Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

10/6/01 Aladdin Resort and Casino Las Vegas NV

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Christopher Lanoue
Stevie walked onstage and gracefully extended her arms in a ladylike bowing gesture, and before she sang a note, she was forgiven by all for having to re-schedule her show. The band was tight, Sheryl Crow was on hand, and Stevie was in great voice. It's hard to say who seemed to be having more fun - the people onstage or the people in the audience. This was a truly magical show.

Well, my husband has been in love with Stevie for over 20 years. You can imagine how ecstatic he was when we found out she'd be performing in Las Vegas on our anniversary, August 25--what a perfect anniversary present--I couldn't have dreamed of anything better! We tried to purchase tickets as soon as they went on sale, but due to incorrect information, the box office had been open an hour already. The best seats we could get was section 105, row U. Then we got our airline tickets from Hawaii to Vegas. After waiting for almost 3 months, he was so disappointed to get a call from the Aladdin a day before we left for Vegas saying that the concert was postponed. This was his anniversary gift--I knew we just had to find a way to go back for the October 6 concert. We did--and it was worth every penny!

Michelle Vause
Words cannot explain how great this show was. She is nothing short of amazing. When she sang Rhiannon, I had gooosebumps. She sang it with such power that you could feel her emotions. Stevie is such a real person and it shows through her music in every show. I have to say also that I was floored when Sheryl Crow walked out on stage. Stevie knows how to entertain and take you away from the worries of the world.

I attended both Las Vegas shows and they were the BEST!!!!!! Friday nights set was incredible minus Bombay Sapphire. It did not sell out but I believe that was due to the high ticket prices set by the Aladdin. (booo) But it was great for us fans as you were able to move about and find a spot where you could dance and sing along without annoying others. Stevie was great. The band was great. It was just FUN FUN FUN!!! On Saturday night, it was a sell out. This was the show that had been postponed. Stevie hit the stage on fire!! Top form once again! But Stevie had a surprise for us........Sheryl Crow! WOW! No mention of her before hand and the crowd went nuts! We got the opening night set list minus Outside the Rain and Bombay Sapphire. Wish we got Bombay Sapphire, but hey, I'm not going to complain.

These were my 25th and 26th times that I have seen Stevie dating back to Bella Donna. Yes, I'm getting older too. Stevie was true to the billing and advertisements," Stevie is stronger than ever"! Stevie, I'm sure you have heard this 1000 times, that your songs have helped people through difficult times, MYSELF included. We lost two Wild Hearts in 97, one of them being my "Robin", and I don't think I could have made it through without my family and friends and your songs. I got the message, stay among the living. But I want to Thank-you for all of the FUN times and great great memories I have accumulated over the years including this past weekend! Your latest songs, are your greatest songs, so you just keep on Rocking and we Wild Hearts will always be there for you as you have been for us. Have Fun Tell the World.

The gypsy Queen of Rock and Roll was full of energy and enthusiasm at the Friday show at the Alladin. I had the best seats ever for one of her shows and being able to make eye contact with a show business legend was a huge thrill. Her voice was solid and her recent bronchitis and foot injury not a factor. "Stand Back" was never more rockin, she even included her "shuffle dance step" toward the end. "Enchanted" and "Too Far From Texas" were also highlights for me. Thanks for giving your fans an emotional lift when one is defintiely needed.

