Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

10/3/01 Coors Amphitheatre Chula Vista (San Diego) CA

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Jennifer Fitzgerald
I saw Stevie Nicks for the very first time since I started listening to her when she first became a hit. In San Diego, it was beautiful night and I could not believe that I had waited so long to actually go to one of her concerts since I am such a big fan of hers. It totally exceeded my expectations. She was out of this world, and the rest of the band was fantastic. I got home and decided to get tickets that night for her next show in Las Vegas two days later. I am now obsessed and have bought donor tickets for my husband and I for the benefit concert in Phoenix in December. My dream is to meet her. Thank you Stevie.

Michael Goldwitz
Stevie was transcendent. She glowed "like the metal on the edge of a knife". She left everything on the stage. She is THE rock and roll goddess forever and ever. I've seen her solo three times now and this was the best. Rhiannon had this long wonderful piano solo at the beginning and Edge of Seventeen had Waddy and the drummer and the percussionist dueling and complementing each other at the same time before that great beginning led to Stevie's powerful vocal. My fondest hopes were realized by her voice being strong AND soft where it was required. I left happy and fulfilled. When she twirls in a continuing circle, she enchants all who see her. The Welsh Witch still lives!

It was a full moon at Coor's Amphitheatre, a perfect setting for the queen of rock & roll to enchant us! I have been a huge fan since I first laid eyes & ears on Stevie in 1978. I have seen almost every tour atleast once, and I am continually impressed by her powerful stage presence & bewitching voice. Her stage had the best decor of any tour I can recall. The whole show rocks, but Sorcerer really gets turned up a notch live. As always I was spell bound the entire evening. I am 41, and I took my parents to the show. Now after 23 years they can see why Stevie is my favorite singer / song-writer of all time. I am not sure , but I think they may be fans now too.

And after all these years I was finally one of the lucky ones to get to shake her hand during edge of seventeen; It was truly a night I will never forget. Thank you so much for giving of yourself Stevie, see you next tour. Rock on Stevie!!!

Bobbie Jo Beeman
I arrived early, being the Stevie Nicks FANATIC that I am. One of my hand painted and beaded boxes had to be taken backstage, I believe I was successful. After being sure of the gift was making it's way ( I pray) I put on my black hand sewn "Steviesque" cape and top hat with feather and forged ahead into a nearly empty arena to wait for The Queen Of Rock. I had another mission in mind, which was to shake her hand when the opportunity came. Let's just say that I came close, because I touched Stevie's right hand when she shook the woman's hand next to me. Stevie's skin is so soft! I joined in with their handshake, and the woman next to me (she was there with her daughter, lots of mother daughter teams at this venue) was so nice, she wanted Stevie to shake my hand, too. She could obviously see what a big fan I am, and wanted to help. Thank you, whomever you are!

The fans really turned out in awesome Stevie garb! If it had not been for the Wiener guard that would not let me dance, but kept telling me to get back IN my seat, it would have been better! I needed to dance, Stevie was rockin up there! Obviously, he did not get it. There was a reason for security being so tight, however. I noticed the set list was cut short, and something about Stevie and the band seemed as if they could not completely let go. Maybe no one could after 9/11/01. Stevie Nicks just happened to be in New York City when these awful things happened. I encourage other fans to read her journal entries posted in this web site.

Despite all that pressure, Stevie sounded GREAT. Stevie looked beautiful! She made me proud once again to be a fan of hers. She is a true woman poet. Her talent shines very bright and her soul even brighter. Stevie Nicks is my female equivalent to John Lennon. Different people, equally as magnetic. Had my battery not fallen out of my camera, I could have gotten some close pictures. I have to say to Stevie, thank you for forging ahead in these frightening times. Thank you for your gift of song and dance. We needed to see you and hear you sing. You said we cheered you up, well, you lifted our spirits. Like the box says, you are the ANGEL OF MY DREAMS. Keep singing, I will always be the first there to listen.

J.J. Wooden
Hi Everyone,
I just got back a few minutes ago from the show at Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista. I'll skip the song list; everyone knows it by now (Although I'd like to have heard "Planets of the Universe" and "Bombay Sapphires"…neither of which were performed).

California is a pretty cool group…. it's rare that you get that good of an act as an opener…. they remind me of a cross between John Mellencamp and Bryan Adams with more of a hard rock edge…but not quite 'metal.' I think they'll do well, but they do need some work on their stage presence, in my own opinion. I wish them the best…they have a great sound.

