Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/5/01 ALLTEL Pavilion at Walnut Creek Raleigh, NC

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Kevin and Jody
My husband and I traveled from Panama City, Florida for the second time to see Stevie. We originally had tickets for the July concert in Raleigh and when it was cancelled we purchased tickets for Charlotte, it was also cancelled. When the concerts were rescheduled, we had kept both sets of tickets, not sure which venue we could make and we headed out Tuesday night for Raleigh. I have read all the fan reviews and the most I can add to them is ditto. There are no words to describe the experience. In the middle of the first song in Raleigh my husband and I in unison said we will go to Charlotte.

For me there was no decision, I have been a fan and devoted listener since Buckingham Nicks. My husband hasn't, his first experience was seeing the reunion Fleetwood Mac tour. I knew from the beginning I'd married my soul mate but now we have one more thing in common. Our love and appreciation of Stevie Nicks, her words and music. Although the Raleigh concert was excellent, it left us wanting to see and hear more. After the Charlotte concert, everything was right and the experience was magical. When the first concerts were cancelled we understood and wanted Stevie to be better but understandably we were disappointed. After September's concert any prior disappointment disappeared and felt as if we were meant to make the second trip. 3000 miles total and would not change a thing, except to maybe have gotten tickets to more concerts. Thank you for your website, God bless and thank you Stevie for your words, music and aura. You truly give one an experience of a lifetime. You have a gift that will continue long after we are here.

Gregory Balint
I saw Stevie, in Reading, last night and it was incredible. It was the fourth time I have seen her and absolutely the best! Her voice was so strong, I was blown away. The band never missed a beat. Stevie told a cute story about a time when she dropped her shawl and the next thing she knew Don Henley was auctioning it off! Stevie was talkative and gracious with the crowd. She had unlimited energy and twirled and rocked the entire performance. My parents went with me, the first time they have seen Stevie. They both loved her! They both commented, "I like when she twirls around". We drove six hours and it was well worth it! For "Has Anyone Ever Written..." Stevie came out in a black top hat and ostrich feathers. She looked beautiful. It was an awesome, magical night!!

Laura & Barry
My fiance Barry and I were lucky enough to attend Stevie's Raleigh,NC show on September 5. I saw her at the same venue in 1998 on the Enchanted tour. And I never thought it to be possible, but Wednesday night was even better! I have been a HUGE fan of Stevie's since I was a little girl, and my mom had Rumours on 8track. Mom was a big fan of Stevie, so naturally I grew up listening to her as well as Fleetwood Mac. My mom was killed when I was 8 years old, and I guess because now at 28, I have so few memories of her, that I kind of subconciously attached myself to things she loved. I remember seeing photos of Stevie when I was little and asking mom if she was a witch. Mom just grinned and said, "sort of, but in a good way." Ever since then, I have just adored Stevie and followed her career thru the ups and downs. When she sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You the other nite, I cried and cried because in it when she sings the lines about "in your darkest sorrows, did you ever hear me sing?", I felt like she was really saying that to me way out there, a stranger in the audience. At the lowest points in my life I have repeatedly been comforted by and felt a connection to the words Stevie has written.

From the moment she stepped onto the stage Wednesday nite, I started to cry. Not tears of unhappiness! I was singing and smiling and crying throughout the entire show. Her music has always touched me so deeply. My fiance was kinda surprised to see me crying that way. But I'd warned him in advance that I'd do that! The last time I saw her I bawled then too! Barry said in the 3 years he's been with me he's never seen me that happy. There would be times Wednesday nite like when she would sing Rhiannon or Gold Dust Woman, among others, when I'd be trying to sing along, and I would remember all the times I had listened to those songs, and now here I was watching her perform them, and I was overwhelmed. My chin was trembling so bad I couldn't form the words to sing along!

