Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/8/01 Sovereign Center Reading, PA

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Mimi and Paul
In Stevie's own words from I MISS YOU..."When I think about you, I think about how much I can't wait to hear the sound of your laughter-time and distance never matter." So once again we hit the road and for the second time this summer, drove 2 hours to see this incredible talent wrapped in a shawl. Saturday night, Stevie and Jeffrey Gaines initiated the new Sovereign Center in Reading (and we hope the building is still standing). It was nice to see Jeffrey again-we loved him at Nissan Pavillion in late July. He is a good compliment to Stevie. He sings from his soul and has that spiritual sense about him like she does. But the main reason we were there, showed us that just when you think you know Stevie-she pulls something else from within her that proves once again, she IS the queen of rock and roll. This by far was the best performance (taking into consideration that the last one she was just coming back from being sick). I don't think the smile of the pure joy she was feeling, left her face the duration of the show. Leg kicks, twirls, side jokes between herself and her band, longer and more in-depth stories, and sincere pure emotion, highlighted this flawless performance.

The whole spectrum seemed to be wrapped up in this show. Ever the songwriter, she added a line ate the end of EVERYDAY and was quite pleased with herself (as were we) that it just came to her while she was singing and then wanted to share that little bit of creativity with us. There was more interaction with the audience when she told a longer version of the story behind PLANETS OF THE UNIVERSE. When she mentioned the final breakup with Lindsay, the crowd would moan in the hope that someday these two souls would be linked forever (they ARE folks-in a musical sense). We couldn't see exactly what happened but one of her shawls ended up in the audience and that led to a Don Henley story about the loss of another one by Don's hands to be put up for charity auction. Even though the woman can rock like nobody else-one of those rock performances proved to be very emotional. She kicked the walls in with STAND BACK, FALLS FROM GRACE, and of course EDGE OF SEVENTEEN.

After she finished shaking hands and singing EDGE OF SEVENTEEN-she was taken aback by the outpouring of love. The noise was deafening from our standpoint and she wanted everyone to know just how deeply she was touched by the love she was feeling at that moment from us and ended up getting very emotional and choked up. That touched us to know that she truly respects and loves her fans that much and also that she was feeling what we were trying to send back to her. How many times do you see an artist set aside time to go from one end of the stage to the other to shake hands and get to say a few words, let alone make it a tradition. You know what they say-do what you love and the rest will follow. We watched people come in and also noticed the crowd around us. There was a couple who were probably in their late 60's in front of us dancing and clapping. Then we also saw small children (even someone who brought a toddler). One look at Stevie on stage Saturday and then looking at the crowd-you know that this woman was destined to do this. By her energy and that look of pure joy and happiness of her face, to the tears welled up in her eyes-she is at her most content and you know that there isn't anything else she'd rather do.

As much as her writing and her singing have meant not only to up personally but to so many others-all we can say is THANK GOD she walked down this path. Thank you so much Stevie for such a spectacular night. As much as you were emotional from us-it is tenfold how we fell about you. "FELLING REMAINS EVEN AFTER THE GLITTER FADES".

Lyn Gilbert
I was so thrilled to get tickets to see Stevie. I hadn't seen her perform solo - only with Fleetwood Mac years ago. She came on stage and was so radiant and luminous. I felt her magic once again and was so amazed at how strong her voice was. She was confident and strong and just enjoying herself. I wish I had known sooner so I could have gotten seats closer to the stage. I saw a man walk to the third row with what appeared to be a huge bouquet of white roses and I prayed he'd be able to give them to her. >From what I could see, I think he gave them to somebody who was in the front row and she got them. I was so happy for him because the look on his face when he walked to his seat was one of hope and anticipatio

I went out to buy TISL the following day and two verses stuck in my head. I sang them over and over on Monday night till I had them memorized and sang them for the rest of the week. After Tuesday's terrorist attack, I was numb - totally numb and I couldn't cry. Those two verses kept me sane and focused during work because I couldn't take any time to cry or scream. I had to be strong for about 50 people when all I wanted to do was lock my desk and go to New York City to help in some way, any way. I felt like a robot by the end of the week. Sleep was a rare commodity and I couldn't wait until the weekend just to be around my cats. On Saturday (9/15) morning, I logged onto Nicks Fix and the same two verses were posted under the waving flag. That did it - I cried and cried and got out a lot of the shock, sorrow and anger. I am so thrilled that Stevie's lyrics connected with me to the point where I could release the pain I was feeling and start to deal with all the horrible emotions coursing thru me. She is so honest and true in her feelings and nobody else in rock and roll can come close to her. Maybe Backstreet has staying power, but the rest? Heck, no. They have no idea what honest feeling is and that will be their loss.

