Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/10/01 The Molson Amphitheatre Toronto Canada

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Dear Stevie:
It has taken me this long to write because of the devastation that has occurred. I was contemplating our world as it stands now, and reminiscing about the not so long ago, and it suddenly dawned upon me that your concert in Toronto is the last magical memory I have before everything changed. I wept tears of happiness for a change.

I am truly blessed to have that enchanted night, spent with my lover and I watching and listening to you pour your soul out for all of us, as the final night of the "end of the age of innocence"...

You have always been there for me (and countless others) during my darkest hours...and, again, you have carried me through these darkest hours. When words are not enough. I love you.

Renee Adams
Stevie did an amazing performance! It was my 3rd time seeing her. I have seen her also perform with Fleetwood Mac once. I have been an admirer of her since I was 14 years old. I feel like I have grown up all these years listening to her magical words and music. I really think she is an absolutely amazing person. She looked absolutely beautiful and her voice was enchanting. Her band was awesome too. I cried when she sang Rhiannon - it was the first time I had ever heard her sing it live. Very emotional. I especially enjoyed how she shared with the audience background on the origins of some of the songs, especially Sorcerer. Her music is very personal to her and she shared it with us all. She is a courageous lady and her music is something that it close to my heart. I enjoy her older music as well as the new songs - her words really touch you, move you. I am so incredibly happy that Stevie was able to come to Toronto. It was a gorgeous evening, warm lake breezes and clear sky. Everyone was having an amazing time and there were people of many ages there. I saw famillies with their children there. People were singing along with Stevie too. It was the absolute best!!!!! Thank-you Stevie!!!!

Pam Fries
I would like to let people know about the wonderful time my daughter and I had at Stevie's Toronto concert on Sept. 10. We drove in from the Buffalo area playing our "Trouble in Shangra La" CD and were just so ready to love this night.Charge card and some money in hand, we started out with a dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe, and were seated right next to Stevie's picture and her top hat -we knew the night was going to be wonderful ! My daughter needed to call her husband and let him know we made the trip safely but her cell phone didn't work inside the building, so we went outside for her to make the call. While staning outside, I struck up a conversation with a man wearing a Stevie tour t shirt and learned he was one of the bus drivers for her tour- he was so great to us and we were able to see some of the "behind the scene" activities- he became our new best friend ! He saw us to and from the concert since we were two females in an unfamiliar city and even called to be sure we made it back to the hotel safely. I will say he only made a wonderful conc! ert even better than we ever imagined.

Stevie was in great voice and she sounded very strong- I think I heard her voice crack once, but I couldn't even tell you what song it was in because everything else she did was so perfect- the twirls, the kick, the energy she gave was incredible- and she was so gracious about being in this beautiful city and let everyone there know there was no way she could not include it in her tour- she has many fans in Canada, and they all loved her. I also went to the concert in Cleveland since Toronto was not on the original tour list, and when I learned she would be so close, I just had to make plans to see her again- and take my daughter with me- my daughter is a fan but had never been to one of Stevie's concert and she was just blown away by the entire night and at how wonderful Stevie looks and sounds in person. It was the perfect night followed by the most terrible morning.

We had learned that Stevie left the city that night after the concert and knew she was in NY city, but also knew she was safe- and then we had to worry about ourselves, since we had been informed the border had been closed. The fellow who drove one of the buses insisted we keep in touch with him and we stopped to see him before we left the city- and I would like to say at this point, that the horror and fear on every face in that city was so evident- we have wonderful neighbors to the north, believe me.It was a personal hit against them also- and then that city closed- adding to our panic...... the bus driver was our guardian angel for the rest of our morning in Toronto- he gave us the use of his hotel phone so we could call home and tell our families where we were and what we were trying to do to get home- he tried to feed us before we left- he kept trying to call to see how we were and where we were- we are just so grateful for his help and! all he did for us, and I would like everyone who works for Stevie and anyone involved with her just what a great staff she has at her disposal- I know she is gracious to her fans, and I am hoping she knows what a great crew she has with her also.There are no words to explain the feelings that go through you when you realize your country is under attack- and you are in another country and may not be able to get home.

It is hard to add much to all the reviews of her concerts, because so many good comments have been made about this tour and I agree with every one of them- it is a great concert and I am thrilled to been able to attend 2 of them. Stevie is a wonderful and gracious entertainer and I am now hoping to be able to go to the concert in Rochester once it is rescheduled.

