Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/18/01 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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Stevie Nicks put on on helluva show! We were in the 15th row, and it was perfect to see the goddess herself. The energy that was radiating all around was tangible. From the opening with the chilling mix of 'Trouble in Shangri-La' harmonies, to the closing encore of 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You', the show was worth it all. The orchestrations were a huge enjoyment for me, hearing beautiful songs sound totally different and sometimes even more so, is something I love. 'Gold Dust Woman' was especially entrancing while seeing the Gold Dust Woman herself interpret that classic. It was a little disappointing to see fans leave to refresh themselves during her newer songs from her 'Trouble' record, but what can you do about people stuck in their own world? I sure enjoyed every single song Stevie performed. 'Trouble in Shangri-La' is what made me get very much into Stevie, and I love every song on that record, and that is rare for any artist I like.

Other moments I remember are the disco-fied Stand Back with Stevie doing a little high-kick during the ending, her commanding movements and vocals during Fall From Grace, the way she explained softening the opening lines of 'Planets of the Universe' to make it not so harsh as she was angry angry angry when she wrote it in the '74, I think it was. The show was a good solid 2 hours, and that is totally understandable that she didn't strain her voice too high in the first half of the show, can you imagine putting out all those extreme tunes for that long!? Any interpretation from her is perfect.

It's really nice that Stevie wished everyone well and wished them happiness, and wanted to keep on singing together and doing this a few more times, or forever. It's nice to know she genuinely cares, that is so rare for big artists nowadays. It was truly Enchanted night with the Gold Dust Goddess. PS, I thought to myself, ya know, it would be a great thing if they made necklaces of the Stevie 'S' that is everywhere. Well, I got home and saw that StevieDirect will be offering that in the near future, coincidence? maybe.

Mariah Lynn
I went to Stevie_s concert at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio last night with my mom. I had the best time of my life! I_m 22 years old and this was my first time seeing Stevie perform live. I_ve been a huge Stevie fan for many years but my mom didn_t know who Stevie (or Fleetwood Mac) was until I started tacking pictures to my wall. I didn_t know if mom would enjoy herself, but I knew I_d have the time of my life. I live 2 hours away in Marion, Ohio.

We got to Blossom around 6pm. We had to wait at the gates for a while. (I could hear Stevie and her band rehearsing in the background!) When we finally did get in the gate, I headed straight for the souvenir tent. I paid way too much for a really cool t-shirt, tourbook, key chain, and button. My mom called me over to the 97.5 WONE (local Cleveland radio) tent- the station was having a contest and drawing to give away front row tickets. I won the contest to get into the drawing but I didn_t win the tickets. (That_s ok. Maybe next time!) We found our seats (sec. 22, row p, seats 15 & 16) and sat down for the show. Jeffrey Gaines began playing at 8:15pm. He wasn_t bad. In fact, he was rather good. He had some nice songs and he said some nice stuff about Stevie. He played for about a = hour then the stagehands came out to get things ready for Stevie.

People were just sitting around talking when, suddenly, BOOTYLICIOUS blasts from the speakers! Everyone cheered. Then an a capella version of _TiSL_ floated out over the crowd. 9:05pm _ Stevie appeared! I couldn_t believe how beautiful she is in person (pictures do not do this woman justice)! The crowd (myself included) jumped to our feet and went nuts! I stood for the whole concert, screaming my fool head off. I_d seen Stevie on TV before, and I_ve listened to all of her albums about a billion times, but seeing her live was the total bomb! With the aid of my boss_s binoculars (thanks Betty!) I got a great view of Stevie twirling around in her shawls. Hearing these songs live was sooooo cool! My favorite, by far, was _Rhiannon._ I feel a special connection to that song. In college, whenever I would have to write a term paper, I would play the Enchanted Box Set piano version of _Rhiannon on continuous repeat for hours at a time until my paper was finished. There_s! just something about that song that opens my mind. Hearing it live was like a religious experience. I can_t really explain it. I loved hearing her new songs, especially _Fall From Grace._ I

was a bit disappointed that she didn_t go for the high notes on _Sorcerer_ but the song rocked anyway. I was also enthralled by her older songs. Stevie kicked butt on _Stand Back_ (with her high kick at the end!) and _Edge of 17._ I envied the people who got close enough to the stage to shake her hand! WOW! I danced and sang throughout the whole show and I cried during "HAEWAFY"! My mom kept fanning me to keep me from fainting! Stevie_s voice was better than ever, very strong and beautiful. I couldn_t believe I was actually there! The stage was wonderful! It looked exactly like the album cover. Throughout the show, different scenes and colors were projected onto the background. My favorite was the planet Earth during _Planets of the Universe._ The band sounded fantastic, just absolutely fabulous! Waddy was totally jammin_! He_s like a guitar god or something. Sheryl Crow wasn_t in this show but that_s Ok (not that I wouldn_t have liked to see her singing with Stevie ) Stevie_s backup singers, Mindy Stein and Sharon Celani (introduced as _Sharona Celani_) did a great job. Sharon sang the duet with Stevie on _Too Far From Texas_ and Mindy did the harmony on _Fall From Grace._ Stevie had nothing but praise for her band. They are truly a wonderful group of musicians. I had such a wonderful time at this concert! I will remember it for the rest of my life.