Stevie, thank you so much for just being you. After reading your diary, I see a lot of songs coming from you in the future and they will be gut-wrenching. With the grace of the Divine, I'll get front row seats (money will not be an issue) and be able to connect with you. You are the best and I am honored to call myself a long-time Stevie Nicks fan.

~*Angela Wilson~*
"I will not forget this night...", I sang and cried all the way home to Philadelphia from the Reading show on Saturday, September 8th. From the dark, chilly beginning moments of that morning, I could feel the magic and enchantment, and everything that represented beauty and peace. My boyfriend and I drove up to my dorm room, at Immaculata College. We stayed there for a little while, got something to eat, and hit the road from there. I had third row center, so I bought Stevie a really cute little lambchop doll :) I knew she would love it!

We arrived literally TWO seconds before Jeffrey Gaines hit the stage. He was pretty good, although it was Stevie I was awaiting. As we waited and watched Jeffrey, the two guys who occupied the seats next to us took their seats and we introduced ourselves. Brian and Sean are HUGE Stevie fans with two of the bigge! st hearts that exist out there. The four of us talked and laughed and waited for Stevie. Both Brian, Sean and my boyfriend Bill had an advantage over me. They're very So, they all assured me that they would make it their goal to get me to the stage to give Stevie the present I had bought for her.

So, the lights went low, and it was time. Trouble In Shangri La began to play, and there were mixtures of smiles and tears among everyone..and for that moment, everyone was united with each other, and Stevie. She came out in her trademark black tour dress :) She looked like a true angel, as always. When she sang, she sang to us. Everyone was connected, and everyone related. The set list is not fresh in my mind, so, I won't go into detail about each song, as everyone probably knows by now :) The moment that I had been waiting for was very quickly approaching. Fall From Grace surprised us with the que to rush the stage. Everything happened so quickly that I thought I wouldn't! make it! Sean, Brian, Bill and myself made it. We were so close to the point where we could pat the stage with out palms.

As Stevie walked up the stage, I felt my emotions esacalate to the point of tears. She came to me, held my hand for about 15 seconds! She took my lamb, hugged it and played with it. Then she took my hands again briefly. I told her I loved her and she smiled and said, "Thank you, I love you too". At that moment, I completely blanked out, and all I could hear was the music. Brian, Bill, Sean and I all hugged..and it was very emotional. I'm so very thankful for that night..and i'm so thankful for meeting two wonderful, life long friends. Most of all, i'm most thankful for being able to thank the person who has done more for me than anyone I could imagine, Stevie Nicks, my angel.

Last night was the opening night concert at Reading, Pa.'s Sovereign Center and Stevie was the Perfect person for its' opening show!!!!! Her performance was flawless. She rocked the roof off the place. She treated us all as if we were old friends. Everyone there danced and sang with her. She once again spun her mystical web around the crowd and brought us into her world.

Her blend of old standbys and, soon to be, new favorites was awesome. Her voice was as clear and crisp as ever. The entire crowd went crazywhen, before she started, they played Bootylicious and the opening riffs of Edge of seventeen came through the PA system and they thought she was coming out. But the crowd soon got the gist and we all grooved with Destiny's Child. When she did arrive onstage the whole place went wild and stayed on there feet for the entire show.

Stevie, we thank you for coming to our hometown and for stepping into our lives, even if for one night. We felt your energy and your love and it will be with us forever or at least until the next time.

I saw Stevie for the second time this summer, first at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ and last night at the Sovereign Center in Reading PA...........Stevie was better then ever......she was enchanting and totally rocked the new venue.........She had so much fun last night and really chatted with the audience......I think though that the crowd was just mesmerized, by her presence.....she just gets better with age.....I can't wait to see her again......................See ya soon Stevie, thanks so much for another memorable evening!!!

Chuck Palmer
What a great show Stevie put on at the Sovereign Center inReading, Pa last night. WOW!! Stevie was a little more animated than usual, taking time to explain how some of the songs were inspired, and that was a great treat for this lifelong fan. As some of you may already know, Stevie has stated in the past that she is not a great talker, but you couldn't tell that last night. I also saw her at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ in July, and while both shows were flawless, I really enjoyed the little extra personal element that she included in the Reading show. She hit every note perfectly, danced quite a bit, and seemed to be really enjoying herself, joking with the band, smiling a lot, etc. And when Stevie seems to be happy, then that makes me happy. Now I have to go get tickets for the Atlantic CIty show on 09/15/01. Thanks for a great night, Stevie!!!

