Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

10/9/01 Universal Amphitheatre Universal City, CA

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Hilda Handa
Although I'm a huge, huge Stevie's fan for years, this was the very first time I saw her live. I used to live abroad (Brazil) and she's never been there (as far as I know). I'm totally amazed! I mean, I know she's good, but she proved she's much more than what I could have ever imagined she is. She's gifted (which I already knew) and is surrounded by terrific musicians and backup singers/friends. I'm still in awe. She's not only a great professional, she's humble and recognize the importance and love to/from her fans. I love her even more now. An eye for an eye....

I was a little bit sad when I went to the concert yesterday night (10/09/01) because of all the tragic events going on, but I completely forgot about the world (sorry). It was a therapy. Everybody was in such a good mood after the concert. We could feel the positive energy from and to the stage. I hope some of this energy can be spreaded to the whole world...

The adrenalin was high when they started playing Bootylicious 'cause everybody knew she was coming.... Lights off, sound, Trouble in Shangri-la and, voila. Here comes Stevie. the audience was hysterical. I confess I was paralised by the power of her voice. Gosh, I had no idea how powerful she is. Waddy sang Tom's part in Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Then she played one of my favorites: Enchanted. I absolutely agree with the title, I was spellbound. Then Dreams and, oh my God, Gold Dust Woman! I still can't believe I saw her singing Gold Dust Woman! Everybody in the world should be able to see that to understand what Art means. It's astonishing, fabulous, fantastic!

Sheryl Crow joined her to duet on Sorcerer. I must say that I became a huge Sheryl's fan after I saw her singing Strong Enough with Stevie on Storytellers. Yesterday I saw her appreciation, respect and admiration for Stevie. We can breath their friendship through the way they look at each other on stage. It's impossible to describe that beautiful light they originate when singing together. Sheryl came in and out to perform My Favorite Mistake, Everyday Is a Winding Road (Stevie on backup), Too Far From Texas (I loved this version against Natalie Maines voice - but I'm totally biased), and Fall from Grace (that kick ass song!).

I stop singing on Rhiannon and Stand Back just to hear and take a look at the whole packed Universal Amphitheater screaming those wonderful lyrics as loud as they could. That was quite a moment. Then the surprise of the night. Stevie started singing Leather and Lace and I thought Waddy would duet with Stevie again. To my and everybody else surprise, there he came. The coolest guy on earth: Mr. Don Henley with his coat and unbelievable charm. What a treat! The audience went nuts. Before playing Edge of Seventeen, Lenny Castro and Mark Schulman showed a little bit of their talent, I had to pull my jaw back from my feet.... Well, it was almost time to go.... While Stevie was shaking hands and talking to her fans, Sheryl had a blast "helping" Lenny. That was great too.

On the encore, Stevie and Sheryl came back arm in arm, just like two dear old friends from high school. That was cute. They dueted on I Need to Know. The final song was Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You . It was just like a prayer, everybody in silence, hearing that beautiful, beautiful voice. I'm pretty sure we all know the lyrics, but we just listened to it. Silence. Magic. Amazement. Stevie is awesome! She has a mission in life and she knows it. She brings hope. She makes us feel confortable, safe, happy. In this "darkest hour," she made us levitate and almos blinded us with her bright talent. What a night!

Matty Barkley
What a truly enchanting evening we experience tonight at Stevie Nicks' last road trip concert at the Universal Amphitheatre! The moment she stepped on the stage the entire audience stood up and cheered and danced for the next 2 hours. Stevie looked beautiful and relaxed. She was very caring and shared her road trip experiences with us. Her band was excellent along with her back up singers, Sharon Celani and Mindy Stein. Her first very special guest was Sheryl Crow who spent a lot of time on stage singing songs with Stevie plus a few of her own. You could just feel the energy coming from everyone in the band pouring out toward the audience. It felt like a party and that it could have gone on for a long, long time!

