Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/4/01 Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater Virginia Beach, VA
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It has taken me some time to get around to doing this and have debated on doing it for a while. Partly, because I hate what the term "Fan" implies. I would consider myself an enthusiaist of Stevie Nicks' music, but I do not know her personally and to be "Fanatical" which is where the term comes from, I rather think, denotes a certain level of mental distrubance. I have listened to Stevie Nicks' music for years, but it was not until my boyfriend came into my life that I really began paying attention. He had been hooked by her "Rooms On Fire," and had been listening ever since. When he came into my life he brought his enthusiasm about Stevie Nicks' music along with him. In the beginning I listened out of nicety to him, but soon realized that I had misappreciated what I had originally taken as a good beat, a great melody, or some interesting vocals. The depth of the writing was intense, and moved my soul. Her talent for lyric writing is exceptional and allows for the listeners' mind to travel to the corners of their own experience and fill out the hollowed details of her music. It is rare, indeed, the artist who is so capable of reaching an audience and moving them so unitely with as vague and unsubstantiated boundaries, serving not so much as a traffic guide for the listener's experience, as so many artists do, but acting more as as light shed on a particular part of the world which the artist would like the audience to take a closer, more reflective, discerning look. For that I am grateful to Stevie Nicks and her talent, it has helped to open doors for me.

On July 28, 2001 I had the opportunity of seeing Stevie Nicks at the Nissan Pavillion in Bristow, Virginia. It was my first live performance of hers. I had been informed before attending that she had not been feeling well and had re-scheduled shows before the one I was to be attending and so I, with my boyfriend in tow went, to the concert. It was an amazing time. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance, she sounded wonderful, and I was touched by her music. It was a great night, one that I am not going to forget for the duration of my life.

I work as a counselor in HIV prevention in Richmond, Virginia and as such live on an emotional roller coaster. Lately, I had noticed that I have not been able to express those things I have been feeling. Like being blocked up emotionally, and I noticed that I was becoming "harder," more difficult to deal with, less happy, certainly more bitchy. This is kind of where I was in my life at that moment. For the entirety of the concert I was able to leave behind the pain and hurt that inevitably accompany work like mine, and focus on nothing but the music, which was an awesome experience.

For me, the most important event of the evening was Stevie Nicks performance of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." For whatever reason, a power in her lyric and voice, touched the captor of all the emotions which had been holding back for so long. Everything let loose, and it was all I could do to manage to maintain a level of composure in the midst of all the chaos which concerts possess. For this, I am most grateful, and again, recognize the amazing touch of talent, the wondrous gift entrusted to the woman known as Stevie Nicks.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to express these thoughts. It feels good to be able to say that she did, not a good job, but a most excellent job at reaching at least one person, that very special July night. It is in the presence of talent such as hers when I know, beyond a doubt, that there is a Supreme Being and faith is again renewed. Peace and love to you who read this, thank you for your time.

Stevie was awsome!!!!!!!! I saw her at the Virgina beach Wireless show!! I'm fourteen years old and without a shadow of a doubt is was the best show I know I will ever be at. Even if it was a school night and I had to get up this morning at 5:00 she totally rocked!!!!. I've seen her twice and this was the best show ever. It was so amazing! I flelt like crying in the begining and then at the end when she sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You and wore that cool hat with the feathers. Stevie if your reading this THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will always remember you don't worry about that.

Carol & Tina
This was my first concert. It was truly a memorable night sharing my first experience with a truly remarkable woman. Stevie is every bit the lady with grace and feeling. This was my girlfriends second concert with her idol. She told me how personable and generous Stevie was with her music. The crowd nor myself could contain ourselves. I still have goosebumps. I will never forget the night for as long as I will live. I have watched every video and concert tape my girlfriend has of Stevie. But to actually see this wonderful lady in person will live long in my memory. Thank You Stevie for the memories.

