Stevie Nicks

Trouble in Shangri-la

9/25/01 TECO Arena Estero (Fort Meyers) FL

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Lori Bowen
I was one of the fortunate ones to see Stevie Nicks in concert in the TECO Arena, Florida, September 25, 2001. I must say that it was the most amazing show I'd ever seen and considering the only other concerts I've been to were Fleetwood Mac (the Behind the Mask and Reunion tours), thus she'd out-done herself, it was an amazing show indeed.

It's taken me a few weeks to even try to put into words beyond a cursory review of what the show was like...and even now I am at a loss. I've seen video of Stevie's concerts before - I've worn out my Red Rocks, Tango in the Night and The Dance videos - but nothing can prepare a person for the magic of seeing her live and in person. I wanted to dance the entire time, but being on the floor and knowing that many of the people behind me had waited just as anxiously as I to see her, I couldn't. I didn't want to be asked to leave.

Stevie has been one of the most important phenomenons in my life, ever since I saw the video for "I Can't Wait" on MTV back in '85 (I was seven.) As such, that night, like all the other times I'd seen her, was one of the most important times in my life.

The set-list was astounding, full of surprises. I was not expecting her to play "Fall from Grace," which is one of my favourite tracks from Trouble in Shangri-La, just as I wasn't expecting her to play so many of her standard classics such as "Dreams," "Rhiannon," and "Gold Dust Woman." Many times during the first few songs, I wanted to break down in tears, my happiness and the power of hearing her live being so strong, but that would have taken me away from her performance. I finally did break down when she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" as the second song in the encore.

As with any fan, there are songs I wish she had played, like "I Can't Wait" or "Fireflies," but I'm not complaining in the least. What she did give us that night can never be replaced or topped, in my humblest of opinions.

These few words can hardly express my gratitude, but should she this at some point: thank you, Stevie, for giving myself and millions of others hope, happiness and freedom.

Chris Clause
I bought tickets online the minute they went on sale from ticketmaster, unbelievably I got Floor 1 row 2 seats 1,2 & 3. I had been anxiously awaiting the show, I am 28 years old and grew up listening to Stevie Nicks. When I hear her songs, they take me back to various times of my life, good memories. I also enjoy her new cd. My good friend, my wife and myself were seated in the second row aisle. When Stevie came out it was magical, it may sound funny, but, I kind of felt like I was in Disney World, like a fantasy surreal place. Stevie gives off a unique aura/energy. I never realized how petite/short she is, I always imagined her much taller in person. I would have to say I was in awe throughout the show, I never appreciated her enough until this experience.

The show was awesome, it was amazing being so close, my wife and I got to shake Stevies hand, I had my arm resting on the stage for the last few songs (Thanks to reading this web site, I knew when to go up to the stage). Stevie looked very good, she looks far younger than 53, she seemed very happy and warm, she was sincerely smiling throughout the show, it seemed like she wanted to be doing this show and enjoying it, not just going through the motions. I was amazed how she sang so strongly with such ease, it was amazing to see this voice coming out of her.

As she left the stage I waived to her and she looked directly in my eyes and smiled and waived back. On a sour note, every time people stood up and wanted to dance, the security guards would tell every one to sit down, every one was sitting down like zombies because of the security guards, I felt that this could be sort of insulting to Stevie, people wanted to stand and enjoy the music, but the security guards would run up and yell "sit down, sit down" I would have to say this was the best concert I have seen, and I find myself rediscovering her music. I will tell my wife to send her thoughts of the show.

Amazing! Stevie was perfect! Sharon and Mindy have the voices of Angels. My dad took me to see Stevie in 1977 on my 12th birthday, and I have cherished her ever since. Dad and I have seen every tour together and he was so looking forward to this one. .He was on the 105th floor of the south tower on September 11th, teaching a conference, and was to be home in Florida the next day. Though, devestated in grief, I knew I had to see Stevie, for him. I cried all the way through, but I know Dad was with me. Thank you Stevie, for touching so many hearts with your songs. In memory of my father............Thanks for making that birthday the best! Marie

Leeanna Hale
The concert was amazing, as all have agreed. The stage setup was in harmony with Stevie and her personality, the black lace and gorgeous colors, it was remarkable. She sang with passion and desire, making everyone come together in an almost surreal state.

