Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/28/01 Nissan Pavilion Bristow VA
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can i just say first of all, hats off to the stage designer. i was totally impressed with the way they created the TISL theme. it was fabulous - totally beautiful, magical. it really set the mood and i loved the way the lightning flashed across the sky during 'dreams'.

i must say, i was a little concerned about how stevie would be feeling since she had canceled the three previous shows - but she prevailed as always. it's just amazing how she captures everyone the moment she walks out on stage. one of the highlights for me was when she did her signature high kick at the end of stand back - it was awesome, i love how she gets into that song! the songs from TISL were done to perfection. i think they sounded better 'live' than recorded in the studio. everyday, sorcerer and too far from texas were fantastic but fall from grace really rocked! i was so glad when i heard that waddy was joining stevie on this tour - he was fabulous!

i've been a fan for the past 24 years, i was 11 when i first heard stevie's voice and i've been hooked ever since. she's like a drug that you just have to have. i bet everyone reading this comes to this website for their 'daily dose' of nicksfix just like myself ~ if only she knew how deeply she affects so many lives and what she really means to each of us. it's kind of weird how her fans are so connected to her. i thought it was strange to feel the way i do about her but when i hear so many other people feel the same way, its very cool. she is truly a legend.

"have you touched the soul of someone?" . . . . . YES stevie, you have!

"in all your darkest hours, have you ever heard me sing" . . . . . YES stevie, i have!

Debbie Scott
Dear Stevie, I had the BEST time at your concert in Virginia. I just kinda sat there is awe as I watched you sing. Then when you started to sing "Has anyone ever written anything for you" I started to cry. Its such a beautiful song and has touched me in so many ways. I have been such a HUGE fan for such a long time. Everytime I see you or hear you, I get goosebumps. Its amazing how much on an impact you can have on someone's life and not even know it. I had to share this with you. You are such an inspiration to millions of people. Keep Rockin' a Little! If this does reach you, I would love to hear back from you. I know that you are so busy with all your tours, but I have always wanted to meet you, or at least get an e-mail from you.


THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU, STEVIE!!! What an AMAZING SHOW! I was spellbound at the '98 Enchanted Tour and equally (if not more so) this time 'round at the TISL tour! Plus better seats always helps - they weren't orchestra but hey not bad. Great way to open the show with the "Bootylicious theme"...very cool...and then "Stop Draggin'" and "Enchanted" - just awesome! I sing in a cover band and have done both those songs in tribute to my Rock Goddess and idol for over 20 years now since I was like 13 yrs. old. What a huge kick I got when she performed those two first!!! Every song ROCKED from start to finish! We were on our feet dancin' & singin' all night! Yes my friends the "High Priestess of Rock" REIGNS now and always! Words cannot express my admiration for this beautiful songstress! Brilliantly-talented & beautiful she graced the stage at Nissan Pavilion! My only complaint was I WANTED MORE!!!! Yep, I do believe I'll be calling in sick to work Sept. 4 and headin' to Va. Beach to catch Steve & her rocktabulous band once more before her tour ends. I feel compelled! KEEP ROCKIN' STEVIE - NEVER STOP!!! You touch so many people with you're songs! Please keep coming back!

Stevie took the stage at this show like ive never seen her before,sure of herself and the music she was promoting.It was a pleasent suprise for me to here her open with something other than Outside The was a woderfull site in this day and age with the age gap so apparent in some music was not there on this night.I had a family in front of me in section 103 of grandmother,mother,and daughter .Anyway more about the show Stevie was deffinetely timeless in her finnery on this night.Showing signs of not age but of life experrience she stood in front of us like a mother telling us tales of her life and loves lost.I did not know she had to canncell shows before us untill i read the NICKSFIX so that really explained alot to me and now gives me a chance to get tickets for the VABEACH show .....................THANK YOU FOR BEING TIMELESS STEVIE

The show was great. I felt like I was going to see an old friend. Stevie looked like she was really enjoying herself. The band was tight and really rocked. All the people sitting around me stood up when Bootylicious started to play ....AND WE NEVER SAT DOWN!

Stevie proved, once again, how talented she his. She gave the audience exactly what we came for- a great show

Sandy MacKenzie
What more can I say? The show on 7/28 at the Nissan Pavillion was FANTASTIC! Stevie sang with all of her heart and soul and proved to the audience that even though she was still recovering from laryngitis, she could still rock the house down! She smiled a lot and could tell that she was having the time of her life. Stand outs were Planets of the Universe, Fall From Grace, and Bombay Sapphires. But of course the old favorites were there too. Stand Back, Dreams, Rhiannon, and Edge of 17 were great. Stevie still did her high kick at the end of Stand Back.

While Stevie shook hands with the audience during 17, someone gave her a big Pooh stuffed bear and another person gave a tambourine. When the band came back for the encore, the piano player put the Pooh bear on top of the piano so everyone could see it.You can tell that Stevie really cares about connecting with the audience by shaking hands. She is a great performer and is one of a kind. Once in a million years a lady like her rises....

The memories of this concert will forever live in my heart. From the very opening of the TISL chorus (great and unique way to open the show Stevie) to the closing song of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.... it was truly a magical evening. I really do hope this concert is being captured on video for all the fans that couldn't join Stevie in Shangri-La on the road. (And for the fans that want to revisit that magical world). Stevie, keep on dancing and making wonderful songs for the world to enjoy!

Scotty G.
dark gray sky descended upon northern Virginia last Saturday. I knew there was an energy in the air even before I reached the arena. I've seen Ms. Nicks on many occasions, however, this was my younger sisters first show. I knew this tour was going to be something out of the ordinary as soon as I learned that Waddy was on board. I never thought he would tour with Stevie again. A much larger crowd turned out than in 98' (Enchanted Tour), and from the "Bootylicious" promo to "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" the concert was nothing short of fabulous.

The band was tight, best I've heard on a solo tour. The crowd ranged in age from about 12 - 60. Our seats were right up the middle, although we were pretty far back (anything other than front row is pretty far back). "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" was a great way to start off the show. Other highlights included a high kickin' "Stand Back", a guitar rife "Edge of Seventeen", and a surprisingly energetic "Everyday" which was better live than on the album.

