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Trouble in Shangri-la

10/5/01 Aladdin Resort and Casino Las Vegas NV

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James H. Morrow
Since the horrendous events of 9/11/01, my native town of Las Vegas has been suffering like most of its sister cities across the United States. With a service economy based on tourism, we have had to cut over 10,000 jobs since the tragedies and many shows and concerts have had to cancel due to a lack of customers. Not so with a certain singer/songwriter named Stephanie Nicks. Not only did Stevie keep her rescheduled date of 10/6/01 at the Aladdin Theater for the Performing Arts, she added another concert for 10/5/01, thus giving our wounded economy a slight boost. Thank you, Stevie, from a native Nevadan, for your love for what you have called your "City of Dreams". You may be a California Girl, but you have a heart that shines brighter than the neon that decorates our Strip.

The concert sets for 10/5 and 10/6 did not differ much from the TISL sets here on except for the absence of Planets of the Universe and Bombay Sapphires. The huge difference between the two nights was the addition of Sheryl Crow on the 10/6 show. While the previous night was amazing, the next night's performance had a special type of "party" atmosphere that was infectious. Stevie even demonstrated her excitement at one point by almost connecting with a kick to Carlos' microphone with her left leg at the end of Stand Back. The face she made after the kick-a pure demonstration of joy, amazement, and fun, made everyone around me laugh with her.

There are several mental pictures I will remember from this show: Stevie's Mom and Dad in the Golden Circle smiling up at their marvelous daughter as she said, "See, Mom and Dad" It worked out "I have a job!" (her parents were at both shows), all the great musicians who demonstrated their wonderful talent, meeting Mr. Waddy Wachtel after the show long enough to thank him for sharing his musical gifts for the last few decades with us as well as seeing him perform live for the first time, the joy that is so clear on Mindy Stein's face while she sings and dances-welcome again to the family! Also, the AMAZING way that Stevie's voice has improved over the last 4-5 years. I know that fans focus oftentimes on her extremely appealing physical appearance, but her voice has improved just as much if not more than the attractive body surrounding it. With time and care, Ms. Nicks has trained her voice to command a range of passionate emotions from the driving pain in Fall From Grace to the overflowing love of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.

After 21 years as a Stevie fan, I found out tonight why we love her so very much. In demonstrating that love, some fans research the net for everything relating to Stevie. Other fans buy every version of the albums and all of the merchandise they can get their hands on. Still more fans memorize all of the lyrics and study the orchestrations on each album, looking for special meanings in the words or wishing to learn something through all the wonderful chords. But I believe the reason we love her so much has less to do with what we can touch, see, or hear than it does with what we feel during one of her concerts. It's those incredible and lasting moments when she performs for us live and we transform from a group of rock fans into a huge family having a party that makes the music so special.

The concerts become something like multiple Nicks Family Reunions that take place after the release of each album across the globe in dozens of cites. Now, that may be an oversimplification to some, but haven't you ever noticed that most people you run into at a Stevie show are just a little more considerate and willing to smile or dance' Stevie is saying over these last few TISL shows that she hopes everyone on stage can carry us away for a couple of hours from everything bad in the world; however, she should know that she has done that for us with every one of her performances over the last few decades.

Stevie, even when you were at what you thought was your worst, you were still part of our family and we loved you as much then as we do now (if I can be so bold as to speak for every Stevie fan in the world). There's no pretense, no faux rock-and-roll attitude with her, just an honest, loving person who feels lucky that she can make so many people happy doing what she loves most. With the constant reminders of how short life can be, whether it's the anxious uncertainty Stevie and her fans felt during Desert Storm or the incredible emotions surrounding the tragedies of 9/11/01, I realize how wonderful it is to have Stevie with us. She's writing her poetry and her songs, nearly kicking over microphone stands and laughing about it, and smiling the same way that set my heart aflutter lo those many years ago. Whenever I see Stevie, I'm a teenager again. And I believe that every time she sees us in the audience, she takes that same travel through time. Yes, it is certain that the world can be a cruel place; however, its just as certain that 'there is magic all around you'. Thanks, California Girl, for the reminder-we really, really needed it.

Rick Godkin
I am 50 and have managed to see Stevie and group in Las Vegas at the Aladin. This was a most awesome show! Beautiful vocals and the band was incredible. Waddy is a music magician and plays one heck of a guitar. God Bless Stevie and the band for such a wonderful time. Stevie is the definite Music Queen!!!!!!!

Tish & John
The show was absolutely flawless!!!!!! Stevie was gorgeous, and her voice was stronger and more powerful than ever. She was sweet loving to her fans and the song list was PERFECT. We love you Stevie and have been fans since we first heard Rhiannon way back in the 70;s. Stevie is more beautiful than ever, and is an inspiration to so many women at so many levels. We thank her.

I made a special to trip to Vegas to see Stevie after her Kansas City show was cancelled. It was so worth it. She is truly magnificent. Tammy & I were in section 104 and had great seats but the only thing that was so unsettling to me were the people who wanted to scream and throw things at you for singing and dancing, I mean come on how can you just sit there this is Stevie we're talking about. The attendants at the theater graciously offered us 6th row seats where people were celebrating the way it should have been. So to the old geezer who thought he was going to cause problems for us actually did us a favor. I got to the stage on Edge of Seventeen but just missed getting to shake Stevies hand. Oh well, just being in her presence was fulfilling enough for me!! There were so many true and loyal fans there. The guy right behind us came all the way from Singapore just to see Stevie and flew 36 hours, and we also met 4 ladies that came from the UK just to see Stevie, WOW!!! True dedication! Hope you all had a safe trip home! You're the greatest Stevie!!!!! We love you!!!!

I was one of the fortunate ones to have been able to see Stevie on Friday Oct.5 at the Aladdin in Las Vegas. I truly havent missed any performance from Stevie since the Belladonna Tour and I have to say she was as awesome as ever. From gold dust woman to sourcerer. Just incredible. I do have to point out a specific song though. It was performed with such passion, drive and a feeling that could only come from the pit of ones soul. It was totally visible to me that this song was written from the heart of experience and performed witht he feeling in wich it was written. It was towards the end of the show and off of the new album, Fall from grace. I have to say that after all of the many times I have seen Stevie this is a song and performance that will go down in the analogues of rock h! istory. Right up there with gold dust woman, Rhiannon and Edge of seventeen. To all who have seen Stevie this tour and to those yet to see her, have fun let the music, passion and voice take you away and enjoy the show. Forever a Fan, Tony Las Vegas Nevada

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