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Trouble in Shangri-la

8/17/01 County Bowl Santa Barbara, CA
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Rick Cordeiro
I agree with all the S.B. reviews, that night was indeed magical.Bess you Stevie ! I had planed my vacation around Stevies tour and it started with me going to shoreline to find out the show had been canceled, that day. IMAGINE MY DISAPPOINTMENT....but I still had Santa Barbara to fall on. Not knowing if the show would happen till it did, I was blessed to have Stevie give one of the best performance ever. Mainly because she did. Her opening two songs were a good example of why she's postponing. I knew right off something was wrong and as I decided not to turn to my friend to say so, she (beloved) appears on stage to say I heard it, I know YOU heard it with Gods help we'll get through this. And that we did the rest of the show was done in fine Stevie forum/grace. Thank You Stevie and God for an Enchanting evening.

Joshua "JC" Crisalli
As I drove to Santa Barbara from my home in the Tehachapi mountains, and I saw the sea to my left side, I knew in fact, that I had arrived in Shangri~La! I could see the waves crashing, the mist rising up over the mountains…and I knew that our lovely Stevie was there - that we were all commencing on what would be a magical fairytale of a night!

I have visited Santa Barbara many times, but have never attended a concert at the County Bowl. It not only is a beautiful natural outdoor atmosphere, but the perfect intimate setting for a Stevie Nicks concert. My dear friend Annie of SB knew that I would be impressed with the surroundings, and we were both astonished to find our lawn seats (usually frowned upon at other venues) to be right in front of the stage, with full view of Stevie, and the magnificent stage setup.

I was concerned about Stevie all week (what devoted fan wouldn't be?), but this was a sold out show, and Stevie appeared as planned. She looked ravishing and ethereal as ever, but her face was tired - and she soon explained (to the best of my recollection), "I'm going to be honest here, I've been sick…I have Bronchitis," and that she had been resting in Santa Barbara the last couple days, and how beautiful it is. I think other fans will agree that it was hard to see Stevie putting herself through this, and I kept thinking, "Stevie, go home and get in bed!" - just for her own good. But she was determined, and told us that she would take it song by song, and if she couldn't continue, that we would sit around and talk, which caused quite a positive response from the enthusiastic crowd! As we all know, Stevie has a whole lot of stories from her legendary years...

I can only speak for myself, and say that when Stevie's voice occasionally gave out, it just made me realize how devoted she really is to us (although I was still tense and worried for her at the same time). Stevie has given us countless performances, songs and images over the years, and I felt that she did not have to prove anything tonight; that this was the time for us to appreciate her, and this magical night that almost wasn't. I am 24, and became the Stevie fan that I am today watching "The Dance" in '97 on MTV, over and over again, and saw Stevie for the first time on the "Enchanted" tour. I believe that the inclusion of the new songs from Shangri~La charged the atmosphere with relevant newfound energy. My new favorites had to be "Sorcerer"(she played air guitar towards the end, reminiscent of the awesome new video!), "Every Day," and "Too Far From Texas." My old favorites - that got everyone dancing including moi - were "Stand Back," "Enchanted" and "I Need To Know."

Though Stevie didn't do as much twirling, understandably, all she had to do was BE Stevie, cleverly striking poses under the spotlight at the end of "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon," or thrusting her hand forward as she yells, "and it bounces off the wall at you!" in "Fall From Grace." To all of the people commenting or wondering about Stevie's shoes (opposed to boots), she looks ADORABLE, even more so when she steps out to do "Has Anyone Ever Written…" with the gorgeous hat and feather, and sparkling top. Watch the "Sorcerer" video to see her walking back and forth in the tan boots, to get your boot fix! J

To see this woman who means so much in my life, so close and human, meant the world to me - Stevie, take CARE of YOURSELF, so that we CAN do this again soon!! I Can't Wait to travel down south to LA for the Universal show on Wednesday! I'm truly having the time of my life; thank you, Stevie! -Always Yours, Joshua

Lauri Lytle
As always seeing Stevie was a magical and the setting we were in made it even better, although Stevie kept telling all of us , she could tell her lingering illness was still bothering her, no one seemed to notice , and even if they did,no one cared, when you go to see her, you know the whole show is part of the performace not just her amazing voice, and even if she was'nt feeling well her, would'nt forgive her, (by the way I personally thank you for being a trooper and going on anyway), and when she said if her voice did'nt last that maybe we could all sit and talk , everyone was thrilled, if you can't her sing, who would'nt want to sit and hear her wonderful tails. But by the magic she possess's she made it thru, and her encore of has anyone ever written anything for you, was to date the best I have ever heard, this women , in my eyes, is truly wonderful. The night could'nt have been better, and the band was great, Stevie thanks for being so worried, but Im just one of the fans that would like to let you know, the show was wonderful, keep on rock'in , because I know we will all be there to hear and see you. The performaces just keep getting better, every time i go

