Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

8/4/01 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, TX
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Nicole Martin
This was the second time that I have had the honor and privilege of seeing Stevie in concert. Both of these times were at the The Woodlands Pavilion in Texas. She is the single greatest songwriter and single in my lifetime. Her music has touched the very essence of my soul and has had an immeasurable effect on my life.

The concert was fabulous and Stevie looked and sounded great! I look forward to the next time that I may be in her presence again, hearing her magical voice. Forever your fan.

Jessica Lowe
In a room just outside of Houston...that's where I spent my time waiting nervously to see my 2nd Stevie concert in as many days. I saw the Dallas show and travelled 5 hours to The Woodlands for the next one. Dallas was a blast (please go read my review!) but I'd never been to The Woodlands, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Well, the evening was full of surprises, both good (the concert) and not so good (weather and venue). First the important part: the concert. Even though I'd just seen Stevie the night before, my anticipation and excitement was not diminished one bit! I've seen Stevie on every tour since '86 (with and without Mac), but this was my first time ever to see her twice on the same tour. As soon as "Bootylicious" played I was giddy all over again! I had 2nd row in Dallas but practically the last row here. That enabled me to notice more about the stage and see more of the big picture (but thank God for the kick-ass binoculars picked up at a pawn shop the day before!). The stage looked absolutely beautiful, with the vine-covered columns and arch backdrop. The lighting was amazing, with lots of rich purples and blues. The spotlight followed her more closely here than the night before-so much so that she joked about it! Stevie looked and sounded as excellent as in Dallas with just a few minor differences. I thought "Stand Back" in The Woodlands was slightly better and "Too Far from Texas" was MUCH BETTER! In Dallas she got the "couldn't I wait/couldn't he stay" part mixed up, but here she nailed it perfectly. She seemed to be glad about that because she smiled real big afterward. Her expression seemed to say, "I better get this right 'cause Sandy's here!". Before the song, Stevie had announced that Texas native and longtime collaborator Sandy Stewart was at the show. Other reviewers have wished Sandy would've joined Stevie for the song and I AGREE!! That would've been a really special treat! Oh well. It was still cool just knowing she was there somewhere.

I thought "Planets..." had more energy and a livelier vibe at the Dallas show, and although she still chatted alot and explained some of her new songs here, I thought she gave much more detailed intros in Dallas. I did enjoy Waddy's guita! ! r intro to "Edge of 17" more here, probably because I could actually concentrate on it. In Dallas I was busy worrying about getting right up front to touch her hand at the end (which I did!). Here I could just kick back and enjoy the music. It was so wonderful to see Waddy and Stevie on the same stage again. He's been absent way too long! She explained to us how she had to beg and plead with him to join her on this tour. She pestered him until he finally came to his senses and said yes. I guess he just doesn't understand how much we love seeing him play alongside her!

The setlist was the same for both shows but this one seemed to go by faster, somehow. Once again, all too soon it was time for "HAEWAFY". (I just have to mention again how much I love that FABULOUS HAT!!) The closer the song came to an end, the sadder I became because I knew for sure my two-day whirlwind trip through "Stevieland" was really ending. After so many months of waiting for this glorious weekend, it all seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. I was just so happy to see her again!

Now for the icky stuff. Yes, I'm gonna be a baby and whine loudly about the blistering heat and suffocating humidity. Geez, I thought it couldn't get much hotter than Dallas. Boy was I wrong! As if that wasn't bad enough, whoever designed this pavillion thought it would be cute to have everyone walk from the parking lot to the venue on a winding trail-ABOUT 1000 MILES LONG!!! In any kind of weather this would SUCK. Thank God I had sandals on instead of my platform boots (they were the only smart things I wore)! Stupidly, I was dressed up again in my same outfit from Dallas-black chiffon layered skirt and black velvet top with Rhiannon sleeves. No wonder everyone looked at me like I was some kind of freak. Obviously they had all been here before and knew about the death march, so they dressed intelligently in shorts and t-shirts. By the time I labored to my seat I was exhausted, sweaty, and feeling quite foolish! Never one for sitting down at a Stevie concert, I hate to admit I could've used a little sit-down time for this one. Actually, everyone else in my section stayed seated most of the time-except for the people several rows in front of me. They were way down on the VERY FRONT ROW of the section, but insisted on standing and dancing drunkenly the whole concert. Well, I wasn't about to just sit there and stare at asses or a video screen, so I stood up too. Just them and me in the whole back section! Oh well, it was worth it. By standing there with the binoculars I had a nice view of Stevie and the whole stage. Standing wasn't so bad, but the heat was truly murderous! Even Stevie said, "It's so HOT here!...but I can do this."

My poor outfit was stuck to me like shrink wrap and my hair was a matted, tangled mess. I felt like a raisin that had been turned into a raisin! After the show as I was exiting the venue, I couldn't believe my eyes-I walked by two girls dressed up in Stevie-style. Where were you earlier when I was feeling like an idiot! Then I saw another girl dressed up, but more subtle. She saw me and asked if I enjoyed the show. Of course I said I did and we chatted for a little bit while waiting for the crowd to thin out. I think her name was Layla or Leia (I swore I'd remember!). She said she was in from Phoenix. That explained why she was wearing boots and not wilting! She was very friendly and nice to talk with. Then it was time to head for the car. Believe me, the walk seemed twice as long on the way out. This is where a pair of Heely's would've been a great idea! Sitting in the car with the A/C on full blast, it occurred to me that I would go through all this again and then some to see Stevie in person. As soon as the house lights went off and that little remix of "TISL" came on, the massive heat and crummy seats didn't eve! ! n matter anymore. All that mattered to me was being fortunate enough to see Stevie two nights in a row. This tour is a MUST-SEE, even if you're not a major hardcore lifelong fan like me. Please don't miss out on it!


Lori Cowart
All though I was in the nose bleed section, it was a great show. A great incentive to buy front row next time. One of the highlights of the show was watching the full moon come over Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillian as Stevie sang "Planets of the Universe". I will never forget her rendition of "I Need to Know".

Nancy Deaton
Of the millions of concerts I have attended, you've done it again Stevie! You are truly the Queen of Rock and Roll. I've never seen such a variety in ages come out for a concert. Parents bringing their children, teenagers and singles as well. The concert in Dallas was a bit steamy but no one seemed to notice. I know I didn't. Everyone loved you and sang right along with you. I was completely covered in chills most of the evening just witnessing such an outpour of fans singing their hearts out right along with you! I found myself jealous of everyone up front, call me crazy but I wanted to be right up in the mix of things seeing my most favorite artist in the world mesmerize the crowd just like always.

It's truly a night I'll never forget and a memory I revisit often. I have all of your CD's and listen to them on daily basis but there's nothing like seeing the true Diva that you are live on stage. Success never has and never will affect you ... you are still the most down to earth beautiful woman that you've always been with the same fabulously unique voice that you've always had ... keep it up Stevie! You rock and your songs are and inspiration to all whole listen.

I got ready for the show, playing every Stevie Cd I have. Getting my Stevie like outfit on,I was ready to make the drive to the Woodlands.I refuse to see anyone else out there, because it is so far.But there always has to be an exception right? Stevie Nicks is the exception and she always never fails to amaze me.I have seen her twice on Street Angel and the FM Dance tour. As we passed the Compaq Center, I turned up the CD player in the car to "Edge of 17". It seemed funny that Destiny's Child were playing at the Compaq Center the same night that Stevie Nicks would rock the Woodlands to it foundations once again.

Walking into the Pavillion, I went straight for the merchandise booth. At the first Street Angel show, I still remember showing up after Darden Smith started and proceeding to buy everything there. I tried to that this time too, but there was just so much.very hard to decide what to get! Finally we sat down. I kept wondering how the fans were going to be this time. When FM had been here, no one danced at all until the encore in sections near me. Finally "Bootylicious" played. Then all too soon it was over and the lights went down. Finally I saw Waddy onstage. All those years of watching Red Rocks,I'd finally get to see Stevie and him onstage. Then I saw Stevie.She is so beautiful. Her face glowed. And the fans around me, were on their feet, jamming. I refused to sit down at all. I wouldn't. I fought tooth and nail to get to this concert and NO ONE would make me, like at the FM show. The 5 inch platforms I was wearing were off by Enchanted. Stevie, how you performed all these years in those platforms, I don't know. But I'd love to get a pair of the tennis shoe ones you have. Those are awesome! Her voice was strong. Stevie twirled and danced all over the stage. I was nearly in tears in she started to sing "Everyday", as it is my favorite song on TISL.