My favorite moment was when the lights when out between songs. All of a sudden you could hear the beat of the music, Golddust Woman was next. The lights came on, Stevie walked out in her black dress now accompanied by a gold shawl that seemed to glow. She felt that song, and everyone in the arena did also. She was heavenly.

I just finished reading "Stevie's Journal" entries this morning, and had to write to say just how impressed I am! As a fan, it is hard to imagine our that our "stars" are living through the same feelings of devastation and pain as the rest of us-by sharing her journal entries with us, Stevie has tightened the bond between us all. It is hard to believe that the same Stevie that wrote those entries was the one we watched on stage last night. She was magnificent! I have been a fan for many years (23!) and have seen numerous shows, but I have to say that last night was one of the best! She seemed to be truly enjoying herself and she performed with such warmth that she brought out the peace in all of us!

My daughters (Robyn-7 & Jenn 12) and I were lucky enough to be sitting in the first row. My daughters had been heartbroken when our flight to New York was cancelled on the 15th, and they did not get to see their big brother (who is living in New York, and who by the grace of God and a habit of being late-just missed being in the WTC at the time of the attacks!) and missed Stevie's Atlantic City show-that we had great seats for! At the time, I was upset and surprised that she did not postpone that show-but now I can see why she needed to go on - for herself -but mostly for all of us! I can only hope she made the fans that night feel as comforted as we all did last night.

Since the day of the attacks, I have been feeling very desperate and sad. I am a New Yorker (we have lived in Fl for 4 yrs), and have felt the losses very deeply. Yesterday, I decided that I would shut off the news for the day and just listen to Stevie's music. It was the 1st day I've felt like myself again! No, we can never forget the horrible things that happened that day-but we must move on! We can draw strength from each other, thank you so much Stevie for helping us to do that!!

As for the show itself, the set was pretty much the same (wish she had done Bombay Sapphires!) My girls had a great time singing and dancing down by the stage-Stevie waved and smiled at them quite a few times! They each gave her a gift and got to shake her hand during "Edge of Seventeen"-it was a night none of us will ever forget! I wish my sister Karen's flight from NY had not cancelled (we have been attending Stevie's shows together for yrs!) so she could have shared this night with us!

Thank you again Stevie-I know it has been tough on you continuing with this tour-but by sharing your "world" with us you have given us all some much needed joy!

Nancy Hanley
The greatest concert yet. Stevie poured out her love for every fan in the audience and it showed in every song she performed. The audience was filled with true Stevie Nicks fans you could just "Feel the Magic All Around You" . She is still The Lady

Bob Lammerhirt
Stevie put on an awsome show. All she has to do is show up and the crowd goes wild. I saw her in Atlanta on July the 30th I beleive and then tonight in Fort Myers, the 25th of September. Ive traveled over 1,250 miles to see her twice. It was more than worth it and id do it all over again. Tonight she seemed well rested cause she rocked the house. I was in section FL9 row 3 seat 1 & 2. Everyone behind me was sitting down. I just couldent sit eventhough everyone else was. I just had to stand up and dance. People behind me were throwing peanuts and popcorn at me. They wanted me to sit but I wanted them to stand. I believe most people have forgotten what going to a concert is all about. I dident let them bother me as I was under Stevies spell and just could not sit down. As soon as Edge Of Seventeen began I turned around and motioned everyone to stand. I cant see how anyone could si! t through such incredable music.Anyway the show was spectaculer but the fans behind me were lame. I had a blast and id do it all over again. I cant wait to see Fleetwood Mac next year !

Sue Palone
Stevie was truly awesome. For 2 hours she had me captivated and let me forget for awhile the cares of the world. Stevie has definitely made a great comeback, there were people of all ages at the show.

I've been a fan of hers for 23 years and this was one of the better shows I've seen. Stevie was very upbeat and really enjoyed being there to entertain us. The crowd went wild every time she performed her trademark twirls and whenever she picked up her tambourine.