I just got back to my home in Pennsylvania after seeing Stevie at Virginia Beach. I had also seen her in Camden earlier this summer and I must say , although I thought no shows could surpass the one at Camden,,this show truly did! There was much more twirling and dancing, and definitely more tambourine playing which really thrilled me! Stevie was noticeably happy to be back on stage where she belongs. The sky was very black when the show first started but then the clouds separated so that the moon could welcome and embrace our "moon goddess" along with her many devoted fans. I was able to get to the stage and waited patiently to shake Stevie's hand but as she approached me, I was covered by all the other arms reaching out for Stevie. I stood and watched her slip away from my reach as she took a piece of my heart with her.

I did get to touch her high-top sneaker though! LOL. A beautiful girl, dressed in Stevie attire, stood next to me, also patiently waiting for the handshake. After Stevie passed by, I asked the girl if she was lucky enough to shake her hand, and she quietly shook her head NO, with a faint smile , as a tear ran down her face. We both stood and listened to the final song knowing that our opportunity had just passed us by. But hopefully we'll both get that opportunity again someday.Until then we can only dream and remain "hopelessly enchanted" . We love you Stevie.

Stevie is truly an Amazing Human Being! This is the third time I have seen her in concert, and I am Astonished at what I saw on stage this time around. I mean you wouldn't have guessed that she had been ill at all. I am very Blessed to have witnessed this Phenomenal Rock Goddess perform. I love you STEVIE. Please take care of yourself,as I look forward to seeing you again and again,and so on. My only regret is not being able to shake hands with her this time around.One day if I am lucky enough, I'll get to meet her,and tell her just how much she has been a part of my life.Keep your head up Beautiful Child.

Judy Hofler
A full moon with a hint of cloud covering , a slight breeze, and an aura of anticipation was in the entire venue. The magical woman of rock was about to arrive for us. After her bout of illness, we were her 1st show back on the road !!!! I knew she had the Doc's okay and she was ready to jam, and jam she did. I was in the 10th row and she was absolutely awesome. I am 40 yrs old and have admired her voice for yrs. My only disappointment was she did not sing Bombay Sapphires BUT ............................ for her encores she put EVERYTHING she had in " Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", I was mesmerized. She was very humble during the set and talkative.....It was great. I wish her well on the rest of her tour, and If she performs in all the other venues, like she did in VA BEACH................there will be no disappointments. BUT WE HAD THE MOON !!! :) love ya Stevie

Toni Eargle
After the postponement of Stevie's July 24th show due do illness, "The Sister to the Moon" graced Virginia Beach with her astounding presence. It was indeed a magical evening. I must start by giving props to Jeffery Gaines, who is quite a talent. His voice is very powerful and his music and lyrics can be appreciated by all. He indeed writes and sings about real life.

After a brief intermission, the magic in the air began to swirl about the audience. The chorus to Trouble in Shangri-la began to play over the sound system and everyone was immediately on their feet. The goddess herself came onto the stage and began to sing Stop Draggin My Heart Around and immediately, as if God himself were working the lighting show, the moon began to rise over the hill of the amphitheater. Stevie commented on this and everyone turned around, just for a second, to view the beautiful, almost full moon, covered by pink and red clouds. It was indeed beautiful; however, it's beauty did pale next to Stevie. Her voice was clear and strong and every song was more powerful and beautiful than the next. Her stage truly looked like a scene from Shangri-la with beautiful ivy covered columns and flowing lace. We were transported to "Stevie Paradise." The band was tight and accompanied Stevie perfectly. You can feel and hear the bond this band has. As always, Sharon and Mindy, danced gracefully and sang like "night birds." The encore, along with the entire concert, was too short, but Ms. Stevie ended the show with a bang with her appearance during the encore in a stunning top hat with a graceful plume. The woman cannot look bad. We are blessed to be in such beauty and talent. I'm sure there were not many dry eyes in the house during "Has Anyone Ever Written Any Thing For You?" As we know, she writes it all for us.

I dressed in true Stevie fashion with a custom made skirt from "Brandi's Dream," boots, corset and gold and burgundy shawl, and to my disappointment, only saw about 5 other women dressed up. I did receive lots of compliments, on my attire and wish that others would have dressed up also; however, I realize that type of thing is not for everyone. Just remember, immitation is the truest form of flattery.

