Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/20/01 Jones Beach Amphitheatre Wantagh, NY
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My husband John and I saw Stevie at Jones Beach on July 20 and she was amazing! The seats weren't great, not the cheapest but not the best either... John bought them and doesn't understand the importance of being up close and personal at concerts, LOL... but we were in the center of the "second tier" which is pretty much right in the middle of the the audience. We were lucky to be dead center so at times Stevie really seemed to be singing right at us :-) She was in good voice that night, IMO....not belting them all out like she did 20 years ago but her voice has gained subtlety and her emotions still come through loud and clear.

Stand out songs for me were a full throated Edge of Seventeen... I think the entire crowd was up, screaming and thumping and singing along for this one... and a gorgeous Rhiannon that started slow and soft and poignant and then absolutely roared with intensity. Stand Back also got a lot of audience reaction... as well it should have, it was rock-out fabulous. We were treated to a hightop sneakered kick on that one :-) Fall From Grace and Bombay Sapphires were wonderful and Sheryl Crow added some lovely harmonies to Too Far From Texas. I think this was the crowd's favorite of the new songs. And Stevie's wardrobe as usual was to die for... those ethereal hems and flowing shawls... (sigh)

I love the way Stevie's appeal cuts across generations. Before the show started, I heard a teenaged girl behind me talking to her friend on her cell saying "half the crowd is my mother's age and half is mine. It's weird!" I'm 50 so I'm probably older than her mom, LOL! And there were two guys sitting in front of us in their mid 20s who were ecstatic through the whole show, clapping and stomping and every once in a while letting out a "I love you Stevie!" Don't we all :-)

Keith Jones
Hi, my name is Keith Jones, I live in the United Kingdom. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to the States to see Stevie in concert in Jones Beach and Holmdel. It was my first chance to see her and would just like to say that it was well worth the long trip, the concerts were unbelievable, especially Holmdel where the acoustics were fantastic, now I have try and see her again before the tour ends.

A Magical Night At Jones Beach This show was even better than I thought it would be when I woke up that Friday morning. The sun was out in New York City .the cabs were honking .but instead of being upset that the noise woke me up .a smile crept across my face and I KNEW it was going to be a magical day. My friend Julie pulled up to my apartment in upper Manhattan and my roommate Kate and I hopped into her little white car .and we were off. This was Kate s first Stevie show and she was SOO excited J We drove along the Hudson River and then across Manhattan blasting TISL all the way .not looking back once. It was a beautiful day and the magic of Stevie s music was in the air.

After sitting in quite a bit of traffic on our way to Long Island, the road finally cleared and we sped (safely) down a long road by the beach, with the amphitheater way off in the distance, hovering above the Long Island Sound. It did not seem possible that this place existed only an hour away from the craziness of New York City. We pulled into the venue with track #4 off of the Planets single cranked (this has become a tradition for us). "You won t forget, you won t forget, you won t forget " No, we won t. After parking, we walked briskly to the entrance we always get so anxious at this point and we can t help but have our pace quicken as we get closer and closer!! We picked up our tickets at will-call and walked into the venue, hearing 104.3 blasting Stevie from their booth set-up near the gates. "Oh mirror in the sky, what is love..." echoed around us as we walked in. What a nice way to enter a Stevie show J Walking into the arena was a amazing feeling .coming in under the huge grandstand and walking out onto the floor, with the water moving peacefully behind the stage .it is a phenominal venue .but not as big as I imagined.

We had 15th row dead center and for some reason, the way this place is set-up the 15th row was a WHOLE lot closer than we could have ever imagined!! We sat down .and as soon as BOOTYLISCIOUS came on, we got up and started to dance. How can you not?? J Then .the show kicked into gear. It was a crystal clear night .and Stevie was in a great mood you could tell. She tore into the first few songs with a confidence I had yet seen on the tour. I knew it would be a good night, and I couldn t help but smile every time I turned to my friend Kate next to me and she was jumping up and down and dancing to every song with such delight J There was an extra-kick of energy throughout this whole show Fall From Grace was phenominal .as was Stand Back. And I loved how she ended Dreams with "I told you so I told you so ." A little surprise J The highlight of the show had to be the end however, when we FINALLY made it up to the stage. The security at this show was very tight and not too keen on letting us up front. We stood in front of him and kept edging closer until he finally let us through I do have to say though, that this whole rush to the stage thing is getting really CRAZY lol I fear for my life a little more everytime .lol. Well, it s not quite that bad but it is a little scary. We stood at the stage and to our surprise Stevie swapped the set list and we got to watch her sing Bombay Sapphires right up close! Then Edge ..god, everytime Waddy tears into that guitar solo at the beginning of that song .I swear, there is nothing else like it especially since he has added a little to it and made it even more intense. THANKS Waddy for making edge so KILLER!! Stevie was great on this one took the flowered wreath from the woman next to me and put it on her head .danced with the gofer from Caddy Shack was haviing a grand ˜ol time. It reminded me much of the In Concert Video from 81.

The best though, at this show was HAEWAFY .b/c for the first time she emerged from the shadows with her top hat and feathers .when she first came out everyone went sort of silent and just watched .and then everyone began cheering her on it was so neat to see her with the hat again. It was like a time-warp or something!! She sang this song with such passion I turned to see my friend Kate with tears in her eyes, and I couldn t help but get teary-eyed too. When she did her bows after this song .she had to keep pushing her top-hat back on her head, b/c it would fall to the side a bit every time she bowed. It was very cute J She waved goodbye .and we waved back. The lights came up and we all hugged and then headed off into the night with the smell of the ocean lingering in the air and the magic of what we had just experienced etched perfectly in our minds. Thanks so much Stevie.

Denise and Dorothy Pianforte
I am Denise Pianforte, and I am the person he referred to in his review who was walking her 80 year old mom, Dorothy Pianforte, in the wheelchair. And yes, we have both been major Stevie fans since the beginning, 1975-76. I was a high school student, wow I can't believe I'm giving my age away, but who cares, I always tell my sister that God willing I will be rocking to Stevie until the day I die, and believe me I am not kidding. Well, I thing I may have gotten off the track somehow.

