Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

7/13/01 Meadows Music Theater Hartford, CT
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Amber Rose
I saw Stevie at the Hartford show and it was the best night of my 13 years. I have been on this ultimate high ever since the show and that was a month ago. I have never been happier. I was 15 rows from the stage. Her voice was amazing every song she sang was perfect. She was so nice. I wrote her a letter and she took it out of my hand held my hand for a seconed and i was flippin out so much and she mouthed to me "its ok its ok" I almost died right there and then. When she sang Has Anyone Ever written Anything For You I almost cried it was so touching. It feels like it was all a dream. The best part about it was knowing the next night i was going to see her again. Those two nights were perfect and nothing will ever compare to that!


I have always loved Stevie Nicks and this was my first time seeing her. When I first heard the guitar lick from bootylycious, i actually got chills, like I couldnt believe i was there, then when she hit the stage , I froze, because I had an incredible view from the 3 rd. row. I was lucky to also be in an aisle seat, so I was up all night dancing and singing! All I can say is that she was exactly like I thought she would be. She Rocked, she sounded fantastik,and she was so gracious towards the fans, you could feel it . I loved the entire show from start to finish. Sheryl Crow was also a wonderful addition. The only thing that shocked me was, that I thought the audience would of been more up all night, but my section was. Off to Boston......

Jennifer Kline
I saw Stevie Nicks for the first time last night. Shw was everything I'd ever hoped for but yet still not enough. What can I say? The set was beautiful, the songs kicked ass and 2 hours felt like only 20 short minutes. I would have been heartbroken if she hadn't done the songs she did but yet there atleast two dozenmore I was praying to hear as well. I could see her every night and it would probably still never be enough! Seeing Stevie was like a dream come true for me. It was so surreal to me and totally magical. I could just feel her aura and as I looked around at the packed house around me, everyone on their feets, I was touched by the amount of love their - all of it for our rock n roll goddess! Her voice sounded better than it has since the 70's and she is still so beautiful and sweet. I loved seeing her with Sheryl on stage as well. They really compliment each other so perfectly. If Sheryl could play the keyboards I'd say she should join Fleetwood Mac as well! I must say that I would have preferred if she hadn't done quite so many songs from TISL and had done a few more of the oldies.

I was disappointed that she played no songs form "Rock a Little" which is one of my favorites of hers. I also would have loved to hear "whole lotta trouble" or "sometimes it's a bitch" from her TimeSpace cd. I hope she will be changing her set list because so far she's done the same songs in the same order every night for a week now. I shouldn't complain. It's just that I love SOOOO many of her songs and I was hoping she would mix it up a little better and not play 7 of 13 songs from TISL. I'd also like to add that I was very impressed with the Meadows Music Center. It was set up well (although the restrooms could have been closer), the aisles were wide and so were the seats. I sat in the very last row of the seated section but directly in front of the stage. I did bring binoculars with me to see close up (had to make sure it was really Stevie!) but even if I hadn't, my view was still pretty decent. I was disappointed that I didn't see many "Stevie faithfuls" donned in long flowing skirts, shawls, platforms, etc. I really thought that they would be everywhere and I only saw like 2 people dressed that way. All in all, though, it was a magical night and I now wish I could follow her to every show for the rest of her career but alas I can not!

Thank you for the best show of my life!!! Jennifer Kline, North Adams, MA

i have been a stevie nicks fan since 1977 when rumours was released and my daughter was born. whenever i think back to that year i smile. my husband was listening to the radio station whcn with the lich. the station was giving two front row tickets to stevie nicks the night of her concert. my husband and i were there when the gates open and went to the booth of whcn and waited in hopes of winning the tickets. we both were so nervous standing there waiting for the moment to have a chance to win the tickets. to win the tickets you had to answer a trivia question about stevie. the dj was the lich and he had a man point one arm out like an arrow and turn him around several times and when he stop and where his arm was pointing that person would have a chance to win the tickets. the arm was pointing at me and i could'nt believe it. my heart was pounding. the dj came over and ask me the trivia question and i answer the question right. i hug the dj and was crying. from that point on i was in a state of shock. as we walked to our seats i felt like i was dreaming. here we are several feet from stevie. i never had front row tickets in my life it was unbelievable feeling as we both sat down. that would be the last time we would be sitting down. when stevie walked on stage we stood and was over whelm with emotion. she looked and sounded great. she put on a fantastic concert. you could feel in the air how much love her fans have for her.near the end of her concert everyone rushed to the stage. as she walked along shaking hands she touched both of our hands and smiled. my husband and i were moved. i will never forget this night as long as i live. thank-you whcn and the lich for making my dream a reality.

