Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/21/01 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ
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Daniel De Mello
On Saturday, July 21st 2001, Stevie Nicks and her incredibly magical band performed at the PNC Bank Arts Center, in Holmdel, NJ. It was an unbelievable night that left me speechless and wanting more. The center was packed with a sea of die-hard fans, young and old, yearning to hear Stevie's mesmerizing, throaty voice. The set mirrored the enchanting cover of Nicks' CD, "Trouble in Shangri La." Each song she performed, she gave every bit of her heart and soul.

I shall make this review short. My seat was fantastic. I was near the front row, and was able to see and hear Stevie loud and clear. She ages so gracefully, and her voice holds so much power and wisdom.

That night, not only was I able to see Stevie live, but at the end of "Edge of Seventeen" I was one of the lucky fans to actually touch her hand! Though it probably sounds silly, I was literally speechless when her hand went into mine. She smiled so warmly at me, and took my hand into hers. It was definitely a dream come true. And a smile comes to my face every single time I even think about that special moment in my life.

Stevie has affected many, many people with her music, and I'm happy to be one of the many. Her rich, poetic songs have helped me through many hardships. Stevie Nicks is a very special person, and I am glad I have gotten a chance to be apart of her life (her music).

Thank you for an enchanting evening, and thank you for golden memories that I shall cherish for the rest of my life.

John and Michelle
I'm not going to review the show because many people have already done it and have gone into many of the specifics. Also, I don't know how they remembered a lot of the details like the set list without actually writing them down at the time. I'm just going to write about our own personal observations and feelings.

We've been to other concerts at the PNC before and I think this will be our last. I'll get the big negatives over with first one being the sound system was terrible. I'm not sure that it's because we had lawn seats but I guess if you don't have a good seat down front it's not worth being there. Also, being on the lawn it was just impossible to see the stage and enjoy the show. Having to watch the show by staring at a monitor all night isn't our idea of enjoying a concert. One other problem with this venue is that if you don't get there early you can't get a good parking space and you have to take a bus or hike up to the theater.

Opening the show was Jeffrey Gaines whom I wasn't familiar with. He came out and did a pretty good job and I guess it's hard to go out onstage all alone but I'll have to say that we were a bit bored. She should have had a better opening act to set the mood for the evening. There was a twenty-minute intermission after he was done before Stevie came out which seemed to last forever.

This was out first time seeing Stevie Nicks in concert and we were always big fans of her music but we left the show feeling a bit disappointed. Overall, we felt she wasn't quite with it that night and not really into the show. It seemed that her voice was showing signs of fatigue and wasn't really strong. A lot of people told us that she like to dance and twirl on stage but we didn't notice much of that and she did appear to be tired and drank a lot of water. During Bombay Sapphires someone commented that she forgot some of the words. We didn't notice that but we did notice her holding her throat. We have since learned that she had to cancel some shows after this concert so maybe she wasn't feeling to good that night. Hopes she's feeling better.

The concert lasted about and hour and a half and we were expecting a little bit more. We did come with high expectations and I guess we left disappointed.

Annie B
Overall, Stevie's show last Saturday night at the Arts Center in New Jersey was AWESOME!! It was a refreshing mix of old and new material. Her band was very solid and sounded great. Very cool stage background and concept…a really enjoyable show. It's so cool to see an audience full of young and old….Stevie has fans of all ages. "Stand Back" really rocked the house as well as "I need to Know" and "Edge of Seventeen" …and Waddy's intro to "Edge of Seventeen" was a delightful tease! Stevie looked beautiful and seemed very happy….she sounded great! I waited a few days to send this review in because I was a bit sad about some of the not so positive comments in some of the other reviews (don't mean to offend anyone). If people are disappointed about Stevie not wearing her boots….so what! Or if she didn't play "Outside the Rain" what….the show had a really cool mixture of songs…and not just the standards. This is really a show worth seeing this summer! Stevie has always given her all and at age 53….she still kicks butt! Let's face it…'s Stevie's world out there and we just twirl in it!! I hope she is feeling better real soon and kicks ass the rest of her tour! ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN…..wish you all the best!

I live in Buffalo, NY, and for some reason Stevie skips over us. Since 1983 only Wild Heart and The Dance have come through here. Anyhow, I figured if Stevie wouldn't come to me, I would go to her, and decided on Holmdel, NJ (approx. 7 hrs away). It was worth every second in the car! She NEVER disappoints. This was the rockingest show I have ever seen her put on since 1983 (my first Stevie show at the age of 16). I am so glad she changed her set list from other tours. Starting out with Stop Draggin' My Heart Around was an awsome surprise. Her past tours were so predictable regarding set list, but not this time. Her new CD Trouble in... is an equally awsome surprise. I heard her in an interview (possibly with Rosie?) state that people attending her shows don't want to hear a lot of new stuff, they prefer the "classics". Well thank God Stevie had a change of heart! Sure I love the "classics" but hearing brand spanking new stuff live was the best. Stevie's voice was strong and perfect. She was very no nonsense. The momentum began with Bootylicious and continued on through I Need To Know. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was beautiful as ususal, but as usual you know the end of a majical night is only minutes away. I have no complaints whatsoever. Well, maybe just one...I wish she would extend the length of her shows. She has so much material to choose from. Wouldn't it be nice to hear Nightbird, Violet and Blue, I Can't Wait, Sometimes It's a Bitch just to name a few? When I saw the Enchanted Tour in Indianapolis and Columbus, at that time I thought her song selection couldn't be beat because of the beauties such as Enchanted, Garbo, Sleeping Angel. Well I stand corrected! I cannot wait to see her again!! A fan since the age of 12, Wendy

I had both the pleasure and opportunity to see Stevie at both the Jones Beach. NY show and PNC Bank Art Center, NJ show...both being stellar performances. The crowd was AMAZING and Stevie was the BEST! I still can't get over the incredible high from last weekend. Stevie is just as wonderful as ever, bringing the audience in to that magical place, showering the fans with complete adoration, and giving you all that she's got! I agree with sentiments written in a pervious review... how can anyone walk away from such an AMAZING show and write about "how incredible & life altering it was..yet I didn't like her sneakers..or I would have preferred to hear this song.." Get over it! I'm sure those thoughts weren't going through your head as you were rocking out to Edge of 17!!!!! Waddy's guitar playing was BRILLIANT!!! So, I suggest all you die-hard Stevie fans out there (and you know who you are) that when you come back after seeing yet another incredible show on this tour...that you run here to the nicksfix and pour your love out on these pages...and drown out all those nit-picking comments on sneakers vs. boots, etc...because Stevie is still the reigning Queen of Rock n Roll and maybe some people need to be reminded! ROCK on GOLD DUST WOMAN...WE LOVE YOU!!!

Hey Stevie lovers it was an excellent show as expected! I have to say that I questioned if I would be able to enjoy this Stevie experience after the week that I had (SEE: Camden, NJ Reviewer SALLY-SISTERS IN STEVIELAND). It was just horrible! On top of that we were running an hour late when we left for the stadium. However, I was prepared to make the best of it. We set out armed with all of my favorite songs from the Enchanted and Trouble In Shangri-La CD's, recorded onto 2 cassettes, and I listened to it the whole way to the concert! By the time we got there I was pumped up! My husband, having never seen Stevie solo before, was ready too!