The main reason I am writing is to tell you how much I appreciate you taking an interest in my mom and to let you know how excited and thrilled she was that she was such a hit at the concert. You see, she was not always in a wheelchair, only the past 5 years, so she is still apprehensive, she thinks she is the only one in a wheelchair. I tell her time after time, Mom, do not worry you are no way alone, and it is the law now and has been that you can go to events you want and don't worry about being in the wheelchair

The next day, she said to me and my sisters that she couldn't believe how nice everyone was to her and how everyone was making room for her. I want to sincerely thank all of you, even though I do not know your names, I'm sure you all know who you are. We were seated on the right side of the stage in the front. You all made my mother have a wonderfully enchanted evening with Stevie Nicks and fans. Thank you All.

When I got home and started reading the Jones Beach reviews, I was so happy and shocked to see someone referring to my mother and myself in their review. It was cool. At first I thought they were complaining about the wheelchair being in the front, but upon reading on I was pleasantly surprised that it was only nice things being said about my mom, Dorothy. I do so appreciate that. Thanks for giving my mom happy memories.

P.S. Brian please e-mail me with where you were able to buy front row ticks from. I'm sure lightening won't strike twice with me getting free front row Fleetwood Mac tickets so I will be looking to buy. Once you've been in the front, there's no going back. Oh and yes, in case your wondering, I am planning on taking Mom to Fleetwood Mac, also. Take care to you all my fellow Stevie and Fleetwood Mac friends. There really is no one who can compare to Stevie Fans. God Bless you all!

Carla Fairchild
We're sitting in VIP missing the opening performer. Than we go into the arena after a half an hour a few drinks and conversation with other fans. Get to our seats and we have a great view in the center 12th row. As everyone has already mentioned the show started playing Bootylicious....and than... You hear .... "I hear theres's Trouble in Shangri-la" The crowd goes wild... Than Stop Draggin my heart around begins ...Everyone jumps outta their seat screammin and hollerin and whistlin aaaaaa...

The whole concert we did not sit down it was great ..we were in a good section with no complainers... Sheryl Crow look sooo good in her skin tight leather pants. She and Stevie sounded great together in "Too Far From Texas Sorcerer and Fall From Grace.." now we get to the part where everyone rushes the stage after Fall From Grace... we get up there. She sings Bombay Sapphiraaaz aaaa Than Edge ... than we get to part where she greets the fans...My friend gives her a crystal bracelet after shaking her hand. One of the twins get up there and shake her hand.

My friend and I are happy to have gotten that close to see her and shake her hand...Now after this song she tells everyone to take care sooo we can do this again, tells everyone thanks for coming, leaves the stage and than returns to do "I need to know" and "Has anyone ever written anything for you." This night was great because we got to see a show with Stevie and Sheryl together. Night ending we get right out of VIP parking which was great. Next night we're off to NJ at PNC arena...what a beautiful amphitheatre. We parked far and there were shuttles to take you to the front but we walked and glad we did cause our friends were planning to sit in the lawn and so were we. But this man was selling seats in 4th row for $50.00 he just wanted to get rid of his stack of tickets because the show was about to start... oh my ...the price of these tickets we less than any ticket we have ever purchased to any concert so we took 4 tickets for us and the twins.

We get into the gates and down to our seats...OMG we are sooo close we could not believe it... Bootylicious starts playing and one of the twins is shaking her rump and VH1 was there for the Rock Across Amerca ..and she recording her ...shes says what are you taping for? The girl taping tells her VH1 watch yourself August 4th...AAAAhh we all start screaming... Same intros and song set ...The concert was great beautiful night... no Sheryl but thats o.k. we enjoyed the whole night with Stevie... Got up to shake Stevie's hand again... The night ended and wished it didn't it was great... Hope you all have a great time as we did...our tour of Trouble in Shangri-la is o over we will meet again in the Woodlands on the 4th of August and again on the 25th of August in Las Vegas at the Aladdin.. see you all there... "Dream on silly dreamer...try hard you can't leave her.. Dreams unwind loves a state of mind"

Jim Nolan
If it were possible to add soundbytes to this, it'd be "Lady", by Styx. This band IS one to me. My friends told me this was a great venue, they were so right! It's built like a stadium for concerts. Very tall and steep: no lawn in the back, only seats. There is a beach right beside the gates for everyone. Jeffrey Gaines is a great entertainer… This time I'm there for his whole set. He sings about the truth - His voice is rather coarse, and smooth when he wants it to be. Wonderful. During Stevie's show, she said Mick & Lindsey were recording in California as she spoke! This was a flawless show. Well worth the trip. The band had a great time onstage, everyone was smiling. Cool breezes kept the air fresh, and also kept away any bugs. Was smiling so much at this show myself, my face hurt! Many thanks to everyone making it happen, including the fans - Without you, there would be no tour! Pace yourself just a bit Stevie, Sheryl, Sharon, Mindy, all you guys… you still have a long way to rock!

I do not really know what possessed me to buy Trouble in Shrangri-La on the Sunday before her conert in Long Island, because I never really listened to much of Stevie's music... until now. I bought the CD and fell in love with it. My friend and I decided to go to her Jones Beach concert three hours before the start of the show. We had the very last row of seats. But that didn't matter, because Stevie Nicks shined on that stage. She was completely amazing and her performance was phenominal. The very next day, I went out and bought The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks is the music. They was she moves to her music and the way she sings with such passion, nobody can hold a candle to her. It was my first time seeing her perform live, hopefully it will not be the last.

Stevie, you are truly amazing and have opened my eyes to a whole new world. You've just added a new fan to the extremely long list, and have inspired yet another young woman. Thank you so much.

