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Trouble in Shangri-la

8/18/01 Verizon Wireless Amph. Irvine, CA
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After reading the other reviews of the Irvine show, I have to agree that Stevie was not feeling her best, although she made no mention of her recent or ongoing illness. She was not dancing around and she did very little talking. For those of you lucky enough to have seen the opening shows of the tour - I am so envious. Besides Outside the Rain, and of course Sheryl's songs, she left out my two favorites from the new CD - Sorcerer and Bombay Sapphires. So instead of seeing the original 2 1/2 hour show we saw only 80 minutes! Of course anytime you see Stevie you want her to sing for 6 hours straight, but that really bummed me out. However I thought her voice sounded quite good. One thing no one has mentioned, is why the band is so incredibly loud so that it almost completely wipes out the vocals of both Stevie and the backup singers - I don't get that!!!! When she sang her final- Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You -encore, her voice , with just the piano was so powerful and so beautiful - I thought - if only the rest of the concert was like this!! I mean the band was incredible, but we came to hear Stevie's voice and the blend and harmony with her backup singers which is always so beautiful -yet it was drowned out half the time. Please guys - Stevie is one of the few awesome live performers - let us hear her loud and clear!!!!

Also as mentioned in previous reviews, when the first song from the new CD was played - there goes a third of the audience to the bathroom - it was so obvious. I felt so bad for Stevie - here she has poured her heart out in these new songs and the CD is such an incredible one, and she sees the audience filing out. Please people if you are a Stevie fan how can you do that? If you don't have the CD GO GET IT! and if you do, play it over and over - the new songs are incredible and her talent is still amazing!!(future concert goers take note) I mean how many artists can produce 9-10 songs out of 13 on a CD that are absolutely AMAZING!(and the other 3-4 aren't bad either!) You can't stay in the 70's forever! By the way might I also recommend all her previous work, if you listen to it you will discover songs that were never high on the charts - as her best work! They may not be easy to sing along to - but the lyrics and the power and emotion in which she sings them is rare in any performer.

I still loved the show and also believe she was saving herself a little for The Tonight Show today and the Universal Amphitheatre on Tues and Weds where there is sure to be a big celebrity contingent - and I can't say I blame her for that. It was still an awesome show and if she just sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" it would have been enough- it was that incredible!!!!!

I attended the Irvine Meadows show on august 18. I have been a fan since I was 15 and now I am 33.My friend from high school got us tickets. I saw Stevie's Rock a Lil tour in Chicago and LA. So I was expecting to see the same thing. My friend on the other had never seen her perform live. We were very happy with the show even though we had bad seats and had a side view of the side of the stage the music was great... I would travel 10, 0000 miles to see her perform again.

Hi my name is Deana. The concert was amazing! Stevie sounded incredible and looked beautiful as always. I flew in from NJ (just recently seeing the Camden show) and now I'm goin back to NJ thursday. Then I'm going to the Atlantic City concert! I just can't seem to get enough. I didnt have really good seats, but from what I could see, I was in the presence of a godess. Thank you once again Stevie for making my nite enchanting as ever! =)

Brigette Holland
Saturday's concert in Irvine was a night in Shangri-La and then some, for it'll be with me for a while. It was funny to have Destiny's Child's song tease us, and it was wonderful to hear some of "Trouble in Shangri-La" at the start (I love that!). Then it was a complete surprise to hear "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" rather than "Outside the Rain." Aha! Not the usual set list! A fresh, hard-rockin' start; our seat belts were fastened and we shot right up past the moon. Waddy can play that guitar just like a'ringin' a bell! And Stevie sounded great to me, I don't know what everyone's talking about. If anything, she has learned to listen to her vocal coach in order not to strain herself; you can hear that mature, artistic control in her voice (if you've been paying attention over the years). Further, you can see it takes a great deal of effort for her not to always belt it out because she clearly gets swept away into the songs. She sang wonderfully.