Kaia Rhiannon Rose
On Fri 13th July I sat with my friend in the 13th row center of Stevies concert in Hartford CT, an enchanted evening! I must add that i probably paid more than anyone else to be there...a $700 plane ticket from St Croix US Virgin Islands (where I live), $80 concert ticket, and $15 to park! But as any truly devoted Stevie fan would understand, when I moved away to this island 3 months ago, I knew the tour was coming up and I wasnt going to miss it for anything!! So I saved up and made it happen, and of course it was worth every penny...she played old hits and new, in her platform sneakers even, what a cutie! We got all dressed up for the show, and loved every minute of it. I wanted to dance and spin in the aisles, but security had a problem with this...needless to say, I left the show higher than any plane could ever fly!

Blessed Be Stevie sisters and brothers, she still reins supreme!

I was pleasantly surprised when my uncle presented me with tickets to see Stevie for my birthday (Well, I think I hinted enough). It had to be *the* best birthday present EVER! I fell in love with her music myself several years ago-- it was like a treasure chest I had found all on my own, without anyone telling me. Before I had nothing but CDs and old records to relate to, and finally I got the real thing! Everything that night was magical; from the stage, to the sound, to the glitter on Stevie's dress, it was like a dream come true. I shed tears of joy several times. Simply to hear those words in person-- the words that always spoke to me and knew exactly what I was feeling... Amazing. My uncle was surprised I knew every song and every word. My advice to those who hold tickets for future performances, DON'T SIT DOWN. ENJOY EVERY PRECIOUS MOMENT WHILE YOU CAN. And for those first time Stevie concert-goers: Yes, she was crying. Yes, she really does love her music that much. And, you're not imagining-- she is singing to you. And if I may, I'd like to give a shout out to the ladies who sat next to me. Thanks for the conversation, thanks for the memories. Sorry for bumping into you during my dancing fits ("blame it on my wild heart"). And sorry for the singing off key.

I am one of those "Old Old" die-hard Stevie Fans, saw her for the first time in 1977 when Rumors Kicked off, since then I have seen her at least 30 times in concert, and I have to say, in 2001 she has never sounded better!! Every thing about her was just perfect, and her crystal clear, rock solid voice, honestly gave me chills, the best show I have ever seen! (trust me I have seen some of her bad shows too)...but as we all knew, Stevie fans are a loyal bunch...From beginning to end, she was just "ON" the entire time!!

It was my very first Stevie Nicks concert and let me just say I was completely blown away. It was the absolute best live show I have ever seen. It was in Hartford, CT at the Meadows Music Theater. Stevie was beautiful as always, and she ROCKED the place. Everyone cheered and danced, I myself did no sit down once during the performance. Stevie's stage presence is electric, captivating, and all out rockin! I suggest to every Stevie Nicks fan, if you haven't seen her live in concert, do so if you get the chance, it will just make you love her even more.

Stevie, thank you for the best concert experience of my life, I look forward to seeing you live again. Keep rockin, we love you always.

I am just getting back now to my home (and computer) in NYC after a spectacular weekend in Connecticut. I had no idea on Friday afternoon, driving to Connecticut with my husband Charlie, that a lifelong dream would come true that night at the Stevie Nicks concert in Hartford...

We arrived at the Meadows early, about 4 pm. Around 5 pm or so a small crowd of people were waiting to be let into the venue. For some reason, people started moving toward a pole, where a man dressed all in black had climbed up and started to address the crowd. I walked over, and being about Stevie's height, I moved toward the front to see what was happening. The man was a DJ at WHCN in Connecticut, and the station was incredibly about to give away a chance to meet Stevie backstage, as well as chances for those with lawn seats to get seats up front!!! He said the chances would be given out with trivia questions, and then said, well ladies first, who wants to be first? Not shy, I shot my hand up and shouted, "ME, ME, ME!!" Incredibly, he actually chose me! As it evolved, the whole experience seemed surreal, and was happening before the reality could sink in. He joked around a bit, about whether the question should be hard or easy, etc. Finally, he said, "Well, you know that Stevie used to have her father introduce her at some shows..." and I interjected "my daughter, Stevie Nicks" just as her dad says on the Bella Donna video concert. So he asked, "What is her father's name?" A woman yelled out "Jess," so the DJ said that the question was disqualified, since another crowd member yelled it out. I was SO nervous, completely freaked out. So the next question the DJ asked was, "what is her mother's name?" So I said, "Barbara, Barbara, BARBARA!" I was almost in a daze. My husband said, "that is her final answer!" and the DJ said, "Correct, you win!" I let out such a scream, one of those horror movie shrieks! I must have screamed a few times, I was shaking, completely stunned. I couldn't believe it!