Then when she came out for the final encore in the top hat and feather that other fans have talked about, I just covered my mouth. I was just spellbound by her! I looked up at Barry and started crying again, and he put his arm around me, and we rocked back and forth during the song. I was also very glad that she included so many of her new songs in the show. I have fallen in love with Sorcerer and Planets of the Universe,etc. Stevie was so beautiful and gracious. She actually thanked us for coming back to see her. That really hit me, just how real she is. She is so genuine. I really don't feel she's like so many other artists who just put out albums to make more money, or who tour just for the recognition. Stevie is more than that. She wants to express her true self, and share it with her fans. I hope somehow she knows just how much she means to fans like myself.

I was at the Sept. 5th concert at Alltel Pavilion in Raleigh and I would like to say this: IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Stevie proved that she is not "a living legend"....she is THE QUEEN OF ROCK and nobody can touch her! Her performance was PERFECT. Her voice was strong on every song like usual and she really turned it loose at the end of Edge of Seventeen. The band and background singers played and sang to a T throughout the concert too. When Stevie twirled and kicked onstage, the crowd went crazy. The music lineup was perfect and the stage setup had Stevie Nicks written all over it. Just make sure you come back to Raleigh next year Stevie!

Hey, I just wanted to say that the show on September 5 in Raleigh, NC, was amazing!! Despite her recent health problems, Stevie's voice has never sounded so strong and arresting. She really had the crowd into the music, and during her final number, she wore a great hat with a feather. All in all, it was the best rock show I'd ever been to, she certainly topped her 98 Enchanted tour, which I thought was impossible to beat!

Michael Johns
Stevie Nicks played the Altel Pavilion (formerly Walnut Creek Amphitheater) in Raleigh, NC, Wed. Sept 5th, 2001,on a make-up date from her July 25th schedule. The evening was worth the wait. I was delighted to hear her voice live and to see her and her band. She was great, and her band rocked; from beginning to end the concert met and exceeded my expectations. From the piano interlude before "Rhiannon" to the simply incredible Percussion/Drum/Guitar lead-in to "White Winged Dove" her band showed awesome musicianship, not to mention incredible energy. I appreciated that Nicks' set wasn't too loud. Sure, the place was rocking, but without wearing any hearing protection when I left my ears weren't ringing and I didn't have my characteristic headache from the volume. Nicks seemed to get a little tired toward the end of the evening but her voice was as beautiful as she is. I enjoyed hearing some of the history behind the songs and a little of her own personal story first hand; I could have sat and listened to her talk for as long as she sang. Stevie Nicks is one talented, beautiful and strong woman whom I deeply respect.

Not to be overlooked was her opening act for the evening, a man named Jeffrey Gaines. With just a bright sounding acoustic guitar and that quietly powerful voice, I couldn't believe the great sound. His guitar playing shows his great talent- though he broke a string in the middle of one song, you would have never known it for the music. He simply laughed, adjusted to it and kept going until the end of the song, and then switched to his backup guitar for the next song. I found his lyrics thoughtful, hopeful, moving, and sometimes sad. My favorite song was "Hero In Me." I also appreciated his sense of humor, talking about his songs, and his humility before the audience, knowing he was not the main reason the people came to the show. I am grateful that he was there so I could discover him. It's funny how I missed hearing anything on the radio, or if I did, never caught his name. He was refreshing, a gem that more people need to discover. I went out and bought an album the next day and have enjoyed it all again.

Stevie put on a magical and moving show at the ALLTEL Pavilion at Walnut Creek in Raleigh NC. This was the first Stevie Nicks concert I had ever been too and I can promise you one of the most memorable events of my life. Her concert was amazing I do not have the words to describe how she touched my heart and soul. Stevie gave us a 100% and I just want her to know the audience knew that. As Stevie said to her fans "Please take care of yourselves, so we can do this again…. Life is precious". Stevie, please take care of yourself because we love you and want to do this again soon!