Stevie was absolutely stunning. She will always be an inspiration to me, and my only remaining "Idol". The choice of songs was perfectiion. GDW was haunting as usual. She ROCKED on Fall From Grace. Edge of 17 was flawless. I have to say that I love that Stevie never sings the same song the exact same way twice! I'm not much of a Sheryl fan, but she looked beautiful & she & Stevie really compliment one another vocally.(Ah, I'm just jealous because she gets to sing with Stevie & call her a friend)! I believe that TISL is her best album to date. It's amazing & so is she! Finishing up with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was poetic. I cried, almost sobbing, and I'm not scared to admit it! Her energy was literally hugging all of us! I'm so sad it's over. yet I look forward to a Fleetwood Mac tour next year. I bow at your feet Miss Nicks, you are truly incredible!

Dennis Tommasulo
I would just like to add a little bit to all the wonderful reviews of the Jones Beach show. The first thing that suprised me was that the venue was SOLD OUT!!! This show in my home venue was the 26th time I've seen Stevie, and I know that for at least her last 2 solo tours she didnt get close to filling the place, and since her last tour they added 2500 seats which makes her sell out even more impressive. I was alittle suprised that Outside the Rain was dropped with no additional song added, hopefully another song will make it to the set soon enough. I also have to agree with people that when Sheryls not there Stevie should add some songs to the set, again I'm hoping that as the band settles in to the tour without her this will happen. I also attended the show in Boston last week and I found the band to be a little tighter, and Stevie seemed to be a bit more talkative. I get one more Stevie show in Las Vegas in August so I'll be able to compare the early shows from one late in the tour. Thanks and Congrats to the NICKSFIX for the great page in the program

Michel, Jones Beach show
I am very lucky to have gotten a 13th row aisle seat to the show the night before last. Stevie was, of course wonderful, and it was such a treat to see her smile so much. She should smile more often it lights up the whole atmosphere and she looks like a little girl--so cute! First I must say that I was so upset that "Candlebrite" was not included on this tour, I feel it's one of the best songs on the album and qualifies for release as a single, but alas....

Also I wish that Stevie and Sheryl chose to do "Difficult Kind" as one of their duets, it is one of the most powerful songs I have heard and I think with all we know about Stevie's life it would have been even more powerful to have her sing it as well. But regardless, the show was fabulous! I'm glad she wore comfortable shoes because she really DANCED all over the place and she seemed extra comfortable. But unlike some other fans, I was okay with the exclusion of "Outside The Rain", granted it is a beautiful song, but I preferred seeing something fresh this time. When she did "Has Anybody Ever Written" She came out in the most beautiful outfit! I won't describe it too much and ruin it for those who have yet to see her, but let me just say that she looked about 33 not 53! Which matched her vocals on that song, her voice sounded like it did in 1981, not 2001! Which truly made it the best part of the show. It's obvious that Stevie CAN sing higher and stronger from the moments she gets really into it and does, but for some reason she seems to hold back, maybe to preserve her lovely voice. But it is a little bit frustrating when she does it for a moment and you want it to continue and it doesn't. Well I LOVE and ADORE her and don't want to say anything negative or ask for too much here, we are all lucky to still be hearing and seeing her loveliness at all!

I too was extremely distraught when Security at Jones Beach did not let us approach the stage, especially since I had an aisle seat! It was torture! But, to the others who complained about it in their review, what they have to bear in mind is that on our side of the stage (the one where we were restricted from approaching) was where they put all the disabled people. Right up to the front of the stage on the left side were about 30 or so wheelchairs with disabled people. Now, as upsetting as it was not to be able to approach and it certainly was, I'm glad those people got to see Stevie up that close instead of me. Don't forget that those of us who weren't allowed to go right up to the stage and shake Stevie's hand, WERE able to get up on our own two feet at the end and walk out of there. Those disabled people can't. So rather than feel sorry for missing your chance to rush the stage, feel grateful for what you CAN do and also be happy that you had orchestra seats to begin with.

Friday, July 20th, Jones Beach Theater. It's rare for me when every element of a show falls into place...but this was a magical night. I've seen Stevie, solo & not, over 60 times...this show is amongst the top. The stage backdrop which duplicates the album cover was exquisite, and the constant lighting changes to "colors I have never seen" made it the most beautiful I've seen surround her...ever. There were many times during the show that I was brought right back to 1978, my first time seeing her live. Her expressions, her voice, and her intense command of her brilliant music cast the same spell that fell on many of us over 20 years ago. It was eire...her aura has not faded, but has gotten stronger. The set list was the same that's been stated previously, so I won't duplicate saying that...but the significance of the performance was not about the set was about the show. It was a weaving of old & new, soft & fast, rock & ballad...raw power & raw emotion. When Stevie appeared hair up in a black velvet top hat brimmed with a huge circling feather & poured out Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You as her final encore of the evening, I was reminded of something I rarely have forgotten in over 20 years...she is the reigning Queen of Rock, and we are so privileged to be invited into her magic kingdom for these enchanted moments. Don't ever miss the invitation when it's sent to you.

My wife, sister-in-law and myself saw Stevie at Jones Beach Friday night. As usual, I was left spellbound, even after seeing her for the eleventh time, the first time being 1979 with Fleetwood Mac. There is no one quite like her, she is the best. The concert had it all, from ass-kicking rockers to country to soft ballads. The classics still sounded great, especially Rhiannon. But, I really enjoyed the new ones from TISL, especially Planets, Bombay Sapphires and Fall From Grace. Since I first heard Rhiannon, I've been mesmerized by this truly unique and talented lady. I'll be there for the next concert and the ones after that as well. Love ya, Stevie.

Tracy Haas
I attended the PNC Arts Center show last night. "Magical," that's all I can say. The show was incredible. The energy that filled that venue was outrageous. Stevie looked and sounded just amazing. I was thrilled Stevie played a lot of cuts from TISL. Stevie appears to sound better each time I see her. She was so gracious to the audience and they certainly appreciated her. It was also great to see Stevie with Waddy again. What a talented man. Stevie was wearing her trademark stage clothes and platform sneakers and her amazing shawls. She danced and twirled," like a bird in flight." The show was definitely worth the wait. Thanks Stevie.

