Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

8/12/01 Key Arena Seattle, WA
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Amy Seiber
Last nights concert was incredible! Stevie looks and sounds better than ever. I am 29 years old and was raised on her music. As I listened with my Husband, Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister-in-law, I relived many childhood and adult memories. Thank you for an incredible show, I could have listened all night!

Jeff Wright
After a 900 mile flight from Southeast Alaska, my girlfriend and I settled into our floor seats four rows from the stage at Key Arena last Sunday. We were ready for Stevie Nicks to work her magic. People were finding their seats throughout Bob Schneider's opening set and, although I thought he was okay, I sensed the crowd counting the minutes till the High Priestess of Rock took the stage. The moment arrived as Stevie sauntered out to the opening strains of "Stop Dragging My Heart Around." Everyone in the arena was on their feet, fists pumping. It was a good time to be in Seattle. "Dreams" took me back to the days when Fleetwood Mac was piped into the high school cafeteria and "Rumours" was the number one record on the planet for nine months. Stevie was never more soulful, I thought, than during "Gold Dust Woman."

In between songs, she was very friendly, very chatty, telling the story behind the songs. It was then that I noticed the hoarseness that had been nagging her thru the TISL tour. Stevie's band was very good and I thought they really shone, I really noticed them, during "Rhiannon." Pirouetting from one end of the stage to the other during "Stand Back," she whipped the crowd into a frenzy. It was a night of highlights, and this was one of them. When the band, the backround, and the lighting came together during "Planets of the Universe," it had, I thought, a very big impact.

In the weeks leading up to the show, I had read that the first three rows would be allowed to go up to the stage during the encore, and that is exactly what happened. Before "Edge of Seventeen" security cleared out the people in front of us and, wow, was I bummed. Even though I knew what was coming, it still was a big letdown. So you can imagine my stupefying suprise when staff started yelling "go...go...go.." They didn't have to tell me twice. They cleared out rows four and five, and before I knew it, I was front and center two feet from the stage. There was a speaker on the floor that was about six feet tall and three feet wide and it was loud. I was able to slip in front of it, standing just a few feet away from a living legend. Stevie belted out a raucous version of "I Need to Know" and then started at the left end of the stage greeting fans, shaking their hands. As she made her way toward me, I reached up over the speaker and was thinking " going to happen!" She grabbed my hand and there I was looking at one of the greatest singer-songwriters of my generation. It was a magical moment during a magical event on a magical night.

As she made her way down the stage, a guy behind me was laughing..hard..saying, "No one is ever going to believe you!" Stevie left the stage and came back in a beautiful outfit to sing a very emotional "HAEWAFY." The show was over and it was hard to believe two hours had passed. We raced back to the Space Needle to take the last monorail into the city. It was packed and there was a buzz in the air. It was a very, very good time. Thank you Stevie!

Rockstar "Church Of Stevie" - That is the new name I have given the Key Arena after Stevie's show last night. It was a house filled to the rim with a High Priestess and her worshippers. It was seriously like a religious experience. Stevie gave us her everything and I believe everyone leftthe show with more energy, more love, and more strength to go out and take on the world.

First off, Stevie looked FABULOUS! The Reeboks with the rhinestones are great, they should market them and sell them, I want a pair! The hat…oh my, definitely ghetto-fabulous! Stevie looks so little under this enormous thing, kind of like the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland. The new shawls and the dress were gorgeous as always. She sounded fantastic. Other than her drinking a lot of water you wouldn't know she had been sick with Laryngitis last week.

It was the usual set list, with a lot of talking in between. The band mates were teasing her about some of her long winded intros and every once in a while she would turn around to Al and Waddy and mock herself with a little "chatty" hand gesture. But it was fabulous to hear her little quips and thoughts. I loved her intro to Planets where she talked about writing it during the Rumours period and how Lindsey never wanted to put Planets on any Fleetwood Mac albums. She said that when she decided to add it to TISL she decided to change the lyrics to a less angry version to reflect her rekindled friendship with Lindsey. It was really cute and funny.

All the songs were definitely rocking, I think I beat out the entire arena is screaming and yelling, my hands are still bright red and raw from clapping so much. I may have even come out of it 5 lbs. lighter from dancing and jumping so much. The best song was Gold Dust Woman. The air was filled with a definite energy and I think stevie even caught on to it. She really got into it, hitting the scream perfectly and during the instrumental part she started dancing like she used to do during Rhiannon, waving her arms about and just flowing with the beat! It was classic.

