Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/26/01 Mars Music Amphitheatre West Palm Beach FL
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Amy Agnew Voigt
"thunder only happens when it's raining" and it was. It rained and it poured, lightening struck, "maybe once, maybe twice" and it lit up the night, and Stevie made my dreams come true! I drove three hours to see who I believe to be the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth. And it was pouring rain. They wouldn't let us take umbrella's in, so we got plenty wet, but anything is worth seeing Stevie. I have to say that I noticed from the moment I got there that no one was dressed up like Stevie, that is except for me and my friend. I was in a Rumours cover type of top with the big black sleeves and a scarf hem skirt and the classic platform boots of course. I'm glad I didn't go all the way and wear my top hat, because I got made fun of the entire night. Everyone would say "oh look at Stevie Nicks," and "what is Stevie Nicks doing in the crowd" I guess my long blonde hair made it even worse, but everyon! e was very derogatory, and I was very disappointed in these fans. Except for one lovely lady who told us we had great outfits.

My friend was in a flowy black skirt and glittery fringed top, and we felt severely out of place. Every one was in jeans. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I expected to see at least some people dressed up. But I didn't. And I walked around a lot hoping to find my long lost friend Crystal but I never found her or saw any other great outfits. I was very disappointed because this was my friend's first time seeing Stevie and I had of course gone on and on about the great outfits that she would see. The kind I usually see in Tampa and Orlando. It really felt like a lot of people weren't true Stevie fans, and I was sorry for Stevie who didn't get to look out in the crowd and see everyone dressed like her. It seemed a lot of people got drunk, including the people in t! he van that parked beside me.

After the show I was getting in the car and they said "oh look it's Stevie Nicks' car" and continued to mock me" But none of these people stopped me from having a good time. When the music started playing my heart stopped and so did my breathing. I got all teary and just waited for her to appear. It was, of course, the first time I've seen her since the Enchanted tour. And then there she was, as strong and beautiful and magical as ever. Wrapping us up in her musical world, as she said she just wanted to sweep us away, and she did. It went all too quickly. And every time I looked over at my friend she was in absolute awe of the queen of rock and roll.

There were a few highlights of the night for me. When she did Stand Back and kicked her leg, I was like "yes, she's still got it". I believe Rhiannon was the most magical song of the evening. There a very long piano intro of course and then she delivered that song with more grace, beauty and elegance ! than I ever dreamed of seeing. I was moved to tears. And at the very end, she made my night when she walked out to sing "Has anyone . . " in her black hat with the huge white feather, which I had only ever seen in pictures. All in all it was a therapeutic experience as it always is for me, to lose myself in Stevie's magic and music. I came away refreshed, revived, and renewed in spirit. Thank you Stevie as always for a most enchanted evening. I pray you'll keep on giving us the gift of your music. "I cannot live without your songs"

Scott C
As a first-time attendee of a Stevie Nicks concert, I really had no expectations in terms of what her performance would actually be like, mainly because I'm more of a casual fan than a fervent devotee. However, when I became friends with a guy last year who is an ardent Stevie worshipper, his perpetual enthusiasm for her music rubbed off on me to a degree. So when my pal excitedly announced that his favorite songstress was coming to the Mars Music Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, I agreed to accompany him for what I hoped would be a night of bewitching entertainment. Thankfully, I was not disappointed.

Even the weather gods cooperated as a vicious thunderstorm that had raged for over an hour abated before Stevie took the stage. From the opening chords of "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" to the poignant finale of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You," Stevie was in full command of the stage. For over 90 minutes, she enchanted the crowd with a diverse set featuring a liberal mix of old favorites and new material from her latest CD. My personal highlights came when she performed high-energy renditions of her classic hits "Stand Back," "Rhiannon" and "Edge of Seventeen," which brought the crowd --and me -- to its collective feet.

After recently seeing Madonna's bombastic and self-indulgent performance in Fort Lauderdale, Stevie's concert was a refreshing change of pace for me, for it was a welcome return to simpler times when all it took was a talented singer, an uncluttered stage and a hopelessly devoted audience to create a cherished musical memory.