As for my mom, she actually enjoyed herself (much to my surprise! Stevie must be some sort of enchantress). She said she liked the faster songs better because she thought Stevie sounded like Janis Joplin! My mom was a fan of Janis, and considering that Janis was a big influence of Stevie_s, I don_t think it_s a bad comparison! ROCK ON, STEVIE!!!

Anyway, for the record, here_s the setlist: _Stop Draggin_ My Heart Around_ _Enchanted_ _Dreams_ _Gold Dust Woman_ _Sorcerer_ _Everyday_ *brief musical interlude while Stevie changed shawls* _Rhiannon_ _Stand Back_ _Planets of the Universe_ _Too Far From Texas_ _Bombay Sapphires_ *band introductions* _Fall From Grace_ *percussion interlude with Mark Schulman and Lenny Castro followed by wicked guitar solo from Waddy Wachtel* _Edge of Seventeen_ --encore-- _I Need to Know_ _Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You_

I've been debating on whether or not to write a review on Stevie's concert from last Wednesday night at Blossom Music Center, because I've been having truly mixed feelings about it. I am a true Stevie FANATIC (just ask my husband -- I listen to Stevie everyday and I check out NICKSFIX sometimes multiple times a day). I was in Wal-Mart at 7:00am on Tuesday May 1, 2001 to buy Trouble in Shangri-La. I went into work late the morning Stevie's tickets went on sale, so I could buy my tickets.

To me, Stevie is AND ALWAYS WILL BE the Queen of Rock. I'm not one to complain about what she wore during the concert or what the set looked like, but I do have to say I do agree with the points Ben and Cathi made in their reviews. First of all, there was definitely technical problems. Just like someone from one of the other venues pointed out, every time Stevie stepped away from the microphone, it didn't pick up her voice. I also noticed that her voice sounded very strained, which is totally understandable due to the tour and the fact that she had a show the previous night. I can live with the fact that "Outside the Rain" was dropped and some of the lyrics were messed up, but I have to agree with Ben's statement about Stevie's energy level. I just got the feeling that the concert the night before must have zapped her energy. I was disappointed that we missed all the twirls and energized dancing other shows had talked about. I don't want to write a negative review, but I truly feel that for what we had to pay for the tickets and the fact that this will probably be one of Stevie's last tours, I drove home disappointed (basically with the sound quality and energy level of the show).

Despite all this, I know Stevie is a human and isn't perfect and to me she is still the best gypsy rocker ever! She did especially rock on GDW, Stand Back, and Fall from Grace. And I keep telling myself, she's allowed to be a little tired right (I just wish it wasn't at our show--ha, ha!) She did seem truly sincere in thanking us for being there and I know she probably put her heart and soul into her performance. It just seemed lacking in something. And maybe she had been used to playing off Sheryl and maybe she did just have an off night. The Reprise site still has Columbus listed as the Sept. 1st show date, which we know now isn't true -- but I hope they add another show in Columbus anyway. I would truly love to get another chance to see her again. I will call off work, get up at the crack of dawn, and pay whatever it takes to see her again ~ Blame it on my wild heart! I guess I am still enchanted :) Take care everyone--your fellow Nicks fixed fan

Brandi Reineke
I went to see Stevie Nicks for the first time on July 6, 2001 in Burgettstown, PA at the Post Gazette Pavilion. I had front row and was completely captivated by her presence. Every note that came out of her mouth was perfect. Her voice is amazing and she sounds the same in person as she does on her albums, which isn't always the case. She is an incredible performer. There is never a dull moment!! I loved how her show opens with a "Trouble in Shangri-La" intro straight into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." I stood there the whole time singing and dancing to every song she sang and I screamed so loudly that I lost my voice. To top it all off I even got to shake her hand after she performed "Edge of Seventeen." It was a dream come true and I felt so fortunate to have front row my first time seeing her. I just wish that night could have went on forever.

I was so impressed by her performance in Burgettstown, I went to see her a second time on July 18 in Cuyahoga Falls, OH at the Blossom Music Center. Again, I was blown away. She is an incredible musician and brilliant songwriter. I loved seeing her again and it's clear to me that there is nobody better. I can't wait to see her again soon, I've been to many concerts in my life....but nobody can top Ms. Stevie Nicks!!

Steve Alspach
Hi,I was at the blossom show,even thoe i cant see i must say, the show was electric! I loved every bit of it. the only thing i hated was that ended. I saw an old friend there and i met some new ones. I hope i get to see her again sometime.