It was by far the best performance I had seen her give and am so glad I decided to go see her instead of Wynonna who was also in town. The opening act, Bob Schneider, is not to terrible, either. I loved his Batman song that he closed with. If you have a chance to see him, pay attention to the lyrics of this song…they are hilarious!

Sara Maitland
I have to say that after reading many reviews and chatting with people online, I wasn't expecting all that much from Stevie at "my" concert at the Key Arena in Seattle. Well, I was pleasantly surprised, as I should have known I'd be! :)

My friend Jess & I headed downtown at 3:30 and met up with some Ledgies (hi Ken & Roxy!) at a pizza place close to the arena & had a nice dinner & chitchat session. We headed back up to the arena a while later & hung out for a while...they finally let us in at 7:00. Jess & I hit the bathroom first, then the merchandise stand, but decided to wait till after the show to get anything. Then we decided to go find our seats... that was my first pleasant surprise of the night-- they were awesome!! We were to the right of the stage in the first row & had a perfect view. That's when I *really* started getting excited.

We hung out for a while & chatted with another Ledgie (hi Shane!) I couldn't believe how empty the place seemed. The Key Arena is not all that big, either. Bob Schnieder took the stage a little after 8 (if I remember correctly) and played for about 45 minutes. He was pretty good, but I wasn't too interested at the time because I was way too eager to see Stevie. His corny Seattle jokes were pretty lame, too. I loved the song that Bob closed with, though-- I think it was called "Batman"? The place was pretty empty still throughout Bob's set & people were still filing in after he was finished. We waited a while for them to take Bob's funny looking astronaut backdrop down & make the stage pretty for Stevie... this is when I *really* started to get excited, and when we heard "Bootylicious" start, everyone was on their feet screaming.

When Stevie came out, the place went absolutely WILD. Believe me, Seattle LOVES Stevie-- the place was on fire the entire night. I was shocked at how intense the crowd was, and was loving every minute of it. She started with Stop Draggin, as we all know, and it was wonderful. I'm not going to get too into the songs, because we all know the setlist & everything sounded pretty much the same as the other shows. In my opinion, she sounded fantastic. Her voice was absolutely in top form, and even when she messed up during some of the songs (Dreams & Edge, from what I remember) she recovered gracefully. "Fall From Grace" was by FAR the highlight of my night. It completely rocked & brought the house down. She switched the lines around a bit in the beginning, ("I choose to be his confidant & to keep him from the story") which I absolutely loved. The crowd also seemed to adore "Gold Dust Woman," which was fabulous as always. They didn't seem to be too into "Bombay Sapphires" though, which I thought was pretty sad, because she sang it beautifully.

Waddy also seemed to be a big favorite with everyone...people were screaming his name all night (yeah, I'm one of the guilty ones) and the place went crazy when Stevie introduced him. I had to laugh when she introduced Sharon because I swear it sounded like she said "she looks evil." LOL!

Stevie was really sweet & chatty throughout the night, telling us about the songs she had written in the 70's & the inspiration behind them. She also mentioned that Keith Olsen was somewhere in the audience, as well as her aunt & uncle who live in Tacoma.

Anyway, after Bombay Sapphires, me & Jess immediately hopped the wall & started making our way towards the stage. We were grabbed by a jerk of a security guard & told to go back to our seats. We decided to try to be real slick about it & cut across a couple of rows & *almost* made it to the stage, when we were grabbed by yet *more* jerk off security & told that "only the people in the first 3 rows on the floor are allowed to go up front." We argued with them for a while, but they weren't hearing it, so we finally just went back to our seats. That was one of my MAJOR bummers of the night. It didn't look like there were even all that many people up front during Edge...

I'm not sure if very many people even realized that that's the time everyone goes up there. So, I was incredibly pissed about that, but got over it rather quickly when Stevie brought the house down yet *again* with Edge of Seventeen & I Need to Know, which both ROCKED. She came out with the hat for HAEWAFY, which is HUGE, but beautiful. She sang that song so beautifully, I had tears in my eyes, which is unusual because HAEWAFY is NOT one of my favorite songs. :) It sure is amazing live, though.