Ted Booth
WOW! This is the first time I've ever seen Stevie solo. Although a huge Stevie fan I guess I was expecting some sort of void without the Fleetwood Mac cast. Boy was I wrong. This was undoubtedly the best concert I've ever attended. Everything was perfect, the performers, music, lighting, acoustics, everything, 100% professional. The Aladdin's Performing Arts Theater had unbelievable acoustics, you could hear clear as day without ringing your ears. It gave Stevie a chance to speak more intimate to the audience without yelling. She was very personal explaining the meaning of a few songs and expressing her thanks over and over for attending the rescheduled show. Special guest Cheryl Crow was an added treat joining Stevie in numerous songs. Stevie even stopped to shake hands of everyone in the first few rows. I've never seen an entertainer with such energy and devotion. Stevie, thank you for the very memorable evening. Love Ted Booth

Pip Fidler and Louise Beard
London UK - Las Vegas USA. 17,000kms in a're kidding, right? No....we did it. Anything for Stevie. We made T-Shirts especially for the trip saying how far we had come to see Stevie Rock-A-Little. We even made cards to hand out with our email addys. Disaster - Stevie very sick. August 25th Concert postponed. Had to cancel everything at great cost and wait for a new date. Surprise - Two dates! Wooohooo! September 11th - The world in shock. Stevie very upset. Tour nearly cancelled. Is Vegas still on? Flights changed meaning we would be late for the first show.

October 5th - We left Milton Keynes early to miss the traffic. This was a very good move as we were put on an earlier flight to Las Vegas. Once on board we noticed that Stevie's Storytellers was being shown as part of the in-flight entertainment! What a great omen! By the time we checked into the hotel we had been travelling for 21 hours. We took showers and headed for the show. This was my first Stevie concert in 12 years and Louise's 2nd (she had made it to Boston this year) We got to the Aladdin early to meet up with various internet buddies. Hello to Mishi, Kel, Jules, Kristin, Michelle, Courtney, Donna, Angela, Livia, Tori. We decided to try for better tickets...unsuccessfully. We now wanted to find a way to get our gift to Stevie, the gift being a beautiful painting called Rhiannon. After speaking to the right people we found ourselves waiting at the backstage door. After a while we were told that we can't see Stevie before the show as she was doing a sound check (we had guessed as much) and after the show she would be with her family. We were told to return Saturday at 5pm.

We went back to the theatre, purchased some merchandise and met John Kinney! He is a real gentleman and even signed our tour books. To say that Stevie rocked on Friday night is an understatement. We danced the entire night and had a great time much to the annoyance of the people behind who wanted us to sit. They threw ice, beer and lemon slices at us but we had not travelled 6500miles just to sit down! And we told them as much!! As Fall from Grace came on we picked up our bags ready to get to the stage. We noticed security getting into position to stop this from happening. We made it almost to the stage but were held back by very heavy handed guards who refused to let anyone but the golden circle approach the stage. Stevie came towards us and the crowd pushed forward and I was almost strangled by the security guard pushing us back. One man grabbed Stevie's hand so hard that it clearly hurt her. Louise managed to touch her hand but I just couldn't reach.

As Stevie went along the stage Louise managed to put the cute toys we had brought with us onto the stage. They were two pigs and a bunny rabbit all of which walked and wiggled their noses! Waddy picked up the little pig and put it on the piano! We have since found out that Waddy kept that pig and Stevie claimed the white bunny! It really was an amazing show and Stevie rocked...but the security guards were way out of line.

October 6th -We arrived early at the Aladdin again - too early to go to the stage door as instructed. So we brought a drink and sat down outside the limo rank. After a few minutes Louise spotted Brett Tuggle coming out of the hotel. Almost immediately Lenny Castro came out and waved when we called him. I turned my head and to my amazement saw Sharon Celani coming out. She was very friendly and signed out tourbooks and agreed to a photo despite having no make-up on! As we were about to take a photo Mindy Stein walked out! WOW! So she signedour tourbooks and we had pictures with both of them. They read our t-shirts and were amazed how far we had come. They were both lovely ladies. We then went to wait at the backstage door.

