Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/11/01 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati OH
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I got to see Stevie at River Bend Music Center in Ohio lastnight.I have never been lucky enough to see her in concert before and let me say I was NOT dissappointed !!!! She was so beautiful and graceful and she`s one of the few people that sound BETTER live than she does on c-d.She played a nice long show for a packed house of screaming fans and on the way out everyone of us were pumped up and completely satisfied.Thank you Stevie for shareing your talent with such style-I am reminded why I love you in the first place !!!!! love you always,deedee

Stephanie B.
Here's my review of the 7/11 concert in Cincinnati, Ohio: I just returned from the Cincinnati concert for Trouble in Shangri-La, and there's only one word to describe it: Amazing. This was my first Stevie concert, and the experience was more wonderful than I could have imagined. I went with my parents and best friend, and we arrived very early to the show. While we stood in line to get in, I could hear the band practicing 'Outside the Rain' and 'Too Far From Texas' in the background, with Sheryl singing. Once we got to our seats, there was a long wait until Jeffery Gaines took the stage. He was wonderful on vocals and guitar, but his songs were a little too dark and bland for me. After about six of his songs, and then other wait while the crew set up the stage, the opening chords of Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicious' played over the loudspeakers (these chords are also the opening ones for Edge of Seventeen, as most of you probably know). After this, we heard a beautiful version of the Trouble in Shangri-La chorus played over the speakers, with Stevie's voice overlapping in a really beautiful form. While this played, the band took the stage, all except for Stevie. Finally, she appeared, and they started "Stop Draggin My Heart Around', with Waddy singing Tom Petty's parts. After a couple more Stevie classics (I won't list all the songs, since I'm sure some people want to be surprised) Sheryl joined Stevie for Gold Dust Woman, looking better than ever. She continued to show up off and on during the show, and even took the stage by herself for "My Favorite Mistake." Both women sounded awsome, making very few mistakes except for one part during "Edge of Seventeen" when Stevie came in too early. During the entire performance, there were Stevie fans dancing in their seats, clapping, and singing along. Riverbend Music Center was completely filled, and the fans were loving every minute of the performance! Everything was pretty much perfect. Stevie, Sheryl, the band, everyone sounded wonderful, and the background on the stage was beautiful, done exactly like the cover of Shangri-La. As I said before, I won't give all the details of the concert, because I'm sure there are people who want to be surprised. All I can say is that everyone who attends the following concerts in this tour will be greatly surprised and delighted by the performance. Stevie Nicks is at her very best this time, and I wish her the best of luck in the following concerts. Rock on, Stevie!
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