Sabrina Aliano
I apologize that I didn't write in sooner. When you hear my story you will understand why. I have been a hugh fan of Stevie Nicks since the early 80"s. The very first song I hear of hers was Leather & Lace. Ever since then I have been mesmerized by her. Her cloths, hair, boots, music, etc. I can never stop liking her music. Each album she comes out with was in anticipation as to what the great Stevie Nicks would wear on the cover and inside sleeve.

I want to give you a little background about myself before I go any further with this story, you will understand everything at the end. I was born legally blind and death. According to NY state law, I can not drive at all. I am also married to a man who has a slight disability with eye hand coordination, although he is able to get his license, at this time, he is unable to drive. Trust me living on Long Island and not being able to drive really sucks. :( For many years Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks (with her solo career) have been coming to NY to perform. Since I live on the East End of the Island it makes a rather difficult journey to travel either to Nassau Coliseum or Jones Beach. Bummer. I have tried for may year to get people to go with me. No such luck. When Stevie cam out with Trouble In Shangri-La, I was excited. I had heard on the radio that she would be playing at Jones Beach on July 20, 2001. Tickets were to go in sale on June 3, 2001 at 10:00am. This was a Saturday. I had asked my husband if he would like to go with me, we would rent a limo and go in style. Since he is not a big Stevie Nicks fan unlike me, he declined. Frank (my husband) suggested I ask my sister. I called Regina, she said she would go, I explained to her that I would treat since her birthday is August 5th. June 3rd came around. I stayed home from work to order tickets, they went on sale at 10:00 am. I have been on the phone since 9:30am waiting to get through, I finally did at 10:01. I asked the girl through Ticket Master if I could get front row seats being as how I am disabled. The only seats she had that were close enough were the first stand in 7L. I was shocked and amazed that floor seats and orchestra seats were sold so fast. Without hesitation I bought them. I was so excited about the show coming up that I told all my friends at work. boy some of them were jealous. Since I work from 6:30am-3PM I decided to take the day off. A few days before the show I started feeling sick, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, the whole nine yard. I tried to convince myself I wasn't getting sick, started taking aspirin, vitamins, etc. No such luck. July 20th came around and I woke up with a fever of 102. OH GOD WHY TODAY OF ALL DAYS BEFORE MY VERY FIRST CONCERT OF STEVIE'S. I was really feeling lousy. I made sure I slept most of the day. Before I left for the show, I dosed myself up with plenty of Day Quil and aspirins. I dressed in my finest Stevie cloths, black body suit, flowing long black skirt & platform boots. I was ready to rock. My sister and I arrived at Junes Beach at 7:00PM.

In the parking lot, there were cars blaring Stevie songs, Gold Dust Woman, Edge of Seventeen, Dreams, Etc. People were excited to be there. I saw many girls wearing Stevie style cloths. After buying my tour book and T-shirt, we made our way to our seat. When I bought the ticket, I was not aware the seat was so far from the stage. I was ashored by Ticket Master & the Jones Beach box Office that for someone with my disability would be able to see. YAH RIGHT, Prior to the show, I had bought a small bouquet of roses to give to Stevie, thinking that I would be able to go down and present them to her. My sister and I were talking to the security guard. He told us that people in the stands would not be able to go down in giver her flowers. My sister being outspoken, called the guy a lier & told him that he was full of crap because the Friday before she had seen James Taylor and was sitting in the same section and she got to go up and meet him. Anyway, that ended that subject for a while. eventually, we saw a head security woman wearing a headset, Regina suggested I talk with her. As I was talking with the woman and getting nowhere, some man came over with a very large video camera, the kind of camera used to make a movie with. I asked the security guard what was up, she thinks the show was being video taped for either a sale or maybe Showtime. That would be cool. I waved to the camera & said "rock on Stevie". EXCELLENT.

. About 8:15PM Jeffrey Gains came out to do his thing. He thanked Stevie for letting him open her show. His set finished around 8:45PM. During that time, the wind was picking up a little, the sun was setting a little more. Around 9:00PM, the sun had already set, the house lights went on & the first thing you hear is Stevie's guitar ryths from Edge of Seventeen in the song Bootilicious. The crowd went nuts, standing and dancing. After that was over. The lights went down, Green lights came up, the stage was dark & you heard the intro of Trouble in Shangri-La That was cool, Everyone was very excited. Stevie came on stage in her trademark black dress looking beautiful as ever. Instead of her boots, she wear high platform sneakers. I personally didn't care for them. Anyway, since I was and still am sick & have taken so much meds before hand, some of the concert was a blur. Cheryl came out on-stage to sing some song with Stevie and also sing a few of hers. The one part that stands out the most was :"Planets of the Universe". While Stevie was singing this song, There was a hugh blue moon behind her. I don't know why, but for some reason I amazed in it's beauty. I think it was the side effect of the Day Quil. At one point during the show, Stevie was telling this story about finding a love and how she would like to be in a relationship again. This guy that was sitting near us shouted "Stevie hear I am, The man of your dreams, I'm all yours." My row looked at him and said "Yah Right." Everyone was laughing. It was really funny.

Being so sick as I am, I really had a great time. Like everyone else, I was singing and dancing to all her songs. I really enjoyed Fall From Grace. Stevie did an excellent job with this song. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to give Stevie my flowers though. During Edge of Seventeen, Stevie was shaking hands with fans but she didn't take any gifts or flowers like she did in her concert video ""Stevie Nicks in Concert". We were surprised. We did see her take a flowered reef and put it on her head during the song. Some guy made her a dragon that looked cool, she didn't take it though. The last song that she sang was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?". Stevie put her hair back, tucked underneath a big top hat with feathers hanging down, she wore a long white cape. It was truly beautiful how the spotlight was slightly dim & all you see was Stevie. What an excellent ending to an excellent evening. I whole heartily enjoyed myself. My sister and I can't wait until Fleetwood Mack comes out with their next album so we can see them in concert. Until then.....ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!!!!. I am going back to bed since I have been there since Saturday nursing my Flu. Thank you Stevie for giving your fans a great show. Thak you Nicksfix for being there for us Stevie fans and for letting me submit my story.