Thank you so much to everyone in Canada for your concern and help- and a very special thanks to our bus driver- you know who you are.

kellie gillingham
i waited for what seemed to be an eternity to see stevie live. on sept 10th my dreams came true. my heart started to pound so fast when the lights went down and i heard the music of edge of seventen, then that beautiful voice saying " i hear there's trouble in shangri-la. she is truly magical onstage and so very happy. i waited outside early so i could catch a glimpse of her entering the molson amphitheater but i didn't see her come in. however she did come to the edge of the stage to greet her fans and she took my hand and smiled at me. it was truly the greatest moment of my life. because of event's that have unfolded on sept 11 i'm a little late in giving my review, however i would like to say god bless stevie nicks and the rest of the united states. " so where is my father where has he gone and where is my husband and where is my son what is it that happened here? is this real...this war this cant be happening" .

Allana Babka
I was fortunate enough once again to be present to see Stevie perform in concert. (Great seats second row dead center) My review is totally biased since I am not a rock critic and know little on the tech side of things. However I know what I like, and Stevie's music is one of those things. Being a long time listener I was leery on weather or not I would enjoy her new music yet once again I was not disappointed and I bought the new album. (Still as good as ever if not even better Stevie!) To my dismay I awoke Tuesday morning reminiscing about the concert and how silly I felt because I was lucky enough to shake Stevie's hand, when I turned on the T.V. to see the horror that befell on citizens of this planet. So unfortunately my memories of the concert are clouded with deep sadness. Is the world not tragic enough without madmen? I am not a poet or a writer so I have no words to describe the feelings of sorrow that I feel for everyone who was witness to this tragedy, for it will effect us all. CSNY comes to mind ...and we've got to get our selves back to the garden... So Stevie please keep singing, for music and laughter offer us a moment of serenity in the midst of a storm. And please come back to Toronto soon.

Mike Cooper
It has been ten years since we have been able to see Stevie Nicks in Toronto and it was well worth the wait. For the last ten years we have had to criss cross the States to see her and it was so nice to just get in the car and drive down to the Ampitheatre and not have to plan a two day trip. We had already seen the Detroit show at the beginning of the tour but this time we had front row seats.

It was incredible!!! Stevie was in great form and so excited to be singing for us. During Too Far From Texas Stevie and myself actually sang to each other and mimicked each other's movements. My friend was in awe that she zeroed in on me. Carlos was also really interactive with people in the front row too. As usual, Stevie thanked us all by shaking all of our hands in the front row. I haven't been able to get that close since Street Angel tour hit Canandaigua (Finger Lakes) in 1994. I was so happy for everyone who also got to touch her and it was their first show. Rob, you are so lucky but I knew you would pull it off just like I did at the CNE in 1986 when I first saw Stevie during Rock A Little. The show was actually a big reunion. I hadn't seen a lot of fans in quite some time and quite a few people that I used to go to school with and date and such. It was awesome that they got into Stevie over the years and attended the show. Everyone else has pretty much described the show so I do not want to repeat the obvious.

Thanx Stevie for comming back to Toronto finally. I really didn't think the tour would hit here. When she came for press in May I was lucky enough to talk to her on the phone on CHUM FM and they wouldn't let me ask her if her tour was comming here, so I figured it wasn't able to happen. Thanx again for making it happen Stevie! Will never forget it!

Wendy Hope
Dear Stevie My heart goes out to you and fellow Americans. I too am feeling a sickening pain and sadness in my heart.

My family and I had the opportunity to see your concert in Toronto, Canada on Sept 10/01. This if our 5th show my husband and I have seen over the last 20 years. This show was especially special for us as we brought our children with us. Helana is l2 and Derek is 10, they are big fans, they have been watching your video "Live At Red Rocks" for many years. Derek got a big thrill at watching Waddy playing his guitar. Derek has been playing the electric guitar since the age of 6 years. Helana was singing along with you the whole show. These are very special memories for our family. Thank you Stevie for a wonderful concert! God Bless America Wendy Hope Barrie, Ontario Canada

Ryan Gibbs
I saw Stevie Nicks' show in Toronto, my first time seeing her live, travelling five hours in order to make it to her only Canadian date. That night was enchanting: the set was artistically designed, the lighting was spectacular (especially during "Stand Back"), and Stevie was magical. Her voice was powerful, her anecdotes interesting, and her dramatic gestures provocative. Overall, it was a truly rapturous experience.