I first saw her on PBS in 1991 in the Red Rocks concert. As the strains to Stand Back started, I looked up at the sky, remembering that concert. I felt as if this was my little Texas version of it. I wished that Sandy Stewart had gotten up there and sang with Stevie in "Too Far From Texas" with her. My favorite FM song is "Seven Wonders". Sandy, hurry and come out with a new solo lp. You have tons of fans. Stevie rocked us all with "Fall From Grace" and "Gold Dust Woman". Especially rocked me out of those tennis shoes with "I Need To Know." When Our Lady of the Stars walked back out in that beautiful hat and gorgeous outfit, I knew that this night was coming to an end. "HAEWAFY" was so beautiful. When the band and Stevie waved goodnight it seemed surreal. Stevie and the band put on the best concerts I have ever seen. If you go to no other concerts this year go to this one!! You will be spellbound and throughly Enchanted. Stevie we love you and if you want to come back to Houston, just come back. You have the greatest fans on the planet. Thank you for everything, Stevie.

Ryan Perry
On a stage "just...outside of Houston"....that's where Stevie spent her time tryin to get through to us....

And, as usual, she did it with the utmost ease and grace--her spell all-powerful, her music infectious. It's not very hard when there are hundreds of fans packed in like dry sponges waiting to absorb a little bit of Stevie.

I saw her at this very same venue in 1998 for the Enchanted tour. At that time I was with friends way out on the lawn, basically dependent on the mounted video screens to really see Stevie. But this time, a much more cultivated fan, I was determined to get closer seats, whatever the cost. All my Stevie-fan friends bailed out one by one because of work commitments. But still, this time was just as much, if not more, special for me because I brought along 3 new Stevie fans that I myself had, through my own enthusiasm and car-stereo monopolizing {grin}, "recruited" over the past year: my mid-40s mother, my edge-of-17-year-old sister, and my 21-year-old brother.

In the previous months, my mother had fallen in love with "Everyday" [thank you, Rosie] and had rediscovered the energy and magic of "Stand Back" and "Edge of 17". She was also very moved by the "HAEWAFY" Storytellers story & performance. [VHS recordings of Behind the Music, VH1 Storytellers, and Live at Red Rocks was their "homework" the night before we left for Houston--hehehe...I run a tight ship.]

My sister has been a fan since the Dance reunion. From there she bought Timespace & the Enchanted box set. We listened to them back-to-front on a car trip 2 summers ago. I grinned everytime her friend [and sometimes my sister herself] from the back seat would recognize a song and say "THAT's Stevie Nicks too??" and "THAT too?!, I've always loved this song..."

The thing that was most special for me--and the thing I think Stevie would have held dear, and probably did, for I'm sure she could sense it--was that we brought along, for his first concert experience, my 21-year-old brother with Down's Syndrome. At first, during the opening act, he wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing. But when he saw my mother's excitement and then recognized tunes like "Stand Back", he too was on his feet filled with joy. Sometimes my mother would tell him to turn around and look at the sea of cheering fans on the lawn. "Look, Lance, look at ALL the people."

A big fan of Elvis and 50s rock'n'roll, he loved the drum solo and Waddy's guitar solo. When the concert was over, he couldn't stop smiling, and he even mentioned it to my grandmother when we got back home. Often it's hard to gauge his feelings or get a reaction out of him about a movie/theme park/mall/wrestling event that we take him to, but the proof here is that he wears his red [his favorite color] "TISL tour" dragon shirt with ever-so-much pride. I don't know if my mother will ever get him to take it off long enough to wash it! Yes, Stevie, you truly have the power to touch people from all walks of life. On behalf of my mother, my sister, me...and most of all, from my brother Lance, your new big fan...thank you, Stevie.

A little bit about Houston itself....VERY hot, VERY humid, as we are used to here in south Louisiana. But a muggy evening was not going to dampen the spirits of an immensely diverse audience. Right away, I noticed how much better the sound seemed, compared to 1998. I remember enjoying her "Enchanted" performance much more than I enjoyed it back then. Her vocals were strong and pure, especially during "Rhiannon", "Planets" & "HAEWAFY". [Yes, I too was very disappointed that "Outside the Rain"--probably my favorite Stevie song--was taken out of the set....{sigh}] The "Stand Back" kick was powerful, as was the "Edge of 17" wail, although she struggled a bit with the "Gold Dust Woman" scream. But hey, the feeling remains...and the glitter certainly hasn't faded....

Long story short, I would have never guessed that about a week earlier she had had a bout with laryngitis. Her physical energy was right up there with her vocals. From where we were sitting [row AA], it looked like Stevie smiled throughout the whole concert. A very nice couple in front of me and my sister would pass us their binoculars from time to time, to let us share an up-close view. Yes, Stevie fans are the best! Thanks, ladies....

The audience was SO excited. Even during the slower songs, almost everyone was on their feet. A few consecutive twirls during "Stand Back" [instead of her usual dancing right in front of the guitar player near the end of the song] garnered much screaming. People were cheering so much between songs that I had difficulty understanding what Stevie was saying when she was just talking to the audience. And even the last part of the actual singing of "Edge of 17" was difficult to hear because the audience had exploded. WOW!!

When she left after that number, there was a Jurassic Park-esque surround-sound T-Rex rumble throughout the pavilion as all of us, hungry for more, stomped the ground and pounded the seat backs. But all grew silent during "HAEWAFY". Everybody knew it was the last number and the last chance to cheer our enchantress, but we remained quiet in an effort to FEEL the "listen through her". At the concert's end, using almost exactly the same words as in 1998, she asked us all to take care of ourselves "so that we can do this again". She kept her promise from back then by rockin' us out this night, and thus I know she means it this time too.

Stevie, you are my candlebright in the window....

Darlene Nelson
The light in our darkness,Stevie Nicks, rocked our world Aug.4th,in Houston under a full moon. My sister Deb and I had planned this all summer. We left Gulfport, MS. for our 71/2 hour drive, scared to death to make the trip.(We don't do freeways) But seeing Ms Nicks live for the first time gave us the courage and determination to make this journey to Shangri-La. We arrived safely and went to check the venue out in the early afternoon. We stood outside the gates and could hear them doing sound checks. Our hearts stopped and chills ran up and down.

We went back to our hotel to dress in our Stevie attire: Pixie hem chiffon skirts, platform boots, leg warmers,shawls,hair bands with flowers,ribbons,beads and a white winged dove. Our cab arrived and we could not breathe. We were so excited about our magical evening. We were not disappointed. The electricity in the air was almost overwhelming!We mingled with other Stevie fans discussing our love for her-as a performer, and a person. Finally the moment Our Dream became a "reality" Stevie on stage belting out "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" We screamed and held each other tears in our eyes. Stevie is AWESOME live !!. Her energy and voice- her connection spiritually with her audience is unlike anything we had EVER experienced.

We did not take our eyes off her, we sang, danced, screamed, as did the entire pavillion,the entire set. It was HOT! as even Stevie remarked. ! Our chiffon skirts and shawls were glued to us. Stevie captivated our souls -- all too soon she was singing HAEWAFY and tears ran from our eyes as she sang this so incredibly clear and with such emotion.

Thank you Stevie for your gift to us-your music-and for being the person you are.!

DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR. It is one of those "life experiences " ROCK ON !!

Rene Torres
I saw Stevie last saturday in concert in Woodlands, TX. What can I say about that magical night that the people who have reviews here havent already said. It was a wonderful concert and I enjoyed every moment of it. But what I really want to tell you about are the Stevie fans I met that night. Melissa is a very nice lady who checked tickets over on the left side of the pavillion. She knew who Stevie was, but had never seen her in concert. She was very enthusiastic about the show and I told here I would see her at the end to get her opionion.

When I got to my seat, there were two ladies sitting next to me I have to tell you about. They were dressed up in black lace looking very stevie-like and as soon as I sat down, one of them asked me "Are you ready to rock?." I said yes. They had never seen Stevie in concert, but were big fans. Both ladies were from Mississippi and had driven all the way down just to see her. Four seats down from me was a young lady who couldnt have been more than 18 or 19 years old.