After standing there for around 15 mins a limo pulls up. The door opens and we see curlers!! Huge curlers! It was Stevie - no make up, hair in curlers, green tinted shades and she still looked fabulous!! Stevie got out followed by her two yorkies (very cute). A few other people got out one of whom was Sheryl Crow who seemed to have a mobile phone glued to her ear! We waited some more and could hear the sound check. I tried to imagine Stevie singing Fall >From Grace in her curlers!!! It was at this time that Stevie's security guy came to talk to us. We told him how far we had come and showed him the painting. We asked for just 5 mins of Stevie's time. He took the painting to show to Stevie's assistant and on bringing it back told us Stevie couldn't see us as she was having a massage. He told us to return after the show. Lori Nicks was wandering around as was Sharon who waved at us! So we headed back to the venue and waited for some friends. We saw Lenny Castro wandering by and he also signed our tourbook.

Our seats weren't as good on Saturday but we planned to enjoy ourselves. We swapped seats several times as we wanted to be able to dance and first we had a man in crutches behind us and then a pregnant lady! Eventually we settled right in front of the sound console. The show was amazing and it was an added bonus to see Sheryl Crow. About half way through the show we were permitted to move to some empty seats that were around 6 rows back. We were in front of Sharon and Mindy who saw us waving the British flag. They laughed and waved at us!. We also saw Stevie's mum and dad in the audience looking very proud. Her mum looked frail but funky in cream snakeskin pants!!! Once again Security seemed tight so we didn't try to get to the stage. AT this time a guy came up to us and asked us how big a fans we were. He had read our shirts and handed us backstage guest passes! After the show we headed for the backstage door. We were stopped by Aladdin security a little way back from other people. We saw Stevie's parents leave in a limo and then saw a white limo pull up. Once again we spoke to the security guard who finally let us through. There were around 20 people waiting and we were told not to rush Stevie when she came out and that she would approach people. Stevie appeared - she looked amazing and I couldn't believe we were this close. She spoke to a lady and then headed for the limo. My heart sank as I thought we had missed our opportunity to talk to her. As she got into the limo Lori Nicks looked across at me and said "Has she seen you yet?".... "No" We were asked this again by two more of Stevie's people and then we heard "You two only" and were beckoned to the other side of the limo as the security closed ranks around the other people. This was our private Stevie moment. The window was down and there she was smiling. She held both our hands and said "Hi, How are you?" I told her it was nice to meet her (quite an understatement don't you think!!)

We were with her for no more than 2 minutes. We gave her the painting and she said "This is soooo beautiful" I asked her to sign our tourbooks which she did willingly and then Louise noticed Sheryl Crow in the limo and asked if she would sign also. I noticed Stevie's yorkies and they were so cute with little bindi jewels in their fur!! As Stevie handed the books to Sheryl we were told 30 seconds. Stevie said "Quick sign, they came all the way from England" She said she had planned to come to England but it got cancelled. She seemed genuinely sorry about that. Someone behind me shouted "Stevie, have you seen their shirts?" so I turned round for her to read. Louise told her about another painting waiting for her in Sheryl Louis' office and I told her about my daughter Rhiannon.

We thanked her, she held our hands and thanked us for coming looking us right in the eyes when she talked to us. And then she was gone! As the limo pulled away we saw her showing the painting around. Unfortunately we had no time to get a photo of her. Our excitement didn't stop here. We stuck around with the band and crew. Chatted with Lori Nicks who seemed genuinely surprised when I asked for her autograph. She was very down to earth and friendly as was everyone else. We also got autographs and photos from Scott Plunkett, Chris Nicks, Al Ortiz and more with Mindy. At this time I remembered a bracelet made for Stevie by my 5 year old daughter Rhiannon. I spoke with Lori and she said she would get it to Stevie. She put it on her wrist and took a photo of Rhiannon. Chatted to Mindy and asked if she saw our British flag and she said " Yes, didn't you see me wave at you?" Of course we had but I just wanted to check it was us she was waving at! Scott overheard and said that he had seen us also! We really didn't want the evening to end. I can still see Stevie looking right into my eyes and holding my hands and Louise feels the same. It was a moment we have both dreamt of and will cherish forever. Thank you Stevie for your music, your poetry, your courage and for spending those special moments with us