My husband and I have been listening to her for ages. We'd met in high school in 1986 when we were at the high school radio station together, because we would both always pick out the Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac songs to play. We dated for a couple of years while we were both away at college, and the Stevie and Kenny Loggins duet "Whenever I Call You Friend" has special significance for us, because we are truly best friends. After having broken up for a few years and my having moved to Florida, Charlie called me in 1991 to say he was flying me up to NY because he had gotten front row center seats to see Stevie in Jones Beach! We saw her at that amazing show and got back together. I moved back to NY when I graduated college in Florida in late 1992, and we've been married since 1995. We met because of Stevie, and Stevie helped to get us back together. We both just LOVE her and her music.

After a very nervous hour and a half of waiting for the backstage passes to get to the will-call window, wondering if this would actually happen, feeling that it couldn't possibly be real, the passes materialized and we went into the venue. People came up and congratulated us, everyone was so incredibly nice! I floated around in a daze, with the biggest smile on my face! At the concession stand (where I bought one of everything!) someone offered me money for the passes - NO WAY! There was no way that I'd pass on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

As you've read below, the show was great! The crowd was revved up by the playing of "Bootylicious" right before the show began. Stevie came on and was incredible. She sounded fantastic and looked fabulous. You could tell that she was clearly having a great time, dancing around, singing with Sheryl. It was great to see her with Waddy, too. His guitar is unmistakeable, and just great. The set was beautiful, with alot of the imagery from the TISL album - the archway from the cover, the beautiful colors, the dragon "S".

After the show, we rushed out to the designated area to be let in to "Meet and Greet" Stevie. We were first on line, and so anxious. I was shaking when I first won, and still shaking now, just in absolute disbelief. Although I thought I might someday meet her (we hope to get to the Arizona Heart Benefit this year) this came as such a complete shock, to actually win something like this. A group of us were let in to a room where we were to wait for Stevie to come in. After about 15 minutes, Stevie came in with a few others. I was still almost in disbelief. She came to us first, and we finally got a chance to tell her our story, to tell her how important she is to us. She was so sweet, such a real person (which seems so incredible after following her for so long). When my husband Charlie said, "...and now we're married," Stevie reached out and touched his elbow and said, "Ohh." We told her what a great show it was, how great she sounded, how wonderful she looked. I told her that I was dying for her to put the Bella Donna tour video on DVD, because I keep wearing out the tapes from watching them! Stevie is just so warm, so sweet. She signed the tour program we bought from the show, and the radio station rep took our picture with her and two others. We can't wait to see it!

The whole meeting was pretty quick, since she had others to meet and still had to get going that night. She was so sweet and gracious. She looked great after the show, in a black matte jersey v-neck long sleeve top, over funky black pants. After we left, we went to the car in the parking lot, and ran into some great fans who asked us about the meet and greet. Everyone was so nice! We had about a one-hour drive to the inn we were staying at, and every couple of minutes we would just say to each other, "We met Stevie Nicks!" still in utter disbelief! All through the weekend, we would just think about it, and say it to each other, almost as a reality check, to make sure it was real. I'm not sure if it will ever sink in. Thank you so much to WHCN for giving us the chance, but mostly, thank you Stevie for always being so wonderful, such a great singer and songwriter, but mostly for being such a completely beautiful person.

I took my 16-year-old daughter to the show in Hartford. I am the rabid Stevie fan, she came along to keep me company. We had an absolute blast. Before the show, we made it a point to walk up to everyone dressed up in lace and platform boots to tell them how incredible they looked. Stevie fans ARE the best fans in the world. Stevie was fabulous. The band was awesome, Sheryl Crow rocked, the set looked like a Maxfield Parrish painting. They crowd was huge and adoring. The experience was great, well-worth the price of admission, the 3-hour drive and the traffic gridlock after the show. I'd do it all over again in a (wild) heartbeat.

"I will not forget this night....dare my wild heart..."

Well, let me say my wife and I had an awesome evening out. I originally had 15th row tickets for the show. The day before the show, I won front row center seats from 96.5 TIC FM with limo service to and from the concert! They had a contest where they played one note from three different Stevie songs. I knew all three, got through and answered all three correctly!!! I have never won anything from a radio station before, so I was so thrilled. Being a HUGE Stevie fanatic, I was on cloud nine.

The limo picked up my wife and I at 6:00. The driver, Leavue (pronounced leave-you) gave my kids a spin around the block before we left. They were psyched. They are 7 and 9 years old. When we arrived, we had to sell our original tickets. We sold them to a couple and were back at our limo for a few cocktails before entering. We then purchased T-shirts and memorabilia for our kids, then went to the 96.5 TIC booth to thank them for a truly incredible adventure.

We missed Jeffery Gains completely. Right after we sat down, the Bootylicious song was played and my heart skipped a beat. The moment was near. Once the vocals from TISL came on the lights went out and on came the band! Stevie came out and looked so beautiful and radiant. My wife and I looked at each other in disbelief. Are we really here, in FRONT ROW!!?? I won't go into detail about the set. You have already read it. She sounded wonderful, she looked so happy. She glowed and smiled often. I will say I am a little unsure about the platform sneakers with the blinking gems. I just miss her signature boots...all summer long.