The beautiful Stevie made her entrance after recorded versions of Bootilicious and Trouble in Shangri-La! She hit every note and never missed a beat when she opened with Stop Dragging My Heart Around! She continued to build momentum throughout the evening changing her beautiful shawls for the was fabulous Gold Dust Woman and White Winged Dove. I will not give away the whole show, but believe me, she was worth every second of the anticipation I went through waiting for the concert date to arrive. So all of you who are waiting in Virginia and N. Carolina, for your rescheduled dates to be announced, you will not be disappointed!

Now the highlight of our evening was this: We had pretty much the last row of seats in the building. Bummer right? Well someone had to buy 'em! When Stevie walked off to prepare for her encore I took my husband by the hand and lead him to the floor seats. We were finally able to duck security just as she came out for the 1st song. By the time she was done and off stage preparing for the 2nd we were able to worm our way into about the 45th row center stage. Then Stevie reappeared. Dressed in her black dress and black Fleetwood Mac Top Hat with big huge pink plumes the crowd was in awe and everyone in the rows ahead sat down. We didn't have a seat so were left standing, eye level with Stevie, as she belted out "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?" I could feel the tears falling and I felt like she was singing it from her heart to mine.

Stevie, you helped me and My Aunt heal our broken hearts many times before and this time is no different. You touch us in so many ways. Thank you for giving us the music please don't ever stop. You will always be our Queen of Rock! Peace & Love & Much Happiness

Judie, Trish and A.J
After months of planning this little trip from Scranton Pa to sometown in Holmdel took off. The three neighbor girls, Calling themselves, The Dickson Chicks(that's where we are from) took off. Man what an experience to have been there. I think i missed the first song because I had cried so much in the realization that my dream had been accomplished. And the warmth and bonding between my neighbors and myself was beyond belief. The concert was everything I dreamed of and more. Her voice and her flowing motions on stage had entered the dream like state I feel into. It would be wonderful if she could consider one more night and drop off in Northeastern Pa and bring her land of magic to our mountains. Do not miss this concert.

Lisa Cramer
I just returned home from vacation and I have to say the 6-hour road trip to see Stevie in Holmdel was the highlight of my week away from reality. This was the second show I caught on this tour - the first being in Hartford, CT with a couple of girlfriends. My husband went to the Holdel show with me and he was equally impressed with Stevie's performance and the artistry and talent of her band. I will not repeat what everyone else already provided; rather, I will share with you a great experience that I had at this show.

First of all, I recognized John Kinney from seeing his picture in the tourbook and after the show he was hanging out by one of the merchandise booths so I politely introduced myself to him. John, you seem like a really cool guy and us fans can not thank you enough for providing us with such a detailed and exciting means of keeping in touch with the wonderful world of Stephanie Lynn Nicks!!!!!!!!!! I commended John on keeping the website so current and he replied, "Well, that's because I have no life." He had quite a sense of humor. I also had the wonderful opportunity of receiving a Stevie Nicks Aftershow Guest Pass while talking to John - and NO, it was NOT from him so please do not bombard him with emails asking for a pass!!!! Anyway, I was SO excited and ran back down to the VIP area where they were letting people in a tent with the "aftershow group". I truly thought I was FINALLY going to meet Stevie live and in heart was pounding a million times a minute.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet her for two reasons. Number one, the security guy told us that Stevie only "meets and greets" folks inside the arena who have won backstage passes through various radio and internet means. Number two, he also explained to the group that they were whisking Stevie away quickly because she was not feeling well...her throat was bothering her so I was not surprised to see that she postponed the next two shows. You could tell during the final encore that Stevie was getting hoarse - I think a lot of fans thought she was just breaking down emotionally during "Has Anyone..." so it's not like anyone was disappointed with her performance - soar throat an all. Poor Stevie!!! I hope she's feeling better!!!!! Anyway, I was still fortunate enough to meet Waddy Wachtel, Lenny Castro, Brett Tuggle, Mark Schulan, and Scott Plunkett and get all of their autographs. The security staff QUICKLY whisked them all away (I almost didn't get Lenny's autograph but I caught him on his was down the stairs to the buses) and they told us that Ms. Nicks was already on the bus. We all watched in awe and waved to Stevie as the buses pulled away, police escort and all. The whole night was magical. Looking forward to seeing Ms. Nicks with the Mac next year!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for another enchanting evening, Stevie...perhaps someday I will finally get to meet you too.

The Arizona Ranger
I arrived at the PNC at 6:05 pm after leaving the Heritage Renewal at ny church (We had over 500 people show up !) . The lot was full of folks with their own littlle party scenes and shared some wine with some folks from York, PA. They asked me if I would be interested in going to the Bristow, VA show on 7/28 (I'll see ) Passed around my Stevie photo collection to another group of people and I was rewarded with several glasses of wine (oooch my head !!! ) and even traded one of my prize Stevie buttons for two bottles of Heineken ! Let me tell you that Mac/Stevie fans are amongst the friendliest and most neighbourly next to the Dead Heads. .... Security really did'nt hassle me at all since I'm so innocent looking and was'nt carrying any dangerous tambourines on me I did bring my Swiss made binoculars and they afforded me a great view of the onstage action including Stevie and Waddy's whispered conversations ....

The food prices at the PNC ARTS CENTER were ridiculous !!!6.50 for a clumpy chesseburger ? 3.50 for a stale pretzel ? Where do they think we are from ? The Hamptons ???? From now on bring you own grub, eat it in the partking lot and boycott the hell out of those venue ripoff artists. They'll get the message ! Yours truly sat in Section 403, Row B, Seat 186 next to a nice but drunk couple from Toms River. They really were'nt bad and we all agreed the Allman Brothers were nothing since Dicky Betts left the group...

Jeffrey Gaines was a little bit better but they should give him a better backdrop instead of just a curtain. I mean the man is playing at a major venue, not a High School gathering.. Stevie & Co. did a great job as ever. Her HEAY finale was the climax with her impressive Turn of the Century headgear. The TISL songs were in need of Sheryl Crow's insightful talent and Stevie should plan on getting another guest star to cover to avoid any problems like she did with Bombay.... Stevie should also handle the gift getting part of EO17 a little more tactful than she did at the PNC. A lot of people I talked with after the show felt she was just a little inconsiderate in recieving the gifts. Later I found out that she was extremely ill so if I felt any anger towards her I regreted it... Sorry I missed John Kinney at the PNC. I wanted to meet him and thank him for all the great bumper stickers he sent me without delay. He really does a lot of good for Stevie. We should invite him to meet us at the next Jersey appearance of Mac/Stevie so we can show him around the state. We'll take him to the Stone Pony and then Max's in Long Branch for some great Hot Dogs.... Well that's enough for now...Be seeing you !!!!

