Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/19/01 Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia (Baltimore) MD

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Maybe I fought this long and this hard, just to make sure you Survive I knew our National Anthem was going to be played, but I had no idea how moved I was going to be by it and so the tears began

The moment the girls walked out and the percussion started, seemed to immediately set the tone for this show and everyone followed with an intensity that continued the entire concert. The band was so united in heart and emotions that it oozed thru the night and over the entire crowd. I don't think that anyone there could have possibly not been left with a renewed heart of hope and determination to make sure that our country become stronger than ever before!

The thoughts of everything that's been on my mind never totally left, yet Stevie gave us an outlet to express our love, tears and rage that has been bottled up. This was an entertainment event, yet at the same time a terrific bonding of a community and people. I felt like I had walked into a huge family reunion. We were not just Stevie fans; we were a family of proud Americans.

No other performer could have pulled thru this and got on stage to deliver as Stevie can! Her heart on her sleeve as always, was truly bursting with that powerful love, commitment and devotion to her fans and country! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, Stevie!!!!!!! Being my 3rd concert of this tour, this was by every standard, the VERY BEST!!! I have never seen Stevie rock so hard and with such energy!

You could tell, being the modest, sincere soul that she is, Stevie was on a mission and she did it with such energy and intensity, holding NOTHING back!! You could tell it wasn't just as if she were a performer with a job to do, but rather an American with the talent and means of a way for her to deal with her own anger and sorrow that the world feels. She allowed us to step into her world and share that outlet with her. Mission accomplished Stevie! You did make it possible for us to escape our problems for a while, through YOUR music!

If anyone has ever had the slightest doubt that Stevie is timeless, that was wiped away. Every song seemed to have lines that were perceptive to the crises at hand " and when she came to those lines you could here her voice get stronger with extra emphasis, as she BELTED them out with such passion.

When I say Stevie Rocked! I MEAN SHE REALLY ROCKED!!!! And that's an understatement. Her emotions were overwhelmingly sincere and gave me Goosebumps! The flag above the stage was a presence in itself! You have to wonder in awe at how appropriate the timing and name of this new CD so aptly named Trouble In Shangri-La came to life. Coincidence? No! I don't think so God has blessed us with the gift He has given to an angle named Stevie Nicks! It's too powerful and insightful to be anything less than intervention!

Stevie's twirls, kicks, dancing, gestures and VOICE, were more powerful than ever! If you know anything at all about Stevie, its her love of, and for, others. Only she could deliver one of the most powerful and finest performances of her career, with the utmost reverence to a Country and individuals grieving so.

She graciously accepted the gift of a HUGE teddy bear. To see her tightly hug that bear made me feel just like I do when I need a hug and/or something to hang on to in difficult times. It was as if she were embracing her own sorrow and each one of us, at the same time. Another touching moment was at the end when the band members brought her yorkies on stage, they are so adorable! There were simply too many precious moments throughout the entire evening to mention them all! Needless to say, the Merriweather concert was an experience that I'll remember for ever!

Leaving this show, I felt an indescribable sadness and emptiness of knowing it was to be my last for this tour. Yet I also felt so privileged and VERY blessed to have had the experience of being in the presence of my idol of 25+ years, on such a spiritual and magical evening. I wonder if Stevie will ever know how much she has touched my heart and life. God Bless and watch over America and Stevie too.

On the drive home, listening to the radio talk to people who were there, I heard a fireman expressing his feelings saying that it was the first time since this happened that he had made it thru a period that long without crying.

On a more personal note. With my Sister being overseas with the Navy Reserve, as well as so many friends and family members of my own, so directly affected right now, I set aside my total head to toe, Stevie finery and went with the Red White & Blue scheme, still with a Stevie inspired look. The final touch being a long white lace shawl that I lent to my Sister when she renewed her wedding vows. I wrote her and told her I'd be wearing that in honor of her and her choice of career and commitment to serve our country, so that in some small way she would be there with me.

Let's not overlook the opening band. "California" Rocked! We were fortunate enough to get to chat with them during intermission. What a great bunch of guys, with a lot of talent. We (all 4 of us who went together) bought their CD and they were kind enough to sign each one. Make sure you take notice of these guys. Just like Jeffrey Gains, Stevie found great new talent to treat us to.

