Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/23/01 AMSouth Amphitheatre Antioch (Nashville) TN
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Daniel Morrical
I want Stevie Nicks and her fans to know how incredibly great she was on a magic Sunday night in Nashville and how happy she made us. Instead of rain, we got a dramatic lightning show all around us and beautiful weather. Stevie's shawls and hair theatrically blowing in the breeze. It was the perfect setting for seeing Stevie. From the opening melodies of "Trouble in Shagri-la" which was amazing, to the very last song, we were awestruck! All around me, I hear the reactions, People crying tears of happiness, "She's so beautiful", "That voice!", "Wow!". Some people are just speechless. My friend Jen said "I'm really feeling the American flag" (that Stevie had draping from her microphone stand). People are dancing and rocking out. People are really feeling her, people are having a great time, there is a smile on every person I can see. Stevie Nicks voice was so prominant and crystal clear, it was stunning and reassuring and amazing. You hear every gorgeous detail. That voice is beauty. The band was great. The sound mix was awesome, heavy guitar and drums - sounded amazing.

The songs that are supposed to ROCK, DID ROCK I am happy to say! And Sheryl Crow was such a wonderful suprise. People were freaking out, they couldn't believe it, it was great! Going in I had my hopes and though she did not do Planets of the Universe that night (my favorite on TiSL), I left with absolutely no dissapointments. For the three people that went with me, this was their first introduction to Stevie Nicks and they were all impressed with what they saw and heard that night, and that made me feel great. Thank you Stevie for taking us all to heaven, away from the world, on a truly magical night in Nashville, a night I never wanted to end. Stevie was really on top of her game. I hope we will get a live album and video of this tour.

Tarrow Hearn
The strains of "Gold dust woman" filtered through the Nashville audience accompanied by lightening flashing across the sky. Truly an appropriate back drop for *the* Gold Dust Woman herself. I have seen Stevie five other times and she looked and sounded her best ever. The absolute highlight was Stevie's on core of "Has anyone ever written anything for you?" with her dashing plumed hat. Her voice was rich and pure - I don't think she could have sounded better. As always, STEVIE ROCKS!

Daniel Morrical
I want Stevie Nicks and her fans to know how incredibly great she was on a magic Sunday night in Nashville and how happy she made us. Instead of rain, we got a dramatic lightning show all around us and beautiful weather. Stevie's shawls and hair theatrically blowing in the breeze. It was the perfect setting for seeing Stevie. From the opening melodies of "Trouble in Shagri-la" which was amazing, to the very last song, we were awestruck! All around me, I hear the reactions, People crying tears of happiness, "She's so beautiful", "That voice!", "Wow!". Some people are just speechless. My friend Jen said "I'm really feeling the American flag" (that Stevie had draping from her microphone stand). People are dancing and rocking out. People are really feeling her, people are having a great time, there is a smile on every person I can see. Stevie Nicks voice was so prominant and crystal clear, it was stunning and reassuring and amazing. You hear every gorgeous detail. That voice is beauty. The band was great. The sound mix was awesome, heavy guitar and drums - sounded amazing. The songs that are supposed to ROCK, DID ROCK I am happy to say! And Sheryl Crow was such a wonderful suprise. People were freaking out, they couldn't believe it, it was great!

Going in I had my hopes and though she did not do Planets of the Universe that night (my favorite on TiSL), I left with absolutely no dissapointments. For the three people that went with me, this was their first introduction to Stevie Nicks and they were all impressed with what they saw and heard that night, and that made me feel great. Thank you Stevie for taking us all to heaven, away from the world, on a truly magical night in Nashville, a night I never wanted to end. Stevie was really on top of her game. I hope we will get a live album and video of this tour.

It seemed like I had waited FOREVER for this concert. I couldn't believe it was finally time. I am 16 years old and am more excited about Stevie Nicks than anybody. She is my MOST FAVORITE person in the world. Well, anyway, I better get on with the review! We got there at 6:00 when the doors opened.

We bought our souveneirs and went to find our seats. We were in the 6th row! I worked so hard to get those tickets and it was worth every minute. Stevie was awesome. This is the first concert of hers that I've ever been to, but even I could tell she felt great. It was the best concert on Earth. All of the songs were perfect, although she could sing the phone book and I would be amazed! I knew everything that was going to happen b/c I have done nothing but read about her concerts all summer. My best friend went with me and she was cracking up at me because I knew all the songs. I DID NOT shut up the whole time. If I wasn't singing, I was screaming.

Before the concert started when California was onstange, I heard some guy in our row say "Sheryl is here." I started freakin' out and was screaming at my friend Oh my God, Sheryl Crow's here!!! She didn't believe me and said, yeah right, I doubt it I bet they just both know somebody named Sheryl. Boy, did I ever give her a big I TOLD YA SO! We were both so excited and shocked that she showed up. We're from Kennett and so is Sheryl and we just kept looking at each other screaming Oh my God, she's from Kennett!!! Like we didn't know. We are SO proud of you, Sheryl! Stevie and Sheryl really have great harmony together. I thought so before but being there live just proved it even more. I hope Sheryl realizes she is SOOOO lucky.

The kick during Stand Back was awesome and seemed higher than ever before. The crowd certainly must have thought so too, because we all went crazy. Befoer Edge of 17, I saw people start going to the stage. I knew what they were doing and that I just HAD to get up there. I almost knocked my friend over trying to get by her. I was like what are you doing just standing there, go!!! She was worrying about they stuff we had bought but I was totally in another world the whole time so I didn't care. I just wanted to get to the stage. I actually got up there and I was only behind one other person. It was a little boy, he was probably about 9 0r 10 and he was into the music just as much as I was. I have never reached my arm as far as I did that night. I was trying so hard for Stevie to shake my hand and SHE DID!!! It was amazing. She just smiled the biggest smile, well, I don't know mine was probably bigger. LOL!I wanted to say I love you , Stevie but I couldn't speak. I was enchanted. She just made my year!

We took so many pictures and they turned out so good. This guy that was in front of us was so nice and moved out of the way to let my friend take a picture. Thanks! And thanks SO much to Stevie. You don't know how much just shaking my hand meant to me. I CAN'T WAIT until Fleetwood Mac's album and tour next year. I WILL be in the front row for that no matter what. ROCK ON STEVIE AND SHERYL!!!

