and lace. Together, we sang. "Outside the rain, the heart skips a beat.......well, are you lonely?"

Song after song she gave to us. Each one in fine form. Her voice rang true on every note. I was truly happy to know that she could still hit those notes. She did not leave us with the impression that 50 had been fatal. She appeared on stage with the intent of shaking us to our foundations and the desire to touch each one of us as only a rock & roll woman can. She did. I will never forget.

There were truly scintillating moments during this night. Hearing "After The Glitter Fades" for the very first time in concret brought tears to my eyes. The entire "acoustic/electric" set, as she called it, remained the most beautiful part of the show. Surrounded on both sides by her singers and her band, she told stories of where these songs originated and what they meant. She joyfully explained to us with a candor that made us understand where her life had been. My ears knew, from hearing her, that she was sharing her world with us. "Rose Garden" was included here, and it was perfect, just perfect.

As we reached the later part of the show, my voice had already gone. There was a wonderful percussion intro to "Edge Of Seventeen." When the very first chords were played, emanating the familiar riff, the floodgates opened, and the crowd stormed the stage. There we were -- little droplets of water packed into the ocean at the foot of the stage. The white-winged dove took flight. At the song's end, she took gifts from the crowd, touching the hands that reached out to her. She took a ring from a fan and slipped it on her finger, on her left hand. With that ring, she wed us all.

Her encore was brilliant. "I Need To Know" was triumphant. Her power renewed itself and set us into motion. But, the last song, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," gave us the truth about Stevie. She bared her soul to us there on that stage. She sang it to us........."I want you to remeber me." How could we ever forget? She wept. Real tears came down. I cried too. She waved, took a bow with her band, said goodnight and then was gone. Stardust and moonbeams trailing behind her.

I stood there watching as the others made their respective exits, and I marveled at the stage. I saw roadies and crew packing it all up to go to another place -- another place that would surely be enchanted. I couldn't see her anymore, but she was still there. She will never leave the stage, so she will always be there, at home. As my feet started to carry me outside, I knew. I had just witnessed the magic. It was all there.

The night had come to its end. In the car on the way home, I realized that a true idol had just reaffirmed her seat on the throne of the Queen of Rock & Roll. We have crowned her. She wears it well.

Stevie, you're not a stranger to me, and, yes, you're something to see.

from Gail C.
Simply Fantastic! Stevie looked good beautiful, sounded great, was happy and smiling all night, was talkative, was playful, and did a chest high kick plus many twirls and hand movements. Her band was right on and the ladies rocked. The stage was sharp with drapes and the back ground spider web with like-stain glass. The light show was cool. If you don't have tickets, get them! If you do have tickets, then all the reviews you are reading are true, so have a great time! But, get there early, Stevie went on stage at 8:45. No announcement was made on break time from the end of Boz to the beginning of the show. However, get there to see Boz, he was excellent! Having seen all Fleetwood Mac and Stevie's solo tours, The Dance and Enchanted tours topped all others! Stevie's voice is better than ever. Looking forward to the next CD. If you can afford to pay for seating up front, do it -- nothing compares to it. It was great hearing 6 songs that were never performed. Twisted live is better than the other 2 versions, Enchanted rocked, Sleeping Angel was a 10, as well as the acoustic set of songs, but hearing Gold & Braid live again was pure magic! So was I Need to Know, and oh so better than TP. The Queen of Rock & Roll still is!
from Angel
Well, last night, I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend the Enchanted Tour in Camden, NJ! It was the most AMAZING night in my 15 years of life. There is NO word to describe the way I felt when Stevie approched the stage last night. I had second row center stage. I looked right into her eyes. I heard the opening rifs to "Outside The Rain", and just bursted into tears! She walked out onto the stage like the true Queen she is. She went right into "Outside the Rain" and had the audience in the palm of her hand. She looked at me...and I looked right into her eyes and said "I love you Stevie" in a small whisper...and she smiled :) That just set my spirits flying. Stevie then went right into "Dreams" which was truly amazing. After that followed "Enchanted", her acoustic triliogy...which included "Rose Garden", "Garbo", and "After the Glitter Fades". I love EVERY song..I knew everyone word...lol.

After that, followed "Sleeping Angel" which I TRULY love. She once again looked at me some more during this song. I just starred at her...trying to express my deep adoration for her. She twirled, danced and talked. Myself as well as many others hung on her every word. After that, she went right into "Stand Back" which was AMAZING! I SEEN HER KICK! I went insane! I don't really remember the songs completely in order..I was SO mezmorized and entranced that my idol and the poet in my heart was standing right there...right in front of me! Back to the songs.. "Stop Draggin.." was amazing! Many people have said how they cannot compare Tom with this guy...well, to me, this guy was great! He was so sweet...and he had a really nice, strong voice. Finally, came "Edge of 17". Before the show started, I BEGGED the guard guy to signal me when it was time. He promised. The guys next to me (thanks!) pushed a chair away so that I could get right up there! I was RIGHT THERE! Right under the mic! Starring right at her...crying.. She started her walk. I had a beautiful doll that I bought for her..(since she collects dolls)..and I waited for her to get to me. The moment came. She stood right next to my mother...took her hand and said "Oh, thank you so much"..then, right over to me..she took my hand very gently..just as she went to, like, look and take the doll...some dumb guy (that I hate now) threw a black shaw at her..and it fell on me..and by the time he stopped carrying on...she had moved on. She seen the doll earlier and was smiling at it :) Even though I didn't get to hand the doll directly to her..touching her hand was more than I could have hoped for.