Hi my name is Kim and I would just like to say that I am a 23 year old female who loves listening to Stevie Nicks. I had the chance to see her at the Sovereign Center in Reading Pennsylvania on Saturday September 8, 2001 at 8:00pm. It was the greatest show I have ever seen. Her voice sounded better live then it does on tape. I took my mom to the show because my mom has been listening to her since she was my age, and it was the neatest experience to sit at a show with my mom and watch the greatest singer perform right in front of us. I also promised my mom that when and if she ever comes back to the Philly area I will pay good money for front row tickets thats how good Stevie was. I would love to have the chance to meet her someday but even if I don't I will always have the memory of being at the concert and getting to hear her live. Thank You!

Ok I just want to tell you that stevie rocked the sovereign center last night.She was great!!!! she did more dancing at this show as to the show I went to a few months ago at Camden nj .She sounded much better and looked great...I was only about 14 rows from the stage and dead center ill tell you it was such a treat to be so close I took lots of pics so ill be sending them this way ...I hope every one gets a chance to see her she is truly the Queen of Rock!!!! Rock on Stevie!!!!!!!!

Frani More
This couldn't have been a better show for the opening of the Sovereign Center. I was flabbergasted-- this concert was the best. I was in the second row floor. Stevie was gorgeous, her eyes sparkled and she sang with so much love and sincerity in her heart. She's still rockin...Keep up the good work Stevie

David Stahli
Well....You never would of guessed that Stevie was having health problems just a few days before the show.....This is my third show and probably the best preformance that I have seen since I can remember. Seeing Stevie cristen the new "Soverign Center" was a memorable event. Seeing her in an indoor venue only made the experience better!. Not going to go into the jist of the Setlist, but again, disappointed that "Outside the Rain" was left out. Bombay Sapphire was left out too.

One of the major highlights of the show was actually Edge of Seventeen. Stevie hasn't sang that song with more FIRE since Red Rocks (rock a little tour).........It was UNBELIEVEABLE...and Having Waddy back her up was almost like you were at the RED ROCKS Show!!!! Fall From Grace stood out too for me....and the place was all wound up as she belted out the song!!!

Looking at the attendance, looks like the arena was just about sold out and the fans in Reading were on their feet from the minute that the INTRO started. One Word for Stevie Fans...DEDICATED....Myself, being a longtime fan, (im 28 now) listening to stevie since I can remember....and Never losing the feel for the music and her songwriting....I dont think that I will either...and I speak for many of the longtime fans out there. I even went and got the "Shangri-la" Dragon Tattooed on my arm for the tour! The Band was as on target as ever....And it was good to see Carlos and Brett also, especially after meeting them both in 98.

THANK YOU stevie for a Great Show....and For Being Timeless....... Looking forward to seeing you and the MAC NEXT YEAR!!!!

Hi everybody, I just got back from Stevie's show here in Reading. First of all, I went down to the arena at alittle after 2 because I heard she was going to be rehearsing there at 3. That turned out not to be true but I did see Chris Nicks. I approached him and asked if he would mind taking a photo with me. He said he wouldn't mind and the guy who drives his camper took the pic of Chris and I.

Stevie took the stage slightly after 9 and right from the start she was vibrant and smiling alot. Our seats in the 4th row were terrific. Her microphone was very near the front of the stage. The arena security was almost invisible and picture taking was going on unabated. I took almost 2 full rolls of film! Needless to say I will be taking them to be developed TOMORROW!

Anyway, Stevie was incredible, very animated with her gestures and she sang very well too. She did hold back alittle especially on Everyday's first 2 verses. She left Bombay Saphires out of the set but she did her famous kick during Stand Back and was really into it during Gold Dust Woman and Fall From Grace. The sellout crowd was so fantastic and Stevie really fed off of us! Everyone was screaming their heads off! Stevie talked pretty much and was playing around onstage with the musicians. I was changing my film when my friend yelled, "Hey they're rushing the stage!" So we hightailed it over the 3 rows in front of us and got right to the front. Stevie came by and I took her left hand in mine. She was touching different people with her right hand while holding mine in her left. She looked directly at me and smiled and said, "Thank you so much, I love you." I was snapping pics so fast I had to wait for my camera to catch up to me. LOL. This lady who got us our seats came over during the show and gave my friend a TISL album flat that Stevie signed just for him! It said, " To Norm, Love Stevie Nicks" Damn I was jealous but he was so thrilled and I'm happy for him.

Stevie didn't do a meet & greet but as soon as we left the arena there were tons of people lining the street where her limo was going to be coming out. The limo came out and Stevie had the window rolled down and was WAVING to the crowd! I had one picture left but there were so many people lined up that I couldn't see and I didn't get a chance to snap the pic. It was a phenomenal show and one I'll never forget!! I hope she comes back here next time. I can't wait to see her again next saturday!!