This was the second show of the TISL tour that I attended. The first was the Nissan Pavillion show which I also wrote about. This one was even more awesome than the first. I took my daughter, Sarah, to this one for her 10th birthday which was Thurs., the 20th. She had a great time singing and dancing, she loves Stevie too! Stevie's voice was great and she had so much energy especially during "Fall From Grace" which really kicked! Our seats were in the center section kind of far back so I did not think I would be able to get Sarah down to the front to get close to see Stevie, which I so badly wanted to do for her. When I saw that they were getting ready to do "Edge of 17", I grabbed Sarah's hand and lead her down to the front. I told an older gentleman wearing an "Event Staff" shirt that it was her birthday the next day and asked him if I could get her any closer. He said she needed a flower or something to give to Stevie and asked if we had anything, I said "No.". We left it at that. Then Stevie came back out. We were singing, dancing and really getting into the song and being close to her.

A few minutes later, that very nice gentleman came back with a rose for my daughter to give to Stevie. I thanked him and we headed up to the stage! When Stevie came to our side of the stage, Sarah held her rose as high as she could and I held up my hand and yelled "Stevie!" Stevie missed Sarah's rose but, she smiled and held my hand for few seconds! I just cannot express how elated and overwhelmed I was! This was about the 11th time (including 4 FM concerts) that I had seen Stevie in concert and my dream finally came true! Sarah said she thinks she touched her rose which we will save as a remembrance of our wonderfully enchanted evening with Stevie. Thank you to that nice gentleman for his kind gesture! This concert was just what I needed after the horrible tragedy and the stressful week I was having at work. Sarah had a great time and a wonderful birthday! Thank you Stevie for making this a memorable birthday for Sarah and for your wonderful gift of music to everyone! Your mother is right, your arehelping everyone by doing your concerts. Rock on!

I was very excited for this concert since I had seen her at Nissan, but Merriweather is by far a better concert venue (in my humble opinion). Better sound and a little more intimate. I was so happy to have gone! She was absolutely fantastic, so incredibly beautiful and in terrific voice. A huge American flag hung from the top of the stage and her microphone stand had red, white and blue ribbons hanging from it.

The crowd was *very* into it and she could barely get a word in when she tried to talk, people were just screaming and yelling "I love you Stevie" from all over the place! She told us that she wasn't going to say a whole lot about what was going on, but that she loved us. I thought that was so sweet. She did a fabulous show, complete with twirls, a high kick and great vocals. She seemed to be back in good health as witnessed by her high energy show and great vocals. I believe her version of GDW was the best I have ever seen her do - she really just gave it her all.

At the end of the concert she mentioned how she had been in New York (and we were here in DC) and so she felt a connection to us. You can tell she is just a sweet and caring person and just cares a lot for her fans. A terrific show....Stevie still rocks and always will! Thanks to my friend Steve for the tickets and for going with me, it was a night I will never forget. God bless!

Mike Sarzo
There was no holding Stevie Nicks back at Merriweather Post Pavilion Wednesday, nearly two months after her first Washington-area show and just over a week after the twin tragedies in New York and Washington. Nicks took her fans on a journey through her biggest Fleetwood Mac and solo hits and five songs from Trouble in Shangri-la, her first solo album in seven years. While Nicks sang like someone who should have taken a longer break at the July 28 show in Bristow, Va., she put on one of her strongest performances on the tour, making it clear from the first words of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" that she wasn't holding anything back.

The third song in the set, "Dreams," sounded as fresh as it did when the Rumours record first hit the stores in 1977. "Gold Dust Woman" showed Nicks in fine form, as she twirled during the song's first bridge and showed some of the fire that marked the version on The Dance video. Unlike the Nissan show but like so many prior shows, "Stand Back" was the energy song it has almost always been. Nicks twirled, gave a high leg kick, and danced like she hadn't done in a while. But the highlight of the show was a fierce version of the hard rocker "Fall From Grace," which saw Nicks conjure up - if not exceed - the intensity of "Rhiannon" from the 1970s.