Being right there...right under her just knocked me out! Some more highlighs of the night: Mindy smiled at me a whole bunch of times! :) So did Sharon. They both smiled when they seen me at the stage with the doll :) Carlos smiled at me...(I almost died). The bassist was laughing at my mother when she was dancing...LOL. Stevie smiled at me a lot. Everytime she smiled and looked at me, I felt like I was just gonna die at that very second! I know i'm rambling...and i'm sorry...i'm almost done :) Anyways, I met these great people there. From the left of me..there was a really nice guy sitting there who called me "The Stevie historian" LOL. Then, there was a man from the Nicksfix..I forget his name..but, HI whoever you are :) and his friends who were so funny :) They added to the enjoyment of the evening. I bought a beautiful t-shirt. The color is cream kind of...with Stevie's face covered in lace. It's so beautiful. My mother also took a best buy promo poster for me...LOL. Well...I guess thats it.

Anyone who is thinking of skipping Boz Scaggs...DON'T! He was GREAT! His backup singer, Lisa, was AMAZING...she was so great. Well, the only thing left to say is that I am just so lucky to have seen her. I don't think that i'll ever forget it. I will NOT forget this night. Oh...one more thing..Stevie's outfits were SO beautiful...and so was she. On televison, Stevie is truly naturally beautiful. Noone can match her beauty. But, to see her in person...you just cannot understand...I cannot describe what a beautiful person she is..inside and out. Well, wherever she is...I hope she read the small not in the doll's basket that I wrote her :) The only thing that she knows is that my name is Angel..I adore her..and I was the girl who gave her the doll...and thats all I want. As long as she knows how much she is appreciated and loved. Well...I'm urging EVERYONE to go get your tickets! This is an evening you will NEVER forget. I don't think that anyone could forget seeing an angel :)

from Russ
Well I just returned from the most magical experience of my life. The June 19th Stevie Nicks concert! Stevie looked absolutly beautiful and sounded better then I have ever heard her sound in concert. You could really tell she was loving it.

Well here is my story!! My sister and I managed to get to the front of the crowd during Edge of Seventeen (when she shakes hands). I had purchased a really neat ring for Stevie hoping I could give it to her but thought it was a real long shot. So Stevie is walking to the fans and comes to Me and My sister. She looked at us and we handed her the ring. She took it, put it on her left hand and shook our hands with the softest most delicate hands Ive ever felt and then thanked us so nicely. At that moment everything got quiet it was MY STEVIE EXPERIENCE!

Ive never been to a show like that and dont think I ever will. My sister summed it up as we left, she said "Now I complete". What a show!

from Rochelle
Tonight I attended the second show for myself at the E Center in Camden NJ, although referred to as Philadelphia by Stevie tonight. I think they call this the Philadelphia show as its right across the river, and its a new outdoor venue compared to the Mann.

It was wonderful to get to do it all again! There seemed to be alot of Boz fans in the audience, they really were cheering for him. This was an unruly crowd in Camden! Our seats were not as good as second row at the PNC Arts center last week, this time we had 5th row but all the way on the end. However, the sound system is good here, so although we were further from seeing her close up, we enjoyed every single song! There also was alot of lawn seat left, unlike the packed PNC last week. Inside was filled, but the lawn was only half full. Security let us stand without being told to sit down like last week. Everyone pretty much stood except for the slower songs. However, I was told to not let them see me take a flash picture. Not that I couldn't just told me if I took it make sure he wasn't looking or turn the flash off. Last week there were no restrictions on pictures at all!!!

The song set was the same beautiful songs she has been doing on tour all along! Stevie sounded wonderful!! Again, she seemed happy and seemed to be enjoying herself totally! Landslide was dedicated to someone named Lenny, I think. The acoustic set was so beautiful again! I wish she would do an MTV unplugged!

Halfway through, I saw the guards dragging someone down the aisle who was kicking and trying hard not to go with them. They dragged them right out of the place! I don't think Stevie noticed a thing though.

During the drum solo we began to make our way closer to the stage, along with lots of other people. Security kept yelling "go back to your seats" to which we ignored them. As soon as Edge of Seventeen started we were at the stage. Unfortunately, this is a very high stage. I had to stand on the bottom of the platform where there was a small ledge to see better. It was great to be up there again! Three different people rushed the stage during the time we were at the stage! I was surprised there was so many that tryed. First this girl winds up on stage and security takes her out the back. Not long later a guy was on stage, and he nearly reached Stevie. She had her back to him. Last, but not least another girl jumps on stage and is taken off. The people standing next to me had brought a tambourine with them. Stevie came back for it as they held it up to her! She dropped it with the rest of the gifts that was collected by a stage hand.