Daniel Hennessy
Teasing the crowd with Destinys Childs "Boutilicious"(which is sampled from Edge of Seventeen") Las Vegas was ready to rock Saturday night, and got what they came for.... Stevie Nicks opened at the sold out Aladdin theater with a powerful "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" and delivered the goods all night. The crowd were on their feet singing and dancing, with an intense roar only to be found in "sin city" which Stevie thanked graciously and rocked on with a fierce energy. There was a golden aura in the theater that night.. Miss Nicks had a beautiful stage set which changed scenery throughout the night casting a magical spell on it's spectators as well as changing outfits and accessories several times. Sheryl Crow was her guest for the evening, singing several duets and a solo,looking like a 70's Nicks, to her credit and played the guitar. Highlights included the opening number, Stevie playing magnificently on the tambourine while duetting with Miss Crow on Everyday is a Winding Road, a hauntingly beautiful Gold Dust Woman, as well as Edge of Seventeen.. Overall Stevie Nicks has proved herself again with her fresh new sound on songs from Trouble in Shangri-la to hitting every note in songs from the past 25+ years. She is the high priestess of rock and roll,a survivor,a professional,and a legend in rock and roll history.

Although the Stevie concert at the Aladdin in Las Vegas was my 5th time seeing her, I must say that this was one of my favorites! My husband and I were living in Vegas and had tickets for the August 25th show. We found out that she had to post pone right around the same time that we found out that we were moving to California! So, we made the trek back to Sin City, and it was well worth it. Sheryl Crow made a suprise appearance, and that was just an added bonus (Stevie had also appeared with Sheryl at one of Sheryl's concerts a few years back in Phoenix!). I must say that I am still impressed by the amount of energy in these shows, and not suprised at all that I stay teary through the entire show. Rock on Stevie!

Scott Schmidt
October 4th through the 6th, 2001

I left the Midwest on the morning of Friday, October 4, 2001, for my third airplane flight since our world has been crying since the morning of 9/11. This trip was especially important to me, in my mind I was going out west to get a much needed "Soul Retrieval." I was on my way to Las Vegas to attend the "Trouble In Shangri-La" shows at the Aladdin Hotel. When I refer to "Soul Retrieval" which is an Indian Shaman term it means "help for my soul" and for myself I believe that the voice & music of Stevie Nicks is one form of soul therapy.

I am so very thankful for this opportunity and I am serious when I tell all of you that this woman is so very important to our healing process. I hope all of her fans listen to her words more closely. I hope that anyone who reads what I am writing will just sit quietly and read the lyrics of "Trouble In Shangri-La & Touched By An Angel" and I hope you will agree that these songs are two examples of her gifts of healing for our world. I am sure it was not possible that she had thought of what happened on 9/11/01 when she wrote these songs. These lyrics have been very helpful for me to get through these very dark days. I have come to recite them when I am driving or when the pressure of my work days or my personal pain gets to crazy. As it so often has lately.

I painfully think about all of the fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters so often that are having to indure the pain from loosing a loved one by the evilness of the terrorists that premeditated and conducted these attacks. For them the personal scaring will last a lifetime. I hope and pray that we are all together and that we call upon our higher powers to help these people and ourselves to go on. For our Country I believe we must prove that good will prevail over evil.

The evenings of October 4th & 5th I witnessed that Stevie has kept her tour going to give her fans inspiration and I would like to publicly thank her, her band and the individuals (her friends, her family) who work behind the scenes - the one's who make sure that "the show must go on" for a weekend of healing, a weekend of magic for thousands of people in the city of lights...For this I am grateful!

