Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

10/9/01 Universal Amphitheatre Universal City, CA

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Anne Hager
I saw Stevie last night at the Universal Amphitheatre. God, she was incredible! She sounds even better in person! She was so gracious and lovely on stage and so very appreciative of her fans. Her rendition of "Gold Dust Woman" was a tour-de-force! It was invigorating; I could feel the energy pulsing throughout the whole theatre. She ended the concert with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" and sang with such strength and clarity and profundity that I wept. It was uncontrollable; tears were just streaming down my face. I am 23 years old and this was my first Stevie Nicks concert. She means so much to me. I will never forget that night!

One more thing I would like to add regarding Stevie'e concert last night at the Universal Amphitheatre. Her stage presence was astounding! She had a very Judy Garland-esque, electrifying quality - fierce and vulnerable at the same time.

There is nothing that I can write that hasn't been written before. My
words will flat compared to the amazing energy, emotion and joy that Stevie,
her band, Sheryl Crow and Don Henley brought to the stage last night. I'm
lucky to have been there, and to have shared such an awesome experience. It
was well worth the wait. Thank you.

Teri Bolstad
Sweet and authentic, lovely and charismatic, and she rocked out; as usual. Stevie was no less than her stellar Goddess self this evening. What an honor to be able to get to see a legend in my lifetime, and on many occasions. I am continuously blessed and enchanted by the Queen. Tonight was right on.

Her band, I must say, is tighter than ever. Sheryl Crow accompanied, but we the fans really were just digging Stevie. Don Henley made a surprise appearance for "Leather and Lace". Every song was just perfect. "Trouble in Shangri-La" opened the scene, but was not performed, as I would have wished--I believe it is the true genius song on the is "I Miss You" which also was not performed. Oh Well. I wish that Stevie's concerts lasted 4 hours instead of 2. Or 6 even! My heart has been touched, once again.

Ethereal ~ like royalty she remains always our Queen. The set is beautiful, the sounds are perfect, the Love is palpable, and Stevie is magic! The signature purple, the floating, gliding dance of the "ghost of a woman" that we love, and the VOICE ~~ that wonderful, healing, comforting, unforgettable VOICE that carries so much soul, so much joy and pain. My daughter (26) and I (55) can scarcely believe that we are a part of this exciting conglomerate of fans ranging from under 15 to over 60 ~ women, men, gay, straight, black, white ~ all of us deeply enthralled and in love with the sound, the sight, the feel, the other-worldly enchantment that is Stevie.
The duets with Sheryl Crow, and especially Don Henley, were superbly performed, and added to an already surreal evening for us. Waddy Wachtel is unbelievably powerful with his guitar. The vocals, guitar, percussion and keyboarding talents of the band were right-on, and the drum duet was especially impressive. Fantastic work!

Shortly after the horrendous attacks on our country, It struck me that it must not be lost on Stevie and all how prophetic the name is for the tour ~ "Trouble In Shangri-La". As we fans would expect, Stevie and the troupe are doing their best to heal and comfort all they can.

We thank you, Stevie and all, for a enchanted experience. I know I will hold last night in memory as one of the most unforgettable moments my daughter and I have spent together. The Queen reigns ~ and we, her appreciative subjects, stand in awe and admiration for her talent and her heart.

David Cole
Our show was one of the rescheduled shows, and let me say it was worth the wait! I had said since the beginning, I'd rather Stevie reschedule if she wasn't feeling good, as I'd want her to be in good spirits, and she really was last night.
The song set was the revised set with Sheryl's contributions included, so I won't go into that. We did however have one change added, a very special suprise by Stevie doing Leather and Lace, and Don Henley came out right on cue for his part in the duet, with no notice to the audience, so the place went wild! I got the chills, literally!

While Don sang his verse, Stevie hugged him from behind teary eyed, and in the final chorus, he pulled the mike off the stand, and sang "Lovers forever, face to face" right to her in her face, it was breathtaking. I have seen every tour with/out F.M., and have never seen them do this live, for me that was a highlight. We did have Sheryl join us for our evening which was a highlight, as I've never seen her either, so it was a great way too. One fan right after "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" jumped onto the stage, and was pulled off in a seconds notice!

I don't think Stevie even knew or saw it, as it happened so fast, and she was bowing at the time. I couldn't believe someone would do that after all that has been happening in the world today, that was my disappointment about it, and the only flaw I think about the show was Stevie didn't do "Planets Of The Universe", which I was so hoping to hear.
She did wear her boots though for the encore songs, and the crowd was fully into it for a sold out show! I don't think anyone sat down all nite!