David Stahli
Well... She Definetly "Rang Like a Bell Through the Night"!!!! This is the Second Show I was lucky enough to attend, besides opening night in Pittsburgh. Undoubtedly, Stevie again, was in rare form, almost topping opening night. The reason she didnt top opening night? She left "Outside the Rain" out of the set. (Note to Stevie and her camp: That is a Trademark song...DONT LEAVE IT OUT!!!! <grin ) I guess I cant say more than anyone has already, Stevie will always be top notch, blending her lyrics with the music, and putting smiles on peoples faces. Paying a broker for 2nd row seats is worth every penny, My brother and I were able to have prime seats for the show, and was truly a "tour de force" Props to the band, especially Carlos and Waddy and Brett Tuggle who was nice enough to chat with us in pittsburgh and actually remembered us from meeting stevie in 98. We do like the new bass player, but where is Don Boyette???? Anyways, I wont bore you with the setlist, its the same as opening night minus "Outside the Rain"

Stevie.....You are the Poet.....Priest of Nothing.....And You Are a Legend...... PS Fall From Grace is the Highlight of the Concert

(Note to stevie and her camp: Leave this song in future setlists.....thanks)

I wanted to say that after listening to Stevie Nicks all my 30 years, I never imagined how awesome it would feel to see her in person. It was amazing. Absolutely the best sound these ears have ever heard. Heavenly!

John P.
Seeing Stevie Nicks live is always an experience and the show July 18 at Blossom Music Center did not disappoint.

My wife and I got there a little early to buy our programs, T-Shirts, and to get something to eat. On the way in from the parking lots, across the sea of cars, was one of my favorite parts of going to see Stevie perform: her music blaring from car stereos, people playing tambourines to the beat, others dressed like her; that really sets the mood for me at a Stevie Nicks concert.

To a certain extent, thanks to , I knew what to expect. I knew that the stage was done up to resemble the CD cover, complete with an animated screen that flashed lightning during "Dreams" and a rotating Earth during "Planets of the Universe". Stately columns laced with flowers and vines and big golden Buddah-like statues completed the stage setting and gave it 3-D quality and depth. The whole set was draped with a black veil during Jeffrey Gaines' short acoustic set that started the evening off.

Our seats were in the sixth row, center section. My aisle seat afforded me the opportunity to sneak a peak behind the black veil and see all the happening before Stevie hit the stage. At one point I saw Waddy Wachtel come out from the wings stage left, don his guitar and take his position.

Suddenly and without warning, the lights went down and the opening licks to "Edge of Seventeen" roared like thunder through the speakers. Those who thought that this was Stevie getting ready to come on were pleasantly surprised when they realized that it was actually the Destiny's Child hit, "Bootylicious" that was really playing. ( Edge of 17 is sampled for this tune and Stevie herself also appears in the video) That lead into a haunting acapella version of the hook from "Trouble In Shangri-La": "…I run through the grass, I run over the stones, down to the sea, show me the way back…" All at once, the black veil was torn down, multi-colored lights hit the stage enveloping and saturating the set and the players and the opening to "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" began as an anthem, a sort of triumphant announcement that our Stevie would soon be on stage. And soon be on stage she was! Looking more beautiful and youthful than ever, Stevie entered, stage right seemingly walking on air with the warmest of smiles and a confident air that she hasn't had since at least the early 80's that I can remember.

Stevie began: "Baby you come knockin' on my front door…" and the crowd, already on its feet, screamed with jubilation, our Queen was home, holding court for us for two hours somehow getting us through the next few years until we're in her presence again. Stevie looks incredible close up-more like 33 rather than 53! She smiled nearly the whole time, unless she found herself in an intense moment relating her lyrics to us as if we were her students listening to her teachings and hanging on every word. She wore a more mature version of one of her black dresses, short-sleeved fitted top that sparkled in the lights and a long flowing layered chiffon skirt. The shawls came and went, each one matching the particular song being performed.

well.....what can i say? stevie has done it once again. she totally rocked blossom music center in ohio. i have seen stevie in concert about 17 times.....and evertime i see her, it totally amazes me. she has a way of just captivating the audience with her songs, sincerety, and performance.

i was a bit disappointed that sheryl crow was not there.....from what i can tell by other fan reviews...she has been there for the other shows. i was looking forward to that. but long as stevie was there....i was happy. i had 4th row, center stage....and it was just terrific!!!! i usually get real good seats for her shows, so i have seen her many times up close. i cant say this was the best i have ever seen her perform.....because every time i have seen her.....

i walk away in amazement. i was really pleased with the write up about the nicksfix website in the concert program. i thought that was a great way of showing loyalty to all of her fans!!!

we love you stevie, and keep on rockin'!!!!

Stevie's performance at Blossom was incredible. I had a front row seats and couldn't believe how close I was. She looked and sounded awesome although I did miss her platform boots. The only bad part of the whole night was when she came down to the front of the stage during Edge of Seventeen. People from the rows behind us smashed us up against the stage and just as I was reaching for Stevie's hand I got pushed down by the people behind me and missed my chance at seeing her up close - very dissapointing seeing as I had waited for that moment for a long time. Still, I couldn't believe how lucky I was to see her in one of her best concerts ever.