Adrian Coker
After going to 2 other shows this tour, I must say that the Nashville show topped them all for sheer energy and electricity. I had front row center seats at Charlotte on 9/7, which was a magical night-the show there had a very spiritual quality. I got to touch Stevie's hand in Charlotte, and my wife gave her a moon and star balloon, which was hung on Lenny's drum rack. My wife LaShan also gave her a decorated dove tambourine during "Edge Of 17." Stevie thanked her by saying "Oh it's so pretty!" You could have knocked her over with a feather! Charlotte was magic...and there was more magic afoot...

I also was in Atlanta on 9/22. The crowd was not quite as into it, but Stevie still performed a wonderful show. Atlanta will always be special. We were allowed to park in the VIP parking area without question. We met Stevie's brother Chris Nicks and talked to him briefly before and after the show. We could have met Sharon Celani, as she walked right in front of us! This night had a surreal quality....

Several cups of coffee later, we arrived in Nashville, bleary eyed but ready for another round of Stevie-ing. While waiting for the gates to open, we listened to soundcheck. During soundcheck, I heard the band play the Bm opening chord riff to "My Favorite Mistake." They proceeded to play the entire song without vocals. I was shaking from the excitement! I just knew Sheryl was there unannounced! This was confirmed while we waited at the ticket window to upgrade our tix from mid pavilion to sixth row. While we waited, Sheryl rehearsed her vocal with the band.

I can add very little to the other reviews of this show, other than to say it was incredibly energetic and electric. Stevie's confidence got a huge boost from Sheryl's presence, and she sang with passion and abandon. The addition of "My Favorite Mistake," and "Everyday Is A Winding Road," gave Sheryl a chance to do her thing. The duets were wonderful. Sheryl's voice added just the right amount of body and richness to the vocal mix. The thunder, the lightning, the energy, the crowd-it all added up to an electric night. Once again I got to touch Stevie's hand during "Edge Of 17." Stevie wrapped it up with Sheryl on Tom Petty's "I Need To Know," and the best version yet of HAEWAFY. Seeing Stevie's Yorkies onstage was another highlight. They were so cute!

But more magic was yet to come....after the show, I was walking across the front of the stage, and saw none other than former FM frontman Bob Welch seated in the 5th row at stage right. I walked up to him and introduced! myself. I think he was shocked that anyone recognized him! I thanked him for his contributions to Fleetwood Mac's legacy. I reminded him that there were more FM fans out there like myself who had not forgotten his music. I told him I knew that Stevie had not forgotten, and that I hadn't either. He seemed to sense I was sincere, and was very cordial. I shook his hand, and left the venue with the knowledge that in all my years as a Stevie Nicks fan, no tour or shows have ever meant so much to me. One of these days I hope to shake Stevie's hand and let her know that I will never forget the joy her music has brought me. Thanks Stevie!

yes, everything you've read about it below is true. the nashville show out in antioch, tennessee was absolutely incredible. i drug along with me two friends who had never seen stevie nicks before down from st. louis on sunday morning bound for the concert on sunday night. i had caught a few previous shows early in the start of the tour and was highly disappointed when st. louis, kansas city, and indianapolis cancelled (to all of which i had excellent tickets) with no rescheduling--shame on you SFX!

so of course i had to come down to nashville after researching to find out it's only four hours away. so me the indiana boy who loves stevie nicks drug two newbies to st. louis from utah and kansas and off we went. not to get sidetracked, but first off, i would like to let the citizens of the nashville metro area know that they have a very lovely community.

we stopped in downtown for a few hours to help paint the artwork at "Fest-de-Ville" and listened to the entertainment and took in some of the delicious food and vendors there. very neat. the antioch area where the amphitheater is is a really really nice area with lots to take advantage of.

we found the venue which was very accessible and arrived about twenty minutes before the gates opened, got some tickets on the lawn and waited in line. we entered the venue and then went down to stake our spot on the lawn right in the middle of the stage about 15 feet up from the walkway. perfect. other stevie fans surrounded us and settled in and we had a big 'ole party of talking about each others lives, they were grading papers, others enjoying the music, while the three in my group were sprawled out reading books for class. the hot humid day in nashville turned into a beautiful evening as the sun set on us out on the lawn. if any of you are reading this---thank you for such a lovely evening.

california came out right after the national anthem at 730 and played a rockin' set. i was highly and heavily impressed with this band. very good. then we had about a twenty minute wait for all of us to talk about our excitement and anticipation. i was the only one of all the people i talked to in my surrounding area who had ever been to a stevie concert before. i refused to share many details but i was laying there when "bootylicious" started and must admit to instantly rising into the air and facing the stage and shakin' my stuff down to the song. everyone around me had to know something was coming. which it was.

the shangri la soundclip came on and her voice filled the air and the anticipation just rose, then she came out and she started. it was phenomenal. it is just as wonderful as everyone described it, it was a shorter show than the other ones but it was probably the best thus far. she sounded -absolutely- great. it got better during "dreams" when the lightning and thunder in the distance suddenly got closer to the amphitheater. light droplets came down every so often but that was about it.

gold dust woman took on a life of its own. of all the times i had seen her i would have to honestly say the version on "the dance" video had to be the best, but that was not the case. i dont know what it was but the mood right at the beginning of the song caught and took off and stevie's vocals and the band were just absolutely astounding. she spun fiercely and she screamed the bridge taking us into the second half of the song, she entranced us to the end and then the band kept playing and she kept dancing and magically moving about before finishing. the audience on the lawn was completely entranced and beyond themselves. -wow-

stevie spoke and of course as you all know sheryl crow came out in what had to be the biggest surprise and most pleasant shock in like.....ever. they sounded great together on stage for the next two songs, "everyday" came and i must say....I JUST -LOVE- THAT SONG. it is so good and it is great live. "rhiannon" came next and sounded better than anytime i had ever heard her perform it before.

then my favorite part of the show came. i've seen over 70 artists all sorts of legends and has beens and will be's perform their biggest standards of the day but nothing can compare to when stevie nicks does "stand back". the enchanted tour 1998's version was just probably the best thus far and i was worried that it would be poorly mocked on this tour and it wasn't. that song is tight with the guitars riffing first then the keyboards coming in as she takes to dancing across the stage. the middle interlude was extended so she could dance more and damn did she twirl. she cut it loose. i can't even try to put that song or the energy from it into words, like in the linear notes from timespace it says "the energy of the song comes from nowhere and i can't explain it".......that speaks for itself. this song is definitely one of the finest moments in live performances ever.