I had the privilege of seeing Stevie in both Pittsburgh and Jones Beach, and both shows were fantastic! Stevie sounds terrific, and the show is incredibly well done!

One question - Did anyone else think Bill Clinton was in the yacht next to the amphitheatre at Jones Beach? Just a thought.

I will never forget seeing Stevie and her band in the Trouble in Shangri-La Tour. I was lucky enough to see the Hartford Meadows show and the Jones Beach show. Stevie was so awesome. Her voice sounded great and you could tell that she was enjoying herself. I was also fortunate enough to shake hands with her during "Edge of Seventeen" at Jones Beach. What a dream come true. I'm on cloud nine.

I still keep thinking about the shows. Anyone who will be seeing her in the next couple of weeks is so lucky. You will really enjoy yourselves. Her band was incredible and Sheryl Crow, you rock!

The last song was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". What an emotional experience for me. Stevie's music is a true gift.

Thank you Stevie. Your music has been great strength for me. I'll never forget seeing you

The show was terrific, it was once her best shows ever! The lighting was great and the TISL themed set made the show. The inclusion of four new songs was wonderful. But I must say, I did miss hearing "Outside the Rain". Stevie seemed energetic and to be genuinely enjoying the show. She was at her best. The audience was in having a great time too. The show and her set selections have seemed to evolve to be more mature. They have grown and seem to reflect a place in which only an artist who has been performing for many years could do. Stevie was joined on stage several times by Sheryl Crow and their performance almost made you think the songs were written as a duet just for them to perform. It was a great show and a good time was had by all.

Dawn Margotta and Lauren Keller
Well .... I just got home from the Jones Beach, Long Island ,NY Show.My lovely Daughter Who is 15 (will be 16 intwo weeks) bought me these tickets for my birthday which was back in June , I am a Gemini like Stevie!!!!! Well what a birthday present I got. I went to see Stevie in Camden on tues nite and Sheryl was not there so I was really excited that she was there tonight. We had really good seats on the side but about 5 rows back .

When Stevie was ready to come out they played bootyliciious and got everyone<sadreline pumping. All of a sudden we heard the Trouble in Shangra La and after a few seconds She come out and opened with Stop draggin my heart around , It was aweso me!!!!!! Sheryl was smokin tonight .Stevie and Sheryl should definately continue to work together , their voices sounded so beautiful together, they really compliented each other . When they sang To Far from Texas it was truly amazing. I can not even describe this concert it was so mystical and magical i cried for the first half hour or so . I was so happy to be there and so close to stevie that I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face .

Then I look over at my daughter and ashe saidat monry mom stop crying you are making me cry and she was balling her eyes out. Then we pulled it together and started to reall y rock and dance , alot of the people were all dressed up in their Stevie clothes it was so cool. I met a few very nice people espicially one really nice girl who was vey upset like me because of the security tonght .We had floor seats and Stevie always lets her fans near the stage , this security guy was such a jerk After paying all that money he yelled at us all night and when we tried to go up there during edge of 17 he threw us back and almost knoced us over . The girl I met tonight was so upset it was her first Stevie concert and she was crying but I told her if you do not go back they will throw you out . I worship Stevie But I HATE JONEs BEach THEATRE!!!!!!!!!!! They were big jerks tonight . After my daughter payi ng all that money for those tickets and not even being able to get near Stevie I was very very disappointed >

I would like to know if it was Stevie or Jones Beach having security act that way . If you were not in the front row you were not getting near the stage . Besides all that Stevie sounded and looked beautifil . It was a truly enchanting night She was so cute she even did the high kick in her lil hi top sneakers.If you have not seen this tour it is a must see . Thank You so much Stevie and your band for giving us such beautiful memories . Until next time .. "Rock on Ancient Queen'

Brian W
There are no words to describe what I just experienced, but I will try to do my best.. I had purchased tickets originally for the NY show when they went on sale through ticketmaster about a month and a half ago.. me and my friend Ken got decent seats.. but they were like 25 rows back, and for our home Stevie show, that just wasn't good enough.. so, about 4 days I found some incredible Front Row seats for a great price, sold my other tix, and prepared myself for an awesome show !! and that it WAS ..

we got to thearena at about 7:30.. there were people in the parking lot playing various stevie tunes from their cars, and the weather at Jones Beach was perfect.. the sun was shining, the ocean breeze blew lightly over the arena., so the setting was already pretty amazing.. at about 8pm, Jeffey Gaines came on and did his thing.. during that, me and Ken met these 2 girls (i completely forgot their names at this point) who were really cool.. we talked about Stevie (what else) and about the Hartford show last week, which all 4 of us attended (surprise, surprise) .. One of the girls told me that she saw Stevie on the "Wild Heart" tour, and every tour since, but she never was up close to the stage like she was tonight, and never got a chance to touch Stevie's hand during "Edge Of Seventeen".. i told her that "tonight would be the night that she would get to do it" and she smiled..

so, we all chatted for awhile, until all of a sudden we saw this lady walk up the aisle while pushing this other older lady in a wheelchair.. we started talking to her and she told us that the lady in the wheelchair was her 80 year-old mother who has been a Stevie Nicks fan since the 70's... we were all in awe.. i swear, Stevie truly has fans of all ages, from 10 to 80 and everything in between (me being only 24 myself).. So, Jeffrey finished his set, and we were all sitting there chatting away, having a great time in anticipation of a great show...

at about 9:15, the lights went down, and "Bootylicious" started playing over the speakers (Btw, i think Stevie is so cool having that open her show, very appropriate for 2001 i think).. everyone stood up and I started dancing like a maniac.. I have to say, that of all the shows I have been to so far (including Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Hartford), that this audience was the most reserved.. there wasn't too much enthusiasm behind me, but who cares, we didn't have to look at them at all anyway..hehe..

then came the "Trouble In Shangri-la" intro, as the band members took their places on stage.. then they went right into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around".. the set list was the same as the first six shows with the exception of "Outside The Rain" which was cut from the list and they also switched "Bombay Sapphires" and "Fall From Grace".. Sheryl Crow came out during "Gold Dust Woman" and put on a great performance with Stevie just as she did with the other shows..