I have one more show to attend, which is the Phoenix show! I'm excited to see it yet one more time, plus with the special guests, it should be great! No one should miss seeing this concert at least one time! Stevie sounds fantastic, the songs are so beautiful live! She is at her best! Its such a treat to hear these songs that we may never hear live again. Her dresses and shawls are so lovely as she spins across the stage, singing with a melody, and nothing else matters. It was a fantastic evening!

from Altbush
Last night I went to the Stevie Nicks concert at the E-center in Camden, New Jersey and it was sooooo AWESOME! Stevie Rocked!
from Isabell55
Just saw Stevie and wanted to tell all that she was absolutely magical. She was so attentive to the crowd, even thanked everyone for coming and spending their money. Don't miss this show. Boz Scaggs, as opening act, was apt to please the crowd, with his old standby songs.
from Michael L.
Stevie was terrrific! It was very hot last night but she had so much energy and looks in great shape. She and her band looked like they really had fun in Philadelphia.

Rhiannon and Whole Lotta Trouble were the best. I really enjoyed Rose Garden and the other accoustic songs. Hopefully she'll do Bella Donna or Nightbird when I see another show in July.

The fans were into the show BIG time. I was in the 4th row and never sat down. I got to shake her hand and give her flowers! It was a dream come true.

from FleetNicks
As the sun went down over the skyline of Philadelphia, I sat on the lawn at the E-Centre in Camden, NJ surrounded by fellow Stevie fans watching the stage being set up for her. I have waited for this day for quite sometime, to finally see my idol, my role model perform live. I heard the crowd cheer, and I think my heart stopped when I saw Stevie Nicks walk on to the stage. Her voice was so strong and she looked terrific. Hearing her perform "Gold Dust Woman" was a dream come true. I was afraid the Fleetwood Mac songs would not sound good with just her but they sounded awesome. Rhiannon was great, Dreams was terrific, and Landslide was beautifully done. The song has always had such a special meaning to me that when I heard her voice I coudn't help but cry. Then Stevie started to rock, Stand Back really got the crowd going. Sleeping Angel and Twisted were also very well done. I didn't want the night to end, before she left the stage she told the crowd, that this is what she loved and she promised she would come back if we promised to come see her. The crowd cheered to her statement and her smiling face said "you're great, I love you." She came back for an encore but were about to leave to beat the traffic, she started to sing, "Has anyone ever Written anything for You". I stopped at the stairs to look at the screen to get one last look and walking back to the car, I sang as loud as I could along with her. People may have thought I was crazy but it didn't matter cause I had seen Stevie Nicks. It was an incredible experience and to those who are still awaiting her concert, its worth it. I said to my friends, if I die tomorrow I wouldn't care cause I got to see her. Her music speaks to me more than anything, its helped me through good and bad. Rock on Gold Dust Woman!!!!
from Hiwayman9
My Enchanting Evening at Camden, NJ....

My day started with me running late to catch my train from D.C. up to Philly, but once I got on my train, I relaxed and started thinking about my evening ahead. I saw this National Geographic ad that had a pix of a tiger that read Here Kitty, Kitty. I immediately thought of Blackcat, realizing that she was probably in the same "Stevie" state of mind that I was. I felt the connection.

I got to Philly in time to hear the hour long interview with Stevie on station 102.7. They really seemed to love Stevie - which made me wish D.C. has a similar station! Of course, I wanted to get to the venue early as I was hoping to upgrade from my back of the pavilion seat. Let me say, I fell in love with Philly. I could live on Walnut Street in one of those second floor apartments above the stores. Very neighborhood feeling to it. And the people were friendly ~ unlike the political white collar types in D.C. I really loved taking the Riverpark ferry over the E-Center, as it went up the river and under the bridge with the red, white and blue stripes. It was great..

I went directly to the box office, and no one was there - first in line so I knew that I had a least some of a chance to get a much better seat. I noticed a small commotion going on around the corner, where a bus had pulled in (a few fans must have thought Stevie was on it). Since I was alone in line, I went over to see if I could see what was happening. Some young Stevie fan was holding a copy of the Wild Heart CD and a pen and was going on and on about how she must see her!! I said, "The Wild Heart. Is that your favorite CD, too?" She sorta looked at me puzzled and said "I just want to see Stevie and she disappointed me." I wanted to remark back in Stevie's defense, but decided I should get back in line. This fan I guess had to do what she needed to do. Anyway, while standing there in the hot sun, a window opened and someone in there acknowledged me, saying the box office would open around 5:30p.m. I had two guys asking me to if I wanted to buy tickets at outrageous prices. One guy really got to me. He said he had front row - I looked at the ticket and it was row G, Section 104. After checking the venue seating chart online about a million times, I told him they were not first row and they were way too the left.. "Oh, you really know this place, huh." A couple finally got in line with me, and this guy on a golf cart came over and asked if someone wanted 2 tickets - free! I thought maybe the couple behind was going to get them - but, the ticket broker grabbed them! I couldn't believe it, so I took a deep breath, relaxed and remembered where I was - and who I was going to be seeing tonight! :-) Finally, the window I was at opened and I went up and asked for the best seat available for one person.. I heard the word Pit, and said I wanted it. I didn't care where at in the pit. 5th row/Center!!! I was in awe. Paid my $57, nervously took the ticket in my hand, and walked over to the river, thanking my stars above. The emotion I felt was incredible. I was going to be right where I wanted to be...near Stevie as she performed her music!!