Stevie was great Wednesday night. She looked and sounded great. She started off a little weak, but as the night went on, her voice got much stronger. She did an incredible job on Planets of the Universe, Fall From Grace, Edge of Seventeen, and Rhiannon. At one point, during Edge of Seventeen, when she walks along touching the fans, someone held a little girl up to her. Stevie nodded her head and the bodyguard lifted her up on stage with Stevie. She was adorable- had a little tophat on. Stevie was down to earth, sweet, and really looked happy to be there. I wish the show could have been longer- it went bye so fast! Stevie is the best!!!

Delane Sellers
I've been to several Stevie Nicks concerts but I was still just as excited as I was the first time. I felt as if I could jump out of my skin from all the excitement. It was a 2 hour drive from my home to Raleigh where the concert was to take place. We arrived at the Alltel Pavilion as soon as the parking gates opened at 5:30 PM and made a point to be in our seats by around 6:30. We waited as patiently as possible but I must admit I was a nervous wreck by the time Jeffrey Gaines finished his set.

Stevie hit the stage with a bang. It was like pure magic when she opened her mouth and began to sing. There was definitely no trace of her previous sickness to be heard in her voice. She sang as strong as I have ever heard her. Also, the band was wonderful. It was a treat to see Waddy with Stevie on the road again. The drummers were excellent as well. These folks never missed a single note. Also, the lighting was great!! A perfect show!!

Stevie held the audience spellbound the entire evening as she proceeded from song to song. I know that she had me twisted around her little finger from the time she opened her mouth and I must admit I was so moved by her performance of Rhiannon (still my favorite after all these years) that I actually jerked a few tears. She moved gracefully as usual from song to song doing a few of her trademark spins along the way and even kicked her feet up a few times. She also talked quite a bit during the show, telling stories about the songs as well as thanking everyone for coming back a 2nd time as this was a rescheduled show from 7/25. She told the audience, "I told you last time I'd be back, didn't I?"

As she began to wind down the set, she performed "Edge of Seventeen" as usual as the end of show but I knew she'd be back even as she thanked everyone for coming. After Stevie and the band left the stage, the audience clapped and roared for more. And, right on cue, the band and the girls came back out followed by Stevie.

She performed "I Need to Know" and then her grand finale was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" which she performed with a huge hat on with a giant feather on top - another one of her trademark accessories. It was so cool.

I feel so fortunate to have had this time with Stevie and I can truly say that she is magical and timeless and once in a million years a ladt like her rises....................

Awesome show. My 6 year old was so excited! We are from Charlotte and heading out now to see Stevie from the front row tonight. Will let you know how it is tonight! The set was not quite as abreviated as mentioned above. Stevie gave her all and so did her band. I could not ask for anything more. THANK YOU!

Lauren Darr
This was my first Stevie concert. I have been waiting for this for a really long time. The postponement didn't help much, but I was thrilled when the day finally arrived. I am only 17 so I'm a young fan. My mom, her co-worker, my cousin, my friend, and I left at about 4:30 to get to Raleigh. We met my cousin outside of Reidsville, ate, then continued to Walnut Creek. I could not believe that by the end of the night I was going to see Stevie sing live!!!!

When we got there I bought a shirt and we found our seats. Jeffrey Gaines came out and and sang he was good but I could not wait for Stevie! He left the stage and a few minutes later I heard the first few beats of Bootylicious. I screamed! I knew in seconds my dream would come true! Then I heard the unmistakable enchanting voice call out "I hear there's trouble in Shangri-La" and I screamed again and jumped to my feet where I remained the rest of the night! We all sang along, danced, and felt the power of the Queen of Rock n Roll!!! The crowd was amazing, and we just kept getting more and more enthusiastic with every song. I think it helped Stevie get centered and give us a truly awesome performance.