Marisa's mother
Santa Barbara show was amazing ... and touching, as Stevie worked those magic vocal cords. Stevie's voice seemed to warm up and loosen up after the first couple of songs. The band was great ... drum/percussion solo absolutely exciting ... stage and lights beautiful. The crowd was with Stevie all the way ... I think she could have stood on stage and whispered the songs and this crowd would have gone home happy. What a show ... we had a WONDERFUL TIME.

Henry Flores
First and most important "Thank You, Stevie!" Your performance was/is Outstanding. I did not know if I would be able to get to see the "Queen of Rock" so close to my home town in Ventura County..but after a six hour mini camp out in front of the ticket office at the SB Bowl, it seems that the Magic was indeed filling the air. I/we got fantastic seats not only for the eyes and ears but for the heart and soul as well. Speaking of Magic...Stevie truly displayed hers with commitment and honesty to her fans and herself. I feel everyone there felt the love that Stevie has for her fans. Not one but all of Stevie's songs that night were special to me, because anyone else would have called it a night. "Stevie, Thank you with all of my Dragon Heart... Be well soon and Always. A True Fan, Henry Flores p.s. How bout that "Stevie" Shirt!!! no autograph yet, but one day

Amy and Terry
We were really ready to attend the Santa Barbara show especially after our other two concerts in Mtn. View and Concord were postponed! Stevie was not feeling her best. It takes more than just a few days to get over bronchitis. Stevie is the most gracious person. She apologized right away for not being able to sing stronger . We love her and admire her and enjoyed the show thoroughly. It's a pleasure just being in her presence. Stevie is a true star and shines brightly on stage. We have been and always will be true fans. Her songs were wonderful and her voice got stronger with each song especially during the encore. The band was awesome and kept the night rocking! We still have three more shows to look forward to . See you in Las Vegas!

Tea Dysthe
Just back in town from a 20th Wedding Anniverasry celebration weekend up in Santa Barbara which included seeing Stevie at the County Bowl . I have had the privilege of seeing Stevie on many occasions. Stevie has taken on a great task to reach all of us on this busy tour and how fortunate we are to get to experience her warmth and energy when she comes on stage. It was a very emotional experience for me to witness the difficult time she was having with her voice Friday night. For her to continue was a very selfless act! "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" will have a complete new meaning ...I will always remember... Thank you Stevie

Dave the Wave
Stevie has a rocky start, but pulls through to give a good show after all! After checking in on the Nicks Fix and hearing that Stevie was ill and shows had been canceled, I questioned whether or not the Santa Barbara show would happen at all. Stevie began the show with the first two songs sounding like her microphone was shorting out, when it was her voice. She flew off stage for a few moments and came back apologetic. She told the audience she still is trying to get over bronchitis, and felt terrible that her voice wasn't doing so well. "I feel terrible...this is my worst nightmare!" She went to say she didn't know if this is going to work...that she may have to just talk to us for two hours. "Well, try this a bit longer and decide together what to do."

She dived into her set, not really belting out the tunes, being carried by her back-up singers. We heard more from the Mindy & Sharon than from Stevie, particularly on the high notes. Stevie tried her best...but I admit I was feeling disappointed about the show. Of course it's not Stevie's fault.

Well, the show continued and about 1/2 through, with Fall from Grace, Stevie's voice picked up. She continued strong with Bombay Sapphires and did really well on Too Far From Texas. When the music to Stand Back started I was worried her voice would not be able to handle the intensity of the song. The background vocals carried the major chorus, but Stevie managed nonetheless.

She wound down with Planets of the Universe and the long acoustic beginnings of Edge of Seventeen probably give her some extra breathing time between songs. She apologized again, saying "a friend once said "a little voice and a lot more flair" laughing that we made it through the night. I wasn't sure she would do encores, but she didn't let us down. Stevie lead off with I Wanna Know (think that's the title) and then, of course, she closed with the great song, Has Anyone Ever Written You. She sang the solo, with a great big feather hat, the crowd silent. I was very surprised her voice sounded really good considering the bronchitis.

So, all in all, the show was good. The Enchanted tour in Shoreline, CA where she played/talked for 2.5 hours was a better experience...but I still enjoy her! I wish her a swift recovery so she will be back up to true form for the rest of the tour.