Stefanie Rupertus
I have seen Stevie many times over the past 25 years, and she gets better each time. Yesterday, I was at the Reading concert, and someone held up a sign that said "TIMELESS" - I think that sums up Stevie's music and her performances. They are truly timeless and magical for those of us who have followed her career from the beginning and will become timeless for the generations that are just now discovering the magic of Stevie Nicks. She was absolutely wonderful!!!

Joe Novackowski,
The most magical thing I experienced at this brand new venue, was the crowd itself. It was absolutely amazing to see the diversity in the ages of those in attendance...Grand Parents to Grade Schoolers. Definitely speaks something of the timeless music of Stevie Nicks. Speaking of the music, Stevie and the band delivered! The rhythm section was absolutely awesome and hats off to all the band members for a very memorable performance. Loved the way that Stevie took a little time and spoke to the audience between certain songs...made you feel like we were at VH1's unplugged. I already can't wait until this weekend at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City when I get to experience the whole thing again!

Patti Sterenchock
All I can say is it is more then I have ever expected!!!! Her Cd's do not do her enough justice!!!!!!! I have been a fan since I was very little. My biggest dream was to see her live and I finally did. Last night in reading. I really thought I was going to pass out my bestfriend had to hold me up. As soon as she walked on the stage I broke out into tears lost my breath and almost fell to my knees.! I cried and cried the happiest tears I have ever known to see such a beautiful magical women finally so close in front of my eyes was a dream come true!

Stevie helped me though more times in my life then she will ever know. Her music,words and personality just lifts me to the highest cloud in the world and makes everything seem so right. I could be so far down about life and what this world is,but pop her cd in and everything is A OK!

But now to finally see her live it all has a new feeling and meaning to me in my heart. To see her pour her gypsy magic across the stage and see and feel personally the magical vibe she gives off will be a feeling I carry with me for the rest of my life!!!

Thank you Stevie for the most magical and uplifting moment I have ever came across in my Life!!!! Love and Peace to you always

Brian W
...what can i say ? I had an incredible time at the Sovereign Center last night.. This was my 7th time seeing Stevie during this tour, but the 1st time since her long layoff due to her illness.. I had purchased these tix through ticketmaster online a month ago, and when I pulled up 3rd row center, I was overjoyed.. At every other Stevie show that I have been to so far this year, I had gone with my friend Ken (Pittsburgh, Hartford, Chicago, New York, & DC) with the exception of the PNC show in Jersey in which I went with my mom.. I had decided early on that I was not going to go with Ken to this show, for several reasons, but mostly because I wanted my friend Sean, who had never been up close to the stage at any concert before, to experience the excitement of Stevie Nicks - first class.. Sean is a pretty big fan of Stevie's and I am one of the biggest, so I knew before we even got to the Sovereign Center, that this was going to be a night to remember..

We had driven from long island, NY to Reading, PA.. it took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there, which really wasn't bad.. we made excellent time.. got there just as Jeffrey Gaines was starting his set.. we found our seats up front and immediately struck up a conversation with a really nice young couple from Philly.. The girl Angela had told me and Sean that she was huge fan of Stevie's and that she had never been up close to any of her shows like she was tonight.. She had brought with her a cute little lambchop stuffed animal that she wanted to give to Stevie.. I told her that she would get to touch Stevie's hand and be able to give her lambchop and I would make sure of that.. how I was planning to make sure that happened, I had no idea.. but I guess I just "willed" for it to happen..

the show started around 9:15.. me, Sean, Angela, her boyfriend, and about 9000 other people quickly got to their feet.. Stevie came out looking absolutely stunning.. The entire night she radiated with every note that came out of her mouth.. I have to say that she seemed to have this intensity the whole night that I have not really seen from her in a long time.. she twirled, she danced, she belted out the classics and the new stuff with a glow in her eyes and a bounce in her step.. Fall From Grace was a huge highlight.. Stevie rocked that song like I have personally never seen her do to any song.. She was wild, she was intense, she was SO into it, and you could feel it everywhere.. yes, indeed, there was magic all around her on this night..

So as the set drew to a close, Stevie performed "Too Far From Texas".. as soon as it ended, she introduced the band, then went right into "Fall From Grace" .. At that point everyone in the first 3-4 rows immediately went forward toward the stage.. I was NOT expecting that to happen so quickly.. But anyhow, I jumped over 2 seats faster than you can say "poet, priest of nothing, legend".. Sean followed my que along with Angela and her boyfriend.. and before we all knew it, the percussion intro to "edge" began.. It was another amazing up close "Edge Of Seventeen" experience for me.. I swear, this was my 7th time, and it still felt amazing to me to be able to be up there so close to Stevie.. I still have chills.. so after the final "come away, come away, come away now", Stevie began her walk along the stage.