What can I say but truly amazing!! My sister and I attended the PNC Bank Arts Center show Saturday night July 21. I was in total awe. We had front row seats which made everything even better. I think my favorite song was Sorcerer, but I love all of her songs. The stage was beautiful and everyone sounded great. I think Waddy added alot to the show he added a rockier edge to it. I have attended every Stevie show, I think this was my favorite. I have been a true fan of Stevie ever since my Mom gave me her Fleetwood Mac album. I can remember putting on shows for my mom's friends in platform boots and black shawl singing to all of her songs. I love her and always will. I read some of the negative reviews about the show, how she only did one kick and wore sneakers instead of boots. Give her a break, she looked and sounded amazing. Stevie could just stand there and I would still have a hard time taking my eyes off of her.

Stevie,Thank you for your music

Jennifer Keene
I almost didn't have the opportunity to post this review but luckily everything went ok. This is going to be a long one considering half of it is about how I almost DIDN'T get to the show. I have the worst luck.

Me and my boyfriend went to the local shopping mall before the concert, and that was around 1:00pm. When we tried to leave it was around 4pm, only we couldn't leave because my car keys had mysteriously dissapeared. We virtually looked in every single store we went into, we told the security guards we were missing keys. Nobody turned anything into them. I called a locksmith, he couldn't make a key for my car because he didn't have the equipment or the key code to make the key since it was a newer car. I called Ford roadside assistance and they couldn't help me at all because of course "Our computers are down". It was after 5pm so of course the dealerships were all closed so I couldn't call them. I decided to call Triple A. Triple A literally STINKS, I told them I had no master key for my car because my keys were either lost or stolen and I didn't have a spare key, so the woman said she would send a tow truck and he would be there in 70 minutes. 70 minutes became 80, 80 became 90. I called back Triple ! and they said the dispatcher had called them back telling them they could NOT tow my vehicle without a master key and I would have to have the locksmith sent out through them!!!I said " YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, if you people knew this whenI had called then you should have initially just sent out a locksmith to begin with and I have NEVER heard of not being able to tow a vehicle without having a key for it." To make a long story short, the locksmith came about 8pm through Triple A, we didn't get to the show until around 9:20. I am writing complaints like you wouldn't believe to Triple A and also Ford roadside.

On the way to the sho my Aunt who was already at the concert and looking for me called my cell phone so I could hear the opening song which sounded like the beggingin of Bootylicious. I was crying I wanted to get there so bad. So she said to be careful and I have to get there and they were oging to meet me at one of the flags at the venue. When I finally got there, I ran up to the Stairs after giving my ticket and I thought I was going to die I was breathing so fast! We missed half the show :( Sheryl Crow was not there for this show. She was almost done stand back when we got there and then she went through and did Plants,Edge of Seventeen, I need to Know, Bombay Sapphire, Too Far from Texas, and Fall from Grace. There was a long pause in between I think Planets and Too far from Texas if I can remember it right...or it might have been right before Edge of Seventeen. She was either changing her clothes or meeting with someone backstage. Sheryl I think normally would have filled this spot with everday is a winding road but instead Mark Schulman and Lenny Castro went to town on the drums for a little while. Waddy did his own thing before edge of Seventeen and everyone in the arena went nuts! He was amazing. I was dancing and singing in my seat. Stevie came out for Edge of Seventeen and I'm so glad I didn't miss this song. I saw everyone run up to the stage and I was so thinking " I deserve to shake her hand at least for what I went through trying to get here". I was up in row 304 seat 5 so there was no way for me to get down there to see her.

When the show was over she thanked everyone for coming and said to please come back so we can do this again. She disappeared backstage and I was crying "Please come out again...". I had the worst night, she did come out again for the encore and she did Has anyone ever Written Anything For You. I was in tears it was so beautiful. It was still a concert I will never forgot and the next time I see her will probably be with Fleetwood Mac and I'm going to try and get better seats and get there on time without any horrible mishaps like this one I had. Thank you Stevie for giving me a Happy Ending to my story and for making a memory for me. :)

I went to the concert last nigth at the PNC Bank Arts Center and I thought it was amazing. I have been a huge fan of hers for years, but this was my first time seeing her. (But I've seen her twice with Fleetwood Mac) I thought her voice was great, she danced a lot and had a lot of energy, and she seemed extremely happy to be performing. Not to mention that she looked greater then ever before. I also thought it was awesome how many dedicated fans were there! I saw at least 50 people dressed like Stevie, and almost everyone had a Stevie T-shirt...and before the concert started people were in their cars blasing all different kinds of Stevie was great! She was so nice to the audience too. She talked to us like we were a couple of her freinds in a small room...thanking us and telling us how much we meant to her. It was a night I will never forget, and it was so good that I'm trying to find another venue that shes playing at near me so I can see her again. The only thing that got me really upset, was that when I went on the nicksfix fan review site, so many people had one or more complaints! I dont know how you can see a whole amazing show, and just pick out all the bad things about it!...things that I didnt even notice because Stevies stage presence takes over the 'little mistakes that the band makes' and the 'type of shoes she was wearing.' If your a true fan, I dont think you should care about that stuff, and judge the concert by the music...isnt that what its all about? I hope no one takes offense to just bothered me to see that so many other people were bothered.

Dianne and Eddie Wolf
Hi, everyone. I know that everyone has sent in some tidbits of information on their Stevie concert experiences, so I figured I'd join you. I took my 9-1/2 year old son to his 3rd Stevie concert (my 17th!!!), at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ and we were blown away by everything. The opening act of Jeffrey Gaines was surprisingly good. In the beginning, it seemed like he was standing there performing all for himself because no one was listening. But, he soon drew everyone in by the end of his third song. He was as solid and strong in every song and won a leary crowd over. Our congratulations to him! I know I'll be buying his CD very soon. He was really good.

Now~the main event!!!! When the Destiny Child's "Edge of Seventeen" lick was heard, the crowd went wild. Some of the older generation that was around us was confused because they didn't know the song. But, a couple of us older youngsters (me being 40! OMG, I can't believe I just admitted to that!!!), filled them in on what was going on. Then we heard Stevie's voice. As I said to my son, Enjoy the ride!!! It was quite an experience!!!! Everyone knows by know the sequence of songs (including the omittance of Outside the Rain). Sheryl Crow was not there, and you can't miss what you don't know. Stevie was excellent. And she looked every bit The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll. She has an elegance that has NEVER been equalled by any other woman in rock.... Rock on Ancient Queen! Every Does pale in your shadow!!! The only thing you could ever say about Stevie is that she is like a fine wine ~ she gets better and better with age. Her voice is rich and smooth and she sings with all the wisdom of her years. However, she does NOT look like a woman of 53.

The only thing that bothered me was that she didn't wear her trademark boots. She walked purposely throughtout the concert and not in the carefree manner she usually did when she wore her boots. But, maybe they do take a strain on you!!! And, yes, as reported by everyone else, she does do the high kick in Stand Back. She did a great yell during Edge of Seventeen, even though some earlier reports said that she omitted them from their concerts. The souveniers were outrageous in price. But, we bought some things anyway. That was the only other downer on what was an otherwise wonderful night!! Thank you, John Kinney, for your wonderful web sight. Thanks to the tour book, it was really cool to get to see what you looked like!!! And, of course, Thank You to Stevie Nicks!!! For being the Greatest singer, songwriter, Poet, Priestess of Everything to everyone. Rock on, Stevie! We will always Remember You! And ~ always ~ Rock a Little!!

