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A Tribute to The Trouble In Shangri-La Tour

“She ran through the grass...she ran over the stones...down to sea...It’s time to look back, honey!”

Stevie Nicks’ summer-long Trouble In Shangri-La Tour came to tearful end on October 10, 2001 at Universal City Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Fans and critics alike praised The Tour, which began on July 6 at the Post Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA.

However, as Stevie and her crew criss-crossed the nation from Atlantic to Pacific, they hit several unforeseeable roadblocks along the way. Nine shows were postponed and four shows cancelled due to illness when Stevie came down with bronchitis/laryngitis. There were also two shows cancelled due to the terrorist attacks on September 11. Although the country was in a state of shock, grief and mourning after the attacks, The Tour pushed on. The shows became a way for Americans to escape the tension of the events at hand.

Patriotism was on full display across the country; and The Trouble In Shangri-La Tour was no exception. American flags were proudly unfurled around each arena and evry show began with the national anthem. Patriotic to the end, Stevie Nicks proved red, white and blue were just as much her colors as black, gold and silver.

Thirty-nine shows were completed in 4 months, and many fans have stated that this was the best tour yet, barring the interruptions. There were a few shows where Stevie struggled with her voice due to the illness, but on when she was on, she was really on!

The highly-experienced band was probably the best and tightest ever. What would you expect with the legendary Waddy Wachtel at the musical reigns. The frequent appearances of Sheryl Crow throughout the tour added excitement and girl-power value. And those fortunate enough to attend the final two shows were treated to Stevie’s duet with Don Henley on the classic duet, “Leather And Lace.”

The Nicks Fix would like to recognize everyone who helped make the tour a success. Our hats are off to the band, the staff, the crew, the sound and lighting crew for making a magical and memorable tour.


Thanks to the following for making it all happen:

Lead Vocal: Stevie Nicks
Vocals/Guitar: Sheryl Crow
Guitar/Musical Director: Waddy Wachtel
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Vocals: Sharon Celani
Bass Guitar: Al Ortiz
Keyboards: Scott Plunkett
Guitar: Carlos Rios
Drummer: Mark Schulman
Vocals: Mindy Stein
Keyboards/Vocals: Brett Tuggle

Musical Advisor: Lori Nicks

Tour Manager: Doug Casper
Tour Account: Harvey Schaps
Wardrobe: Kim Brakeley
Yoga: Brad Jeffries
Assistant to Ms. Nicks: Karen Johnston
Road Manager: Glenn Matthews
Make-up/Hair: Eilynn Palmer
Vocal Coach/Instructor: Steve Real
Security Director: Robert Winnik
Massage Therapist: Paul Haje

Production Manager: Omar Abderrahman
Stage Manager: Chris Malta
Production Coordinator: Nancy Ghosh
Drum Technician: Bruce Jacoby
Guitar Technician: Ross Lahey
Keyboard Technicians: Bill Lanham, Will Jennings
Guitar Technician: Buddy Webster
Wardrobe: Marisa Ward
Carpenter: Michael "Beef Boy" Garrigan
Carpenter: Eddy Sato
Rigger: Seyton Pooley

FOH SOUND: Dave Natale
Monitors: Johnnie Branham, Steve McCale
Crew Chief: Greg Reynolds
Sound Technician: Wes Clair II

Lighting Director: Bryan Earis
Crew Chief: Bill Whittaker
Lighting: Mel Dorough
Lighting: Blake Rogers
Lighting: Robert Simoneaux

HK Management, Howard Kaufman, Sheryl Louis

Signatures Network:

    Dell Furano
    Becky Brattin
    Rick Fish
    Pete Weber
    David Seltzer


    Chris Nicks
    Kirk Lutz
    Mark Adams
    Jim Petretti

Merchandise Design:

    Chris Nicks
    Barbara Barretta

Band Bus: Larry Chandler, Mike Mallatt
Crew Bus: Benoit Brideau, Cary Tompkins

Lead Driver: Jim Strawn
Driver: Kavin Spears
Driver: Sonny Seymor
Driver: Jay Zavisan
Driver: John Cochrane
Shangri-La Express: Lisa Sims


Highlights of the show, as seen by the Nicks Fix

  • The playing of the national Anthem at the beginning of the shows after the Sept 11 attacks
  • Waddy's lead at the beginning of Edge of 17
  • Stevie's high-kick near the end of Stand Back
  • Mindy's backup vocals on Fall From Grace
  • Awesome drum and percussion solo by Mark and Lenny
  • Cool piano intro to Rhiannon by Scott, who re-writes it for every show
  • Buddy, the guitar tech, is a master at handling and tuning the guitars for the guys
  • Carlos' lead on Planets of the Universe
  • We saw that Brett plays guitar as well as he plays that organ
  • Al's bass on Stand back (way to go Al)
  • Sharon's backing vocals on Too Far From Texas
  • They accept credit cards at the merchandise booth (good idea Chris)
  • Stevie takes her time shaking hands during Edge of 17
  • The hat on Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (very cool)
  • The Flags hanging at each show after Sept 11
  • The barefoot drum player (Mark) and the shirtless bongo man (Lenny)
  • The wonderful fans we met.

    All of this made it a tour to remember....


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