All in all, the evening went way too fast. It always does. My sister felt that Stevie sounded even better in person. Before the show I said, "Don't probably won't be as loud as you'd expect". Well, I was wrong. Someone kept messing with the volume button. I felt like I was at a Mac concert, but I didn't mind a bit. You know you've been to a good concert when your ears are still ringing after the long ride home. All in all, the evening was wonderful (except for the omitted "Outside the Rain"). "Radiant beam cloaked in dark shadow with a voice like none other. I marvel at having found you, you are an angel in disguise, poet, priest of nothing, legend".

How can we put this incredible night into words? None of us have ever had the opportunity to see Stevie and have dreamed of this night forever, to say the least, Stevie did not let up sown, but rather left us yearning for more than the 2 hours she graced the stage and our hearts. We know that she had been sick all week and we were worried about her pushing her voice but selfishly worried also that we would not get the opportunity to see her. No problem-if Stevie had needed some "extra help" with some of her notes that the hoarseness was trying to grab, Sharon, Mindy and all of her "other background singers" were happy to help. (FYI-Stevie did not nee any help with any part of this show)!

From the first note of the tease of BOOTYLICIOUS, to the last time Stevie left the stage, we were singing, screaming and dancing. I think everyone felt the same goose bumps that we did the very first time she walked on stage. Nevermore beautiful, nevermore in command, nevermore graceful, nevermore THE QUEEN! Stevie seemed to be taken by suprise by the noise even though the seats weren't filled(whats up with that?) There was never a silent moment nor a dull to the party atmosphere. The absolute love that was coming from all of us to Stevie even sometimes overwhelmed us. That how the whole evening was Totally overwhelming. In fact, while trying to leave the parking lot, the buses and limo were let through. Everyone just stopped, started honking horns, waving and screaming in the hopes that Stevie could feel or gratitude for what she had just given to us.

The GYPSY had us under her spell. Her performance was absolutely magical. Even though we knew all of her songs by heart(including TISL) it felt like we were "hearing" them for the first time and in a different light. I think that all 3 of us came with different ideas of how it would be but left under the same Stevie haze. The only time the crowd was any less than thunderous was when Stevie finished with HAS ANYONE EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING FOR YOU. That was because everyone was singing with her, or like us, crying. The emotion she wrote into that song and most definitely the unbelievable way she sang this tonight was well...spiritual. Needless to say we are already saving our pennies for the next time she comes to the Mid-Atlantic, either solo or with MAC. We are still looking at each other, shaking our heads and wondering what hit us. No other concert that any of us have ever been to has left such an impression.

Dearest Stevie, As long as you want to grace the stage-we'll be there. You looked beautiful tonight and you sounded beautiful. We still can't truly put in words what this night meant to us so we will just Thank you. Thank you for your willingness to share your soul and all your wonderful gifts with us. Be happy, Take care or yourself. God Bless you. Most of all we love you.

I was so excited when we got to go up to the front of the stage from our seats! I was in the orchestra, but I couldn't really too well because of the speakers. My boyfriend helped me get to the front of the stage and then Stevie reached down and grabbed my hands! I was crying so much and screaming,"I love you, Stevie!!" She squeezed my hands and said, "I love you, too!!!!" I was hysterical!!! I have epilepsy and my boyfriend thought I was going to have seizures because I pretty much passed out after that!! You rock Stevie!!! I can't wait to see you again!! XXXXX

Terra Harris Silver Spring, MD (yes, Stevie's Silver Spring!!!)
I guess I should start this off by saying... wow. I have been a huge fan for a while... To the point that my family thinks I am crazy... They tell me I was born at the wrong time-- I am 23. I tell them 1970s, 2001, it's always time for STEVIE! The show at Nissan still exceeded any expectations I had. It was my first Stevie show. Things started off on a pretty funny note... They started playing Bootylicious-- which I love-- and I knew exactly what it was, but alot of the other people there did not and they thought Stevie was coming out. They all sat down after the guitar riff ended. I just kept dancing. I never sat down the entire show. When I heard her start TISL, I just about fell over. It finally had hit me that we were there and I was seeing Stevie Nicks not on TV, but right there in person. My fiance' just watched me the whole time. He said watching me watch her was just as good as the show. We had tailgated before hand and I had gotten many compliments on my jacket. It had Stevie sleeves and was sheer. Our seats were not as good as I thought they would be. It made me wish I had gotten orchestra pit... Even as die hard of a fan as I was, I was a little disappointed with Stand back. It sounded great, but I think her voice was going out. I felt so bad for her. I also had wanted so badly to hear Landslide, but it was not played. Everything was just amazing. The selection of merchandise was awesome. Pricey, but good. I wore my white TISL world tour T-shirt to bed that night. I just picked up my film from the concert and my pics look pretty good. There were no words to describe "Edge" that would give you an understanding of how truly amazing it was. She rocked that song so hard it made me tired! I truly wish that I could afford to go somewhere and attend another show, but as a recent college grad ( I graduated on Stevie's b-day this year) who is going to be a teacher in the fall, I am just too broke. I'd give my left arm to see a show like that again, which says alot-- I am left handed. :) The highlight of the show was truly "has Anyone". It brought tears to my eyes to hear her sing. It was just so pure and emotional and real. Nothing but the raw power of her voice... Stevie may have had laryngitis last week, but this night would never have told you that she was anything less than the Queen of Rock and Roll. I cannot remember ever having such a good time at a concert. I cannot remember an artist ever making me KNOW that they were glad I was there like Stevie did that night. She is the queen of rock, yet she still seems to be somewhat shy and still nervous after all these years. She is a real person, and that is why I will never forget my first experience with Ms. Stevie Nicks.

Terra Harris Silver Spring, MD (yes, Stevie's Silver Spring!!!)

Joe Sheffield
I didn't think it was possible to out do the Enchanted Tour of three years ago, but what a fantastic performance! The eternal classics like Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Dreams, and Stand Back were met with deafening approval (now I understand why the merchandisers were selling earplugs). I know that usually only a couple of new songs are done at concerts because the fans are listening for the older hits but all the new material from Trouble in Shangri-La was out of this world. I loved those cuts on the album, but performed live... there's no description good enough. Stevie was simply electrifying, as were Waddy and all the band members. All I can say is, "Don't stay away so long next time! We all love you, and never stop rockin'."