Alex Navarro
What a concert!!!!! I have to tell you guys Stevie rocked!!!! From the moment the Trouble in Shangri-la Intro came booming on, to the last line in Has Anyone.., Stevie had her fans in the palm of her hand. With a twirl here and there, she gained massive loads of applause from the fans. During Edge of Seventeen, Stevie shook my hand and my little brothers hand. Her hands were so soft and smooth, when I grabbed her hand I thought I was going to faint. Then as I Need To Know started Waddy hands my loittle brother his guitar pick! It made our night, first shaking Stevie's hand, then getting a Waddy guitar pick! Oh my God, unbelievable! Thank you so much Stevie!!!!!!!!!

I had a blast at this concert..Stevie I love you.. I have been looking forward to this concert for about a month. At first I didnt think Stevie was coming to Florida & I was planning on driving to Georgia to see her there but luckily she came here.

I went with my wonderful husband Bill, who before the concert took me to dinner at Fridays & then when we got inside the concert area he bought me all kinds of Stevie stuff. He bought me 2 t-shirts, 1 coffee cup, 1 key chain, & 2 buttons. He's so sweet to me.

It was raining & lightning & stuff & we had seats that were getting a little wet. So we moved up closer until the rain stopped. Then when she came out I started to cry. I was like wow I am finally here & she is really singing up there. I dont think I moved until she left the stage. I am just in awe of her. I have alot of the artwork from Johanna Pieterman of Stevie all around my house too. (thanks Johanna)

The stage was beautiful. I think it was the prettiest I have ever seen. The way the lightning & everything showed through the archway was fantastic. The last time I saw Stevie onstage was when I was 16. I went with my husband back then too (but we weren't married then). She was with Fleetwood Mac then. I think it was 1979. Well, I will be at the next Stevie concert & also Fleetwood Mac if they tour.

At the end of the concert she said " I love you & I kiss you all" she was just so adorable. Anyway I guess what I wanted to say was Stevie you always seem to be there when I need a little uplifting. I listen to your music & my worries just flow away. Thank you for that. I love you

I saw Stevie on Wed., Sep. 26th at Mars Music Amph. in South Florida. She was amazingly awesome!!! It was raining all afternoon UNTIL Stevie came on. It was so great. Right as Stevie came on, the rain stopped and the moon shone through the clouds, with a beautiful breeze all around us. *From the first note of "Stop Draggin," with Stevie's voice so powerful and clear, I knew it would be a wonderful show. She twirled and was so intense. The band was really good, and so were Sharon and Mindy. I was really taken back, even knowing how great Stevie is, when I heard her voice tonight. Very clear and mature. Live performance does her right. She just shines. Met some nice fans...

Robert Maccio and Diane Morgan
Words can not describe how happy this night made us! We, ( My sister Diane and I ) have been trying to see Stevie for so many years. One of the shows were cancelled due to Stevies illness back in the late 80's and the other we could not make due to the Wild Fires in Florida back in 1998. The night of this concert we had one of our common lightening storms, and all I could do is hope that it would not knock the power out. The lightening stopped but the rain added something to the show. We finally got the chance to see and hear Stevie ( A TRUE LEGEND ). We just wanted to say that the concert was awesome! She looked so relaxed on stage and just seemed to be having a good time. Stevie if you do get a chance to read this we think your something special. There are very few performers that touch peoples lives the way you do. Keep up the great work and we love you! Rock on !!!!!!!!!!!!

Her brilliance abounds as usual. Everyone but a few can agree that Stevie shined on even brighter then usual.I must say in response to Mikey Gioia's "review" that considering thecircumstances of the W. Trade Center disaster, the horrible (yet rather magical) weather of that evening, and the fact which I was privileged enough to find out first hand, that Stevie was STILL feeling very ill, and during Edge of Seventeen had turned to her road crew and commented on feeling faint, you should be very grateful that there was even a concert to attend.