Let me tell you that Stevie rocked the house with her opening song "Stop Draggin My Heart Around," "Enchanted," "Stand Back," "Fall From Grace," "Edge of Seventeen," and many other favorites. As the energy increased from one song to the next Stevie began to sing "Leather and Lace"(a nice surprise) and Don Henley shocked and surprised all of us as he came out on stage and sang with Stevie!! It was fun to hear them sing together and to witness the chemistry between them. It was very special moment.

I've been a fan of Stevie Nicks' music for over 20 years and am so glad that I finally got this opportunity to see her. Thank you Stevie for staying the course on your difficult road trip. Your music soothes my soul, and it makes me feel special. I look forward to your next concert. God Bless you.

I saw both last night's show and tonight's. Amazing! The energy in the house last night was outrageous. I have not felt as much energy and enthusiasm from a crowd in a very long time. What a concept, no? Stevie was amazing... said both nights how she wanted to kiss the ground here in Los Angeles she was so happy to be home. If everything has a reason, and I believe it does, then I know why Stevie cancelled before... because she had to come here for the last show. Los Angeles is Stevie Nicks country! Slice it however you will, but she said things tonight that I know she hasn't anywhere else.

At the end of the show she remarked about having been in both Manhattan & DC, about having been escorted through the air... about not wanting to go on. I used to think Stevie Nicks could change the world, I really did. Now, I see a world I'm not sure wants to change, that feels justification in the very archaic notion that an eye for an eye is okay. A world where a man who was believed to be, by so many, an imbecile only months ago has suddenly become everyone's hero only because who he wore the title "President" when a heinous act was committed. Chilling. Truly. Sorry, friends, I still think the emperor is naked. I guess I am back to square one...

I think maybe Stevie can change the world. Her sincerity, her honesty, her beauty... a breathe of fresh air in this world of anger. Her spirit is unwavering, has an effect on people they really cannot explain. Bless her heart... I am so honored to be in her audience. Apparently, so were a lot of other people. The shows last night and tonight were proof of that. Sheryl Crow brought an awesome power onto the stage, she is amazing-- and looks soooo beautiful on stage! Don Henley was nice, a true surprise. Of course, I silently prayed for a visit from Lindsey, though it never came to pass. Stevie Nicks is real. She is genuine and I think that's not so easy to find these days. She comes from the human experience and reflects it... that's her power, her poetry and her "legend," if you will. She affects us and that affect spreads and moves outward... we carry it on. Yes, I think maybe it could save the world. "I see myself remaining, when all of you are gone." I see that affect remaining when all of this other nonsense is gone, I think it will prevail.

I missed "Planets of the Universe" from the show-- such an awesome song. Also, I do not like the solos... ugh. The piano before Rhiannon seemed to wander and the drum bit before "Edge of Seventeen," way too long. I know Stevie is back primping, resting... but give us more Sheryl, I'd even rather hear "Bootylicious" again. I would also like to be the one to introduce Waddy Wachtel to a concept known as "subtlety." I just feel the arrangements often took away from the mood and energy and were a bit plodding, heavy... too circa 1983/Quiet Riot for me. There, I said it. All that aside, I love Stevie Nicks... I will never not go and see her when she is in town and I will never let this feeling inside of me, that I brought home last night and tonight go away. Nothing else matters. And just maybe, if I-- if WE, all keep that alive, we c a n change the world. I'm kinda counting on it. Thank you, Stevie Nicks! Sweet, sweet woman... thank you. You've done it for me, you've done it for the world... Legend, priestess of everything!

i.m her number one fan i like all the song that she did my favorite are stand back everyday gold dust woman sorcorer i was hoping that she do planets of the universe i got me a tourbook teddy bears and a t-shirt stevie nicks rules i enjoy myself for two hours i can.t wait to see her again

The night was in one word "Enchanting". Stevie held me captive in her magic the entire evening. Stevie proved to be everything I thought she was and a lot more. The night was like a wonderous dream, one that I wished I had never woken from. Stevie will be forever placed in a part of my heart and a sole source of my artistic insperation. Thank you so much Stevie for just being you.