This was my third Stevie concert since 1994 and once again, Stevie didn't leave me at all disappointed! She looked fantastic, and sounded excellent. She opened with "Trouble in Shangri-La" and then went right into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." I didn't stop dancing the entire night - I don't think anybody can not dance to Stevie's music! Occasionally she stopped to explain the background behind a song before she started singing it.

I was surprised that "Planets of the Universe" is really a 30-year-old song! I also laughed when Stevie said she could have made "Too Far From Texas" a real twangy country song, but she "wanted to rock!" :) I was a little disappointed during this song, though, because Sharon Celani's accompanying vocal couldn't hold a candle to Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, who recorded the song on the album with Stevie. The band was excellent. I've never been to a more rockin' Stevie concert. I especially enjoyed the "Edge of Seventeen" intro, where Lenny Castro and Mark Schulam showed the audience just what drums and percussion can do together!

Before I knew it, Stevie was singing "Edge of Seventeen" and then walking offstage. Being a dedicated audience, we persuaded her to come out once more to sing two more songs for us. Her last song was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," which reduced her to tears towards the end. Everybody just sat there in quiet, cigarette lighters flickering away. I was thoroughly disappointed as she walked offstage that final time, of course, because I could have rocked all night long. In a sense we sort of did, though, because NY's classic rock station Q104.3 was doing a post-concert wrap-up show after the concert, so as everyone was sitting in traffic in the parking lot, we got an encore performance of "Rhiannon" and "Edge of Seventeen." It was the best night of my life! Rock on, Stevie!

Matthew Flatow
This was my second Trouble In Shangri-La evening. One week ago, I saw Stevie in Hartford,CT with Cheryl Crow. This night, the first of Stevie's tour without Cheryl, proved to be as strong a performance as ever! Despite the fact that Stevie's voice was showing signs of road fatigue, she hit beautifully on all songs. Ms. Nicks has always been one to beautifully combine her voice with those of her back up singers for an excellent effect. This evening began like the one I had seen the week before, with "Stop Dragging' My Heart Around." From the beginning of this song throughout the entire night, Stevie was more animated, dancing and twirling with more energy than during the Hartford show. Of course, her trade mark spins and quirky jerks always spin the crowd itself into a frenzy.

Conspicuously missing was "Outside The Rain" which had followed "Enchanted" during the Hartford show. I was a little upset over this because her performance of "Outside the Rain" during this tour was the best ever!! The old tunes thrilled and frenzied the crowd. The new tunes were received well, especially "Too Far From Texas" and "Planets of the Universe." As at the Hartford show, I felt the most polished and well delivered of the new songs were the power house "Fall From Grace" and the calypso swaying "Bombay Sapphires."

At one point during "Bombay Sapphires". Stevie oopsed and went into singing the chorus instead of the bridge. Sharon and Mindy went one direction while Stevie went the other. when she realized that she was ahead of the song, Stevie smiled very wildly as if laughing it off and quickly corrected herself. I don't think most of the audience noticed, and those of us who did, laughed it off with her. Things like that make it feel even more like you are in a living room with thousands of your closest friends singing along with Stevie. The encore, "Has Anyone Ever Written..." was much more powerful here in New Jersey than at the Hartford show. In fact, it was kind of awe inspiring and brought tears to my eyes. Stevie emerged with a beautiful white shawl with fur accents and rhine stones and donned a beautiful hat with large feathers of white trailing behind. She looked beautiful, almost surreal, and she hit every second of the song with the emotional mastery it can provide. Her performance of that song is always bitter sweet: it signifies the point where the audience must let her go again off into the night, yet brings the audience deeply into her most heart felt song of the evening!!!

As Stevie always says,"I do not like goodbyes,"so, we must all say "until we meet again," and I know someday, somewhere, she'll be back around again to offer a piece of her heart and soul to us all! Rock on! Gold Dusk Woman!!!!!!!

I am still reeling from last night's concert, my first time seeing Stevie live. First, let me say that I've been to tons of sold-out concerts, but NEVER have I witnessed the same level of excitement and energy from an audience as I did last night. It was a gift to be in the presence of so many fans. I know that we truly adore her, but nothing could have prepared me for the love that was flowing through that arena last night. The whole night was electric.

I'll get the big negative over with first--the sound system STUNK. I'd read about this happening at other venues, but it was really bad. If Stevie (or Sharon or Mindy) stepped back more than three inches from the microphone, you couldn't hear anything. So, this didn't provide for much movement on their parts.

But as long as they didn't move around too much, the songs were great, and the set list was fantastic--very few glaring omissions. I was pleased that Stevie sang so many songs off the new album; they're among her best, even if people don't know them inside out. "Stand Back" was a THRILL live--probably the most fantastic song of all. Every single person in the place was on their feet, singing and dancing. "Fall From Grace" was definitely a showstopper, and just as exciting as the old songs; and "Edge of Seventeen" was dynamic, even with the omitted verse, and even though I was sad to hear it come so soon.

The set list, as far as I can remember (and not in exact order), was: Stop Draggin My Heart Around; Enchanted; Dreams; Sorcerer; Every Day; Gold Dust Woman; Too Far From Texas (which she sings with Sharon, but they don't sing it in a duet fashion like on the album, which kind of stinks); Stand Back; Planets of the Universe; Bombay Sapphires; Fall From Grace; Edge of Seventeen; I Need to Know; Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. Stevie came on around 9:15 and the concert ended at 10:50.

Anybody who has this concert coming up at other venues, gear up for the time of your life. Stevie won't disappoint you at all, and if you're anything like me, wear sneakers and bring tissues, because you'll be crying and singing and dancing all night long

She came out, and it was such a spiritual feeling I had. Stevie is the Queen! She was so beautiful, and even better than I had expected. She sang classics, such as: 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around', 'Gold Dust Woman', 'Rhiannon', 'Stand Back', and 'Edge of Seventeen' where she thanked the audience. I wasn't close enough to shake her hand, though. She also sang new songs, like: 'Sorcerer', 'Every Day', 'Planets of the Universe', 'Too Far From Texas', and 'Bombay Sapphires'.

The encore was probably my favorite part, when she came out in the feathered hat and so beautiful...she sang 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You' so powerfully that I had those burning tears in my eyes. It was like she was singing right to me.



The entire concert was uplifting and powerful, and it showcased her talent, charisma, and everything that makes her so amazing!

When the show was over, we were going to the car and some chick touched my arm as to get my attention. I looked, and she asked me, "Does she look like she's getting old?"

It took me a minute, but I asked, "Who? Stevie?" The lady said 'yes' and I said 'no'! She asked me why and I told her, "IT'S STEVIE NICKS!!! SHE DOESN'T GET OLD! SHE'S A CLASSIC!" etc. etc. etc.

I guess she liked that answer because she kept talking to me and showed her tattoo to me.

No worries, all is well. :0)

The night was magical and fabulous. What an enchanting evening! I cannot wait to see Stevie Nicks again! ROCK ON, GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!

my girlfriend and i went last nite and stevie sounded as good as ever! this was my 4th time seeing her and she seems tooutdo herself every time! the place was packed with old heads as expected. not to many kids! we had lawn seats and we saw everything. they have big monitors set up all around. the show was great and i thank GOD i was able to get tix.for anyone waiting to see her or is going for the 1st time, you're in for a treat!!!!