The day after the concert, I made the mistake of picking up a local paper to read a review of the show and was disturbed by its tone. The writer criticized Nicks for her seeming immobility on stage and considered her performance an anti-climactic end to the summer concert season.

Finding myself in a defensive position, my reflections on the concert became more profound. I concluded that Stevie Nicks is a singer-songwriter whose magic and charisma come from her haunting lyrics and powerful voice; in these regards she never faltered. Stevie Nicks has also achieved what few female rock stars have been able to, or allowed to: age. Her concert seemed a fitting end to a season, offering both retrospect and reflection, for those who sought it.

Richard Coveduck
Wow! Stevie just gave a great performance tonight. I swear the earth moved. Stevie was so happy on-stage, smiling, talking, dancing, twirling (so many times) and singing, singing with all the power and nuance she naturally has; just singing her big heart out to the crowd. She spoke twice about about this her one Canadian date, as ".....just having to come to Toronto; I couldn't pass by, I couldn't not come to Toronto!" The crowd was in full cry, mustering as much noisy appreciation as we could thunder back. The lasting impression is of the whole band, and Stevie, clearly having so much fun and enjoyment from their own performance and bringing us along for the wonderful ride. The venue is open air, and a gentle breeze teased the stage drapes and Stevie's mike stand streamers all night, contributing to the cool vibe. There was a bad sound feedback problem that blew the first verse of "Dreams", but Stevie just sang through it until it was soon fixed. Stevie really took "Gold Dust Woman" and "Fall From Grace" right up to a higher trancendent level with energy and vocal power I've not witnessed in years. I have to think that she has fully recovered from her recent illness.

Stevie showed more dance, grace, comfort and stage presence, in a commanding happy performance, than I have ever seen from her before. It'a quite the paradox, that she is in such total control of herself and of the whole show, and simulutaneously so happy and adorable; no wonder the crowd loves her. Carlos and Waddy are a good guitar match, with Carlos seeming to play the usual lead (and Lindsey) guitar parts, and Waddy adding the mustard. The Lenny and Mark dueling drums intro to "Edge of Seventeen" is excellent and noteworthy, also. And at the end, during HAEWAFY (luv the hat!), in one of the dramatic pauses at the end of the song, some Canuk (not me) with the biggest voice in the hemisphere shouted out, "We love you Stevie!", and she smiled, big-time. And this cry was so amazingly loud, that in another seeming paradox, it didn't spoil the moment, the song, at all; it was perfect. The whole concert experience was wonderful. Stevie has evolved into a comfortable, engaging, total performer; a very great lady. And best of all, Stevie promised to come back!

Patrick Ross
I just came back from Stevie's show at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto. I have been a huge fan of Miss Nicks for several years and was really excited about seeing her once again! I was not disappointed!

I constantly forget what a truly great 'live performer' this fabulous lady is! Her performance of cuts from her new album, Trouble in Shangri La sounded so hot, I can't wait to listen to that album again! And of course, Nicks (with a great band behind her) kick into those old classics, making them sound fresh and vibrant! One regreat: Didn't get to hear Talk to Me. Maybe next time around! Stevie Nicks has always been one of my favorite performers. (Why, I even named my cats Stevie and Rhiannon!) Truth be told, Nicks could sit on a chair and recite the phone book for all I care - I am that big a fan. But this show had a lot of energy, lots of great music, and some hot talent! Stevie and Co. -- YOU ROCK!

Bev Rogers
I have seen Stevie eight times now and this was the best I have ever seen! It was awsome. I was in the tenth row and and she looked great and sounded ageless. I will never forget this night. It felt like a dream and it was all very magical Thanks Stevie for coming to Toronto. We love you here!! Please come back soon!!!

Like a fine wine, Stevie is aging to perfection. Last night's concert at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto proved that. Her voice was great and she looked relaxed and genuinely happy to be there. I had the opportunity to see her in July in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (a Toronto date had not been added yet) and I remember thinking that it was well worth the 5 hour drive. Stevie's performance last night far surpassed that. "Fall from Grace" is one rockin' song! Stevie gave it her all. It was great to hear "Enchanted". I was so glad that she added it. She looked absolutely stunning. It's hard to believe she is 53. She is so very 'timeless in her finery'. She combined the old with the new to produce what I believe to be her best concert performance to date. No cocaine, no klonopin. Just Stevie. What a beautiful gift that is.