next sheryl crow came back for their awesome rendition of "everyday is a winding road", i love stevie's backing vocals on this song, however all versions since last year's Arizona Heart Institute benefit have been slower. they could speed it up again. the show proceeded forward and did end rather quickly in just ninety minutes, but the finale "edge of seventeen" was great. the drum solo could be cut by 3 minutes or so, but hey, it's all good. waddy of course came out and jammed on the guitar showing off his awesome talent for a good 4 minutes then everyone else came out on stage, stevie came forth and took this song to new heights. it was tight. the lawn was once again entranced. people were just looking amazed and hugging their friends and celebrating the music when she walked across the stage.

i can't explain it but a "calm" seems to come over the venues when she brings this song to a close. it's like the end of a journey or a mini-vacation. for two hours we visited the pillars and the columns of the land of shangri la with the deep blue sea shining in the distant background. coming back to reality can be a rude awakening but the encore was once again tight. "has anyone written anything for you" was a great finish to the nashville show and those around me seeing stevie for the first time were moved to tears. and how could you not be? it was great. it was a great moving heartfelt tribute to life, friends, and family. she looked great in her tophat. neat touch. the concert closed and it was just an incredible night and a journey ending and as she says "we'll do it all again soon". which is neat for her to say because a year ago on sept. 23, 2000, i had traveled four hours by plane from st. lou! is to phoenix for the AHI benefit concert. this year i traveled again four hours but by car to another foreign city to me to see this magical woman. hopefully i can go and see her again soon and i plan with luck to make it out to the phoenix show again this year (just depending on my final exam schedule) and hopefully in another three years she will have us packed again with a new album and another great rockin' tour. but until then, we have the anticipated new project from fleetwood mac!

i will say i am disappointed in the fact that she keeps dropping songs from the set list. she had dropped out "outside the rain" and "bombay sapphires" and then on sunday night gave "planets of the universe" an axe, too. i dont understand or get why she does that but an 11 song set list is rather shabby, i would say. the least she could do is fill up with one or two other songs that are "easy" for her to sing if the vocal range is a problem for her, but i dont see why "bombay sapphires" would be...its a pretty simple low key song. i dont know....

my two friends who came with me liked the show i am pleased to say. sure they might not become die hard stevie nicks fans like some of us, but they definitely have a lot of respect for her, enjoyed her show, loved her songs and her music and will definitely always give her a listen. go me!

to those in nashville--you guys have a lovely town and as fans of stevie nicks you all absolutely -rock-. and i will say that the amsouth amphitheater is a terrific venue. whoever designed it is a genius, it is the best outdoor venue i have ever been to. many kudos. perhaps i will have the opportunity to travel down south to see another show sometime in the future. thank you all.

What a perfect closing to my trilogy of Stevie shows. I previously been to the Atlanta show on July 27th, as well as the Charlotte show on Sept. 7th. Those two shows convinced my friend and me that we just had to see her in Nashville. Well, the third time's a charm. We lucked out with 4th row center seats!

The whole evening fell into place beautifully-the Sheryl Crow surprise, an inspired Gold Dust Woman, a totally rockin' Fall From Grace, a powerful Sorceror etc...

The highlight for me was to be able to touch hands with the musical poet herself! I gave her(or the security guy behind her) a really cool glass bead tapestry handbag that my sister helped to pick out. I hope she got it.

To be up that close for Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You? was a surreal and beautiful moment in time. And when she brought out her little Yorkie, Sulamith, It became clear to me that I had just seen the best concert of my life! There were many in the huge crowd that night that I'll bet would agree. Stevie ROCKS - no doubt about it.

John and Janet
It was one heck of a concert. Stevie pre-opened the show with a blackouted stage chanting behind the curtains with her backup singers, the chorus to "Trouble in Shangri-La". She is the creator of mystery and enchantment. Stevie's vocals were rich in every song. The kicker of this show was the thunder storm that moved in during "Dreams" and the lightning that shot across the sky during "Gold Dust Woman." How does Stevie do all that?

Lisa McIntyre
I knew finding two lucky pennies on the morning of September 23 was a good omen. One gave me the chance to hear Stevie Nicks voice at her absolute best. This woman is the REAL DEAL. The second granted me the wish of seeing Sheryl Crow (I vote for her to replace Christine when Fleetwood reunites!) perform once again with her mentor. These ladies share a special bond and even in row P, I could see the magic between them. The people in the lawn weren't cheated either as I could hear them roar.

I have been fortunate enough to see this tour twice already this year. Although, I really enjoyed the show in Cincy, it could not hold a candle to Stevie's performance in Music City that night. I believe she is gaining confidence with every new performance and you can tell she is doing the thing she loves most in life.

She was not the only one in top form that night. Sheryl seemed more at home behind a mic, without a guitar, than I have ever seen her. Something should be said for all their twirling in tandem. Her band is incredible as well as her long-time back up singers. What great moves they had.

She asked us at the beginning of the show to "go with the music" and that's exactly what we did. I hope we were an audience worthy of the damn fine show she gave us. America needs to smile right now and she, flaunting her flag inspired scarfs on her mic stand, brought us all a smile that lasted the whole ride home.Stevie is the standard by which all rock-n-roll women should be measured. STEVIE NICKS ROCKS!

Dana Kay Henderson
I achieved a dream this week. My 2 best friends and I traveled from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see Stevie in Nashville. We had gone to the first Atlanta show,but this time we had 4th row center! As she hit the stage, I was transported into another world. I could not have been more content. She absolutely rocked the house. She was full of energy! And then, she introduced Sheryl. My best friend, a guy, literally jumped up and down. Their connection was unbreakable! Being that this was the first time we had been this close, we did not know when to get up to go to the stage during "Edge of Seventeen." The two ladies next to us helped us, and even traded places with us so we would be closer to the end of the row, and told us when to go. I had a stars and stripes cape I had made to give to her and I was determined. Well, I got up right next to the stage at the end, and Joel, my best friend, got up right behind me and helped me up to the top of the stage (as I am not so tall). I had a death grip on the edge of that stage. Then I waited for her to come to the end of the stage. And she did! She stopped right in front of me as I held out the cape to her. She bent down and took the cape, grabbing my hand in the process. She smiled at me. Then she handed the cape to her guard. Then she reached down and took BOTH OF MY HANDS and held them for a very long time, all the while looking deep into my eyes and told me thank you over and over. All I could say was thank you back! I really felt like she and I were the only two people in that stadium at that moment!