Jan and Christie
"2000 Miles to Shangri-La" We are packed and ready to hit the road, and as we pull out of the driveway the deejay on the radio says "Now is the time to take your dream trip.......". That was all we heard as we were taking a dream trip that we called "2000 Miles to Shangri-La". It was Monday and we were headed to Virginia Beach for the Tuesday night show and then on to Raleigh, then Charlotte, and ending up Saturday at Nissan Pavilion for our 4th show. 416 miles into the trip from Atlanta the voice on the other end of the cell phone is telling us "Va Beach is postponed".

In a state of shock, we decided since it was already 6pm we would spend the night in Raleigh for the show Wednesday night. Before we saw the new day, Raleigh was also postponed. In a fog of disbelief, we drove another 416 miles back to Atlanta. After the letdown of the postponed shows, our spirits were on the rise again by Thursday knowing we would be leaving Friday for Charlotte, only to be knocked into reality that another show had been postponed. We were now faced with a big decision as to whether to go ahead and leave Friday and drive the 700 miles to Bristow for Saturday's show...not knowing if it would also be postponed. By Friday afternoon, we decided to go for it, based on "a feeling"...not our's...but in hopes of not being disappointed.

We arrived in Bristow at midnight, after 10 hours of driving. By Saturday morning, we knew the show was "a go". We had so-so tickets but went to the box office twice to check the availability of better seats, but to no avail. We arrived at the pavilion around 6:30pm with the parking lot already beginning to fill up. We sat in the car for a while and did "people watching". There were people of all ages dressed like Stevie, and some barely dressed at all. After stashing cameras and film and trying to look really cool and innocent, we headed to the gates. A cool looking redheaded dude asked us if we needed tickets. Having inquisitive minds and really wanting better seats, we asked him what he had. He offered us Orchestra 5th Row (from the stage) for $25 each plus our tickets!!!!

We told him we would take them BUT if it was a gimmick we would search him down and hurt him!!!! Upon arriving at the gate, we immediately observed the searching of purses, blankets, bags, etc. This took us to Plan B which we didn't have back to the car to regroup!!! We won't go into details, but we did get a camera inside. After stopping to buy merchandise, we proceeded to our seats. They were EXCEPTIONAL!!!!....God Bless that redheaded dude!!!! Now was time for us to take observation. The night air was cool and brisk, the props were already in place, there were two large monitors on both sides of the stage, the venue was beginning to fill with fans of all ages. There was definetely an aurora of excitement in the air. By the time Jeffrey finished playing, the venue was packed and ready for Stevie!!!!

With the first notes of "Bootylicious" we were on our feet for the rest of the night. Initially Stevie appeared to hold back a little on the vocals, while adding more dancing and movement, for the first few songs. After that, she seemed to find a comfort level for her vocals and ROCKED the remainder of the night. However, she was a little hoarse when speaking. During "Gold Dust Woman" she started singing a new version of the song (unattentionally) then got tickled at herself and bent over laughing for a moment...but then continued with the "original" version of the song. We won't go over the entire set list, but we will hit on a few highlights. Stevie said she made a conscious decision to add alot of songs from the TISL album....her comment was if she wasn't going to perform them, then why write them. GREAT decision Stevie!!!!

While doing "Too Far From Texas" she was smiling alot and we think it was because the audience was singing every word nsync with her. At one point she kissed her hands and then extended them outward toward the audience and said "I just gave you all a kiss". Another funny incident was when she came to the mic and said "Waddy just asked me if I was going to talk about it or do it" and then she proceeded to tell us the story behind "Planets of the Universe". The security was definetely "fan friendly"...they told us we couldn't take pictures but then gave us black tape to cover the flash. :-) So out came our camera from its hidden location. Security had also told us that the first five rows would be allowed to go to the stage. As time got closer, we began to scope out our competion for the run to the stage. We were in seats 4 and 5 from the we decided we needed to find out what the people in the first 3 seats next to us were going to do.

We asked the lady in seat 3 if she was going to the stage and she said "I don't have a pass". We told her that WE DID HAVE THAT PASS and she needed to move out of our way when it was time to present our PASS. We asked the ladies in seats 1 and 2 and all they said was "Hell Yea we're going to the stage, whether they let us or not!!!" With the sound of the drums and then Waddy "cutting loose" with his guitar solo, we were ON THE RUN....STAGE BOUND!!! Maneuvering past the security guard, our stampede got us right to the stage. For what seemed like an eternity, we secured our place by holding on to the skirt of the stage that was way above our heads. The only way we could see what was happening onstage, was to hang on to the stage and try looking over our shoulders at the monitors behind us....very painful we might add!!!!

When Stevie started singing "EO17", we could barely breathe with the pressure from all the body parts pressed against us....but we were not relinquishing our spots for NO ONE!! At this point we are blindly waving our arms into the air...out of nowhere a hand grabs one of our arms like an octopus and hangs on for dear life. After viciously shaking off the unwanted attachment, we see that Stevie is making her famous walk across the stage. When she finally reaches the right side of the stage where we are, she reaches out and briefly touches both our hands. We returned to our seats so we could see what was happening onstage, took one final picture, then watched as a beauitful evening came to an end. It is now 9pm Sunday and we have just driven the 700 miles back to Atlanta. And if you ask them was the 1400 miles and 20hrs in the car to see Stevie for one night, worth it all....they would answer: YES!!!!! She is an amazing artist, a brilliant songwriter, and she touches our heart like no other!!!! be continued after Monday night's show at Chastain in Atlanta...