Marisa Kraus
I attended the show at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto. I am at work now quite early, but I have to say it was worth it. This is the fourth time I have seen Stevie and in 1989 I had front row centre. I wasn't so lucky this time, but I liked the fact that I paid $22 for lawn seats and was able to move to the seated area, I had a great view! The fact that it was not a packed show made it enjoyable. It wasn't a scarce show either, it was the perfect amount of people and was the most enjoyable concert I have been to in a while. It was a beautiful night, Stevie and the band sounded awesome! If Stevie ever thinks she has not made an impact on people -- she has and then some. She is a legend and she will draw crowds for years to come. Stevie, I just heard your friend Marilyn Dennis on Chum FM and she was just raving about the show. She said she talked to you for a bit before the show and you said that after this tour you are going back into the studio for a Fleetwood Mac album and touring next year! Come back to Toronto! We would love to see you again! Take care.

Jamey Ross
Thank you Stevie for the best night of my summer! Last night's concert was absolutely breathing taking! I don't know what fountain of youth Ms. Nicks has dipped herself in but her look is more radiant, her voice more powerful than the last time I saw her live 10 years ago. The stage and lighting were very effective and the band very tight. Mindy Stein seemed to really enjoy herself (not hard to look at either) but Sharon didn't crack a smile the whole night, she didn't seem to be into it at all.

Stevie on the other hand genuinely had a good time. You could tell from the minute she appeared on stage and took a step back acknowledging her audience that she was happy to be in Toronto ( she mentioned a couple of times how much she loves Toronto and couldn't NOT come to see us on this tour-Thanks Stevie!).

I have been a fan since the 70's but my partner hadn't really known much about Stevie 'till hooking up with me 5 years ago. This was her first Stevie live performance and she was literally spell bound, she said it was much more than she had expected and that "Stevie Nicks sounds great in person (unlike a lot of performers who can't always match their studio sound on the road)." A new fan is born.

The highlight of the concert was the last encore song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You". It sent chills up my spine and I must admit, brought a tear to my eye, absolutely beautiful. One final note, I really enjoyed Jeffery Gaines who opened the show. He has a very strong voice and really introspective, meaningful lyrics- Well done!

James Hill.
Hello, Rock A Little! Saw Stevie last night at the Molson Amphitheatre here in Toronto & she was wonderful. It's been ten years since her T.O. fans have been able to see her live & it was great to see her again. "Stop Draggin'..." sounded powerful with Waddy shining on lead vocals. "Enchanted" was a real treat. It's a great little rocker & one of her many underrated songs. Other standouts: the whole set basically, but one of the best moments was "Too Far From Texas" which was my least favourite song from TISL. Last night, however it sounded fantastic as Stevie carried the song nicely without the help of Natalie Maines. As a recording, much emphasis has been put on TISL's collaborative efforts. Live, however, it's all Stevie's show. Aside from the music, another striking aspect of her stage presence is her personality. Talking in between songs, she exudes a certain warmth & love for her fans that always sounds sincere. All in all, a great evening of extraordinary songs performed by a nice person.

Well after much anticipation Stevie Nicks took to the Toronto stage on Monday September 10 and although the majority of the hard core fans there enjoyed the show, I have to say I was a little disappointed in all honesty. Maybe it was the disappointing audience turnout - a mere 5,000 for a venue that holds over 11,000. I have to admit I was stunned by this given the fact that she along with her Fleetwood Mac band members had such a vital role in shaping rock/pop music in the seventies and early eighties. That accomplishment alone should have filled those seats. In all fairness her voice sounded exceptional and still managed to give you goose bumps and a chill up your spine with Rhiannon and Has anyone ever written... What was not exceptional was the energy and enthusiasm on stage...She seemed tired and way too tentative especially at the beginning of the if her heart was not in it a 100%..almost bored. I also felt she could have connected more with the audience ...Merely shaking some hands towards the end of the performance is not enough...You have to maintain that connection from start to finish..I never saw her look and connect one on one with those in orchestra I said till Edge of Seventeen.. A little late. I have been a fan since I was a little girl so for me personally it was thrilling to see a legend perform before my eyes for the first time. She is absolutely beautiful and has flawless skin... and still seems to possess the creativity and spirit that made her a star..Being in her presence you sense the star quality thing happening ..I just wish she had made more of it despite the attendance ... Stevie, just because you're in your fifties does not mean to stand back ...It is time to unleash the wild heart once again and truly connect with the rock goddess within you

I had never been to a Stevie Nicks concert before, but as soon as I heard she was coming to T.O. I knew I HAD to be there. As soon as Stevie walked out on stage the crowd went wild, she rocked the house for 2 hours. Playing songs like Sorcerer, Every Day, One Winged Dove, and Rhiannon. It was amazing, this concert has been the BEST concert I have EVER been too, and will forever be, unless of course, Stevie comes back to Toronto again. (It's guaranteed I'll be there!!!!!!) Keep on rockin' Stevie!!!!!!