She twirled a few times, offered a kick in Stand Back, which was the highlight of the show for me. Sorcerer was excellent, as was Every Day, Planets and Fall From Grace. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was magical, all of us at the stage sang with her as she held us in her trance. Once the notes from Edge started, we approached the stage. A guy next to us was holding up a poster for her to sign, and a girl behind me and I had to keep asking him to put it down, because she wasn't going to sign it while she was signing! We were able to shake her hand, I told her how much I loved her, and she thanked me. She is just so.....fantastic. You know that. Stevie, you rock! Thanks for an awesome experience.

On the way out, I saw Chris Nicks at the merchandise booth and we went over and introduced ourselves. He was very friendly. He asked how we liked the show and we told him that we had front row center seats. He laughed and said, "You guys had better seats than I did!" Very cool, warm personality. He mentioned that there are days when Stevie says she is getting to old for this. I told him to please tell her NO!!, that her fans love her so much. She still rocks! He said that he will tell her for me. It was great to meet him, one step away from close...

Thank you Stevie for an enchanting evening in Shangri-La

P.S. And thank you Gary Craig and the crew at 96.5 TIC FM!!

Rick Eva
13, Friday, 2001 -- Hartford, Connecticut's Meadows Theatre was packed with Stevie Nicks fans. Jeffery Gaines was a great opening act, referencing Stevie Nicks from time to time. His songs were beautifully done and we all seemed to appreciate that. Stevie came on very soon after that, just before the dark set in. Don't go out at intermission for too long you may miss the intro. She looked beautiful and was in great voice. The lighting was fabulous, colours seemed to reach out at you. The set was a giant symbol of love and peace. Stevie sang with such love and respect for music and for her musicians that I came away believing more than ever that we must all keep reaching for our dreams and goals. The sound was not good though. The sound guys couldn't seem to get the balance right between Stevie's vocal and the lead guitar. Sheryl Crow sounded great the whole time, and being a musician myself, I didn't understand what the problem was. Bring Stevie's vocal up please and don't cut off her phrasing. Ug. I could have jumped in the sound booth myself...anyway, The show is just dynomite and really tight. Fall from Grace was incredible, and Stevie did sound like stronger than ever. Thank you Stevie for working this long and this hard...

deb t.
saw a great show tonight. always so great to see stevie. she looks so beautiful and happy. i was so excited to also be seeing waddy wachtel and sheryl crow. i would have liked more of the old songs but oh well. great time with gold dust woman. fall from grace was personal favorite. she showed us all her absolutely fine voice with has anyone ever written. i think the crowd noticed she was getting tired about 2/3 through with edge of seventeen....opened with waddy and percussion jamming....stevie looked tired though, with little in the way of dancing and i know the crowd was disappointed not to get the scream. but i am a true stevie fan and we should all be able to rock a little like her at age 53. thanks to stevie for gracing us all with her songs and love.

the last time i saw stevie was 1979 in san diego with fleetwood mac--she was awesome then--she is truly still awesome--last night`s show could not have been any better--i came out of the show totally refreshed and pleased--what a proffessional sweetheart--everything was perfect--and at 53 yrs old she is still a goddess--she is truly it--thankyou stevie--the band was perfect--sheryl crow was perfect--they have it all together--she should be VERY proud of herself----

Sue from Connecticut!
What a night, what a magical night! We arrived at the Meadows and found our seats, 15 rows back, center stage. Jeffrey Gaines took the stage and was quite impressive and very personable. He played for approximately 35 minutes. I did not recognize his songs, except for "In Your Eyes," but myself and my friend found his music to be quite intriguing. Stevie's show started at approximately 8:30ish and began with Destiny's Child's' "Bootylicious," which I found to be a very cool way to start the show. Waddy came out....Wow, great to see him again. He looks and sounds great! Stevie took the stage and the crowd went wild!!! I wonder if she can really comprehend the impact she had on the 11,000 or so fans in attendance!!! Well, we all know by now the Set List...It was pretty amazing! Stevie sounded great! The "Room Was On Fire"!! I've seen her in concert many times, but never this close, she looked beautiful and oh so trim...YOU GO GIRL!!! I also loved the fact that she did not wear the Platform Boots, but Platform High Top Sneakers, very cool! Sheryl Crow took the stage with Stevie several times and she looked and sounded fantastic also. I think she was having a little trouble with her pants, but she passed it off in a comical way. Ahhh if we all had that problem of being a little too thin for our clothes!!! She looked very cool. Throughout the show, Stevie did her phenomenal twirls and a great high kick. When I heard the intro into "Edge of Seventeen," I grabbed my friend and we got down to the stage. That was very exciting...My spot seemed to be perfect enough...I was in direct line of Stevie's Mic, so I could see all the emotion and that pretty smile that I've only seen on TV. At the end when she came to shake hands and to accept gifts, the crowd started pushing. At that point, she kept asking people not to do that as they were crushing people. That just showed me how caring she really is to her fans. I work in a similar type of Venue and not many artists seem to care who may get hurt. Stevie then came back with her two encore songs. When she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," it actually brought tears to her eyes as well as many of the fans (myself included). In conclusion, the night was magical, the stage was beautiful, Ms. Nicks was wonderful, the Band was great and Sheryl Crowe was excellent. Stevie even joked about how she finally changed the Set List!!! For any fan, this is a must see show, so if it is coming to a Venue near you, my suggestion is run, don't walk, get tickets and see this phenomenal show!