I love going to a Stevie concert early to see all the fans, and there were many dressed up like Stevie. I mean, let's face it, a Stevie concert is an event!! I also saw a guy wearing a Wild Heart tour shirt, a few home made shirts that I had to let the fans know I really liked - and many, many Dance concert shirts. When they finally opened the venue, I went right to see where my seat was going to be. I was not disappointed! I was hungry so I went to get some food - an overpriced, but good Philly cheesesteak and the best buy at the venue - a $3 lemonade. I also realized that not all Stevie fan's are kindred spirit. I saw four women dressed in lace, flowing skirts, boots, etc. and went over to say hello. They were not very friendly at all. Since I don't know many fans like me, I always felt that a Stevie concert is a great place to meet and talk, but I'm realizing most people don't care too. Oh well. Lots of beautiful Stevie merchandise. The tour books are nice, and so are the shirts! Finally I mosied on over to the edge of the water where you could see the Philly skyline and had my dinner. Boz Skaggs actually started right at 7:30 p.m. and I listened him as I sat watching this large orange sun set over the Philly skyline. I also noticed all these boats anchoring in the water near the e-center, settling in to enjoy the concert on the water. She would even have an audience on the river.

When Boz finished, I knew I had better go to the bathroom, then head to my seat. The place wasn't completely sold-out, but there were lots of people!! The pit was packed, and I ended up going down row 6 where I thought this little girl was in my seat - how do you ask a little girl to get out of your seat - she was so cute..but I realized that I was in the wrong row, and just hopped over the chair to where my 5th row/center seat was at. As soon as I sat down, placed my backpack in a puddle of beer, this pretty young woman next to me asks, "are you Keith?" It was Torri!!! This evening was only getting better. I couldn't have asked for a better fan to sit next to me than Torri!! The Enchanted Angels were looking over us today, as these two seats were definitely selected for us!! Then the lights went out, and the concert was getting ready to begin...

All I could make out of Chris' reading was "to entice.." and welcome Ms. Stevie Nicks. The crowd roared as Stevie walked out and the band started playing "Outside the Rain." I was stunned as she was so close and so beautiful. She looked like an Angel as she immediately entranced this crowd, as she knew she had us!! I just couldn't believe how beautiful and happy she looked - she was beaming! "Dreams" was gorgeous, and when she finished she said, hello Philadelphia, PA. The crowd erupted.

"Enchanted" was simply wonderful live. I have to confess, I noticed very little of the band and the set (except for these long pieces of cloth hanging from each side of the stage that flowed gently with the wind) at first, as I couldn't take my eyes of Stevie. And we connected. She gave me this intense eye contact throughout the show, because she must have noticed that I knew every word. She would just give me these 2-3 second looks. I kid you not! I also would look over at Torri on occasion, and she was just simply into the music!! It was wonderful! She was like me, totally captivated! And the end of "Enchanted" she did this little half twirl near the front of the stage, shaking her finger. She was flirting with us, and we loved it! "Gold Dust Woman" rocked - I believe the stage lights got an intense red for this song. "Gold and Braid", well let me just say Hayley, you are going to love this one! She ends the song with lyrics not in the song. Something like "you broke my heart" if I remember correctly. "Stop Dragging Heart," was right on the money, actually better than I have ever heard it. Then, this really gorgeous, soft music was playing as the band started rearranging everything front and center. Stevie appeared twirling in the beam of soft purple/pink light, and it was time for the acoustic set or as she referred to it as the "acoustic, electric, acoustic" set. It was simply beautiful. Stevie talked about each song before performing. "After the Glitter Fades," "Garbo," and "Rose Garden" were simply gorgeous - you have to hear these performed live. I also realized for the first time how beautiful "Sharona's" voice really is. Stevie was again twirled in a ray of light, as she finished the acoustic set and the band went right into "Sleeping Angel." I must say, Stevie's voice was powerful and beautiful throughout! She simply sounded incredible!

Well, the drumming began and "Stand Back" got the audience going!! Torri and I had been standing ever since the opening number. We sat like 2 second between songs a couple of times, but got right up when the music started. Everyone was dancing to "Stand Back" even this elderly woman next to me who was bickering with her husband throughout the show. I was impressed with her energy!

I loved the beginning piano intro to "Rhiannon." I thought it was much prettier than any version I have heard - and Stevie delivered this crowd pleaser with authority. I swear, our eyes continually locked for a few seconds throughout the show. If you are sitting within Stevie's eyesight, and she sees you singing along on the songs, she will connect with you. I really feel she is looking for the fans that know all of her songs to focus on. Trust me, here!! Its just a feeling....

"Whole Lotta Trouble" rocked!! Without the horn section, the guitars filled the gap and they did it tremendously!! Stevie danced, kicked, enjoyed being up there on this one. Then, the other band members left the stage, and Stevie and her guitarist did Landslide. I loved it!! Before the song, Stevie said she always liked to dedicate it to someone, but since she didn't know anyone in Philly, she asked her guitarist to pick someone out. A guy named Lenny went up to the stage, so the song was dedicated to him. The guitar was very soft, leaving room for Stevie's voice to fill the venue - and it soared. Like an angel. The crowd was singing along, and Stevie led the choir as she sang "I'm getting older too..." Everyone felt the power of this song. Or at least they should have, as I and Torri definitely did. I feel like I can speak for Torri, because when I would catch a glimpse of her, she was totally into Stevie - it was a wonderful thing to see!! :-)

One of my favorite songs was "Twisted." I know many fans love this song, but for me, it has always been one of Stevie's songs that I prefer the lyrics over the music. But, this song totally rocks in concert. The best version I have ever heard!!