When she finally made her way toward us, I reached my hand out.. Stevie gently carressed my right hand (again, the softest, most sweetest-looking hands ever).. she then made her way to Sean.. he grabbed both of her hands and gave her a bouquet of roses that we had picked up in Manhattan on the way to the show.. And then there was Angela.. I was hoping so much she wasn't going to get lost in the crowd up there.. She was very petite, maybe only 5'4", and I wanted so much for her to be able to have a complete Stevie Nicks experience.. and that SHE DID !! She shook Stevie's hand and gave her the stuffed animal.. and immediately started crying.. I went over to her, gave her a hug and she thanked me and Sean for "making sure" she had her moment.

I was so happy that everyone had such a great time.. I gave Angela my e-mail address before leaving the center.. we're gonna keep in touch.. Her and her boyfriend were such nice people and made mine and Sean's night that much more fun and meaningful.

This whole summer has been an amazing experience for me.. I've never gone to as many concerts and as many cities, and have met so many fabulous people in my life.. I'll never forget the great time we all shared tonight.. and all the other great times i've had at the other shows. Ok, now off to New York City!

Stevie Nicks was awesome! It was definitely the best concert I have ever been too. Her voice sounded the same in person as it does on her CD's and on TV from years ago. I thought that it was great that she went around to shake people's hands and say hello to everyone. Her guards were right there with her to make sure she was o.k...but she still went around and met people. It is so nice to see an artist meet their fans and give their fans the pleasure of meeting them. I loved listening to her good old classics and it was very nice to hear some of her new songs from her new album. I am definitely going to have to go out and buy it. Stevie, thank you for such a wonderful concert!

Mary Jean Serrano
I thought I was only going to see Stevie once on the TISL tour, at Jones Beach on LI (a place I used to call home). So like any other devoted Stevie fan I HAD to see her again at the new Sovereign Center since she was coming so close to where I live now. I was getting a little scared that she would have to cancel but if she did, at least I had already seen her on this tour. Well the day arrived, and Stevie was feeling better, so there was no need to worry anymore.

Well as soon as she did the "Gold Dust Woman" howl, it brought tears to my eyes because our Stevie was back and sounding better than ever. I have to say that I've seen Stevie on every single solo tour (sometimes twice) and I've seen her many times with Fleetwood Mac and I have never noticed these voice problems that some people love to mention whenever her name comes up. No other voice in Rock and Roll can touch me like hers can.

I got to meet Stevie in the early 80's and the thing that touches me the most about Stevie is the love and devotion that pours through between her and her fans. It blows me away everytime I see her at the end of the stage, collecting gifts and shaking every lucky person's hand who was able to make it to the front of the stage. Only one word comes to mind - SUPERSTAR! I'm proud to call myself a Stevie fan and I love driving around with her name on my license plate, especially when I meet other Stevie fans, it's so much fun!

Thanks Stevie, for all the fun over the years. Oh and, I never missed Sheryl.

Amelia Spicer
Saturday night was my first concert! Going to see Stevie was a dream come true to me. She is my idol and I love her music so much! I had a side view of the stage so when the lights went dim I saw her coming out of her dressing room and I just started screaming and crying. I couldn't believe I was actually here at a Stevie concert. I thought I was going to faint between the excitment and the amount of screaming I did. I'm only sixteen and I've been into her for five years!! She was absolutly amazing and she looked wonderful. I'm just thankful that I had the oppertunity to see her live. It is an experience I will NEVER forget.

All I have to say is that Stevie Nicks is the greatest songwriter and performer I have ever seen in my entire life, and if you don't believe me, just visit one of her performances and you'll see what I mean. Her music is so deep and inspiring, and yet it reaches out to thousands, even millions of fans. It is extremely rare to have that kind of talent. I absolutely adore her.

The greatest moment of my life was when I was able to make up to the stage for Edge of Seventeen, and I actually got to touch her hand and make eye contact with her. I had about a million things I wanted to say to here, but all I could get out was "Thank You." I said thank you probably about 100 times! The memory, the feeling of shaking her hand and making that brief connection with her is burned in my mind forever. I will never ever forget that night for the rest of my life. I just can't wait to see her again.

Stevie, I love you and I am eternally grateful to you for so many reasons. As I said over and over at that concert... thank you.

This was the first concert I've attended in 20 years, and I'm real happy to say, and tell friends that I saw Stevie perform. WOW what a gal!! She is so beautiful!!....Shes full of energy and I think her voice has really hit peak performance. I enjoyed every second. My only wish is that my friend could have been right there in the front row. She Loves Stevie Nicks like no one i have ever known! I think she has "Nicks blood" running through her veins! Seriously!!!