Alicia Coleman
This was my 6th Stevie solo concert. I've seen Fleetwood Mac just as many times. I have been a Stevie fan since the beginning and all I can say, she's just like a fine wine, she gets better & better with age!

I thought at the beginning she seemed a little tentative and her voice wasn't really strong. But as the night progressed she seemed to get more comfortable and relaxed and her voice became more powerful.

My favorite songs were Standback, Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, Every Day, Sorcerer, Planets of the Universe, Bombay Sapphires and the extraordinary Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. And of course, I Need To Know.

I would have liked to see Sheryl Crow because I know she would have definitely added to the show. But Stevie & her great band, especially Waddy and Carlos, and Sharon and Mindy and of course the great percussionist Lenny Castro were just awesome. Very tight indeed!

Stevie seemed very happy and was truly enjoying herself! I feel she is really humbled by all the love she is shown by the crowd. She seemed truly overwhelmed by the number of people at the show and the enthusiasm of everyone. People like me truly love Stevie and her music.

Stevie you have truly inspired me in so many ways. You are one of the greatest songwriters ever. And your ability to translate your songs to your fans is amazing. Thanks so much! Don't ever stop. Can't wait to see the Fleetwood Mac tour next year!

Michelle Salmorin
There was a cool breeze and a gentle wind blowing in the air. The stars were out and twinkling high above us while the moon was radiating its moonbeams. You could hear the whispers in the air from the magical fairies that were floating high above us waiting anxiously to sprinkle their fairy dust upon us and to greet the high priestess of rock and roll STEVIE NICKS! The night was perfect for an outdoor concert, last night in Holmdel, New Jersey. My friends and I were all decked out in our Stevie attire waiting anxiously for the show to begin. Although our seats were bad, we still didnt let this put a damper on the evening.

Jeffrey Gaines warmed up the audience, with his raw voice and passionate solo performance. When he sang IN YOUR EYES by Peter Gabriel, the crowd couldn't wait to participate in singing along. In fact, he even performed the song again because he said that we didn'tsing it loud enough the first time. Mr. Gaines ended his performance and thanked the audience for listening too him and for supporting his career for the last ten years. He mentioned that he is on his 4th album and hopefully things will change for him. I have a feeling that it will. His performance intrigued me enough to want to buy his CD. Mr. Gaines then exited quietly off the stage. There was a 20-minute intermission before Stevie would grace us with her presence.

The house lights were on and thru the speakers they were playing Bootyluscious from Destiny's Child. Slowly the house lights dim. All you can hear is the chanting voices crying out the words from the song Trouble In Shangri-La in the dark arena. I RUN THRU THE GRASS, I RUN OVER THE STONES SHOW ME THE BACK over and over again. Then there was silence. Only a blackened stage. As the stage lights came on to the beat of Stop Dragging My Hear tAroundhere she was! The Queen of Rock and Roll. Fully decked out in her royal attire minus the platform boots. Instead, she was wearing what appeared to be Reebok black sneakers with a wedge. Along the wedge of the sneaker type boot were rhinestones or glitter, which would only be the type of sneaker Stevie, would only wear.

The stage was MAGICAL. It was the set from the cover of her album. While Stevie enticed, the audience with her presence and performance, so did the stage. The lighting was MAGICAL. Between the lighting and the stage set, at times, it transformed you into a magical sphere and invited and enticed you into entering the magical door of fantasy. At one point of the show, the stage had an aurora borealis effect to it. When she sang, PLANETS OF THE UNIVERSE the stage took on another presence. With the moon hanging behind her thru that magical door, it only enhanced the song. I have seen Stevie Nicks many times. I am a huge fan of her and her music. Last nights show was amazing. Not only is Stevie beautiful, talented and a prolific songwriter, she still has it at 53!

The only thing I noticed last night was that she didn't DANCE, OR TWIRL around the stage like she usually does. She did appear to be tired. Friday night she performed at Jones Beach. Maybe doing two shows back to back is rougher now than it used to be. However, please don't let this deter you from seeing her perform if she is in your area. So to sum up my review the only question that all of you might be wondering is there TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA?The answer is ¦NO! So run out and buy her CD, then purchase tickets to her show and put on your Stevie attire and rock on with your fellow SISTER OF THE MOON who is a BEAUTIFUL CHILD and celebrate with her. Rock On!

Michael Gabriel
I'm not really reviewing the show, per se because,1.) the people who have already done it did a pretty good job of describing the show's specifics. and , 2.) I don't know how they remembered the details like they seem to have, without actually writing them down at the time. And, anyway, we all know the set list. (For the record, however, mark me down as someone who was glad to see the song changes!) Myself, I was too busy taking my own private journey through time and space into Shangri-la to remember specifics. I have seen Stevie at least 3 times on each solo tour and about 4 or 5 times with FM (and once, in Washington, for the inauguration )... Each show was the best ever, so I hesitate to say it, but this show was the best ever! To say that Stevie rocks is such an understatement as to be laughable. There are other female rockers...some of them quite good, but none come close to that esteemed title of "Rock God" that so many of their male counterparts wear with such aplomb. Janis was...Grace was...but only Stevie still is... The shear "Stevie-ness" of last night's show was overwhelming...

I had the good fortune to be given 5th row, center tickets by my wonderful sister (thanks, Pebs) , so I really got to see Her in all the glory that is Stevie...she looked amazing for a 35 year old ...the fact that she is 53 just boggles the mind! Yes, as the other reviewers have pointed out, she does avoid the high notes now, but she more than makes up for that with that unique vibrato...who else can do that night after night, tour after tour...year after year... And when her voice broke during "Has Anyone ever..." That was one of the moments I live for...It was as if the emotion was too much for her...and the emotion that surged forth from the crowd towards her at that moment was palpable,

Well, I can only imagine, that must be one the reasons Stevie continues to give so much of herself to us, the devoted... For a number of reasons, this was a night that I will remember for the rest of my life (or at least until the next "best concert ever" that Ms. Nicks gives to us) . I was there with the love of my life who finally understands...(neither of us sat down once during the entire show). Stevie actually not only grabbed my outstretched hand, but squeezed it and --get this-- said "Thank you" to me! After all she had just given, she felt greatfull for the attention that we give to her! My only regret is that Idon't know why she did not accept the gifts at the ritualistic time... Stevie's destiny was in fact written in the stars...she will go on long after the Planets of the universe have gone their ways... Stevie, if you're reading this, Thank you from the depths of my wild. wild,wildeheart... Go ahead, Lily...Rock a little And John, thank you for giving us an outlet to express our feelings as we return energized, but a bit sad to leave behind Shangri-la....