Roland H.
Last night I got to see Stevie again (in Toronto) on her 'TISL' tour (previous show was the one in the Boston area in July)! Stevie was in great voice, and seems to have recovered from her recent throat ailments. She brought back 'Sorcerer' which I think she took out from some of her last shows, but left out 'Bombay Sapphires'. Stevie talked a bit about 'Sorcerer' - she described how Lindsey and she went out to Hollywood in the early 1970's, and both found how scary it was. Stevie said that it was totally unlike San Francisco which was all 'peace and love'. About 'Planets of the Universe', she said that after recording 'Rumours' in Sausalito, Fleetwood Mac moved back to Los Angeles, and at that point she and Lindsey had totally broken up. She vented her anger, frustration, etc. in this particular song. She always wanted Fleetwood Mac to record it, but they never did so finally she decided it was time to put it out on 'TISL'. Some of the words were changed as she is ok with Lindsey now, and didn't want the song to sound that bitter anymore. 'Too Far From Texas' was simply introduced as "a song about a girl from Texas, and a boy from Texas'. Stevie also mentioned that she was in Toronto a couple of months ago (it was for a radio interview), and she really liked it here, and knew she had to come back to do a show.

During 'Edge of 17' I got to go right in front of the stage to where Mindy Stein was standing. When Stevie did her 'walkabout', I was able to shake her hand which was a dream come true! Jeffrey Gaines' show was a little quirky (unlike the time I saw him before). At one point when he was singing, a roadie casually walked by in front of him across the stage reading a newspaper! Really weird! And while he was doing another song, another roadie came out to wipe his brow while he was singing, and give him a drink of water! One big disappointment - other than a plain grey one with Stevie's name on it, they were only selling 1 tour shirt there (the black one with Stevie coming towards you with her arms outstreached). Other than that there was only the tourbook. What happened to the mugs, pins, postcards, etc.?! I'm glad I got all my stuff at the previous show I went to!

I saw Stevie live for the very first time last night in Toronto, Canada at the Molson Amphitheatre, and it was an amazing experience for me. I've been a fan since I was 10 (I'm 30 now), but I was never able to go to one of her concerts until now. Stevie's music has meant so much to me and has given me such comfort and joy over the years, and I was afraid that I would never get to see her live. So, I was thrilled that I was finally going to see her in concert! I was a little nervous that she might get sick again and have to cancel, but thankfully, that was not the case!

Jeffrey Gaines opened the show, even though Bob Schneider was listed on the ticket. They played "Bootylicious" right before she came on, and people really jumped to attention, myself included. I was so happy when she walked out on stage. I was wide-eyed, and I didn't want to miss anything. My seat was great (I was in the second row of section 202), but the people in my row were disrespectful and rude and kept climbing over everyone to go and get more beer or whatever. I was determined not to let these idiots ruin the concert for me, but it was a major distraction I could have done without. I don't think I am a "complainer" -- I had waited a very long time for this!!!!

Stevie was smiling and talkative and told a few stories about the songs. She seemed really happy. The crowd went wild when she twirled and did her unique "Stevie" vocalizations (like in Gold Dust Woman and Edge of Seventeen) and when she danced, twirled and played tambourine.

The set list included Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Enchanted, Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Everyday, Sorcerer, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Planets of the Universe, Too Far From Texas, Fall From Grace and Edge of Seventeen. Her encores were I Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.

I didn't want it to end, and I will always remember the sound and vision of Stevie singing "nothing," which was the last word she sang in Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.

Thank you, Stevie, for an unforgettable moment and evening.

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie in Toronto Canada. This is the second show I've seen on this tour, and it was more spectacular than the first! I was blessed with the front row center seat. Stevie looked beautiful as always, and sounded great. The whole show was a highlight, but I especially liked Gold Dust Woman, Fall From Grace, and Has Anyone Ever written Anything For You. Her beaded black dress and pretty shawls added to her natural beauty, and her presence made me shake! Her voice rang through the night as she twirled and radiated. I was in awe when she came to shake hands with the audience... she towered over me like the true Rock Goddess that she is. Seeing Stevie Nicks in concert is always a life changing experience. Thank you Stevie for being you. I love you.