When she finally let go, she raised up and lifted her hands out to the audience, and I was looking straight up at her! I was the very last person she took anything from, and I feel blessed. My friends even cried when they saw my dream come true. I was speechless the rest of the night. Then she did "HAEWEFY" and I just cried. It was beautiful. We were some of those 12 people who waited outside in the rain to see Stevie leave in her limo. When she waved at us, I felt as blessed as before. My real dream is to actually meet her and talk to her someday, but I can tell you, I am quite content for the moment. And the 2 ladies that helped us found us at the end and were all excited for us, and said "That's what a true Stevie fan is all about." I'm really glad we met them, and maybe we'll see them again someday! It was the absolute best day of my life! Stevie, you don't even realize how much you've done for people by going on with this tour. The energy is pure love, and we all needed that. Someday, Stevie, we'll meet again. I now know that it is possible! Thank you so much! Love Dana Kay Henderson

Sherry Allen Erin
I was at the Stevie Nicks concert in Nashville AmSouth Amphitheatre. I have to say she is the most timeless lady I've ever known! Then Sheryl Crow walked out on stage and they sang a duet of sorcerer. WOW! what a surprise! The audience went crazy! The lighting set was awesome. I've never seen a more beautiful display of theatrical stage before. Again everyone was mesmerized by Stevie. I'll never miss any of her concerts.

Ron Headrick
This is my third time to see Stevie and the band this tour! I live in Dallas, TX. and the Dallas show was great, then the next night I go to Houston and that show was great despite 90 degrees and 80% humidity at show time in August. I just didn't see how those two shows could be topped! AHHH! but then there's Nashville! This show was the cream of the crop!!! If Ms. Nicks releases a video of this tour then most of it should come from this performance in my opinion.

Let me set the tone here, for all of you, and I'm sure you can all relate. I was so devastated emotionally from the Attack on America that I had to do something to get my mind off it for a while. I thought about it for a while and said to myself take a couple of days vacation and go somewhere you've never been before and have some fun. I thought about many places and then the little light bulb went off and I said to myself, you idiot why did it take you so long to realize it. Go see Stevie and the band again and drive to the venue and take in the drive and let it soak in, America the Beautiful!!!

I drove through fog, rain, wind, night, sunshine, changing fall colors, fragrant smells of wildflowers, cities I had never been to like Little Rock, Memphis, and Nashville. 1400 miles round trip that reconfirmed my deep love for America and everywhere I looked I saw our flag flying proudly. One nation, under God, Indivisible! And now, the show!

Stevie was amazing! She was very relaxed and in a great mood and always sounds great but tonight there are no words to describe how great she was! After the third song, ''Dreams'' she surprised us and said; The first six shows this little girl was with me and then she kinda just disappeared for a while but she's here with us tonight, Ms. Sheryl Crow! Oh my gosh did we go nuts. Lightning and thunder was all about the venue in every direction adding to the surreal setting and electricity already in the air. Stevie and Sheryl were meant to be together and feed off each other in the performance. You can tell they are truly great friends and love each other so much. The band was tight and everyone onstage was having the time of their lives. It was such a positive, loving atmosphere on stage and in the audience that there are no words to describe it.

Sheryl did two solo's with the band and sounded great and sang with Stevie on Every Day and Fall from Grace. She said Stevie Nicks! fans are the greatest fans in the world and that Stevie's band is the greatest. Stevie, made a small mistake in the lyrics of Edge of Seventeen which was barely noticeable and she got a kick out of it by stepping back from the mic and pointing her finger at her head and rotating her finger slowly clockwise while smiling and laughing, you know the universal sign language for Duh! But it was so cool, we loved it! Oh, I forgot to mention when she introduced the band she said, It's Brett Tuggle's birthday today, and he is, pauses, snickers and then said he is 50 years old today and laughed and said It's a whole new world Brett and got really tickled for a few seconds and said you'll make it Brett.

Mindy and Sharon were amazing as always. Mindy had on skin tight sequenced sparkly pants. Hey, Mindy, NICE PANTS! Whew, this girl can dance too! OK to close, this e-novel, after HAEWAFY the band took their bows and were walking off waving to the crowd and someone brought out Stevie's dog, the Yorkie and handed her the dog and she came back to the mic and held him up and introduced him and said this is Sulamith my Yorkie and he smiles, he really does, and he is smiling right now, everybody get a Yorkie! She sat the dog down on stage and he trotted behind her as she walked off waving. Stevie, the whole experience was magical and it was just what I needed. We all needed it. Thank you so much! God Bless You! God Bless America!

PS: It did not pour down rain until most of us were in our cars like some magical protective bubble over the venue. AMAZING NIGHT!

Diana Matthews
Stevie was in rare form Sunday night the 23rd of September. I've seen several Stevie Nicks concerts and Fleetwood Mac dating back to the Rumours tour in 1975 so I'm a veteran. When Stevie first came out she said she wasn't going to go into what all was going on, and we know what she was talking about. She just wanted us all to enjoy the music and have a good time. Just get into the music and thats all. Everyone clapped and she began the concert on that note. In my opinion Gold Dust Woman rocked better than anytime I have ever seen her preform that song. I've been to 12 Stevie Nicks concerts and Fleetwood Mac combined and her voice and music combined was perfect. Afterwards she started talking about when she first begun the Shangr-La tour she had her friend with her for the first 7 shows and then she was gone and it was terrible and now.. then she paused, then she said she's back.

Then Sheryl Crow came on stage! Surprised as I was, I had no idea. It was a nice surprise. Stevie seemed so happy to be singing with her dear friend. Stevies energy level was very high. She danced like wild, kicked and twirled! She was having fun and you could tell it. She let Sheryl have the stage and Sheryl sang My Favorite Mistake! It was great. Sheryl stayed on stage a lot with Stevie, singing along and playing her guitar. Stevie and her stealing glances and smiles. You could tell they were comfortable together. Then Sheryl left and Stevie got on with her songs. Stand Back was very high paced with Stevie dancing fast and rocking like never before.