A long, and powerful drum solo between Lenny and the main drummer (who had Enchanted on his drum base) and with Don and Carlos hamming it up on the sideline, then "Edge" started and all these people from everywhere rushed the stage. I wanted to bolt, but didn't want to leave Torri behind. So, I looked back, and she had this "let's go" look and with her go ahead, we started jumping over seats. I fell in row 3, but didn't miss a beat, and the next thing I knew I was five feet from the stage, with Torri right behind me. We didn't get close enough to touch, but we were close enough to see her beauty. She was given so many gift, and some fans were throwing things on the stage, which is not a good idea! She could be hit in the eye with a rose stem, so I wish some fans would think about these things before throwing things.

"I Need to Know" rocked the encore, and "Has Anyone.." was the perfect closing song for Stevie. She sang this song to all of us, and wanted us to promise that we would be safe so she could come back and do this again real soon. She said she had nothing else to do, and was sincerely grateful that we had come out and paid our money to see her!! She was really sincere and happy that we had come out!!

I didn't want it to be over, but it was an incredible experience! Torri and I left the venue, I gave her a hug as she went to her car and I went to catch my ferry back to Philly. Having such a great fan to share this experience with me made it even more special. You are special, Ledge Sister Torri. Thank you and I will see you at Nissan. :-)

I pulled out my walkman, and 102.7 was doing another interview with Stevie after the concert. They played Gold Dust Woman and After the Glitter Fades from the final rehearsal for the tour. So, out there somewhere is a copy of the final rehearsal - I would love to get a hold of this. :-)

Stevie is at her best......you will not be disappointed. And in my case, it exceeded my expectations. I left so much out, but I also know I probably wrote to me.. I just wanted to share my incredible, enchanting evening...

from WorGAtack
Stevie was incredible. She was much more animated (twirling, etc.) than either of the two Fleetwood Mac concerts we saw in Camden and Atlantic City. She seemed like she was really having a great time. Don't miss a chance to see her. Her concert is truly "Enchanted".
from Marissa
Enchanted....boy, Chris Nicks sure had that one right. "One who almost brings you to tears." Well, she did that and a whole lot more. She brought the crowd to its feet. I danced and sang the whole entire time. And yes, I even cried a little. Her most powerful song; Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. It was truly a magical evening. I arrived at the E-Centre with my mom at 6pm. We weren't allowed in until 6:30. We stood at the doors to the pit and waited with four other people. Our seats were section 102 row Y which were pretty good. It seemed that everyone used the other doors to get in though. We were one of the first people to our seats. I noticed a man walk out that resembled Lenny. He was talking to a couple who he evidently knew. Sure enough! It was Lenny Castro. I walked over there and asked him to autograph my tour book. He said "sure!" I then asked him if he could get me backstage after the show and he told me "sweetie,I would let you but we've got a hit and run tonight." He wasn't kidding cause after the concert they all flew out of there like a bat out of hell. I did ask him if he could give Stevie my letter (this isn't the first time that I had written her so I was kind of hopping that she might remember me)and the silver dolphin ring that was attached to it (I decorated the envelope and it looked really cool. I was quite proud of myself and I think that Lenny thought it was pretty cool too because he kept playing with the pink ribbon on the back.lol). He was like "I sure will." I was SOOOO happy!!!!

So Boz came on and did his thing which was really good much to my surprise. So Chris read the definition of Enchanted ....yada, yada, yada..... you guys know the set list by now and I can't rave enough about her. She just rocked!!!! She was REALLY talkitive and energetic with us all. The final song..... WOW. I loved how she changed the words to "if it's all I ever do. I want you to remember me." It really made me sad though to know that this had all come to an end. At the end of the song she said something like I've known or I've dated many men (something to that effect) and they've all been poets, priests of nothing, legends (that was pretty cool). She looked beautiful and she was GLOWING!!!! It was such a great night. Everyone had left and I got my mom to stay and wait for the tourbus to leave. We stood near the gate (15 other people were near me) and out comes Lenny and Frank Simes!!!! I also got Frank to sign my book!!!He asked me what my name was and after he signed it I said "thank you SO much!" and he was like "no problem." they hopped on the tour bus and drove off. I never saw Stevie get in but that was okay for some reason.

I really sat down and thought more about it and about the song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" later on that night. At first I couldn't get what it was all about although I knew that I loved it. I finally got it after going back in my mind and thinking. I understand the changes made to the song. I mean, grant it, I have no idea what she was feeling when she wrote the song. I think that I felt more with this song than anything that she had sang all night. It wasn't because I didn't like everything else or because it was the final song. I really understood what Stevie is saying in that song. Especially,"I want you to remember me." She doesn't want to be remembered for the drug problem she had, she doesn't want to be remembered for having an affair with Mick Fleetwood or dating Lindsey Buckingham. She wants to be remembered for her music. It's what she's sacrificed her life for. And she's doing it for us; that really is what Stevie's all about. Her mission in life is to make other people happy. Each song that she sings is like a lesson. She touches our hearts, souls, and minds. She is a beautiful person inside and out. To her, it's all about the music. Her gift to the world. And if it's all she ever does, she wants us to remember her. She's the poet, she's the priestess, she's the legend.For the first time in my 14 years of life I understood why it is that I like Stevie so much. She's genuine and for that, she WILL be remembered. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH STEVIE!! YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON!!!!! LIVE LONG, ROCK ON, AND PLEASE; NEVER GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!