I feel so lucky to have seen Stevie for the second time this tour (I saw her opening show in Pittsburg also) and she continues to be the best, most talented, most beautiful performer around! Seeing Stevie live on stage is truely something to behold. I missed Sheryl Crow this concert -- she added a special touch. It was apparent that Stevie was still suffering the from her recent illness. At times, she seemed a bit tired and her voice wasn't up to the opening night standards. However, the way she wailed on Fall From Grace made me cry. The power and emotion were fantastic -- the song is now one of my favorites. The opening intros she added to her TISL songs were great and made it seem like you were watching "Behind the Music". Planets of the Universe has taken on a new meaning for me after last night. She looked like the goddess she is and maintained her energy. I was sorry Outside the Rain was cut. The band and "the girls", as Stevie called them (Celani and Stein), were right on cue and rocking. Hope to see Stevie at her last show in Atlanta to make my Summer of Stevie complete!!!! Thank you Stevie for sharing your life and music with all of us.

Keith Bradshaw
Just want to add a few words about the show in Bristow, Va. Totally fantastic!!!! Third Stevie show for me and My friend toni and First for my wife. What a concert to have been her first, Stevie at her finest. All the songs were great, especially Fall from Grace( favorite off the new album) We had great seats and were even able to make it down front when Stevie greeted the fans during Edge of Seventeen. I was even able to shake her hand, a highlight of my life. You could totally see how much she enjoyed herself and adored her fans. It was a magical night that I can't believe is over. I would make a date with her every weekend. Rock on Gold Dust woman.


Kammy Curry
Last night I attended Stevie's concert at the Nissan Pavilion in Virginia, and I am still blown away. I had goose bumps and tears in my eyes for nearly the entire show. Every element of the concert combined to make it the most unforgettable night ever: the choice of songs, each band members part, Stevie's otherworldly performance, the beautiful stage and lighting, and the psyched fans. Stevie and her band absolutely rocked the house!

She really enjoys herself on stage; you can see it in her eyes as they sparkle like a child's. It was everything I expected Stevie's concert to be: full of her beautiful twirls and dancing, the wonderful shawl changes (gold for Gold Dust Woman, white for Edge of Seventeen, deep blue for Bombay Sapphires, etc.), beautiful melodies, hard rocking edge and her powerful, amazing voice. The percussion solo from Lenny, and guitar solo from Waddy were out of this world. Stevie looked stunningly beautiful, and she wore the most fabulous large, feathered hat when she closed with 'Has Anyone Written Anything for You'. I love you Stevie, thank you so much for sharing your magical gift with us!!

Bridget and Taylor Brutski
"Some Enchanted Evening......" That's the best way to describe Stevie's performance at Nissan Pavillion in Bristow, VA on 07/28/01.

As my 12 year old daughter Taylor and I were getting ready to leave for the show, we listened to a video I have of Stevie's concert from the Bella Donna Days. So, by the time we left, we were psyched.

Let me say first that Stevie has the friendliest fans. As we waited for Stevie to take the stage, we spoke with folks around us, and they teased my daughter about "how could she know who Stevie is, she's too young." She just laughed. Our seats were in the Orchestra 2, row 9. This is the closest either of us had ever been at a show, and with this being a Stevie Nicks concert, it made it all the more exciting.

When Stevie took the stage, I realized even more why she is the Queen of Rock. This lady put everything she had into this show. She looked and sounded amazing. Every song was beautiful. I have never seen a performer that is more appreciative of the fans that she has. She thanked us over and over again for being there.

As 'Edge of Seventeen' started, most of the first 4 rows, moved up to the stage. It was at this time, that my daughter and I moved up to the 4th row for a closer look. My daughter said, "Mom, I always thought she was pretty, but she is really beautiful." This from someone who thinks 30 is old.

Another highlight of the evening was meeting John Kinney and his niece Blair. I only stopped to say "hi", but it was nice to meet the man who works so hard to keep all of us "up-to-date" on Stevie. Thanks John!

The best thing of all, to me, is that I can share Stevies' music with my daughter. In a time when most kids and their parents don't agree on music, Stevie has given my daughter and I yet another thing to share. Thank you for that Stevie. As much as I enjoyed watching Stevie sing all my favorite old and new songs, I enjoyed watching my daughter sing along with her. Stevie has a multi-generational appeal, everyone loves her. Thanks for a memorable night Stevie!

Pam Robinson
This was my first time ever seeing Stevie and she was wonderful. We got to the Nissan Pavillion early and I'm so glad we did. We were supposed to be in section 1 and a friend had 2 extra tickets for the Orchestra section. I was 5 rows back!! She has a wonderful voice and is full of life and her smile as well as her movements are so mistical. She pulls you into her web and doesn't let you go. When she left the stage we didn't want to leave. She is so real and I love that. The concert was spectaculiar. She put on a wonderful show and Jeffery Gaines, her opening act, was great. All Acustic and full of life!! I have loved Stevie since I was old enough to listen and understand music, I am 28 now and she is still my favorite. Thanks Stevie, your the greatest!!!

Nancy Boyd
All I can say is WOW! Seeing Stevie walk out onto the stage brought tears to my eyes. If anyone ever asked me, "If there was one person whom you could meet, who would that person be?", I would tell that person it would be Stevie Nicks. The show at Nissan Pavilion didn't ROCK A LITTLE, it ROCKED ALOT! I have loved Stevie since 1976, when I was 15 years old, she was my idol. When I first listened to the new Trouble in Shangri-la cd, I thought whoa....this is different. After listening to the cd for the 2nd time, I thought hey this is really good, then I started singing along with some of the songs and began the process of picking out my favorite ones.

I nearly fell outta my chair when she sang Fall From Grace and Bombay Sapphire, which are my favorite songs off the cd. The classics that she chose to sing were performed as I expected them to be, with grace and a heart of soul and that splash of magic that all Stevie fans know about. I had hoped to hear her sing Landslide and I Can't Wait, but hey, I was grateful that I was even there, had excellent seats (section 102, Row D) and I would do it all over again. This is my third time seeing Stevie live in concert and each time is more amazing and magical. STEVIE IS A GODDESS! Luv Ya Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Stevie with Fleetwood Mac for their "Dance" tour a few years ago. That in itself was spectacular. But let me just say, Stevie Nicks IS a true ledgend!!!! I was in Stevie world the whole time she was up there this past Saturday night! I must say, her voice at the beginning was great, but by the end, it was absolutely amazing. It just grips you! Her best performances, in my opinion, were: "Edge of Seventeen", "Fall From Grace", "Gold Dust Woman", and "Has Anyone Ever Written..".