Some highlights for me were Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back (amazing kicking action!). Another high spot was when Stevie saw the little girl dressed in the black dress and top hat and got her up on stage. I hope that she realizes how lucky she was that night! Overall this was the greatest night of my life...well maybe until the next concert!!!! I can't wait, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan Westbrook
The Sept. 5, 2001, show was my first Stevie concert -- and it was incredible! There are really no words to express how I felt during and after the show. The only disappointment I have about the concert is that it's over. I heard "Bootylicious" and knew the magic was about to begin. When the lights went out and I heard Stevie singing "Trouble in Shangri-La," I was near shaking with excitement! She came on stage and held us in the palm of her hands for the entire show. She was beautiful and gracious and the crowd went crazy with every trademark twirl! We were in the 11th row, center stage and we danced, sang and didn't sit down the whole night. This was truly one of the best nights of my life and I will always remember it. I've been a fan for a while now and I love her even more after Wednesday night's performance. Thank you Stevie for a concert experience I will never forget!

Julie C. Hall
This was my first Stevie concert, it will not be the last! I was mesmerized the minute she walked out on stage. I have seen a lot of show's in my life and Stevie's performance last night was the utilmate class act! Stevie did not need to command anyone's attention, she had it non stop beginning to end.


Scott Norton
Stevie's performance was impeccable from the opening of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" to the touching conclusion with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." Stevie told us she'd be taking us on a journey through her life and perhaps our lives as well. She took me back through many memories from my own life as she shared hers with us. The audience was truly enraptured by Stevie's presence throughout the evening. She thanked us time and again for coming around the second time after the first performance was rescheduled as she said, "I told you I'd be back." And boy was she ever. There was no evidence of her previous illness as she hit every note with perfect clarity. The audience erupted with applause as she twirled across the stage with her classic moves we've all come to know. I really enjoyed the subtle, yet beautiful costume changes throughout. The band was so tight with their performance and everyone on stage seemed to be having the time of their life. It was apparent the audience was getting nothing less than Stevie's best. Her personableness was heartwarming as she connected with the audience in so many ways. I will never forget this experience nor the impact that her songs have had on me as I reflect on life, love, and the relationships that I have been enriched from as the years continue to flow by. Thank you Stevie for the most unforgettable concert experience I've ever had. May you continue to touch our hearts for many more years to come.

Jason Phillps
I will never forget last night. Stevie totally rocked out. This was the fourth I have seen her live and she was better than ever. she was beautiful as usual and sounded great. There were many highlights but for me it was when I actually got to shake her hand. I gave here a dozen roses and a stuffed black cat. She said "oh you got me a cat, thank you" . I told her "I love you" and she said"I love you" WOW! There was a little girl named Rhiannon beside us dressed in a top hat and chiffon (very cute!) Stevie saw her and picked her up on stage to let everyone see. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was 100% pure classic Stevie...AMAZING! Stevie you never cease to amaze me. I true poet...legend.

If I could choose only one word to describe this concert, it would be breathtaking. Stevie continues to enchant her fans with beautiful songs, outstanding vocals, and fabulous twirls! We were on our feet the entire time begging for more. Stevie looked wonderful and her voice was better than ever. This concert was well worth the wait and I'm already looking forward to her next tour. Don't miss Stevie this summer . . . it is an outstanding performance!

Stephanie Hart
After waiting breathlessly for the new date for this postponed show, and then fearing a cancellation, I was relieved as I pulled into the Alltel Pavilion parking lot. Knowing I would see Stevie perform again gave me chills, and she did not disappoint me. Her voice seemed more than recovered from her bout with respiratory illness, and the beauty of her vocals flew through the air and enveloped all who came to witness her grace. Even in the open air of Alltel, you felt as though she was sitting next to you, whispering her life in your ear. The sound was phenominal,and Stevie was the enchantress and the piper, leading all of us through her magical world, and stating correctly, that they were the songs of her life, and most likely ours as well. She couldn't be more right.

As her ingenious band and back up singers lent their wonderful skills to her revelry, she danced and poetically expressed all the emotions she wished to convey. Her band always has a strength that is the perfect compliment to Stevie's melodies and musings, and they keep the life blood of the show flowing behind her. They are truly most talented.