Joe Almeida
September 10th, 2001 Last night I saw Stevie for the fourth time. I first saw her in the summer of 1986 during the RAL Tour, just before her stay at the Betty Ford. The second time was during the TOSOTM Tour n 1989 and then for the third time during the WLT Tour in 1991. Toronto was not on her schedule for the Street Angel Tour. What can I say that hasn't already been said about her TISL tour. She was amazing. As stated previously, the lights go down and Destiny Child's' Bootilicious is played. When the song ends, you here a pre-recorded vocal track of the Chorus of Trouble In Shangri-La, the band members take their positions and begin the opening chords of Stop Dragging' My Heart Around. Soon after Ms. Nicks hits the stage. She was on top of every song. Standouts were Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Fall From Grace and Edge Of Seventeen. I found Too Far From Texas a little slower than the album version. Her voice was all there and she sounded exceptional doing the piano section of Rhiannon. All the twirls were there and even a kick ! I have to remind myself every once in awhile that she is in her 50's although for much of the concert you would never know it. She was happy to be in Toronto and Toronto came out to see her on a wonderful night in a wonderful place by the lake. The stage looked great and the band was extremely tight. I look forward to seeing her very soon again, hopefully with Fleetwood Mac !!! To all those who still have an opportunity to see here...DON'T MISS OUT !!!

Cynthia Grant
Rock on Gold Dust Woman!! The concert was amazing from the opening song of Stop Dragging My Heart Around to the finale of Has Anyone Written Anything for You. Stevie looked and sounded amazing!! I haven't heard those high notes in years, especially on Edge of Seventeen. Our seats were great, 6th row from the stage and from there I could even see the colour of Stevie's nailpolish: brilliant red!! I can hardly wait for my picures to be developed!!! It was great to hear the stories behind her songs and see the love pour from Stevie to her audience and back to Stevie again, as she made personal eye contact with those of us lucky enough to be near the stage. The set with it's Zen approach made the amphlitheater seem more like a setting in a garden, as opposed to it's ususal decorum. Stevie, please come back to Toronto, we love you!! And bring some friends (Mick, Lindsey, John). "I know what it sounds like....."

After the concert was over and I was able to absorb the experience, I realized that it was 20 years ago that I'd first seen Stevie during the Bella Donna tour. This Trouble in Shangri-La tour was sorta like Bella Donna 20 years later. Stevie was at her finest during Bella Donna, and she was once again at her best. Stevie is like a fine wine...over the course of the past 20+ years, she has aged to perfection...from her voice, prolific song lyrics, and finally her stunning beauty...she was beautiful 20 years ago when I first saw her and she was still unbelivably beautiful tonight...20 years later. Even after her battle with her weight, she just looked fabulous! And the songs were as to be expected from the Bella Donna - timeless.

I think one of my favorite (and the rest of the crowd's from the reaction..) moments was during Gold Dust Woman, where she says "well it's a heartless pick your path and then you pray.." she changed the words to "well it's a heartless pick your path and then (with GREAT empahsis she changed it to: you pay for it!!!" It was AWESOME! The crowd screamed and yelled, because you could tell she was really into it. I could go on and on, but I have to say that after seeing her on the Enchanted tour, during The Dance tour most recently...this far outdid either of those and God Bless You Stevie for the joy you brought from the memories of Monday, September 10, 2001 at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto!!!

I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to catch Stevie in this late addition to the tour. I was actually contemplating flying to a U.S. tour city to see her; when I heard that Toronto was added, I was ecstatic! Adding to the magic: I won the tickets from a local radio station (CHUM) on a day when I was down and depressed. I'm usually the tenth caller in a hold queue, not a winning concert ticket moment!

The show was trancendent. Stevie has proven her mettle and is showing the world what she's made of. I brought a 25 year-old friend of mine who had some familiarity with Stevie's material, but she had no idea of the breadth and scope of Stevie's career. I was only too happy to fill her in.

"Rhiannon" brought the house down. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" (the second encore) brought tears to my eyes, as it has for so many years. But it was "Planets of the Universe" that impressed me most. Stevie's introduction of the song--in which she recounted discussions with Lindsey about how such a deeply personal time in their lives could be shared with the world--was profound. "Planets" is a monumental song, and her performance was of no less calibre. I'm going through a breakup of my own now, and this song has helped me through a tough time in my life, like so much of her work before. Bravo, Stevie.