Joanna Ballard
I just attended the last concert of Stevie's Tour and the only thing I can say is Oh My God! That was the best show I have ever seen. Stevie was BEAUTIFUL, Sheryl was superb and we had a special appearance by Don Henley (what a treat) A special thank you to Stevie for all she has written that has touched my life in so many ways. Mahalo.

Ronny K. Marshall
The bruise on my left hand from clapping tells it all! I was pacing back and forth waiting for my partner get home from work. L.A. traffic was luckily on our side tonight for the drives home from work. I wish I could have said the same for the trip to Universal. Luckily, we got there in time to have some sushi and a couple of glasses of wine to calm my nerves.

We started heading to the Amphitheater and my heart was starting to race with excitement! For the first time in almost 13 years I was going to see Stevie Nicks. This was my lovers' first time ever! He puts up with A LOT with my Stevie Nicks/Supremes worship! The security and metal detectors were a reminder of the strange new world we live. It also reminded us of what were going to forget about for a while with Stevie.

The stage was framed with two huge American flags. It was amazing to see the crowd stand at attention and sing the national anthem with such pride and love. California opened the show, but I was getting the jitters and we excused ourselves to the bar. We met two more couples that were made up of one Stevie groupie and one loyal companion along for the ride.

We return to our seats and the place was filling up and getting pumped up and ready for Stevie. I was thrilled to see so many people decked out in their best Stevie-ware. The ladies behind us were wonderful and my partner pre-warned them to expect nothing up complete raw energy from me when Stevie hit the stage. It all started when "Bootylishious" came on. I was up and it was ON! "You're not kiddin?" they remarked. When the lights came and down and Stevie hit the stage the place was on their feet. She sang, she twirled, she gave it she all! I have seen her 8 times in the past 22 years and she has never been better. What has impressed me the most is her communication with the audience. No longer just the "Hello (insert city name here)!" She talks to us like we are old dear friends. In a way we all are.

Since this was the first major concert that I have been to since moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it was thrilling to hear Stevie speak lovingly about my new hometown. "It was so hard for us to leave New York and DC. We even had an F-16 escort in DC. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to set foot back home in Los Angeles." We Angelinos were happy to have her home, too.

Like the previous night, Don Henley graced the stage for "Leather and Lace". Stevie was just glowing sharing the stage with Don. She stood behind him and lovingly hugged him as he sang his part. Their voices blended in beautiful harmony. Also we were blessed with the wonderful Sheryl Crow. Sheryl and Stevie tore the stage up with "Sorcerer" which is becoming my one of my favorites.

The rest of the evening is like a wonderful dream that you never want to end. "Stand Back" is still one of the highlights as is "Edge Of Seventeen". But like all good things, the night came to a close. As with all the other shows, Stevie opens her heart once more and closed the show and the tour with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". You can feel the love coming from performer to audience and back. One more thunderous ovation and it was over.

As we filled out of the Amphitheater into the clear starry Los Angeles night, we all walked towards our cars and back to our own lives, but not without an encore of our own. Some of the people started cheering and I got a few people to start singing. As we walk out of each other's lives, we started singing "I hear the call of the night bird! I still hear the call of the night bird!" Other people joined in and we walked through Universal City Walk singing our hearts out. A few of the women I was singing with hugged my lover and me good-by. Total strangers, but a family in a way.

It was a magical night. Thank you, Stevie. I'll never forget this night. I'll never forget you. I love you.

Gustavo Lopez
After missing out on seeing Stevie Nicks perform during Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" tour and her own "Enchanted" tour, and then having to wait a month's postponemnet due to illness, I finally got to see Stevie perform live on her last "Trouble in Shangri-La" concert date. Where can I begin to describe how incredible her last concert performance was? All I can say is, "Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!!!"