The new song, the last of the five new songs, was the first of a procession of three edgy rockers, with Nicks's signature "Edge of Seventeen" being the middle song in the trio. The third song, Nicks's cover of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tune "I Need to Know," again showed Nicks completely outdoing her friend and the inspiration behind much of the album. Calling all five Trouble in Shangri-la songs in the set "new" may be a misnomer, as longtime fans have heard demo versions of "Planets of the Universe" and "Sorcerer," since the songs were written in the 1970s, long before their appearance on any of Nicks's albums. In fact, many in the crowd started rhythmic applause to the beginning of "Sorcerer." Several fans called the appearance of Nicks's dogs, Yorkshire terriers named Sara Belladonna and Sulamyth, another highlight of the show as Nicks introduced them to the crowd, which was totally under Nicks's spell by the show's end.

Joe Sheffield
September 19, 2001… and as one rock singer once wrote, "the echoes from the amplifiers" are "ringing in my head." Considering the source of the echoes, it is a most magnificent feeling. I was lucky enough to have seen the show at Bristow, Va. in July, and it was electrifying…I thought it was as good as it could get. I was wrong. This concert at Merriweather was absolutely devastating in its intensity, depth and beauty. The National Anthem at the beginning was so appropriate and the reaction of the audience was perfect evidence. California opened the show and were quite good. In them I saw the same fire, the same "we can do it" drive so many of my friends in high school had, playing in their bands (decades ago). I hope they go far.

Then, the stage was made ready, Destiny's Child came over the speakers, fading to "…I hear there's trouble in Shangri-La…" and the fans went ballistic. Stevie, when people, as individuals, or as a nation go through such shock and horror as so many did last week, it is difficult to recover "normalcy". When our loved ones are lost, we never recover completely, but as time passes, with God's help and the help of our friends, we become able to deal with it one day at a time, and maybe someday we can help others to learn how to deal with such grief. So many of us lost no one closely related in the tragedies last week, but thousands did lose loved ones, and we could have. All of us have lost loved ones in our lives and now we realize how unexpectedly it could happen to any of us. At times like these, one of the most blessed gifts is to be able to emotionally and spiritually "catch your breath". Your concert really gave a lot of people that opportunity. You took us each to the other side of your mirror for time (always too short a time) and that is one of the things that can help us all heal.

Thank you, Stevie… we all love you. Never stop rockin'.

Julio J. Fonseca
I had seen Stevie at Nissan pavillion in VA. in July in her first appearance after Laryngitis and thought she did an amazing job. So I had no idea what a suprise I was in for this evening. I took a really good friend of mine who's birthday was Tuesday September 11, 2001. That birthday will now resonate forever. He had never seen Stevie and wasn't too familiar with all of her catalog but did enjoy the dance crossover Planets of the Universe. Our seats were excellent. And I have to say that California is a solid band. I was glad to see their performance and be exposed to them. Stevie did not disappoint. In fact her voice was so amazingly strong and her presence just shook the crowd. Every twirl every bit on the tambourine every gesture came from within her.

She made little reference to current events and a grateful crowd so willing to be happy was not let down. My personal highlights were Gold dust woman.. Rhiannon which she added a couple of lines to in the middle... Edge which never dissappoints and Fall from Grace. The screens featured Stevie and Mindy singing this song duet style and man.. It kicked Butt. I didn't think this song could rock any harder... and I'd love for it to be the next single. And just like my mom did in July.. my friend got a little misty during "has anyone ever written anything for you". It was good to see that Stevie was really enjoying herself and I swear she made a point to look at everyone portion of the audience. Thanks Stevie for taking us away for a little while...

This was my first Stevie Nicks concert and I have to say that she put on the best show I have ever seen. I have listened and loved her music for years. Nothing is better than seeing her in person. She was very energetic during all of her songs. Her encore has fabulous. She even did her leg kick at the end of Stand Back which got a tremendous ovation from the crowd. This was the best concert experience I have ever had and I hope to have the opportunity to see her again. Thanks Stevie from all of your fans in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Nancy Boyd
Stevie did it again, she rocked my world for the second time in two months. I seen her at Nissan Pavilion in July and she was excellent. And then the Merriweather show, WOW!!! I had 3rd row center seats in the orchestra pit and it was so awesome. She had a lot more energy this time, she talked to the crowd more and she was ROCKIN! I have loved her since the 70's and I will continue to love her for the rest of my life. Every song she chose to sing that night was beautiful, especially Rhiannon and Fall From Grace (rocks)!! I'll be waiting impatiently for her to tour again in the future, she is a GODDESS and the BEST ALL TIME singer, songwriter, poet to grace this planet.

