Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/30/01 Shoreline Mountain View CA

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Brent Rock
Stevie's performance at the Shoreline is one that I will treasure forever. Travelling from my hometown of Calgary to Vancouver for Fleetwood Mac during the Dance tour and having the concert cancelled minutes before it was sheduled to start was certainly a disappointment. Then to travel to California to see Stevie at the Shoreline in August and to have this concert postponed seemed even worse! With the tragedy of Sept 11th, my partner Wayne and I decided that we really needed to honour Stevie's commitment and try again.

As many have written before, words cannot describe Stevie's concert. It was an incredible night-so filled with love and respect as well as amazing music. Stevie, my heart is so overwhelmed by your generousity and your heart. Thank you for your grace and your beauty of spirit. In these troubled times you have helped me to see beyond today to tomorrow. Bless you!

Tim Haring & Barry Swanson
There are very few and rare moments in life that take you on a magical journey and gives one such feelings of pleasurable happiness as Stevie Nicks does with her musical sanctuary. My best friend Barry and I have been listening and admiring her magical music every since I can remember. We have attended every heart felt concert at the Shoreline, Concord Pavilion and Oakland Coliseum. When Stevie's concert at the Shoreline was postponed on August 14, 2001, Barry and I didn't get too disappointed. We realized that we still had something to look forward to. Both of us are always very eager and excited when Stevie comes out with a new musical masterpiece.

On September 30, 2001, Stevie Nicks once again swept us away in her music on a magical journey. The two hours seemed like a flash in the past and today it seems like a dream that reoccurs. It has taken me a week to write this review because as Stevie often does she left us speechless and glowing with pure serenity and happiness. Stevie Nicks you are just as beautiful from the first time we saw you and you get better and better with time. The stage was awesome with the mystical lighting and colors. Cheryl Crow has also been a long time favorite of ours and was a great addition and treat to listen to. There are not enough words to describe all the songs that were done and how brilliantly they were crafted. Fall From Grace was a favorite of ours and we must say it rocked and was spell bounding. We were very disappointed that the other fans did not all stand and dance and sing a long as we did but it appeared that they were mostly in shock and frozen in time for a moment. Just the pure rock, soul and energy when you sang, "Fall From Grace" was awesome. We're hoping that song is going to be a single off your CD and hit it big time and be played on the radio frequently. There are numerous great musicians and singers in this world but none compares to Stevie Nicks.

Barry and I have been loyal fans from the beginning. We've seen your interviews on various TV programs regarding your masterpiece "Trouble In Shangri-La" and you discussing your disappointment in the "Street Angel" CD. Both of us think Stevie is too hard on herself. We love every song on that CD and if people would go out and get a copy and listen to her words they would see why. When my spirits are down your music always lifts me up. When I've lost a loving family member, friend, or significant lover too early in life it is always your words in your music that gives me the strength to carry on. The oddest thing is Stevie always comes out with her new CD when certain events happen in my life that coincide with her music. It's almost like Stevie knows that her music is needed for dealing with difficult times in life and is her medicine for healing.

Barry and I are so ever grateful that you decided to come to Mountain View, CA and feel our hearts and souls with such joyous pleasure. I can't tell you how many times that we have turned on our family, friends and even strangers to your music and words. The only people that don't appreciate and love your music are people that don't listen to your words. Stevie your voice is like listening to a beautiful violin with many different love themes. Hopefully someday Barry and I will get to meet Stevie Nicks and personally thank her for the wonderful gifts she has given us in our lives. And yes Stevie someone has written something for us and that is you. You are a rare jewel of beauty and a great gift from a higher being that will forever be cherished in our hearts. Stevie Nicks, thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for giving us your words in the most beautiful magically musical way. Dreams reoccur in my solitude...

