Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

8/11/01 Rose Garden Arena Portland, OR
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Thank you Stevie, for an upbeat and wonderful night. There was certainly magic in the air at the PORTLAND ROSE GARDEN... With the beautiful fire torches, fountains and roses outside the building. Stevie's voice was right-on; the sets were well paced. The drum soloists were outstanding, and fun to watch. Stevie's calm, professional and soothing interaction with crowd was admirable - even as she blasted our spirits with GREAT RockNRoll! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Lindsey, and where some of the new songs had come from. Many of us wanted to know. More importantly, thanks for all you do!

Jeff in Phoenix
Hey, I'm I said before, I flew standby so didn't quite make it home when I wanted to. Just gave me one more night in Portland. Here's my review: I'm writing this review from Phoenix. I flew up to Portland to see Stevie perform and looking back on the weekend I realize there was a certain theme to the whole trip.....the spirit of a mystical Shangri-la space. This whole trip came about kind of strangely. Here in Phoenix I wait tables for a living....several months ago I had a flight attendant leave me some passes as part of a tip. (Thanks, Cheryl!!!!) Now when I saw the tour dates I kind of freaked a bit since there was no tour date for Stevie's hometown. Then two good friends told me there were moving up to Portland in June. I knew I wanted to see Stevie on this tour so I asked them if I could come up in August for the show. Luckily they said yes, so I used the passes to fly up on Thursday.

It was my first time in's a very beautiful city.....rolling green hills...lots of flowers....lots of flowing water.....quite a bit different than Phoenix in the summertime that's for sure. It was kind of funny because the temps were up in the 90's and that's all I heard people talk hot it was.....send them to Phoenix for an afternoon in We spent Friday sight-seeing....including Multnomah Falls....a stunning waterfall set against a cliff....quite beautiful. I remember making a mental note how Shangri-la like it was.....even with all the tourists and gift shops. We spent Saturday afternoon at the craft/arts fair in downtown Portland.

Okay...on to the show....we arrived at the Rose Garden arena and were promptly told to go to this one area....they didn't tell us why. Comes to find out that since they didn't sell out, they were exchanging the tickets for seats in a better section. Due to monetary reasons we had to get the 'cheap seats', but luck was on our side and we got some pretty decent seats. I had brought my binoculars along and we could see just fine. I knew what the set list was from reading the Nicksfix but didn't want to spoil it for my friends so I didn't say anything. Bootylicious caught them by surprise as it did most people. The lights went down and the acapella chorus of TISL started and I had to admit it sounded pretty cool.

The highlights of the show for me were varied. One of the coolest things I saw while looking through the binoculars was during GDW. Stevie had gone back by the drum sets which had some plexi-glass in front of the them. It was towards the end of the song as Stevie was getting into it as she does, but what was cool was that I could see her reflection in the plexi-glass. So, I saw her from the back plus views from the front on her left and right was kind of like looking at her in one of those three sided mirrors. It was just a cool visual effect. Everyday sounded much better than I thought it would live. Bombay Sapphires was awesome I's beginning to be my favorite song off the album. Fall from Grace rocked as did Stand Back....but Stand Back always rocks. Stevie told the story about POTU's beginnings and how it was about Lindsey. She said that every FM album she would present the song to them and Lindsey would be like, "Umm....I don't think so." That made me laugh.

I'm glad that during the band intros she mentioned Al Ortiz was from Phoenix...all though she said it kind of like, "and he's from PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!!!" I'm glad Stevie's proud of her hometown. The big highlight for me had to be Rhiannon. I have loved that song for years...I still have the 45 somewhere. I never tire of hearing that song and it's special energy. I have had some problems the last few years and the legend of the birds of Rhiannon has come to mean a lot to me. After all these years that song continues to grow with me....and for me. I have heard Stevie sing the piano intro part many times now but it still gets to me every time. Don't know what it is....the song itself....Stevie's voice...her magic....all the time that song has been with just has a special place within me. And to top it all off, for some odd reason, I want the top hat with the big ol' white feather!!! Just thought it was cool.