Aimee Doll
My mom & I went to see Stevie @ Merriweather-and I can truly say that that night-made my lifetime!!! I have been a fan since I was 15 (I am 21 now) & have always wanted to see her-this was my first time-and she was everything I expected and more!!! She is so beautiful!! You could feel her presence the second she walked on stage-peace & love just radiate from her!!! And the second she started singing-her voice captured my soul!!! My mom & I had seats in the third row-so we were right there!! We stayed dancing, & singing the whole night!! Definitely a dream come true!!! Stevie is such an inspiration & I thank the stars that everything worked out for this concert. Stevie you are amazing-thank you so much for everything that you have given us & keep giving us. Thank you sooo much for creating those magical worlds that you take us to and let us visit. They dont just last for a couple moments-they last for a lifetime!! Peace & so much love to you Stevie!!! As well as to all the other Stevie Nicks fans out there who share the same love and compassion for a women who is in every sense of the word an Angel!!! Love always,.

I had to take the opportunity here to say Miss Stephanie Lynn Nicks greatest concert ever was at Merriweather Post Pavillion last night.This is my third concert from this tour and Stevie is back 110%. My first concert at Camden N.J.she was great. She became ill and the Nissan Pavillion show was a little disappointing but at Merriweather she was better than ever. Stevie was very very playful,talkative and just enjoyed her show that she put on for us all. When she sang Gold Dust Woman the place just Rocked. The crowd was very appreciative of her talking about New York and Washington and she advised us to go on with our lives as best we can.

As I said she was very energetic and twirled to the music all night long. I was disappointed that she did not do Blue Sapphire but her rendition of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You more than made up for it. You could tell that Stevie was touched by her loyal fan support in this song as she turned away from the audience twice.She brought the band all back on stage at the end and Sharon and Mindy brought out her two little dogs which Stevie said were on there first tour with her. She was just so bubbly to talk to the fans all night long.What a great American Citizen she is as she inspired us all to try and get back to a regular way of life. To help ease our pains Stevie says to listen to good music. Of course Stevie's Music, What else is there. I truely hope this is not her last tour but we all know that is coming. Take a year Stevie with the MAC but please come back and see us one more time. Your loving fans will never forget you STEVIE. You to are an American Heroe.

Erin Hayes
Well I had a front row center seat and there were supposed to be no cameras - hah. If I'm going to be in the front row, then I was going to have a camera. I snuck it in and hopefully got some really good pictures. When Stevie first walked out, I waved to her and she looked me right in the eye and waved back. She has a way of making you feel like you're the only one in the room with her. This is the second time I've seen her this summer. I went to the Nissan Pavilion show also. Her voice was phenomenal. It sounded very strong. She told us how she had been in New York when everything happened. She also told us she felt like she had a bond with us, I think because Washington D.C. is pretty much Maryland. She was there and we were here when those terrible events happened. She wanted us to try to put ourselves in a happier place for a little while and only she could put you in that place. She looked like she was very happy and feeling so much healthier. At the end when it was time for goodbyes, two of her band members brought out her two yorkies - Sulamith and Sara Bella Donna. They were so cute! They were all excited to see her. She picked up Sulamith and came closer to the stage with her. I took a picture of that. I hope that it turns out. It was a magical night, as always. Stevie, I love you and I hope you come back to Maryland again. It's been 7 years since you've been here. Please come back soon! Rock on Sweet Girl!

Katrin Pope
A dear friend of mine and I attended the show at Merriweather this past week. We were admittedly anxious, as this was the first event we were attending since the tragic attacks. When the Star Spangled Banner was played before the show started, I was in tears. I wondered how Stevie would handle the crowd given the circumstances. She was wonderfully calm and gentle. I loved it when she said that she just wanted us all to be swept away together by the music, and we truly were. The enchantress charmed us all and filled the air with her warmth and love. I cried when she approached the first rows of fans and received the gifts presented to her, giggling as she struggled with a huge teddy bear. I am so grateful to Stevie for allowing me to forget my worries for that short time. My soul was lifted on the wings of her poetry and soared as it had not since September 11th. I wanted the show to just keep going on and on.... Thank-you Stevie!