During the concert, I dont think she sat down or stopped dancing once. As for me, I yelled and clapped and sang the whole concert. But what I noticed the most were the fans who brought Stevie flowers to the foot of the stage, the fans who thrust their fist in the air singing Stand Back, the young man who kissed Stevie's hand during her Edge of Seventeen song. Thats what I want to tell you about from that magical night, the fans. Thank you Stevie for having such great fans who love and adore you. The energy I felt from the crowd just fueled the concert experience. Im glad I was there to add to that energy, I wouldnt have missed it for the world. After talking with Melissa, who by the way loved the show, I think you can count her in as a new Stevie Nicks fan. Love ya Stevie,

Heidi Weber
It has been almost a week since Stevie's full-moon concert at the Woodlands Pavillion in Houston, and I'm still remembering all the energy, the music, and the adoration, both on the part of Stevie for her audience and on the part of the audience for Stevie.I've seen Stevie Nicks about seven times, both with and without Fleetwood Mac, and there is undoubtedly a brilliant light that she emits which those who admire her see and respond to, without any effort. It's the light that makes you stand during her entire performance, from the very moment her presence is felt on stage. It's the light that makes the crowd react when she speaks or chants or twirls. It's the light that perpetuates that genuine smile on her face, that face that conveys all her appreciation for our love of her and her music.

Through her voice, her style and grace, her respect and love for her musical family on stage, Stevie gave the most beautiful and energizing performance I'd ever seen her give. She continues, strong and courageous, to grow, and to share herself with her audience in a way no other performer is capable of doing. It's because she's Stevie. There is absolutely no one else like her, and there never will be.

Houston was, unfortunately, much hotter and more humid than Dallas. The entire time before the actual concert was stressful and extremely nerve-wracking. Mainly because: (a) I did not have my own vehicle and (b) the people I relied on for transportation were not as enthusiastic as I was about getting there early; nor did they fully comprehend the logistics of parking and having to walk a mile to the venue (walk, not sprint, as we were forced to do since we were so late), figuring out where the VIP entrance was, finding my friends to pick up our passes (again, thank goodness for cell phones), standing in line to buy merchandise, concessions and getting to your seat on time. ARRRGH! My friend friggin' grew up in Houston, but she got lost on the way back to her dad's after picking me up at the airport. I had originally planned to get a room near the venue, but she talked me out of it because she didn't want to spend the money since her dad lives about 20 minutes away in Conroe.

After driving around the outskirts of Houston for about an hour and by the time we get to her dad's, we only had 30 minutes to get ready since we'd planned on meeting Jessica Leigh for dinner and getting to the show in time for the opening act. To make a long and grueling story short, after we finally took care of all our business, I was just paying for my drink and about to go to my seat when Bootylicious started. Lesson learned, I shall ALWAYS have my own transportation and lodging so I don't have to rely on anyone!

Oh yeah, the passes in Dallas were red, I was wearing a black t-shirt w/ a red dragon on it; the passes in Houston were green, I was wearing a blue floral print dress. When I was putting on my pass, Jessica Leigh and I were laughing because, "it is green, it is aquamarine." Heh. I was very color coordinated in both cities. The Woodlands Pavilion is a perfect place to see live music. It's surrounded by trees, and we had the full moon goin' on. The venue is smaller than the one in Dallas, everything looked closer together onstage and the seating seemed more intimate as well. I had a 12th row seat, on the extreme left. All I could see was Stevie's mike stand and the girls and Brett. Like I said in my earlier post, my ticket broker should have noted this seat as "obstructed view" because it sucked so bad. I wasted no time moving to the (once again) many scattered empty seats in the middle section. I went up to Row CC with a borrowed ticket stub to get Jessica Leigh down there with me.

We ended up in the 2nd row behind the pit, just to the left of Stevie. I think this was all during Dreams or maybe Gold Dust Woman, but it was early in the show. My friend Bruce was on the aisle between the middle and the right section, I ran over to say hello to him real quick too. He's a huge Stevie fan, every time I looked at him, he was absolutely beaming with joy. Aaaah, there's that vibe I needed to calm down after my hectic afternoon. Stevie flubbed lyrics in the exact same places she did in Dallas. I don't know what that's all about, Bruce said she must have a mental block. LOL. Anyway, the sound was better in Houston too. Of course, the crowd went nuts during TFFT, "there's a room just outside of Houston..." Stevie dedicated it to Sandy Stewart, who was in the audience.

After getting the first show out of my system, it was fun to share Jessica Leigh's excitement and see her reaction. We had a blast together, she's very cool! The people around us had all hung out with the drummer, Mark, all day at the lake. After TFFT, the guy next to me asked me if that song was on her new album. Then he said he hoped she'd do Landslide and Silver Springs. Sorry he was disappointed, and he just didn't seem to "get" my explanation about both of those songs not being the same without Lindsey, in my opinion. He and his friend were making fun of me for knowing all the words, but they were having a great time and it's always fun to watch people becoming "Stevie-cized" for the first time! LOL The girl in front of me kept raising her arms during Stand Back and I wanted another picture of the kick. The guy next to me let me lean into his space to get it. Jessica Leigh and I also had him take a picture of us, with our backs to the stage and Stevie in the background. Can't wait to see that one!

I joined my friend Bruce again for HAEWAFY. Stevie was having a little trouble keeping that hat on, we were cracking up. Afterwards, we were once again herded into the holding tank. My crew buddy informed us that Stevie was definitely coming in there. Sigh! Once again, no luck. We stayed there until we were told Stevie had left the building. But before that, was the "leaky pen incident" (see my earlier post) with Al. Heh. We said our good-byes to my crew buddies (who were very apologetic that we didn't get to meet Stevie this time). I told them that I knew 2 shows just wouldn't be enough for me, and I'd probably see them in Vegas or Phoenix, if they add more dates. I just reserved my flight to Vegas today. :) If you managed to read all of this, bless you! LOL But, I know y'all understand. Like Stevie said when she introduced Sorcerer, "Who else am I gonna tell these stories too?" Thank you, Stevie, for having that magic that uniquely touches all of our wild hearts!

Ryanne Duckett
me and my friend went to see stevie in houston we came all the way from lake charles on the 4th it was great i had never been to one of stevie's concerts before but it was great the music was good and she sounded great i want ot see her at every show she will have for now on i plain on going when see comes back i also loved the back drop of her stage it was very nice and loved the shoes i think that you should fell good when you are upon stage for that long it was a night that i will never forget!!!! your fan ryanne

I grew up listening to The Mac before Stevie and Lindsey joined the lineup and remember where I was when I first heard Rumours. I never really gave Stevie a listen to until I heard Gypsy. Strangely and coincidently I first heard that song come on the radio as I was driving down the exact same street as when I heard Rumous.The vocal took hold of me and I have since been spellbound and lost in her magic. I rediscovered Dreams, Sara, Angel....... I've seen Stevie before so I had resigned myself to stay home on Sat. August the 4th but full moon fever got the best of me (Yes Aug. 4th was the first full moon of the month). So I went forth like a silly 17 year old to party solo with my sister of the moon. I purchased a horrible lawn ticket at the gate and when I entered the Pavilion I was blown away! It was a sea of Stevie freaks young and old! I found a little piece of earth to call my own. The set was incredible, the air was thick, the night a scorcher, the TISL set beautiful all under a silvery full moon. .....Stevie came on the stage and I was blown away by the sound of her voice, she may have lost her higher register but by some incredilble force of nature she seemed to have recaptured some of it. I closed my eyes just to listen (wish I had'nt cause I missed her dancing to Rhiannon). She took me way back to places in my mind and heart and youth and so I followed......and yes me at my age, I rushed the stage. I had some trouble getting there and was about to give up when this guy came out of nowhere and made a run into the orchestra area and of course Security rushed right after him! I clutched the opportunity and went the distance. Everyone was incredibly friendly and polite as I made my way up to the VERY edge of the stage! She was timeless, beautiful and everything. I stood there and listened and never once blinked as she belted out EO17, a young lady to my right was in tears. When she finally made her way across the stage to take extended hands both of my own were in the air ready for the touch...and she held both of my hands in hers. Stevie makes it a point to look directly at you as she takes your hand or a gift I was blown away that she could actually converse with a young lady that gave her a crystal bead bracelet and she spoke with another young girl briefly as she shook her hand. I think the girl was in tears and Stevie seemed touched. She encored and sang HAEWAFY in an incredible voice that sounded so clear and much better than the recording, she was still so full of energy and talkative and remarked about how hot the night was. It was an incredible evening, never will I forget. I am so glad that I did not miss this show! Vocally, it was her best!