After the show we headed back to the merchandise stand where I got the pink shirt, the baby doll shirt, a couple tourbooks, and a stack of tattoos. :) I almost had a heart attack when I saw that they wanted TEN FRIGGIN BUCKS for that little old keychain!! Who came up with THAT?? LOL

After that we walked around & decided to hang out by the gates & watch the buses & trucks & limos get ready to head out. We waited for about an hour (there was a group of probably about 40 people out there) when a security guy told us that "Stevie was going to be coming out in about 10 minutes to do a meet & greet." So naturally everyone freaked out, and naturally, she didn't do it. :( They actually drove out the other gate to purposely avoid us. That was my second major bummer of the night. Not that I actually expected her to do it, but it would have been nice if the security people wouldn't have gotten our hopes up like that.

All in all, I had an amazing night, MUCH better than I ever would have expected. Seeing & hearing Stevie live and up close is ENTIRELY different from watching the videos and listening to the bootlegs. Just being a part of the wild & crazy crowd and being around so many other people who love the music as much as I do completely made my night. Stevie sounded & looked awesome, I got some cool t-shirts, and I met some great people. I still don't have my voice back, but oh well... it was worth it. :)

Marvin D. Stewart
I had a wonderful time last night at the show. Contrary to at least one previous review, the "house" was not "packed", in fact the attendance was poor enough at Key Arena & Portland that they lost money BUT, that doesn't mean that those that did attend were lackluster, FAR from it. ¦the house did ROCK! If you are from one of these Pacific NW cities and did not attend, you may have blown your last chance to see Stevie locally. The only saving grace may be that Stevie's Uncle lives up here. Let's hope ticket sales from these two shows don't repeat themselves (if we are given the chance the next time a tour is planned). The cost to put on a show is unimaginable, just to break even 5,000 tickets must be sold. Enough of my rant, feel free to edit

On to the show! I was lucky enough to get a pair of tickets in the 3rd row; just right of center, any closer and I would have been wearing a VIP pass. I always cringe at what I am willing to pay for these primo seats, but in the end it was well worth every penny! yes, I bought from a broker..(shame-shame), had to buy a pair, sold the other on eBay to a fan from the East Coast at a loss to myself. I headed north to Seattle on a beautiful sunny day around noon; the drive took me about an hour. I met up with Kate from Virginia; (she had purchased the other ticket from me). Kate had already been to at least 8 or 9 shows already back east and was just as much a "Stevie-head" as me. We had a quick bite to eat and got to know each other a bit before making our way to the venue. I took an Enchanted Box Set that I had with me at the last Benefit Concert I went to in Phoenix. I was determined to somehow get this thing to Stevie to get signed. I already had Carlos Rios, Lenny Castro and Mindy Stein autograph it 2 years ago, it was shouting to get the rest of the band, and most of all Stevie to sign it and make it complete. That mission succeeded!! (More on that later, tease, tease!! He, he!)

Before the show started we scouted out the arena and found the secure parking where the tour busses and equip trucks were parked. We hung around for a bit to see if anything was happening. We were looking through the fence, and after 10 mins or so we see Lenny Castro walking across the parking lot. I said to Kate, "Hey that looks like Lenny Castro! it IS Lenny Castro! "Hey Lenny!" I holler. He can't see me, but hollers back, "Yeah, where are you?" We're back here by the fence, behind the buses!" Lenny makes his way back to us and stops to chat. I explain about the Enchanted Box set and he recalls meeting me at Vincent's in Phoenix. He says that he's busy at the moment but asks where I'm sitting. I tell him 3rd row center, and he says "Pit?" "Yup", I replied. Lenny says, "Ok, Ill see what I can do."

With that first bit of contact with the Band we knew we were gonna be in for a treat, Mr. Castro was friendly and very happy to yak with a couple of fans. We walked around the venue to see if there were any other fans we knew were around, then went down to the entrance to wait. The wait wasn't long and they began to admit fans at 7pm. I picked up a TISL Tourbook, then we headed down to our seats. That is a great feeling when you head down the steps! all the way to the floor, then right up front like that! WoooHooo!! I looked around a bit and found a few other fans that I have become aquainted with at previous shows and through the internet. Janelle (Wildheart65) and her husband Mike were there as well as Daniel (Spynote). I had a nice chat with each, nice to connect in person.