My buddy had a heart attack, and was recouperating from angioplasty, when I told her Stevie was going to be performing in Reading. That made her very determined to get well, get out of that hospital and get those tickets!! which, by the way, went on sale the day she had her attack. I am greatful we had such good seats, and that my buddy was able to experience the dream of a life time. This was her very first concert experience. I took two rolls of film and several times I caught her in tears over this magnificant Diva we call Stevie Nicks...It was truly a great performance and one we both shall treasure for a long time to come!!!!! Thank YOU STEVIE!!....Connie and Bev ...section 103 row M seats 7& 8...GREAT SEATS!

Kristin Baver
Being a writer at heart, one would think I would be able to put into words the exhilarating experience I had on Saturday evening, but I'm afraid words cannot convey the excitement of the evening. I'm sure you're all familiar with the set list, the lineup, her warmth and sincerity, and surely there were no changes on the eve of the Sovereign Center Inauguration. I barely missed "Bombay Sapphire" and wish I would have been able to hear "I Miss You" in concert because it's such a beautiful song (and I can't help but mention it having shelled out for the shirt with a portion of the song's lyrics imprinted on it).

My first Stevie Nicks concert was in July at Holmdel, just before Stevie began to fall ill, and I must say I wasn't let down then and I enjoyed myself immensely, but Saturday nights show was fantastic by comparison. Her voice filled the arena and echoed within the freshly painted walls. I believe she smiled even more then the first time I saw her in concert, and she seemed to display more hand gestures when she spoke with sheer happiness about how certain songs came to be, and about Don Henley auctioning off her shawl!

All in all, sitting 10 rows back, it was a wonderful show. Stevie was magnificent, her entire band played beautifully, and Jeffrey Gaines opened with an extremely enjoyable performance which leaves me on the verge of going out to buy his album as soon as I find the time. I can't wait until next year *fingers crossed* when Fleetwood Mac tours. Stevie alone makes for a great show, but I have yet to see Stevie and Lindsey together live and experience the unique intertwining of their two voices. Keep smiling.

Krista Zanetti
I was especially early for the Reading show because I wanted to be there when the box office opened. I thought they might have some good seats they didn't know about until the day of the show. Since it is a new venue, I assumed they had never set it up before and could have misjudged the number of seats around the stage. I originally had row 19, which wasn't too bad, but ended up with row 3! My gamble paid off. Not to mention, I was there when Stevie's buses pulled in. Everyone was yelling for Mindy, Sharon, and Stevie's Yorkies! Initially, Bootylicious was played and then a few verses of Trouble in Shangri-La. But, when I heard Stop Draggin', Stevie burst onto stage! I could see her come out from behind the stage and she looked fabulous. I was so excited to be so close to her. Everyone was on their feet singing and dancing, and it was amazing.

Every song she played was great because she was at her best. The most enjoyable part of it all was that it seemed like Stevie, herself, was having a great time. She was dancing, smiling and was unusually chatty. I have been to many other Stevie shows and couldn't believe how much she spoke to us. I had a smile from ear to ear. She even gave us some insight into the meaning of "Planets of the Universe". She said that she wrote it when she and Lindsey were breaking up for good. She also talked a bit about "Sorcerer". It was really amazing. I felt like Stevie put everything into each song and sounded great. Although I thought every song sounded fantastic,

I was waiting for Edge of Seventeen. I knew I was close enough to maybe get up by the stage to shake her had, but wasn't sure. Well, anyway, when "Fall From Grace" began, everyone started to make their way to the stage. My friend started to say to me "go, go!" so the next thing I knew I was jumping over the empty seats in front of me. Not easy in a jean skirt, I might add. Anyway, I made it to the stage and was about a person or two away from it. I couldn't believe it. This was my chance to see Stevie up really close. The next thing I know the security guy is telling us all to go back to our seats. I said, "No, you don't understand. We are supposed to be here. This is when we shake her hand!" He didn't believe me so I told him the same thing again. He must have thought I (and everyone else) was pretty sincere because that was the last we saw of him! And, during "Edge of Seventeen", I was able to reach up and shake her hand. I couldn't believe it, considering I thought I would be sitting in row 19!

The only thing I regret is not having a gift for her because the concert was incredible. I was so lucky to be there. Stevie finished up with her encore of "I Need to Know", a Tom Petty cover, and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" She was really rocking during "I Need to Know" which is always a lot of fun! Then, before "Has Anyone Ever Written", she left the stage for a moment. When she came back to sing, she was wearing a big top hat with HUGE feathers coming out of it. All I could think was "she's so cool." I thought this was great because she didn't wear the hat at the other show I attended in Pittsburgh. But, that's okay because I got to see her with Sheryl Crow in the 'burgh.