I can't even out into words how emotional a live Stevie performance is. The Woodlands concert on August 4 was no exception. This was my fifth time to see her live ( once on the FM Reunion tour ) and I was completely speechless. This time was unique for me because I took my four year old niece who is as big a Stevie fan as I am. We sat in the sixth row, so our seats were fabulous. When the lights went down and Bootilicious started, my niece's eyes were huge and she started yelling Stevies name. I'll never forget the excitement in her face or the feeling I had in my heart. Then...I run through the grass....I run over the stones..started...Oh my Gosh....that was amazing. My friend who was sitting behind me, grabbed my arm and told me she had goose bumps. We were so excited. She came out and my niece and I jumped up and down and we never sat down the rest of the show. It was a magical night and I am grateful to have experienced it. She moved me to tears with she usually does...and I was really sad when it was all over. This truley was the best show I've seen her do and cannot wait for the next one! TISL is awesome....and truley are remarkable! See you next tour.

Ken Hartsfield
I traveled from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas to see Stevie this weekend. I had read all the reviews of the shows so I thought I knew what to expect. Nothing prepared me for the incredible performance I was to witness. Stevie was very lively, lots of twirls, and seemed to be really happy to be there. All the new songs were great especially Fall From Grace. It was without a doubt the best performance of Stand Back I have ever seen, including the concert videos.

It was also a treat to see Waddy again. He of course rocked out, most notably during the intro to Edge of Seventeen, after which my friend Karen Turner and I were lucky enough to shake Stevie's hand once again and thank her "personally" for all she does. If you haven't seen Stevie on this tour, go buy your tickets now. The top hat she wears at the end of the show is worth the price of admission alone.

Rock on "Gold Dust Woman"

This show was a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. The stage was magnificiently done; almost as beautiful as Ms. Nicks.. and that's a very hard feat to accomplish. Stevie proves to her fans that she continues to have much to offer in her poetry and music. I have attended all of her concerts through the years and this one ranks very high.. if not the best. I agree with one fans statement, Ms. Nicks is like wine, getting better and better as each year passes!

It is so difficult to express this amazing experience. Including the FM Reunion tour, this was my 3rd Stevie show. I never thought it could be better than the Enchanted Tour, which I also saw in The Woodlands. I've never been so wrong! Stevie was bursting with energy and enthusiasim despite the infamous Houston heat. She was as beautiful and captivating as ever; both in appearance and performance. I don't think there exists an artist as gracious and appreciative of the fans as Stevie. We will all agree forever that she really kicks--and actually did at one point--too cool--but her heart is so golden and true. When she was preparing to exit the stage after "Edge of 17", with all sincerity Stevie said to us "Take care of yourselves so we can do this again." What a woman!! Stevie, how could anyone ever thank you enough. Take care of yourself, too. I LOVE STEVIE NICKS :):)

Bill Mitchell
I left my home in New Orleans on Friday, August 3 not knowing if Tropical Storm Barry would flood it, turn into a hurricane and blow it away, or what! I did not care... I was on my way to see Stevie Nicks, a trip I had been planning all summer.

Houston was hot, very hot. The amphitheater was packed. The crowd was very anxious. After the warm up act, who was good, (but we all wanted to see Stevie), Bootilicious started playing over the speakers. The crowd went wild!!! Then after Bootilicious, you could here Trouble in Shangri-La lyrics. It really sound like Stevie, Sharon and Mindy were really singing, I could not tell, the crowd was so loud.

And then, Stevie came out singing Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, and everyone went wild!!! She looked so awesome. She then sang all the songs the Nix Fix site said she would. I had really good seats which I paid a fortune for, and did not regret one moment. If anything, Stevie sounded better than on her albums. She did not miss a beat, a note or a move. She danced around the stage, even though is was sooooo hot. She even said during the show "it is sooo hot here" the crowd went wild. We were sweating, dancing and singing to the best concert I have ever seen. During Edge of Seventeen, I thought Stevie would spin right into the stage!!!! She was soooo awesome. Her voice sounded stronger than ever. It even seemed as if she were relishing hitting every high note. She sounded young and vibrant.

She seemed very happy, calm and at peace with the world. It was such a positive experience. I will never forget it.

Wow! Again! Having attended two of Stevie's shows back to back (Dallas on Friday night, The Woodlands(Houston) Sat. night, I can now say '' I got my Nicks Fix''. LOL! The Woodlands show was a carbon copy of the outstanding performance in Dallas! I could not believe it! While I was driving down to Houston I thought, well I hope this show is as good as the Dallas show and frankly I was kinda worried about the band and Stevie being worn out from the Dallas heat and hoping they wouldn't be a little flat from that. From the review I read in Atlanta it was extremely hot there as well, but they had four days to recover from that. I am pleased to report (Hey, Big D) they rocked Houston equally as good. I am proud to be a Texan cause we poured our hearts out to Stevie and the band just as much as they did to us. Three humorous moments during the show in Houston that I thought were cool. 1. Just before Stevie was to start the song ''Every Day" there seemed to be some confusion onstage which starts with Stevie outstretching her arm to Waddy from some 20 ft. away, as if to gesture, your the Music Director-you handle it. Waddy then marches quickly over to the drum risers and with his back to the crowd and off mic, seems to yell something to someone back stage while Stevie, simultaneously tells the crowd '' We are experiencing some technical difficulties, snickers and then says just a sec. I don't know what Waddy said but it got fixed quickly.

2. After ''Fall from Grace'' Stevie remarks ''Wow it's hot here'', fans herself and says'' Don't worry I'll make it''.

3. Lenny Castro and Mark Schulman are doing their solo on drums and bongos and reach the end where Waddy walks out to do his guitar licks (the prelude to Edge) and Waddy is nowhere in sight so Mark and Lenny pause for about two seconds and start their solos over from the beginning and still no Waddy. Then while playing drums Mark leans over into his drum mics and softly chants, Waddy, Waddy, Waddy, Waddy and then Waddy comes out and brought the house down with his solo. To all of you out there, get your tickets to see this tour or you will be forever kicking yourself. Stevie your the greatest! I love you!

Courtney Becka
One word describes last night best...AWESOME!! My boyfriend and I had sixth row seats, right in the center. So I had a straight shot of Stevie. She looked and sounded great!

During the long walk from the parking lot to the venue, I was beginning to regret dressing up (I wore a long black dress with a pixie hem, a black shawl, and black platform boots). But I had quite a few compliments, so I'm glad I did it. Anyway, when "Bootilicious" started playing I think my heart went to my throat. I stood up and started dancing, waiting for that moment of seeing Stevie walk out on stage. When I saw her, I could feel the tingles traveling up and down my body.

I won't go into detail about each song, because most everyone knows by now what she's playing. But I will say that I was very pleased with the set list. Most artists that have been around a while try not to play too many new songs, but I'm so glad Stevie chose to sing five songs from TISL, especially "Fall From Grace". That is my absolute favorite, and boy did Stevie rock on that one! I could tell she was really giving it her all. I actually got choked up; I was so proud of her.

The band was fantastic!! I couldn't get over how great the sound was. Everyone really seemed to be having fun too. Al Ortiz, the bass player, looked like he was having the best time during each song. That is so great to me. I love seeing that.

This was only my second time to see Stevie (the first time was the Enchanted tour). My boyfriend had never seen her, and he was just as pleased as I was. And more than anything, I think he enjoyed watching my face glow. In conclusion, I just want to add that last night confirmed why Stevie Nicks is my favorite singer and always will be. She is just absolutely the best!!!

I would like to try and give a brief report on Stevie's concert at The Woodlands Pavillion (which is in Texas) while avoiding repetition of reviews that others have given thus far. August the 4th finally came around and as always, I was there when Stevie came to my town to perform another concert. I was up pretty close, and with the help of binoculars I could really look into her eyes and see what she was thinking. Stevie looked as she did years ago...she hasn't changed at all. She's still beautiful and charming. She was in very good voice, also. She was packed with energy.