I feel I need to preface my review with my "Stevie stats". I've been a fan for a quarter of a century. First saw FM in the fall of '76 at the age of 21 [while 8 months pregnant]. Well my daughter will be 25 this fall and I have seen Stevie 8 times solo since [and of course the Dance reunion tour]. Last nights concert left me more than a little disappointed. I was worried about Stevie. It was more than just the technical problems that marred this performance. Stevie seemed weary. She walked across the stage with carefully measured footsteps......not the twirling and dancing and "feet barely touching the ground" that previous fan reviews have stated. Stevie also seemed a little lost. Perhaps she enjoyed playing off Sheryl so much during the first 6 concerts, that she is missing her presence. There most definately were technical problems, mostly with the sound.

Whatever the reason, the entire first verse of Bombay Sapphires was sung flat. I can only guess Stevie's ear piece was not working. Stevie's voice seemed tired as well. I kept hoping she was saving it for later in the concert, but I guess it just wasn't there for her that night. She repeated the first verse of Rhiannon. Planets.....well, it seemed the audience knew the words better than Stevie did. She sang "into the shores that have no shores" and instead of during the second chorus singing "we will never change again....." she repeated the "you and I will simply disappear" again. But the thing that blew me away and made me certain that Stevie did not feel her best was during Edge. She left out the "I hear you, in the morning, I hear you at nightfall" part that she usually sings with Sharon. She went right to "I hear the call of the nightbird". I was stunned, I have NEVER heard her do that. I was 20 rows back and had binoculars. I looked over at Sharon and she looked suprised. The band covered it up quickly and to some it may have seemed seamless. However more than a few audience members exchanged suprised looks. My impression was that Stevie was tired or preoccupied.....that she just wanted the evening over. I guess those reading this may wonder just what kind of Stevie fan I could possibly be.

Well I'm one who loves her enough to tell her the truth. I love her enough to know that she is a mere mortal and can have an off night. There were highlights...Fall From Grace, I Need to Know, Sorcerer...the one twirl....sigh. I love you Stevie. Please take care of yourself. You will always be my sister.....sister of the moon......

First of all I have to say that I'm always apprehensive before a Stevie concert - I have such an image of her as a perfect goddess and I get a little afraid I'll be let down by her real presence. Nothing could have been farther from the truth Wednesday night! Stevie ROCKED, she was beautiful and awesome and I think this was the best performance I've seen from her! I don't know all the technical stuff, I do know that I had tears in my eyes all the way up until Bombay Sapphire (and then again when she accepted gifts from her adoring fans!) I don't know of any artist so loved by her audience.

My boyfriend went with me - I think he expected the concert to be ok but not the moving experience that I was looking for. What a thrill for me to see him dancing and holding on to the binoculars to get a better look! Our seats weren't great but they were adequate. I've been in the 2nd row before so I'll probably never be satisfied with anything less now . . .

Anyway, here is this glorious woman, 53 years old, getting up on stage and belting out these amazing songs, night after night. It was funny to not see her trademark boots and it kind of looked like it was painful for her to walk around a lot but I'm 20 years younger and would probably need a respirator after one night of what she does! I remain in total awe of this wild heart gypsy! The band was amazing, I loved the intro to "Edge", the backup singers were great as well! I did notice some problems in the beginning of Bombay Sapphire but am a bigger fan of the new songs than I was before the concert. Stevie is such a mystical, ethereal creature but then she comes and stands in front of you and she's warm and genuine and real and appreciative and here I am getting misty-eyed again. "Once in a milion years a lady like her rises." We love you Stevie!!!!

Hi everyone. My name is Colleen andI wanted to talk about the July 18th concert in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio because it was the best time I've ever had. And even though I'm just 17, I'm certain it will always be my memorable and exciting night of my life. I drove four hours from Michigan to see her, but it was well worth the drive. This was my first Stevie Nicks concert and I was so pumped for it. My parents came with me, but they sat farther back than I did. I was lucky enough to get 12th row center stage. I couldn't believe!! I knew they were good seats but I didn't realize how good until I got there. I was so excited!!

Anyway about the show. I though Jeffrey Gaines was pretty good but I was there for Stevie. After he was done there was a short break until Stevie came out. Then all of a sudden, DENENENENENENE, the guitar riff from EO17. The crowd went nuts, but when we realized it was Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" we got a little quieter, but it certainly rose the excitement level.Then the lights went dark and TISL began. It was a great way to get the crowd excited because it took Stevie a while to come out on stage. The anticipation was killing me. But when she did come out, it was magical. Everyone was on their feet screaming their heads off as the lovely Stevie Nicks danced her way to the mike. She looked fantastic. I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing Stevie live and that she was this close to me. It was awesome!!