We share the emotion Stevie sings so passionately about and for. So seeing her is a right of passage, and an unforgettable one at that. She was outstanding, and an inspiration. When she performs Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for you as a final encore, you feel that you have. That she has written it all for you. To share, to embrace, and to never let go of. The fact that that song was my husband and I's wedding song, made the night, and us, cry. I love those tears.

Her songs and her life will never fade, for she is the goddess of music. I await the next experience wholeheartedly.

Diane Baldwin
Several months ago, I eagerly purchased my Stevie tickets. I arrived early to the Ticketmaster outlet and made my purchase just minutes after the tickets went on sale. I was still only able to get seats in the second set of reserved seats. Clearly, the average person cannot easily get good seats, even when willing to pay the premium price. So, I had my tickets, then to my great surprise and pleasure, I was able to win tickets and the chance to meet Stevie after the show from the radio station Sunny 93.9. I have been a Stevie fan for many years, beginning with memorizing the lines of the Fleetwood Mac songs my sisters played and progressing to a re-discovery of Stevie as an adult and developing a whole new appreciation for Stevie's talent as a songwriter. Her ability to touch people is amazing. Truly, she has written something for me. The show was originally scheduled for July 25 but was rescheduled for September 5 due to Stevie's illness. The show did go on, but the radio station found out at 3:00 p.m. on September 5 that the "meet and greet" after the show would be canceled. I found out after I arrived at the venue. Of course I was extremely disappointed to find out that I would not get to meet Stevie after all. I had gotten the impression that Stevie is very gracious to her fans, so I have to admit that I was very let down last night. She was well enough to perform the show but not well enough to stay an extra 15 minutes or so and sign a few autographs for the fans? Although I tried to shake my disappointment and enjoy the show, it was difficult. I have read many of the fan reviews; therefore, much of the show was familiar. The performance and dialogue were almost verbatim what has been written, right down to the obligatory kick during Stand Back. I have only seen Stevie one other time, during the Enchanted box set tour. Then, as now, Stevie seemed rather tentative in her movements. Stevie's voice was the clearest and strongest during the final notes of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." Yes, she has, but overall, last night's performance didn't strike the right chord.

Gil-Ann Wilder Raleigh
I have waited my entire life to see Stevie Nicks in concert and got the wonderful opportunity of sitting on the front center row. When Stevie walked out on stage my heart dropped. She has been a great influence in my life and looked and sounded more wonderful than ever. The minute she walked out on the stage she looked me right in the eye, I waved and she smiled and waved back at me! I thought it was all a dream. Her voice was beautiful and when she did Gold Dust Woman (my favorite song of hers) in her "glittering gold cape" the crowd went wild. I could not stay seated most of the concert and sang with her through the entire show. Her stage presence, band members and stage decor was top notch. Luckily at the end of the show I got right up to the stage and got to shake Stevie's hand. She is a warm, wonderful and sincere person and her music shoots "straight from the heart". I will never forget my night with Stevie Nicks on September 5, 2001 at Alltel Pavillion! I have on the back of my car bumper that Stevie Nick's rocks and boy does she. I love you Stevie!

Meridith Lewis
Simply enchanting - that's all I can say about her performance last night. She was in wonderful form and voice, and the band was TIGHT. I was thrilled to see Waddy Wachtel back on the road with her as Music Director. The lights and sets were brilliant, especially the special effects during 'Planets of the Universe,' which I considered the highlight of the show. Set list kicked off with Stop Draggin My Heart Around, Enchanted, Every Day, Dreams. Rhiannon, including a total of 6 songs from Shangri-La. During the Edge of Seventeen finale, she pulled a little girl up on stage with her in full 'Rhiannon' regalia - sleeveless chiffon black dress, top hat with scarf. She couldn't have been more than eight or nine years old. The crowd went nuts! She was absolutely gracious about us coming back for a make-up date and she played that show like it was the last one she'd ever do. I've seen all her televised concerts and videos, and this performance blew them all away. I'll never forget it!