However, at one point in the show she said "It's so hot here!". The last time that she was here during her "ENCHANTED" tour, I could tell that she wasn't prepared for the summer Texas heat! I felt that she was trying not to "work up too much of a sweat" during the show. While she did dance here and there, she really danced for us during RHIANNON. I could tell that she was concerned about hitting objects on the stage. Also, at the end of the show she was sure to spin around once more for us to make certain that she gave us what we wanted. I could tell that it was important to her. She really wanted us to be happy. While she did all of the songs very well, there were four songs that really stood out. They were RHIANNON, GOLD DUST WOMAN (where she told us that every city makes that song different and unique), FALL FROM GRACE, and EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, where she showed us unsurpassed vocals.

Her band was excellent. The sound system was good, also. The light show made a tremendous impression on me. I have never seen such an elaborate light show at ANY of Stevie's concerts...or any other concert! Also, I was very glad that she had her stage set made to resemble her TISL CD.

The tour merchandise is really nice, but most disappointing to me was the tour program. In my opinion, it is not as well done as her previous programs. There are fewer pages and pictures of Stevie. One highlight in the program is the history (in writing) of The Nicks Fix. A detailed account is presented on how The Nicks Fix was founded. And John, thank you very much! I found this web site by accident! Thanks to you, I had much better luck when I Iogged onto the internet years ago and did a "search" for Stevie. Thanks to you and others, we aren't presented with the result of "No Matches Found".

Stevie has never let me down in any way. She has always been a great help to me throughout my lifetime through her music and messages. Stevie, we love you very much. Thank you so very much for all that you have given and all that you will give to us in the future! I CAN'T WAIT to see you again!

Shannon Rachal
This was my first Stevie concert and my first concert as an audience member ever. The show was beyond my wildest dreams. I plan to never miss a show she does from now on. I especially loved Fall From Grace, the standards Stand Back, Rhiannon, & Gold Dust Woman. For anyone going to a later show where comfy shoes because you won't be sitting down much.

JJ and Nath
Before our review, let me share the story of our ticket problem. i purchased 3 tickets through a broker but the tickets weren't in Saturday. He told me not to worry, that they would be there in plenty of time. Well 6 pm came and no tickets and the broker wasn't there. He had locked the doors. So please be careful when dealing with these people. I will be at his door Monday morning demanding my money back and telling him a few other things too. We got some fairly good tickets at the gate, but i was paying for orchestra seats. I saw Stevie on the enchanted tour so I knew what to expect in some ways. I told my friend Nath that Stevie looks different in person. It's hard to explain, but she is like this small package of dynamite with a circle of magic around her. She draws you into her world as soon as she steps on stage. Everytime she twirled the crowd went nuts. Most of the time everyone was standing, except on some of the new songs. I'm sure she understands that we think the new songs are great but her classics are and always will be beyond compare. One thing that was special for us here in Houston, was the song Too Far From Texas. When she sang the verse "in a room just outside of Houston", we all went crazy.

For Nath, this was a special night. She never thought she would see Stevie live, and it was everything she expected and more. HAEWAFY was so beautiful and the hat was wonderful. It reminded Nath of the old days. She did look beautiful in it. This tour has alot more energy than enchanted. Her voice was in top form tonight (incredible). The whole night was better than i could have imagined.

I just returned from my first Stevie concert. Believe it or not I grew up loving Fleetwood Mac and Stevie's solo songs but only recently became a huge fan of hers after seeing The Dance tour on MTV in 1997. Not only did this concert meet my expectations but it by far exceeded them! My husband and I were spellbound for 90 minutes as the beautiful Ms. Nicks performed her magic on stage. I had studied her set list from the Nicks Fix so I knew which songs she would be performing. I also have been listening to her Trouble in Shangri La CD since the day it was released. This helped tremendously because she did, thankfully, sing many of the new songs as well as many from the past. The only thing that could have made this night even more magical for me was if she would have sung Landslide but I'll just wait until the Fleetwood Mac tour in 2002!

What an outstanding performance by Stevie Nicks! I never thought I'd get the chance to see her again. Last time was Austin Tx. sooo long ago. My boyfriend Sean and I, found our seats on the right hand side of the Sound Engineer guy. We got there just in time to the opening Trouble in Shangla, the deep rhythmic beat of the drums and Waddy's metallic guitar notes, made the crowd cheer with wild screams of "YEAH" breaking the sound barrier! Then the stage appeard, and all of us saw and focus on the incrediable stage! I was so impressed, it was like a dream of astounding beauty, the dragons in the back ground, just lit up enough to show a silhouette outline of them. Sharon and the other lady, Stevie's back vocals appeared with the rest of the band. Steve interred onto the stage in all her beauty, mystically dressed, and this was the one performance I had waited for, for so long. Her voice was strong and full of engery (Despite the 95 degree weather.) Yeah, the weather was not so kind on all of us that night, but though all and all. We enjoyed Stevie's Performance and the band immensely. Thousands of fans were Rocked, Enchanted, and did not want the show to be over! Thank You STEVIE!! and Thank you for putting up with the heat in Texas. Thank you to all of your band members, including Sharon and Waddy! WE LOVE YOU and will NEVER FORGET YOU!!!

I live in New Orleans, LA. and saw Stevie lastnight in The Woodlands, TX.

I'm surprised I'm even able to sit here and write a review! But I would be remiss if I didn't. I am 42 years old and this concert was by far the best I've ever seen!! I've seen her with FM and solo at least 10 times since 1977 and her beauty is only surpassed by her talent. I really expected her voice to be worse off than it was after having laryngitis a couple of weeks ago. Was I wrong!! She hit all the notes perfectly and she looked absolutely beautiful.

Stevie Nicks is to me the only thing. (to quote her song!) She is svelt again and moving on stage like she is a teenager. Kicking and swirling. She's totally back in top form. I bought the T-shirt with her in the black Rumours outfit and she actually had an outfit on lastnight that was either that same one or an identical re-make of it. She looked so youthful.

While driving home today (6 hours) my friend and I saw a car next to us with a "Stevie Nicks Rocks" bumper sticker on the back. We slowed down and I showed them my T-shirt and they got so excited. They were all, by the way, wearing TISL T-shirts!! Anyway, they came on side of us abit later on the trip (they were from New Orleans as well) and wanted to take a picture of my shirt!! So I smiled proudly and they took the picture!!! Fans traveling all across America to see Stevie Nicks, one of the most wonderful people, in my opinion, that has made it onto this planet!!

Stevie, keep on rocking - Never Stop!!! I'll never forget you.

The concert was beyond anything I could have imagined. I have always wanted to see Stevie Nicks, I've been a fan for over 20 years. I was concerned that she wouldn't go over well in Texas. Being a midwesterner, things here in Texas are very country. I couldn't have been more pleased. The crowd loved her. I loved her. When she came out doing Rhiannon the entire audience responded, singing along with every word. It brought chills to me. Stevie has always been an inspiration to me in good times and bad and her words have helped me through troubled times as well as good times. The concert was personnel, professional, and mystical. Everything I could ever imagine a night with Stevie could be

April Kemp
Being able to see Stevie live was more than a dream come true for me, it was a cataclysmic experience. Stevie says it best in her song Rhiannon, "Once in a million years, a lady like her rises" and I thank the forces that be for the opportunity to experience the magic of Ms. Stevie Nicks. Dream on silly dreamer. Thank you.

Dana Mushrush
As the full moon rose over the shadowy white peaks above the Woodlands Pavillion in Houston,TX, I knew it was going to be a magical night! Stevie Nicks did not disappoint! Though I have been a fan since the early Fleetwood Mac days, I had never seen them, nor Stevie in concert. Now, at age 41, I have been a part of an intense experience along with thousands of other people. The concert was one I shall cherish always. "Oh, I am enchanted now. I know my soul has changed some how....." GYPSY LOVE!!

Debra Kirby
We drove 4 hours to see Stevie at the Woodlands Pavillion on August 4. The concert was awesome! Stevie is in top form. I have been a fan since Bella Donna. Edge of Seventeen did it for me. I sang, I danced, I rocked! The whole place rocked from beginning to end!!! Stevie, you are loved by so many. Thanks for a great show.