I'm glad someone pointed out how sweet it was to be there in person, hearing that gentle, haunting voice fill the night air, which, together with the significance of each song, wrap around you like a warm embrace. Then too, being there with all these thousands of others who you know feel the same way (minus the few newspaper "Specials" with less than ideal intellectual means). The stage design, "pillars of color," and the lighting were outstanding. I loved "Rhiannon," as I always do. "Planets of the Universe" is a song that has ran through my veins (ok, maybe too strong word choice there) ever since I heard the bootleg version, which perhaps I shouldn't mention, but REALLY, it is so nice to hear properly, and it was just magical to hear live. "Too Far From Texas" was sweet in its story and the way Stevie uses harmony like that; simple, light, and pure, like "Rose Garden" - I was happy to get to hear that. "Fall From Grace" ROCKED! "YooHoo!"

At the end of the drum solo, when I saw Waddy walk into the shadows of the stage - ooo, that alone was exciting; "He's gonna do it, he's gonna do it," like no one else can: Edge of Seventeen, with a twist - that was great. Even more exciting for those near the stage, I'm sure ('cause everyone knows what time that is).

Stevie looked radiant in the hat and plume for "Has Anyone..." - timeless. With all the treasured memories of this concert, perhaps the best was catching her smile throughout the evening; this did my heart good. From all of us, Stevie, good health and wishes upon wishes of happiness. Nothing else matters.

I saw Stevie Nicks in Irvine. It was so magical! I cried about four different times. I couldn't believe I was actually there. I took my 16 year old cousin who only had heard of her, and she said that she rocks, and is now a new fan. I would totally have to agree. Stevie is the Queen of Rock and Roll!!!!!

Rick Slade
Still the Queen of Rock-and-Roll! After nearly twenty-five years of singing, writing and touring Stevie Nicks is still the reigning Queen of Rock-and-Roll. The Irvine California show only helped prove this fact with an outstanding exclamation point at the end of the concert. For one and a half hours, Ms. Nicks, mesmerized her captive audience with classics from Fleetwood Mac to tracks from her new album. She is still able to completely command her audience even before she steps onto the stage. The slightest hint of her appearance caused huge outbreaks of cheers and hand clapping, which began during her stage setup after her opening act. Ms. Nicks seemed confident, energetic, and sounded better than ever. Her personal style is still major part of her charm and allure as she changed shawls throughout the evening and received ovations for her signature twirls. May she "Rock A Little" for another twenty-five years!

Many were disappointed that Stevie did not sing Landslide tonight, but not me. She could have sang "Ol' McDonald" for all I care, just being in her presence and feeling that voice fill the night air has left the sweetest memories for me. I didn't get that sense of community as indicated in other emails. Most of the fans around me were drunk, loud, obnoxious, and rude (it's a hazard of living in LA)... but nothing around me could take away what Stevie put out there... and that was ONE GREAT PERFORMANCE. Plus, KUDOS to the instrumental performances! (I can hardly wait for next time!)

Gary Larsen
I was so happy to be in the 6th row waiting for Stevie to come on stage and enchant us all. I was nervous, wondering if she had been feeling better from being ill. Right before the show started they played Destiny Childs song and everyone went so wild. Then the show started and there she was in flats! No boots! I had never seen her in flats! She looked great, but was a lot shorter without the 5 inch heels. I have seen her on every tour and was so excited to see her on this one.

I could tell she was not feeling very well. She was more laid back than normal, but did a great job. I was so scared that she would have voice problems, but as each song went on she got stronger and stronger. I was a little disappointed that she left out a few songs from the set, but knew that she was making sure she would be okay for the L.A. show on Tuesday.

She kept everyone on their feet the whole time she played. I give her so much credit for going on with the show and doing such a good job. We hold our idols so high on a pedestal and they are after all human. Stevie showed how strong she is, and how much class she has.

The highlight of the night was Fall From Grace. She totally kicked that song out and proved that she can rock under any conditions. The crowd just loved her and would have stayed for even more than the hour and a half she was on stage. I look forward to seeing her again and again. Rock on Gold Dust Woman!!