I loved the stage decor, and having Waddy back in the band, and after "Stop Draggin" Stevie told us, she thought she'd never make it back to L.A., and that she could kiss the ground she was so happy to be back home. We were happy she made it home safely, and in good spirits! I commend you Stevie on a wonderful, and unforgetable show!! I Love you with all my Wild Heart~~

Greetings Everyone! After many months of anticipation, the postponement of the original show - last evening, the long-awaited evening finally arrived! This was one of the last two shows of her Trouble In Shangri-La tour held at the Universal Amp. The evening air held a crispness to it.. the sky was clear and the stars shone brightly! The perfect setting for the evening's events yet to unfold Finally, the gates opened as we found our way inside.

While walking in through the gates, at a distance, noticed a rather tall gal wearing what appeared to be one of Bears beautiful creations. The white flowing 'Rhiannon' outfit, complete with white hi-top crinkle boots. As I became closer to her, it became quite evident in that she was not a 'she'.. It was dude! Oh well.. he looked great though.. complete with beautiful long blonde hair! Once inside, I quickly made my purchases (the black tee shirt with Stevie pictured on the front in her black dress, and the dragon and cities on the tour on the back, as well as the tour book), then found my way to the seats. Orchestra Pit, Row EEE ~ 5 rows back from the stage, 9 seats in!!! Once situated in my seat, I became breathless with the thought/realization of how close I would be to Stevie in a mere few hours' time!!!

The opening band was a group called California.. they were fantastic! They do have potential and that of great promise for a successful future! I did feel badly for them, as with was to have been the opening strum of the guitar, was silence! The amp was not plugged in properly! oopps! Was that was rectified, they continued on with the remainder of their show. They, do however need to brush up on their stage appearance The drummer, I noticed was quite pleased to be there, as he was constantly smiling throughout their entire act. They rocked!

Then, after a short intermission, before we knew it - the lights dimmed the music came up.. then louder.. stronger.. finally.. Stevie made her grand appearance! Oh my!! She was radiantly beautiful as ever! Her smile gleamed with happiness.. she spoke quite often, stating that she was very - very thankful to be back home after the events that happened on the 11th. The mood turned solemn for but a moment ~ Then, the music began, the lights flashed brightly - then her beautiful voice filled the Amphitheatre!

Her voice was strong.. captivating.. her face glowed with warmth, happiness and an abundance of beauty (my wish is to have half of her grace and beauty when I reach that age) She was very trim as well. It was quite evident that she was extremely happy, pleased with each song sung. Her music, the band was loud. intense.. I felt it pound within my chest! Stevie pretty much stayed with the set-list - however, not in the order as previously listed. During the middle of her show, Don Henley made a special guest appearance.. the crowd went wild! Stevie appeared equally pleased to be there with him! Stevie held and hugged him, then stepped apart to sing to one another. Don gazed into Stevie's eyes, as she, into his.. their gaze frozen/transfixed for but a moment - neither singing a word, yet through the intensity, you were able to feel/hear the emotion! Waddy had a great guitar solo was well.

Throughout the many posts/reviews in that I have read, I do not recall any prior mention. I felt that this was fantastic! Throughout the entire show we (those in the Pit) danced, rocked, sang and clapped throughout much of the evening, while sitting through only a few songs. However, I did notice that whenever one of the newer songs was played many sat through those songs as if they were not familiar with them!!?? Hearing Gold Dust Woman played live, was the highlight for meI stood clinging to each every last note/echoing wordIt was excellent! It spoke to me, as it normally does. Her voice sounded like that of a songbird through Rhiannon.. Dreams was beautiful everything!.. (well.. most everything.. sorry however.. I do not care much for Sheryl's songs.. although.. I did like "I Need To Know") And, of course, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was beautifully heart-wrenching as ever absolutely beautiful

Then, within a blink of an eye the magick of the evening had come to a close How I wanted this evening to continue on and on This is an evening that I shall remember for all eternity! For those, for whatever the reasons that you were unable to attend this tour, I do feel for you.. however.. worry not.. for next year is just around the corner!! I personally would like to extend my thanks to Stevie, for her strength.. her perseveranceher ability to ride through those many storms throughout the years.. rising above. It has been through You, Your music, and Your lyrics that have been my inspiration throughout my life, the past the today the tomorrow the future. Thank you Stevie Thank you.