Anyway the show was over too quickly.... On Sunday we drove out to the sea....Cannon Beach...stopped and saw the largest tree in was over 600 years old. So, after all this.....coming from a hot dusty brown Phoenix to Portland with it's green hills and water.....and the flight passes....and my friends moving up there at this time...and the upgrade with the concert seats.....and the beauty of the area with it's giant trees and all sorts of the crashing of the ocean....the perfect timing and some magical luck.....seeing my friends...and of course, Stevie and her music....the only thread that comes to mind is Shangri-la. To my friends Val and Trish....thank you for a wonderful time. I had a blast!!! And to Stevie...who started this all....thanks for always being there when I needed's been appreciated.... Oh, and the best part is that now Stevie IS going to play Phoenix after all!!!

Barbara Keckler
I have a list..."Things to do before I die" and seeing Stevie in concert was on that list. For this event, my friends and I drove 11 hours each way from Idaho. It was worth every moment. From the time that Stevie walked onstage to her last bow I was on my feet, amazed that I was finally seeing the one who had, with her poetry, gotten me through so many events in my life. Her voice was strong and beautiful. She twirled and the crowd went wild, she performed a haunting 'Gold Dust Woman' and capped it all off with a beautiful rendition of 'Has anyone ever written anything for you' that brought tears to my eyes. And then Stevie would talk to the crowd and the stadium would fall silent...everyone hanging every word this goddess of song had to say, it was like nothing I had ever seen before and nothing I will see again until I see Stevie again. Thank you Stevie!

Sandy Thornton's my review...Title should be "Good vs. Evil" read on...Hubby and I have 6th row seats on the floor in the aisle. The set really does looks incredible...they just brought out her mic stand complete with Stevie's black and white ribbons! Soon she'll be there pouring out her heart to us! I can barely stand it...

I have never been this close to Stevie before So...hubby and I are waiting...I have my camera all ready, loaded with 800 speed film (I called a few days before to confirm with the Rose Garden's management if I could bring my camera and talked with 2 people who said it would be fine) Stevie comes on I snap 5 or 6 images when some jerk from her, not the Gardens', security grabs my arm, spits in my face saying "No Cameras!" "Give me the film NOW!" "No Cameras" "Where's the FILM!" I'm in shock...tears...he was so mean...I said I was sorry and that I had called the Garden to double check with them, described my camera to them and they ok'd it..."THEY WERE WRONG!" "NO CAMERAS!" "Instamatics ONLY!!! NO CAMERAS!!! WHERE'S THE FILM" I began to bend down where my camera bag was...he was standing on top it practically so I couldn't grab it to put my camera away without saying "Excuse Me!" He moved out of the way...I'm in full blown tears at this point...he says, "Put IT Away NOW!" "Don't USE IT!" At least he didn't take my film...needless to say he ruined "SDMHA" for me...I wasn't really calmed down until half way through "Enchanted"....I was so disappointed. Not only did he come over and harass me but after that he had every security person eyeing us through the entire show! Like we were Hit Men or something! I just wanted some really cool photos of Stevie I could have for my website and my collection...jeesh!

But through the course of the evening Stevie graced us with her amazing ability to grab us and put us in another stratosphere. She truly has a gift that is beyond words. I'm not sure if it was the songs themselves or just her voice or all of it combined...all I know is she calmed me down and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy this evening after that mess..."Dreams" and "GDW" blended amazingly well - I didn't even miss "OTR". She seemed to give a little bit too much of her voice especially during the end of "GDW" where she sent me back to 1982 as I closed my eyes..."Every Day" was well received and sounded better than the album version, she really makes each song her own even if she didn't write it.

She tells us about the next song and how it came to be, "When her and Lindsey moved to Hollywood after living with their parents and it was all scary and exciting and everything..." "Sorcerer" was, well...incredible...really awesome...vocal harmonies blended well...she left off the high notes which is just fine by me.