The moment see stepped out on stage, she just took control. She had so much energy, and her voice-that voice-was in top form. There were moments were I couldn't believe she was actually attending her concert. Her duet with Waddy on "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" was great, followed by her "dancing the tambourine" on "Enchanted". She sang so gorgeously on "Dreams", my favorite song of all time. A knockout performance was "Gold Dust Woman", in which she let loose as she sang the "go home" part of the song and then went into her trademark 'growl'; the audience went wild at that point.

Next, came "Sorceror" with Sheryl Crow, which was beautifully done. Stevie's singing of this song was so much better and stronger than when she sang it a month earlier on the "Tonight Show", the day before she had to postpone her L.A. concert dates due to her illness. I could go on and on about how incredible the performance was of each song. The piano intro into "Rhiannon" was beautiful as well as her singing on "Everday". "Stand Back" was awesome. Yes, she can kick that high as I had heard beforehand, even at one point Sheryl tied to imitate Stevie's kick. What a treat to see Sheryl perform two of her own songs and join Stevie in singing "Too Far From Texas" and "Fall from Grace". What a pleasant surprise to see Don Henley join Stevie in singing "Leather and Lace". Again, "Edge of Seventeen" was awesome, especially as she let out her trademark 'growl'in the middle of the song. I really liked her singing of "I Need to Know"; after two hours of singing she still had a lot of enery in performing this song.

Her singing of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" was mesmerizing. I was disappointed though that she didn't sing "Bombay Sapphires" and especially "Planets of the Universe" which I was so looking forward to seeing her perform. Since "Planets" is a song written about her breakup with Lindsey, maybe she will include "Planets"`on the song set for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour. Can you imagine how she would sing this song as Lindsey plays guitar; it would be a repeat of her "Silver Springs" performance in "The Dance" video. All in all, this was the best concert I have ever attended. STEVIE NICKS ROCKS!!!!

It finally happened, I finally met Stevie Nicks last night backstage. The Universe really worked a miracle for me which I wasn't expecting. I don't know how to begin this story but I'll do the best that I can.

It began with my boyfriend surprising me with a backstage pass before the show started. We went back stage, and well, in L.A., there are a lot of people with the same backstage passes. Pretty much it entitles the bearer to free food and drinks, but that's about it. It was nice and I was pleased as I was able to introduce myself to Mick Fleetwood before the show. Also back stage were John McVie and a few celebrities.

While backstage I also happened to run into an acquaintance from a restaurant I used to work in (she was one of my great Customers for a couple of years). Let me just say that she's a beautiful person who has known Stevie for many years, and to make a great and long story short, after the concert, she brought me beyond back stage, to the VIP waiting room. Now, I have been a fan of Stevie's ever since hearing "Gold" on the radio when I was just a little boy (about 9 years old). For many years I have followed the numerous Stevie tours, seeing my first one in 1981 (Bella Donna). I credit Stevie's song, "Think About It", with saving my life when I was a distraught teenager (Being gay in the 1980s in small town America can be scary!). For many years it has been a dream of mine to meet Stevie and Thank her for saving my life.

So, back to the VIP room, just outside of Stevie's dressing room, here I stood with my friend waiting for Stevie to come out. To recollect my memory this morning is somewhat like trying to remember a dream. It was very dream like and before I knew it, I was being introduced to Stevie Nicks. I told Stevie "Thank You for saving my life", and let me tell you, she was incredibly gracious and as wonderful as I'd ever imagined. She talked with us for a little while about her experience in New York on Sept. 11, and also about the night's concert. It was amazing to listen to her, and to see that she's a real person, with real feelings, just like you and me. There you have it, a dream which came true. The lesson for me in this is the realization that for this dream of mine to have finally come true, then all of my other dreams can also come true, and that they will. Thank You for listening to my story.

Carol Filosi
Finally, 26 years after I learned the song "Dreams" on a 1970s vintage electric Hohner piano, I was able to actually shake the composer's hand. What an absolutely stellar, time-stopping moment even more thrilling than her passionate duet with old love Don Henley. Superlatives aside Ms. Nicks and company ROCK!!! Stevie brought the "bright light" back into our lives and together we celebrated the freedom to "Rock-A-Little". "Stevie your awesome!" an excited fan screamed during the closing notes of the show. I second that emotion.