Sincerely, Tim Haring &Barry Swanson

I attended the 9/30 show at Shoreline Mountain View, CA. I have most recently attended her show on the Enchanted Tour as well as one of her Millennium shows at the House of Blues, 1999/2000. Stevie has an amazing flair and voice, nothing new to any fan of hers of course. However, I can't help myself but address an issue that people fail to mention (that I can see from reading the slew of rave reviews). Stevie has an extensive library of music, decades worth! I know I cannot be the only one to notice that she practically has taken her Enchanted tour set-list and photo-copied it for her Millennium and Shangri-la tour shows! I love Stevie, and all of the songs she performs, however I feel that this is very unfortunate for her legions of fans who want and should be able to hear selections from her vast array of songs. Though stellar, a concert becomes much less exciting when you literally can predict the next song to come, because you've seen the exact same rotation before! And if you are like me, who wants to attend -and pay for- a repeat? Really, I am positive that she has not forgotten all those "other" songs. Obviously, today an artist such as Stevie cannot "compete with" or produce an "N'Sync Production" which is what makes herself and others so wonderful, because their strong point (and the most important!) is their CRAFT, which is song-writing...and lots of it! That is what to me was so disappointing about 9/30 at Shoreline, not her lack of talent and uniqueness (Stevie oozes it like no other) but her apparent disregard for her many wonderful (but apparently no-longer performed live) songs, the "other" ones that so many fans love (remember "Gypsy", "Sarah", "Bella Donna", "Nightbird", "Beauty & the Beast", "If Anyone Falls" etc...?)! Is it because it is so easy to reproduce last years show, or because she doesn't love her other songs? We know it can't be the latter!

I recently attended Stevie's concert at Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountainveiw. On the way to the show I witnessed the most beautiful sunset of to the west and I wondered at that moment if Stevie and Sheryl could see what Iwas seeing.

As I walked into the ampitheatre I picked two perfect yellow daisey's and held on to them as a reminder of why I was there. As I was standing in line by the tee shirt concession, a mother was with her daughter , dressed in purple tye dye, her eye's smiling and her love or Stevie Nicks was so touching that I felt as though Stevie must have felt it. I didn't ask her name, but I was curious, and all she wanted was for Stevie to glance in her direction. With her, a sign about Rhiannon and a beautiful smile at the thought of catching Stevie's eye. All excited, in purple, I smiled at her and thought, "I know she wouldn't wan't to miss you"............

It was obvious Stevie's love for where all that had brought her there had begun. I bought a postcard at that concession stand and I noticed clearly that she was far from walking away from her stage, her love for Shoreline, her fans, her energy and her closeness with Sheryl Crow. Those ladies together, were the perfect distraction that I needed and they brought to me the silence that I had been waiting for, a silence that took me away and for that I am eternally grateful.

Michelle Doggett
I saw Stevie on Sunday night. This was my second concert, the last one being the Enchanted tour, in which I was second row center. But that concert made me fall in love with Stevie, this one just reconfirmed it. I couldn't believe I was in the same area as her, and she sang all my favorite songs. Edge of Seventeen was awesome, I couldn't sing loud enough. She had a great energy, and we knew she was happy to be in the area she lived in when she was going to college. Sheryl was great too, along with the entire band and backup singers. You guys did a great job, you suceeded in making me happy, and the rest of the crowd along with me. Stevie has been my favorite artist since the day I saw the Enchanted tour, she enveloped me. It was such an honor to see her again, and to know that she still knows how to bring the house down. :) I love you Stevie!

Cheryl Fonseca
The one concert I must go to in any given year is the Stevie Nicks concert. My friend and I rocked out to multiple Stevie CDs and sang at the top of our lungs from the North Bay all the way to the South Bay. We were ready to see our hero sing and perform in real life. We had on our finest gypsy wear made out of velvet, chiffon and lace including the shawls and boots - that we wear all summer long. (I have been a fan of Stevie's since her "Wild Heart" album first came out. It was the first and only record I owned for years.) It was a calm warm September night at the Shoreline. We cruised around, because we were too excited to sit for the opening band. Bootylicous came on and we ran to our seats.

When Stevie came out, you could feel the excitement in the air. People were dancing throughout the whole show! I could see Stevie looking out at people, like she wanted to see who was looking back at her - acknowledging us all. She seemed to be looking directly into people's faces when ever she got the chance to. She looked beautiful in her top hat with feathers and the familiar shawls. If anyone is magic, it is Stevie. She was fabulous, I'm good for another year. Life is good. Stevie still enchants me with her songs and will forever more.

by far the best show I've ever seen, have follwed stevie since 1977, and she hit a cord with me that night ll'll never forget it was a awesome show, dont know if it was just in the air that night butt EVERYONE was rockin ... 5x better then the santa barbara show i had recently seen. I am 43, the girl next to me i just met was 26, in back of me was two kids with there parents at age of 7 & 10, all together, WE WERE ALL ROCKIN AS ONE, TOGETHER, it was a great time for all. God Bless America and God Bless Our Stevie Too.. As Sheryl Crow said , Stevie has the best fans "In the world" Thank You, Stevie !!