The perfect closure to this, an evening of perfection, err, morning, (2: a.m.) The crescent moon rising high within the Northern skies, accompanied by Jupiter with its moons chasing not far behind. Towards the Northeastern skies, Orion made his grand entrance into the early morning sky, complete with the Nebula! This evening/memory will remain with me forever! ... black moons in those eyes of hers made more sense to me... she was dark at the top of the stairs and she called to me... Sisters Of The Moon Walk In Light...

Lisa ONeill
I just got back to San Francisco from LA and can't believe that 1)I got a front row seat on the night of the show! 2) I got right to the stage with my basket of gifts! 3) I held Stevie's hand while she smiled at me and looked me in the eyes!. It was an incredible night right from the beginning. I got my ticket, went inside and waited for the queen of rock and roll to show us the way home once again and she did not disapoint anyone. The show was great from begining to end and when Don Henley came out everyone went crazy. I am glad that even though I didn't get to meet her like originally planned that at least I got to see her up close and personal. She's so cute up close I wanted to reach up and give her a little pinch on her cheek but I'm sure she wouldn't have appreciated that! It's been a long strange trip since June and at least I still have an autographed picture and lyric book coming from the contest I won so the party's not quite over yet. I'm sure everyone there had a good time, I know I sure did!

Amy Thompson
Stevie just gets better every concert! The entire concert from opening "Stop Draggin..." to the closing "Has Anyone Ever..." was amazing! Sheryl Crow & Stevie sound great singing together. Gold Dust Woman was incredible! Again, Scott Plunkett did an awesome job on keyboard! I'm still waiting for his Band Member Spotlight on The Nicks Fix. :)

My first Stevie concert was almost exactly 2 years ago. It was the Bella Donna Tour. Stevie was just beginning her solo career, and this was the concert by which I would judge all others by for the next 2 years. The Trouble in Shangri-La concert at Universal Amphitheater on October 9th, 21 has taken it's place. Without a doubt, this was THE best concert I have ever seen!!! She brought Sheryl Crow out for Sorcerer, Gold Dust Woman, and Fall from Grace. Sheryl also did a couple of her own numbers. If you're not a Sheryl Crow fan, just go see her perform live. You WILL BE! She has just an incredible stage presence, and an awesome voice!!!

Stevie pretty much stuck to the regular concert set, although Planets of the Universe, Outside the Rain, and (my personal favorite) Bombay Sapphires were left out. In their place, Stevie had a surprise up her sleeve for us all. Somewhere in the middle of the set, Leather and Lace started playing. It was just the keyboard player, and Stevie...very simple...very beautiful. As she got to the middle of the first verse, out walks Mr. Don Henley!!!!! We were fortunate enough to be close enough to SEE that it was him. Se soon as he started to sing..."lovers forever...face to face..." EVERYONE realized who it was, and the crowd went crazy!!!! I've been to many Stevie concerts over the years, and the though times have changed, one very important thing worth mentioning has not: Stevie Nicks fans are among the most caring, kind wonderful, loving people in the world. We met so many nice people...and "I will not forget this night. " - ever! Thank you for taking the world away from us for one night, Stevie!

I attended the concert on 1/9/1 at the Universal Amphitheatre Universal City CA. Stevie was wonderful! Sheryl Crow was okay. But what a suprise to see and hear Don Henley! The opening band "California" was very dull. They tried, but could not get the audiance to react. They screamed out "Does everyone want to party?" Only to get silence. They yelled it again and got some boos. Finally they just left the stage. When Stevie came out the crowd went wild! It was sad seeing her have to use a breath inhaler. I hope she gets some well deserved rest after this tour.

Don Richner
Dear Stevie,
By chance that you might read this, I just wanted to say thank you for a truly remembered night. I was at the Universal show both nights. On Tuesday, I was in the pit, front row center seats 19 and 2 with my aunt who truly enjoyed herself. The show was incredible. Stevie, you look more radiant than ever and your voice never sounded better. When you started to sing leather and lace I never thought Don Henley would be there. It was an incredible surprise. It was the first time I have every seen you sing this great song. A moment I will never forget. The hug you gave me during edge of seventeen when you greet your fans was an awesome moment for me. I just wanted you to know that you have brought so much happiness to my life. In times when I'm down putting on one of your cd's will always raise my spirits. I am truly grateful for you continuing the tour after all that has happened. I know it must have taken a lot of courage for you to perform each night with all that's going on. Your fans need the escape that you can provide. Thanks for your unselfish presence. I am so looking forward to seeing the Phoenix show. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Mark Parkhill
"...There is magic all around you...If I do say so myself..." It truely was a magical evening! From the moment that Stevie first stepped on stage until she said good-bye after "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" the crowd was on it's feet! What a treat to have Stevie take us away into her mystical, magical world just when we need it the most. Her voice was as strong as ever and the song set was great! Sheryl Crow just added to the magic. But the biggest suprise was when Stevie started signing "Leather and Lace". I said to myself what a treat, this isn't in the set listed on "Nicks Fix". Then Don Henley walked out! The place went crazy! Thank you Stevie for the wonderful gift of your music, your voice, but most of all you!