Then during "Rhainnon" some security guy came up and asked if I had a video camera, (in my bag) which I replied "No, it's just a camera" "Well can I see it?" "Sure" He looks at it and says "I'm sorry, just don't use it" "I know they already told us we couldn't use it - so we're not..." Good grief...even the girls in front of us turned to say, "I feel so bad for you guys!" "We do too!"

Anyway...She was "Rhiannon" and gave, again, a bit too much of her voice were she sang an old school version complete with "Dream on silly dreamer, try hard you can't leave her..." Incredible, complete with dripping black sleeves, twirls etc. At the end she told us how, "A song is only as good as the response the audience gives back to" (paraphrased) "Stand Back" was a show stopper I think maybe 50% of the people were singing along - everyone on the floor was for sure! Oregon people are so sedate - no, more like zombies! It's Stevie you peeps, come on and dance! After the (I'm calling it a high leg lift ok...) More twirls, Waddy's guitar connection dance - she floated off stage for another shawl change..."Planets of the Universe" what can I say about this Stevie told us, "I wrote this song after we were finished with Rumours, all the tracks were laid, and Lindsey and I were really over...really finished. So I wrote this song, this angry song and every time I would present it to Fleetwood Mac they turned me down. Because it's so full of anger and about 6 years ago I sat at the piano and I thought how can I make this song not so angry, because Lindsey and I have forgiven each other and we still really love each other and I really love this song. So I re-did it and I still love this song". And so do we Stevie...another awesome live song I can't put it into words...

"Texas" was great I didn't hear any problems with vocal harmonies as others have stated in previous reviews. "Fall From Grace" a true rock classic if I ever heard one...Stevie really let loose on "Maybe I fought this long and this hard just to make sure you survive..."OK...I know what's next because I memorized the setlist..."Bombay Sapphires" is such a rich song, there are so many layers to it, again vocals were top notch with no problems, she got all the lyrics right...I heard some thought her mic went out in a few places but it didn't, she was singing away from the mic as Stevie does...because she's so into it! Same was taken note of in "Sorcerer" as well...she purposely didn't sing the high notes. I must say her shawl for "Sapphires" was really gorgeous, light blue with tiny crystals all over it. The last notes have fallen from "Sapphires"...hubby holds the tourbook and the 'evil' camera...I get ready to walk several feet to the stage...while security is turning away people left and right...a younger fan is stopped with a teddy bear...and while they're debating...hubby says "GO!" Past 2 on my left and 1 on my right who tries (but not really) to stop me. I wedge myself between a stacked monitor and a woman shorter than me, on the far left of the stage...I'm glad I wore my 4" heels! I pray for the first few minutes, "Lord, don't let them whisk me back to my seat...PLEASE!" So we're all standing there about 25-30 of us...I really couldn't see how many and quite frankly I really didn't care...Because I was pressed up against the very stage that Stevie Nicks was just on and will be on again to sing "Edge of 17"!

There really was no room for me to stand normally so I was kinda standing sideways the whole time with top hat in my left hand and my right hand free in hopes that she'll come over for a moment... Waddy comes out and does his "Edge" thing all of us are dancing, whistling, whoo-hooing...eye comes Stevie and I'm within several feet of her as she starts to sing...I can't believe I'm standing here : 0 The song is intense and again she gives quite a bit more than she needed too - I think she must have felt like it was 1981 all over again...because it came through in her voice..."I still hear the call of the nightbird..."It seemed like this song went on forever...I was so excited...I was about to, at the very least, have Stevie walk right by me...She starts to turn from her mic...and walk toward me...OMG...I'm the first person in line! I have eye contact with her the entire"Stevie"..."I made this just for you"...she reaches for my hand and says "Thank You", holds it briefly while I hold up my top hat then she moves on to the next lucky fan...her attendant who's behind her reluctantly took my top hat along with the other items that were being showered upon the stage as she walked by...

She's so gracious and more beautiful up close...I'm all tears at this point...I can't believe I just held Stevie's hand! A dream come true...The most awesome part came after "Edge" finished up..."I know what it sounds like...just like a white...winged...dove...." No her mic did not give out (again) she was mouthing this line over and over away from the mic as she turned to Waddy...Crowd goes nuts...she waves and again is whisked off stage...I kept waiting for them to move us back to our seats but, they never did...I stay right where I am...I hope hubby understands...She came back to do "I Need To Know" I didn't mind this song so much since I was this close!