My favorite was the very last encore when the piano man was playing alone on the stage. Stevie came back to sing "Has anyone ever written anything for you". The piano was playing and I looked up and This tiny woman was trudging back on stage with her top hat with feather plume and her boots on to sing us a song. She was precious. She sang her heart out. Then all the band and back up singers including Sheryl Crow came back onstage to tell us good night. Sharon Celani had one of Stevies yorkies and Mindy Stein had the other one. The one Sharon had saw Stevie when they came out and it's little legs were just kicking trying to get down to get to Stevie. Stevie was telling us she thanked us so much for coming and she was so honored to be there. Then she turned and saw her little dog trying to get to her so she went over and got him/her. She then took him to the microphone and said he can smile see, he really does. Then she looked at us sternly and said in her gruff voice GET A YORKIE. I left with the full intention of looking for a yorkie the next day. When that lady says to get a yorkie and she's 15 feet away from you, well, you get a yorkie. At least I do.

Bob Benson
Stevie really rocked Music City USA! Everything was just great, Stevie, Sheryl Crow, the band, the backup singers, the set...and we even had a lightning show up above which added some great mood to some very emotional songs and lyrics. "Gold Dust Woman" was my emotional high of the night and it was BEAUTIFULLY done - very magical! I was lucky enough to sit near another huge Stevie fan (hi Cindy!) who had already been to 6 TSL shows and clued me in on what to expect and when to expect it...I really appreciated that! We also spotted some open seats about 12 rows ahead of where our were, so we just helped ourselves!

Another highlight was when Stevie kicked her leg up high at the end of Stand, the place went wild! And during "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", she was wearing the big black hat with the white feather boa, the one she appeared in Harper's with...I loved it!
I took my 12-year old daughter to the show (she's a concert veteran now after seeing MTV's TRL tour with Destiny's Child earlier this summer, but hasn't really listened to much Stevie music). But to her, the Stevie concert was the absolute best...she rated it an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10, and even insisted we wait around after the show and try to get a glimpse of her in her limo. I'm proud to say she became the newest Stevie fan that night. That's proof that Stevie's message and talent reaches even the youngest people.

So we (there was about 12 of us) waited in back of the amphitheatre for had to be a good 30-45 minutes or more. We all got soaked in a downpour of rain, but we didn't care... Some of the privileged people came walking out of the gate and tried to throw us off the track by saying Stevie would be leaving in a white limo. But then a black limo came pulling out of the complex with the back window half down...we saw her red painted nails and her fingers were waving quickly at all of us...and as the limo drove by we were all shouting to please stop, and we saw her angelic face! That was the thrill of the night! She was smiling at us and we all saw her...what a treat!

To all of you that shared that special moment with us, I say thanks, and ROCK ON!

I live right behind AmSouth and was listening to her practice. You could not tell her voice from a radio playing. She was just as graceful as ever. I hope I have her energy when I am her age. I only wished that she had played a little more of her older songs. The big surprise was getting to see Sheryl Crowe. I am not a big fan, but she admires Stevie as much as I do. So she is ok in my book. This is a show that is well worth the money. DON'T MISS IT is my advice.

Cynthia Lake
I will make this short and sweet ............ if I dont , I fear I would go on forever about my experiences this tour. I have seen several shows this tour......... From Jones Beach to Atlanta and a few inbetween. The fans that attended the Nashville show , including myself, were really Blessed with a Magical evening ! Of all the shows I have seen this far on the tour, Nashville topped them all ! From the sound, lighting, the band, and Ms Nicks herself........ everything just seemed to be perfect that evening ! Not to mention the weather ! ... A STORM approached just as Stevie took the stage.......... and the WIND was blowing something FIERCE ! The lightening all around was like a light show (no rain, just wind and lightening)............

A couple of songs into the set, we were introduced to her friend, Sheryl Crow ! I was SO surprised and glad to see Sheryl again, I had seen her at the Jones beach show ! I had brought my kids with me to this particular show, and they had a BLAST !! Of course, their favorite part was the end of the show, when Stevie had her little puppy dog on stage w/ her…....she introduced her dog, then put her down right beside her on the stage.....the cute lil thing followed her right, on her heels.......all the way off the stage. I just want to say thanks to Stevie , for "taking us all away, wrapping ourselves in the music" for the short time she did that evening

Robin J.
I have been waiting three years for this experience again. I never thought anything could compare to the April 1998 concert at AmSouth but I was wrong. Stevie was as beautiful as I had ever seen her and I fell in love with her voice and presence all over again. Her show could not be any better except to be longer. Her stage presence and set of songs were exceptional. I wept when she first appeared and onstage and she took my breath away with her closing number. Stevie Nicks is the dream of all admirers and I count down the days until I see her again.

Mickey Maxwell
We all dread Mondays, but today has been especially difficult for me. I drove from Memphis to Nashville yesterday to catch Stevie at the AmSouth Amphitheatre. I got back to Memphis at 3:00 AM and worked 8:00 to 5:00 today. I swear I don't know how I do that sometimes, but it was important for me to do this because it is the first opportunity I've had to see Stevie twice during the same tour. My first show on the TISL tour was in Dallas on my birthday, August 3 (thanks for the special show just for me Stevie *smile*. That was just before Stevie had to cancel or postpone several shows due to her severe case of bronchitis. I knew when I saw her in Dallas that it was a great show, but I could tell her voice wasn't 100%. Nashville was VERY electric.

First of all, just before Stevie took the stage, a storm had begun to develop. During Stevie's time onstage, the wind blew and lightening was seen all around, however the rain never started until the show was over and we'd all made it inside our cars. God wanted us to feel the electricity in the air with Stevie, but to enjoy the full experience. I noticed that Stevie's voice is much stronger than it was in August. I believe she has recovered quite well. The high notes which were missing in Dallas were there Sunday night in Nashville. Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Edge of 17 and Fall From Grace were re-energized last night much to my delight as well as the rest of the crowd. Not only did she sound back at the top of her game, but she looked the part as well. Just since August, I swear she's gotten slimmer, although that never mattered to me.

Stevie is always beautiful inside and out to me. Stevie opened with Stop Draggin' My Heart Around and sounded strong as ever. In a touching moment before the show continued, Stevie let the crowd know before she continued, that "We are aware of what's happened." Stevie encouraged us to use this little bit of time to get away from it all, and lose ourselves in her music for this brief space in time. The crowd applauded her words of concern and comfort. When Stevie got to Gold Dust Woman, I was wondering if she would keep the "And you'll pay for it" line she's been ad-libbing recently. She did. It received an energetic response from the crowd. You could tell everyone knew what she meant in that line.