Ok, so here's the fun part of the review.. i had known for a few days that I was going to be up close during this show, and since NY is my home state, and Jones Beach is in my backyard basically, I felt it was only appropriate that I get Stevie something special to give to her during "Edge Of Seventeen". I was fortunate to touch her hands in Chicago and in Hartford, but both times I hadn't given her anything.. so i thought to myself, what would be the perfect gift to give Stevie ? what would make her smile ? what could i possibly give her that would be unique and different and something that she would keep forever ?

well, let's just say I found what i would consider "The Perfect Gift".. ya know, i've been to alot of Stevie shows, and the audience always gives her flowers and stuffed animals.. and i can't imagine that she keeps all of them.. maybe some, but certainly not all.. i knew she would keep MY gift to her.. i remember seeing Stevie on Letterman a couple of months ago and she talked to Dave about the movie "Caddyshack" with Bill Murray.. She said that when she was going through rough times, that she would watch it, and it made her laugh.. well, a big part of the movie (for those who haven't seen it) is this cute little gopher who keeps popping his head out of the golf course holes, and Bill Murray tries to blow him up (dont ask). anyway, at the end of the movie, he comes out of the hole again, still alive, and does this cute little dance while the credits are rolling..

so about 6 months ago, i rememebr seeing the "Caddyshack Gopher" at some store and thinking it was the cutest thing.. you push a button, the song from the movie plays, and the gopher starts doing that cute little dance.. so, i remembered that, and i was like "That is the perfect gift for Stevie" "She will love it ".. I went to Toys R US and luckily they had one left.. so, i bought him on the spot and took him home with me.. I figured I might as well go all out, so i decided to dress him up to look like Stevie.. i put a couple of lacey shawls with mini-rhinestones on them, and OMG, he looked so cute !!

Ok, so here comes the moment of my life... during "Edge", everyone rushed the stage, and got ready to give Stevie their various gifts to her.. I picked up my Gopher (who i named "Terrell" for some strange reason) and started to make him do his little dance.. while Stevie was greeting everyone on the left side of the stage, I showed him to Mindy and Sharon (Stevie's girls), and they started laughing and pointing at it.. Mindy even mouthed to me "Did You Do That ?" I mouthed back to her "Yeah I did" and she kept smiling.. So, as Stevie made her way over to the right side of the stage, I lifted him up over my head so she could see him.. it started dancing, she looked at it, lifted it from my hands, and showed it to the audience.. i was FREAKING OUT !!! omg, it was sooo amazing !! everyone was laughing and smiling.. it was great.. Stevie even mimicked it a little.. it was so cute.. she then gave it to one of her security people and said something like "I'm keeping this".. I can't even begin to tell you what that meant to me !! it was incredible.. there was a lady who had made her way up to the stage to where i was standing and thanked me for having Stevie stop in front of us.. she got to hold Stevie's hand, and then she started crying.. she was so happy and i was so glad to be a part of that..

What can i say.. the whole night was just an incredible experience.. a night i will never forget.. like i said, i've been to other Stevie shows before, but nothing like this.. i'm seeing her tomorrow in New Jersey at PNC and i hope maybe Stevie will recognize me.. we'll see.. but if not, i'll always have the memory of tonight.. and know that for a brief moment, me and Stevie and everyone around us shared something very special.. and i'll always have that..

Oh, btw, that girl that never got to touch Stevie's hand finally had her moment tonight.. i knew she would =) Brian W.

Stevie Ciavarelli
I'm not sure words can describe just how brilliant Stevie's performance was, but it was one the most "electrically charged" shows that I have attended over the years. We were on our feet the whole set through, singing & dancing till the lights came back up. I wish we could have rocked a little more. And, the Dynamic Duo presence of both Stevie & Sheryl is truly amazing. These gals are meant to work with each other.

From the bottom of my heart....I thank Stevie for sharing a great evening with us once more and allowing us to visit Shangri-La with her. A journey never to be forgotten.

Last night I caught Stevie at my favorite venue, the Jones Beach ampitheater on Long Island in NY. For those who have never been, it is a large stadium nestled on a sandbar between both a tranquil bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Stevie opened with the unusual a-capella 'Trouble In Shangri-La' chorus while the lights flashed, dispensing with the typical Christopher Nicks intro. The band launched into 'Stop Draggin..', Stevie wore her black platform sneakers and all in all the band was extremely tight.

It was wonderful to see Waddy back on stage with Stevie, I swear he does not change at all, he looks exactly like he did in the 70's!!! My one complaint is that Stevie seemed to really not be in her best voice for some of the starting songs last night, although to me it was apparent she definately started to find it towards the last third of the show. 'Stop draggin...' sounded a little flat, as did 'Dreams'. When Stevie sang 'Gold Dust...' Sheryl appeared, at first I thought it was Mindy Stein because I had taken my eyes off the stage for a moment to watch the boats in the distance,

Sheryl seemed to dig being up there. She was in very strong voice and did alot of dancing. The songs that Stevie was able to tear it up on were (to me anyway) the following: 'Bombay Sapphires', 'Fall From Grace' (they ripped through this, tore the place apart, excellent), 'Stand Back', and 'Planets of the Universe'. Also, 'Has Anyone...' was especially lovely, and Stevie looked beautiful with her hair pulled back and under a very tall top-hat which had huge ostrich feathers on one side.

For some reason, the platform sneakers were bugging me. From what I recall when she wore them on the 'Other Side of the Mirror' tour, it seems to change her movement on stage. I think the platform hi-heels we are all used to gives her a different kind of grace up there, almost like she is balancing precariously- in a way almost like an ancient Chinese princess! To me, the sneakers looked clumsy, but if she really did hurt her foot again, I guess I shouldn't complain!

All in all, I liked the show alot, especially when Stevie's voice became strong and she was inspired to deliver forceful renditions of her music.