She left and came back for the grand finale'... "HAEWAFY"...Her black velvet top hat complete with white, black and peach colored ostrich feathers...and a gorgeous sheer crystal laden top...This is such a beautiful song...a single stage light shone on her from above...she's an angel and I'm in heaven...just leaning my head on my hands which were clutched at the end of the stage...I cried like crazy....The last notes fell she gracefully holds her hat and waves "I don't like to say goodbye so, take care of yourselves and we'll do this again real soon...take care..." I will never forget this night...dare my wild heart...Stevie is the best of the best and always will be no matter what circumstances come my way! Yes, Stevie the feeling does remain even after the glitter fades..."

Jessica Duerr
I was so captivated by your concert on August 11 in Portland, Oregon. This was my second concert ever, and I still think about it all of the time. Your outfits, voice, and talent will continue to inspire many people far into the future.

Mike Sisco
To put on a good show artist like Madonna and Janet Jackson rehearse countless hours to get their moves just right. It only took one simple spin from Stevie Nicks to bring the house down. It was the most incredible show I've seen. Stevie's presence alone was a show in its self. Thank you Stevie.

I am writing this review in response to the extraordinary events that occurred the night of the Stevie Nicks Concert in Portland Oregon. The energy was festive and fierce like all of Stevie' concerts, however this particular evening, it was different. Something was different.. maybe it was the moon that nite, or maybe it was the comradery that emulates, beyond the superficial, allowing a clan of strangers to embrace eachother through thewords of a poet. A Poet who reaches into hearts. I could see the white light fill the stadium that night. I could feel Stevie Nicks, share her stories of bliss and despair through the lyrics she has so eloquently gifted to an audience who very simply, can relate.

Twenty Years down the road and she has embraced her adoring fans yet again. I was astounded at the people who were in section 100. Stevie would really want to know them. There was Tom and his wife Katherine, a couple who have been married 15 years, who saved 4 months to see the show, and they never stopped dancing and smiling, together, arms wrapped around eachother, in sync, loving, and laughing. There was Angie, 38 years who has waited a lifetime, and her two daughters, who also saved all of the money they could to see the show, and when Stevie Nicks walked on stage, tears fell down thier faces as they hugged in excitement, it was a dream come true, to be so close, to be so thrilled. I could go on and on talking about the people that I watched that nite, but mostly its about the magic. Thank You for the white light Stevie and for the enchantment, and for sticking around, and for telling us to take care of ourselves, We were listening..... We have always beeen listening.

Kathleen Broderick
My Nicks Fix- The best night of my life began with the sharing of this magical night with my daughter Nicole, who grew up on Fleetwood Mac and Stevie as a constant staple in my home. We drove five hours with Stevie on my Cd player, singing and me telling her it would be a concert experience she would never forget.

Bootyilious started to play-the crowd gave a collective sigh in anticipation of our enchantress' arrival. The intro to Trouble in Shangri-la started to echo in the arena-I knew she would be escorted to her throne. We had excellent seats -we saw everything-Stevie was gently being escorted up the stairs to the stage. She was angelic as she floated up those stairs. The feeling in my body can only be compared to being on a rollercoaster looking down from the highest point,knowing what a ride you are about to experience. My daughter was in complete awe.

The ride began-the wonderful stage of pillars standing all around with roses dangling to the ground. Dainty Ms. Nicks had us capitivated with her graceful presence and powerful words of a lonely life filled with the hope of what if....

Stevie has an aura about her that oozes a woman overflowing with wisdom,deep ,deep feelings and and a childlike hopefulness.Through her powerful words and undescribably haunting voice she touches our soul because it genuinely comes from hers.