Since Toronto was the only Canadian date announced for the Shangri-La Tour, I knew the evening, and event was going to be special. Just like the precious new album, Stevie was electric, and poised, and right on target. The crowd and Stevie were both very loving, and the beauty of the moment was so apparent. I was more excited to hear the new material, and every song was wonderful. I wish "Planets of the Universe" would have been the longer version, but , you can't get everything. Just hearing the song live was still a religious experience I won't soon foget... Every song was right on cue, "enchanted", "fall from grace", "sorcerer", "everyday", "a great rendition of "gold dust woman", and a piano heavy, "rhiannon". "dreams" was also a great moment "stand back" and "edge of 17" sounded as fresh last night, as they ever have. "has anyone every written" was also the perfect close to an "astounding" evening. I have yet to see any performer take the time to greet the entire front row at a concert; stevie was all class, and all grace. her presence is as powerful, and as meaningful as her music; and I'm just greatful I was a part of the whole experience. thank-you for a wonderful memory, stevie! you put all the stars back in to the sky that night.

Aaron Cantor
I recently saw Stevie perform at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto on September 10. The concert was incredible and the band was very good. I have been a fan of Stevie's for years and I swore that if she ever came to Toronto I would go and see her and I was able to just a few days ago. Stevie, if you actually read the fan concert reviews,you are a terrific perfomer with a unique and powerful voice. I enjoyed every minute of the concert. I sat in the front row and was thrilled that you actually took the time to come down to the edge of the stage and shake hands. On a sad note, I was concerned about you and the band when I realized that your next show was in N.Y. and I am glad to hear that you are O.K.

Kristine Rheault
It has been 3 days since I went to my first Stevie Nicks concert. Many things around the world have happened between then and now, but I am still in awe of her performance. I have never been to a concert where the artist sounded BETTER live, then on CD. She has a beautiful voice and I get goosebumps when I think of how great she sounded. Amazing! I drove 3 hours to see her after work, got there right on time, then drove home - all the way listening to her CD's in the car. She is truly an amazing artist.

I had lawn seats (student budget!) and I felt as though I was sitting in her living room listening to her sing and tell little stories of how songs came to be. I also think that it is wonderful that she can share her talents with other groups and artists. I just hope they know just how honored they are - to simply have her consider sharing her great sound with them is outrageous. She seems to speak of artists like Sheryl Crow and Natalie Maines with much respect.

I hope she enjoyed performing in Canada and returns to Ontario. She has many fans here - from all walks of life and all ages. I am 26 and at her show I met and saw people younger and older than me. We all were loving the music! I am sure it would not be difficult for her to fill a venue - if it is, there is an open invitation to my living room. It's small, and the acoustics may not be the best but I know she would still sound amazing.

Thank you to Stevie Nicks, her band, and everyone responsible for delivering such a great show. I hope we can do it again soon.

Andy Parfitt
It was with great anticipation that I headed down to the shores of Lake Ontario on Monday evening to see Stevie at the Molson Amphitheatre. I had had the good fortune to get second row centre seats--my best position for all the times I had seen Stevie solo and with Fleetwood Mac. Needless to say, just as everyone else says, she did not disappoint. The set was the standard one listed. Sheryl Crow was not there, and so neither were her songs. Stevie did not perform Bombay Sapphire which seems to have been dropped in the last few shows. Personal highlights for me were: Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back. Stevie seemed to be in great spirits--telling us how she just had to play Toronto--her only Canadian date. She made no mention of her recent bronchial troubles--she sounded great--but I, like many, missed her boots! Lots of swirls got the crowd cheering--I was on my feet the whole night!! The best moment came at the end when the first few rows were summoned up to the front of the stage. I was able to shake Stevie's hand as the band played out Edge Of Seventeen. (very soft hands by the way!!) She was very generous in shaking everyone's hands she could reach. I love her more than ever!! As always, she finished the show with Has Anyone Ever.... It boggles my mind that I had the night of my life on Monday and then the world gets turned upside down on Tuesday morning--thank goodness there are people like Stevie who have the ability to take us away for an hour or two from the "troubles in Shangri-La". I don't think it would be in bad taste at all if she were to play her upcoming shows in New York City--it would bring so much joy to a city in tatters. I hope she considers it.