Here it little pieces. My memories from last night's wonderful musical experience with Stevie. Admittedly, she was very subdued in her performance of the the first three songs. However, when Gold Dust Woman began she wrapped her voice around each note and took it to a new level. The surprise in this song was during the "pick up the pieces and go HOME" part. Instead of the usual yell we've come to expect, she maintained a lower vocal register and with her hands held up her body shook while she emitted a growl that seemed to go on forever. It truly gave me chills.

Afterwards, Steviesaid that Gold Dust Woman is never the same song twice as it belongs to each city it is played in because she picks up on the vibes from each audience and gives back to them with her performance. The audience was truly receptive to the new songs and graciously welcomed each one with deafening applause. She blew kisses to all of us and said we were the most marvelous, marvelous audience! Waddy had a technical glitch with his guitar just before Everday, so Stevie had to talk and joke with us some more until the problem was resolved. She truly has a funny sense of humor. Rhiannon was simply amazing. Wearing her great dark wings she floated over the stage and sang with such emotion I think everyone wanted to be her lover. During the middle of the song, she literally twirled from her microphone all the way over to Waddy. Stand Back was the usual powerhouse showstopper complete with Stevie doing an incredible high kick at the end. She announced Too Far From Texas by adding that Sandy Stewart was in the audience. Stevie changed some of the lyrics in this version. Instead of saying "but he might never, no he might never" she sang "I know better...he might never" which added new depth to this song.

I thought the arena was going to explode after Fall From Grace. She truly rocked and blew away any doubts that she could not deliver a great vocal. After this, she said, "Whew, it's HOT here! But I can do this...I can handle it!" Haha! Waddy truly is a master guitarist and he showed us how it's done on Edge of Seventeen. From Stevie's haunting scream to her wailing "in the middle of the night I still think about you" at the end of the song the audience was emotionally spent. Just when you think you can take no more, Stevie gives again with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. This version has to be the best I've ever heard. Her voice was clear and resonated with such heartfelt emotion and power which reduced many people around, including myself, to real tears. Afterwards, she blew kisses to us once more and said she loved us all and she will do this again and again. Then she disappeared...into the air.

Misty I hadn't seen Stevie solo since 1994 and the Street Angel tour,so I was ready about 2 weeks before the show. Reading everyone's reviews on here just made me more anxious to see her. I saw the 97 Fleetwood Mac show here in Houston. The crowd at least where I was, at least 7 sections, didn't move until the show's encore when Lindsey mentioned that they were going to Dallas the next day. But thankfully, Houston didn't dissapoint me like in 97. Especially since the parking at the Woodlands totally sucks. Stevie is the only performer I will go to see there,since it's a mile to the arena and a mile back to your car in the woods,since that's how their parking is done.

The crowd was electric from the moment "Bootylicious" played. Unique thing was, on the other side of town, Destiny's Child were playing in the Compaq Center, where FM played in 97.Then hearing part of "Trouble In Shangra La" and the curtain going down finally, if the place would have had a roof, it would have been blown off. Then Stevie walked out,looking happy and just beautiful. I finally got to hear Waddy sing "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" live with her. I was beginning to feel like it was 1981 all over again. Stevie danced, did kicks, spun around the stage and had a glow about her the whole night. It didn't seem like this was the same woman who had larengytis just a short time ago. Every song was recieved loudly.

When she walked out for "Stand Back" with that famous shawl on again, my whole section yelled and screamed hapily.Personally "Everyday" was my favorite song of the concert.It was also great to hear the story behind "Planets".The show went by so fast and finally it was time,I thought for "HAEWAFY". I had forgotten that "I Need to Know" was in the set. And like usual it rocked.One day hopefully Stevie will put it on album for us.Then when she came out for the encore, she looked like a goddess as a lady behind me said. All the musicians were just rockin. Their intros for some of the songs kicked major butt. Now a lot of people have been kinda criticizing the fact that she isn't wearing the platform boots, but platform sneakers. I was walking around the Woodlands, totally Stevie'd out,dressed up. I know why she might not be able to wear them anymore. Those things hurt!! Mine were off by "Enchanted".

No matter what the music industry has said in the past about her, mainly because her cd's might not triple platinum every time, she can hold any crowd in her hand. Stevie Nicks is the Enchantress of our time and there will never be anyone like her. Stevie thank you for blessing us in the Texas humidity (it had to be at least 100 degrees that night), I will not forget this night ever. And I never want to.To Stevie and her band~ stay safe. We want to do this again very soon. Houston wants to Rock with the Queen of Rock n Roll.

Pat Coyle
What a thrill it was to see one of the best singer-songwriters of the past 30 years. From the time she hit the stage till the time she took her last bow, I was totally transfixed into her world. I had seen her in 1998 on her Enchanted Tour, but she just blew the roof off this time. I was pleasantly suprised she opened with "Stop Draggin My Heart Around", she and Waddy sounded fantastic. She seemed to glide through her set of hits and new songs like the White Winged Dove she sings so lovingly about. Of course my favorite song was "Edge of Seventeen". At age 53 she showed she definatley still has what it takes to be a major rock star. "Dreams", "Gold Dust Woman", and "Rhiannon" sounded just as fresh as a remaster of classic Fleetwood Mac albums. I have read critics saying Miss Nicks has lost some of her range.

My question is who is the Nicks they are going to see? Because the people that were witness to the greatness, STEVIE NICKS, at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in Houston, Texas could only see the wonderful Legend that still makes us rock. I felt like i was at a Vh-1 Storytellers when she let us in on the special storys of "Planet of the Universe", "Too far from Texas", and "Sorcerer". There was no sign of the ailment that took her away from the tour just weeks before. The crowd got a laugh out of Stevie's reference to our HOT WEATHER. Just think how hot we were you had us on our feets dancing, singing, and screaming the lyrics to the soundtrack of our lives. I can just say to Miss Stevie, thank you for letting us enjoy just one of the be apart of your tour. FROM ALL OF US THAT ROCK, WE SALUTE YOU.

Julie (New York)
The sun was hot, the air was thick and the crowd was buzzing at Stevie Nicks Houston show this past Saturday night. I could hardly contain my excitement. Stevie opened with a bang, starting off an impressive two hours of rock and roll. Stevie was in great spirits, twirling, dancing and smiling at the crowd. It is so wonderful to be a part of a crowd who are all united in their love for Stevie and her music. Every Stevie show is like that, and this Houston one was no exception. No matter how many times I see Stevie in concert, I still get chills, I still get excited, and I still cry during "Has Anyone ever written anything for you". She is truly special. A big highlight of the show was Mindy Stein's powerful background vocals on "Fall from Grace", that song is pure rock and roll, and Stevie's voice with Mindy in the background, brought the song to a fever pitch. The whole show was incredible, but again, I have yet to see a Stevie show that isn't.

I just returned home from Stevie's Houston concert and I'm still reeling! It was one of her best concerts to date. High energy level and the crowd was into it big time. She was so cute blowing kisses at us towards the end. She remarked how the Houston crowd was helping her give back a great performance. I found the sound to be excellent as I could hear and understand her words perfectly. For those of you waiting on the rest of the tour prepare for a GREAT show.

Val Hopper
I work Security at the venue in Houston Tx that Stevie played on Saturday night. It was my first Stevie concert after being a fan for many, many years. I can simply say......SHE BLEW ME AWAY ! I just can't say enough about how great the show was and how incredible she is in person as a performer. She is just MAGIC on stage. I was lucky enough to be there during sound check earlier in the day as well. And she did not allow people on the floor in the venue during sound check.

I wondered why until I saw her when she walked out on the stage. And I would just like to say.... STEVIE, YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL WITH ROLLERS IN YOUR HAIR ( wink wink ) I would highly recommend going to see her in concert. She is well worth it. GREAT SHOW and I too can't wait for the Fleetwood Mac tour...............I WILL be there!

Marilyn - Houston, Tx
Stevie Nicks and a full moon on a Saturday night in Houston, Texas; what else could one ask for? Well, maybe the 2nd row seats I had to view The High Priestess of Rock do her thing! And do it she did! I haven't missed a Fleetwood Mac or a Stevie tour in Houston, since The Tango Tour in 1987 and I must say this show was the best yet. Stevie was in great form, full of energy and life; platform tennis shoes and all. She twirled and kicked like I've never seen before. The whole set was fantastic.