David Dills
What a fantastic night at the Universal Amphitheater ! Her voice is back, and she sang many more of the crowds' favorites than many musicians with a new cd out will do. Not being a sheryl crow fan, I was happy that was kept to two songs... but the shock of Don Henley singing Leather & Lace left me stunned ! I was a little disappointed that I seemed to be the only one around me who knew the lyrics from the new cd.... now, how do I get tickets for tomorrow night's show? Thank you so much, my dear sweet muse !

Tonight was my 24th Nicks' show. I noticed the energy at the venue was even more strong than in recent years. The moment "Bootylicious" blasted through the house speakers,and the lights dimmed,everyone went nuts..Finally the song ended and the band started taking to the stage. A stripped down version of the chorus of "Trouble in Shangri la" echoed as the band members took position. "SHOW ME THE WAY BACK".....Everyone was screaming,clapping,yelling. Finally Stevie took the stage and the whole place roared. Stevie opened her nearly 2 hour set with "Stop Draggin' my heart around",which was the first single from,"Bella Donna",the album that launched her solo career in 1981.

Possessing a new found stage presence she has embraced since her 1998 "Enchanted" tour,Stevie Nicks talked openly and happily with her audience throughout the evening. Stevie seems happy now. Content. And her very loyal audience responded with such love and support the entire evening. Energetic,chatty, and in great vocal form,Ms Nicks seemed to have more vibrant energy than she has shown on stage in years! Classics like "Dreams","Stand Back",and "Edge of seventeen" brought the house down,as usual. But even more importantly,her new songs received great responses as well! Keeping the crowd on their feet and out of their chairs through a beautiful version of "Everyday",the first hit from her new album,the 53 year old rock legend seemed thrilled how well her new material was received by the sold out crowd!

Special guest,Sheryl Crow joined Nicks onstage throughout the show. "Sorcerer",a duet with Ms Crow was absolutely splendid,with crunchy guitar riffs and beautiful vocal harmonies that made the song even better than the recorded version. But the show's biggest highlight was "Fall from grace",the hardest rocking song on "Shangri La",which Stevie delivered in a furious,focused performance. Her strong vocals,fast twirls and animated stage presence made this song nearly burn a hole through the stage! Proof that Nicks' new material is just as viable and strong as her huge library of vintage hits.

A very nice surprise came in the middle of the show,when Ex Eagle,Don Henley took the stage to sing,"Leather and Lace",which again brought the entire house down! Stevie Nicks is now a living legend. An American icon who's music has endured three decades,and reaches a muti generational fan base of old and young fans.. Still as radiant and beautiful as ever,only wiser,more confidant and never condescending,Nicks' voice was also in great from! Stevie Nicks is at the top of her form as a singer/songwriter/performer. Her new album,"Trouble in Shangri La" is enjoying great success on the Billboard charts,becoming her best selling solo album,since 1986's "Rock a little". And tonight,Nicks proved she still is inspired by her music and her loyal fans,who are equally inspired in return. Stevie Nicks is still the Queen of Rock and Roll.

Gary Larsen
What a GREAT GREAT show! I can tell you for 2 hours I was taken away from all of life's worries, and put into a much better place. It was a high energy show with great moments. Stevie looked, and sounded great. She was constantly moving and dancing around having the best time. Sheryl and Stevie have great chemistry together, and have so much fun. It was such a sock to get a surprise from Don Henley! Loved seeing Leather and Lace again! There was some playful fire there when he bowed down to her level to sing "face to face", and on her part to playfully move her lace when she sang "take from me my lace"

I had seen the Irvine show as well, and enjoyed it very much.....but she was clearly not feeling up to par that night compared to now. Both shows were good ones, but last night was truly why we all have such respect for this great artist.

I have seen Stevie so many times I can not even try to count. I took someone who had never seen her, and she was blown away by a great show.

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