I will never forget the day that I waited in anticipation of the originally scheduled show. I got so hyped up. I rented a room close to the concert to be able to party and not have to worry. I remember driving up to the pavillion and seeing nothing. My heart sank with despaire.

The rescheduled performance had made the wait well worth it. It was the tops of every concert I have been apart of including the renowmed Pink Floyd which I was fortunate to be apart of.....

Stevie was beautiful. Her stage presence, Electrifying. I was star stunned through the whole show. Stevie made up for that postponed show ten times over. It was well worth the wait.

I can only say that I have loved her music, class and charisma and that he songwriting and storytelling are superior. I am convinced that she stands alone amongst the greats such as Janis, Carol King and Carly Simon, who I also have had the previlage to see.

Stevie is the Queen. A true survivor and leader for others to follow.

Stevie your the best and I wish that all who are troubled or hurting can get a nick's fix to make their lives have more meaning' and hope.

That's what you did for me.

Don't miss it.

Eva & Hana
My sister Hana and I were more concerned than disappointed to hear Stevie's show at the Shoreline in California was postponed. We knew postponing a performance would be Stevie's last resort, so we knew things weren't good. We were happy to hear she was back on tour, and I went back to California from Phoenix to attend the rescheduled show with my sister. We wouldn't have known Stevie was ill only a few weeks prior. She looked spectacular and sounded strong.
Stevie and her band were outstanding to say the least. I've been going to her concerts since the early 1980s, and as others have said, this tour really stood out as being one of the best. Stevie's presence on stage, her voice, and her energy had everyone engaged in the show from start to finish.

Sheryl Crow and Stevie sounded great together. I could tell they respect each other and enjoy performing together. Waddy and the rest of the band were terrific. The guitar, drum, and percussion solos were a nice touch. Hearing Stevie's stories about how she started with Lindsey in this area of the world made us feel like she was talking to a small group of her friends rather than thousands of fans.I'm so looking forward to the two Las Vegas shows and of course the special AHI benefit concert in Phoenix.

With all the performances I've been to, including Fleetwood Mac's, I keep thinking, "it can't get better than this", but Stevie always surpasses my expectations.Stevie, thank you for enriching our lives with your poetry, your music, and especially your spirit.

Sharon L. Shannon
On an uncharacteristically sultry Bay Area night, Stevie, her band, and Sheryl Crow gave us respite from the sadness and a glimmer of hope that beauty still exists in a time of pain and ugliness.

The National Anthem was received with great enthusiasm. I've never seen so many at such an event singing the words with that kind of intensity. The patriotic theme, begun by the warmup band California whose drummer had a flag draped in front of his podium, was carried through by Stevie's mic streamers in red, white, and blue. And the words to "Every Day":

Imagine all the ways to cope
I close my eyes, it gives me hope
It cures the silence

took on a new poignancy in the light of recent events.

Stevie was clearly emotional about being back in a venue which figures prominently in her personal history. The Ghost of Lindsey Past was invoked and then exorcised by introductory stories to "Sorceror" and "Planets of the Universe".

Sheryl Crow and Stevie complemented each other perfectly, blending harmonies and personal styles into a friendly warmth that embraced the entire audience. Sheryl's "Every Day is a Winding Road"

I was surprised that "Bombay Sapphire", which Stevie calls her favorite song from the CD, and the title cut "Trouble in Shangri-La" were omitted from the setlist, in favor of "Too Far from Texas" and "Enchanted". That aside, the selection of songs was well-paced and flawlessly performed.

My niece and I sat on the far left side of the venue, under the stars. During the tender finale "Has Anyone Ever Written" we looked up, and above the ampitheater canopy the full, incredibly bright moon rose. This was the concert we waited six extra weeks for, after it was rescheduled. Had we been able to see it on the original date, that moon would not have risen above us, and that song would not have held the meaning it does now. Stevie Nicks, an enchanted audience, moonglow, and a warm California night--could anything be more magical?