Keep Rockin'

Stevie drew a big crowd last night. We arrived late and got a chance to walk around and check out everything. I especially loved her tour buses two big silver "Provosts". We got to see the caterers bringing huge trays of food backstage. One has to wonder what kind of negotiating goes on with all of the overhead. It truly is a pleasure to step into the lime light of a rock star. Stevie is enchanting, her platform sneakers were absolutely adorable, she wore a thumb ring which was a nice accent to her motif. Sheryl Crow was an added bonus to her show, I especially loved the sweater she sported in the second half of the performance it reminded me of what Stevie wore in her earlier days of performing. The show delivered !I give her much credit for still producing her music it can't be easy touring all that time and performing almost every week. It has to be what she really loves to continue to perform ,then again the reward certainly goes a long way upon completion of her project. Thank you Stevie for all you have contributed to life, I can't express enough gratitude towards you for I have followed you since I was a teen. You truly are an icon for my generation. Keep on rocking!

just came back from the hartford show. it was GREAT. stevie sounded great and looked beautiful. sheryl crow was great and also beautiful. we had the best time. we were in the 11th row, and it was awesome. love ya stevie

meg flanery
As the Stevie began to sing off stage,the chorus line to the title song of her Trouble in Shangri-La album, the tension and excitement obviously doubled. As Stevie Nicks walked on stage and began singing "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" the hardcore fans and the people that only knew such songs as "Landslide" and "Silver Springs" all fell in love all over again. The crowd was united in all of her absolutely gorgeous songs. "Rhiannon" was an experience of itself, and the song manifested in a life completely of it's own. Also, another highlight, was the performance of "Edge of Seventeen". The amazing guitar riff penetrated the whole crowd as one. Stevie Nicks looked absolutely spectacular and sounded better than ever. The concert was an experience that no one expected to be, Ms.Nicks was amazing and radiant. sincerly, meg flanery

Stevie Heckelman
Stevie Nicks Cast A Spell Over Connecticut last night to a sold out show, It was incredible She set the stage on fire it was awesome.It was Friday the 13 and I had 13th row center also on her new cd Trouble In Shangri-La she has 13 new songs so 13 was my lucky number but any way.Jeffrey Gaines opened the night he went on about 7:45pm he was pretty good I liked him does an excellent version of In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel,After his set ended about 8:20.Then Stevie Crew set up what they had to set up for her stage and It is so beautiful its the front cover of cd design it was awesome,Before Stevie went on they played Bootilicious by Destiny Childs and the crowd went wild after the song.lights went down and it was 8:35pm and you hear part of the song from "Trouble In Shangri La" there is a line in that song " I hear there's Trouble In Shangri-La,Show me the way back" just kept repeating everyone was just going nuts,as this was being pl! ayed the band members came out once everyone was ready they kicked into "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" Then Stevie came out looking beautiful as ever and full of fun and energy and very strong.

The background of the stage changed with every song and lighting it was incredible.Sheryl Crow came out when Stevie started singing Gold Dust Woman and Sheryl was awesome too,Stevie and Sheryl are incredible together and both were having a lot of fun.Sheryl did 2 solo hits besides helping out on a few of Stevie's new songs.The whole venue was singing right along with Stevie to just about every song it was incredible and she was loving it.When Stevie did Standback at the end she did this high kick it was cool to see her do that and during the Edge Of Seventeen song where she shakes hands with everyone in the front row,as soon as they played Edge of Seventeen everyone rushed to the stage when Stevie came around to shake hands she saw that everyone was pushing everyone and so after th! e song she said I am going to be Mom now she said she didnt want everyone pushing to the front of the stage she didnt want any of her fans to get hurt because she said I love everyone of you and she thanked us for coming and blew kissess to everyone she said she will see us next time the show finished about 10:50pm Stevie Nicks gives you more than your moneys worth,Hartford was lucky to get Sheryl Crow with Stevie Nicks,Sheryl was only doing 8 shows with Stevie which is so cool.