Before the opening act, Lenny Castro came to the side of the stage with a couple of programs to give back to fans. This is when he took my Enchanted Box Set backstage. Bob Schneider opened the show with an odd poem/song. I wasn't sure if I was going to like him. After the first selection he and his band turned up the energy, and the rest of his setlist got better and better. I especially like the last song he did "You can me Bob". It was a great laugh, and very original. His album sounds like an upcoming purchase for me. During the intermission I noticed Chris Nicks on the side of the stage, looking at the crowd. He spent about 10 minutes checking things out. His face said it all. He was disappointed. This Arena is the home of the Seattle SuperSonics. All the upper seats were empty; (they were hidden with black curtains so Stevie and the Band didn't have to look at them). With in a few minutes of Chris Nicks going backstage, the sounds of "Bootylicious" started cranking out. Lots of brave folks started to get up and "shake there booty", lol. Of course I had to join in. I hear someone calling, "Hey Marv!" I look around to see and old Cubscout Den Leader that I knew from my 19-year-old's Cubscout days! Haha! What a small world! Back to dancing! the lights are killed. They take the stage!!! Without going through the entire playlist here are some VERY memorable moments!..

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Waddy shows he's back, and rockin' like he never missed a beat. Gold Dust Woman - Extremely intense. Lots of hand motions and hard hitting. Sorcerer - Stevie explains the story behind it with a cute smile, then jams. Stand Back - Lots of movement and enthusiasm. Yes, twirls and a nice high kick. Planets of the Universe - Stevie gives a funny, but serious account of where it came from. This Is an old song that Stevie has fought to get on lots of FM Lp's, but was always vetoed by Lindsey. Fall From Grace -.Just as intense, if not MORE, than GDW. Stevie put everything she had into it. Very memorable performance, outstanding. Edge of Seventeen - First 3 rows were allowed up to the stage. This was the first time I was granted the pleasure of shaking Stevie's hand, soft as silk. Has Anything Ever Been Written - Always a perfect closing song. Many old memories stirred my emotions as well as many others. Stevie had the crowd in her hands.

After the lights came up I had to make a quick discussion, do I try and mix in with the pass holders and somehow luck-out into the meet and greet, hang around and see if Lenny Castro was able to get my box set signed and get it back to me? Well, I opted for the first after waiting about 10 mins or so. Of course we get re-directed at the last minute when it becomes apparent that I don't have a pass, lol. BUT, they send us (Janelle, Mike, Kate & I up to catering, where the band was going after the meet and greet. WooHoo!! There is still hope at getting somewhere!

After about 15 mins Brett Tuggel (Keyboards) shows up, then Al Ortiz (Bass). We chat with Al. (What a nice, genuine and fun guy to talk to. Spoke about his work on the recent Enchanted Box Set as well as the TISL CD.) Lenny Castro comes through the door with a big smile on his face!! Brings me the bag with my box set and program in it. Success? YEP! Yowsah!! Lenny chats for a bit, explains that they are starting to get ready to go. He gives me a huge bear-hug and says thanks for coming, and tells me to always say hello if I see him. Not only does this guy know how to jam on the congas, but also he is a real "people-person". Then Waddy pops his head in for a bit, then was gone before I had a chance to say hello. I decide to yak with Brett Tuggle for a bit, and he was just as gracious as Al and Lenny were.

By this time I'm smiling ear to ear with all the great happenings, can it get any better than this? Stevie was still downstairs with the pass holders, some of whom were filtering up to catering where we were. We decided that we might get a glimpse of her if we went back down the stairs to the hallway where the meet & greet was happening. Security reminded us that we didn't have passes and to not come down the hall. They did allow us to hang there as several band members came and went. I asked if Waddy would come out and spend a minute with us. He obliged and I made sure to tell him how happy many of the longtime fans are that he is again working with Stevie. He was genuinely pleased and signed my Enchanted Box set twice. That B&W pic of him rockin' out was the perfect place for him to sign.

Shortly thereafter Security advised that they would be sending us up the stairs and closing the doors, so off we went out the doors and quickly around the corner to the secure parking gate, hehe. We watched the trucks back down to the loading dock to pick up the tons of gear that was being loaded out. Then 2 black Limos came and went without us being able to see who hopped in. We stood with several other fans hoping for a chance to shout to Stevie. Chris Nicks was out back. I waited for what seemed like the right opportunity to say hello. He came over and spoke with a few of us. I got to chat with him a bit on my own, and the subject of the poor attendance came up. I told him that I had seen the look on his face before the show started. He said that the shows back east were doing much better. They have added additional tour dates now, as well as the makeup shows. I wished him a safe journey down south to Mountain View. Let's hope that the friendly, loud and adoring fans bring the next tour back to Seattle.