Stevie appeared onstage at approximately 8:30 PM and was done by 10:15 PM. It was such a pleasure to see her show run so smoothly. There were no long breaks for her. She truly gave her all to the performance. I love Stevie Nicks and think that she's the greatest. She's definitely my all time favorite singer; without her music I'm lost. I hope she keeps rocking forever.

Charlotte Morgan
On 9-25-2001 I had the good fortune to see Stevie Nicks in concert for the third time. As I expected she was as radiant as ever. Her voice was clear as she sang her old songs as well as her new. With spins of grace and her timeless words she turned her audience into mesmerized fans. Everyone was singing along with her and I was very surprised to see how many teenage fans enjoyed her too. I also was blessed enough to get to the front of the stage and touch her hand. As I looked into her eyes I saw her tears of joy and she gave thanks over and over to everyone for coming. I look up to very few people and even fewer entertainers, but Stevie is definitely the exception to the rule. Thank you Stevie for sharing your music, for you truly make this world enchanted.

Debbi Smith
I just saw Stevie in concert in Ft. Myers, FL at the TECO Arena. I have been fortunate enough to have seen her in concert on two other occassions - once at the Sun Dome in Tampa, and at the Ice Palace, also in Tampa. This show was absolutely fabulous! Stevie was energetic, enthusiastic and so very SINCERE. Her voice was beautifully strong and clear despite her recent bout with bronchitis. As always, Stevie came across as a beautiful, confident LADY!

I just want to say that I was very impressed with Stevie tuesday night at Teco arena in Ft. Myers. She put on a great show!! She had the crowd mesmerized throughout the entire show. From the time she stepped on stage untill the last encore-has anyone ever written anything for you-

She looked very beautiful and was sincerely happy to be with her fans. That is something that is hard to find in todays music industry. She had the crowds complete attention the entire night. Her voice was absolutely AMAZING. She could have probably sang the Ft. Myers yellow pages and it would have sounded amazing. Every song touched me. She is a true professional. I would love to see her again. Once is just not enough. Keep on rocking Stevie we love you!!!!!! Your #1 fan in florida,

Lucky and Mitzi Letterman
Last night,God Blessed us with an Angel from Heaven,her name is Stevie Nicks. Mitzi waited in line for two hours for the show at the Mar's Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach,Florida, and five minutes before the tickets went on sale,they did a lottery,so now she is second in line,she was in the first two moments of ordering,she got Section 8,Row M. So I did what any other loving husband would do to a sad fan,I called the "Professionals",and bought two "Third Row Center",for $600.00 in Estero,Florida at the Teco Arena,smart move. California opened the show and they did a great job,I hope they go far as they are very talented and made everyone feel right at home. All the previous reviews pretty much tell it like it was last night except for one thing,you have to be there to feel the "Magic",Waddy made me feel like a "Head Banger" again!He Rocks!!!

I had to walk up to the stage and shake Stevie's hand after the second song and tell her how much we love her.She was very gracious. The new songs sounded so beautiful,the older songs made you feel young again. At the end of the show,she sang "Has anybody ever written a song for you",my tears were not from sorrow,but from the joy and promise of a bright tomorrow,that is the gift the Angel from Heaven brought to us last night. May God Bless that Beautiful Soul and her family Forever!! A Footnote: I saw a gentleman by the tour bus,he had an "All Access" pass around his neck. I told him who I was,and pulled a CD cover of Stevie's latest album,he took it back stage and Stevie signed it,when Mitzi saw it,she cried tears of happiness and joy. Oh,and those tickets Mitzi bought for West Palm Beach,we gave them away to people we dearly love so that they too could experience God's Gift to us all, an Angel from Heaven,Stevie Nicks.

John C. Smith
As has been in days gone by, Stevie took the stage with presence and beauty. From the first notes of Stop Draggin My Heart Around to the last note of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You, the magic started and ended. Her voice was crisp, clear, and the band was right on track with each note. I have seen every tour to date, but I must say, Stevie you really outdid yourself with TISL. Beautiful arrangements, beautiful stage, all to compliment your talent, love, and your wild, wild heart. Thank you Stevie......I Love You......



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