Saw Stevie last nite in are some of my observations: -she didn't do the wail on GDW, but she did some variation of it (like "ahhhhhh"...something like that) after the place where the wail would have been. -she mentioned LB a few times, he never lived away from his parents until he met her and then they moved to LA together... -when she introed Too Far From Texas, she said "now imagine if the drummer in Lindsey's band wanted us to do country...." (Everyone laughed...I *think* she meant Mick here?) Then she said "nah, I would have told him "I HAVE TO ROCK!!" and everyone cheered!! -she messed up a bit on Bombay Sapphires (she skipped ahead a verse, realized it, then got back in sync with the girls (whom my husband was DROOLING over!) (I took over possession of the binoculars after I realized this (when my sleeve was wet from his drool!) -during Rhiannon, after the chorus was sung, she would sing "I don't think you do" fairly softly into the mike) (I don't know what this meant, but it was cool) -

For HAEWAFY, she came out with a top hat with an enormous curly feather on it. She looked so beautiful with this hat on and her hair in a ponytail. I think it made her look younger. Her voice cracked a bit for one of the last verses of the song...she was kind of holding her throat after that. -The kick on Stand Back was awesome. I knew she did that for the fans, everyone cheered when she did that. I thought it was cute how she did it, walked a little forward, grabbed the mike for support and gave a HUGE kick. -When introing her band, she commented about Al Ortiz, how he played bass on all her demos, and without him, there would be no "Trouble in Shangri La" -Loved those platform sneakers with the sparkles!! (it didn't really fit in with her outfit, but what the heck!!)

This is a review for the Shangri-La show from July 21 at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. It's been almost two days since I saw the show in New jersey, but I couldn't write this review immediately after the show, as I was a bit bemused but what I had just witnessed, so I have waited a few days and after some reflection I can offer these comments up now. I look back on this show with fond memories of powerhouse numbers such as Edge of Seventeen and Fall From Grace (even better than it plays on the album) as well as the final Has Anyone Ever Written.... These songs showcased Stevie at her best--as the rock goddess and ethereal angel. Other standards such as Rhiannon, Stand Back and even Gold Dust Woman lacked the emotional performance from Stevie despite the strong backing of her musicians and vocalists. Instead of building each song to a emotional climax (as I have seen her do in her past performances), she just kind of trailed off, and it was hard for the audience to get behind her.

Overall, myself and my group of friends in attendance felt she was just plain out of it that night and not really into the show. At one point during Bombay Sapphires she even (dare I say) forgot some of the words? And then there are the conspicuous absences of After the Glitter Fades, and even more so the album's title track and Love Is (which seemed important enough to mention in every bit of press she did for the album). Don't get me wrong, I 'm not trying to tear the show apart, and certainly not dissuade people from going to see her. But when you have seen Stevie at her legendary best, it's hard to accept anything less from her. The magic may not have been entirely there that night, but this fan would go the distance to see her again (funny sneakers and all) for those precious moments.

Sincerely, Peter

when i got inside i was sooo happy with my seats, i was in the first section, 12 or 14 rows back and a little to the left of the stage. (which was excellent cuz i could see her changing her shawls and stuff!) before Stevie came out they BLASTED Bootylicious!!! the crowd went wild!! everybody was dancing all over the place. then they did the TISL intro as the girls came out, and then came Stevie, i actually got tears in my eyes at the sight of her! Stop Draggin' sounded AWESOME!

all the songs seemed a little more Rockin' than usual, and Stevie's voice sounded AMAZING throughout the whole show. :) Waddy was amazing, he was really rockin' out and enjoying himself. they went right into Dreams, (No Outside the Rain?!) Stevie thanked us for coming and told us she loves us, & blew kisses! too cute! Enchanted was really good, Stevie had her black tamb and came out to the edge of the stage!!! (this was the only time, except during Edge) for Gold Dust Woman she had on her Golden shawl with the sparkles, sounded REALLY good! I had read in some reviews that her newer songs weren't sounding that good, but when she did Sorcerer it blew me away, "Let Me Put You On Ice..."

She talked about writing the song before joining FM and that it was about "Scary Hollywood", and how she & Lindsey went from living at home to jumping in a car and being on their own. Rhiannon had a really pretty piano intro with the "Don't Leave Me" lines, but when they kicked into the rock part, it ROCKED! Stevie had on her long dripping black wings, but only twirled once. She kept adding "I Don't Think You Do!" (shouting it) at one part she did it in the wrong place or something cuz i could see her make a face like oops! and smile. :)

Planets of The Universe was REALLY good! Stevie talked about writing it after the first 2 months of recording Rumours & that she never recorded it for all these years because it was too heavy, and that she sat down at the piano and changed it so there was that light at the end of the tunnel. Stevie really rocked out on this one, she was shaking that tamb and dancing like CRAZY in front of the drum set! :) :) Bombay Sapphires sounded beautiful & Stevie came out wearing the Blue Lamp Shawl!!!! she looked beautiful. when she came out for Stand Back she had a new shawl on, a shorter version of the usual Standback cape, with little small gold circles all over it.

She was in excellent voice and danced with the bassist & Waddy and at the end she did that HIGH kick!! i would say shoulder high!!! before Too Far From Texas she was talking about it being country and said something like what if all those years ago when Lindsey asked her to join his band it was a country group? then she said, i would've said "I Have To Rock!" and she laughed. :) Sharon sang the duet parts from the side, Mindy was backstage. during the song instead of singing "he might never" she sang "but i know better"!!!! Fall From Grace was Intense! very powerful! this time Mindy sang the duet parts from the side and Sharon was gone. Both were excellent, there voices blend so well.

Stevie came out for Edge Of 17 in a newer version of the cape, it was shorter with sparkles all over it. the song sounded amazing, but i was a little disapointed that Sharon did not walk over and share the mic with Stevie during their little duet part. she stayed at the side, and Stevie did not turn her mic to the side and look at her like i expected either. strange. Stevie took her shawl off when she made her way to the edge to shake hands, you could really tell she was listening to people and was reaching really far out to try to get to everyone, when she was walking back to the mic she looked like she had tears in her eyes. She told everyone to take care of themselves and be well so we could do this again, sing and dance again. Then she came back out for I Need To Know with a little tailored black jacket & her tamb. it was great, some people started leaving at this point to beat the crowd, so i was able to move from the side to dead center and even closer to the stage!!!! i didn't realize Stevie had a HUGE surprise for us! when she came out for HAEWAFY, she had a sparkling ivory top on over her black dress, with a peach shawl draped over her arms, and she had her hair pulled back in a low ponytail because she was wearing a LARGE BLACK VELVET TOPHAT WITH LONG FEATHERS STUCK ON THE SIDE!!!! SHE LOOKED STUNNING!!!!

the song sounded so beautiful and sweet, she got choked up at one point and her voice cracked, she looked upset and put her hand to her throught, but the whole audience just cheered at the top of their lungs (including me!) and she finished the song beautifully. she looked soo cute taking the bows with her band cuz she had to keep holding her hat on! :) when she walked off for the last time i didn't want to she her go, it was truly an Enchanted evening. (i don't know if the songs are in the right order or anything, i'm trying to remember but it's hard the next day.)

Almost eighteen years ago Stevie Nicks embarked on her Wild Heart Tour. About a year later I was born, and for the first several years of my life, although I would hear Fleetwood Mac on the radio and echoing through the corridors of my house, beckoning from my sister's room, their music was simply another song getting airplay on a classic rock station.