In closing, we waited all summer for Stevie, and she did not let us down. It was indeed worth the wait and I pray that she will be back around again, very soon.

Shawn Schweitzer
was awesome! she got the fans riled from the beginning the show started by playing Destinies Childs song, and everyone thought it was her... and they were on their feet cheering and applauding... then they realized that it was not stevie and every one was cheering and laughing that they got psyched out. Then the lights went down and the crowd went nuts! She started with stop dragging my heart around. Stevie did alot of her old stuff which was wonderful to hear, and the songs that she did from the new cd sounded great. She really does have this mysteriously beautiful aura around her that gives her the edge that most stars dont have. She even commented at the moon that was out last night. it was very pretty and added to the ambiance of the evening, being an outdoor concert. For the fact that she had been having throat troubles you really couldnt tell it. She took it easy on some things that you could tell that she might have really taken off on otherwise, but she in no way compromised the songs at all. Stevie YOU ROCK GIRL! The band sounded great, the light show was superb... she gets an A+ from me. I hope to see her again soon. She really is a star in her own right! and a beautiful star at that! Thank you Stevie Nicks! the show was awesome!

Dave Stump
I have seen Stevie in nearly every performance she has done within 300 miles over the last 23 years. Her show last night was as good as ever. I feel that her Trouble in Shangrila CD is definetly one of, if not, her finest work. She, as in wine, grows finer with age. FANTASTIC show. Heading to Raleigh tonight!!! Jeffrey Gaines was an excellent lead in and Waddy was Fantastic!

Amy Smith
STEVIE NICKS IN VA BEACH!! It was absolutely phenomenal. She rocked us all for 2 hours straight. Started out with Stop Dragging My Heart Around, onto Sorcerer & Stand Back & Everyday & Planets of the Universe & TISL & Rhiannon & gah, I was so excited to just be there & see her that I can't even remember it all. She ended with Edge of Seventeen (my ABSOLUTE favorite) then did an encore of HAEWAFY. I cried, I screamed & I yelled until I couldn't yell anymore. It was so fantastic. I wish I could see her again today. And Stevie is ALLLLLL better. She hit every note & didn't shy away from the mic one time. So my Sistas of RW who, like me, have been plagued by cancellations & postponing, get ready. She ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Ruth Coleman
Stevie's concert last night was not only my first time ever hearing her live, but it was the first concert I've ever been to. It could not have been any better. Stevie sounded fantastic, as did the rest of the band, she looked great and seemed genuinely happy to be the others have said, she said that we were an "awesome, awesome audience." It was totally awesome. I can't wait for the FM tour and for Stevie's next tour, I definitely want to be front row next time. Rock on, Stevie!

Mark Schoberg
Wow! What a great performance. My sister, and I drove a hefty 4 1/2 hours to experience this show that ROCKED. Stevie's voice was in top notch, and she gave her all for the large crowd. It had to be close to sold out? The song list had changed a little as I knew, but what mattered was Stevie is back, and doing what she does best. Giving her fans what they want.

I for one have attended a good share of Stevie's concerts over her career, and this stop ranked right up there with one I was fortunate to be at in Daytona Beach. She sold out Daytona for the very first time on 8/8/96, so I had in my mind O.K. another beach crowd will add up to another craaaazy show! In my personal opinion the crowd for this stop needed a little lesson on how to clap+yell. I wondered this when Stevie said "Are we all still here?"

Hay there were two young ladies a couple of rows down from me that stood, and danced fanatically through the entire show. It sure would be nice to be that young again. LOL. They had spirit!!!

Overall though what mattered was Stevie gave her all, and then some to a tough crowd. She never ceases to amaze me, and her voice was well non other then the voice of The Lady Of Rock. She sang in tip top form, and was blessed with the moon that she loves. I got what I wanted, and now its off to the Reading PA. show this weekend. Ugh Hugh. Ill be at the Columbia, MD. show too if I can stay away from Ebay.

If anyone has ever wanted to see a show of a lifetime? This Stevie tour is the one! Be there, and when you get there. Let Stevie know your there.