Finally, she brought the band out on stage for applause. She also had Jeffrey Gaines, her opening act, join them on stage. She spoke a bit to him and they all bowed. I thought that was really cool. Of course, Stevie has always been and still is the reigning "Queen of Rock-n-Roll", and my inspiration. Importantly, I need to mention how great Mindy and Sharon were during the show. My seat was right in front of them and they amazed me. I just wanted to yell for them and tell them thank you. Not to mention, the band was really rockin' in Rochester too. I felt like they were with Stevie all the way. It wouldn't have been nearly as good of a show without them being so into it and playing their butts off! Thanks!

Mia Earle
First, living in Northern New York I can say that there are almost no major concerts here, or anywhere near here, so when I heard that there was going to be a Stevie Nicks concert not five hours from here I was immensely happy. I was even more happy when I found out that I got to go to this concert. Also exciting was the fact that it would be the first concert ever performed at that venue. It's nice to know that in a small way, myself and everyone else who attended are a part of history.

The Stevie Nicks concert at Reading's Sovereign Center was the first concert that I have ever attended, and I was totally blown away. From the time that I came in and sat down I felt like I was in a magical fairy land. All the people that I talked to were so positive and excited that it was almost overwhelming. When Stevie started her first song I was on the edge of my seat and I don't think that I moved until the last note of the encore, when almost everyone in my section joined for a standing ovation. The concert was amazing. Stevie's voice and the band both sounded great. There were people dancing in the aisles and everyone on the floor stood for the whole show. She even talked about several of her songs. When she spoke it seemed like she wasn't addressing a large group of strangers at all, but like she was talking to people who were sitting in her living room. The lighting and the backdrops of the stage also really helped to give the audience that feeling. When the concert was over I couldn't believe how amazing it was!

That was the best 18th birthday present that I could have asked for! The show was extraordinary and the whole experience was astonishing. That is a night that I won't soon forget.

Karen Metzger
I have enjoyed stevie music for years but never had the pleasure of an live performance. THANK YOU STEVIE, that was the best concert I have ever been to. Your are timeless, your songs still hit an emotional cord. The feeling of love you have for your art is soon overwhelming from the first song to the every last that I left feeling I had just seen a true legend. I am 45 years olds , but that night I felt 20 again. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Don't stop.

Tara Mulqueen
I just got home from the Stevie Nicks concert in Reading. I am still speechless, and it ended an hour and a half ago. I started out with my seat back in row 14, which wasn't bad. But for some reason I really wanted to be closer. So I walked up to the front row, found an empty seat, and sat there for all of Jeffery Gaines. Who I must say sounded exellent. Well, then I got booted from that seat, I walked around for a minute and decided that I did not want to give up yet. So I got my wallet out of my purse and pulled all of my money out.... (120.00) I started walking up and down the front row, asking if anybody wanted to switch seats with me. Finally someone did... she was in the second row. Perfect seats. I gave her the money and we switched.

I got settled, the lights when down and the song bootylicious come on. I was expecting that because I also experienced the Camden concert. Let me just say that it is a totally different experience when you are up close. She actually interacts with you. I was truely amazed by the way she gets personal with her fans. The man standing next to me kissed Stevie's hand while she rubbed his face. It was so sweet. Then throughout the encore she was watching him and imitating his hand motions. I was totally at aww, and I thought the man was going to fall over. I myself got to shake hands with Stevie, I recieved a warm smile and a wink. I also gave her a braclet that I made in art class that I really loved. It's not exactly perfect, but I hope she likes it.

I danced and sang throughout the entire thing, as I am sure everyone else did. When you see her, and all the love that she recieves... it makes you no longer want to just a face in the crowd. Thank you Stevie for being an amazing inspiration to me and everyone else. I love you.

Stu and Sharon Barnhart
This was the first music concert for this brand new venue in downtown Reading, PA. Driving in, the Reading radio station played Stevie songs which blasted from every car stereo driving into town tonight. The crowd was excited and ready for Stevie. Everyone seemed surprised to see Jeffrey Gaines open this show. He announced that he is from Harrisburg, PA, and many knew him well from his time playing clubs in the area. He opened with an excellent set, which introduced everyone to the awesome sound system and many to Jeffrey's enjoyable songs. Stevie is feeling much better! Our daughters, Devin and Kelly, age 10 and 12 were with us 6th row from the stage.