As I sat in the Las Vegas airport at 6:00 a.m. on October 6th, waiting to board my flight and I watched the people gather around the television at the airplane terminal. I watched all of these different faces for nearly an hour and I listened to their comments and it was all so very composed in a numbing sort of way. Our country was now acting in War and the United States military had been bombing Afghanistan in the night. I heard a woman start crying and I saw many different people praying (I am assuming of different religions) and I watched what appeared to be a middle eastern man gaze at the television as if he was scared and I felt sorry for him. Because I see it in peoples eyes and I hope everyone can continue to remind themselves and others not to condemn individuals who appear to be Islamic, Egyptian, Muslim, etc.

I can still hear her singing "And the days go a strand in the wind In the web that is my own... I begin again"

and I hope we can and that we will be able to do it again someday soon... My good friend Geri told me today "It has to all be about love - because then this hate cannot survive unless we let it."

Just a few of my thoughts, Scott Schmidt (Oh ya and the concerts were phenomenal - or as my nephews would say Way Cool!)

Ali Perkins
Well, I don't know where to begin. Both shows where equally special and enchanting for their own reasons. The Aladdin Theater is really a beautiful place to hold a concert. It's known for its accoustics and there is no doubt in my mind, the sound was amazing and the best I've ever heard at a concert. Stevie's voice rang through as strong and beautiful as ever. I thought the crowd both nights was a little too serious. I danced and sang the whole time through Friday's concert, but people were very rude and were yelling at people to sit down both nights. I told a couple of them to shut up and chill out. Enough of that -- on to Stevie!!

When TISL came on everyone started screaming and I swear Stevie was singing it herself. Then the band came out and then Stevie. Stop Draggin' was great and Stevie and Waddy had some great looks between the two of them. I won't go through all the songs -- of course the more well known songs like Dreams, Rhiannon, and Stand Back got the biggest response, but my faves were ones like Enchanted and Sorcerer.

On Saturday, Sheryl was there ( this was surprise to me, I didn't know if anyone knew she was going to be there) It sounded great. Love the high kick on Stand Back. I'm 23 and even I don't think I could kick that high! Stevie really is pretty agile. She made a joke about not kicking over the microphone when she does it. Fall From Grace - one of my faves- was awesome - another Edge of 17 IMO. Now I'll get to the best part -- this was on Friday's concert. I had 8th row seats but I made it my goal before I went that I would touch Stevie's hand no matter what. Let me just say that security there was RUDE! I'm sure others there can back me up on that! I tried to run up once during FFG but the security guard was like "go back to your seat grrr!" So I went back, but then few moments later I saw tons of people just running past the guard so I was like what the hell and slipped past.

Now I'm at the front - in a strategic position to slip right to the front once Stevie comes out. The guards were pushing us back. I started to yell at them telling them that Stevie touches people's hands every night, and that it was tradition, and that they had to let us up ther blah blah, but they were still being very rude about it. So I just chilled out for a minute to catch them off guard. At this time people started pushing and Waddy was now playing the beginning to Edge. I kept looking at Waddy and he was looking over at us and I swear he looked worried. He kept glancing over as we were being pushed back by the guards. Anyway then Stevie came out and started singing Edge and it was great as usual then she came over to the edge of the stage to start shaking hands. There was a great surge from behind and I was able to push with all my might past the guard - with his arm still around me -- there was no way in hell he was going to hold me back. I put up my hand and I knew right then Stevie would grab my hand next -- and she did. She shook my hand and I put both my hands over hers and said "Thank You, Thank You" and she just smiled down at me. It was like the whole world stood still at that moment and it seemed to last forever although I'm sure it was only a few seconds. For me that just made everything worth it. Stevie is just the greatest!! Her hands are so small and she had bright red fingernail polish on -that I did notice!

After that Stevie came back out and did "I Need to Know" and then "Has Anyone." It sounded so beautiful. There was this girl next to me who shouted at Stevie during this song and Stevie smiled and shook her finger at her - like saying don't yell during this song. The girl kept yelling "You wrote this for me Stevie" and "You Go Girl" It was kind of funny. The concert was everything I wanted it to be and more.