Thank you Stevie for another wonderful night, and to the band you all are the greatest! See you all real soon. "Yall Come Back Now Ya Hear."

Stevie was awsome!!!!!!!! I'm fourteen years old and without a shadow of a doubt is was the best show I know I will ever be at. Even if it was a school night and I had to get up this morning at 5:00 she totally rocked!!!!. I've seen her twice and this was the best show ever. It was so amazing! I flelt like crying in the begining and then at the end when she sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You and wore that cool hat with the feathers. Stevie if your reading this THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will always remember you don't worry about that.

Wow!! Last night Stevie's Virginia Beach fans were treated to a perfect evening: timeless music, a cracker-jack band, and a dusky moon watching over us. The one-hour, forty-minute show felt like twenty minutes, it was so seamless. And never have I seen a lovelier, more tasteful set--I wanted to stay behind and live in it! The friends I brought along had never experienced Stevie's brilliance live; they continually raved, "She's awesome!" Stevie's energy increased from song to song until it crested with her raucous performance of "Fall From Grace." Super! Her spirit radiated throughout the audience, the most responsive I have ever been among. Much love and thanks to Stevie, her band, and the crowd for a fabulous night. Rock on, Sweet Girl!!

Our beautiful and talented Stevie Nicks was once again healthy and back in fine form at the Va Beach show. What a true blessing it is to be able to experience yet another tremendous, goose bump raising performance from a living legend! Once you are a fan of Stevie's you are one for life. My friends Lauren and Louie and I drove three hours to see the show, our second of the tour. The drive passed quickly as we talked and listened to favorite Stevie and FM songs. We were so thankful that Stevie had recovered from the bronchitis that had ground her tour to a halt. Each time I saw another postponement I knew it had to be very disappointing for her not to be able to perform for her fans. But as Stevie has shown us through her varied health battles, ones health is numero uno and she did the right thing by taking as much time off as she needed. When she took the stage, Stevie seemed relieved herself and couldn't contain a smile as she started into Stop Draggin My Heart Around. She was back out on the road and able to SING FOR THE THINGS MONEY CAN'T BUY. Waddy was a perfect duet partner on this one and the crowd roared with approval at the opening notes and rarely sat down. The band was full of energy and the lovely and talented Sharon and Mindy's voices blended with Stevie perfectly. Everyone knows the set list by now. She did not do Bombay Sapphires but no one cared, we were just happy she was able to make up this show and would have come to hear her sing only one song. Stevie performed all her songs with a lot of energy and passion, one of the things we love most about her. Her voice was strong and by the beginning of Gold Dust Women she was gaining confidence and beginning to relax, even wandering away from her mike out towards the crowd on several occassions during solos by her band. Between songs, she gave us personal insights into the inspiration for several songs. She was chatty, warm - thanking us for being there, and even laughed at herself after she introduced her band members as "these are the men in the life." She is so sweet you just want to give her a big hug! As all tour, she had on her platform sneakers instead of boots. Of course she wore her black flowing dress -accompanied by a variety of lacy shawls that seemed perfect for each song. The veiled full moon impressed Stevie as well as she commented - "Is that real or a picture?" A perfect addition to her mesmorizing performance. The older songs, Dreams, Landslide, Rhiannon and Enchanted were well performed. Enchanted was a great sing along song. Stand Back is always a crowd pleaser and got the crowd really reved up. Yes, Stevie did a high kick at the end! But, the new songs are what I really wanted to hear. You can tell she is very excited and proud of the new songs,it shows in her delivery. She sang Every Day - a single that deserved a lot more radio airplay than it got ..... I was especially blown away by the harder edged ones- Sorcerer, Planets and Fall from Grace. They were written with a lot of emotion and it shows when she sings then. Edge of 17 was glorious, ending with Stevie grasping as many out stretched hands as she could and receiving gifts and flowers from many. The last song was Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You -a powerful ballad that was perfectly sung and a real pleasure to hear. You look around and can see that it touches everyone in the crowd in some way or another. I am so blessed that my friends and I were able to experience another memorable performance from Ms. Nicks. She is a genuine person who loves being a songwriter and singer but who also deeply cares for her family, friends and FANS. ONCE IN A MILLION YEARS A LADY LIKE HER RISES. Let's all keep supporting her and her music so she can continue to DANCE ACROSS THE STAGES OF WORLD.