After Gold Dust, Stevie began talking to the crowd about a good friend of hers. I could see a guitar tech hooking up an acoustic guitar next to Stevie. I awaited in anticipation, and YES!!! Sheryl Crow had decided to join Stevie in Nashville. I never dreamed Sheryl would show up this far into the tour. This was a great treat. Sheryl and Stevie sang Sorcerer, then Sheryl sang her solo hit My Favorite Mistake. Later on, they sang Fall From Grace, I Need to Know, and Everyday is a Winding Road together. Their interactions onstage and melodic mix of voices really gives you the feeling that they are "sisters" on some level to each other -- "sisters of the moon". It's amazing to see this in a live setting. The only pang of regret that I had about this show was that it only contained 3 songs from the new album.

I missed Bombay Sapphires and Planets of the Universe which were still in the set at Dallas. I hope Stevie hasn't gotten unconfident about including new songs in her sets. I remember in Dallas that the crowd was VERY well receiving of the new songs, and rarely sat down -- we worked hard to show her that we support her new work. The 3 new songs in Nashville were well received -- Everyday, Sorcerer, and Fall From Grace (the latter two should definitely become concert staples for Stevie). As Stevie introduced Sorcerer, she talked about writing it abut her and Lindsey heading out to Hollywood and how a move like that affects people (for a town like Hollywood). She related Nashville to Hollywood in that so many come to Nashville with those dreams of stardom, and that we there probably understand better than most what she was trying to say about arriving in a town like Hollywood. The crowd's response to this seemed to reinforce what she said.

To sum it up, Stevie was gorgeous, sounded fantastic, had a great duet partner in Sheryl Crow, was surrounded by God's positive electric energy, and warmed the hearts of a crowd of people who have been searching for answers to the Sept 11 tragedy. For a brief space in time, Stevie Nicks was able to comfort us, console us, and take us away from our heavy worries. After the show was over, the skies opened up and let the rain pour - the sky was crying as were some of us.

William Allen Morgan
There was a threat of rain as the concert begin but our welsh witch spread her vail of magical powers keeping the rain at bay till the very end of the concert. Then suddenly...... as though that magical vail had been lifted, just at the end it begin to rain but we were already in our cars to head home. (Actually..... since the rain didn't start untill the concert was over..... it made it seem even better as the thunder and lighting added a new element to the light show of the the concert. (That really tied it well with the part where Stevie sings,"It only thunders when it is raining." (From "Outside The Rain" (Actually it was almost like a recreation of the Red-rocks video!!!!!!, espically with Waddy Watchel being here as well.)

Stevie was AWESOME.... and sounded stronger than ever. You could tell she was really enjoying herself and so was her spell caputed audaince. She breifly mentioned the events from NY and told us that we should all try to put that at the back of ours minds. (And I think we did!!!!!(I know I did.))

Stevie came to the mic and said there was someone with her tonight that had started the tour with her but had missed a few of the shows recently and that she was back tonight for the first time.(I sat there and yelled, "Oh my god.... Sheryl Crow is here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!")

Stevie preformed several of her own songs and several of her FM songs as well. She also accompined Sheryl in one of Sheryl's songs and Sheryl sang one of her own as well.(I don't remember the exact song set but I'm sure someone else will.)

I had pretty good seats already.... I was about in the 12th row back..... but then when they started to play "Like a White Wing Dove".... the staff came back and ask us if anyone wanted to move up in front of the stage.(I was really shocked they still did this enlight of recent events.)(Although.... I did not get to shake Stevie's hand.... she was less than 10ft away from me!!!!!! That was really awesome for me as Stevie is my favoraite singer/preformer!!!!!!!, and that was the closest I've ever been to the stage.)

At the end as Stevie started to leave the stage.... her dog ran to her..... it was so cute.(Yeah..... Stevie even brought her dogie with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Stevie....Thank you very very much for an AWESOME evening, as for tonight Nashville was truly Music City USA!!!!!!! (We hope you will come back sometime in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Speaking of Nashville being Music City USA.... Stevie told us that chorus for the song "Fall From Grace" was written in Nashville when she was here about 2 years ago."

catherine herrigton
My naame is catherine herrigton. i just got back from the stevie nicks concert in nashville. it was such a great concert! i can't even describe it. first of all, i didn't find out sheryl crow was going to be there until right before stevie came out. that was an added plus! stevie came out and every thing else vanished from my thoughts. her presence made everything i had been thinking about disappear. from the moment of stop dragging my heart around to HAEWAFY, my mind was captivated. stevie puts a hold on you that you just can't break free of. this is the third time i have seen stevie, and i still think she is as cool as ever. the only bummer was that i was in the fourth row and by the time we made our way to the front, she would only go a certain distance from the stage. she was about three people away when she decided to turn back around and stop shaking her fans hands. i was a little let down about that, but i guess i'll get over it. her whole concert was rockin' though. sheryl made it even more interesting. i was a little upset that she cut planets of the universe. i'm still trying to figure out why. we waited to see her after the concert was over, and i do believe that it was her who stuck her head out of the limo and waved good-bye to us. at least i like to think so! anyway, stevie nicks put on and great show and i can't wait until she comes back with fleetwood mac!

Rick and Doris
It's after 5 a.m. on the morning after an EXCELLENT show ! We, ( my girlfriend & I ) just got in a few minutes ago from Nashville, we traveled there from the St. Louis, MO. area too see our Stevie ! We both were big Mac/Stevie fans before we met at work over 6 years ago. Well, on with the review. Sheryl is back & we didn't know if she was going to be, until we pulled in the parking lot & heard them rehearsing "My Fave Mistake", we decided on the spur of the moment on friday the 21st to go down south & see her. We lucked out & ended up with 8th row ! I still used the binoc's quite a few times, I couldn't get close enough, if you know what I mean. She is still very beautiful & talented, we both agree. In fact my lady, Doris jokes about how Stevie is the other woman ! I would have to agree, I wouldn't have another ! LOL. It was very well worth the drive down there to let Stevie, Sheryl, & the GREAT band with Waddy backing her up to take us away for a little while, in the midst of the tragedy of being SHOT IN THE BACK by Cowards.