The concert on Saturday was just as great and was sold out unlike Friday's concert. Sheryl was a great addition too. Saturday I was able to concentrate on the songs more since I wasn't so busy trying to figure out how to get up to the front. I noticed too, on the second night, that security was much more relaxed. Maybe Waddy told them to chill out. Anyway I consider myself "something of a dreamer" and I thank Stevie for helping my dreams come true. I know Stevie has been sad, as we all have, from the tragedies that have taken place recently and had doubts about finishing her shows. I want her to know, with all my heart, that she is doing the right thing. She has a special gift -- That gift is not only her ability to fashion her beautiful poetry into songs, but most importantly to relate to and make people smile and forget about their troubles. So I want to say to Stevie -- Thank you, because although touching your hand and seeing you smile down at me may not seem like a big deal, it was a big deal TO ME -- That and seeing you in concert is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Dennis Tommasulo
Terrorists took away my chance to see Stevie at Radio City, but I swallowed my fear and flew from NY to Las Vegas and I was sure glad I did. I ended up attending both shows at the Aladdin. I was concerned at Fridays show when I saw a 1/2 empty house, but I think Stevie having her parents in the room made it a very special evening for her regardless of the empty seats. She played a very spirited show, and appeared to have a wonderful time, as did I. Saturday's show though was simply wonderful. I'm sure my feelings were partly due to my having good seats right next to the sound board, as opposed to the cheap seats in the uppper balcony I had for Friday, but again with mom and dad in the room Stevie appeared to have a wonderful time.

Im sure theres no need to go thru the show song by song, but having seen this tour early in Boston & Long Island I can say that in replace of the 2 songs missing from the set, the band increased the drum solo before Edge, and the piano solo before Rhiannon to make up for the shorter set list. The band seemed to make the songs more their own as opposed to playing them "as written" in the earlier shows.

And, to the people of Las Vegas, the theater in Aladdin is a truly fantastic arena. The sound quality there is unmatched by any arena I've ever been in, and in my day I've been to hundreds of shows across the country. I highly reccomend seeing any show there.

Sandi B
first of all i was told not to go, that it would not be safe, and that Las Vegas would be empty, but of course none of that stopped me, i did not feel fear, and i had to see it for myself, i live in California five hour drive to Las Vegas, the first two hours of the drive we kind of isolated, and the doubts were sinking in, but then it happened out of nowhere i ran into the kind of traffic that you expected going into Las Vegas, and then it felt like this is it people getting on with their lives, and i just started enjoying the entire ride, taking in the blue sky, the mountains, and all the traffic, i got to Las Vegas it was me and about half a million other people it felt like, which felt great, i enjoyed the show, at first you feel guilty, but then i overheard one of the ushers saying that they expected about 6500 people even though it was not at the full capacity, at that i looked all around me and thought that was about the loss lives in new York and if you can't imagine that many loss lives that was about the capacity of the show, and you cant imagine, what that felt like, it was like realizing that this is how many less people there is in the world, so i say you have to go out and enjoy your life and everything that is all around and i will never forget the feeling and respect our entertainers that are trying to go out and make this happen just to try to make us forget for a little awhile so l thank you Miss Stevie Nicks you did just that.

I saw the Las Vegas show on October 6 (this was the replacement show that was scheduled for August 25). Stevie was great as usual. Actually I think she sounded the best she has EVER sounded! She also looked great and I was especially pleased to see that she actually looked like she was having fun! This show reminded me a lot of the HBO early 80's show that has been released on video. Actually she sounded better than that show, but had the same energy that I haven't seen in her in a long time!! She was smiling, talking and moving more than usual.