Todd & Jill
OH MY GOD, girl you still rock!!!! Stevie your voice tugged on the crowds heartstrings and brought the people to their feet. Your band was outstanding great percussions. Also thanks for taking the time to drop the window and wave when you passed my wife and I. keep on keeping on

Please send Stevie all our thanks-yous and awestruck reactions to the Portland,OR show. I first want to add my appreciation of the song "Fall From Grace" from the new album to the chorus of raves for the other new and old songs that were played at the concert. This song is true, driving, passionate Stevie. I have been waiting to see Stevie for nearly ten years after I was introduced to her wonderful lyrics and music at around the edge of 19 :). I sometimes miss the high end of the range she had when she used to purr "Dreams" and the like, but I think I now appreciate more the depth and strength of the lower end of her range. It speaks better to the drama and power of her lyrics and legacy. She sounded, and looked, beautiful. I cried as she neared the end of "Has anyone ever written anything for you." I've never seen a performer so genuinely appreciative of his or her fans as Stevie was that night. Almost as satisfying as Stevie's performance was seeing so many people as excited and passionate as me about every song and every twirl and kick! Thank you!

Craig B
What a great evening in Portland! After reading previous reviews, I went in expecting a good show and I saw something even better! When Bootylicious started, the crowd went wild and stayed wild throughout the show. Stevie came on stage and started off "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" with Waddy as a duet partner and the energy did not stop until the end. Each song was well-received to say the least, the sound was spectacular and Stevie's voice was better than ever.

I walked away from the Enchanted Tour in '98 very satisfied. This tour tops it. Great songs, and a fantastic band. The highlight for me was 'Stand Back'. I have seen it live 4 times and this time was spectacular! The energy of everybody together on stage was amazing! I loved it! Edge of Seventeen brought the house down and Planets of the Universe was one of the unique songs in the set. The lighting and visuals were completely different and Stevie talked about the importance of the song, the anger and frustration she had in her relationship with Lindsay. It made the song that much more relatable. "Gold Dust Woman" had the crowd going. When Stevie performs it, you see her true nature of mystery and mystique. And she said she was so appreciative of the audience's enthusiasm as it has a direct affect on how the performance happens.

The final song, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was it's own as Stevie changed her outfit and came out with a ponytail and a large tophat a la Mac with a huge feather in it. It was a great end to a wonderful evening. It was unfortunate that it had to end and Stevie was very personable with the audience - inviting them back for another time together. All around 11 on a scale of 10. Thank you for the wonderful and intoxicating evening, Stevie!

Tracy Remington
The Gold Dust Woman illuminated from the beautifully decorated stage. With all eyes fixated on Stevie, she ruled the stage with an iron hand. She sang and danced with radiant confidence along with delicate and blissful gestures weaving her pure magic through the audience. Powerful and full of emotion, our legendary Stevie held nothing back. This lady from the mountain knows how to rock!

After having seeing Stevie several times, i must say that she is truely in the prime of her onstage life. In true Stevie form, she held close to the vintage songs that made her famous.Starting with Stop Draggin My Heart Around , the audience roared with adoration for her. The power of Gold Dust Woman was extreme ...the initmate vocals and suggestive hand gestures took the audience to the magical kingdom of Stevieland (where her true fans want to be). Sorceror seemed to be an extention of her inner self.The intro to StandBack had an outstanding,hard rockin drum solo that went on and on with Waddy Watchel astounding the audience with his clever gutair and the famous high kick Stevie gives at the end of StandBack is always to be looked for . The magic of Rhiannon cryed out to all as she twirled with true Stevie style. Dreams took you back to the early days of her famous career.

Every Day gave way on how to cope with hope. Edge of Seventeen soared like the white winged dove. Planets of the Universe went its way and flowed through the soul . The colors of Stevie's soul shined with Bombay Sapphires. The hard rockin Fall from Grace stole the show with a crecendo of survival at its best. Stevie topped off the evening with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You by wearing a black top hat with feathers~ever so classic Stevie~with her hair up and the hat on she wished her fans well and said for all to take care in hope that we will return with her one day and sing songs with her forever. Everything was in perfection. The incredible sounding band unleashed the raw power of the background singers, which all together , truely complimented Stevie in every way. The only thing i kept wandering is where are Stevie's signature boots? but in all reality, i didnt care, this is Stevie Nicks and there is and never will be anyone on this planet that matches her abilities or talent. Stevie is truely a walking legend in our time. Dont miss this show because Ms, Nicks conjures the most powerful stage performance there is. Stevie is ageless, timeless and authentic in every way.