Beth Townsend
Stevie's show in Virginia Beach was the first ever for me and my best friend, and hopefully not our last. I'm 20 years old and I've been listening to Stevie for 12 years. I drove six hours from Virginia Tech (skipped my chemistry classes!!) to see my immortal queen of rock and roll, and she did not disappoint at all. The full moon with the mysterious clouds seemed to set the stage especially for her, and as that thick mix of Trouble In Shangri-La shook the amphitheater as the lights came up on her I just about went berserk. We were fifth row center behind the orchestra pit, just close enough to see that she was every bit the graceful, elegant gypsy that I had seen in the pictures. The set list could not have pleased me more. I felt it was a tremendous honor and privilege to hear Stevie sing the songs that have taught me so much about being a strong, sexy, independent woman who can take care of herself and her man :) Though, I must say it was her new songs that really got me off. I was so overwhelmed by her performance of Sorcerer; Stevie's voice is powerful, yet so beautiful and the lyrics blow my mind. Planets of the Universe rocked especially hard; I let my backbone slip and freaked out so hard that I almost fell over. Of course Too Far >From Texas left me dumbfounded because Stevie definitely has a knack for those country songs. And I cannot believe my luck when she ended the show in her top hat. That just signifies that the enchanting Stevie Nicks has always had it, and the woman is still workin it at age 53. After the show my best friend tried to find some words to say, "Oh my God, Stevie Nicks is the most beautiful... most awesome... this woman's soul..." I too couldn't find the words to describe, because all I could reply is, "I know girl... and I definitely agree with you 110%..." AHHHH!!! I LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!

Stevie rocked Va beach!! this was my 3rd time seeing her in concert. She was awesome! She never sounded better, she hit hit every note on time and on target. you would have never knew she had been sick. What a woman! We had 4th row orchestra 2 dead center seats. Couldn't have asked for anything more, but i did get more allot more.... some us in the first few rows got to go up to the stage, and after edge of seventeen she began to go and take gifts and shake hands and she got to me and she not only one hand shook she wrapped both her beautiful hands around mine and smiled at me i was like I LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!...and then she sang Has anyone ever written anything for you..omg so i cried and they were tears of joy definitely...It was the best moment of my life!!

Ed Salsberry
It was worth the wait. Stevie was as spellbinding as ever. I was a little surprised at her choosing to do "I Need To Know" considering the vast repertoire she has to choose from, even though she has done it on past tours, but she nonetheless sounded better than ever. The stage design was incredibly beautiful and totally fitting of the mystery and artistry that Stevie brings to the stage. When she postponed the original date to play here, I didn't even consider returning my tickets. As I listened to "Rhiannon", I wondered if Stevie realized how many women out there are named Rhiannon based on that song. There are other songs I would have loved to have heard, such as "Rooms On Fire" and "I Can't Wait". I have to admit that I've had a crush on Stevie for as long as I can remember, so it's almost impossible for me to be objective in reviewing this show. I do wish she would have had some "meet and greet" promotion with the local radio station, but maybe on the next tour when I'm working in radio somewhere. Thanks Stevie :)

Eddie Peele
I was just in awe during the whole concert. Everybody loves Stevie. I was sitting in the midst of all ages. Even the wee little kids were singing right along with her. What a privilege it was to be breathing the same air as this dear lady. So thankful to be on the same Planet of the Universe with Stevie.

Jeannie Kartis
There are no words to describe last night in Va. Beach except unbelievable. Stevie is back and with a vengence. We got twirls, swirls, tophats and smiles all night.

Sheena Kennedy
That was an awesome show. Stevie sounded better than ever. She did all of my favorite songs. It was so cool to hear the crowd yell whenever she took the stage, did a favorite song, or did a trademark twirl. It was excellent. Thank you Stevie for such an awesome night. I will certainly never forget it!