Barry & Penny
Actually, the subject of this email is the farthest thing from the truth! There was NO trouble in Raleigh's Shangri-La Wednesday, September 5th! It was paradise, indeed! My girlfriend Penny (the ultimate Stevie fan - she emulates her to the "T," receiving complimentary comparisons to the gypsy herself all the time), and I arrived at Raleigh, NC's Alltel Pavilion early for the rescheduled show. We were thrilled that Stevie had returned and that she was feeling better - ready to "rock-a-LOT!" BTW, we were also jazzed to hear that Jeffrey Gaines was back on board - love his songwriting style and performance! After we perused and stashed our Stevie Swag from the merch booth, we milled around and talked to radio folks broadcasting there, to discover a meet-and-greet had been planned, but cancelled. Though we were disappointed, we understood that Stevie was conserving her energies for the stages ahead... Finally, it was showtime! We especially enjoyed Jeffrey Gaines commanding performance and wonderful songs -- way to go Stevie on picking Mr. Gaines to join her on tour! Needless to say, Stevie hit the stage with a vengeance and blew all in attendance away! From the super-charged opening chords of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," to the heart-wrenching encore of "Has Anyone Ever Written...," the amphitheater surged with emotion -- tears, smiles, and an overall jubilance from veteran and new fans alike... I, as an avid songwriter / singer / performer, especially enjoyed the connection with Stevie, her magnificent "stories," and her fabulously talented band! Waddy was in fine form, as per usual, orchestrating with crazed abandon, right by Stevie's side the whole time! Kudos to the whole band! The security was rather lenient and allowed some photography and a few fans (incuding Penny and myself) had the opportunity to join Stevie at the stage for "Edge of 17," and for the rest of the show, as well! Quite an experience, especially for Penny, who was at the epitome of joy by this point... We even shook hands with the Beautiful One herself, as she graciously greeted us from the stage! I enjoyed the thrill of seeing Penny so happy, but at the same time, being in this close of prescence with such an amazing songstress! After the show, I managed to get a set list and a Waddy pick from 2 very kind, considerate road crew guys! Thanks to Stevie and her whole band and crew for a wonderful night in Shangri-La! Love, Barry & Penny

PS - we're headed for Charlotte's rescheduled show Friday, Sept. 7th... Reports coming afterwards!

tami sue
last night's show was my 4th solo stevie concert. i had really close seats and it was well worth it. she was,as always,sincere,graceful and appreciative of her fans. she thanked us for returning after her postponement. the place was packed!! i really enjoyed her stories about the songs. she really is "down to earth". i love all of the new material. "too close to texas" is so country, i really think she should do an all country cd. country is her background(her grandfather). there are touches of country in several of her songs. i danced all night and never sat down. she rocked and the band did a great performance. fans- don't miss it!!!!