Bill H.
I saw the last night of the tour, October 10th at the Universal Ampitheater, and I want to thank the Nicks Fix. When the tour was first announced I thought, "I'm broke, I can't afford to go ... so I'll just have to win tickets." And I did, thanks to the link provided on the Nicks Fix to the Bob Schneider web page (he was scheduled to open for her in August, but of course the concert was postponed and a group called "California" opened last night). The tickets I won were in Loge 18, row P.

When I walked into Universal Citywalk the first person I saw was someone I knew and he was selling tickets. I asked him if he could upgrade my tickets. He wasn't able to, but it put a seed in my mind (I hadn't thought about it before that) so I went up to the ticket window and was able to upgrade to second row -- on the far left side (so I couldn't see the drummer), but great seats. Stevie came up close to us during "Enchanted" and then again at the end of "Edge of Seventeen" (wearing high-heel boots). So, since the original tickets were free, I basically got two 2nd row seats for $100 total. What great luck that, after the concert was postponed, it was then rescheduled for closing night. I won the tickets on my birthday. I felt like God was rewarding me.

I've been a huge Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan since 1976. I saw Stevie's Bella Donna Tour, saw her twice at the Greek Theater, and at a special concert at the famous Whisky on Sunset. I didn't see Fleetwood Mac until their very last concert with Lindsey (around 1990) when I had 7th row seats at the L.A. Forum. I also saw them in Las Vegas (with Vito and Burnette). I thought this was the best Stevie Nicks concert since the Bella Donna Tour. Stevie had a lot of energy and looked very happy. She had a lot of fun interacting and making eye contact with the different members of the band. I was surprised at how high and young her voice sounded -- the best her voice has sounded since "Rock a Little". I knew Sheryl Crow was going to be there, but Don Henley was a treat. Stevie hugged him from behind as he sang his part in "Leather and Lace". I wanted to share that when Stevie went to introduce the band, she thanked them for getting her through this last month, and she almost started to cry. From the second row I could see her waving her hands down (like, "Don't cry, don't cry), and then she turned her back to the audience and was slapping her face (like you would splash your face with cold water). It's like she knew if she started crying she wouldn't be able to stop. She did regain her composure and went on. It was a great concert (we stood and danced the entire time) and we had a great time. Thanks, Stevie, and thanks, Nicks Fix.

It has taken me 2 days to write this and I direct it at Stevie, although I hope it gets on the website so the fans can read it as well. HERE IT IS-

Dear Stevie: First of all, thank you so much for proving once again, as always, you are the queen of Rock and Roll, forever. The show was mesmerizing!! I am a believer in fate and am glad this show was postponed so that I was able to see the final show of the tour, how special that was to us all as I know it was for you. Stevie, you have broken through a veil that no other performer or artist ever could. We don't just go to a concert to see you, we close our eyes and sing every song at the top of our lungs along with you, traveling through Timespace to when those songs became apart of our lives as you have become apart of our lives. Listen to the words of your mother, when she says that your gift gives comfort to us. AS IT DOES!! For a moment out of! time we travel to the Other Side of the Mirror to meet you to forget the horrors that are happening, we dance like Gypsies and run with our Wild Hearts! There is Trouble in Shangri-La, but when we listen and visit with our old friends Rhiannon and Sara, they soothe our minds and our souls. Stevie, I hope this tour has proven to you that we are still here, waiting for every new song, for every new melody to take us into your world for a short time for whatever reason, to alleve our pain, remember lost loves, revisit old memories or to share yours, old or new. We await (and I hope it is not a Rumour , but true about a new Mac album) another "link in the chain". You have followed me down until the sound of your voice haunts me, and through every trial and tribulation, as always "I will run to you". -Your "Sister of the Moon" Rhonda

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