Stevie & Chris, if you read any of my ramblings here, please know that the lack of ticket sales doesn't indicate the amount of fan base here. Our radio stations are horrible about the amount of airplay and promotion that they give Stevie. KZOK 102.5 the "Classic Rock" Station, and KMTT the "Mountain" 103.7 BOTH need a few phone calls from you and us guys. They are a jaded lot, most DJ's don't even play the new releases because the Program Director hasn't added Stevie's new songs to the Playlist. Only the longtime and hard-core fans know the new releases are out there. Same goes with the record stores. I went to at least 5 or 6 record stores and found no promotional material displayed at all. If the tour is to be a success, the markets must promote the artist with the newer bands like Stevie's fave "Destiney's Child". Stevie, the fans of the Pacific NW appreciate very much the effort you make to bring the tour to us in this corner of the country. Hopefully when you come again we'll have a better turnout. You all deserved the great applause that we gave, we hope our excitement will bring you back. Thanks from all of Seattle and the Pacific NW!!!

Jennifer Scarborough
Seeing Stevie perform in Seattle was the most magical night of my life. You can close your eyes and know simply by listening to her voice that every word she sings is from the heart, and that every song is a piece of her life and even her soul that we are lucky enough to be able to share. The atmosphere at the Key Arena was pure thunder. It was almost like everyone expected an incrediable evening, but where still surprised and awestruck. I don't think everyone was expecting the magic we recieved.

For me personaly, the highlights of the show where Stevie talking to the audience and telling us the history behind the songs, and especially when she thanked everyone for taking time out of their day to come (imagine that!) and when she sang Gold Dust Woman it was so beautiful I actually cried. Well okay, I cried for the same reason during Rhiannon, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, and Planets of the Universe (because of the story behind the latter) It was an amazing evening, and honestly there really aren't words to explain this experience and how it will stay inside my memory as major inspiration forever. Thanks Stevie for sharing your magic with us :)




Haven't seen Stevie since San Fran days back in the late 60's early 70's. This concert took me back to those days, and the feeling inside was overwhelming. Stevie is as good or better than ever, she is so much an angel and a lady. When Stevie don's her top hat and plume I gasped---my heart just sank---. She has such an impact thru her music and works. I loved her back 30 years ago and still love her as much today--What a talent

I just want to say that Stevie Nicks was incredible in Seattle! I have been waiting to see her for 15 years! I had tickets to a show of hers in Denver Colorado and ended up having my son 4 days early, The day of the concert! So I missed her. But it was definately worth the wait. She is better than ever! I so enjoyed her new music, and her personable approach to the audience was very touching. When she did "Has anyone ever written anything for you." I was so choked up. And my favorite of all "Gold Dust Woman" she did with such finesse! She is the Gypsy Queen of Rock and Roll, no doubt about it! Keep Rockin' Stevie

Tonya Yanity
I am honored to say that I saw my first Stevie Nicks show last Sunday, August 12th, at Seattle's Key Arena. I have been a Stevie Nicks fan for 22 years. Due to one reason or another I could never make a show. Finally, my dream of seeing here live came true when my husband bought two great seats to last Sunday's show.

To me Stevie is the best female vocalist of all time! She proved this over and over again. As Stevie came out on stage the Areana vibrated with magic, the crowd came alive and I was in heaven!

Stevie played a great variety of old and new songs. I was especially thrilled to hear Edge of Seventeen, as that is what I had been praying for all day! Boy did she deliver!! As soon as I heard the opening note I was up and in the isle dancing. Stevies voice was great! It was a treat to hear someone sing that sounds just as good live as they do in the studio. My only wish is that she had played more off of the TISL CD. Stevie actually thanked us for allowing her to play some of her newer stuff, even though it was unfamiliar. I'm not sure whom it was unfamiliar to, as I have all ready learned all the lyrics to the TISL CD. I am sure that I am not the only one!!

It was great to hear Stevie tell a little something about her songs before playing them. I had no idea that Sorcerer was written so long ago. Obviously, it was not only I who thought that that is one of the better tracks off of TRSL. When the band started to play Sorcerer the crowd went nuts.

The set was simple yet elegant. I especially liked the look when the purple lights seemed to illuminate the stage reflecting off everything from the drums to the microphone stands. As wonderful as it all was I couldn't help but get the feeling that something was a miss. Stevies voice was great and so were the costumes. Especially the hat in the encore! But something was off. Stevie just didn't have that energy I have seen during her televised concerts. It all came together today when I was surfing There I read an article entitled" Shows Postponed". That is when I found out that the next two scheduled shows were postponed due to a respatory infection Stevie is suffering from. Witch only goes to further prove my earlier statement Stevie truly is the best. I have no idea how someone with a respatory infection can sing so beautifully! Some how she managed to pull the whole thing off looking and singing as eloquent as ever.