From Erin
I have just raced home to file this review...

Just as she said herself, she finally made it back to VA Beach and how blessed we were tonight! Stevie is back and not just rockin' a little- she rocked ALOT! Her performance was quite memorable! The crowd roared with every trademark twirl. If you have read previous reviews, you will get the "jist" of her show, but to be there and experience it, well, it was worth the wait for us.

A few points about the show struck me...few reviews had mentioned the trememdous light show that Stevie's crew puts on...and the band was exceptionally tight tonight!!!!! If you have yet to see Stevie's are going to have the experience of a lifetime when she does come to your town! I do hope that Stevie will continue to take care of herself and that she may be blessed with continued health.

Stevie's back on the road tonight with her astounding performance at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater--and what a comeback! I have seen her on nearly every solo and Fleetwood Mac tour since 1977, and I have to say that I spent the entire evening tonight with goose bumps running up my spine and a huge grin on my face. To begin with, the setting: a perfect post-Labor Day cool night with a gentle breeze. Secondly, a huge crowd of true Stevie fans and gracious southerners. It's been a long time since I have been to any show where the audience was so inspiring, enthusiastic, jazzed, and LOUD (and obviously grateful that this rescheduled show wasn't canceled again). In fact, as Stevie closed the show, she yelled into the mic, "You are an AWESOME audience!"

Thirdly, the band. My God, they rocked and hit every note perfectly. It was also obvious that they were happy to be out on the road again. The sound problems I have read about here before weren't apparent. And lastly--most importantly--Stevie. "The word cancel is not in my vocabulary," she remarked early on. "And I am so grateful that you all are here with me tonight!" And the crowd goes wild....

I remarked to my friends that I can only pray that I have Stevie's energy and the charisma when I get to be 53 (which ain't all that far off). She smiled incessantly, and we all knew that it did her heart good to be back on tour again after beating the bronchitis. And her voice! I've read many reviews posted here that comment on how she has kept her voice in the lower ranges during this tour. Well, I guess two weeks of rest did the trick because she was all over the place vocally, hitting the high notes we all have gotten so used to in Stand Back, Edge of Seventeen, Rhiannon, and Enchanted. She was also all over the stage, twirling and kicking and dancing more than I've seen her do since The Wild Heart Tour! Amazing! Over the years, the one thing that's left me wanting about Stevie's performances is that she never talked very much. I'm one of the fans who likes to hear the stories, and Stevie obliged us tonight with several tales and anecdotes. Sorcerer, she said was written "when she was little afraid of world". Then she went on to tell the tale of moving to Hollywood with Lindsey, two years out of high school, and being very afraid of not making it--although she knew the would. And Planets of the Universe, the painful reflection of her breakup with Lindsey, written in the two months after Rumours was completed. "This has always been one of my favorite songs, but I had to rewrite the first couple of versus so that Lindsay and I wouldn't feel the pain again before I could send it out to you," she said. Then she laughed at how Lindsey had said to her recently that she "sure was talking allot about him on this tour." At one point, between songs, she pointed to the back of the amphitheater and said, 'Is that the moon back there, or a picture?" And 25,000 people turned around at the same time to see the near-full moon rising behind us. And then, at one time, 25,000 voices yelled "It's the moon!" How perfect! The best, the creme de la creme, and my all-time personal favorite, is her set-closing rendition of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? As the beginning piano chords filled the night, she came strolling out in a black top hat with two white ostrich plumes stuck in the band (from the Vanity Fair photo shoot a few years ago?) and proceeded to bring the audience to tears. The magic in that song chokes me up every time I hear it. But especially tonight. because at 40 years old, I realize that Stevie has been a part of my life for 25 of those years. And in her songs are my life's story--as well as hers. Friends and lovers and events and places came flooding back to me tonight. And it hit home with me that we are all survivors when she sang, "...and in your darkest hour, have you ever heard me sing...." Many times, Stevie. Many times. Thank you for a great show tonight. And for being a big part of my life for so long.