This is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, nothing held back as bare bones of an open book for all of us to read as you can get. Her humbleness and gratitude for still being the "Queen of Rock " in our hearts, is bled out to her fans with every note and every twirl.

For you to sit back and have ANY expectations of her to "Go an extra mile" as you put it disappoints the hell out of me. Why?? Because if you had the compassion to look into what this woman stands for, what she had endured, what the world is going thru around her, on TOP of being sick in athunderstorm to entertain us all,.....she went a distance far far greater then the preverbal extra mile of which you speak.

Any true admirer would give credit where it is due, unless you're getting paid but the New York Times for that review,...pan her performance in private, because those of us who feel where Stevie is coming from would rather bask is her talent and spirit, the see it shadowed by a pinheaded selfish review.She is here to enchant us all...and she did with grace and dignity.

Kristan M Root Gatz
The Gold Dust Woman rocked on in Palm Beach on 26Sep01. The outdoor ampitheatre was the ideal setting to see Stevie Nicks, as it had a tropical rainstorm preceeding her entrance on the stage..The Palm fronds were blown lightly and the sky lite up with a lightning storm! It was a perfect night!! I have listened to Stevie Nicks musical talent for over 20 years and I love her music more today than I did as a young Catholic high school senior!! I was 16 again, Wednesday night, as my childhood friend, George and I attended the show together! Her voice is as strong as ever and I really enjoyed the new music from Trouble In Shangrila! She played all of my personal favorites and as I stood and sang along with with Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon, and of course Has anyone ever written anything for you? I was transported mentally back to my invincible incredibly happy 16 year old young girl!!! Thank you Stevie, for all the years of continued enjoyment and for taking me there again!! All my Best to you!

I went to the West Palm Beach concert on Wed. I am just reading Stevie's journal and her doubts about being on tour. All I can say is that her voice and her willingness to perform on Wed. gave me and the whole crowd SUCH JOY and HAPPINESS. As I watched her and listened to her I realized that music and love and all things GOOD still survive and can go on - WILL go on even after such horror and devestation. Thank you so much Stevie for being so strong and getting on that plane for us.

Stacey Phillips
A day I will never forget..... We drove from the other coast 4 hours to see Stevie! We got lost in the city and finally found our accomidations....So we start to find the show in the rain and find that Southern Blvd no longer goes through at the airport....lost again....but somehow there was a guiding spirit helping us on our way....a little angel that said we would make it....we find the mars Music Ampitheater! Everyone is gearing up in their raincoats and running for the entrance. We find our way in and the crowd was wonderful and excited to see our Goddess.... The rain had not stopped but our seats would have been covered, however those on the lawn were not. Then a stopped raining as soon as Stevie entered the stage...All those with lawn seats started to fill up the whole lawn area....dancing screaming loving the ecstasy of Stevie's spirit..... She made the world a special place for that 2 hour period.....

We all forgot our "TROUBLE" and listened as Stevie told stories about Lindsay, pain, love, magic, spirit, overcoming, enduring, and more! She was so energetic after being sick this summer! She was incredibly bubbly and like a whirlwind with her dancing and kicking, twirling and singing, She was dressed awesome in her black sparkles and fringe! Her band played their hearts out and Sharon and Mindy sang so sweetly... "Rhiannon" gave goose bumps on every hair on my body..JUST LIKE EVERYTIME I HEAR IT! "Too far from Texas" was cute, and "Planets of the Universe" was huge and uplifting...."Sorcerer" was fantastic and she talked of the black ink darkness. "Edge of 17" was as fiery as ever..."Dreams" made me cry....

The whole show was so well produced and the stage, lighting, props became a magical garden....We were all dancing and loving every minute....those who were seeing Stevie for the first time became awestruck...those of us who have loved her all our lives were with very warm hearts ...and felt a special kind of love that only Stevie can give to everyone all at the same time, just with her smile and her wonderful...."WELCOME!" So the world keeps on turning and Stevie makes the ride sweeter like an 'instant flash of light that shines through the night like a lighthouse'. Thank you Miss Stevie we all love you so much..... Have a great day and an even better evening!