There are no words to express how I felt watching Stevie perform.She was so amazing. She was an angel bringing smiles to the faces of people who have been through some tough times. I am so thankful for her words and smile.

My favorite part of Stevie's Shoreline show was the last song where she came out onstage wearing a top hat with a huge white feather coming off the side. She looked so striking and sang a beautiful version of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You. Stevie is definately at the top of her game.

It was the best concert I had ever been to. I was so upset when she cancelled back in August but once she walked on stage all was forgotten. We were in the 15thj row and we stood up and danced and sang the whole show. I swear she even looked at us because everyone was sitting and we were standing and singing. The highlights of the night were "Gold Dust Woman", "Stand Back", and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." The biggest shock to me was when she sang Planets. She was just the angel I needed to see and for two hours her voice made me forget about all my troubles and the horrid events on September eleventh. Stevie is a Angel.

Michelle Doggett
I saw Stevie on Sunday night. This was my second concert, the last one being the Enchanted tour, in which I was second row center. But that concert made me fall in love with Stevie, this one just reconfirmed it. I couldn't believe I was in the same area as her, and she sang all my favorite songs. Edge of Seventeen was awesome, I couldn't sing loud enough. She had a great energy, and we knew she was happy to be in the area she lived in when she was going to college. Sheryl was great too, along with the entire band and backup singers. You guys did a great job, you suceeded in making me happy, and the rest of the crowd along with me. Stevie has been my favorite artist since the day I saw the Enchanted tour, she enveloped me. It was such an honor to see her again, and to know that she still knows how to bring the house down. :)

I love you Stevie!

Barb Muscutt
We drove back to Reno today after attending the concert at Shoreline in Mountainview. The show was, as always, fantastic!! As hard as it is to imagine, Stevie seems to get better with every concert we attend! The group California was great and got the crowd suitably warmed up for Stevie! Sheryl Crow was fantastic! Stevie was, well, Stevie . . . enough said! Thanks Stevie for yet another incredible show . . . we loved every minute of it!! We have already purchased our tickets for Stevie Nicks and Friends in Phoenix!!

just got home from Stevie's show at the Shoreline and I have to say it was definately one of the best shows I've ever seen and I have been to alot of concerts in my time. Stevie seemed well rested and happy.She smiled alot and really kicked ass on Fall from Grace. I'd have to say that the highlights were "Rhiannon" and when she sang with Sheryl Crow on "Everyday is a winding Road" Everyone really got into that one, dancing, singing along and just having a great time in general. I brought some gifts to give her during "Edge of 17" but the security guards were playing tough guy and wouldn't let me thru so I handed them my gifts and hoped that they would get them to her. I was supposed to meet her on Oct. 9th after the show but my meet and greet was canceled so I wrote her a note with the gifts asking her to reconsider giving her loyal subjects an audience. Maybe she'll let us in. I'll have to wait and see. If you have a chance to see her definately go, you won't be disappointed.

Amber Adams
I just got home from Stevie Nick's Trouble in Shangri-La concert in Mountain View, CA. I can not find the appropriate words to describe the amazement I feel right now. Anything I say here is still too little. I am 25 and have found Stevie's music, both solo and with Fleetwood Mac, both cathartic and inspirational for most of my life. Finally being able to see her live was a dream come true. And she did not let my dream down - in fact she surpassed it (even if I don't have other performances to compare it to). I thought it was a wonderful touch that Stevie started the concert with some older favorites. The stage was impressive - I loved the set design, especially as it matches the insert on the Trouble in Shangri La album. The lighting was wonderful, and the moon that lit the back of the stage during Planets of the Universe was absolutely beautiful.

I especially enjoyed the performance of Dreams, Sorcerer, Edge of Seventeen and Rhiannon. I have wanted to see Stevie perform Rhiannon live since I was 7, and having named my 4 year old daughter after this beautiful song, I could not have been any happier than at this point in the concert.

Part of what made the concert so wonderful was the enthusiasm of the audience. The collective participation of the audience added an almost mystical pulse to the air, and a beautiful spirit of good will. Stevie's appreciation of her fans was also easy to see in her many thank yous to the audience, and her warmth in greeting her fans by the stage during Edge of Seventeen. I have two regrets: 1. not joining the fans by the stage - actually saying hi to Stevie and maybe shaking her hand would have been a nice touch to an already perfect evening; and 2. not bringing my daughter to see her song performed live. She has been well aware and appreciative of where her name came from.