Bonnie Howey
My name is Bonnie and I saw Stevie's concert in Toronto, and i have t say it was the most awesome show I have ever seen. I have waited a long time to see Stevie in Concert and I must say, the wait was worth it. I travelled 2 hours by bus to go to the show, to a city that I am not all that familiar with to see Stevie perform live. The show was extraordinary, beyond all my expectations. She sounded better than ever, with no sign of her recent illness. My memories of that night will be with me forever, as with the opening of the show, to the closing, Stevie rocked the place, bringing the entire crowd to their feet. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Stevie and her entire band, staff and crew for giving Toronto one unforgettable night of wonderful music. I, for one, look forward to seeing Stevie in concert again. My heart also goes out to all of the families in the U.S. now as I am posting this message in the wake of the aftermath of the attacks in New York and Washington. I am sure that I speak for everyone in Canada that we are thinking, and praying and doing all that we can to help you through this difficult time. Sincerly, Bonnie Howey in Ontario

Tom Borrelli
Over the course of just 12 hours, those of us lucky enough to attend Stevie Nicks' lone Canadian tour stop experienced exactly what she conveys through her music. Indeed, sometimes it roses, sometimes it weeds.' The weeds' came the next morning in the form of the heart-breaking attacks that claimed thousands of innocent souls. We survivors remain among a nation that stands stunned and battered, searching for answers where clearly none exist. There are no rational explanations for inhumanity. Sometimes the best you can do is simply let your heart bleed, close your eyes and try to remember the roses' that are so precious in life. Among them, the exhilarating and enchanting performance Stevie Nicks had bestowed upon her fans only hours before. Against the sparkling backdrop of the Toronto skyline on a picture-perfect late summer evening, Stevie never performed better. She captivated us with her voice, dazzled us with her presence. She drew us in and let us share something that will last a lifetime. Something we can all call upon for comfort, even in our darkest hours. The world changed for the worse in the hours following Stevie's Toronto show and none of us were ready for it. Stevie wasn't just the calm before the storm. In some small way, she helped us weather a storm of senselessness.

Well it will probably be known as the show before the collapse of American freedom. However not to me, because I took my girlfriend to see you in Toronto, and you full filled a life long dream of hers to see you live. The show was outstanding and very memorable. You see we were fifth row center. I was the guy wearing the leopard pattern headband, and my girlfriend was to my left.

During Has Anyone Ever Written I proposed to her in the place I knew would be the most appropriate for such a great fan of yours. She said yes. And it was easily the most magical night in both our lives thanks to the gorgeous backdrop of your show and the beautiful rhyme of Stevie Nicks' voice. So thank you for coming to Toronto, and I hope this can help you in someway smile for what happened the following day. For it changed the lives of two very enchanting souls. I do not know if Stevie Nicks ever reads these e-mail, however I hope so. Because it was such a magical concert, and night, that I hope she holds this as another example of how highly she is viewed in the lives of such simple people Thanks!

Stevie Rocked Toronto Monday night & we were lucky enough to be in the enthusiastic crowd.

For a while I thought that this concert would not take place because of Stevie's illness but she proved a force to be reckoned with! Bootilicious came on and the crowd went wild knowing that Stevie would be on within minutes. Everyone was up dancing and cheering and you could feel the excitement in the air. Before we knew it the Queen of Rock was right in front of us.....(and we had pretty good seats). Stevie's sounded very strong and she was smiling all night long. Sorcerer sounded even better than on the album and she really drove the song home, not only with her vocals but with her gestures & movements (incredible). Stevie did her high kick at the end of Stand Back & the energy from this song defies description. Other show highlights included Fall From Grace which proved that Stevie can bring out true rockin' songs & perform them as well (if not better) live. Planets of the Universe sounded almost identical to ! the album (fantastic) Stevie performed Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You as the second encore and the crowd was almost completely silent. We were speechless that she could perform this song at such a high level with almost no instrumentation after obviously giving it her all through the entire concert. Stevie looked very elegant in her top hat with feather.

Stevie's band certainly earned their place on the stage. When they were introduced by Stevie it was apparent that they were appreciated by not only Stevie but the audience also.

Stevie said words to the effect that she simply had to do this Toronto date despite the extra planning required as she loves Toronto. The crowd showed Stevie appreciation of this comment and I am certain the level of the performance displayed this clearly.

With the events in the U.S. since the concert I could not bring myself to write a review until now. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones in this horrific event. I am impressed with your courage & strength and know you will get through this and come back stronger than ever.

  more reviews coming......

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