She started out singing Stop Draggin My Heart Around with Waddy and it was great. From the very beginning of the show until the very end, myself and most of the crowd were on our feet dancing, cheering, and singing along with our favorite performer. The highlights of the show for me were Gold Dust Woman, Fall From Grace, EO17, and Stand Back. These songs rocked, they were even better than I had envisioned them to sound live. During EO17, Stevie went to the edge of the stage and shook everyone's hands and accepted flowers and gifts(some people were throwing them on the stage). You could tell that she wanted to get to everyone. She didn't just rush right through the line of people. She took her time. Then she got back on her mike, thanked everyone and went off stage. As the stage went dark, the crowd and myself cheered and screamed for more.

When I turned around the see the crowd, there was a sea of lights flickering throughout the many people. It was a beautiful thing. Then when Stevie came out for the encore, the crowd was even crazier than before. She performed Tom Petty's I Need to Know and then HAEWAFY. Knowing this was the last song, I began to tear up at the point where Stevie sings "priests of....(long pause)..nothing" I didn't want this magical night to end. It was 100 times better than I ever imagined. I just hope I can see her again soon. ROCK ON STEVIE!!!!!!!! And thanks for your beautiful songs that put a smile on my face everytime I hear them

The concert last night was absolutely outstanding! The last time I saw Stevie was the TOSOTM tour and the show back then didn't impress me enough to see her live on subsequent tours. Last night, though...WOW! She sounded great! The stage design and lighting were wonderful, adding to the dynamic of the show but never overwhelming it. The sound quality was terrific and the vocal mix was practically perfect. Her band and her crew deserve a great deal of respect for their hard work.

Stevie looked better than she has in years as well. It was somewhat strange to see her in concert without the trademark platform boots but the usual shawls & ribbons were still present. I was really disappointed in the attendance at the show! The Plain Dealer reported that there were only 7,000 fans there! But those that did come will not soon forget it. Stevie is a shining example of the best in music & songwriting. Her music touches people in a way that today's teenybopper, bubble gum, precision choreographed shows could never do. Although "Booylicious" does have a good groove to (thanks to Stevie), something tells me that 20 years from now no one will remember it. And, yes, Stevie....we will remember you.

bryanna nichole
Saw stevie last nite at 'blossom music center' here in cleveland ohio suburb officially as cuyahoga falls. i was dressed as her in a red velvet and lace long layered dress with a tight upper bodice -anyway about her the nite was perfect 70 degrees, light breeze the 'bootylicious' song played after Mr. gaines -- everyone heard the 'edge of 17' opening cords and freaked and screamed.

then the lights went out and it was the beginning of a very magical night - she looked great, sounded great and strong -- the cleveland audience never once sat down - standing and dancing and singing along the whole time.

personal fav: 'gold dust woman' !! without a doubt. I love that song and she did an untouchable version that i cannot see ever being repeated. that is followed closely by the rockers 'fall from grace' then immediately a very long 'edge of 17' back to back --- wow. what else can be said but wow.

i want her to know that waiting 2 hours to leave was not a problem as everyone in their cars all around were very friendly and all we could do was talk about the nite we all just experienced

stevie fans are the greatest - stevie is the greatest

thanks for your time

David Brandt
It was a magic night for Stevie's fans in northeastern Ohio tonight at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. While waiting to get into the music center I read the Ohio counties on the license plates. Northeastern, Central and Western counties made up the lines of fans going in to see the Gold Dust Woman. I was a great evening for a concert, especially for Stevie. The concertgoers were ready for the best and they got it! Stevie moved from classics to new songs from Trouble in Shangrila way back to the early days with "Stop Draggin My Heart Around." The crowd loved "Planets of the Universe." The special effects were wonderful. A real show stopper was " Stand Back." The fans were on their feet for most of the concert just waiting for Stevie to talk to us and do her trade mark whirls and capes. Stevie did talk to us telling us about the different songs and where they came from and how they have evolved over the years. "White Winged Dove" was perfect. Thank you Stevie for reaching out to fans during this song and accepting the gifts, tears and love we they have for you.

The closing song was "Has Anyone Given Anything to You." What a beautiful way to say: goodbye and have a great evening and thank you for being here from Stevie. Sort of reminded me of how Christie McVie would close some of the Fleetwood Mac concerts with that beautiful song while playing solo on a grand piano. Stevie, thanks for a wonderful evening...for wonderful music...and yes, I and all of us in Northeastern Ohio want to do it again and again and again just as you invited us to....enjoy your music, your magic, your love for fine music. Thank you for Rainbows and Castles of candy! Much Peace, Stevie!!!

Rick Murphy
It was an absolute perfect hot and hazy night for a concert at Blossom. This was the second time I have seen Stevie on this tour, and it was just as good as opening night in Pittsburgh!! This was the 17th time I have seen Stevie and I was just as entranced by her this time as all before. The crowd was having the time of their lives and standing for the whole concert!!!Stevie was in perfect voice as always, hitting all the notes just right, one of the best parts for me is always when she screams " home" towards the end of "StandBack" The only one thing I did miss is that she didn't sing "Outside the Rain". The absolute highlight for me was that even though I had 15th row seats, I managed to make my way down to the front row at the beginning of "Edge of Seventeen" and got to shake Stevie's hand at the end of the show!!!! I feel absolutely so lucky to have gotten to do this for a second time!!! WE LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!!!!