I've seen Stevie several times in my lifetime and I have to say that tonight I saw my heroine perform with more energy than I've EVER seen her use before. She was, simply, breathtaking!!! (Even without those legendary boots!) It was really evident that she was in better spirits and feeling good…she danced around the stage more than I've ever seen her do before and was really getting into her show. (Was that a NEW 'White-winged Dove' shawl she was wearing tonight????? It looked great on her!) The highlights for me were "Gold Dust Woman" and "Fall From Grace." By far the best version performed of Gold Dust Woman she's ever done…. simply electric!

Kind of a cute note here: When she was introducing the band and came to Waddy, someone in the 1st or 2nd row (we were in the 11th) held up a sign that made her crack up right on stage…. she read it to Waddy but was close enough to the microphone for us to hear her say "We missed you!" Waddy thoroughly enjoyed it as well. It was good to see him back in the ranks again. The amphitheatre was packed and I couldn't help but notice the varied kinds of people that were there. Folks from all over the age spectrum were there…and were all enjoying the show immensely. Stevie's appeal across a broad spectrum of people never ceases to amaze me. Old and young alike…we were all JAMMIN'! (We even had a Stevie Drag Queen at the end of our row…'she' made the show that much more fun! Thanks for being brave and being there…whoever you were.)

Another note of surprise: The tour book has photos of the staff and a history of the Nicks Fix. It was really nice to be able to match up the faces to the e-mail addresses J I'm glad that they acknowledged the hard work that you guys do to keep the rest of us in touch with what's going on with Stevie. Thank you.

Much love,
J.J. Wooden

Jamie Maletic
Wow!! I was gonna write this tomorrow, but who am I kidding? - I can't sleep!! I feel like Marsha Brady in that Brady Bunch episode when she says she'll never wash her cheek again after Davey Jones of the Monkees kissed her there! I was one of the lucky ones who got to shake stevie's hand at the show!! Let me talk about the show itself first, though. Stevie sang all her songs that have been listed lately by the fan reviews except she didn't do "Planets" (Maybe because of all the heavy coincidental lyrics in the song?) That was the only thing that I missed because I was looking forward to hearing it. Anyway, Stevie sounded great. She said she "feels better" today about life and that her heart is "filling up again" because of all of us and the love she receives. That made everyone cheer like crazy of course! It was a fantastic show.

Now, when "Edge" started, my friend Kim and I made our way to the front (our seats were row 7) and waited for the opportunity to shake Stevie's hand. I had a gift for Stevie's dogs. (Some doggie treats and toys taped to a sign that read "For Your Doggies") Anyway, our time had come and Stevie was making her way down to us. She was right in front of me and the security guy took my gift for her. Then she started to pass me a little, but the security guy got her attention for me and pointed to me as I was the one to give her the doggie gifts. She then, like a dream, looked at me, bent down, and squeezed my hand and motioned a kiss to me. I could have died! Here I am a 32 year old woman reacting like a teenager! I guess when you look forward to something so fantastic for so long it's understandable, right? Thanks so much Stevie, for a night I'll never forget. See you in Vegas on Saturday!!

Mandy Clark
Magical. Moving. Beautiful. These are just a few words that come somewhat close to describing the Stevie Nicks performance last night. She managed to transport us to another place where her music and love reigns. I didn't want it to end. I didn't want to return to reality. It was the type of night that leaves you with a heartache when it is over and I will count it among the most precious and memorable nights of my life. The Lady was radiant and her voice is still crystal. We love you Stevie! (((((hug)))))

The moon was full at Stevie's Coors show in San Diego last night. All I know is when I yelled up at her, "I Love You, Stevie!!" She bent down taking my hands in hers, and looking me directly in the eyes, she softly spoke, "I Love You Too". Then she held my hands a few seconds longer before letting go. I was numb for the rest of one of Stevies best shows to date. I'll never be the same...........

Hi ! I saw Stevie last night, and it was an awesome show. Our date was postponed from August 24th due to Stevie's illness, but it was well worth the wait. She had energy to spare and was very gracious with the fans. The band was, I think, the best she ever had. The sound was unbelievable. It was a night I'll never forget. I really hope they release this tour on DVD.