A night I won't soon forget, seeing old friends I haven't seen in years and meeting new ones. Shon Cody if you're out there CALL. There is a camaraderie among Stevie followers like no other. The highlight of the night for me was being able to shake Stevie's hand as she walked the stage during "Edge of Seventeen"; there are no words to describe the feeling, as I'm sure many of you out there know. And to those who haven't had this chance, don't give up; your time will come.

We love you Stevie-Keep up the beautiful work.
One last statement: "Don't Miss This Tour!"

Cathy Adkins - Katy, Texas

Jackie in Houston

Daniel Link - Austin, Texas
As the full moon rose over Houston, Stevie's mystic energy washed over her adoring audience. I've been to every Stevie Nicks concert since 1986, and it never seizes to amaze me not only how incredibly engaging she is as a performer, but how wonderful Stevies fans are. Everywhere there were people holding their hands over their hearts and eyes dancing with love. In my opinion, the quality of her fans says alot about Stevie herself. The general energy of the crowd was happy and a very real way...there were no strangers at the show that night...just kindred spirits. At the center of all this of course is Stevie and her music. And to think that she brings this kind of impact to every city and every show she plays is nothing short of a phenomenon. To me, the jewel in Stevies stage show is the closing song, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." Because this song is so profoundly personal yet universal at the same time. This is the essence of Stevie and her fans...the one song everyone says, "it's like she write that for me..." and indeed, she did write it for all of us..."If not for me... then do it for the world..." Again, I walked away from a Stevie Nicks concert with something more.

Love & Peace,

Marion Diemert
How do you thank a star? Stevie Nicks is amazing! The Houston heat didn't stop her from giving a performance to remember. Time went by too quickly and the crowd didn't want her to leave. Just a little more magic, it is not music she is giving us, it is magic. Her magic. We can buy her music, visit her concerts but we still would like to say thank you for being there and hope her fans give back so much that we can enjoy her magic for as long as she wants to share it with us.

Richard Journey
I am not an accomplished concert critic or anything, but I know what I like. This is the 4th time I have had the pleasure to see Stevie in conert. The first time I saw her was at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in September of '94, it was then that I got hooked on Stevie. I am a hardcore fan so I may be biased, but I was enchanted the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes Stevie performed on Aug. 4th, '01. I could not get over how energetic and sexy she was at 53 years old. She took no short cuts, she changed outfits just about every song and was incredible. Her voice ranges were just incredible. She sounded just like she did when she was in her early twenties singing Edge of seventeen, and Rhiannon. I was completely enraptured, I would recommend Stevie Nicks as a great concert for anyone, young or old.

Keith Chamberlain
Once again I am totally amazed and deeply moved by Stevie's concert last night at The Woodlands in Houston. The atmosphere was incredible and the energy was unbelievable. I've been a Stevie fan for many years and had the opportunity to see Buckingham Nicks back in the early 70's and I was hooked. I haven't missed a Stevie or Fleetwood Mac tour yet. Last night had to be one of the best solo shows that I've seen. As other fans have written, I was a little concerned due to her recent illness but after the first chorus of Stop Draggin My Heart Around it was obvious that she's back in rare form. The Pavilion was packed and the crowd was great. Stevie and the entire band seemed to be having a wonderful time. We had great seats and several friends who had never been to a Stevie concert were all on the lawn and were also totally blown away. I will not go into detail about the set list but the nights strongest moments for me had to be Planets of the Universe and Fall From Grace. The classics are always wonderful but it was so cool to hear the new tunes. I think it's so cool that the remix of Planets of the Universe is #1. Well, I'm definitely going to check on tickets for the Atlanta show. A word to all -- do not miss this tour. Thanks Stevie.

Kay LeBlanc
As usual, Stevie is the untimate Enchantress. The show was opened by Bob Schnieder, whom I'd never heard before, but he really got the laid back crown on the lawn of the Woodlands pavillion pumped with the salsa sound of "Tarantula", in which he managed to get an entire arena to participate. I honestly think Stevie is really in her element at a venue such as the Woodlands. It is not the first time I've seen her here, and there's a certain bit of magic that happens in the grass under the stars when the gypsie takes a hold of your soul and pulls on your heart strings. The crowd went crazy as the opening strains of Houston's own Destiny's Child hit "Bootylicious" began. And when Waddy hit the first chord of "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" I personally just about lost it. I've been a huge fan of Stevie's since the early eighties (I'm too young to remem! ber her original run with Fleetwood Mac, but discovered the worlds greatest rock band shortly thereafter.) Even my 7 year old daughter aspires to be "Stevie" when she grows up. After the first few songs, my former mother in law came and switched tickets with me, she took my spot in the grass and gave me her 4th row center seat (thank you Bill!) Now I've seen Stevie several times, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely awestruck. I got there just in time to see her don her trademark gold shawl and tear into "Gold Dust Woman", my absolute favorite Mac hit. I stayed there with my eyes glued to the stage. I was completely hyptonized. I don't think I've ever seen her look more beautiful. The haunting piano solo to open Rhianon was enough to captivate anyone. As I got up to return to my place on the back lawn however, I recognized the opening chords of "Stand Back" and decided Debbie would just have to wait up there just a bit longer. I can only hope to be rocking this hard and look this fabulous doing it at 50+. I ran and jumped all the way back to my seat on the lawn after that. And the show only got better! My heart pounded in my chest as we sang at the top of our lungs for the next hour or so. And when she came back out for her encore, with that beautiful hat, and sang "Has anyone ever written anything for you.." we were all reduced to tears (especially considering we all knew the background of the song.) It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening. We love you Stevie, and can't wait to see you again! (and hopefully this time we won't have a 3 year wait.)

Kevin Brock
Since Stevie wasn't coming to Florida (why?) I went to Stevie in my hometown of Houston.

I love Stevie and her music like you wouldn't believe, but to tell you the truth I was skeptical of how this tour was going to be. With Stevie being older and more mellow and straight I just though that maybe it would be a mellow concert minus Stevie's dancing and twirling and "witchy" ways.

I WAS WRONG! Stevie is back and stronger than ever! This might have even been the best show I've seen! Stevie rocked! Stevie danced! Stevie twirled! Stevie did her "witchy" stuff! STEVIE WAS AWSOME! Stevie is timeless and age has no affect on her at all! Her voice was crystal clear, the songs were crystal clear and the meanings were crystal clear. My particular favorites were Golddust Woman, Planets, Bombay Saphires and Fall >From Grace. I knew Fall From Grace and Planets were going to be excellent live songs, but I had no idea they would be that great!!!!!

I had a feeling too that Sandy Stewart would be there and before Stevie sang Too Far From Texas (an awesome song in Houston!) she announced that it was dedicated to the writer, Sandy Stewart - who was there! My wife and I really wished Sandy would have performed with Stevie on the song - that would have been great, but she didn't and Stevie did a wonderful job on it by herself of course!

STEVIE - WE LOVE YOU - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Melancon
Stevie was absolutely awesome at the Woodlands!!! She seemed so relaxed and gave us a wonderful memory to cherish!!! She is truly a wonderful performer ... I especially liked the way she communicated with the audience. I cannot wait til her next album!!!

Jack Sims
I paid alot of money to have 3rd row center, but Stevie gave me what I wanted. An hour and 45 minutes of singing and dancing. The show was flawless. I could hear every word she sang--and what a voice. There is no one with a better voice. I could hear the echo of the crowd as we all sang with her on song after song. I knew that, like me, the people who came to see the show have had their lives touched by her music in a special way. Like a fine wine, Stevie gets better with age, and so does her music and her ability to perform. This was not a drugged-out rock and roll show...the kind where Stevie almost fell off stage years ago...this was a tremendous performance by a Lady, and yes she still rocks-a-little.

She mentioned that when she decided to record Planets of the Universe, that she had to go back and rework some of the words. She said she was not angry at Lindsey anymore and wanted to soften it. I guess I have a sarcastic sense of humor, but I am really wondering what she changed, because the first time I heard the song I said to myself, "wow, was she mad when she wrote this." The last part, where she sings "you will never love again, the way you loved me"...etc...sounds like she put a hex on him. HaHaHa!