I've waited four years for her return and it was well worth it!!!! The show was awsome! Her stage setting was the best I've ever seen. It was truly beautiful. Stevie came out looking better than ever and her voice was so powerful. It was great seeing her teamed up with Cheryl Crow who's voice sounded excellent along with Stevie's. I was so happy to see Waddy Watchel playing with her again...they truly belong together!!!

Stevie started out her set with a few of the old great songs, then added her new album songs in a little at a time, between some Cheryl Crow songs and some of the Great classics. It was great that it was all mixed together like that. Stevie did an excellent job on Rhiannon, (my favorite), and also talked about how her,Mick,Lindsey, and John are recording for a Fleetwood Mac album. Thank you Stevie!!! THIS GYPSY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!



I understand what Stevie means when she sings "High priestess, she's the keeper of the peace in this." Stevie really took on the role of High Prietess last night at Jones Beach, having fans join together to sing along, dance, and just stare at her in awe while she performed.

The concert was a complete Stevie experience. In the parking lot before the show, we saw top hats, shawls, tambourines, platform boots ... "Sweet Girl" was blasting from one car, "Gold and Braid" from another, "Sisters of the Moon" from another, and "Dreams" from yet another car. We were bombarded with Stevie music and Stevie fans.

At about 7:00, we shuffled in and I bought just a few pieces of merchandise ... a tourbook, a mug, the Candlebright nightshirt, and the I Miss You tank top. We went inside for Jeffrey Gaines' set, and I could tell that everyone up in the front orchestra with us was anxious to see Stevie.

Stevie came out at about 9:15. The audience stood up as soon as "Bootylicious" came on ... and then the remixed "Trouble In Shangri-La" started blasting through the amphitheatre.

Stevie was beautiful. She kept looking out at the audience, shading her eyes because of the bright lights. We really felt like she was communicating with us -- and she was very chatty, telling us that she added the lyric "I told you so" to the end of "Dreams" because the beach had reminded her that Mick, John, and Lindsey were recording, and she was suddenly inspired to start "talking."

Stevie twirled, danced, high-kicked (during Stand Back) and was really into her set. (Since I'm sure you all know the setlist, I won't go into the details of that.) Fall From Grace rocked, and Sheryl Crow really looked like she was living out a dream up there. Their rendition of Every Day is a Winding Road allowed Stevie to show off her harmony skills, and the new arrangement of Every Day (the TISL song) is incredible. Mindy Stein is very talented, and she really helps to make that song sound good on stage.

We were all in a frenzy by Edge of Seventeen. One fan near us handed Stevie a Caddyshack gopher, and she bobbed her head along with it to the music. (The dogs will love that toy.) The new arrangement of I Need To Know with Sheryl was full of energy, and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You brought a tear to everyone's eye, not just because it's a beautiful song about a writer's concern with immortality, but because we knew the concert was over.

"I want you to remember," she sings. We will remember, Stevie. This concert will remain in my memory for a long time ... and I'm already saving money for first, second, or third row seats for next year's Fleetwood Mac concert. Thank you, Stevie, for another wonderful evening.

I saw Stevie last night at the Jones Beach Ampitheater and she was INCREDIBLE! From reading earlier reviews I knew what to expect when she came out and I was ready. She sounded excellent and looked more confident than the last time I saw her at Jones Beach back in '98. I brought along three friends who really aren't into much besides R&B and they totally enjoyed themselves. For my one friend this was her first concert ever and she had a blast!

I've been a fan since I was a little girl in the seventies and the woman amazes me to this day. Sheryl coming out was a great surprise because I wasn't sure if she was actually going to be there. They sounded excellent. Waddy rocked and Lenny was jammin'. Stevie hit some of those notes I previously read she didn't. I look forward to her next tour either alone or with Fleetwood Mac. Stevie takes care of her fans, thank you!!!!!!

I have been a fan of Stevie's since I was 10 (i just turned 30) & my loyalty has paid off!! I had the fortune of winning front row tickets & backstage passes for the Jones Beach for show Friday the 20th. I have have seen Stevie 3 times prior & have always had good seats but front row, 2 seats from center stage is the MOST fabulous experience......EVER. She was AWESOME.

I had such an incredible time. I am actually a little stiff & sore from dancing & jumping up & down for about 2 hours straight. My fiance is not really into her, but he had a great time & really appreciated her. The set was really cool & it was nice to see Sharon too. Cheryl Crow was there also but I have to say Stevie is mesmerizing, so beautiful. I was able to shake her hand at the end of Edge of 17.

After the show we were able to go back stage & say a quick hello to Stevie & I got my ticket autographed. I actually had already met her at another radio station in May & had forgotten to tell her how much I liked the new cd so I was able to do that. Like the previous meeting Stevie was warm, gracious & sincere. She is a fabulous talent & so kind to her fans she deserves all the success in the world. It is most certainly an evening I will not forget!!!!

Robert Daniel Mathers
The stage was set like a patio at a California Vineyard. Complete with roses winding their way along two Romanesque columns. It was a beautiful night for a show and the house was packed. All of the enchanted beings that have followed Stevie's career through all of its twists and turns were there. Some in flowing gowns, simple frocks or jeans and beaded t-shirts.

The Sheryl Crow faction was well represented also. While Sheryl fans are not easily recognizable by a clothing style - see this artist enough in concert and you begin to recognize faces.

I bring this up because Nicks and Crow have similar musical styles, and the crossover is natural. To paraphrase what I overheard a member of the Sheryl Crow fan forum say to a member of the Stevie Nicks fan club, "'s like the stars and the moon coming together to form the night sky..." Just as I was thinking of what songs would fill the night sky - the house speakers exploded with the opening riff to "Edge of Seventeen"; only there was a strange backbeat and no one was on stage. Stevie was warming up the crowd by playing the R&B group Destiny's Child's song "Bootilicious", which samples "...Seventeen."

As the band came out - Stevie Nicks recited the chorus to "Trouble In Shangri-La". Then the band lit into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." Stevie came dancing on stage and the crowd rose to its feet. Nicks, dressed in a simple black beaded dress, waved to the audience and smiled with delight as they waved back.