Thank you Stevie for giving so much to me in this life. You, Stevie, are my La Nuit Magique~(my night magic). sincerely with love, Tracy Remington (aka WildHeart9)

Rick (Nanook), Linda, Cory and Sarah
If anyone can get this to Stevie, please try. I just turned 50 this year and have loved you forever. Your Concert tonight in Portland, Oregon was the most incredible event I have ever experienced. I've been to so many Concerts in my life and NOTHING ever has or ever will hold a candle to you and your band's show tonight. My 13 year old girl and 15 year old boy were also there tonight. You have two new MAJOR totally awe struck kids singing your praises as well now. For anyone who has not made plans to see this Tour, trust us, it's a lifetime event. We love you Stevie. You made our souls soar again and lifted our spirits to new hights tonight! Thank You! We bookmarked your official website.. PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN SOON!

Sheri Gormley
To quote from one of Stevie's new songs, I have so many questions ... Stevie came on stage in black orthopedic boots. All the years I've seen her in concert on her own or with Fleetwood Mac, she's always worn these incredible 6 inch spike heeled boots! Did she injure herself recently? Or have all the years of wearing high heels finally caught up with her? In any case, leave it to Stevie to wear them with style! The boots (which still had 2-3 inch thick soles) were decorated with lots of sparkly glitter. I hope she's feeling okay...

Noticeably absent from the concert was "Landslide." I went to the concert with a girlfriend who knew a bunch of Stevie's songs from the radio, but is nowhere near the diehard fan I am. She was so disappointed not to hear this song, which is her favorite Stevie song. I was surprised not to hear it myself. I know she had to drop some of the older songs to make room for the new "Trouble in Shangri-La" songs, but I couldn't believe she dropped Landslide -- it's such a classic! Stevie's voice was in rare form, and she did play a bunch of my favorites, including "Enchanted," which I haven't heard her perform live in a while and it sounded great. She also included two of my favorites from the new album, "Planets of the Universe" and "Bombay Sapphires."

I wish she would have performed the title track, since that is also one of my favorites from the new album (but then, I wish she would have gone on singing until after midnight...). The best part of the concert was when she and the band did their final bows after the encore, and she promised she would come back to Portland so we could hear her sing again. My girlfriend was so surprised to she the level of adoration Stevie's fans shower on her -- Stevie's traditional "press the flesh" walk during "The Edge of Seventeen," with her fans handing her flowers and gifts, was particularly moving to someone who hasn't seen it before. Does anyone know when her next album (and tour!) is coming?

We saw Stevie last night for the first time at the Rose Garden in Portland. All we can really say is it was AWESOME. We knew it was going to be a great show, but we had no idea that it would be as amazing as it was. The stage set was really beautiful and we really enjoyed the extended intros to some of the songs while Stevie was changing clothes. She did a great mix of old songs and new songs and we were really grateful that she sang so many of the songs off TISL. We couldn't have asked for a better show. We can now die happy!!

The only problem with this wonderful night was that the crowd in Portland really didn''t seem that into it (at least in our section). I don't know if we were just unlucky, because the people on the floor were having a great time. We actually had people ask us to sit down when we were cheering and dancing. From what I have read, who sits at a Stevie concert? We were too excited to sit. We wished that we had bought floor seats.

On to more positive things!!! It was an amazing show for our first live Stevie experience and we can't wait to go to many more. Thank you so much Stevie!!!!

last night was the best concert Iv'e been too, STEVIE was awesome! My husband and I had the best time. I saw Stevie 15 years ago in Calif, Irvine Meadows, and I thought that was the best concert Iv'e been too, last night toped that!! Thank you STEVIE!! You were as beautiful then as you are now!