Wow, what a concert. I want to thank her for giving West Palm Beach such a wonderful performance.
I have to comment on another West Palm Beacher's review, Namely Mickey Gioia, what concert was he at????? Was he on some crazy drug, that he was unable to HEAR what a GREAT concert that was? I, too, have been to many Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks concerts over the years and KNOW this concert was EXCEPTIONAL. Does he think Stevie is still 20 and her voice will not change??? I feel her voice was and is still beautiful, as she belted out those songs it gave me chills. Maybe, Mr. Gioia needs to evaluate his own career like he does Stevie's?? Too bad he didn't enjoy it, I know the rest of the us did. THANK YOU STEVIE FOR AN ENCHANTED EVENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Southland
Hi Stevie
Not that you'll see this but I wanted to say hi :-) I caught your concert at Mars Music Amphitheater, West Palm Beach. Sept 26th It was THE best concert I have ever been too. I can't tell you how happy it made me :-) Keep Rocking Stevie!!!!! I love you and your music. Love, Jerry Southland

Stevie Nicks is definetely the Queen of Rock n' Roll! I just got home from her concert in West Palm Beach and it took me an hour since I live in Davie, which is an hour away. It is by some miracle that I was able to go...
It all started the day before the tickets went on sale. I decided that I would wake up really early and get to ticketmaster in the Broward Mall by 8:00 am and wait in line til 10:00 am. I got really bored around 9:30 and since there was absolutely no one in the mall, I decided to go to JC Penney. I guess its my fault that I lost track of time, and I show up at 9:50 to my surprise that there are 2 people waiting in line claiming there places, and making me third in line. I, as a true, honest fan decided to have patience and let them go ahead of me. Ticketmaster finally opened at 10:00 am and they took a really long time to get ready! By the time it was the "first" customer's turn, all the good seats were sold out. Incredible! So I decided not go to the concert. A week ago a man emailed me wanting to sell me tickets and I bought them from him! He emailed me out of so many other fans! I was so excited to finally go to my first Stevie Concert!...

Back to the Concert, I got there at 7:10 and it was raining alot. We couldn't go in with umbrellas for some reason, so we had to leave it in the front, and some jerk stole it! The opening act was good, but my mom and I were there to see Stevie! After an hour she finally came out and she was incredible! First with "Stop draggin' my heart around" and then with "Enchanted" and "Dreams". "Gold dust woman" was the best performance of the show. Stevie did new songs like "Planets of the universe," "Sorcerer," & "Fall from Grace". "Rhiannon" was performed beautifully and I felt like I was in the 70's and Stevie was performing the 70's live version of Rhiannon. "Stand Back" was very good and energetic. "Edge of 17," "I need to know," & "Has anyone ever written anything for you" were perfect.

I had crappy seats, but thanks to some ladies I met, I got to sit in like the center 10th row, and I got to see Stevie real up close. During "Edge of 17" they let anyone go close ! to the stage and I went, but I came to late and I couldn't touch her hand. I waved, and screamed so loud, and she saw me, but I know she couldn't come over to me again. I waved to the new Guitarist Mr. Ortiz and he smiled back. Everyone was very kind and just lovely in the band. The audience was okay, except for the smokers and alcoholics. I hate it when I see people in the first 5 rows, who I can tell aren't even Stevie fans at all. It's just so obvious when they are having their own party and they are getting food and beer every 5 minutes ignoring Stevie. People like that, who are rich or have money and just go to concerts because they like going to concerts or just like one stevie song, severely irritate me. To the two girls who sat in front of my mother and I, the red head and the brunette, I've got your pictures - just email me. In conclusion, I love Stevie more than ever now. She is just so cute! She has lovely skin, if I may add.