from Zachar
I was fortunate enough to see Stevie three times on this tour. The last of which was the E-Center show in Camden, New Jersey. All of these concerts were spectacular; however, the Camden show was the best! I had the chance to meet Stevie after the show. It was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. There were eight lucky people (including myself) that spoke with her. She was absolutely beautiful and stood close to each of us, and looked at me right in the eyes. I was in such disbelief that I'm not even sure what I said, but I gave her a necklace. She graciously accepted her gift and put her hand out to me. I shook her hand. She then went on to greet everybody else. I will never forget this moment. My dream of meeting my favorite perfromer came true.
from Travis
I woke up around 9:00 a.m. Friday morning. My plan was to leave my house around 10:30 a.m. because I had to head to Laurel first because I had a manicure appointment :-). So I got ready and left pretty much on time. After my appointment I headed up to Delaware to meet my friend Laura. It was a good think I took 95 because I later found out that there was an accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which I would have had to cross if I had used Rt. 50. Anyway, my friend Laura lives in Wilmington, DL and she told me to meet her at the Service/Rest Area just shortly after getting into DL. I got there sooner than expected so I tried to call her at home and on the cell phone but she was not to be found. I just "played it cool" and got myself a slice of pizza and a soda. Laura showed up shortly after. Oh, I forgot to mention that my CHECK SERVICE ENGIN light kept coming on and I didn't know why. I had put oil in the car so I knew it wasn't low. But the car seemed to be ok so I didn't worry too much about it. So after hugs and kisses, I followed Laura back to her cute little atic (sp?) apartment. She lives in a sort of upstairs apartment attached to a house. Sorta like Fonzie on Happy Days. She has it decorated with all the Stevie trimmings. I really like her place. I forgot to mention how I met Laura. I met Laura in 1990 at the Rumours Convention in VA, Beach. There was a Stevie fanzine called Rumours and the convention was put together by the creator of the fanzine. Laura and I have been friends ever since.

We get to her place and she warned me of it being hot. The people who lived below her were away for the weekend and they turned off the AC. How rude! Anyway, Laura called her landlord and told him that she had company this weekend and to come over and please put in that window AC (or whater you call it). So we both took showers and got ready to leave. I called the lady who I was supposed to meet at the box office to get my ticket to make sure our plan had not changed. So we left and headed to Laura's friend's house - Reenie. I also knew Reenie. I had met her in 1992 at the Texas Fleetwood Mac convention. She had not changed at all. A real sweetheart she is. So after a restroom break, we got ready to leave. Reenie had written "Enchanted '98" with shoe polish on the back of Laura's back window shield. We got some stares.

So we get to the venue and we parked. It cost $10.00 to park. What a sin and a disgrace I told the women collecting the money. I know it is not her doing but I had to say it. What a freaking rip off. Anyway, we parked and put in the Stevie tunes and had a couple of beers. I then headed over to the box office to meet the lady who had my ticket. She came strolling up shortly after and we said our hello's. We exchanged our money and ticket and I told her that I would meet her inside and that I had to get back to my friends. She is a real nice person. Later when I sat next to her I told her that I should have asked if she wanted to join us back at the car. She said "oh that was ok, she had friends to meet anyway". I didn't want her to think that I was rude. So I head back then I remember that I was supposed to try and meet Blackcat at the box office. I wasn't sure if I wanted to head back to the box office because it was quite a walk from where we were parked. I'm sorry Blackcat :-(. After just chillin' in the parking lot and talking with other fans, we decided to head in. We missed Boz Scaggs but that was ok. Nothing aganist Boz. I ran into some people I knew from my area here in VA/MD. Oh I'm jumping ahead. First we went to the merchandise booths to see what was available. I only got the tour book because Laura and Reenie had VIP tickets as well as backstage passes. I thought they might get to meet Stevie and I wanted them to try and sign the tour book. I told them to have Stevie sign it to George since he wasn't able to be there. We also sneaked in our cameras :-) But the ladies had mine just in case they got to meet Stevie. So I didn't take any phots of the show.

These reviews take so long, geeez. Anyway, not long after I had been in my seat, the lights dimmed and Chris Nicks came out and read the definition of Enchanted as we all know by now. He was going down the right side of the ramp as Stevie was coming up and then they hugged. We all know what the songs are by now so I won't go into each one, I don't think I will anyway. Stevie looked great and sounded very good. The band was great. I was real impressed with the songs that Stevie had never played before - Enchanted, the acoustic set of After The Glitter Fades, Garbo and Rose Gareden. All we very good. They sounded just as good as the actual recordings. I was impressed. I don't want to ruin it for the others but the song "Twisted" was a real treat. It sounded neither like the demo or the studio version. Let's just say it was thunderous, right Keith, Torri and Blackcat? :-)

As people had already rushed to the stage before "Edge Of Seventeen" even started I was debating if I would run up there. I had nothing to give Stevie. So right at the moment Stevie got ready to make her way across the stage I ran up there and was on my tipy toes. She looked right at me smiling and she shaked my hand. That was precious. I know that I had complained in the past about not liking "I Need To Know" as an encore but it seemed to be just fine last night. I was real impressed with the whole show. Stevie only messed up once that I could tell and that was during Edge. Did you other fans that were there notice it? She started to sing "Well I hear you in the morning" during the part where she should have been singing "The clouds never expect it". But she was able to get back in place.