IT TOOK ME 18 YEARS TO GET TO THE FRONT ROW . . . and now i can say it was worth the wait! i've been going to see stevie in concert since the wild heart tour in 1983 and this show was 'simply the best' - not just because i was in the front row but because she gave 110% !!! she didn't hold back, she is obviously feeling much better. she seemed to be in such a good mood ~ smiling, dancing and twirling all over the place ~ connecting with her fans! she was absolutely stunning. she hit every note and sang with such passion ~ i was simply amazed by her performance this time. i saw her at nissan pavilion in july and you could tell she wasn't feeling well then, kind of holding back trying to save her voice knowing she had so many more dates to play on the tour. i’m glad she took care of herself and listened to her doctor taking the time off that she needed to in order to heal. 'as the years go by' . . . she is sounding better and better. i was just so glad to FINALLY watch her from the front row ~ it was a dream come true.

and how about the band, they were fabulous ~ HEY WADDY! sharon and mindy were wonderful as always. i think that this group of musicians were the best yet to tour with stevie. they really sounded great.

stevie, if you are reading this, i will not forget this night ~ thanks for the memories and the feeling will remain even after the glitter fades! keep doing what you do your fans love you and as long as you keep writing, singing and touring ~ we will be there to support you!
thanks for coming to baltimore - keep us on the list!

'have you touched the soul of someone'
. . . YES stevie, you have!

'in all your darkest hours, have you ever heard me sing'
. . . YES stevie, i have!

"I can mend your heart" - Yes Stevie can! And that's exactly what she did for everyone at Merriweather! She lifted our spirits, gave us hope and a sense of unity. Seeing Stevie perform with all her HEART 'N SOUL was truly a blessing and a healing experience for me. Nothing heals the soul better than love & music...especially Stevie's! I had a hard time sitting in my seat while being so moved by her passionate performance! Stevie really went all out for everyone and provided a wonderful escape if only for a few hours. But the memory will last a lifetime! THANK YOU once again Stevie, > for a magical and enchanting evening.

This was the second show on this tour I saw (I was at the Nissan Pavilion show in Bristow, VA on July 28) and the eighth time I've seen Stevie in concert. My first show was Nov. 5, 1983, the Wild Heart Tour stop in Hollywood, Florida. Stevie began the Columbia, MD show by saying that she didn't really want to talk about what was going on in the world right now, but that instead she wanted to have everyone enjoy the show - a statement that was met by a loud cheer.

Indeed, I could almost feel Stevie's determination to put on a great show to give everyone something positive to focus on for a little while. Throughout the show, she asked us if we were having a good time, and we responded that yes, were certainly were! She also mentioned that she felt she had a kind of bond with us since she was in New York when everything happened and everyone in the audience was in the Washington metro area.

The show itself was great. At the Bristow, VA show in July, Stevie was fighting illness and did not have the level of energy she did at this show. She danced more, smiled more, and her vocals were much stronger. Her voice was impressive all night, and the whole band seemed to be more into it too. "Fall from Grace" was AWESOME, sung with such conviction and passion. There was a tremendous response from the crowd after that song. Stevie is one of the few artists of her generation to base so much of her live set on her new material and to be accepted for it, and that says a lot about how strong her new material is.

In light of recent events, my respect for Stevie, which was already tremendous, has grown by leaps and bounds. Here is a 53-year-old woman who has fought illness throughout this tour and could have easily let last week's traumatic events result in cancellation of the rest of her tour. But she refused to let sadness and apprehension interfere with her commitment to her fans. She still walks the stage during "Edge of Seventeen," shaking hands with fans and collecting gifts - many artists see too much risk in doing this, but Stevie still does it, even after the heightened paranoia we all feel after the terrorist attacks. I was moved by her decision to share her journal with her fans and her desire to get her tour going again as quickly as possible. I am sure that everyone at the show shared my appreciation for this as well. Stevie is an amazing person - brave, compassionate, determined, and strong. We could all feel her love of music, of being on stage, and the love and concern she feels for her fans and for the world. After fighting to turn off so many negative emotions recently, I think she helped people feel something in a positive way again, and that's big.

After the encore, Stevie said goodnight holding her dog (a real cutie!) up to the microphone. It was a sweet and wonderful moment - one of few I will remember from the past 10 days. Thank you, Stevie, for being a shining example of what it means to persevere through sadness and fear and get on with life. We all love you that much more for it!