Jim Pennington
It Started out, A Stormy night. Lightening, thunder, and plenty of rain. Paled in the shadow of MS Stevie Nicks. She was like an angel in the midst of the storm! Her tender, sweet, mysterious voice was just the medicine we all needed. She was strong, confident, and ready to give us what we wanted. Before she came out they played the music from Bootylicious, then she came out and dove right in.

Planets of the Universe was powerful live! She made several references to Lindsay before she sang that song. The new stuff sounded like she had been playing it all along. She was very appreciative that we came, as she always is! Her frequent chats between songs were refreshing, and funny. She twirled, and kicked, and sang as though it was coming from her heart! She made us feel like we were in her living room listening to her sing! She seemed happy, smiling quite a bit. I was walking on a cloud as I left the venue! Very nice show! Thanks Stevie!!

Dara Kashmanian
I saw the TISL concert at Mars Music Ampitheater last night in West Palm Beach, Fl. and I jst wanted to note that it was incredible! Watching Stevie twirl on stage and pour all her passion into this night made a huge impact on the whole crowd. You could feel the love all around you. She spoke of memories and asked that we all love one another. And for this one night her voice, her songs, her presenece on the beautifully designed stage took us all to a place that seemed far beyond the circumstances of our world today. Thank you Stevie and crew for giving us the break from our everyday saga that we needed.

P.S. As I awoke this am I turned on the TV and quickly turned it off again as I realized I didn't want to cloud the beautiful memories of last night with any sound other than that of TISL echoing in my mind!

Kathy Pinner
Pure magic. I live in Broward County and drove up to West Palm Beach Mars Amphitheatre by myself, in the wind and the rain and the water......... My fiance had to work at the last minute so I was on my own. I am challenged with directions but it was as though Stevie was pulling me toward the venue by a golden thread.

The staff valet parked my '86 Toyota and drove me right up to the entrance gate as I am borderline-diabetic and my feet were swollen up quite painfully after the long drive making walking any distance near impossible. Everyone was very kind and the vibe in the crowd was awesome. Stevie's magic even kept the dreaded South Florida heat away. It continued to rain a little and cool breezes blew through the crowd as if they came from the stunning Trouble in Shangri-La set. It was so lovely!

Sharon was beautiful and ethereal as always and I saw Mindy for the first time. She smiled the whole time. Those two ladies really compliment each other. They were awesome. As was the band, and it was great to see Waddy. (Go Waddy! You rock, dude!!)

Stevie was lit from within and incredibly beautiful. The love poured from her, over and through us, and back to her. Her voice was strong and she spoke to the crowd more than I have ever heard. Every song took me away. She hit those high notes on Gold Dust Woman and Edge of Seventeen like nobody's business. She rocked so hard core! For two hours I didn't think about the horror of what has or might happen in our world. Stevie and her band are brave and giving to come out and ease our pain during this time. Thank you so much.

I must add that I am a woman of generous proprotions, and I was so happy to buy a concert shirt that fit me. Thank you Christopher Nicks and Stevie for making me feel included and having such a pretty shirt just for me. I too have always been something of a dreamer. Last night my dream came true of seeing my hero when I most needed to be lifted up. Thank you Stevie, I love you always.

Colin Norum
I have had the pleasure of attending numerous (too many to count) Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac concerts dating back to 1983. I cannot remember any of the shows being a disappointment (well, 1986 Rock A Little came close - the drug-thing...) For this particular show, I must admit I had my doubts - Stevie's bout with illness. The recent events that have traumatically affected all Americans (regardless of nationality) and her self-admitted difficulty in dealing with the aftermath and contemplation of canceling the rest of the tour. Other fans' reviews stating Stevie seemed distant, troubled and bored. And finally, listening to a couple of the early TISL concerts covertly recorded by risk-taking concert-goers. I just did not think Stevie sounded "right" (harkening back to the Enchanted Tour which was nothing short of spectacular)!