I was fortunate to be at Stevie's concert August 18 at the Verizon Wireless in Irvine. She was as awsome then as she was when I saw her in 1976 for the Tusk concert. I took my two daughters one of which was named Stevie and we enjoyed the energy that Stevie put into the concert. Stevie is an inspiring person. SHe is beautiful inside and out. I am looking forward to seeing her at the Universal Amphitheatre later this week

I was so excited about this concert and I couldnt wait to see Stevie. I was concerned about her and her voice having read about her illness with Bronchitis. I was truely hoping she would be able to make it and not have to cancel. Well she made it! I was as it always is GREAT to see and Hear Stevie. I have absolutly loved her since the late 70's. I felt so bad for Stevie you could tell she is still fighting this Bronchitis You could tell she didnt feel good and didn't have her usual high energy. It seemed at one point her voice was going to give out on her and she was unable to hit some of her high notes. But Sharona & MIndy kicked in with their voices. Yeah Team! It Also with the Audience participation It was Great! We all made it a great night.

Thank you Stevie for making the efforts to not dissapoint your fans. But PLEASE you must take your own advise and take care of yourself so we can get together and do this again. All in all As always I had a good time but I was just a little dissapointed. But it is understandable under her circumstances.

Rock on Stevie. Take care and I'll deffinitly see you next tour. !

Amy Thompson
Again, a superb performance from our favorite singer/songwriter. The beginning of the concert when they open with Trouble in Shangri-La lyrics was awesome. Stevie came out, and during the whole show she was very relaxed and she (and the band) seemed to be having a lot of fun. I was very impressed with her keyboard player, Scott Plunkett. His opening solo of Rhiannon was beautifully played....I would have loved to hear even more solo from him. Looking forward to reading his Band Member Spotlight on the Nicks Fix. (when it's posted). My favorite song of the night was "Has Anyone Ever Written.." I don't think I have ever heard Stevie sing that song more beautifully than she did last night. (and of course, the keyboard was incredible) At the end of "Edge of Seventeen" when I watched Stevie approach the stage and start shaking hands with fans, I sat there, and I thought "Wow..we fans are REALLY special to her." After every show she has always done to us even more..adding that personal touch. Stevie is truly an amazing person!!!

Well, first I want to say,I love Stevie and everything she stands for. Her music, writing, that voice.I have been following her in concert since 1981, Belladonna tour.. I hate to say it, but tonite's show was the worst I have ever seen. It was not just the fact that she is obviously still sick, But the sound system was so bad. If the sound system was working properly, I think she could have put on a better show.I am going again wednesday night at Universal hoping that she is better and the sound system is improved.I do not know maybe all the shows at Irvine sound that way. I hope she gets better soon and they fix the kinks so she can go back to being that number one performer she is.

I've seen Stevie somewhere around twenty (plus or minus) times. I absolutely adore her. This time I have to give her credit. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! But I'll tell ya, she should have postponed this night until she was able to feel better. She was not feeling well at all and you could tell. Her voice got a little more vulnerable as the night went on. She didn't do a few of the songs, like Sorcerer, Bombay Sapphires and Outside the Rain. She didn't do as long of the shaking of hands part while the band played through many solos. She needed rest and even though she's a talent that is beyond anyone else's I've seen, I would have been fine seeing her at a much better strength. The New Mexico concert really did her "in" when she stood in the rain. It's interesting that the picture that is on her website of her standing in the rain on stage, is turning out to be so prophetic. I will always love her and her music, she's my songstress in my heart and always will be.

SpyNote, your roving reporter
The show must go on and it did Saturday night in Irvine, CA. Stevie delivered a very good show, quite a rebound from last night's troubling performance in Santa Barbara, which she did not mention. Stevie did still sound very coarse and occasionally strained, but performed a tight set--less Sorcerer and Bombay Sapphires which were probably cut due to her voice problems. Sorcerer was a surprising omission, seeing that it IS the current single and slated for a run on Monday's Tonight Show (VCR alert).