Please keep performing Stevie, you were great! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Just got back from the Shoreline TISL concert. Show ROCKED. The Voice is still....THE VOICE. The band put on a great show. What can you say, ten musicians all in sync. Can't beat it. The one thing that stood out, the band was too loud. Stevie has one of the strongest voices in Rock, but nobody can scream as loud as a 35,000 watt amplifier. At one point, Stevie asked her sound engineer to turn the band down. Strange how it worked out, they got louder!!! Poor Stevie was going nuts trying to scream loud enough into the mic. At first, it sounded like her voice was going out...;however, as the night wore on...her voice just got stronger. She was a bit hoarse throughout the show but she was able to pull up the strong parts when she needed. She sounded a bit like Steve Tyler of Aerosmith after he's been screamin' for a while. I was truly amazed. I don't know how she can do it. My advice to the sound engineer....turn down the band a coupla notches and Stevies mic up a coupla notches. That way she can save that incredible voice she has. If you all get a chance to see this show, run....don't walk. ROCK. Thank you for singing to us and for us. I truly enjoyed it.

Rock on Gold-Dust Woman....Rock On.

See ya soon.

The concert at shoreline was magnificent. Stevies voice was as strong as ever and you could hear the love she felt for all her fans as she sang. What amassed me at this particular concert was the range or people. In the grass little children span along with Stevies signature twirl, in the rows you see whole familles from grandma to grandchild singing along word for word. My most memorable vision was of the group of twenty something year old men dressed as they were seeing the hardest of rock shows sawing along to has anyone ever. She truly does cross the generation gap in a way no one else could. The energy I have seen tonight will never be matched she is a truly magical woman with simply put AMAZING music.

David Pettit
I have to say, I had the best seats in the house. Being in a wheelchair at the moment I made sure it was front row. The only bad part was the last three songs when alot of people rushed to the front. A few people were careless by tripping on me. Stevie was so beautiful and really rocked the house. Her and her band know how to put on a show. It really was a magical night to see Stevie. I love you Stevie, I am your biggest fan.

Tina, Wendy, Michael and Austin
We had such a great time last night! It was an amazingly clear and hot night...I definitely will need to change my mind about what I'm wearing to the Concord show tonight! It's going to be another hot one, and a lined velvet tuxedo jacket with tails will be a bit too much!

Me, my girlfriend Wendy, my husband Michael, and my 6 year old son, Austin, all sang and danced and had the time of our lives last night! Stevie was at a zenith...smiling, dancing, and singing her heart out...she talked SO MUCH to us, and she kept saying that we all need to take care of each other so that we can do this again. She never forgets to remind us how important this particular venue is to this is where it all started for her, and she really loves being in this area. She told us VERY cute stories all night long, and it was all so great!

It was my son Austin's first concert, and he was singing along, and dancing, and playing with my shawl...his eyes lit up when Stevie walked out! It was cool to watch him enjoy the show. What a memorable experience for him (and me!) Certainly better than if his first concert had been the Backstreet Boys or N'Sync or something...but, he really doesn't like much of that stuff anyway!! He has good taste! One funny moment before the show - Austin knows Stevie's music really well, but I also do listen to lots of other music. He asked me "Mom, is she going to sing "Over the Hills and Far Away?" (by Led Zeppelin). Too cute! The people behind me heard this, and they thought that was really cute, too!

SHERYL CROW WAS THERE! What a great, unexpected surprise that was!! I guess they did the typical set - Bombay Sapphires wasn't played, nor was Outside The Rain...but she did include Planets and Sorcerer, which I know were omitted for a couple of venues. It seems to change a little bit from venue to venue. We had great seats...about 12 rows from the stage, although not in the center, but we could see everything. The only thing that was negative was that some of the microphones were set too high, and sometimes it was all really garbled and hard to hear Stevie's voice. This was most noteworthy on Fall From Grace - which is such a loud song anyway, and to me, it was sort of distorted - although still a great performance. Gold Dust Woman, in my opinion, was the best song in the set.