I would like to say to anyone who is "on the fence" about going to Stevie's concert. "Get off the fence and buy your ticket!!' You will not regret it.

Stevie, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the thrill of a lifetime!! I hope you recover soon. I WILL be seeing you again the next time through, I can hardly wait! Much love, Tonya Yanity

Susan Barker
Well, I never thought that anything would impress me enough to write into a forum such as this...but was I ever wrong! After seeing Stevie at the Key in Seattle last Sunday evening I have some advice for you all- If you have even the slightest chance to see her TISL show DO IT! What a mesmerizing performer! It's hard to describe the immensity and intensity of this woman's talent. The show started a little slow and it seemed as though it took Stevie a couple of songs to get into the groove but once she was 'there' it was terrific. I see that she's had to cancel a couple of her shows due to illness so my guess is she wasn't feeling all that great on Sunday. But even so, she gave us 110% of herself.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to get to move up to the stage towards the end of the show and we both got to shake hands with her! One thing I noticed about Ms. Nicks when she took my hand is that she looked me directly in the eyes. That in itself says so much about a person's character. She has very kind and caring eyes and seemed genuinely appreciative that we were all there. I will remember that evening for as long as I live! I feel fortunate to have shared a little bit of time with her. I saw her during her Enchanted Tour and all I can say is she's getting better with age. To tell you the truth, I'd go see her again even if all she did was come out on stage, sit in a chair and file her nails!

Let me begin this review by saying that I have attended every Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac concert tour since the Rumours Tour in 1977. I just returned to the Salt Lake City area from seeing my idol of 26 years at Seattle's Key Arena. I have debated whether or not I should send this review about the concert because I was a little disappointed in the show. The minute that Stevie walked on stage I felt that she looked very tired and she seemed like she wasn't feeling well. (I guess this was the case since she had to post-pone her next 2 shows.) Her vocal range was not what I had anticipated it to be and she just didn't seem like she was enjoying herself. I was sitting in the 2nd row and was aware that there were some technical difficulties with the sound also. Given the fact that she probably wasn't feeling well and that there were some problems with the sound, I have to say that I really appreciate Stevie's effort and I don't regret a thing.

Let me focus on some of the positive things of that evening. As I mentioned earlier, my husband & I were sitting (standing/dancing) in the 2nd row and we had a great view of Stevie. Even though I don't think it was her best performance, I still love to watch her perform and I will always be a devoted fan. She did seem to "warm up" a little as the show went on and I still had one of the best times of my life! My favorite part came at the end when they let us come up to the stage. I made it to the edge of the stage and eagerly awaited Stevie's "walk" across the stage at the end of The Edge of Seventeen. As she approached, I was determined to shake her hand as I had done so many times in the past. When it was my turn, I reached out both of my hands and she grabbed both of my hands in return. She looked me straight in the eyes and she had the biggest smile that I had ever seen! That just made my night - all was right with the world at that moment!!!

Stevie, if you happen to read this, here's my message to you: YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!! I hope that you are feeling better and thanks for making me smile!!! :) Love, Kelly

Hi there, Just thought I would send this to let everyone know Stevie was awesome in Seattle. I flew from California to see her, and the trip was well worth it. I have been a fan since she was with Lindsey Buckingham, and still own the Buckingham/Nicks album.

We saw the show last sunday in seattle and it was so great. She rocked. At the show it felt like we where all of stevie's friends coming together for one night. The set was beautiful, her band is stellar ( intro to edge of seventeen was the most excellent blistering rock guitar ever) as she is just the most precious lady with an incredible voice and magical musical gift, and she's cool, too! There where people of all ages there, everyone super friendly. It was worth the 85 mile drive on a work night to see the show. Thanks to everyone for making this happen. I missed her when she toured with Tom Petty, saw the Dance tour, and just so glad she came again.

Chloe F.
Let me begin by saying that I went to this concert last night in a bad mood. Hard to believe, but I was not excited to go, even tho I had been excited since the TISL was released. Stevie is and will always be my favorite artist. So there I am sitting in my seat, cranky as all get out. But then the magic begins to work. I look around and see row upon row of Stevie fans. I started to hear snippets of conversations going on around me. People telling each other about their love for Stevie. Sharing stories about how her songs have effected their life. Now how can I possibly be cranky with this kind of love around!?

