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The Toledo Blade

May 31, 1998

by David Yonke One thing I've learned about Stevie Nicks: She's got some very devoted fans. And a few of them pointed out a slight miscommunication in my recent column about their favorite singer's new box set, ``Enchanted.''

In the liner notes, Nicks wrote that people didn't get to hear the song ``Twisted'' when they saw the movie Twister, the box-office smash for which she wrote the tune.

Turns out that ``Twisted'' was included in the flick, but only a brief segment that was played at a low volume.

The song was included in full on the CD soundtrack.

(Anyone interested in keeping tabs on this highly popular singer would be well advised to check out one of the best fan-operated web sites, www.Nicksfix.com.).

Thanks to Victoria Herrick for sending this article to The Nicks Fix.
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