Stevie kicked her leg nearly over her head on Stand Back, and this is no exaggeration! A lot of her movements where very "vintage Stevie"...more than just her crowd-pleasing twirls, she did lots of bird-like movements, reminicent of the early performances of Rhiannon. Lots of mystical, gypsy hand movements - especially on Rhiannon and GDW. We all loved her. During Edge of 17, she mostly received flowers - *HOWEVER*, to the fan that gave her the drawing of Stevie when she was a little girl - WOW! You completely ROCK! Stevie LOVED it, and showed it briefly to the audience. It's a drawing of the school photo that was on The Nicks Fix, with her front tooth missing! It was really great, and you could tell that Stevie was genuinely touched deeply by that. I loved watching her expression when she looked at it.

At the end of the show, Stevie started from one end of the stage and started waving...and walked slowly to the other side while she continued waving and looking out into her audience...her way of saying goodbye and thank you to each and every single individual person who came out to see her last night. She is so very gracious.

From start to finish, it was a great night. I got the teddy bear, nightshirt (which I'm wearing now), the other black shirt, and a program. I'm going to see Stevie again tonight with my friend, Scott! I can't wait to see her again! Once just isn't enough!! I think that tonight I will try to convince Scott to rush the stage with me on Edge...our seats are closer tonight than last night, and now I know precisely when Edge starts...

I felt very fortunate to see Stevie, with the illness and terrorist attacks causing delays and cancellations. I really thought several times that I wasn't going to see her, and my heart breaks for those who didn't get their chance. I'm so very glad that she is continuing on, despite all of the adversity she has experienced all tour long. I love her so very much, for so many reasons...and as she said so many times last night - she really does love us all, too. Thank you, Stevie.

Karen Baetz
I almost didn't go because of all the terrorist stuff and I was having anxiety attacks about being in crowds. But then I read Stevie's journal postings about her own fears and felt that if she's doing it for us, we need to show up for her. I went, and thank God I did. Best show I've ever seen. She thanked us for showing up and told us we needed to "keep partying." It's a night I'll never forget. Sheryl Crow rocks as well. The band was fabulous. After the show, I realized the important Rock Star - Fan relationship and how one affects the other. I also realize why I'm a Stevie Nicks fan.

Deborah Jones
The crowd goes wild with the playing of Bootylicous! A few minutes later Stevie Nicks comes out and as always the crowd comes to their feet. Stevie starts the show with Trouble In Shangrila which sounded fantastic. Then she went into Stop Draggin My Heart Around and Enchanted came next. I am amazed at how great she sounds! I couldn't tell that she had been sick so recently! I believe Dreams came next which the crowd was very pleased to hear. I cannot remember the order of the rest of the songs but I was very happy she did Rhiannon! I was also pleasantly surprized that she did Gold Dust Woman! Sheryl Crow was great too!She did a wonderful job with Stevie on Sorceror. Stevie explained that it was written before going to LA with twelve songs that she had recorded with Lindsey in 1971 and how it was a really scary time because she didn't know if they were going to make it or not in the music world. She joked about having a reason to be scared knowing what she knows now!

Later she talked about Planets of The Universe being written after recording with Fleetwood Mac in Sausilito in 1976. After recording, Fleetwood Mac went to LA and she broke up with Lindsey for good. She says I know that its sad but these things happen! She said after that she kept asking the members of Fleetwood Mac if she could put the song on every album that came out after she wrote it. Lindsey knowing the song was about him, kept on saying no. So she says she went back recently and made a few changes to the song so that Lindsey wouldn't be so mad when it came out. She proved that she could still rock with the best of them on Stand Back, Fall From Grace and Edge of Seventeen!!!!

Her encore included I Need To Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You . Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You brought tears to my eyes. It is a very beautiful song! It really touches a fans soul! Stevie filled our night with pure magic! The audience was spellbound! Stevie told the crowd "I love you" at the end of the show. I love you too Stevie!!! Your shows are moments that I live for! Thanks for an Enchanting evening!!!! May you Rock and Roll Forever!

It was totally awesome! I can't believe that she's been rocking so long, and still is so amazing! Her closing song, Has anyone ever written anything for you?, was especially touching and heartfelt. It was a fabulous concert, even the opening band, California, was excellent! I'm more of a fan now than ever!