Laura Stuckey
The show that almost didn't happen-- for me. I flew down from Portland Oregon, after having cancelled my airline tickets once and nearly missing my flight, among other obstacles. Once I got to Santa Barbara, the magic began to happen. My friend Jess had bought the most beautiful shawl I'd ever seen. We went downtown to find another for me to wear to the show. There were no more shawls, but there was a beautiful light pink beaded chiffon dress with hankerchief hem. It fit perfectly, looked very Stevie-ish and I got lots of compliments on it. In fact, it caught the eye of Waddy Wachtel as we were standing outside in the crowd before the show. After a smile and a wave, we asked security if they could get Waddy over for a picture. Actually, he and Lenny both obliged - I can hardly wait to get the film developed. What a couple of extremely nice men! (Waddy we were waiting backstage after the show to get in... where were you?)

The setting in SB was a fabulous and very intimate outdoor bowl. Stevie took the stage and sang a few numbers. Her voice started to get weak after GDW. She very nicely and warmly spoke to the audience about her ongoing problems with bronchitis and promised us if her voice went out during the show she would sit and talk to us for an hour because she didn't want us to leave feeling hurt. What a kind and generous offer! After the next song, her voice actually got stronger. She said "there is a God" and the show went on. (Truly, there IS magic all around her.) Since I saw and reported on the Portland show, I'll not go into detail about each song because they were all fabulous. (Waddy is the best guitar player around.) Rather, I'd like to share how very special this night was for me not only because I got to meet Waddy and Lenny and get my picture with them, but also because my friend got 3rd row center seats. So when time came for Edge of 17, we worked our way up to the front of the stage, where security was very "tight." I was so excited I nearly lost my breath and I'm sure my eyes were as wide as saucers. I brought a very special necklace to give to Stevie (it has a wonderful story all it's own.) As she made her way down the line, finally making it to me, I looked up and handed her the necklace. She looked somewhat surprised, smiled warmly and said "thank you." AAHHHH... then she shook my friend's hand.

After Edge, she thanked the audience profusely for being so kind and patient with her (!!!) She said we were the most wonderful audience and gave her customary goodbye speech saying to take care and come back again. I have to say, after seeing both shows, my favorite song is still Has Anyone Ever Written. It nearly made me cry at both shows, I think because she looked so cute in her outfit, it just made the whole song seem much more heartwarming. After the show was over, we hung out for awhile and saw Mindy, Sharon, Lenny, etc. getting people in to the meet and greet. We hung out until security got irate and we had to leave. It was a magical night, we didn't want to leave and we're still rushing from it all. I fly back to my po-dunk town in Oregon tomorrow, but this is a night I will remember for the rest of my life. It was all so very magical, I'm still pinching myself.

Jessica Sampson
This was truly a magical night! I was so happy to get so close to Stevie and to actually be able to finally shake her hand! The only way for that to happen is to be in the front row. She was SO down to earth and relaxed tonight. She didnt seem nervous at all and was very mellow. I just adored how talkative she was with the audience and warm too. My friend Laura gave an excellent review of everything that happened. Id like to add that we saw Sharon Celani in line with all the other people waiting to go up to the top of the hill by the van that takes you up to the top for free! However, she decided to walk and not wait in that rather long line. The bowl is really a wonderful place to see a show. It is intimate only holding about 4500 people. Santa Barbara is a small enough town and laid back where I believe the stars feel they can let their hair down a little bit more, than say LA!

The people in the band were hanging around where everyone could see them right in public, although there was a gate seperating us from them. I think they have the feeling here that it is safe and laid back enough where they dont have to worry about getting harassed. Its really a great venue and if you ever get a chance to see a show here take it! The audience was very connected to Stevie and she did her best to put on a great show. Her voice did get stronger and she wanted to do what she could to make us happy. I think my favorite two songs were Planets of the Universe where she explained when she wrote the song, and how it was about her and Lindsey. She said she tried to soften the song a little from what it was originally...and that in fact her and Lindsey do love each other and get along. Also HAEWAFY was incredible and she looked almost like a little doll with her top hat and platform Reebok tennis shoes. She was so endearing and special that I just wanted to hug her. It was a special night. It was SO fun to be in the front and even more special to share it with someone who loves Stevie the same as ME!!!!!!! We had a great time and we will NEVER forget this night! Dare our wild hearts...................................good luck to you all...enjoy the shows! Thank you Stevie for a truly enchanted evening, you will be forever in my memory, and I will not forget.

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