Stevie was AWESOME!
She sounds and looks better than ever. I had the pleasure of seeing our Ms. Nicks at Verizon Ampitheater this Summer In CA. and was slightly disapointed by her illness. But Now Stevie IS BACK. She sounded Great last night at the Coors ampitheater in San Diego. The sound system was also great.

In spite of our countrys recent events. We do stand UNITED! you could feel the love in the air amongst all of Stevies fans. It was a wonderful break to get away from the t.v. and all the stress we are all under right now. Thank you Stevie! for letting us all enter your magical world for a llittle while... And you know.... after reading your journal entries... I must say... Your Mother is right. (arn't mother's always ha-ha)

You do have a gift! And Seeing you out there continuing with your tour just re-afirms to the world that We as a country will go on. We will not be intimidated. We will have the strength and courage to go on and live our lives. And through you Stevie... you provide some of us with the best part of this country. Our Freedom of speech...

Dont ever quit singing...we need you and your words. Music provides us as we all know with comfort and joy. And we all can use that right now. I for one am so glad that you are feeling better and didnt give up the tour. Stay well & safe. and just remember to tell your loved ones everyday that you love them. As I will tell you! I love you Stevie!

Mary Anne Cox
Stevie, the band and the show were beautiful. It was the perfect atmosphere with a full moon and star filled sky as the back drop for Stevie and her beautiful sets and lighting. It was a special treat to see Waddy and Stevie together on stage again.

Everyone has been feeling the sorrow these past few weeks and it was clear to me that Stevie is suffering as well. She came out and gave everything she had with heartfelt sincerity and love. As a friend of mine stated, "there was a lot of love there." And there was, I only hope that Stevie felt all the love for her as well.

As a long time fan and someone who holds a great deal of respect for Stevie and her music, once again she provided me strength, music, love and inspiration. Yet another evening which I will forever treasure in my memory and my heart.

October 3rd was a very charmed evening for me. I set out for this concert with high hopes, and I don't think my experience that night could have been any better if I had dreamed it up for myself. I'll do my best to give you an account of the show from my 15 year old Stevie-fan point of view. :). My mom and I arrived at the show very early ~ hours before the gates even opened, to catch the sound check and see some of the band members drive up. As we stood in the parking lot, Lenny Castro drove past and went up through the special entrance, and we were treated to the sweet sound of Stevie warming up and testing the stage equipment. We were able to hear her sing Every Day, Planets of the Universe, and then Waddy take over vocals on SDMHA. As the time when the gates would be opened approached, more people began to arrive and meet with other fans as we all anticipated the show together. Stevie's brother, Chris was outside, ! casually walking around and talking to some of the fans as well. Nice guy. I talked to him for a moment, and he offered to take the letter I had brought for Stevie, and give it to her. I was very happy, as he disappeared with my letter back through the gates into the venue. There was a row of trash cans, and I didn't see him toss it into one fo them, lol... so I assume he did take it to her or put it with her things backstage. (Thanks Chris!).

Once inside, the man at the gate for the orchestra section was checking ticket stubs as we passed through. He asked me if I had "the magic tickets", and I thought "they certainly are magic, tonight!". And indeed, they were! Though it was still a long time before even the opening band (California) would take the stage, we went and sat down. I saw Sharon walk out onstage, and take a look around the amphitheatre. I waved to her from my seat, and she smiled and waved back, and disappeared behind the black curtain again. I had bought a tourbook, and was happily pointing out the members of Stevie's band to my mom, when Lenny Castro came walking through the section! I walked up to him, and asked if he would sign my tourbook for me. To my delight, Lenny was very friendly and approachable. He replied "sure hon!" and signed "To Tiffany, much love, Lenny Castro" and illustrated a pair of bongo drums. I thanked him, and he shook my hand and said he hoped that I would enjoy the show. I told him I knew I would. (Thank you Lenny!)

Time passed, and California came out to perform their set. I'm not sure who I liked more, CA, or Bob Schneider at Irvine. I think both acts were good, though I must admit, I was very impatient for CA's performance to end, and Stevie to come out. I have to have respect for them though... it has to be hard to play for a crowd under circumstances where they can't wait for you to finish! The lead singer (I think his name is John) talked to the audience and joked with us a bit... and impatient as I was, they played some great music. When it seemed to be over, John came back and said they were going to do another song. The audience kinda spazzed, and he soothed them by assuring everyone that there was plenty of time and that it wasn't cutting into Stevie's performace. For this last song, John tried to get the crowd to give him some response, and he just wasn't getting it. Poor guy. Finally, he said "let's try this one more t! ime, for *Stevie*" and THEN he got a wild response of applause. :) As excited as we all were to see Stevie, everyone really did seem to be enjoying their performance a lot, and grooving to the music.