What a great night! Please go see her if you can, you will NOT be disapointed! This woman just keeps on getting better! ROCK ON ANCIENT QUEEN~~~~~!!!!

Bridget Russell
This past Saturday, my family went to see Stevie Nicks at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia. It was only fitting that it was a family trip because, since I was a little girl, our friend "Stevie" has been a part of our family. She was the always there in the car with us as went on road trips, she was always the star of all our parties....I'm 22 years old and I do not remember a time when I did not know who Stevie was. Even though the closest tour date to our home was 2 hours away, there was no stopping us from attending that show. We were so excited.

We arrived at the show 2 hours ahead of schedule. When I got out of the car, we were just in time to hear her complete her sound check. To hear her begin "Rhiannon" brought tears to my eyes and sent a chill up my spine. This was going to be a great night! We all settled into our seats on the lawn and when Stevie emerged from behind the stage, I saw my father's eyes light up and my 19-year old sister started crying. I don't think she stopped crying until well into the third song! This was what we'd all been waiting years for and to see her, with her classic long blonde hair and the flowing clothes, was absolutely indescribable. The feeling of seeing someone that you have idolized for your entire life, is amazing. Stevie was everything we expected her to be and more. When I got home at 9pm the next evening, my parents were listening to Stevie and said they had been since noon that day. My dad said he was so excited after the show, he couldn't sleep. Now, I'm just trying to figure out a way to get myself to another show before this tour ends! We love you, Stevie!!

Lots of folks have already posted their reviews, but I wanted to add that seeing Stevie in concert just does not get any better than when she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." I loved the rest of the concert, but that song made me smile and cry and gave me chills. I took a friend of mine to the concert who liked Stevie but wasn't a huge fan, and after that song she said to me, "Now I see exactly what you see. She is incredible." What a fitting end to a wonderful, wonderful evening.

Erin Hayes
The show Saturday night was awesome! I thought Stevie's voice was phenomenal considering what she had been dealing with. I'm sure it killed her to cancel three shows. You could tell how excited she was just to be back out there. I was in the fourth row. When I got to my seat, I asked one of the Event Staff guys if she was letting the first five rows come up to the stage, which most fans know that's what she does. He told me when it was time for her encore that they would let us know. I had brought with me a tambourine that I decorated. The tambourine had a clear cover on it. I took the cover from "Trouble in Shangri La" and placed it behind the tambourine so it showed through, and I typed underneath it, "Certified Gold June 8, 2001" with some lace hanging down. When they motioned us to come up to the stage I took off running and got right up against the stage.

As soon as she sang "Edge of Seventeen" as everyone knows, she comes to the edge of the stage to shake hands. Unfortunately she missed me, but I was holding my tambourine in the air and the guy that was with her took it for me. So I don't know if she'll get it, but I was honored just to be right below her. She is the most unique person. There is nobody like her and to all those people who make fun of her for being the age she is and still singing and touring.....If I was 53 years old, looked as good as she does and could still rock my butt off, your darn right I would. Rock on sweet girl!

It's about 24 hours since I saw Stevie in Bristow, VA. As always, when I go to see Stevie it is a monumental event. Because of work, I could only see her on a weekend and I ended up driving to Bristow all by myself...about a 7 hour drive. I woke up first thing Saturday morning and checked the internet for any word about cancellation and didn't find any. And as I drove, I stopped occasionally and called the Nissan Pavilion and was never able to speak to anyone and their recorded concert info line was last updated on July 10. Two things worried me so much...would the show end up being cancelled and would Stevie sound OK?

Well, I wasn't disappointed. Stevie didn't smile during Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, but she sounded good. And there was a point early in Rhiannon that Stevie put her hand to her throat as if she felt some pain, but from there on out, everything was AWESOME. It's funny I just read some of the reviews for other shows and many make comments about the lights and the stage design. To be honest with you I didn't notice either. Some of the time, I just closed my eyes and listened. I love the fact that she feels bold enough to play so many new songs. I would say that the new songs come off as if she is more connected to them than the older songs. Fall From Grace was a was Planets of the Universe. As I sat in my car after the concert, waiting an hour to get from the parking lot to the street, I realized how important and interwoven Stevie and her music are in my life.

Dawn Gillispie
I have to say this was the best Stevie Nicks concert I have ever attended! I have seen Stevie by herself about 5 times and with Fleetwood Mac 4 times. This is a long but, cool story! I ordered tickets from Ticketmaster for 5 of us which included my best friend, her husband, my husband, myself and a male friend of ours. They were in section 103, row V. Another friend that went with us had Orch. Pit seats in row L. We stopped at a gas station on the way in and she bought two 4th row center tickets from a guy on the parking lot. My best friend and I took her other Orch. Pit tickets. My husband said he did not mind us taking them because he knew how much it meant to me to get that close. The 3 guys sat back there in row V.

First, I was excited to be that close, as I have never had the luck of getting really good seats. Right before "Edge of Seventeen", my friend noticed that they were letting people go down in front of the stage so, she grabbed me and said "C'mon!" Anyway, we got down to right in front of the stage! I was filled with excitement and felt like I was dreaminng! Then Waddy came out and started the intro to "Edge of Seventeen" which was very cool. Then Stevie came out and started singing! I tried to get up to the very front when she went along and shook hands but, I just could not get quite close enough. We stayed down in front for the encores which moved me to tears!

Even though I did not get to touch her, the experience was still exhilerating and like nothing I have ever felt or experienced. It was truly a high point in my life that I will never forget. You can see that Stevie truly loves and appreciates her fans. She is amazing! Even though she had been sick, she still put her heart and soul into her singing her songs. I have never been disappointed with any of her concerts but, this one was the best! I was glad that she did some of her new songs. TISL is great! My 10 year old daughter loves it too! Thank you Stevie for a truly "enchanted" evening that I will always remember!

if I had to describe Stevie and her band in one word - I couldn't. She evokes so many feelings that it would be impossible. My daughter, Eryn, and I drove down to Va from Md and I thought I was going to burst. I'm driving and I kept thinking "are we there yet?" I know stevie has alot of fans but when I walked into the park i was stunned! We went right to the tour merchandise booth - I really needed the t-shirt, mug and tour book. Off to find our seats or I should say standing/dancing area.