Some of the highlights for me was the opening bit of Trouble in Shangri La, I liked the mix. Gold Dust Woman...I always like that song, I like it's mystery and mystical aspect...and her performance of it adds to those aspects. I also liked Rhiannan, for the same reasons as Gold Dust Woman...I guess I just like the mystical side of rock!! I love the slow intro to Rhiannon and also the end where she sings..Take me like the wind baby, take me like the sun....LOVE THAT!! I also love Fall from Grace. I think that song ROCKS BIG should be released as a single!! And last but not least Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You...I liked the light accompaniement (spelling?) her voice was loud and clear and strong!! And I like the end where she says...and they ask who were the men in her life...etc.... I also liked that Sheryl Crow was in the show, she is another favorite of mine even before she and Stevie collaborated. I am glad they are friends!! I was at a ticketmax right when the tickets went on sale, first in line and still couldn't get any closer than 15 rows from the stage..bummer!!


Jackie Burford
Hello All Stevie fans, I went to the October 6th show in Las Vegas, it was one of the best shows yet, and it is over, this is the part I don't like, the post show blues. The set was beautiful, it looked like a room that Stevie decorated. The Aladdin is a nice place to see a show, it was very comfortable. I admired all of her fans, we are all ages which is so cool. As I sat back and waited for the show to start I saw Stevie's Mom and Dad being escorted to their seats, wow I couldn't believe it, they were sitting a few rows in front of me.

Stevie sounded as good if not better then her CD, her voice was so strong, she had the same energy as she did 20 years ago, Sheryl Crow was there, that was a nice surprise for us all! I was not close enough to shake Stevie's hand, hopefully I will get to one day. Thank You for a great show Stevie! A Very Sincere Stevie Fan, Jackie Burford

Closing night in Las Vegas was a magical time that surpassed my every expectation. After seeing the Wednesday show in Chula Vista, I never thought Stevie could outdo herself from the energetic performance she gave outdoors on that California mountainside. I was wrong! Saturday night at the Aladdin Theatre was not only more intimate, but it had an electricity that I didn't feel at the other show. The presense of her parents in the audience and the addition of Cheryl Crow to the show's lineup did a lot for taking this concert to another level. Stevie, herself, made the difference with a more electrifying performance. She showed tremendous energy and vocal power after her recent illness. She easily won over a typical Vegas crowd...many of whom had probably never seen Stevie in concert before. Very few people, except in the front rows, were "getting into it" at the beginning of the show. Standing and dancing were a no-no at first. By the middle of the setlist, everybody, both young and old, was on their feet. It was quite a party!

Stevie was the high priestess of the evening, but Cheryl Crow and the Band did their part to keep the party going. The Band has never sounded better, in my opinion. The smaller, more intimate venue, with it's reduction in sound equipment, showed off the musicianship of the Band at its best. Mindy and Sharon were tops, as usual, but Stevie had them carry a lot less of the load than in previous shows. Stevie was "all there" on this night. She was in the best vocal form I have heard since the Dance tour. Stevie's definitely back! No sign of a lingering illness or loss of energy. Folks attending the closing dates at Universal City are in for a real treat

Joel Bradshaw
Anyway, this was the first time I had seen her solo. Wow. Best concert of my life. Just a couple of rows back from the orchestra pit.

I could feel the base in my chest, and the high-hat in my forehead. Strong opening with old favorites. I had held off getting her new CD until I could see her do some of the material live. It was worth the wait. went out the next morning and bought the CD. I'm listening to it right now. Trouble in Shangri-La Rocked, Too far from Texas was great. Sorcerer, I can't even describe it. Cheryl did a couple of her songs. I have always enjoyed her on the radio, but after the concert I went out and bought two of her CD's. Very talented young lady. Waddy was there backing up Stevie as usual. What a great guitarist. He's a rock in the shifting sands of touring and stuido work. Rock on Man. Sharon looked devine, and Stevie looked anglic. She spoke about the tragedy and a little about how it touched her. She said her parents were in the crowd that night. She closed with Has anyone ever... magical. (which is the best word to describe Stevie and her work in general.) Love your music Stevie... May life bless you and yours three times over.

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