We had 9th road seats center stage and we could see everything. The stage set was just so mystical. I loved when you sang "Plantes" and the earth was moving on the set it made the whole song come to life. Sorccerer was so powerful, your voice was so clear, you amaze me! I got up to the stage when you sang Edge" and I thru you up a necelace I made for you, it was so awesome you caught it and then looked at me and grabbed my hand, it was a special moment for me. I hope you like it. It has the blue saphire beads with white peark beads, enjoy STEVIE!!! At the end when you all got togeather and thanked everyone I thru up a bracelet I made too and Waddy picked it up and tried it on, it was so cool I think he liked it but I made it for you STEVIE, I think Waddy liked it. Thank you for coming to PORTLAND I have been waiting along time. I'll see you next time Stevie!!!!!!!

Brian B
Well, it was a nite just as the previous reviews promised and we had waited in much antipication for weeks. Stevie is amazing to me. Her voice is so strong and her band is right on..tight and didn't miss a beat. The lead in to Edge of Seventeen was just pure good rock n roll pumping with adrenaline. After a few minutes we all just started screaming cause we couldn't take it anymore! This is the third time I've seen Stevie and I do have to admit she is better then ever.

One thing your going to notice if you haven't got the TISL music yet is that her voice is lower. But, between the back-up vocals and the band it all comes together without anything but pure Stevie perfection-there won't be any disappointment. When we weren't "movin and shakin" we were looking in awe. Stevie is a legend and awe inspiring. Stevie has the gift of taking personal experiences and transforming them into songs that not only capture us but become thought provoking. For me Stevie writes and sings her songs as if she knows a part of me. There is always somethin about her music that you can personally relate to either in your past or present. For me, Stevie is more then just rock n roll, she is an experience! And did I say absolutley a drop dead beauty? And of course those eyes...keep "doing it for the world" Stevie...I'll be your number 1 fan for ever.

Laura Stuckey
What an exciting night! I was so happy Stevie came back to Portland. The crowd was a lot more receptive than they were in 1998. And there were a lot more women dressed in Stevie-styled attire. What a difference 3 years makes! She has definitely gained a lot more noteriety and hard core fans. A loud roar filled the arena when Bootylicious started to play. Then the lights went down as strains of TISL played; a very nice intro! The crowd favorites were Dreams, Rhiannon, GDW; the standards, particularly Stand Back. Stevie was dancing across the stage and did more twirls than I've seen her do in a long time! You go girl! I missed her dancing with Carlos on Stand Back, but the many twirls were better than anything. I'm glad I brought binoculars this time because seeing the onstage facial expressions and exchanges between band members was really cool!

This was the first time I've seen Waddy perform and he's such a great guitar player. I loved the alternate intro to Edge of 17. Planets was great live; the intro to Rhiannon was great. Bombay Sapphires didn't go over as well as some of the other new ones. The Rhiannon "sleeves" on her outfit was a great addition. It looked like she untied them at one point so they draped down. She danced around the stage with her arms up and the sleeves flowing around her, like in the old days, the crowd loved it! My favorite was the top hat and pink feathers. She had her hair back in a pony tail so the whole look was fabulous. I loved the net lace jacket over the black outfit and the cream colored chiffon shawl which she wore down at waist level.. it was a very chic-gypsy look. Someone posted a picture here and I'm hoping to see more offered somewhere on 8x10s.

Stevie's voice was in FABULOUS form! It was crystal clear and you could FEEL it! I've never heard her voice so crisp and clear. (Makes me want to quit smoking!) She's gotten a lot of the tonality back that she had in her younger years. What a blessing! I think there were some problems with the mic because several times when she would start to hit a high note it looked like the mic cut out. At one point she turned to Sharon and said "I don't know what's going on with it.." (reading her lips and using my binocs). Well, next week I'll be in Santa Barbara to see the TISL tour again, but I'll be in the 3rd row and hoping to get a chance to shake Stevie's hand. What a great way to spend a summer vacation!

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