The temp. was just right for an outdoor concert. Jeffery gaines was really good! He seemed to me to be a cross between lenny Cravitz and Dave Matthews. He had us all singing "Your Eyes", his cover of the Peter Gabriel song. Then "Bootylicious" is piped in and I'm thinking "what?' Well, duh - it was meant to and did get everyone pumped! all of a sudden "Trouble In Shangra La" is blasting and everybody roared! Stevie started w/ "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - awesome! I didn't even care if her voice cracked a little at the beginning - it was still HER and she was singing right in front of me. from the new album ( yes, I'm dating myself) she sang Planets, Everyday, Sorcerer, Trouble, and Too Far from Texas and Bombay Sapphires. everything else were hits and favorites.

The crowd favorites seemed to be Stand Back, Dreams, & Rhiannon. Lenny and Waddy each did a solo - spectacular talent. My daughter and I didn't really sit down the whole time she was on ! It was a very magical, fulfilling and exciting evening. I am so looking forward to seeing her again soon! No one should pass up the opportunity to be in her presence and audience.

Carolyn Luray
I had the privilege of seeing Stevie at Nissan Saturday night, July 28th. As always she was fabulous. From beginning to end, she rocked the house. I was in the 6th row and from the time she walked on stage, I never sat down. I have been a huge Stevie Nicks fan for many years and she has nevered disappointed. She still looks and sounds beautiful. I can not wait until the next tour. Rock on Stevie. We love you in Virginia

I must say it was my first stevie nicks concert of estevie nicks just by herself. I had seen her with fleetwood mac at the reunion tour in 97. I must say it was a concert i will never forget.I was so glad stevie didnt cancel the show in bristow, va. I must tell you it was great. My mother and myself enjoyed the concert very much.I think when you hear such great songs THAT STEVIE wrote , its a masterpiece too sing all those songs and those songs not touch your heart and remember where you were at when you heard them.. NEW or old songs of stevie nicks you got to love it. I think is was a wonderful concert and what great songwriting out of your songs.. because , I must say I really didnt know how pretty the song has anyone ever written anything for you, UNTIL I HEARD IT LIVE LAST NIGHT.. what a final song .. It really struck a lump in my throat... I think the show was very good. Iam glad my mother and myself got to see stevie nicks . what a night out for a mother and daughter.......

Truly, thank you for sharing your songs with us the fans.... Kelly

Saturday began with a little uncertainty as to whether the show would go on in light of Friday night's cancellation at Charlotte, NC. My husband and I checked the NicksFix site several times throughout the day for check for any news.....but no news was good news! Before leaving on our 2 hour journey we called the venue to confirm the show was still a go, and was told the show is on!

We missed Jeffery Gaines entire set due to car trouble.....We broke down on the way and my husband stood out in the pouring rain for a good while to get the car up and running! We made it to our destination about 15 mintues before Stevie took the stage.

When Stevie first came out and began "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" she seemed a little unsure of herself. She backed off some of the high notes, and this continued for the first two or three songs, and then she was in form! The most energetic number came with "Stand Back"......lots of twirling and movement, and yes, the traditional high kick at the end! The new material was most welcome by everyone and she did a great job on those songs, especially "Fall From Grace".

I understand now all the comments about the missed platform boots! Didn't think I would notice this much but I did. The platform sneakers didn't quite go with the dress & outfits, however, the flashing lights across the toes of the sneakers were very whimsical and enjoyable! The night passed very quickly.....all in all it was a very enjoyable evening. We will all be anticipating the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour!

So there I was, in the tenth row at Nissan Pavilion, just outside of Washington, DC. It was a dream come true- the night I had been anticipating for 24 years of life! The show began with the quick-tempo chanting of "Trouble in Shangri-La", and led right into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". Stevie looked fabulous, but unfortunately, she wasn't wearing her trademark platform heels. Instead, she had on a pair of big, Frankenstein-like platform Reeboks. It's understandable, though, after walking around on five-inch platform heels for almost 30 years!

All in all, the show was fabulous! The magical thing about Stevie's concerts is that she has such a commanding, endearing stage presence... something that few other stars can offer. She's on stage because she loves it, and she loves to share her music. That's what makes her shows so engaging and exciting!

Finally, at the end of "Edge of Seventeen", I fought my way up to the front of the stage. As Stevie did the sweep of the front-stage area (shaking hands and thanking everyone) I ACTUALLY GOT TO SHAKE HER HAND! Gosh, what an experience! I only hope that everyone else felt as touched by the concert as I felt.

Julio J. Fonseca
My mom put it best on the way home when she said "To entertain people like that for that length of time... she truly has a gift from God."

I have to say that there were so many things going in my mind when I was driving to the show venue. I knew that Stevie had been ill and I hoped that she wasn't pushing herself too hard by doing tonights show. I thought about how my mom who was coming with me first started my love for stevie when I was 2 and she played the dreams 45. I thought about my late uncle and the time that we saw the video for stop dragging my heart around and how he was a huge fan of hers. He would have loved to have been with us tonight.

We picked up shirts and sat down. I kept waiting for the seats next to me to fill up. People kept coming and going and Mom and I sat in #1 and #2. Jeffrey Gaines was really good. The crowd was so welcoming to him and I think he really fed off of it. Then came "Bootylicious". And we all knew what was coming. For some reason I was so nervous. When she hit those first notes of Stop Dragging... I knew we were in for a special night. My dream was coming true and my mom was into it so much. You should have seen her scream after Rhiannon. That was so special to me. Stevies energy was intense complete with spins and twirls and the magic thats made her career endure.

The highlight for me was edge of seventeen. This song always reminds me of the passing of my uncle. And in the first verse.. I got so emotional. I was tearing up so moved by being there to experience the song. "And it sounds like YOU" meant so much to me. And when she hit that note in the middle I got a chill.

The most poignent moment of the night was "has anyone written anything for you." My mom and I shared knowing looks and felt the emotion. And you know right at the line "and the rain pours down"... It actually started to rain. I felt jubilant and happy. And you know... seat three right next to me... remained empty the whole show. Three was my uncles lucky number.