Jim Tischuk
The eighth stop on the Trouble In Shangri-La tour had Stevie and her band rocking unlike any event I've ever seen. She continues to prove her mastery over the music and the audience is as strong as ever. Unlike earlier reviews I've read Stevie's voice was totally unfaltering, as strong and clean as ever in her career. It had to be, the band led by Waddy was truly tremendous and make no mistake, this was a rock concert from start to finish. For those who may have forgotten what Rock used to be you needed to be here this night. The audience was filled with devoted Nicks fans male and female alike. Sitting near the very front I could observe other people only standing from the moment Stevie first appeared. In the late moments of the concert I turned around to see the audience behind me had become a several thousand points of light "galaxy" of Stevie worshipers as so many fans held up burning lighters and candles in tribute. Stevie gave us a flawless performance and she greeted many fans fortunate enough to be at the stage's edge after her main performance. There exists a true loving bond between Stevie and her fans and those who showed up at the Blossom Wednesday night were there to be counted among them. Long live the Queen.

Mike Turner
I just got home from the show. I loved it. I was at the Pitts and Cincy show, this was far better. Stevie sounded so strong and she looked very happy. I had the fabulous chance to shakee her hand again. It was a wonderful show and I encourge folks to go to the show.



The greatest show on earth was not The Ringaling Brothers and Barnum Baily Circus by far. It was the Concert I just came from She enchanted us yet again. With her music and song you can see she sings from the heart. Tonight she proved yet again she is THE QUEEN OF ROCK!!!!

The Show was wonderful. I was @ Starlake in Pittsburgh two weeks ago and it was equally as wonderful but I was on the lawn. For this show I had tickets for Sec.14 row K. To make it even better though my sister-in-law just bought tickets for this show last week and she got tickets in the brown chairs(which they also call section 14). What was so great is our husbands sat in the regular section 14 and we sat in the brown chairs. We were in the last row of them. I had never seen Stevie so close before. I was so excited my stomach was doing flip-flops. How did those of you that were there like how they played "Bootyliscious" and I thought maybe Stevie changed the beginning of her show but she didn't. I do love the TISL rift that is played before the show,it really builds the excitement. She sang beautifully as she always does but she really rocked with Fall From Grace. It almost sounded a little hard rockish to me. I loved how Waddy changed the guitar for Edge of 17 just a little more harder from Starlake show. He really shines when he plays for the beginning of Edge of 17. The guitar and drums for Standback and a couple songs were so deep that I felt the floor vibrating under my feet. I felt my heart just pounding on those songs and it was a neat feeling. I never really felt that before at a concert. The greatest part was people started to move up for Edge of 17 with their gifts and all and my sister-in-law told me we should move up there. I was a bit nervous about it but she pushed me up right to the front of the stage,there was on person in front of me and at the end of 17 when she came over,she was so close to me I could see her eyelashes, it was like a dream I really couldn't believe I could see her that close. I was in such shock. I stayed at stage while she did her encore and I could actually see the diamonds in her cape (the white one she wore for 17 and then that gold vest type thing she wore at the end.) All I can say is she is as beautiful as her pictures show. Pictures actually don't do her any justice at all. She really does have the face of an angel... it was an experience of a lifetime and my dream came true when I got to see her so close. In all my dreams I never believed that would happen but it did. When she sang Planets of the Universe last night it was sang with such intensity that if she was trying to move a mountain with that song she could have. This was an amazing show and I know when the rest of you see her sing you will feel the same way.

Ben Dieterich
First of all, let me say that I am a true Stevie Nicks fan. I have listened to her music and found inspiration in it for over 17 years now. I have also attended every Mac/Nicks concert in the Cleveland area since 1979. I have an incredible amount of respect for her fortitude and her lyrical gifts. I feel that TISL is one of her best albums in terms of lyrics, musical composition, etc. and I was looking forward to this summer tour promoting the new album very much. I felt that her performances during the Enchanted Tour were the pinnacle of her career in terms of the quality of her voice, stage presence and super mix of musical numbers. I was anxious to see what she would do to top those performances on this current tour.

After reading other fan and newspaper reviews of the first few concerts, I felt that we here in Cleveland were in for another fantastic evening with Stevie. The first six shows with Sheryl Crow on backup vocals and guitar seemed to be tight performances with many highlights throughout each evening. Perhaps my expectations were just a tad bit too high after reading those other reviews, but I personally felt that Stevie was not performing at her absolute finest in Cleveland last night.

I was disappointed to learn from fans that attended the Camden, NJ show the night before that Stevie dropped "Outside The Rain" from her set list and did not replace the (2) Sheryl Crow numbers with any of her own material. These omissions made for a short concert to say the least. To make matters worse, Stevie just didn't seem to be as sharp or have the energy I had expected. We had one twirl from her the entire evening. "Stand Back" lacked the energy and intensity it has had in the past. Yes, we did get one high kick at the end of the song, but the lights went dark the instant it happened and if you didn't know it was coming, or weren't sitting close enough to see it, you would have missed it entirely.