When the lights went out, everyone with floor seats were on their feet, and stood for the entire show. The energy was high, and Stevie and her band were just incredible, as was the sound in this new arena. Stevie's voice was beautiful, and we could tell that she was glad to be singing again after her lengthy illness. Unlike Stevie's early tours, when her moves and gestures were spontaneous, her shows now are more calculated and somewhat predictable. But she has developed her persona and trademark style which everyone expects. One twirl or kick, and the crowd goes wild, it's expected of her, as is her attire for specific songs. Stevie and the band still enjoy every moment with their fans, and it's good to see that. They are family on stage, and we are guests in their "home on the road" for a brief period of time. She is the Queen of Rock and Roll, and the ultimate "hostess and entertainer" There is no doubt. And her fans are loyal and appreciative of all that she and her excellent band give.

It was a wonderful performance, and we feel privleged to have been a part of this wonderful experience. The sound, her beautiful stage setting, could not have been better. To all those who are looking forward to the remaining shows of this tour.."You are in for an exceptional treat!!"

Donna Major
For those who don't know, this is a brand new venue. Stevie was the very first event! I can't think of a better person to have "christened" the Sovereign Center in Reading PA.

For those of you who are wondering about whether or not she is capable of performing after her illness, rest assured! She put on a great show, and she looked great. The crowd was left wanting more.

To sum up my experience tonight, it was magical! I have been going to Stevie Nicks Concerts for approx. 20 years now. Never have I had such good seats, got to be right up at the stage, and got to see her leaving the building in her limo afterwards.

Now, to detail the magical part......(and humorous) I took my nephew tonight. He is 12 years old, and has never been to a concert before. Put this together with the fact I am a huge Stevie fan, and you will understand the "magic" part. Look at this story from my nephew's point of view, and that is the "humorous" part....

What a great night. Christopher (my nephew) has now been ruined for life as far as concerts go, since this was his very first concert.

First of all, we had seats 5 rows from the stage. He was in awe of watching people get kicked out constantly by security because they wanted to be near our seats. I got to go right up at the stage by the encore (Edge of Seventeen). I mean, my hands were lying flat on the stage. I was right in front of her, with my chest pushed up against the stage ! She came around and shook peoples' hands. She then held my hand. Honestly, she must have let me hold her hand for approx 30 seconds (that is honestly felt like 5 minutes though!) Believe me, like Marsha Brady, I am never going to wash that hand again! Christopher stayed back at his seat.

Then we walked out of the building and noticed a crowd lingering near the stadium. It dawns on me, by the way they were lined up, that they were waiting for her car to leave! Christopher and I got right up front. Then the first cars put their sirens on, and a limo follows. Now, you know that limos have tinted windows, right? Even though I wasn't sure that Stevie was actually in this car, I waved etc. Next thing you know, the limo is right in front of me, comes to a stop, and the window rolls down - IT'S STEVIE!!!!!! She waves hi! Honest to God, right in front of me and Christopher! I was so dumbstruck I couldn't move! All other fans started screaming and following the car. Me? I stood there with a shocked look on my face.

So, to recap, Christopher thinks that going to a concert means that you will sit within 5 rows of the stage, walk right up to the stage to watch the last 3 songs, shake hands with the star, then go outside and say goodbye to the star as they depart the buliding!!!!!!! LOL Little does he understand that it took me 20 years to have what happened to him his first concert! What a night!!!!!!

Even the simplest acknowledgment from her, and it makes her fans feel extra special. That is why she is so good at doing what she does! I do feel special tonight! Thank you Stevie, for a truly magical experience!

Hey what a concert in reading PA. It rock on she was the bomb! Stevie rock the place an more the concert was the most alsome place to be ! My money was worth it very much. The stage flip my mine an the sounds just chill my bones bad. Her capes she wore where the eye on the show an how she rock on every song . The concert kept me off my chair.Thank you stevie an crew for a good show rock on baby!!

Jeff S.
Having just arrived home from seeing Stevie Nicks for the 7th time I continue to be impressed with her: longevity, candidness, and connection with the audience. Having first seen her with Fleetwood Mac in 1977 her maturity and appreciation of her fans is unparalleled in the music business. It was refreshing to see a 50 year old woman captivate such a diverse group of fans of all ages. She truly is a songwriter and entertainer in the purest sense. Brittany, Christina, N'Sync, Destiny's Child, Backstreet Boys take note we won;t see you performing for 24 years, you have no substance. Stevie is timeless.

Tawny Wright
They could not have picked a better person to break in the sovereign center! My heart stopped the minute she walked on stage and I don't think my feet touched the ground until she said good night and walked off stage. She was absolutely amazing. Her voice was strong and her moves were brilliant. She looked beautiful as always. This was my second time seeing her and I would give anything to be able to do it again I would never be able to get enough of her magical shows. The way it makes me feel inside is beyond words.

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