What A Night! Thank you Stevie.. for giving us so much.

Becky Shimko
WOW.....this was my first Stevie show, and I must say, I was not disappointed at all. I had dragged my best friend with me, and made her listen to all Stevie for the entire an hour and half trip to Nissan. She patiently waited in line with me to buy some souveneirs, and then we took our seats. They weren't the best, we were in the last section before the lawn, but we were in the third row of that section and we were dead center, so we had a clear shot of Stevie, even if we did have to resort to the "jumbo-tron" for shots of her face ;)

Jeffrey Gaines was amazing; I am definitely planning on going out to buy his album. But then...the lights went down, and the REAL show began. I had made a point of not reading any set lists, so all I knew was that yes, she would do Fall From Grace (my fave from the Trouble in Shangri-La album) and that she opened with Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Well, I have to say, the cheesiest part of the night was....."Bootylicious" played right before Stevie came out. I didnt' think it was necessary, but oh well. When I heard her voice singing "I hear there's trouble in Shangri-La" tears came to my eyes. I have been a fan for so many years and to finally see her in concert was a dream come true. She absolutely rocked, the pace never slackened. From Stop Enchanted to Gold Dust Woman and on, she kept the pace going. I was so thrilled when she did Sorcerer and Planets of the Universe, which were both amazing. She really got into those songs, and I couldn't sit down!! She talked a bit, which was nice...she is so cute!! Rhiannon kicked ass. And then, when she started talking about "too far from texas," I was so excited--I hadn't been expecting her to do that one at all!! It was so great! And Everyday was awesome too. But oh wow....Stand was everything I had hoped it would be in concert--the energy was so amazing. Fall From Grace....whoa, that one is so awesome live.

Right before Edge of Seventeen, she did Bombay Sapphire, which I hadn't been expecting AT ALL--so of course that was great!! Andwhen she came back for Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You with that top hat with those I cried. The feeling was just so intense and powerful that I was just overwhelmed. Stevie Nicks proved with every second of the two hours she was on stage exactly why she still is the "queen of rock and roll." She twirled, she changed shawls, she sang her heart out, and she held the audience in the palm of her hands. My best friend leaned over and said to me (while she was dancing) that Stevie Nicks was so interesting--she was such a beautiful, feminine woman, and yet and the same time, she was singing about tough issues and you knew that she had to be so incredible strong. The concert was by far the best one I have ever been to--the only thing that would make it better is if I can get tickets to her September 22 show in Atlanta!!

Lauren J Levi
I just got home from the show and wanted to say that Stevie was fabulous tonight! She sang many songs off the Trouble in Shangri-La and really blew me away! I saw the Enchanted tour, but tonight was incredible! She's really a great lady and her style and intensity is awesome to see!!!!

Going back to the 1976 college tour when they came to Morgantown, I see myself 19 years old and I remember feeling mesmerized when I saw her and heard that voice, (Many of you will know what I'm talking about). Although many years have past, I always got that feeling when she walked on stage and started to sing. Last night at the Nisson Pavilion, I was 19 again and felt as though I was seeing her for the first time. I looked to see the many faces around me and knew exactly what they were feeling. Once again I was held captive by the voice and her presence, I couldn't really take my eyes off of her. To Joe and Kathy, thanks for taking the ride with me again, (our third together, my sixteenth) and to Jamie who attended her first ever concert, all she could say was "that was awesome"!


Jennifer S.
The show tonight at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia was incredible!! Stevie's voice and energy was just as great as it was when I first saw her 25 years ago! Even though she had to cancel previous shows due to laryngitis - you would of never known she had that problem - her voice rocked!! The lighting was amazing and the solos by Lenny and Waddy had the audience at their feet. In fact, many of us stood for the whole show.

Stevie thanked us for letting her play her new songs, and I'm personally glad the show centered around them. I will always love Stevie's classics from the past - but, I truly believe some of her best work has come through in "TISL". I'm thrilled for Stevie that she is able to enjoy the success of it all - it's well deserved - and aren't we lucky to have more classics of Stevie's to add to her collection? Keep writing Stevie - we will never stop listening!

Kathi M.
Wow! All I can say is this... Stevie comes on at 9:15 p.m. and suddenly we are frozen in another world. Stevie envelops you... in her time...her way... and she is awe inspiring! For the next nearly two hours, (which went by in minutes it seemed) we were transported to Stevie's imaginings and real life circumstances. She was incredible and so happy and energetic! Her voice was awesome! What a poet and a priestess of everything! We love you Stevie! Once you visit the enchantress, you will never forget her!

Nancy Rodrigues
I just got back from Stevie's concert at Nissan and I am left speechless... She was absolutely WONDERFUL! She rocked the house down! Once in a million years a lady like her rises and there will never be another like her. STEVIE IS PHENOMENAL, LOVELY, AND TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! THANK YOU STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got home from the show at the Nissan Pavillion..This is the second Stevie show i've seen this tour and what an amazing one it was...Her voice was a bit horse, but she still could rock the songs in her special way...I'm planning on seeing several more shows before the tour ends...Every time I hear the song "Has anyone written anything for you" I nearly come to tears....what a powerful song...the new material is equally as powerful...Planets rocks...and Fall from Grace showcase the amazing talent of Stevie Nicks..I encourage everyone to catch a show...

Well the "Queen Of Rock"again Rocked the House at Nissan Pavillion in Virginia last night. I could tell she was still under the weather a little.Everyone there enjoyed the show and the electricity was in the air as Stevie sang. She made a little mistake with Enchanted and just kept on singing . The entire band though seemed a little tired as they were not jumping around with the excitement that they had at the Camden Show. I really hope and pray that Stevie and Fleetwood Mac go out again next year, She mentioned the Mac numerous times during the night.

She talked to the audience many times throughout the evening especially about her new songs and why they were written. I think she is really enjoying this tour like no other she has done. We are all sorry that she has been on the ill side but hopefuly that is behind her now. As always after The Edge of Seventeen she came out to the Edge of the stage and greeted her loyal fans. Here again they ranged from the very young to their 60's proving she still has that drawing power and that ability to Enchant you with her songs and stories. Stevie we all love you and hope you all the best and hope to see you again soon.