I won't continue with the standard review, the set list and commenting on each song (you have read that over and over). Just let me say that Stevie ROCKED WEST PALM BEACH - who said there are no earthquakes in Florida! Her voice - AMAZING - strong, powerful, confident, haunting and beautiful. She smiled....she danced....she kicked...she twirled....she told great Lindsey - Stevie stories....SHE LIT UP WHEN SHE SAW MY RED TEDDY BEAR I BROUGHT FOR HER, TOOK IT, SMILED AND SAID "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" (then she took my hand and squeezed it) she walked off stage she looked at me and smiled and waved...(sigh)....where was I? Oh yeah.....The band - simply spectacular! Sharon and Mindy - beautiful, poised and RIGHT ON as always.

For all of you who had the pleasure of seeing Stevie perform early in the tour or during the weeks of her illness, I wish you could attend one (or more) of the remaining 7 shows (for those yet to attend...get ready for a memorable experience)...the concert has evolved from the early shows...musically more "complex", "textured" and "experimental" and lyrically, "soaring like the planets of the universe" "Rock on Gold Dust Woman...pick you path and you PAY FOR IT"...Amazing...she just blew us all away...Stevie, thank you for the magic carpet ride...God Bless You...Much Love!

Mickey Gioia
I got home a while ago from Stevie's show here in Palm Beach. I was very psyched when I got good seats the day the tickets went on sale, knew I'd have the day off from work and was counting the days 'til this show came to town. - Then a couple weeks ago, we all know what happened... I think we're mostly recovering now from the initial shock of those hideous attacks of September 11. Though a week later, I got a closing notice on the show I'm working on, since my industry (theatre) is affected by consumer confidence and expendable income. I have been pretty bummed about that for the last week, but lots of people in theatre, hotels and travel have lost their jobs here due to those attacks and the effect on the economy... Not much you can do about it. - So, I made plans to go to the show with a very good friend that I hadn't been out with in a long time.

We were very excited; ready for a night of Stevie, the magic and rocking through to a better vibe. I've seen Stevie solo probably five or six times, and Mac at least seven or eight times. I'm a big fan. I couldn't even guess how many audience/soundboard concerts I've traded for over the years... There's something beyond the music that you take away with you - the connection of the musicians playing together, the sum being greater than the parts, added to Stevie's unique voice, her commitment and beautiful use of words... Whatever it is, there was always something more than just special to count on in a Stevie or Mac show...

In that context, I have to be honest and report that both my friend and I were disappointed tonight. I never thought I'd say that about a Stevie Nicks show, but it's the truth. I'm not saying that it was a bad show, it just wasn't anything special. The set is unique and evocative, with interesting use of projections through the archway/portal up center stage. The lighting design was incredible, probably the best thing about the show . The playing was good, Stevie's voice sounded very good too, but I honestly thought it sounded like they were all just going through the motions. There was no electricity among the players. Though I am very surprised to say it, Stevie seemed more into playing the diva than being truly committed to singing her songs. I never felt the passion or charisma that's usually part of Stevie's show. - A small example which repeated itself throughout the show: In Edge of Seventeen, she didn't sing up on the key change for, ..."The clouds never expect it when it rains..." she stayed in her lower register; pretty much holding back that way vocally all night. I didn't hear her really use her voice and sing out tonight.

She looked beautiful, sashayed around a lot in different outfits and engaged the crowd in-between songs. - It was engaging and she came across as sweet and interested in the audience, but when it came time to play the songs they almost seemed like afterthoughts. This band is not very tight and doesn't have a lot of tricks or surprises to add to the music. There was just nothing particularly brilliant or magical going on in this show (other than the set and lighting). I kept waiting for the band to 'warm-up' and it really never happened. If Waddy Wachtel is to be credited as the Music Director of this show, one can't exactly say that he knocked himself out in coming up with any inspired or unique arrangements for these songs. The very long, teasing intro for Edge of Seventeen hinted at a lot more than was realized. Waddy played a very pedestrian guitar solo, which was a huge surprise.