So after the concert and after walking around trying to find Laura and Reenie, I headed outside to walk around. I found the exit where the tour buses were coming out and Lenny Castro and Frank Simms came over to shake hands and sign autographs. Franks signed my ticket. "After a while" there were about 10 of us who stayed near the gate hoping to get a glimpse of Stevie. But the guards were telling us that Stevie had left already. I wasn't sure to believe them or not becasue the guards always say this. In 1993 at the Presidental Inagural (spelling?) convention at the Captial Center (now it is the USAir Arena) we waited for the Mac to come out when everyone was telling us they left. Sure enough about an hour later, here come Stevie and the rest of the Mac. See why we didn't believe the guards at the E-Center. After talking with other fans, I still had not seen Reenie and Laura. I thought about going back to the car but I thought that they would have still been backstage. Nope - they weren't. I saw them coming around the corner laughing and pointing at me. I ended up talking to this cute straight (at least I think) guy. He say the pin I had purchased at the show and he wanted it. He had a hand full of items he bought and I asked him why didn't he just buy one. I don't know if I ever got an answer. He wanted me to trade with my pin for his key chain. I ended up doing it since I can get another pin this week. So the girls pull up and all of us were talking to the guy. He then offered Reenie $100 for her pin. This was a different one, the one from the "Street Angel" tour. Anyway, he was a little bit tipsy, but so cute. Not hunky, but just cute. Of course we were not about to take his money but me and Reenie were flirting with him while Laura was ready to go. She didn't want to be in Camden any longer than she had to be. So anyway, I won't go into great detail what we talked about with this guy (let your mind run wild), but we ened up saying goodbye and leaving.

Well that was pretty much it. I forgot to mention that I had a tape that had cool mixes of certain songs that Laura and Reenie had never heard. So now I have to make them a tape. This can be a job sometimes.

Ok, I just had a pinacolada (spelling) and now I'm tipsy. We have family over for Father's Day. I need to go get some food now to absord the posion I just consumed :)~

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all fathers

from Andrea C. - Harleysville, PA
Stevie's strength shined through on Friday night in Camden. She was in top form, and gave a spectacular performance. I've had the privilege of seeing Stevie Nicks numerous times, both with Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist. She's always had a way of making the stage her own, but I've never seen her this powerful, this pitch-perfect. The set list (the same as in other cities) is tight as a drum. The songs, the pace, the lights, the sound, the set - they all worked together like a sweet harmony. What a spectacular show!

Stevie was full of smiles on Friday night, as well she should have been. The near sellout crowd was behind her all the way, not to mention on their feet most of the night. As reported elsewhere, her stage banter was light and friendly. It was great to hear her little insights into her songs. Stevie would make an excellent guest artist for VH-1 Storytellers sometime.

Highlights for me included Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon. The songs were perfection, though it was noticeable that they took a different feel without the Fleetwood Mac bandmates (especially the way the guitars became almost incidental to the rest of the music, while with FM the guitars soar at times). The acoustic-electric-acoustic set was pretty and it was mellow. This led into Sleeping Angel, which was lovely. Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen were powerhouses that really brought the crowd to their feet. Stevie took her time collecting gifts and shaking hands with the crowd during Edge of Seventeen. I hope she knows how much her fans appreciate that tradition. I "flashed back" to the last tour when I had the privilege of shaking Stevie's hand (wow, is it soft). It was wonderful to make that connection; I'll never forget that.

One thing that struck me was the diversity of the crowd. This had to be the biggest age-span I've seen at a rock concert. The majority of folks were in the 30 to 50 range, but there were also plenty of teenagers and 60ish folks too. It's a testament to the quality of Stevie's music - it's appealing to people who are hearing it for the first time, and it's eternal for those of us who have loved it for years. A local writer mentioned that Stevie is "revitalized" on this tour, and I think that's true. I also know that she is VITAL to me - her music has provided much of the "soundtrack of my life" for the past 20+ years. There is no one else whose music touches my heart the way that Stevie's does. What a thrill to hear so many favorites performed so beautifully on Friday! Enchanted indeed.