Here is the set list not exactly in order. 1. Stop Draggin My Heart Around 2. Dreams 3. Enchanted 4. Gold Dust Woman 5. Sorcerer 6. Too Far From Texas 7. Everyday 8. Planets Of The Universe 9. My Favorite Mistake 10. Bombay Sapphires 11. Standback 12. Everyday Is A Winding Road 13. Fall From Grace 14. I Need To Know 15. Edge Of Seventeen 16. Rhiannon 17. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You 18. Outside The Rain

I also have a website called "Stevie's Standback Suite" I have been doing it for 2 years now and I am listed on the NicksFix Stevie's Official Site if you like to check it out click on the link below Thanks.

Linda Stephens
Stevie continued to weave her spell last night in Hartford! It seems I've been waiting forever for the album TISL and then the concert and it was well worth the wait, the music, set and Stevie were spectacular. Stevie managed to envoke multiple emotions (as she always does) sheer joy at being alive and listening and seeing her sing in front of your eyes; to tears, "yes" I have listened to your words in my darkest hours! Stevie rocked the house and most of us stood and danced the entire show, Sheryl Crow was great and it was a fantastic bonus. The set and lighting were probably some of the best I've ever seen and one could almost smell the sea and visualize the twinkling stars. Stevie managed the perfect balance of old familiar numbers (with everyone in the audience singing along) with insertion of new songs from TISL. Every song was well recieved and Stevie expressed her appreciation of her fans. It was a great night to be in the company of Stevie and her entourage, I'm just sad the magic had to end.....well until the next time!

Friday, July 13, 2001 Meadows Music Centre Hartford Conn.
Today is the start of the last phase of the moon; it rises about 1 am Sat., although it appears half full - After the show - Stars are few when the moon shines…

Jeffrey Gaines opens up with a whirlwind - you've got to have talent flowing out of you from every angle to get up there solo, and he's got it. This guy knows how to shine. Made me feel right at home… He was wearing a leather coat in summer, and so was I.

Got a couple of bottles of water between bands, and returning to my seat, heard "Trouble in Shangri La" - Stevie was on! Getting to my seat down front, crossing center stage, I was looking at Stevie as she was looking at me - Walked right into a 3 ft high wall - she saw me do that & laughed! Stevie's vision is much better than it was before - I can tell, because mine isn't the greatest. Sometimes I have to squint to focus better. Stevie used to do that sometimes - Seems like she was looking out at someone or something, but didn't really see it. Now she says she sees much better, and I believe it… My seat was close enough to see any lines on her face - There were none at all, anytime. A "Babe" face over 50! Guess I should use my vision to watch where I'm walking!

Minor difficulties starting the set… Stevie was holding her hand to her ear, and pointing back, which means she can't hear herself on the monitors onstage - Not loud enough. These monitor speakers were very small - My home stereo speakers are bigger!

Not once did the house sit down for this entire show, and several times, like during "Rhiannon", the audience was singing almost louder than Stevie! She was wearing black dresses all night, with shawls at times, and her singing was fantastic… Sheryl wore black leather pants, and a black top. Her singing is always up there too…

Stevie's music mesmerizes me, so in hopes I didn't forget to write down any songs, the set list follows…

Trouble In Shangri-La Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Enchanted Outside The Rain (leads into) Dreams Sorcerer (Sheryl Crow comes on during the song, Stevie introduces her after it) Gold Dust Woman (Stevie & Sheryl) My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl, while Stevie takes a break, then comes back) Everyday Rhiannon Stand Back Planets of the Universe Every Day Is A Winding Road (Stevie & Sheryl) (leads into) Candlebright (Stevie & Sheryl) Too Far From Texas (Stevie & Sheryl) Bombay Sapphire (Band Intros During) Fall from Grace Drum & Percussion solo (leads into) (Fans were now permitted to approach the stage) Edge of Seventeen I Need to Know (Stevie & Sheryl) Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (When Stevie greeted fans after the song, she held my hand, & I said: "Tomorrow night - Boston - I'll be there!") Entire lineup takes a bow to cheers! Great Show!

Thanks, Doctxt

Seen Stevie Nicks at the meadows music theater in Hartford, CT last night. Stevie cast a spell over you with her wonderful voice and her dancing. Hearing new song from her new CD were a joy, and singing along with the new and old song made you stand and dance with her. Been a Stevie Nicks fan for year's and now I know why she the best and she rocks. Nick North Haven, CT

This was my first time seeing Stevie Nicks and was just wondering how come she wasn't wearing her trademark high platform boots? She is such a tiny little thing, and beautiful. The show in Hartford was packed, I had floor seats and everyone in front of me stood up so I had a hard time seeing the show. I was just happy to be in her presence and had a wonderful time. Hope to see a Fleetwood Mac reunion.