We had a great time & loved Stevie & her band, they were very uplifting, and to top it all off, after her last encore & the lights went up, we were walking between seats to leave, Doris was in front of me & walked past two guys that were still seated, I looked down to find that it was Billy Burnette & a young man, maybe his son, I called to Doris wait, & she turned around & I said this is Billy Burnette, I turned to him & said I couldn't believe that I was talking to him, he shook our hands & seemed very surprised or flattered when I told him that I have all his records he put out before he joined Fleetwood Mac, I didn't tell him I have that movie "Saturday Night Special" that he starred in, & that I put songs from his records on cd'r so I can hear 'em in the cd player, be it the truck, car, or home stereo. The guy with him was grinnin' from ear to ear. Billy asked us our names & was really cool & down to earth, we ran out of film & had not a pen or anything to get signed, I also regret not asking if he could get us backstage to meet Stevie. That really topped off another great night to remember. I seen her in Chicago early in the tour, ( 3rd show ) with my nephew, Timmy, and a great friend of mine, Adam Smith, who has a $400.00 tattoo of Stevie, very cool ! We can't wait for her, Lindsey, Mick, & John to put out the new Fleetwood Mac album & come to St. Louis & many surrounding area's, because we are ready & will travel too see them again ! By the way, Stevie/Mac fans are the greatest ! Until we meet again, peace & be good. Take care.

OUCH! Stevie Nicks took Nashville by storm last night and gave a performance like no other! She looked healthy, happy and ready to rock...and believe me she did! My best friend and I were fortunate to be right there on the front row with a fab view of THE WOMAN...THE LEGEND...the girl who wrote all those songs, went thru so many challenges and faced so much heartache...but you wouldn't be able to tell last night as she patrolled the stage and filled the venue with magic, just by simply opening her mouth! She owned EVERYONE's attention for that hour and a half!!

Another surprise was the fact that Sheryl was back with her again. We had seen what we thought was Sheryl's last show with Stevie at Jones Beach a few months ago and didn't expect to see her on the tour again. Anyway, she looked just as beautiful as Stevie and both grooved thru a scorching rendition of "Sorcerer" and got everyone movin' and shakin'!

The band was could really tell everyone was having a blast, especially Waddy and Al Ortiz. Al seemed to be transfixed by Stevie as he was geekin' off of her the whole evening...and Waddy, the master craftsman that he is, set a perfect mood of magic and mystique with his guitar riffs. This was evident in the opening of "Edge of 17" when he gave the intro a little more spice than previous tours. And he always seemed to have a HUGE smile on his face the whole time!

The song highlights of the show for me personally were, "Enchanted", "Gold Dust" (SHE HIT THAT HIGHT NOTE BABY!!) "Sorcerer", "Rhiannon" "Edge" and "Has Anyone Ever Written..." And of course I have to mention that at the end of "Edge", she walked straight over to me and my friend and reached for our hands. It was a moment I will NEVER forget! Her hand was so soft and fragile...yet it was so strong and powerful...i think in a way she touched everyone's heart last night...with wisdom and truthfullness that came from the velvet of her voice and into us all. The Music industry is drastically different nowadays than it was back in the 70's. There seems to be no mystery or honesty anymore...not to mention really talented or unique songwriters. Thank God, Stevie is still out there on the forefront of Rock! She remains, for this boy who was smitten at the age of 4, to be the QUEEN, the Alpha, the Omega, and the VOICE OF ROCK & ROLL!! We! love you so much Stevie!! Thank you for the amazing, perfect evening! We truly found the lady from the mountain!!

Melissa Hunley
Stevie's performance was unlike any other I have seen! Her voice was amazing and seemed to touch everyone around me. It was lightning throughout the show and it just seemed to be natural, like it was part of the show.

She is so amazing and her whole band was awesome too! Her voice and stage show are timeless and I left feeling so uplifted!! I could have stayed and listned to her all night!!

Greetings Earthlings! Another great evening w/Stevie & Co. Consummate musicians everyone. I saw the lst concert of the season in PA and thought that was perfect. Now I've seen perfection perfected! I've been to concerts of groups were I was ready for the show to be over, this is the only concert I've ever been to were I wish it would never stop. It must have been my lucky night 'cause Sheryl Crow appeared again too. This is a great combination and a great band. I'm sure it was a blessing for all in attendance. The crowd was great too! You can tell you're in the South! Everyone was cordial, friendly (dare I say like family?). The opening band CALIFORNIA delivered some hot licks and actually got some toes tapping (which isn't always easy in Nashville). As we say here in the South, "Have you tried some of these? Mmm, mmm, mmm, you don't know what you're missi! n'." I wish them all, "Love in a Peaceful World," ("Wishing Well", BAD CO).

This concert was one of the most rock-n-roll enchanting evenings in my life! Stevie danced in her enchanted garden while spinning her musical web around our souls! Her voice was absolutely captivating! Every song was everything I hoped it would be. Stevie's musical magic entered my life when I was just a little girl - when the Bella Donna album was release. Stevie, The Mother Goddess of Rock-n-Roll, has rocked my world ever since! I am so gracious that she is touring again! This is one concert that will forever hold a special memory in my heart. Thank you, Stevie!

This concert was my third, last night in Atlanta and tonight in Nasville, and both were absolutly amazing. Stevie is the best performer in the world, I love her! None of the other concerts compare to Nasville for several reason. First being that Sheryl Crow came as a surprise to everyone and she was wonderful too. The fact that I was second row center stage made everything that much more exciting. Another cute thing she did that she didn't do the two other Atlanta concerts, she blew two or three kisses out into the audience and you could hear her smack her lips into the microphone. I brought a dozen white roses to give to Stevie, her body gaurd took them for her but I got to hold her hand!!! It was for about five seconds, she looked me in the eyes and everything. It felt like an hour! My legs were shaking uncontrolably, that was my dream come true. I am basically speechless still! She brought her yorkies out at the end of the show, that was so cool. She took one, I forgot the name, and told us "she smiles she really smiles!" Then the cute little dog licked her face. Then she told the crowd to buy a yorkie. Well, I guess I know what kind of dog to get now! Stevie, you are incrediable!

Michael Barber
I saw Stevie's show in Nashville, TN at the Amsouth Amphitheater on Sept. 23rd, and it was my 9th time to see her live and this woman gets better every time!! Her voice is just as strong as it has always been and she delivered an action packed and emotion filled show. With the crowd on their feet throughout her 2 hour set, she took time to speak and connect with the fans and to make everyone feel as though she were singing to you and you alone. Along with a very strong band and Sheryl Crow making a return appearance to the show, Stevie proved once and for all that she is still very capable of rocking's a little and holding an audience captive on a wild ride!!!