from Sisters in Stevieland
We are still not over Fri. night @ the E-Center. First to start off the perfect eve. WMGK 102.9 in Philly, had the best interview with Stevie you could ever imagine. She was really pumped for this show already and it was only 1o'clock in the afternoon. She talked about how much her fans meant to her and much about her life with Lindsey from the very beginning, It was about 30 min. long, they also played her best songs inbetween bits of the interview which just made the eve. that more special. We left early for the concert,too excited to stay home. When we entered the e-center grounds,we wandered around the scene,buying merchandise,great t-shirts key chains,beautiful tour book etc. taking in all the usual stevie look alikes which always add to these great events.Then in we go to here Boz,he was awesome and very appreciative.Very quickly they changed sets. The glass spiderweb crystal mirror set was incredible,and the lighting with rainbow effects were the best I've ever seen.Stevie has never looked or sounded better,this was my 9th time seeing her. What a powerful performance !!!!! The highlight of the eve. was the percussion solo that led into "The edge of Seventeen" Stevie, You rocked the house!!!!! Everyone started rushing the stage,where my sister Eileen from Fla. and my niece Missy from N.J. were on top of the stage,first time for them both that close. Stevie touched Missy's nix fix button and she also got Stevies white roses, What a thrill,thanks Stevie for the night Sisters in Stevieland shall never forget !!
from Jon B.
I have been a Stevie Nicks "fanatic" since 1985, when I purchased "Rock a Little". Since then, I have devoted much of my free time following the career of this truly fascincating woman. I have seen Stevie solo and with Fleetwood Mac each time they toured since 1989 and consider myself to be somewhat of a tough critic of hers. Well, I saw her in Camden on June 19 and must say was completely blown away. I had read many reviews of her "Enchanted" shows and they all were excellent. But I had no idea what was in store for me. First of all, the woman looks absolutely fabulous. She hasn't looked this good in a long time. And she definitely has that certain magic back that seemed to have slipped away just a bit in recent years. Her song set was incredible, and her enthusiasm contagious. The crowd was so in tune with her, and her with us, you could feel the electricity in the air!

My favorite part of the show was the electric-acoustic-electric triology, where she did several songs relating to her experiences in Hollywood. This was by far the most intimate part of the show, with Stevie explaining what each song was written about. I can't single any songs out as my favorite because they all were exceptional, but "Garbo" was pretty incredible. She sang it very true to the record, hitting all those high notes! This concert was truly magical for me, as it was for everyone else that was there. Stevie has been through quite a lot in her life. It is just wonderful to see that she has triumphed over the demons of her past and has come back stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than ever.

"I run around like a spirit in flight... fearlessness is fearlessness... I will not forget this night..."

from Skip Raccio
So i am going to review [5] five, Stevie concerts right now. The shows are 5/27/98 Hartford CT, her first show on the tour, 6/12/98 Great Woods Mansfield MA, 6/13/98 PNC Arts Center, Holmdel,NJ. 6/14/98 Jones Beach Wantagh NY. and 6/19/98 The blockbuster Entertainment Center, Camden NJ. As a Stevie Nicks fan for over 20 years now, Every show was beautiful as her and her music is. So this time around I bought Orchestra tickets for every show.OK lets get to the review, The start of her shows with her brother Chris reciting the dictionary, of the word ENCHANTED means, was beautiful. Then she came out singing"Outside The Rain". and I love that flow right in to "Dreams", then a awsome live version of" Enchanted", then a old Fleetwood Mac song," Gold Dust Woman" a song I love. Then" Gold and Braid" from her belladonna album, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around a Tom Petty rocker I love ever since the music video was on VH1. This part of her concert put me in my country music mood, when the acoustic electric trilogy set begin with" After The Glitter Fades" when I herd that song, I was all happy. As they say Stevie is the Queen of Rock, but to me she is the queen of Country Music. because i am a big country music fan. then after that song she went in to "Garbo" that song is the flip side of Stand Back. then into a beautiful song "Rose Garden" from the Street Angel album. Only one problem in this part of the shows, is the noisy crowd of people talking while she is singing her songs. well I hate that, so does Stevie. The next song on set list is "Sleeping Angel" a beautiful song from the Fast Times movie sound track.AND NOW THE CROWD RISING" STAND BACK" Starts to play. boy i love that song,It's so energedic. then my very first favorite FM song starts to play," Rhiannon", boy that song gives me memories of the 70's . band intros, she did the best introductions of her musicians then any other singer I know. then "Whole Lotta Trouble" from Stevie's Other Side Of The Mirror Album.starts to play, another fave." Landslide" a beautiful song I love to hear live."Twisted" from the movie Twister. I've never seen that movie yet. OK here is the climax of the Stevie concert,when "Edge of 17" starts to play, another crowd riser song, love to hear live, like the first time on the HBO LIVE CONCERT in 1982. At the end of that song, like the HBO Concert, I ran down to the stage area to get photos of Stevie, and at the Holmdel NJ show the security guard in front of me was not upset about it.Over 25 Stevie/Fleetwood Mac concerts I have seen ,this was my very first time, I got up real close to see her.ENCORE.ENCORE.ENCORE." I Need To Know" another Tom Petty song I love.And Has Anyone ever written anything for ME! YES! Stevie did. "Has Anyone Ever Writtin Anything For You" from Rock A Little Album started to play , I love that one too, this time of her concerts I get upset because the show is over. ok Stevie's wardrobe of gowns and lace are so beautiful, I did not mind the wait between the song sets. her band Sharon Celani , Mindy Stein, Carlos Rois,Don Boyette,Lenny Castro,Land Richards,Frank Simes,Kevin Stoller and Brett Tuggle. That line up is the best, in bands in any kind of music, This 1200 mile trip was worth every mile to go . because Stevie's is the BEST!!!! And this is from a hard core country music fan with a wild heart.Thanks to NICKSFIX for keeping me posted on the tour and inspired me to get web pages in a few months. when i get a computer of my own, thanks to my step dad and the local library for their computers.And Stevie Nicks for her beautiful music that I love so much. God bless her, Someday I love to meet her. THANK YOU SKIP RACCIO.
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