The concert last night was incredible. My partner Greg and I arrived at Alltel Pavilion around 6:30 to pick up our tickets. You can tell people were very excited about the show. It was the anticipation of waiting the additional six weeks that added to everyone's excitement. People were playing Stevie and Fleetwood Mac music in their cars in the parking lot and some were having tailgate parties. We walked to our seats and were really happy with the location. We were in the middle section only 13 rows from the stage and had an excellent view. The stage had a black curtain covering the TISL set. The only visible parts were the side columns and top stage curtains. Only 5 microphones were in front of the curtain. The show was to start at 7:30 but Jeffrey Gaines did not start until 7:40. I was really surprised that he was playing since Stevie is touring with Bob Schneider currently. Jeffrey was the original opening act scheduled. I realized after he came on stage that he was a solo performer and that the other microphones were actually for Waddy, Carlos, Mindy, and Sharon. The arena was only partially filled when he started playing. He had a lot of enthusiasm and had a full sound for a solo act. Jeffrey played until about 8:15. By then there were many more people and the crowd was starting to get excited. We got up and walked around for a few minutes and noticed many people by the concessions so we realized the concert would be packed. We came back to our seats at 8:30 and noticed there were two guys standing on either side of the curtain so Stevie would be on well before the 9:00 time the arena had posted. Sure enough about 8:40 Bootylicious started playing and the crowd went wild. I told Greg as soon as this song finishes Stevie will be on. When the song finished, the lights went out, the curtain was pulled away revealing the wonderful set. You then heard Stevie singing TISL a capella. I believe it was live since the album version sounds different. I had goosebumps all over my arms. Then we saw Waddy. He started with the beginning of Stop Dragging My Heart Around. Stevie walked out last and looked incredible. She looked so happy. Her voice was really strong. After Stop Dragging My Heart Around she thanked the audience for being there and said "I told you last time I would be back" referring to the 1998 Enchanted tour show here at Alltel Pavilion. I think Planets of the Universe was incredible not only because of the effects with the planets pictures but the song really rocked more than the album version. I think this will become a concert classic from the way the audience got into the song. The set was pretty much what she has been following except that Stevie has dropped Bombay Sapphires as well now from the original set. Some of the highlights were when she walked to the front of the stage after Edge of Seventeen. There was a girl about 6 years old dressed like Stevie in black and wearing a top hat in the front row. Stevie brought the girl on stage but it looked like her security guard was a little nervous about his so he handed the girl to another guard who put her back in the audience. There was a woman in the front row who kept trying to hand Stevie a copy of the Buckingham/Nicks album but she did not take it. When Stevie came out to sing Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You, she had a top hat on with a large feather in it. After the song, she thanked us and said she loved us and gave us all a kiss. She said to be good to one another because that is what it is all about. Before walking off the stage, she did finally notice the woman still holding the Buckingham/Nicks album up and said "That is a very old album." Greg and I did not sit down the whole time. Several times I looked around and saw everyone standing up as far as I could see. People all around me were dancing and having a great time. I am hoping that one of the shows is being taped to be released on DVD. That would be incredible so I would be able to re-live my pleasant memories of my experience last night. Thank You


Bob Vitas
Hi! I had to write you about the concert Stevie did last night (09/05/2001) at the Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek here in Raleigh, NC. I've only been to this venue a few times, and all but one has been to see Stevie! I was disappointed that her voice gave out when the show was originally scheduled in July, but things probably worked out for the better as last night was a beautiful night to see a concert in an outdoor arena: low 70's, low humidity, and not a cloud in the sky. Although Jeffrey Gaines left a little to be desired, his one-man show meant that Stevie came on at about 8:30 and played for about two hours. You could tell at first that she seemed tentative to belt out "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," and "Enchanted" seemed not too enchanting. However, Stevie seemed to gain strength from that point forward and never looked back. The sound guys kept trying to adjust things as her voice got better, so the music got a bit muddled every once in a while, but it hardly seemed to matter. I will admit that I got goosebumps hearing "Rhiannon," and (as usual) "Edge of Seventeen" failed to disappoint. The percussion interplay between Lenny Castro and Stevie's drummer, Mark Schulman, only seems to get better with age. The backstory to "Planets of the Universe" was unexpected, and I went back home listening to the words again to realize just how angry a song it is. It would have been interesting to hear it in it's original form! The highlight of the evening came when Stevie was thanking her fans during the end of "Edge of Seventeen." She suddenly reached down into the audience and helped a young girl on stage. The girl had a black outfit very similar to Stevie's, complete with the tophat from the Rumours/Tusk era. The girl's amazed embarassment was priceless! Thanks again, Stevie, for bringing your magic back to me!