Christine Henry
HARTFORD, CT show 7/13: Here I sit literally exhausted from traveling and from the complete exhilaration I have experienced in the last 24's Saturday night, my boyfriend and I flew from our home in Tampa, FL to lovely Hartford, CT yesterday to catch the rock and roll legend Stevie Nicks live -- we had written John a couple of times to find out she may not appear in Florida, and decided we could not miss this show! I have not enjoyed or loved a musical creation such as Shangri-La in years! Nonetheless being a huge Stevie fan, nowhere near as much as my boyfriend who had seen her 3 times before including once with Fleetwood Mac. I had never seen her perform. I bought the album the day it went on sale, and when the tour started could not contain my excitement to everyone I would meet! I have really taken to Sheryl Crow as well, so I knew the tour would be just awesome with her energy as a bonus!! We flew out at 6am on Friday the 13th, never being to New England, packed all wrong, (it's chilly there!) and walked to the Meadows Theater, everyone working the box office there is so helpful, I took my chances and waited until 4 days before and was blessed with 7th row center seats. WOW !!

The set was absolutely beautiful, I was mesmerized in just moments. I knew some of the set list from the Nicks Fix; but did not read it entirely wanting to be surprised... Never a moment did my eyes leave that stage. I loved the rendition of Outside the Rain and leading into Dreams....tears of joy and happiness that we all have such a songwriter and talent to enjoy and listen to in this lifetime came to my eyes several times. The two women together rocked the house with Fall from Grace and I absolutely loved Planets of the Universe!! Too many unbelievable moments to go over in this book here I am writing ...I am still in awe and deliriously happy that we went to the show. The girls (Lori and Sharon) were beautiful, and the band played perfectly. I didn't sit down the entire time, dancing, singing along, so perfect the night was. Watching her thank the fans at the end and being so gracious and lovely as she has been for all of these was truly surreal.

Then at the hotel afterwards in the lobby bar listening and singing with all the other fans to greatest hits that were playing someone had brought with them! What a night !! We never wanted it to end.... It took us about 9 hours to arrive home tonight, de-planing in Hartford for airplane reasons, re-routed, all the time I was wearing my Stevie t-shirt and being stopped in 3 airports by other admirers, flight attendants asking how it was, and every single minute of our adventure was worth it.

Thank you Stevie, for a mind blowing show and a memory I will hold with me throughout all of my years...and thank you for your incomparable voice, lyrics and musical genius. I am so grateful to have seen this legend in person. I hope this isn't too long to publish -- I really just want to share my love with all the fans on this website, and nothing should stop any of us from going to a show on this tour! "It was worth the ride" a thousand times over! Still in awe.....

Lisa Cramer
I just returned home from an eventful road trip with two of my girlfriends to see Stevie and her entourage at the Meadows Music Centre in Hartford. We drove over 5 hours from Rochester, NY and I have to say, it was worth every mile!!! Although Stevie didn't seem to possess the physical energy I've witnessed at other concerts (did anyone else notice that?), she sounded and looked great. Sheryl added a lot to the show and seemed very at ease being on stage with Stevie. Of course, Waddy was right at home and delivered a jammin' intro for "Edge of 17" (did we expect anything less?). Oh, and we can't forget to mention Stevie's lovely song birds...faithfully adding their sweet, blending harmonies. I was also impressed with Lenny Castro's flawless and rhythmic percussion (we too often forget to truly appreciate the rhythm section). Most everyone knows the set list and stage set-up from the other concert reviews so I won't repeat that.

When we first sat down, I was disappointed with the number of people attending (during Jeffrey Gaines) but it quickly filled up when he finished his opening act and I soon realized that the place was packed...and really rockin' once Stevie came out. I was somewhat annoyed at the people sitting behind us because they carried on loud, casual conversation during all of Stevie's new songs (you could tell they were only there to hear the Stevie classics but I was there to appreciate her new music as well). Anyway, most of the fans seemed very receptive to her new songs and cheered just as loudly as they did for the old standby's. Her live performance of the TISL songs is just as good as (if not better than) the studio versions. I especially enjoyed "Fall From Grace" and "Sorcerer".

You may or may not agree, but I get the feeling that Stevie is really trying to portray more of a humble presence surrounding TISL. Her entrance was very casual and when she stayed on stage during Sheryl's song, "Everyday is a Winding Road" (singing harmony during the chorus), she made sure to let Sheryl have the ENTIRE stage as she casually played her tambourine off to the side. She also wore more of a simple outfit with no noticeable jewelry (do any of you remember her many different flashy stage costumes during the Time Space and Street Angel tours?). It's as though Stevie is truly at peace with herself and no longer finds it necessary to be flashy on stage. You can hear the calm and contentment in her voice. She sang flawlessly. I have to say that I did miss her signature platform boots, though. I don't know, something about the Reebok's just don't seem right to me (especially the little lights on them that kept flashing). I wonder if she's wearing them just to be different or if she hurt her foot or something??? Anyway, it doesn't matter what Stevie wears...she's still the enchanting, gifted, song angel we've all grown to know and love. And for her music (new and old), we are grateful.