"New York City, " she said, "Just like I pictured it."

With that Nicks welcomed everyone and thanked them for sharing the night with her. "Enchanted" and "Dreams" followed.

Stevie paused and told us that Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham had rented a house in California and were starting work on the next Fleetwood Mac album. Stevie ran back to throw on a dusty rose colored shawl and started "Gold Dust Woman". Just as the first chorus was starting, out sauntered Sheryl Crow, sharing the song as they sang in perfect harmony.

On stage it was like watching two sisters dancing in a mirrored tandem. As the song finished, Stevie said "Well this is a special little moment... this is a dream come true for Sheryl and I..." The duo did "Sorcerer" and then Stevie took a little break, as Crow thanked "the best fans" for letting her play to them and did "My Favorite Mistake." Nicks came back and played favorites like, "Everyday", "Rhiannon", "Stand Back" (complete with the return of the high kick!) and "Planets of the Universe" which she explained was an apology of sorts to Lindsey Buckingham for some of the songs she wrote for Rumors.

Sheryl Crow came back out and they "sisters" performed "Everyday Is A Winding Road". In the middle of which, Crow acknowledged, "Stevie Nicks has a very nasty band." Stevie and Sheryl then sang some great songs from the new album, including, "Too Far From Texas", "Fall From Grace" and "Bombay Sapphires." The band took a little break leaving the incredible percussion section to play for a bit. Nick's lead guitarist and musical director, Waddy Wachtel, played an incredible solo that evolved into "Edge of Seventeen". The band played this song harder than I have ever seen it performed, proving that through it all - Stevie Nicks really rocks!

The set ended with Crow hopping on stage laughing and playing percussion, while Nicks greeted everyone in the front row. Most Stevie fans are well behaved (only one woman charged the stage and was carted off), offering gifts; Nicks accepted a garland of flowers and wore it in her hair for the remainder of the song, held up a huge teddy bear to the audience and danced with a stuffed gopher. As Stevie finished "...Seventeen" she was laughing, twirling and seemed to be in her own musical heaven. "Thank you for your appreciation of my music and for being alive and well." Nicks then asked her fans to, " Please be good to yourself... so you can come back again and we can sing songs together..."

Nick's encore was Tom Petty's "I Need To Know" with Sheryl Crow singing along side. The show finished with just Stevie singing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." The whole band came for one more bow, waved and walked off. The lights came up and the night was finished. Overall, this was a great show - nothing earth shattering- but then a rock concert isn't always supposed to move mountains. In today's pop world of theatrics and over processed teenie boppers, it's refreshing to see a real artist display her craft.

Denise Pianforte and Dorothy Pianforte
What an awsome concert at Jones Beach, LI. My three sisters, two nieces, and80 year old mom attended the wonderful show. Amazing as it is, I won two front row center tickets over WALK radio. I brought my mom up to the stage (she is in a wheelchar) and she was. She says, " this was one of Stevie's best concerts and that she never looked better".

We had only one complaint, the concert was so good that it flew by. We could have stayed there the entire evening, just being in Stevie heaven.

We just love every single song but our favorites were "Standback" and "Edge of Seventeen. My 12 year old niece, Erin, and myself were lucky enough to shake Stevie's hand. I told her I loved her and she said "thank you." She is so beautiful, inside and out. She looked so happy and was just giving her fans what we wanted.

Stevie mentioned that she had met with Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey and that They were discussing the new album. Wow we are so happy that the mac will be Back soon.

Stevie thank you so very much for a heavenly evening and all our love to you always. You are and always will be the reigning queen of rock.


Denise Pianforte and Dorothy Pianforte

Sandra Speicher
Stevie Nicks returned to Jones Beach for another magical, enchanted evening on July 20, 2001. Dressed in her tradition black chiffon and lace, and her nontraditional Reebok platforms, Stevie rocked the house and had the crowd on their feet through most of the concert. The show opened with the crowd pleaser "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around" from her first solo project, with Waddy Wachtel on lead guitar and vocals. Waddy seemed to lack the energy that he had an abundance of on previous tours with Stevie, but technically, his guitar licks were right on the money.

Stevie covered many of her popular standards such as "Rhiannon," "Dreams" and a phenomenal duet with Sheryl Crow on "Gold Dust Woman." Stevie was in great voice throughout the performance, but also seemed to lack the energy she once had on previous tours. Absent were the numerous twirls and high kicks, but what lacked in physical stamina was compensated by great vocals and stories shared with the audience.

Stevie was joined by tour mate Sheryl Crow for several songs, namely "Too Far From Texas," a song written by Crow, on Stevie's "Trouble in Shangri-La." Sheryl, never sounding or looking better, performed two of her solo songs, "Everyday is a Winding Road" and "My Favorite Mistake" with Waddy and the band. Sheryl's strong vocal style complemented Stevie's voice both in style and amplitude, and was a big crowd pleaser.

Stevie also introduced several songs from her new CD, "Trouble in Shangri-La" including the beautiful "Planets of the Universe," "Sorcerer," "Everyday" (with a soft, sensitive acoustic intro from Wachtel), "Bombay Sapphires"and the rockin' "Fall from Grace." The vocals were tight with help from back-up singers Sharon Celani and Mindy Stern, sharing the stage with Sheryl Crow.

Finally, the song we had all be waiting for...."Edge of Seventeen". With a smokin' percussion intro (by Carlos Rios) and Wachtel's signature guitar lead-in, the crowd was again on their feet and ready to rock. The 9 minute song was accompanied by a young female stage jumper (who was quickly whisked off by security) and a barrage of gifts for Stevie, including flowers, stuffed teddy bears, puppets and other trinkets. While Stevie walked the stage shaking hands with the audience, her face was radiant, as if THAT moment was the payoff for all the years of hard work and sacrifice she had given for her craft.

Stevie ended with an encore of Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?". Stevie has proved once again that she and her music are a force to be reckoned with. And New Yorkers welcomed her back with open hearts and open arms. I would give this concert 4 out of 5 stars.

  more reviews coming......

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