Last night I went to see Stevie at Merriweather post pavilion in Columbia MD. I am 16 years old and have been a fan of Stevie since I was 10. I was brought up on her and Fleetwood's music. This was my first time seeing her in concert and the show went way past my expectations. When I first heard her voice come in on the introduction to Trouble in Shangri-La, I got goosebumps all up and down me. I have been waiting to see her for the longest time. I originally had lawn seats, which were fine as long as I could see the stage, but by the time she had started Gold Dust Woman, I was in the arena even closer than I had imagined. She looked beautiful and I had never heard her voice sound so clear and powerful.

When Edge of Seventeen came on, everyone in the whole arena got up and my friend and I got to go up to the 6th row!! I was so excited and I had the time of my life. I could not stop moving for 2 hours and I did not sit for the whole 2 hours either. I think the best song she sang the whole night was, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Her voice was so crisp and wonderful, I almost teared up. The show was the best I ever went to and I hope to see her in concert for years to come. Rock a Little more Stevie.

Just came from the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland where Stevie was simply fantastic!

I'm an airline employee who has been "at the job" 10 days straight and counting. I wasn't going come, bed seemed a better option - but people at my office kept telling me to go.

Thanks to Stevie and the band - I felt the tension -so locked into my neck and shoulders- finally dissapate. Tomorrow looks like a much better option.

Music is the true healer.


Erica L.
Oh my gosh, What a great show tonight. Stevie looked and sounded excellent. The show opened with the National Anthem and it was really touching. You can just feel the pride that everyone has for their country. The set list hasn't changed but everything else seems totally fresh and unbelievable. I have been such a huge fan of Stevies for 30 years now, and I remember the impact she had on me when I was young. I felt all of those wonderful and special feelings again. When I listen to Stevie sing everything in my life is ok. Especially now with all that is happening in the world it was so incredible to feel that again, even for just a few hours.

Stevie came on at 9:10 and the show ended at 10:50 but it went so fast. When she sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You I was crying. That song has always moved me and tonight was no dif! ferent. I absolutely love the top hat and feather that she wears during that song. It was so cute at the end when everyone was taking their bows because Stevies dogs came on stage and they are precious. I know that everyone has as good a time as I did. Stevie is the best songwriter and performer that there is and I am grateful that she continues. Thank you Stevie for being and inspiration for me for all of these years. You are the BEST

Paula Grim
i just got in from the most amazing night of my life. This was my third concert of the TSL tour, and it was unbelievable!! I had fourth row tickets, and was so thankful to be that close. Stevie was so compassionate towards our city (D.C.), she said that she loved us and hoped that everyone was alright after having been so close to the recent tragedy. I also got to go to the front during "edge of seventeen" i was inches away from her and she shook everyone's hands and took the carnation with an american flag pinned to it that i gave her. i never imagined her to be this much more beautiful in real life. The most amazing thing about her was the way her eyes sparkled ever so elegantly as she watched the crowd gape at her in awe.

Stevie Nicks is an angel. She has the voice of one, anyway.....she was absolutley spectacular tonight in Columbia, MD. I drove several hours to see her but would do it again in a heartbeat. She has been the queen of rock and roll from the moment I first heard "Rhiannon" in 1975.....I am a long time fan and devotee and never have I enjoyed her concerts as much as this past summer. I have had the privilege of seeing her 5 times and it was really an honor to be there tonight. I was in the front row and she was kind enough to greet me and shake my hand, as is her custom at the end of E of 17. This was an incredible thrill for me and I love her and her music yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. God bless you Stevie for all the "darkest hours" you have gotten me through.

Last night in Maryland for about an hour and a half there was NO TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA. Stevie made all the problems of the world disappear. Her voice was beautiful. I saw her in Virginia and last night you could tell that she was feeling so much better. She sounded great. I will love you forever Stevie. GOD BLESS THE USA.