Lenny Castro almost redeemed the band when it was his turn. He pretty much became a star to Mac/Stevie fans on The Dance tour and was the only one tonight who seemed to go beyond just playing through the songs. He, with Mark Shulman went into a drum and percussion part, which was pretty inspired, as they were really 'playing off each other' - for that time, anyway. After that song and before the encore, when Stevie was wrapping up, she said (in encouraging people to take care of one another), "I love you. You love me. Love each other." (Or, something very close to that.) I know she meant well, i.e. we should all love and take care of each other, especially now. I agree, but the way she put it kinda summed up the night for me. Rather than taking the time to put it more eloquently, she assumed that everyone there loves her and it would be okay to just say it that way. We would fill in the blanks for her. - I do love Stevie. One of the things I always loved and admired about her is that she could be counted upon to go the extra mile, do the work; taking time to establish the mood and create the trancelike world within each of her songs. That didn't happen tonight for us (my friend and me) at this show. I felt like there were too many blanks left for me to fill in. - And that is something new for Stevie. It seems that when a Grande Dame becomes convinced that she is beloved, she will also tend to rest on her previous laurels. I hope this show was an aberration and that Stevie has not decided to be a Grande Dame. Maybe they were all just tired from playing this leg of the tour. That happens to us in theatre shows sometimes too.

What I expected to see tonight was Stevie and her band at their full-out best, as good as you'd usually expect her to be, with a little extra commitment this time to help push us through the last couple weeks of tragedy. Honestly though, they seemed to be just playing through; doing it 'by the numbers' so to speak. I realize that opinions are relative, and other people will feel differently. But that's my opinion after having seen Stevie live many times since the mid-1970's. If you haven't seen this show, and have nothing else going on, it is worth seeing. She has maintained the improvement in her voice that was so noticeable on The Dance. The band is competent and professional... Just don't expect it to be as good as some of the earlier tours have been. I mean, if I'd wanted to see a lackluster concert, I probably would have saved the $150.00 this go 'round and rented a Bee Gees or Whitney Houston tape - some act that you'd expect to play rote, dispassionate versions of their songs. I still love Stevie and her music, but won't be traveling to different cities to see this tour like I did for The Dance shows. The most notable feeling I have after tonight's show is how much I missed Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood. For whatever reason, they still stand as the musicians who most inspire Stevie to be her best. I'll be very interested to hear what the next incarnation of Fleetwood Mac comes up with, and will wait to see Stevie again when she tours for that upcoming release

James S.
This was an intense night for me. Stevie came out on stage with her flowing long blond hair and designer custom made clothes with such beauty, grace, and sincereness which lasted the whole night long. Stevie owns the stage with her intensity and charisma, but also exuded much spirituality in her presence and in her wonderful songs. I was simply mesmerized by the song set, the clarity of Stevie's voice, the tightness of her band and all the positive energy which was in the air. I dedicate Rhiannon to Laurie who has left us so early, and Edge of Seventeen to all the others who are no longer with us...and they know who they are. This concert ran the gamut of emotions, not only for the audience, but evidently in Stevie as well, as her commitment to her songs last night was just so apparent. Thanks so much Stevie for coming to Florida and for continuing your tour through these trying times.

Jim Pennington
It Started out, A Stormy night. Lightening, thunder, and plenty of rain. Paled in the shadow of MS Stevie Nicks. She was like an angel in the midst of the storm! Her tender, sweet, mysterious voice was just the medicine we all needed. She was strong, confident, and ready to give us what we wanted. Before she came out they played the music from Bootylicious, then she came out and dove right in. Planets of the Universe was powerful live! She made several references to Lindsay before she sang that song. The new stuff sounded like she had been playing it all along. She was very appreciative that we came, as she always is! Her frequent chats between songs were refreshing, and funny. She twirled, and kicked, and sang as though it was coming from her heart! She made us feel like we were in her living room listening to her sing! She seemed happy, smiling quite a bit. I was walking on a cloud as I left the venue! Very nice show! Thanks Stevie!!