Soon the cue came that it was time to really get started! :-D Bootylicious played and everyone was on their feet dancing and cheering wildly. Then came the TISL vocal arrangement, and finally... Stevie. She walked out with shining grin on her face, and launched right into Stop Draggin My Heart Around. Though my seats were 12th row, I don't think I sat in them for more than 5 minutes. My mom and I spent most of the show standing in the aisles of the 5th row. It was all I could have hoped for to watch Stevie perform from this close, and it got even better, as the night progressed. I could see every expression on her face, every movement of her hands, and it was clear that she was in good spirits and fine form.

Between songs, she was very open and talkative - one thing I love about her. At one point, she bent down to pick up something... maybe a glass of water, and turned back around and declared "that spotlight follows me everywhere! I'm ! gonna have a meeting with the light operator after the show" then laughed, and added "that was a joke". The crowd was very energetic, moreso than I remember it being in Irvine, and in turn, Stevie was cheerful, and much more responsive to us! She introduced Too Far From Texas, and doubled over laughing, then exclaimecd "it's good to laugh!". Stand back was an incredible highlight of the night. If you've seen or heard her perform it live, you know she takes the line "take me home" and does something spectacular with it. I kept thinking she was going to end the note, but she didnt! And she didn't take another breath, she just continued to roar out "taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake me hoooooooooome!" and strangled the microphone ribbons as if for air. Then in perfect fulfillment, she finished it flawlessly. Gold Dust Woman was also great. (I know I'm going out of order, with the songs, but I'm just trying to remember stuff as it comes to me... it was a whirlwind night :))! .

Her voice was so strong and unwavering throughout the night, and she delivered every song with a commanding grace. Between songs, she lulled us with her lovely speaking voice, casually talking and telling stories about the songs. We were sweetly introduced to every member of her band, and cheered for them all. When she introduced Lenny (who I have a newfound appreciation for), she said "my favourite percussionist in the whole world, and sexy! Mr. Lenny Castro!" She laughed as she introduced us to Carlos Rios on "incredible dancing guitar". When she got to the girls, she began a very kind little speech about them with "I say this every night, [turning to Sharon and Mindy] so I hope this doesn't start sounding dumb to you guys, but..." and she went on so say how grateful she was to have them there, then added "really, because even when I don't sound that good, they sound good"... and this was met with an echoing "awwww" from the audience.

Fall From Grace was another perfect delivery. :-D When the song neared it's ending, I looked around, and made a dash for the stage, as people began to take notice of what it was time for next. The part I had been waiting for all night! I made it up there before the big rush of all those people, and found myself planted right in front of the stage. I was going to get to be part of Stevie's stage walk afterall! She came out and went into Edge, and it was incredible to watch her do the song while clinging to the very foot of the stage. Finally... Stevie took off her shawl and headed to the other side of the stage. I peered to the far left end, and saw her lean down into the crowd; her hands being greeted with so many happy faces and reaching hands. I don't think Stevie stopped smiling the whole time she was making her way down the line. She got to my section, and I watched her reach down to shake the hands of those around me, as her hair hung in my face! Lol. ! Surely the best look I will ever have, at Stevie's golden locks. Then she looked down at me -- straight in the eyes-- and smiled this radiant smile that could have lit up the whole venue all on its own. I held my hand up high, and she grabbed it, held on for a few seconds, and gently let it slide from her grasp as she took another step down the line to greet more outstretched arms. If I remember one thing most of all about this night, it was the way her hand felt, and the beauty of her smile, and those pretty brown eyes, up so close. You see her on tv, and you think she's gorgeous, but it doesn't even compare to being face to face!