Well, I have never sent a review like this before, and probably will never do it again. But I just want to say thank you Stevie...for the music...for being able to put my feelings into words, even when I cannot. Being a man, I do not display my emotions outwardly, and I don't even have many emotions. But when I do get that way, I don't know how to handle it sometimes. Your music has given that to me...a way to cope. So when you ask "has anyone ever written anything for you?" And you answer, "well I have," I am blessed, because I believe you have written for me, and many others.

Rock on!

Jerrie - Midway, Texas
Oh my gosh !!! It was all I dreamed it would be ! I have waited months for the night to come... and it was a night to remember. I have seen Stevie many many times but this was my night to never forget. I have never sat close enough to be able to give her flowers before. I watched fans give her gifts for many years and admired them and always wished I could be in their shoes. Well..... this time was my turn finally !!!! I paid out the kazooo but it was so worth my money. I had a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers made for her and I had 4th row in the pit seats. As I sat down in my seat I just couldn't believe she was fixing to walk out and be that close to me. And when she walked out it was all I dreamed it would be. She was soooo beautiful and as the night went on she sang many of the new songs and some oldies too. It was a fabulous show. She was better than ever. But my moment I had been waiting for finally came. As I stood at the stage with my flowers.. she walked over and bent down and as the guy beside her took the flowers for her... she held my hand .. looked at me and said Thank you ! I was beside myself !!!!! My night turned out as I dreamed it would ! Thank you Stevie !! I will always remember the Trouble In Shangri-la tour 2001.

Road Spider
Under a full moon on a hot Saturday night, Houston was treated to an hour and fourty five minutes of pure magic courtesy of Stevie Nicks.

Judging from the reaction of the nine thousand plus crowd at the gorgeous Woodlands Pavilion (hands down, one of my favorite venues), everyone was there to have a great time and no one left disappointed.

Stevie even exclaimed what a "magnificent audience you have been! I would love to pack you up and take you with us!". (Note to Stevie -- we would gladly accept the offer!) My boyfriend and I had excellent seats and were amazed at the amount of energy that generated between Stevie and the Houston audience. During the fist part of the show, you could tell that Stevie was pacing herself both vocally and physically -- and rightfully so. The Texas heat was truly a factor for everyone and with the lights and her outfits, it was apparent that she was quite hot (after "Planets of the Universe" she bursted out, "It's so hot!!...but I'll get through it!"). Despite the heat, she started letting lose once that familiar drumbeat to "Stand Back" started pounding and she didn't let up until her last note was sung with "HAEWAFY" (loved the hat!!!). The band sounded great -- it was SUCH a boost to have Waddy back with his crunchy guitar playing. His presence has been missed. It was also very cool to see Al Ortiz playing bass -- he has been such a help to Stevie "behind the scenes", so it was nice to put a face with the well established name. And the girls, of course, sounded fabulous. Does Sharon ever age? :) I've seen Stevie on every outing since the TUSK tour and I must say that she radiates happiness and confidence this time out on the road. She is damn proud of her new release and it shows. She was just as talkative (if not more) than on the Enchanted tour and I just love that. Her connection with her audience is something you rarely see between artist and crowd -- it is so apparent that she is having a great time right now. I loved all the new songs -- "Bombay Sapphires" was just gorgeous, especially the "I can mend your heart" ending. "Sorcerer" was fabulous -- it's great to finally hear this song live after so many of us have been singing this for years. Of course, the crowd went wild for "Too Far From Texas" -- Sandy Stewart was in the audience and Stevie dedicated the song to her (I still think that this should be released as a single). The performance level came to a feverish high when Stevie let loose on "Fall From Grace" -- this song is absolutely amazing live. The classics were wonderful -- I always get mesmerized by "Gold Dust Woman" and Stevie explained that, "This song is always different, it is always unique depending on the audience. The audience makes Gold Dust Woman their own..." I thought that was pretty cool. "Rhiannon" was as haunting as ever, with Stevie going back to the "oooh she says" during the chorus -- I love that. "Stand Back" had the audience on their feet and Stevie was smiling from head to toe having a blast, cracking herself up while she did the big "twirl dance" with Carlos Rios during the guitar solo part in the middle of the song. The high kick was there and it made me laugh -- she truly loves to perform this song. The set was gorgeous -- it was the album cover come to life. And the lighting this time was incredible. Truly beautiful. I can't tell you how prefect the lighting for each song was. This is quite a production -- a lot of time and effort went in to making this show something special. Like many other posts that I've read, I too wonder about her choice of footwear. The tennis shoes with her gorgeous clothes doesn't make sense. Perhaps she has hurt her foot or has orthopedic problems -- who knows? It didn't hinder her performance in the slightest way, but I will be the first to admit that it looks bizarre. We all know how "glamoura" Stevie can be, so the Reeboks just don't make sense. Other than the foot scene, I don't have any complaints other than I wish the show had been 4 hours longer. My old chum and partner in crime, Stacey Vernick, told me, "Everytime that I looked over at you, you were just beaming". It's true. I had such a great time. This was a wonderful show -- catch it if you can.

John McGee
Well it was worth the two hour drive. This was my second time to see Stevie in Houston. The first time was great but I have to say last night was awesome it totally blew me away. My wife was supposed to come with me and had to go out of town and could'nt go she was really bummed out about that. Well as fate would have it she is in Littleton, CO two min drive from the August 8th show so I surprised her with tickets to that show and I'm going also so I get to see her twice on this tour.

As far as the show it was incredible. Stevie has got the greatest band. They never missed a beat. The sound was great and there was not a bad seat in the house. It was a full moon by the way which added to the already enchanted evening. My favorite song had to be Edge of Seventeen. I loved the intro with the guitar solos and then the just all out rocking on the song. The new stuff was good. Planets of the Universe was really good. Stevie looked great as always keeping everyone on thier feet. I really think that this new album is one of her best and I thought that she could'nt top anything she had already done.

If you can see the show go, you will not be sorry I promise you that.

God Bless

Lore' Gandy
Well, my family drove from our small town of Picayune, Mississippi - about 7 hours one way to the Woodlands Pavilion, to see this concert. My husband and I took our two younger sons (Jacob/11 and Justin/5). Justin and I are the ultimate Stevie fans. My husband has already seen Stevie during the RUMORS tour (lucky guy!). I want to say that overall the concert was WONDERFUL. Stevie really does not need an opening act, and I don't believe that I am alone in saying that, "Stevie definitely, could and should lose Bob Schnieder. His whole performance, which seemed to last forever, was FLAT, and most of his lyrics were not suitable for my kids. The harder he tried to "work" the audience the more people resisted. Enough about that. Once Stevie came out on stage, everyone stood up (and for the most part stayed standing) and was totally enchanted in her presence and performance. The Pavilion was packed as well as the lawn area. The weather was great (except for being so terribly hot). From where we sat you could look up and see the stars, and I'm sure that Stevie did not know that when the concert started, the moon began to rise behind the pavilion where she was standing and to top things off, it was a full moon! Stevie's performance was absolutely great - she was so personable - she even commented on how HOT it was in Texas. I have been waiting 20 years to see Stevie - her voice is so beautiful, it's hard to find words to describe exactly how it feels to see her live. I cried throughout the entire concert. The band was good. I did not recognize one of the backup singers, Mindy. Stevie introduced her as a good friend. I thought Lori would be there with Sharon.

We started trying to get our tickets the minute they went on sale and the best seats we could get were in section KK, which is one level up from the floor area in front of the stage, my 5 year old had made and wore a pin with the picture of Stevie wearing her Top hat and feather - he kept asking me if we could go down and give that pin to Stevie - I tried to tell him that the Security would not let us go down to the stage. He never did understand and seemed very disappointed. When I told him that we were going to see Stevie in Texas - he "literally" thought that we were going to meet her (the innocence of childhood). Well, to make a long story short - during the encore, Stevie came back out on stage wearing her Top hat with the feather!!! and my little boy screamed with delight! He said, mommy do you think Stevie saw my button and went to put her hat on for me? and I said, "yes sweety, I'm sure she did".

What a beautiful way for our evening to end. I only wish the night didn't have to end - my whole family had a wonderful time. ThanksStevie.

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