But now, as I come upon my seventeenth year, I have spent approximately three years enjoying the wondrous sounds of the Mac as well as the solo works of both Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie. How I got to this point, I cannot tell you because it remains a mystery to even myself. One day I borrowed my sister's "Enchanted" box set, and soon after "Tusk" became a permanent resident in my room. After she rightfully wanted to listen to it a few times and I, each time, borrowed it again when she was finished I set out to get my own Fleetwood Mac cds. Now, I have been a poet myself for four years, and as such I found the lyrics of Stevie in particular, to be exquisite. Once I realized that I was for the most part only listening to the tracks she had written on the Fleetwood Mac albums, I extended my collection to include her solo works and found them quite enjoyable. With the release of "Trouble in Shangri-La" came another edition, on the day of release no less, and anticipation of finally seeing Stevie Nicks live. Which brings me to July twenty-first of 2001 when Stevie Nicks and her band performed in Holmdel, NJ. In preparation for the event I bought a vintage 70's dress that was long and black with an asymmetrical hem and paired it with knee high black platform boots. Dressed accordingly I set out for my first Stevie Nicks concert with high hopes and 17th row center tickets.

Opening the show was Jeffrey Gaines whom I was somewhat unfamiliar with having only heard his version of "In Your Eyes," a few times on the radio. He came out onstage with two guitars and did a wonderful job of singing and playing. Not just anyone has the nerve to go out onstage all alone and work that hard. Of course, some people, maybe even most, were at the show to see Stevie Nicks and whoever the opening act was mattered little to them, but most of the crowd gave the applause due to Jeffrey Gaines just the same. The few hecklers were most likely traveling on a beer buzz and merely wanted to shout about something. Personally I thought he did a wonderful job.

For such a long introduction I'm afraid the actual portion of my review dealing with the show itself will be a little scant. She did a fantastic job, as did her entire band and back-up singers. My expectations were high, and I was not let down. One could tell how hard she was working as I'm sure she will every night of the tour. Of course there were a few lyrical changes, because when it's a song you wrote you have the authority to mix it up a little when you're performing it live for the umpteenth time. Her voice was up to par, her clothes were unique as usual, and hopefully she can tour again soon so I can go to another show. Perhaps most of Fleetwood Mac will tour again soon, as that would be a great experience and something I haven't had the pleasure to see, but if not another Stevie Nicks concert even without another new album would be astonishing!

Rick Noordijk, the Netherlands
Well it's the morning after the Holmdel show and I'm in a New York internet cafe writing this review. I am still so much awestruck by the last two days events... Since it looks like Stevie is never ever going to come to Europe again, "I decided to go to the other side of the world" to see her, like I did in 1998 on the Enchanted tour. But this time was going to be even better because I got to go to the shows with my American Stevie Friends Chris, David and Helen.

And I have to tell you it was more than worth the trip and my impending bankruptcy ;-). Stevie is the most amazing performer ever of any of the planets of the universe. The Jones Beach show was fantastic and even though Sheryl wasn't there last night in Holmdel, it was an absolutely amazing show- Sheryl added a lot to the show, but Stevie can bring the house down by herself just as well!!! It was all there: the twirling, the kick during Stand Back, beautiful lighting, Edge of Seventeen and Fall From Grace just rocked and Has Anyone... brought tears to my eyes because that song has helped me get through so many of my darkest hours. I love you Stevie! And in case anyone is listening: record the Universal City shows and put out a DVD!!!!!

Just got back from the show in Holmdel. I have plus & minus opinions about tonights show. I'll get the minus ones over with first! Please go back to opening with "Outside/Dreams"! I think it's much more effective and the lower register "Draggin'" with Waddy, just doesn't have the same attention getting effect. Also, Stevie's voice and band seemed a tad off tonite, not majorly, maybe the "Planets of the Universe" weren't in the right spot! And dear Stevie, if you're comfortable in your sneakers, great, however it seemed a little awkward. I know it's easier to sing with flat shoes but heck, why not sing barefoot! You've been pictured that way before! The plus ones... "Rhiannon" and "17" were stellar, the set is beautiful, Stevie seems very happy and genuinely appreciates her fans. Also "Fall From Grace" was "very powerful". All in all a good concert. As a wonderful gentleman said to me tonight, "There will never be another like her".

Jennifer Polanski
This was my first Stevie concert, the show was amazing! When she came out i started to cry, i was standing practicly the hole show and have no voice left from singing and screaming. There was so much energy in that stadium and she sounded perfect. The only song i wish she had played that she didnt was landslid, other than that i loved everysong, and knew all of them. I would love to see her again. Me and my best friend had an amazing time.

Stevie was awesome tonite at the PNC! She began with Stop Draggin My Heart and had a sparkle and bounce to her that was amazing. She seems to be enjoying this tour to the max. Her energy is soooo contagious and the band is fabbbbbbulous!! She sang TISL, Bombay Sapphire, Everyday, Sorcerer (she remarked that she wrote this song before Fleetwood Mac in 1974), Fall From Grace, Texas, Edge of 17, Stand Back, Rhiannon........

The audience at PNC was EXCELLENT and was very responsive to the new songs. Stevie said "I love doing the new stuff." Last night, at Jones Beach, I ran to the front of the stage after Edge of 17, got caught up in the Stevie moment and handed her my own shawl! She took it from my hands and took my hand in hers and said thank you. I said that I loved her and she said I know. I was knocked out by her presence. She is like the fairy princess who makes everything beautiful.

Tonite at PNC, she did not take a single item from the fans in the front who were holding flowers, bears, etc. I dont know why she wasnt accepting gifts, but I am sooo glad she took my shawl. It was 2 nights that I'll never forget! I love you Stevie....

Love, Vivian

Donna Abrams
I just got back from the PNC show. What an experience. This was my eighth Stevie concert (not including Fleetwood Mac) and I had a great time. The set list was pretty much the same as Opening Night (minus the 2 Sheryl Crow songs and Outside the Rain, which I think she needs to add back into the set by the way!) I'm not really good with words, but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Stevie was amazing!

Nothing will ever match my first Stevie concert (1986 Rock a Little), but this is close. Hopefully she will come back to NJ again with FM and we can feel the magic again.

Rock On Gold Dust Woman!

Michael McDonald
What an awesome show at The PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. Even better then The Fleetwood Mac reuion tour and The Enchanted Tour. I originally had lawn seats and some lady from the record company came to me and handed me section 104 row O tickets 15 rows from the stage. Jeffery Gaines was ok. He played three songs that I liked. Stevie looked great as well as did her band. Destiny's Child's "Bootylish" kicked off the show from the speakers. Then we heard a little bit of "Trouble in Shangri-La". Then the show really began with "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" with Waddy Watchel on Tom Petty's part. The she played "Enchanted", which was awesome (that is one of my favs). Then Stevie through us for a loop because she did "Dreams" and DID NOT play "Outside The Rain" like she normally would do. She then went to go put on a gold shawl and did "Gold Dust Woman". That was followed by "Everyday" then "Sorcerer". A piano solo kicked off "Rhiannon" which was awesome. Then came "Stand Back" which Stevie did a little kick towards the end. Then came "Planets Of The Universe" followed by "Too Far From Texas". "Fall From Grace" rocked. There was a bit of an acoustic guitar to kick off "Bombay Sapphire" Then Mark and Lenny did a drum solo then Waddy did a giutar solo to kick off "Edge Of Seventeen". Then the band left. They came back for two encores : "I Need To Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" which Stevie had this hat on with feathers on the hat. It was an exellent show. Would have been even better if Sheryl Crow was there. BUT IT WAS A GREAT NIGHT

I still remember that night in 1982, like it was just the other night. It was a first for a number of things that night. It was my first concert I ever saw. The headline act was breaking out on her own for the first time on tour. It was the first time I began to believe in angels. And of course, It was the first time I saw Stevie Nicks live.