After the stage walk, she headed to the mic again to perform I Need To Know, and rocked every seat in the house :). Everyone who had crowded up to the front for Edge stayed put for the last 2 songs. I laid my head across my arms, on the end of the stage, just taking everything in. I could *feel* the drumbeats and the music pounding inside, hear Stevie's voice ringing all around me, see her right in front of me, and smell everybody's perfumes in the air... and in all of that, I just wished the moment would last forever. Stevie left and returned for HAEWAFY, hat and all. (I *love* the hat!). During the song, her eyes were scanning the faces along the stage, and I held up my hands very high, cupped into the shape of a heart. To my surprise, she noticed me! Her eyes widened playfully, she smiled yet again, and made a little gesture with her hands, as though she were writing an imaginary letter.... at ME! I couldn't believe it ;) When it came to a close, Stevie ! thanked us graciously, and said "This has been great for me, my heart is full. You guys made my night, I needed this!" and when she said "my heart is full"... i thought that was it... the perfect way to describe how I was feeling. In final graceful bows, she bid us all to be well, and left the stage. And so ended a perfect night!

Bill Hansen
It was another wonderful concert with Stevie last night under a full moon at Coors Amphitheatre in San Diego. A nice combination of old and new songs! As a fan since 1976, and being 46 years old, its amazing to look around at the 16-18 year girls in our row singing the lyrics to the new songs!! Stevie keeps conquering each generation! But as a older fan, I still have one little bit of knowledge that the young fans need to learn....when the opening chords of Edge of Seventeen begin....its time to rush to the stage so you can shake Stevie's hand at the end of the song!! This is so much fun..Stevie goes out of her way to touch everyone and we get to say Thanks for another fun night!! What a great ritual this has become over the years! So Stevie...Great Show! See you next year??

Salena Quinn
I have been a Stevie Nicks fan for several years and I was finally able to see her in concert. She was even more charismatic than I had expected; she seemed to really connect with the audience. I was especially moved when Stevie took time to shake hands with audience members in the front row during Edge of Seventeen. The reason that moment was so special is that a lot of performers are not thoughtful enough to reach out to his or her audience the way Stevie does....and do it with such sincerity. Stevie is just an all-around special lady-regardless of her fame or musical talents.

I attended the October 3, 2001, concert at the Coor's Amphitheater in Chula Vista (San Diego) Ca and can honestly say I have never heard Stevie sound better than she did at this show. This was my fourth time seeing Stevie in concert and she just keeps getting better. Her voice sounded stronger than I have ever heard it sound. She looked amazing and her costumes were so trademark of her mesmorizing style. I screamed until I was hoarse. The energy was incredible. Stevie still captivates her audience with her magical shawls and signature twirls. The first twirl happened when she sang "Gold Dust Woman." The audience absolutely went wild. Other performers practice for endless hours on dance moves that fade away with few recollections of even the names of those who performed these moves, while Stevie has been able to remain a constant, elegant, stylish emblem for Rock-N-Roll with her! signature twirls, shawl changes, and her magnificent raspy voice.

If you have ever thought about going to a Stevie Nicks concert, but have missed previous opportunities, don't miss this chance to see Stevie during her "Trouble in Shangri La" tour.

Stevie was as powerful as ever last night, Oct. 3rd, in San Diego, Ca. As I did for Enchanted, I drove there from L.A., knowing I'd experience something not only grand, but healing. It also prepares me for the L.A. show on Oct. 9th =)....Entering the Coors Amp., I smiled at the many women dressed like Stevie. I saw people of ALL ages!!! My best memory is a 10 year old girl wearing a trademark "black top hat"...with ribbons running down the back of it.

Stevie came on at 9:15 sharp. Before she graced the stage, "Bootylicious" shouted from the speakers, followed by an AWESOME acoustic version of "Trouble in Shangri-La." The backdrop changes color, it's beautiful. These were the best seats I had ever had for a Stevie show. 2nd row center. She opened with Stop Draggin"....went into "Enchanted"....the rest of the set included Everyday...fall from grace....stand back (with a kick higher than ever).....edge of 17....dreams...rhiannon (the crowd went crazy!!).....has anyone ever written...I need to know....Gold dust woman...Too far from texas....sorcerer.....Stevie spoke to us constantly!! From letting us know how great she felt that we could all be there, the history behind how beautiful San Diego is....etc....each time she opened her mouth, the crowd stood completely silent...the silence was deafening. Stevie's mike was FULL of ribbons in red, white and blue. People in the audience held up flags, as well as lighters during has anyone ever from in back of me yelled: "God we love're gorgeous!!! Rock on." She responded:"I love you're beautiful too." I don't think I have ever heard as much shouting out as I did last night.