One funny note here was that Stevie completely mixed up the Sorcerer story (first moving to LA & drugs becoming the norm in her life) with Planets (which has nothing to do with LA or drugs)! She's only gotta love those mix ups :) In spite of the changes, Stevie seemed to be in good spirits, dancing and smiling throughout the night. The crowd energy level was high as usual and most of the orchestra section stood up for most of the show. The lower pit filled up very quickly at the start of the drum solo, of course, in anticipation of the Stevie handshake. There were lots of gifts, flowers and a shawl, which Stevie accepted and handed to her bodyguard. Maybe I never noticed before, but the handshake sequence has kind of evolved into a "group shake" thing, where Stevie shakes ten pair of hands all at once, LOL! I guess that accommodates more people :)

Here was tonight's much abbreviated set: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Enchanted Dreams Gold Dust Woman Every Day Rhiannon Stand Back (a little coarse) Planets of the Universe (with the Sorcerer story :) Too Far from Texas Band Intro ("the boys and girls in the band") Fall From Grace (I creep on gossamer feet) Drum Solo Edge of Seventeen I Need to Know (I just don't get the "with you!!" part at the end! Where's the rest of it???) Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

Angela Kolter
Last night my mom and I attended our third Stevie concert together, in Irvine. As most of you know, Stevie's music has had an indescribable role in my life, and Stevie herself absolutely amazes me. I was dressed in the uniform of diehard female (and some male lol) Stevie fans--2 inch platform black boots, ankle-length black flowing chiffon skirt, long sleeved ballet leotard, and white French-knit shawl. As usual, Stevie didn't appear until an hour and a half or so after the time printed on the ticket, and instead of listening to the opening act,Bob Schneider, mom and I walked around the area of the pre-concert festivities.

As tickets are expensive, mom was all the way in the back on the lawn and I was in the 20th row of the orchestra section. We parted ways after we heard the opening guy finish. I found my seat, which was pretty good...with my glasses on I could see quite clearly. In the half an hour or so it took her crew to set up her set, I got to know the man sitting next to me, another great Stevie fan.

Before she came out, they played the Destiny's Child song which samples Stevie's classic "Edge of Seventeen" guitar rift. Then they played an a-capella version of the song "Trouble in Shangri-La", and she walked out on stage. The show was beautiful, inspiring, fun, and all around awesome as usual. She sang some songs from the new album (I discovered I like "Fall From Grace" much better live than on the album, the same way I feel about "Whole Lotta Trouble", which she did not sing last night) as well as some of her classics. My only disappointment is that she did not sing "Landslide". However, "Rhiannon" was there, which gains a whole new power and aura live, "Gold Dust Woman" had it's usual mystifying, powerful effect, and in that ever-familar polka-dot shawl "Stand Back" was as fun as ever....she's still doing those kicks at the age of 53. :)

During the course of the show, I got to know the woman sitting on the other side of me, who was very nice. We decided we were going to sneak down to the VERY front to shake Stevie's hand during "Edge of Seventeen" (this is a Stevie tradition). However, the security guards were quite mean, and we were unable to reach our dream. My new friend and I, however, were able to duck into closer rows, and I saw her very close up....probably 8-10 rows from the stage. This of course was emotional and I started to cry a little. Of course, I saved my real tears for the last Encore song, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". :)

Stevie also talked a lot to the audience, as usual. It shows how much she appreciates us, the fans, which is something that I respect greatly. At the end of the show she told us "I love you" and to take care of ourselves so "we can do this again".

All in all, it was a magnificent show, as usual. Stevie was as beautiful as ever, and the songs were ever so powerful. Even if one is not a diehard Stevie fan, I would recommend seeing her as the show is awesome.

After the show ended and mom and I had met up, we hung around the entrance to the VIP party, which was just a small outdoor room with tables. This is when some very nice people who were leaving gave us our passes. There was a door in the fence to another outdoor room. This is the room the "official guests" got to be in...still "VIPs" weren't supposed to go back there. However, there was this group of people who got another nice security person to let them in there....even though guests had different stickers than we did, no one paid attention to the distinction....I simply followed these people in before another security person closed the gate!!

Stevie wasn't in this "room" either, but there was a short fence next to an alley. On the other side of the alley was a trailer type building where the band was. Waddy Wachtel (her lead guitarist) was hanging around on the outside, so that was kind of cool. Her limo pulled back there to pick her was one of the cool ones with the fluorescent lights. She came out with a small group of people and waved to us all with a big smile on her face. We of course waved back, called her name, etc. She got in the car and after about 2 minutes drove away very slowly.

However, being Stevie, she rolled her window down. She waved to us all, and when she got right near me, I said "I love you Stevie" and she looked at me and smiled and waved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the highlights of my life. :) By the way, she has long red nails currently, just a little detail some of you might want to know. :)

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