Thom Kennedy
I have seen Stevie Nicks in concert more than two dozen times, both as a solo act and with Fleetwood Mac, since my first show during the "Rumours" tour. A dream came true for me when I had the opportunity to spend time in her rehearsals and meet her during preparation for her brief "Bella Donna" tour, when she was rehearsing at the studio where I worked. Tonight was only the second time I have seen her since I entered recovery, one of the many decisions I have made as a result of her inspiration.

I have never heard Stevie sound any better than she did this evening; and the blessing is I will be able to remember it for years to come. From the moment she came on to the stage for "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," until the final notes of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," she held the entire audience in the palm of her hand. She was truly in top form, after her much-publicized illness. After the first number Stevie said, "I told you I would be back. 'Cancel' was never a conideration." On that note, the entire amphitheatre erupted in cheers, whistles, and applause, as she began "Enchanted." She had known our fears and banished them in that moment.

Several times during the evening the crowd erupted, as Stevie did many of her trademark moves, such as twirling and waving her scarf-covered arms. And while the years may have mellowed her somewhat, she could still rock out with the best of them, as shown most splendidly with "Fall From Grace," amoung several other songs. The obvious enjoyment she displayed, while performing selections from her most recent CD was truly infectious. She is very proud of these songs; and in my opinion, it is the best overall CD she has made since "Bella Donna, twenty years ago."

During the final encore, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," with its slight accompaniment, it was obvious that Stevie's voice was as powerful and clear as it has ever been. I have been attending her concerts for over twenty-five years, and still had tears running down my face at several points during the emotionally-charged evening.

During the first portion of the concert, Stevie pointed out the full moon, which was directly behind the audience, showing through a thin veil of clouds. It was so beautiful that she questioned whether or not it was real. It was as though the sky had been hung as a backdrop for this night.

With a band as tight as any I have seen on the road, Waddy Wachtel was truly as wonderful as he was the first time I saw him with Stevie at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles twenty years ago. I have to say that this concert was every bit as excellent as any I have seen from Stevie in all my years of attendance. As my friend so appropriately put it, "She is a rock godess." Thank you, Stevie, for once again creating a memory in the book of my life.

D.R.Roberts Jr. Portsmouth,VA
A fan for over 25 years! First time I've seen her solo. I just got back. She was not 100% I would have to say 98.9% she seemed like she was trying to save voice. The song sets were great not as many in the other shows (I was so excited) I belive she skipped two or three songs. During the "Edge of Seventeen" she was not given too many gifts so I was trying to go up . NOT ! The Security would not let me go up (I was so pissed). But, as I was leaving I ask someone how could get these gifts to Stevie they pointed me the right way so I gave them to a man at the alley which lead to where she was (I just hope he gives them to her). With in the gifts I attached a note to her with my email & home addresses, maybe I'll hear from her (I wish) . She did two encores "I Need to Know" & "Has Anyone Written Anything for You?". Yes I'm very Happy to have seen her & would love again someday.

Angie (Nyte Byrd)
Absolutely Inspirational performance at Va. Beach Amphitheater. Stevie looked remarkable and rocked our hearts. We were all a little concerned that she might not be well enough to visit us, but we were pleasantly surprised.

As usual she glowed with beauty and grace and her voice sang songs of old and new that touched our souls. Stevie commented on the beautiful view the scattered clouds gave her of the moon as she sang Rhiannon to us. The highlight of my evening was being daring enough to join the crowd at the stage towards the end of the concert. I am only 5'2" and I couldn't see over the stage. As fate would have it.. I was standing next to a vacant chair pushed right up to the stage. I stood on the chair and could see above everyone. When Stevie came forward to greet us all... She shook my hand and my Husbands too!

Stevie is so many things...... I hope she knows that she has inspired generations, that she has taught us many things about life, love, loss, and success. I am truly honored to have listened through her and between her lines. Stevie sings straight from the heart and like her experiences in life........ Her music, her poetry, and her beauty will always be timeless....ageless

Thank-You Stevie for a memorable evening...


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