Ron Emery
Last night marked my 24th Stevie Nicks concert and I have to say it was an all around best presented show to date. I have read some reviews here and there that have mentioned Stevie not giving it here all like she had in the past years. Yes, she does not tare at the mike all night like say the Wild Heart days but this woman still ROCKS THE HOUSE! She certainly makes up for it with the clarity and precision in which she sings the songs. Her voice sounds better then it has in years.

The night here in Northern California was near perfect as we are now experiencing our Indian Summer. It was so nice that Sheryl Crow even said to us all " isn't this a nice night?" The set was the same as it's been in the shows that have included Sheryl and all the songs were delivered with amazing accuracy. Stand out songs were Fall From Grace which was THE best rock song Stevie has done live in years and Has anyone Written Anything For You was FLAWLESS. I was at the the front of the stage and one of the band members even said to Stevie after the song," that was awesome" This was my 9 year old son's first concert and he had the time of his life finally understanding Dad's obsession. He went to the front of the stage during Edge Of Seventeen and was smack in front of Stevie's mike and she bent down and shook his hand! He was so happy. Looking so forward to the next Mac tour, I think we are all in for treat.

Last night I went with my mom and dad to see Stevie Nicks for the first time. I thought the show was really great! When Stevie came on the stage, everyone went crazy! I was really amazed and excited. I really like the things that she had on the stage. The colors were beautiful. My favorite part was at the end when she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written". That song is so pretty. It was neat when Sheryl Crow sang with Stevie. Her songs are very exciting! Another one of my favorite parts was when the drum players played by themselves. They were REALLY good! Even though I had to stay up really late, I had a lot of fun!!!!! The Stevie Nicks concert was the most fun I have ever had outside of Disneyland!!!! Thanks Stevie!!!! Stephanie, age 8

Calie Varnell
I'm writing this hoping Stevie will know how much it means to me and all of her other fans that she's stuck it out and stayed on the road through illness and tragedy and now war of to bring us hope and make us feel connected to one another.

When the Shoreline show was postponed in August, i was so devastated. I was sitting on the couch waiting to leave with my Stevie clothes on singing the songs when my mom walked in and told me that the radio had just announced the postponement. I can't tell you how disappointed i felt, while at the same time concerned for Stevie because i know she wouldn't cancel a show unless she really didn't have a choice. I also knew that Sheryl had planned to play that night (thanks to NicksFix, of course), and when the show was cancelled i'd missed what seemed like my only chance to see them both on one stage together.

In the meantime, September 11th has happened, and "everything has changed now." The world looks so different than it did. I've had a hard time because I feel so sad and disconnected from the people and events around me. I went last night feeling numb and a bit stunned still, but hoping Stevie could help as she always has. Her songs have made me feel connected for what seems like all of my life--each speaking to me the right message at the right time just when i needed it.

My fifth row seats were unbelieveable! I've never been that close. Stevie came out sounding strong and looking happy and beautiful and glad to see us. The old songs like Rhiannon and Dreams wrapped around me like the blankets that i love. My new favorites from Shangri La were like birthday presents, each one. Hearing these songs live last night and being in the same place with Stevie Nicks made me feel connected to not only Stevie, but the people around me sharing a common experience and a common history with the music. And then, when Stevie introduced Sheryl for "Sorcerer" i thought things couldn't get any better for me.

I was there with my mom and dad who've seen Stevie with me several times. I'd warned them that when Edge of Seventeen started i was going to head for the stage. It somehow seemed more important than ever for me to touch Stevie's hand and make that connection. It took some persistance on my part, but finally i was allowed down toward the stage. I'm short, so it was hard to make my way up, but i got to the point where i was three people back when Stevie started shaking hands. A wonderful man in a blue shirt in front of me felt me behind him and turned around to allow me infront. I guess he could tell how much i needed the chance to touch this woman who has meant so much to my life and always been with me. Moments later Stevie was infront of me and squeezed my hand. I am so grateful to that fan. I thanked him, of course, but it hardly seemed to adequate. I hope he understands how grateful i am and will always be. The whole evening felt surreal in the end, but i felt my soul filled. Stevie has never looked or sounded better. Thank you, Stevie, with all of my heart.

Thanks NicksFix for all that you do. I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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