And then it was like a bomb went off. The energy that came pouring off the floor when "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" began was unbelievable. By the time they ripped into Enchanted, I was gone. For 2 hours I danced, clapped and jumped up and down. I didn't think anything could beat the FM reunion tour and I was wrong. I was thankful for the long musical interludes that allowed Stevie to change clothes, because I needed them to catch my breath! "Fall from Grace" rocked so hard I thought I was going to levitate off the floor (and I may have) and there was a moment during "Rhiannon" in which I believe time stood still.

But all of this has been written before (I've loved the reviews posted for this tour!). My favorite moment of the evening came after the show was over and I was walking to my car. Every car that I passed had Stevie Nicks loudly playing. And for one moment, surrounded by Stevie fans with the air filled with her music, I was at peace and all was right with the world.

Thank you Stevie and thank's to the fans for sharing last night with me.

Hi, just got home from the Seattle Concert!!!!!!! It was "AWESOME" it was a packed house at the KeyArena and she rocked the place....... I have been reading the reviews and the songs were right on the money!!!! Alot of people around me wanted to hear songs that I knew weren't on her roster of songs.... I informed everyone around me about the website so I am sure many will be tuning in to here :)

Stevie started out alittle slow in her moves tonight but once she got going, she was FANTASTIC!!!!!!! And boy did she do alot of twirling tonight and the crowd went nuts!!!!!!! I took a friend of mine who loves her but had never seen her and she couldn't believe that she still sounds AWESOME after so many years of performing!!!!!! I have seen her before so I knew what to expect, and again she out did herself and gave everyone a night to remember..... I could listen to her all night!!!!!!!!!!! the band rocked, and the intermission where the band just played the crowd went nuts...... and she didn't have "hot" weather here so that must have been a relief for her......... I can't wait until the next time we meet again..... By the way, she shook so many hands and acknowledged the whole crowd tonight, and I very much enjoyed that she made her performance personal and spoke often to the crowd...... THANK YOU STEVIE FOR A MAGICAL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine McIlroy
After the concert, my friend and I enjoyed a cigarette before embarking on the drive home to Vancouver, Canada (we both don't smoke!!) I needed time and a distraction to clear my eyes as I cried the most cathartic cry during "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" . Can't believe I actually heard Stevie sing solo live, too fabulous for words. For those fans who haven't heard her, do attend -she is a godess!! The energy was great from the start to finish. "Stand Back", took me back 15 years or so as I found myself bouncing in the aisles!! "Fall From Grace" rocked out! and "Sorcerer" is my favorite tune these days. Thanks to Stevie for her music and for letting me visit her world. Until we meet again...(and we will!).

Wow, what can i say it was the most awesome thing i have witnessed in my life. I had been reading the reviews of Stevie's performances and i was wondering what to expect! As soon as the lights went out it was nothing but rocking from the start until the end of the show, i mean rocking. I was in utter amazement on how when she would start to sing it would pull me in like a magical force and it did not let go until the end, there was NOT ONE point where i was not dancing and yelling. She is amazing i am 25 and she has more energy then i do, i still cannot stress how she just grabs you with her vocals (whether or not you want it to happen, when she starts you are a part of her). When i herd how old she was i was a little skeptical of how the show would go, but then it started and i was in the 6th row and let me tell you age has nothing to do with it, i really think her voice is at it best! The whole group just rocked, waddy even got into it, but it was Stevie who just! ! held it together. Thank you Ste vie we love you!!

I was fortunate to go to Stevie's show last night. Sure my friends and I had to drive 3 1/2 hours, but boy was it worth it. Stevie performed some of her many classics, and some of the songs from the new album. It is hard to pin point my favorite part of the concert, or my favorite song that she performed. High on the list though was the encore performance of "Has anyone ever written anything for you". Throughout the concert I had serious goosebumps from just being able to see and hear her in person, but I was also on the verge of tears when she performed this song. The band rocked, and Stevie sang her heart out for all to hear. Stevie, when ever you are in the Northwest area again, you can count on my friends and myself driving any distance to see you rock again. Thank YOU for such a magical evening.

Tammy Couts
I am a HUGE fan of Stevie's. I love her with all my heart. The lights went down and the crowd went wild. All I could do was stare as a tear rolled down my face knowing that I was acctually at my idol's concert. The blue, purple, and aqua backdrop with the sky and the ships was just amazing. The whole show was just heart stopping. Beauty and an air of charm and wisdom were all around the Key. (Key Arena in Seattle, Wa).