There wasn't much in the way of dancing around the stage, other than some tambourine playing and a couple of "air guitar and drum" moves. Stevie moved on and off the stage with a slow, deliberate walk, without any of the "dancing in the wings of the stage" fans wrote about during her opening show in PA. Stevie seemed to be struggling with lyrics last night as well. She sang " goes into the shores, that have no shores..." during "Planets of The Universe", never quite got the "...and then she is the darkness..." line in "Rhiannon" right, and muddled through a terrible technical problem in the opening half of "Bombay Sapphires" that basically left Stevie singing into a totally live mike, sounding slightly off key, with about half of her band and her backup singers performing into dead mikes and amplifiers. Stevie kept motioning with her hands to have the sound techs bring up the other volumes, but they didn't get it corrected until the song was half over.

One song that did not disappoint but actually blew me away was "Fall From Grace". I liked this song the minute I heard it on the TISL album and was thrilled to learn she was including it in her tour. She turned up the rock edge a few notches and dropped the rockabilly sound last night and this, combined with a fantastic light show, made for a memorable live performance to say the least. But just when Stevie was starting to come alive, the band segued into "EO17" and the night came to an all-too-quick end.

Stevie gave some nice introductions to her new material, talking about the years she composed the songs and what her inspirations were at the time they were written. The audience was supportive of the new material, but not overwhelmingly receptive to any particular song except for "Fall From Grace". Many of the 4,000 plus seated in the pavilion took their seats during her newer numbers, but jumped right back up with old favorites like "Rhiannon", "Stand Back", etc. The crowd was on their feet through EO17 until the end of the show. I liked her final comments after "HAEWAFY" when she said she was glad that we are all still alive to be singing together and that we should take care of ourselves so we can do this "maybe 1 or 2 more times, or forever". Stevie thanked the audience repeatedly throughout her performance and still, after all these years, seemed genuinely appreciative of our support.

I felt that some of the problems with last night's show had more to do with technical issues than Stevie's actual performance. It seemed to me that her vocals should have been clearer and louder than the accompanying musicians around her. It seemed that unless Stevie was singing directly into her mike, her voice was lost in the surrounding music. Even her "scream" in EO17 was done a couple steps back from the mike and was lost in the blast of guitar sounds around her. I don't recall this being an issue during her Enchanted Tour, and wonder if the sound technicians just didn't do an adequate job of balancing the sound to accommodate the cavernous, echoing Blossom pavilion.

I still love Stevie's music and always will. My heart was set on walking away from last night's concert feeling completely blown away. Instead, I feel that her technicians could have done a better job, her energy levels could have been a little higher and her show a little tighter. I will be very interested to read other reviews from the Cleveland show to see if anybody else shares any of my feelings. Thanks for reading my review. I enjoyed corresponding with many of you from Angela's fan seating list. Enjoy the summer, enjoy the shows, and always "rock a little".

Miranda W.
This was the best present a person could have. My best friend, knowing my obsession with Fleetwood Mac, one day presented me with tickets to see Stevie. I was bouncing off the walls! We we got to Blossom music center and had a sit. The sound was beautiful, the music-oh the music. I was mesmerized by the sounds of Stevie's voice blending effortlessly with the band. It was truly a site and sound to behold. As Stevie finished off with "Edge of seventeen" and walked off stage, everyone in the music center screamed to the top of their lungs for her to come back and do her encore. As I got lost in the hypnotic sound of voices my friend turned to me and said simply, "Miranda, look." I turned around to see thousands of people holding their lighters high in the air, the magical glow was enough to put even Merlin on his knees and I felt as if for one moment the world actually was one. Tears began to well up so I turned back to see Stevie come on stage again. I have never felt anything like it in my life. It was truly magical.

My name is Jason and I went to the Stevie concert in Cuyahoga Falls last night at Blossom Music Center. The concert was unbelievable as usual. Stevie looked radiant and her voice was perfect. The band was also very impressive and never missed a beat. Stevie talked about some songs on the new album and informed us all that "Sorcerer" and "Planets of the Universe" were written in the seventies. By recording and releasing these songs almost thirty years later lets us all know just how timeless and priceless Stevie's music really is. Her drive and excellence also shows us all that her heart, mind and spirit will be singing with us all for a very long time. If you haven't gotten tickets yet then I recommend that you do soon or you will miss the best concert of the summer or even a lifetime. I also want to mention the stage. Her stage looked as if it were alive and glowed like a jewel in the night. Overall the performance was excellent and the evening was enchanted. As far as I can see there is no "Trouble in Shangri-La."