Kelly Long
She was absolutely exquisite, beautiful, spriritual & loving. My favorite part of her set was "Gold Dust Woman." This is a spiritually moving song to begin with, when she performed it she brought this incredible song to life to it's full force. When she performed "Has anyone written..." I was brought to tears. With all the terrorist attacks and the commotion here in DC, she made a memorable moment in all of our hearts. She made us feel for just 1 evening, despite all the fears, we could still relax, and enjoy life & not take it for granted. You could sense the sadness she had for what has happened in DC & NY, but it didn't stop her from making sure all of us had a wonderful time.

Stevie-- we praise you, we thank you, we love you! God speed to you!!!

I have been lucky enough to see Stevie several times on this tour and I am always continuously amazed how no matter where your seats are you feel like she is singing just to you. The concert at Merriweather Post was absolutely incredible. She said as she started the set that she was hoping to lift us all out of the sadness for a little while...and she transported us to a place where anything is possible and fear doesn't exist. This show was extra special because it was Lenny Castro's (percussion) Birthday. Which was extra cool for me, because it was my Birthday, too! I didn't even know I was going to the show until we were about 15 minutes from the venue! I was sooo excited, but of course didn't know where our seats were... and we kept walking farther and farther down the stairs...and ended up in the front row, dead center. I was amazed. The show was an emotional one, but not one of sadness... just the wave of emotions that Stevie's resounding voice can bring. She was wonderful.

At the end of the show, before her 2 encore songs, she had tears in her eyes as she recalled being in NYC last week and told us all to be well... but the encores were phenomenal, and Waddy brought out the puppies for the bow, which she seemed delighted over. The most incredible moment for me personally was at the end as she was saying good bye to everyone, she turned from Stage Left and looked at me and held my gaze as she smiled, waved and said good-bye. It was the most intense gaze. The entire show was mesmerizing and wonderful. All of her shows are always special because she connects with her audience so hard and truly loves to be up there...but this concert was just a little bit more of everything that makes Stevie's concerts the most amazing I've ever seen.

Thank you, Stevie, for making this an incredible Birthday for me...and for lifting us all to Shangri-La for a little while in the midst of so much sadness. Your heart and love shows through your eyes and captures the heart of every artist.

Marc Delcamp
Last evening, September 19th, I saw, in my opinion, the most spectacular Stevie Nicks show I have ever seen. I have seen her in concert many times over the years, and the Gold Dust Woman was incredible! Undoubtedly, the tragedies of last week resonated throughout the pavilion as our National Anthem was played minutes before the concert began. Stevie jump-started the show with Stop Draggin' my Heart Around and Enchanted. She then welcomed everyone and launched into the rest of her set. And as she had hoped, she indeed took us all away from the pain and sorrow of the recent terrorist attacks on the U.S.

Every song was polished and passionate--her voice, AMAZING! She spun and twirled and seemed to connect with her fans even more than usual. The love she poured forth was returned to her through thunderous applauds and standing ovations. For me, the most moving moment of the night came when she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." The song was delivered with such poignance and emotion that you could truly feel the depth of every heartfelt word..."And in your darkest hour, did you ever hear me sing?" And sing she did--with conviction, pride and eternal love. We love you, Stevie

What an uplifting feeling I had during and after Stevie's concert at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD on September 19, 2001. After such a devastating week, she really put a ray of sunshine in my heart. I want to thank her for her generous spirit.

Erin Hayes
Well I had a front row center seat and there were supposed to be no cameras - hah. If I'm going to be in the front row, then I was going to have a camera. I snuck it in and hopefully got some really good pictures. When Stevie first walked out, I waved to her and she looked me right in the eye and waved back. She has a way of making you feel like you're the only one in the room with her. This is the second time I've seen her this summer. I went to the Nissan Pavilion show also. Her voice was phenomenal. It sounded very strong.

She told us how she had been in New York when everything happened. She also told us she felt like she had a bond with us, I think because Washington D.C. is pretty much Maryland. She was there and we were here when those terrible events happened. She wanted us to try to put ourselves in a happier place for a little while and only she could put you in that place. She looked like she was very happy and feeling so much healthier. At the end when it was time for goodbyes, two of her band members brought out her two yorkies - Sulamith and Sara Bella Donna. They were so cute! They were all excited to see her. She picked up Sulamith and came closer to the stage with her. I took a picture of that. I hope that it turns out. It was a magical night, as always. Stevie, I love you and I hope you come back to Maryland again. It's been 7 years since you've been here. Please come back soon! Rock on Sweet Girl!


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