Rhiannon made me cry again as she dazzled us with her voice. " Don''t leave me, don't leave me!!" The backdrop was the most neat thing I have ever seen in a concert. It changed from a pretty blue sky with clouds to a thunderstorm with lightning during "Dreams". Then during one certain song that to me sounded new, it changed to a space view.

This was the happiest day of my life and I will never forget at the end when she came out and did Has anyone done anything for you I was balling like a baby. I didn't want the night to end. In between lyrics I shouted "Stevie you're Beautiful." I know she heard me because it was quiet at that moment.

She is a goddess in my eyes and will forever live in my heart as the most wonderful woman in the world. This night was like a dream come true and nothing can ever top it!!!! Stevie is a LEGEND in her own time and forever.

Scott Cameron Seattle, WA
One word to sum up Stevie's Seattle gig last night. Amazing! I was mesmerized from the opening notes of "Stop Draggin my Heart Around" to the closing notes of "Has anyone ever written anything for you". Stevie was in excellent form. And her band was energetic and sounded great! The new songs from TISL RULED live! "Sorcerer" and "Too Far From Texas" were my favorites from that album. My night was complete when Stevie played "Gold Dust Woman", I had chills over my entire body. It was really cool to hear Stevie talk and "introduce" her new songs, for the people who were not aware that most of TISL was written back before her Fleetwood Mac era. She even sent hello's out to her Uncle who was out there "somewhere" in the audience. Each time Stevie said "Thank you" to the crowd, I shouted out "No, THANK YOU Stevie" and "We Love You Stevie"!! She looked beautiful and sounded better than ever! I recommend that if she hits a town near you, that you do not hesitate to attend one of the premier summer tours of 2001

I have to say, as a major Stevie fan, I was sorely disappointed in the show at the Key Arena in Seattle on August 12. Stevie looked tired, and I hate to say it, but she looked bored through much of the show. The old standards sounded like she'd done them a million times (which we all know she has) and like she really wasn't into it. I was more impressed with some of the newer material. Fall From Grace, which isn't even one of my favorites from the new album, had a great edge to it. She actually looked like she was enjoying it and FEELING the song, where as some of the old favorites left me lonely. I've seen her really rock out with Rhiannon, and with Edge of 17 - but last night Stevie had a look about her that said to me, "Ho hum... here we go again. I'm tired." I watched her move to the music... she looked stiff. During Stand Back, she finally did the first seemingly obligatory twirl. She just didn't seem to be enjoying her self as much as I recall from previous tours.

Add to that, the fact that the security staff were kind of jerks, and that Stevie and her band are so unreachable.... and when Stevie DID make effort to connect with the crowd by telling stories about the songs, there were people in the audience just screaming out her name randomly or names of songs... so it was hard to hear what she had to say.

In a nut shell, the evening was a great disappointment to me. I'm very sorry for that. After 22 years of being a devoted fan, I'm left with a hole in my heart from this show.

Jacque O.
Since I purchased my tickets over a month ago I have been anxiously awaiting Stevie's concert here in Seattle. Well it finally came last night and Stevie did not disappoint! It was a perfect mix of old and new! It was great to hear some of her great "classics" , but I also love her new CD TISL and was glad that she included several songs from it as well! TISL so new and fresh sounding. It's vintage Stevie with a great modern twist! I have been a fan for a long time and had not seen Stevie in concert since the early '80's (at the US Festival in CA). She is just as beautiful and ethereal as ever. The whole concert was amazing, but the highlight had to be the long drum & guitar solo leading up to and exploding into "Edge of Seventeen". Stevie's voice is just as powerful and unique as ever! There were SO many more songs I would've loved to have heard her sing! I only wish she could've played on for another hour or two...or three.....

Mark Holman
I am still glowing from the really wonderfull concert that I attended with three friends at the Key arena last night Stevie came out and did some great old songs likr Gold dust woman and Rhiannon as well as some of the newer songs from TISG! What a terriific performance I am so happy we took the front row she came out and I was the first person she shook hands with! Her voice is strong and I loved the costume changes and the twirling! Just makes me want to follow her around and watch all her concerts! I ve always been a huge fan and it was great to meet some of her other big fans everyone was in very high spirits thanks so much, really enjoyed Rob Schnieders warm up!



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