Mark Welsh
We (my wife, my 2 daughters, ages 12 and 9 and myself) arrived at the AmSouth Amphitheatre in Nashville, Tennessee on September 23, 2001 about an hour before showtime. The weather had been perfect all day but the forcast was for possible thunder showers in the late evening. The warm-up band "California" came out and got everybody going with a John Cougar/Bruce Springsteen sound with a touch of Southern California style rock. Last time Stevie was here in concert was in July of 1998 on the Enchanted Tour. She was awesome then but I believe she was better last night. I've anxiously awaited the Shang-ri-la album and tour and was disappointed that Nashville was not listed as one of the original venues for the tour (in fact I e-mailed "The Nicks Fix" and our Nashville classic rock station a few times to air my grievances). After Nashville was added, I made sure we had great seats to enjoy the show.

Stevie, was as the old "Styx" song goes, "Ageless and Timeless as Dorian Gray". She came out and did a few of her older single and Fleetwood Mac songs which of course worked the crowd into a frenzy and then she announced that her friend Cheryl Crowe was present that night to lend her vocal talents. The crowd went nuts! After Stevie and Cheryl sang "Fall from Grace" (my favorite on the album), Stevie was walking away from the microphone and smiled and walked back and announced to the crowd that she had written the chorus for "Fall from Grace" right there in Nashville a few years back. The roar of thousands of Middle Tennesseans drowned out anything else she might have said right then.

As the night progressed, far-off lightning lit the skies and a gentle breeze blew as Stevie belted out "Edge of 17" and Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" making the whole scene as mystical as if Stevie ordered it up special for us. The rain never hit until the concert was completely over and most fans were on their way home satisfied in the knowledge that they had just enjoyed a legend doing what she does best! Thanks for remembering Nashville, Stevie.

Steve & Sherry Rousseau
Last night was one of the greatest nights of our lives. It took us twenty years and several concerts to get front row tickets, but last night made the wait all worth while. This was the second time we have seen Stevie on her Trouble in Shangri-la tour. The first time was in Dallas, TX, which was a wonderful show, however we have to say Stevie out did herself last night in Nashville, TN. It was our first visit to the Amsouth Ampatheator and it was a real treat. It was a really nice arena.

Before the show started we all stood for the National Anthem, which really got the crowd going, then the opening act, California, came out and played and did a great job. We were very impressed. After a short intermission, the moment we had all waited for was upon us. The band started to play and Stevie came out looking as beautiful as ever. We're not going to go on about all the great ! songs everyone knows by heart, but we will tell you her performance was electrifying. It was great to see Waddy with her again and Sharon and Mindy sang wonderfully, as usual. The rest of the band were also great. It was great to see Sheryl Crow. She was not at the Dallas show. She and Stevie looked like they were having a great time.

Like we said, it was our first time to be on the front row and as all Stevie fans know, during the song Edge of Seventeen, Stevie accepts gifts and shakes her fans hands. We had thought very hard about what we would bring Stevie. We had finally decided on a Mickey Mouse doll wearing a red, white, and blue "Sorcerer" outfit, like in Fantasia and we put an American flag in his hand. It was a pretty good choice because Stevie took it and healed it up and everyone cheered. After that, Stevie reached out and shook our hands, it was a dream come true. We had often thought of thin! gs we would say to Stevie if we had the chance. Things like "WE LOVE YOU" or "WE THINK YOU'RE THE GREATEST" but with Stevie standing there looking at us, holding our hands, all we could do was look up and smile, from ear to ear. As for the things we didn't say, somehow we think she already knows.

Jan and Christie
As we headed for the final show of our 2000 plus miles to Shangri-La tour, we had mixed feelings of anticipation and the realization that this was coming to an end....BUT WHAT A WAY TO END!!! We had center stage 4th row seats and had decided ahead of time that tonight we were going to just relax and enjoy our last show and not worry about trying to rush to the stage...we had that pleasure the past 3 shows, so tonight we just wanted to enjoy seeing Stevie and watch other fans having the opportunity to shake Stevie's hand.

When Stevie took the stage, the crowd went WILD. Having just seen her the night before, we knew instantly that she appeared more excited and smiled alot as if she had a secret. And yes she did....after "Gold Dust Woman" Stevie started talking, we noticed an extra mic and guitar amp was being added to the stage, and she was telling us that for the first few shows she had been joined by a very dear friend, but sadly that friend had left the tour, BUT her friend was back tonight to join her onstage...."My friend SHERYL CROW". Sheryl walked out onstage, and they embraced, by this time Stevie had tears rolling down her cheek and Sheryl wiped those tears away....and it was such a sweet gesture to see. The fans' excitement of seeing Stevie and Sheryl together, we are sure, could be heard from miles away!!!! The crowd went included!!! We were totally blown away and could not believe our good fortune...we never expected to have a chance to see those two perform together on this tour.

Sheryl sang two of her songs with Stevie doing backup vocals on one. This was not a bad thing, as it was so obvious Stevie was enjoying Sheryl being there with her. Stevie and Sheryl performed "Sorcerer", "Too Far From Texas", and "Fall From Grace"....the chemistry between them is full of love, respect, and admiration. From the moment Stevie took the stage she showed her fans she had "No fear, only love" and that love poured over into her performance and wrapped around the crowd that relished in her love. Before the night was over she was telling us we were an AWESOME crowd and she blew kisses. She did her customary walk across the stage during "Edge of 17" and graciously with a radiant smile on her face accepted gifts from many adoring fans.

At the conclusion of HAEWAFY the entire band, including Sheryl, came out onstage to join Stevie...and here we received another special moment. Sharon and Carlos were holding Sara Belladonna and Sulamith Grace, unbeknownst to Stevie. Sulamith could see her "Mommy" and was bouncing up and down in Sharon's arms, trying to get to Stevie. As Stevie turned to leave the stage, she saw her "Baby" and took her from Sharon and then came back to the mic to introduce her while Sulamith was giving her kisses on the cheek. Before leaving the stage Stevie said "Buy a Yorkie" and clutched her fist as if to say "Yorkies Rule." Then she again proceeded to leave but stopped several times to wave to the crowd. Having traveled over 2000 miles there are no regrets...there is only love for this remarkable woman!!!! The memories will remain....

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