We Love You Stevie

Last night, I witnessed the magic that is Stevie Nicks at Cleveland's Blossom Music Center. But let me back up a little... I boarded a plane yesterday morning in my home state of Maryland, bound for Ohio. See, my uncle Philip invited me to accompany him to her show in Cleveland. So, here I was, 8:00 in the morning, waiting to fly to Ohio.

Fast forward 10 hours: We arrived a Blossom around 7:30pm and set up our blankets on the lawn. Looking around, I noticed how diverse the audience was. My uncle is 59, and around us, I noticed generations of Stevie fans. Near us, a family consisting of a grandmother, mother & two little girls talked excitedly about the show to come.

Opening act Jeffrey Gaines took the stage at around 8:15pm and played about half a dozen acoustic songs, including Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes". He played for about 45 minutes and thanked Stevie for letting him join the tour. A few minutes later, the stage lights dimmed, the crowd got loud & Destiny's Child "Bootylicious" played over the loud speaker. Great way to rev the crowd; people started warming up their Stevie dance moves. Finally, the stage light came on to accompany the chorus of "Trouble In Shangri-La". Stevie's band took their places on stage, the crowd went wild & Ms. Nicks strolled to her scarf-and-tassel-tied microphone. The band launched into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" with Waddy Watchel singing Tom Petty's part. Stevie was dressed in a beautiful black "witchy" dress, complete with her black sneaker platforms.

Other songs played were "Enchanted", "Dreams", & "Gold Dust Woman", which Stevie told the crowd, "'Gold Dust Woman' means different things to different people. It is always different, never the same." She twirled in her trademark gold shawl, and sang it with the same passion as in the Mac days. Six songs from "Trouble In Shangri-La" were part of the set, including "Planets of the Universe", which Stevie declared as her "favorite song". "Rhiannon" began as a piano solo (much like from "The Dance") and I got chills on my arms when the rest of the band joined in. After a few more songs, Stevie introduced the band, and I have to say, Waddy Watchel received the loudest applause. She also introduced Sharon Celani as "Sharona Celani".

"Edge of Seventeen" began with the awesome guitar works of Waddy, really rock n' rolling. Stevie cams from the shadows in her white shawl and sang with such raw power & emotion that again, I had chills. As the band played, Stevie made her rounds at the front of the stage while scores of fans waved flowers & gift hoping she would reach for them. "I Need To Know" & "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" (cigarette lighters in the air) were encores and Stevie ended the night saying "Let's do this again one more time, two more times, three more... Forever!" The crowd showed their approval by cheering & screaming. Stevie put on a tremendous show & we left feeling pretty good. Except for someone in a Grand Prix, who let about 10 cars cut in front of us. A first-time concert-goer perhaps? I can say though, I think this show was more energetic and polished than the last time I saw her on the Enchanted tour. She looked refreshed & "not a day over 30", says my uncle.

I can hardly wait to see her again... but this time it will be next Saturday,July 28 in Manassas Virginia, a little closer to home!

Paula Zlatev
OK, it was my first time seeing Stevie live as a solo performer, and only the second time ever. I saw her in Buffalo in 1997 for The Dance w/ FM and I must say, she has only gotten better since. My jaw hit the floor when she breezed onto the stage - she's just so beautiful! Her voice continues to give me chills and goosebumps (NOT an exaggeration!) every single time I hear it. I was spellbound for a few minutes, just standing there trying to fathom the fact that she was only, like, 100 feet away from me! Then we started dancing and didn't stop for the next hour and a half.

The set list was the same, though I was disappointed that Outside the Rain was gone?!?! Don't know what happened to it, but all of other songs were done, and done well! I heard a few people complaining that she didn't add any more tunes since Sheryl's tunes weren't done - people, give the woman a break! She sang (with only a 5 minute break backstage) for over 1&1/2 hours! This is very difficult, and Stevie's voice was spectacular throughout the entire show - awesome! The stage has to be seen to be believed, especially during Planets of the Universe, Bombay Sapphires and Stand Back. The lighting blended so well with each song, which I'm sure is what Stevie was aiming for, since she's so about lighting, colors and shadows. High points were definitely Sorcerer, Stand Back, Edge of 17 (even though the "I hear you..." verse was skipped) and Bombay Sapphires, but the absolute best, by far, is Fall From Grace. This song is my favorite on TISL, and it is even better live. She really belts it out, with a lot of hand gestures and long, high, resonating notes.

MEMO TO ALL WHO HAVE NOT PURCHASED Trouble in Shangri-La - DO SO NOW!!! I think if people listened to the CD a few times before going to see her, they would have so much more appreciation for how good the songs are, and how well they translate live. Everyday is a good song, but not the best one on the CD, so please, give it a listen, and the concert will be even more incredible when you see her.

It is now the next day, and I can still see her clearly, I am sooooo deliriously happy that I drove the 4 hours to Ohio from Buffalo (let's hope for FM to come back to Buff on the next tour!) to see Stevie. Thank you Stevie, for singing in our darkest (and lightest) hours, because yes, we have heard you sing. And thank you for giving so much back to your fans. We love you, Stevie!


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