The Goddess of Music Herself Stevie Nicks in all her musical divinity was brighter tonight than any star in the Raleigh sky. From the moment Bootylcious hit the speakers until the final notes of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For you, the crowd roared with excitement. When Stevie came on stage, she looked great. I have to admit that during the first two or three songs, Stevie's voice still showed some affects of her illness. Sharon, and Mindy's awesome background vocals covered this quite nicely. By the time the band went into Gold Dust Woman, Stevie's voice began to get stronger, and that strength grew through the evening. Stevie's band, especially Waddy, Mark, and Lenny were AWESOME! I enjoyed Waddy's rockin solos, he's every bit as good as Lindsey Buckingham. I as well as the rest of the audience was in the palm of Stevie's hand tonight. A few highlights for me were Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. As Stevie did her usual walk across the stage during Edge, she pulled a little girl on stage who was dressed in Stevie attire. Stevie then hugged this child, and let her shake a few hands. This child won't know this now, but she was blessed by the Queen of Rock and Roll Tonight. You could tell with every twirl, every movement, and the high kick at the end of Stand Back, that Stevie was glad to be back. She's Back in a huge way! Thank you Stevie for giving the best night of my life! Thank you for touching my heart with your music! I love you and your magical songs always.

Tiffany MacDonald :)
WOW! The Undisputed Queen of Rock and Roll is back, for sure! The incredible show in Raleigh was the second one I have seen on this tour, the first was in Boston. Stevie really rocked the house tonight! Her voice was so strong, stronger than ever. I guess we can thank the doctors for making her take a rest, becuase it really helped. Her energy was so high that everyone could feel it, and as usual, she held us in the palm of her hands. You already know the basis of the show, so I dont have to explain it to you. However, all of the trademark yells that were missing in previous shows are back. She gave her long scream during Stand Back, Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, and Gold Dust Woman. I was in the fourth row so I really got to see how into her music she really was, and how great she looked, she really loves her fans and appreciates all of us so much. One of the really good things tonight was that Stevie really spent time talking to the audience, she was telling us about her songs and laughing and you just know that she was having the best time. Another cute thing was that when she was shaking fans hands, she pulled a little girl up on stage. The little girl was wearing a black dress like Stevie's and the top hat and scarf, it was so cute. Stevie really got a thrill out of seeing this little girl who couldn't have been more than 7 at her concert. It really goes to show that Stevie's music is timeless and that it carries on with the generations. This is the best show that I have ever seen, she is awesome. So if you are yet to see her in concert, you are really in for a show. Stevie is back and healthy, and her voice is better than ever. Lets all pray that she stays healthy!! Go Stevie!!

I just got back from seeing Stevie in Raleigh,NC and she ROCKED! This was the seventh time I have seen her live and I believe this was the best show ever. I was a little concerned that her voice might not be up to par due to her recent illness, but I couldn't get over the fact that she sounded better than ever! I was a little dissappointed that she didn't do Bombay Saphire, but the rest of the set was perfect. I think Rhiannon was the best version I've ever heard. I've been a die hard fan for 20 years and tonight just deepened my love and admiration for her. This was the first time I ever got to shake her hand....Thanks to all the other reviews that told me when to make my move!! We stood through the entire show and danced and sang like we were really in Shangri-La.....and that was that was exactly where we were!!! THANKS STEVIE....YOU ROCK!!!!

Tim Cranford
The September 5th show at Alltel Pavillion in Raleigh, NC was absolutely fantastic! I have seen Stevie every time she's been to NC, either solo or with Fleetwood Mac, and this has to have been the best show yet!

Stevie's voice was strong and clear, and she was as beautiful as ever. The band was incredible, and it was great to see Waddy again.

The set was slightly abbreviated from opening night, though she did come back for a two-song encore, after a very long standing ovation. Throughout the show, Mindy and Sharon provided some of the sweetest back vocals and harmonies I've ever heard.

Tonight's set list was as follows:

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Enchanted Dreams Gold Dust Woman Sorcerer Everyday Rhiannon Stand Back Planets of the Universe Too Far From Texas Fall From Grace Edge of Seventeen

I Need to Know Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

This show, which was postponed from July 25th, was well worth the wait! Welcome back, Stevie!!

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