One member of the crowd gave her a large bag with a sign that said "For your doggies, Stevie." Nevertheless, Stevie was radiant. She sounded so clear....she let out that long and loud raspy yell at the end of Gold Dust Woman, like in the dance video. She also maneuvered around the stage, moving her arms up in the was magical. The crowd cheered on even more. It sent chills everywhere....she also let out her AWESOME cry at the end of Fall From Grace.....Stevie never fails us....she smiled the entire 90 minutes....I'm so happy for all of us that once again, were able to fly away and dream with Stevie again on this tour. It always revives my's a religious experience.

I wanted to send my thoughts on my tisl show. It was a beautiful night in san diego. There was a cool ocean breeze in the air and i was really excited to finally see a stevie show. There was majic in the air and i could hardy wait for the show to begin. I was walking around by some concession stands and i heard them play the star spangled banner. I really like that touch and i would personally love to hear the star spangled banner played at every show and every event from this day forward. I watched the opening band California play. I really like their sound and you could really tell they were enjoying themselves up on stage.

About 15mins or so after californias set, it was time for Bootylicious. I immedialtley got up and started dancing. This one guy down in the front row noticed me and he started dancing too. NOt too many people were up on their feet but i was and i was ready for stevie!! Then the TISL loop started and i was screaming my head off. I was so excited to be there and then the drum beat to SDMHA. There she was, the queen.. looking as radiant as ever. For the next two hours or so i was in heaven. Here are some comments from the set list: SDMHA Stevie had a fierce look in her eyes.. she was intense... when she said "Stop!!", you could tell she meant it. She then talked about its good we can get together to sing, dance and be silly for awhile GDW This song kicked major ass. This was so intense and when she said "You'll pay for it, pay for it, pay for it!!!".. i could tell in her eyes she was very much still bothered by 9/11/01.

This was typical happy stevie tonight, this was a stevie worried about the worlds future Sorcerer This song sounded so tight and she was takin her skirt and shaking it all around and even put her hands on her hips!! I loved it!! Stand Back I could see she was waiting for the keyboard/synthesier part to kick in at the beginning of the song and then she came out and pointing to first Carlos and then to Waddy. The song was so rocking and during the middle "dance" part she first went over and danced with carlos and then spun all the way over to waddy and went behind him to put her hands on him Everyday This song has really takin on a whole new meaning since the attacks. On the video screens they put clouds all around her face and it was kinda like something from heaven. At the end of the song she ad libbed " everyday.. it never stops.. everday" just beautiful Sharon and Mindys intros had a nice touch to it. She thanked them for always singing wonderfully even on the nights she dosent sing wonderfull. Very nice of her to say and mindy had on some nice silver platforms!! Way to go mindy Fall from grace

Well i knew this was my chance to get up to the stage. I was in the 12th row so as soon as the song started me and a friend of mine took off.. exit to our left, went behind our section and over to the center.. went right down to the center and met up with another friend of ours in row 4!!! I had made it to the fourth row with stevie still in the first verse of the song!!! Watching her from even more up close was amazing. The part where she goes "Just to watch you walk out the door".. well the whole crowd was screaming that line right back to her and everyone around us had there arms up in the air. Totally awesome!! Edge of seventeen As soon as edge was over, i ran to the front of the stage and had a spot right in front of where waddy would be. When waddy came out, he made eye contact with me alot and i mouthed to him "Your the best"... he shook his head down at me... I sincerly think he is the best guitar player for stevie and the only one who can do edge justice. The song totally rocked out and she even had a good scream for us!! When she came around to shake hands..she was right next to me and i raised my left hand up to shake her right hand.. her hands were so soft.. like a mother soothing feeling came over me. Then she was standing right in front of me and she reached for my hand and held it for a few seconds. I looked up and there she was .. .i said i love you and thank you.. then she was gone..down the rest of the front row.

She ended the song with a phrase i hadn't heard anyone mention since the enchanted/holiday tour " i know what it sounds like, sounds like you!". She thanked us for making her feel better and asked us to stay safe. I could tell stevie was distant tonight. She had much heavier things on her mind, as we all did. She gave it her best though and i am happy to have been in san diego, ca to see stevie nicks. The world has changed but somethings remain the same.. the lady can still in enchant like noone else ever has or will!!! I love you stevie In the air i could feel it the skies were still crying my heart was heavy my heart was full of pain then the mystical lady took me away made me dance, made me sing made me forget the pain maybe it was just for a night but for me it lasted a lifetime

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