Stevie closed with the two usual encores ("I Need To Know" and "Has Anyone Ever Written"). The instrumental on "Has Anyone" was especially beautiful - I think it was the addition of the tymphany that lended an intense and theatrical twist. I don't know about you, but it's always somewhat of a letdown at this point of the show...I just wanted it to last for hours and hours!!!!!! After the show, we hung out for a while and wound up talking to Christopher Nicks at the merchandise tent (I was just like a little kid and asked him to sign my tourbook). My two girlfriends were laughing at me but I told them that when you are a Stevie freak, you do these things. After all, talking to Christopher Nicks is the next best thing to Stevie Nicks...since I will probably never get the chance to meet her in person. I left the arena with that natural high you get after a Stevie show and I am looking forward to the next show that I am attending in Holmdel, NJ with my husband. I can't wait for him to see it. Thank you, Stevie, for another enchanting and magical evening and thanks to Hartford, CT for letting us visit and get a chance to be a part of the TISL tour!!!!!!

This wasn't just my first Stevie Nicks concert, it was my first rock concert ever! I must admit that I was a bit skeptical that anyone could merit the adulation and devotion that Ms. Nicks generates. But after this concert, I'm a believer! She is amazing! I have always loved her voice. She is a wonderful entertainer and her artistry is reflected not only in her songs, but in the beautiful Shangri-la set. But what I didn't understand until I saw her perform was her personal magnetism. Very few people can project the kind of energy that Stevie Nicks does. From listening to the comments of lifelong fans, she has that rare and remarkable quality of connecting with each person in the audience. And whether you're one of the lucky ones in the front rows who actually gets to touch her hand, or not, you can't help being touched by her. There's something absolutely compelling about someone who has risked everything to follow her dream. If I had the chance to speak to her, I'd just say "Thank you very much."

I don't need to say much more than that this was one of the best shows that I have ever seen;....Stevie kicked ass....enough said...the songs were the same as the last few shows...but the best part of the night was that i ran into a gril who at 19,she was going to her first SN concert....we danced the night, and I realized that it wasn't just me, Stevie does pass through time and space ;O) XXXXX


For a fan who has been attending Stevie's concerts faithfully since the early 1980s wild Heart Tour, last night's Trouble in Shangri La Tour proved itself to be a brilliant jewel in the crown! The audience was more packed than I had seen in recent tours, and even the lawn seating was packed. This was a crowd expecting a lot. From the moment the lights dimmed and Bootylicious filled the air until the final notes of "Has anyone Ever Written Anything For you," the crowd was treated to way more than a lot!! Breaking with tradition, Stevie opened with "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" and the song, featuring a reunion with Stevie and Waddy, was superb. The incredibly energized version of "Enchanted" immediately brought the show to enormous heights!! The tempo swing back down to the tantalizing "Outside The rain" engulfed the crowd in the mystifyingly velvet allure of the best rendition of this amazing song I had seen in years. When Stevie worked her way from this gem into "Dreams," the audience sang every line along with her with the intimacy of a camp fire type sing a long. The night was brilliant. Fleetwood Mac gems, "Gold Dust Woman," which brought out the wonderful Cheryl Crow, and "Rhiannon" came off as polished as ever. The audience was in a frenzy.

Nicks further departure from the typical play set, offering six of the songs off Trouble In Shangr La, was, for this seasoned concert goer, was heaven!! I have to say that of all the new songs delivered, Stevie missed a little on "Every Day," and the song itself seemed a little out of place against all the other wonderful tunes. "Sorcerer" was amazing, "Too Far From Texas" with Cheryl Crow revealed how truly wonderful that song is! "Fall From Grace" which was obviously new to many of the concert goers was delivered with the fierce energy and polish that the long time staple "Stand Back" Offered. "Bombay Sapphires," another gem from the new album was delivered like it had been a song she's played through the years! "Planets of the Universe," one of the most visual of the songs throughout the evening of brilliant color and patterns, was simply spectacular. I have not seen Stevie in such perfect control and glory in such a long time. It brought tears to my eyes! The deliverance of "Rhiannon" frenzied the crowd yet again! And of course, "Edge of Seventeen" was the final thread which pulled the wonderful tapestry of the evening together!! Stevie exited with all the energy and power that has made her such a wonder throat the years! Her return to offer "I Need To Know" was the final bang to push the evening over the top!! The final night's song, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You," was the pinnacle of Stevie's bonding with her fans, fans who new they were graced with this superstar's ability to invite you into her world and truly offer you a piece of her heart and soul. I am so lucky to have tickets to see her next week in New Jersey. I look forward to another evening in Shangri La where I know I can again experience everything without the slightest hint of trouble! Rock on, Gold Dust Woman, rock on!!


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