We arrived over an hour before the show, and as we got out of our car, I could hear Stevie doing a mike check and rehearsing before the show. As we entered the amphi-theatre, we found it was empty. It had begun to drizzle and the clouds looked like nasty rain was coming. There were small crowds scattered here & there, walking around, having drinks, setting up their rain coats and their blankets in the lawn around the theatre. The die hard Stevie fans, in their full attire & boots. Fellow CHG mates Carmen Tauler, Frank Perez, and myself sat down next to each other when they called everyone together for the National Anthem. There was a huge flag hanging over the stage, and we all shared a special "moment" in that song before the show. Then, just as the opening band began to play, the rain began to fall down HARD. There was heavy wind, and every now and then lightning would flash & thunder would echoe. The place was so dead, I almost felt sorry for the opening band. I say almost because they were just too darn good to get any sympathy for anything. But anyways...

The opening band was called California, and it was a 4 part band with a lot of sound. The lead vocalist had a Bryan Adams-type voice with vocal chords from hell, and the guitaring was super sweet. It was a good old fashioned American Rock n Roll Band, like I hadn't heard in a long time. Since the theatre was still mostly empty after some time, they invited everyone that had tickets out in the lawn to come in out of the rain and enjoy the show. It was a very nice gesture on behalf of Stevie and the Mars Amphi-Theatre. Especially for all the poor, soaked fans. (Security seemed extra tight because of the last few weeks' activities, and they did not even allow umbrellas into the theatre. People were ringing out their t-shirts and pouring water out from their shoes... Then the stage went black, and the voice was heard, "I hear there's trouble in Shangri La...." And the back up vocals responded in perfect harmony, "I run through the grass, I run over stones, show me the way back..." And the stage lit up, and there she was! Stevie Nicks herself, all decked out in her full witch attire and as beautiful as ever. Her long blonde hair falling to one side of her black outfit and boots.

The stage setting was just as beautifully impressive... it looked like she was standing in the ruins of some Malaysian Temple, with gigantic vases and columns all around her, vines all over the walls and the floor, moss hanging down from above her, golden statues of ancient gods on pillars, the shadows of overgrown branches on the walls, and behind her... a threshold, and through it you could see the ocean and sky. Around her stood a nine man band: drums, percussion, keyboard, piano, guitar, solo guitar, bass guitar, and her two harmony singers. Of course, Sharon Celani and Waddy Watchtel were among these nine. (nothing but the best for Stevie) They opened the show with "Stop Dragging My Heart Around". Waddy sang Tom's part, and I was impressed cause I had NEVER heard Waddy sing!!! Halfway through the song, we saw what looked like ants in the distance rushing towards the theatre, and it wasn't long before the stadium was full of bodies and people were being returned back out to the fields. Luckily, the rain had stopped by then and it was just a lot of thunder and lightning, which only added to the Stevie mood.

The performance list consisted of "Stand back", "Enchanted", "The Edge of Seventeen", "Too Far From Texas", "Dreams", "Rhiannon", "Fall From Grace", "The Planets of the Universe", "Everyday", "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" and there may have been more, but at some point I went into a catatonic state and lost track of everything around me... except Stevie. She spoke between songs and told us stories about her & Lindsey, and the moments that led to the writing of certain songs. There was a five minute drum & percussion solo-piece. A five minute classical piano interlude. An improv-jam between Waddy on electric guitar and the drummer & percussionist which led into the next song six minutes later... There were people dancing, singing, holding up candles, lighters, American flags. Teenagers, baby boomers, all generations, together in one big party... Carmen, Frank and I all harmonized with "the voice" and Carmen said to me, "Now you can die happy..." To which I responded, "Not yet... I have to be sharing the stage with her when I harmonize with her before I can die happy." and we all laughed. The hour and a half drive back consisted of a car-full singing of Stevie songs and talking about the show, and me teasing Carmen because I had sworn long ago that I would recruit her into being a Stevie fan and she had sworn it could never happen. Today, I look back on it, sneezing, coughing, and having to cancel my own band practice because I am now sick, and think... "Gee, I wish I could do it again."


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