Susan Patnode Blizzard
Just a mere 12 hours ago, Stevie Nicks took the stage at Nissan Pavillion in Virginia, her first show after her bout of laryngitis. Let me say that she... sounded....AWESOME! I think taking those few days to rest up was definitely to her benefit, vocally. I saw her last week at the Blossom Music Ctr in Ohio and this show was better both musically and energy-wise. I think the reason a few reviewers from the Ohio concert panned the performance in one way or the other realize now that she was probably getting the beginning stages of laryngitis. I'm sure they forgive her now!

Some highlights: "Gold Dust Woman" was excellent. Stevie sang it with heart and devotion and got the crowd on their feet. "Stand Back" had the leg kick, but also a few instances of twirling! Everyone went wild. "Fall From Grace" really rocked, as did "Edge of 17" complete with the Lenny & Waddy intro."Has Anyone Ever Written..." was done beautifully and she wore the top hat with the big pink feathers on it, as reported in earlier reviews. That song always gives me chills.

I was a little worried when she first took the stage, I have to admit. My husband Rob made the comment that she looked like she just woke up (looked a little tired) and the first 2 songs I thought could have been a little more energetic, but that was more than likely due to her illness. Sharon Celani & Mindy Stein helped with the higher cords & the holding vocals in a few songs. All that worry quickly disappeared & Stevie herself was as much into her music as the rest of us! I can not wait until she tours again, and if what she told the crowd was true, she'll be back soon. "I CAN"T WAIT!"

Mark Schoberg
Well the Nissan Pavilion show went on as planned. As all of you know the tour has had a few breaks due to Stevie's laryngitis. Not to worry you all! She will, and always comes through for her fans. Keep an eye out for the rescheduled dates in your area. I attended the show with a very nice young lady that had never experienced the Nicks magic, and both of us have never been to Nissan.

We arrived about 20 minutes into Jeffrey Gaines opening, and he looked like he was doing very well with the still half empty Pavilion. He sounded great, and thanked everyone for being there. Thank You Jeffrey!!! I was a little suprised that Stevie's stage setup was present. I kind of miss the curtains going down, and waiting as you hear the crew banging equipment around. We all know the "I wish I had better seats" routine too, so I will not go there. LOL.

Anyway the show went on. The opening of Bootylicious got the crowds attention, and Stevie led right into "Stop Dragging My Heart Around". This is my 5th Stevie concert over her career, and I can honestly tell you all the magic is still, and always will be there. I will venture to say anyone can record music, but if you cant perform LIVE for your fans your missing the point!!! Stevie gave her fans another wonderful show, and the crowd was doing their usual dancing. Stevie looked a little tired, and she had to back off of some of the high notes, but she ROCKED! I loved the platform sneakers, and the whole show was a must see. I would attend another show in this tour in a heartbeat, and highly recommend every fan buying the tickets, getting to the show, and being prepared for "The Magic To Happen" (A Very Special Thank You To The Band) You people are the best!!! Waddy IM glad you toured, and Sharon whatever your eating? Keep eating it. You looked great! (Thank You Stevie) We'll see you next time around. I hope your life is full of happiness, and laughter. Have a great time at your shows everyone. I certainly did!!!!!!!

jessi Hornick
I have always wanted my first concert to be Stevie Nicks,and amazingly it was! I waited 23 years for this!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!...and it was perfect! Stevie Nicks, the band and the atmosphere was so amazing.I was thrilled. Everything was so perfect...i don't think i could single one moment out that i could just say "this was the best part"..because i was in awe the entire time...the whole concert was my favorite part!..People even stood up like your supposed to at a concert!..i mean if i just wanted to sit and listen to it,i'd have stayed home and listened to the album by myself. So Hurrayyyy!! for the people who stood and apprieciated and felt the music!

Again,i have to say this was my first concert..and if it was up to me to change one thing about it....i wouldn't. Stevie rocked..and made my first concert experience one i will always remember...thank you Stevie!!!!(first name basis..haha@me like i know her personally!!)...and everyone else that was up there on stage performing with her!!and before her!!!..and thankyou Tiffany and Paul!! For taking me!!!!(everyone has to know it was a 3 hour drive...and that's a long way home!!)And Tiffany for getting the whole place going when Stevie started singing Rhiannon!!...It was all you girl!!!!!

Jeffrey Johnson
She was fantastic! A beautiful, unseasonably cool night and rocking music! The set was great, Sharon and Mindy never sounded better and move like backup vixens! The band was on fire and Stevie, in her black tennis shoes was as adorable as she could be! The set list was a little changed from what the opening night was...she dropped Outside the Rain...and switched Bombay Sapphires and Fall from Grace. She started out the night a little horse...and cracked on Rhiannon (but it was cute)...but by the time she got to Stand Back and Planets of the Universe she was warmed up vocally and was rockin'. (It only took her that long to warm up totally because of her illness the previous days.) Sharon has removed the barrette from her hair and looks really great! I hope to catch the show again in VA Beach when she finally reschedules. It isn't to be missed. Anyway - not much to tell that everyone hasn't already said...same show, different location! I love you're an Inspiration and a Rock and Roll LEGEND!

Stevie was fantastic Saturday night. She did show some signs of her recent illness but as always she rose to the occasion and still kicked butt. The set list was the same. I was alittle sad that she dropped "Outside the Rain," but it didn't over shadow the rest of the set. The new songs worked well with the old ones. Most of the evening the crowd was standing and dancing. Nothing like a few thousand people signing dreams with Stevie leading the way (chills). Stevie did go through her shawl changes. She did wear her black one with the gold circles for "Stand Back" a trademark of hers for years. I had read that she dropped her scream in "Edgeof 17," well she let a good one fly Saturday night followed by the roar of the crowd. I have never been disappointed by a Stevie show. My first Stevie show was the "Wild Heart Tour" and this was by far the best one to date.

PS: And as always Stevie was a gracious and appreciative hostess throughout the whole journey. Thanks Stevie! xoxoxoxo

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