Here I was 18 years old, being mesmerized by this enchantress dancing across the stage. Praying this night would never end. Well now its 19 years and 20 shows later, and that night still continues. But only in shadows of it's once self. Tonight the TISL tour rolled into NJ at the PNC Art Center. I came into this tour with high expectations thanks to that incredible setlist she played during the 98' Enchanted tour. After the first few shows, of this tour, it wasn't going to happen. "Oh well', I thought, at least I could enjoy it with my true, dearest, best friend. I been trying to get her to see Stevie with me for years. Finally after 4 tries, she gives in. We got to PNC around 7:00. Seeing, it was her first Stevie experience, I figured I needed to go all out. Few deals later, I turned are sec 302 seats to sec 102 6th row.

It's now 9:10, Jeffery ended his set about 20 minutes ago. Really liked the way he re-did " In Your Eyes". Suddenly, a very familiar guitar riff was coming over the house system. The crowd came to its feet knowing what was next. Then echoing through the art center was heard the chorus from TISL. Even the stage resembled something from the orient. Thought to myself, "after 8 solo albums, how come Enchanted was the closes title track we heard live ever?". After a count off, Waddy and the band jumped into Stop Draggin. Then with the crowd, already in a frenzy, Stevie appeared. Dressed in black, Stevie waved to the crowd. With a 6th row view, I couldn't believe how beautiful Stevie was still. Enchanted followed, then Stevie pulled the next two from Rumours, Dreams and Gold Dust Woman. TISL finally made it's debut with Every Day. Saw the video, the version on Rosie and on Letterman but this blows all of the others away.

After a brief discussion about Lindsey she sang Sorcerer. Stevie got the Art Center rocking on it's feet again, with the classic Rhiannon and her biggest solo hit Standback. Stevie turned the show into another direction with the country like song Too Far From Texas. My favorite from TISL. Then continued more from TISL, Planets, Fall from Grace ( The stage rush begins) and Bombay Sapphires. As soon as Fall was 1/2 way over, I had to grab my friends arm to go up front. She was very reluctant, telling me, " were gonna kicked out". Sheesh Stevie Virgins.

Finally she gave in and we ended up 2 deep along the stage. I bet if we left earlier we would have been against the stage. It was great to see Waddy again, after a short drums solo, Waddy was teasing us with the 17 intro, then he was ready to go to work. Finally Stevie rejoin the band in a white shawl. Kinda liked the duel guitar work from Waddy and Carlos on this tune. Near the end ,Stevie made her way to are side of the stage. Unfortunate I wasn't close enough for a kiss, I had to settle for a hand shake. My friend was able to get one too. To her surprised, she loved what Stevie just did for the fans.

With the end of 17 brought the end of the first set. And then the band rejoined with Stevie to end the show with I Need To Know and Has Anyone.... Lights came up, everyone went home. Ok, my overview , for 53 years old Stevie can still perform. And with her popularity soaring again, It's gonna be awhile before she stops. There was about the same number Generation X'ers as there was Baby Booms in the crowd. Even the young X'ers flocked in. So she'll keep them coming. I was disappointed with the setlist but pleasantly surprised the new songs live. Stevie looked drained at times. Maybe because the back to back nights. My friend thinks she might have been ill. She drank alot of fluids and kept grabbing her throat. Her vocals seem not as strong anymore. She didn't try to hit the high notes in Gold Dust or Rhiannon. And broke up during Has Anyone... She dropped Outside the Rain and 2 Sheryls songs and didn't replace them with something else. I think this show should be graded at B-. I guess she dosen't "Wear boot all summer long," anymore. those sneakers crack me up.

This was the first concert of any kind I have ever been too in all my whole life. I am 31 years old and a mother of a three year old boy. Last nite my dream came true. It was one of the most amazing nights of my whole life. I idolize Stevie and to see her up on that stage after all of these years was like a dream come true. My husband came with me. He's not a Stevie fan and even he enjoyed it. I never thought I could feel the way I did last night. Stevie has something mmagical about her and she brought that magic to me last night. I will be eternally greatful. All of her songs were wonderful and her voice sounded great the whole night. She actually seemed happy to be performing which made it even better. You could actually tell that she was happy be up there bringing her magic to you.

It didn't matter that Sheryl Crow wasn't there. We were all there to see Stevie and she gave us all of her. It was the most magical wonderful night and I will be forever greatful. I can't wait till next summer when she comes with the Mac. I will be there again and hopefull I will get some better seats. I hope everyone was as enchanted as I was. IT WAS THE NIGHT OF MY LIFE. ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devlin Fitzpatrick
The mystical lady of rock and roll reigned supreme at the Jersey shore last night. The momentum was building as Jeffrey Gaines warmed up the crowd and we were all ready to rock as he left the stage. After a short 20 minute intermission the Edge of Seventeen guitar riff could be heard and the R&B beat of Bootylicious could be heard. Then the corus of Trouble in Shangri-La was played to announce the arrival of everybody's favorite Welsh witch.

For an hour and a half she poured out her soul from Stop Draggin' My Heart Around to Stand Back to Sorcerer to Edge of Seventeen, it was a cohesive sample of a stellar career at the top of Rock glory. The poignant ending with HAEWAFY was breathtaking. You literally could not breath as Stevie came out in a golden sequined bodice with flowing chiffon shawl and top hat. The top hat was adorned with several plumes of feathers. She gave a stirring performance of that song and when her voice cracked slightly during the high note, the crowd gave a reassuring cheer and it was truly moving. With that she took her leave and disappeared into the night air.

We simply adore her!! Rock on Gold Dust Woman!!!

I am a long-time fan of Stevie's since the early 80's. I have seen her shows in person since '86. This was my 6th, saw FM 3 times as well. Have tapes of her earlier shows. Well, let me tell you that was the BEST show I have seen of her solo! The stage sets were fabulous, she had tremendous energy, she was in fantastic voice and she seemed so much happier to be there really genuine. Then possibly she had in the past. Also, I was so happy to see Waddy with her again.....she did songs I had never heard her do in concert and she said that the "set could change night to night". That was my only beef in the past, it seemed to always be the same songs, same order etc... The crowd was also the best I've ever seen for her shows, such a mix of people, packed to the gills and cheering to the max. I took my fiance who also enjoyed it very much(he's more of an FM fan, never saw her solo). And he was really impressed! We both had a great time!

Stevie, you are an inspiration to the women of rock.....may you continue to rock on!



more reviews coming......

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